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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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phil: right now at 5:30, a winter storm warning is in effect for parts of massachusetts. jc: spring air is moving out and winter is coming back. stormteam 5' s harvey leonard is here with what you can expect. harvey: a winter storm warning is in effect for most of our area. you can see down toward the extreme south of massachusetts and up to the cape, we will get heavy, wet snow. it is 53 in boston, see you are probably wondering how it could snow? well, little by little, that cool air is going to lose into the region -- ooze into the region, and what starts as rain around 11:00 tonight in boston will start to mix towards the
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into snow and rain and then a sleet mix and then the rest of the morning commute from 6:00 on looks very snowy in boston with the snow shifting south and east. for a few hours, we will have some heavy, wet snow at the cape. my best estimate is to how much -- as to how much to expect is a wide swath of four to a maximum of eight inches of snow. so then the question comes with the temperatures in determining how much snow and the snow to rain ratio and mike has been working on that. mike: remember last winter that we had so much cold air on top of us and in this case, we are really going to be watching that. snow and 35 degrees could lead to about eight inches of snow. when the temperature goes down, it starts to fluff up a little bit.
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fluffier snow. tomorrow, we are talking about temperatures just barely able to support snow, then the temperatures just keep dropping off and off. as we had late into the day and towards the evening hours, we dropped the temperatures back into the 20' s. by this point it is just a few light , fluffy flurries. but it looks like it is going to be a heavy and wet snow when it gets going. jc: now at 5:30, an elderly nun is facing charges in connection with a hit and run. the accident happen implant sow, new hampshire -- happened in plaistow, new hampshire back in december. ray brewer from her sister station wmur tells us a move the other driver made to help police
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ray: it was difficult to track down under -- down the nun because she was being difficult, a woman in copy down her license tracked her down. the sister at first denied that she had been involved in continued that the nile. and arrest warrant for the non-was issued last month and she turned herself into police. jc: the sister was released on one thousand dollar personal reconnaissance bail and she is scheduled to be arraigned in april. phil: the boston flower exchange has set a closing date. the vendors at the south and institution must be out by the end of the year. last year the building was sold for $40 million. it is still not clear who the new owners will be and the exchange'
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jc: and now a new filing shows the state gaming commission has approved an agreement between boston and win everett casino ending a long feud -- wynn everett casino , ending a long feud. a new filing shows the $1.7 billion plan features a hotel tower, a floating dock for water shuttles, and what is described as a harbor walk. phil: coming up, members of congress are infuriated today on capitol hill. still to come, the behavior of an infamous a drug executive that outraged lawmakers. also, we will take a look at the maps here.
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to the upper deck on route 128. to newton corner, it looks a bit backed up headed southbound. on 495, it there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place v and look
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to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. t an america where after a lifetime of labor, t there is time for rest and grandchildren. r a nation that defends our people and our values, r but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. v i know p if we listen to our conscience and our hearts r and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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announcer: you' re watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. jc: pleading the fifth. a pharmaceutical chief who dramatically raised the price of a critical drug went before a congressional panel looking at the cost of prescription medicine.
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s aixa diaz is live in our washington bureau. he didn' t have much to say the lawmakers -- say to the lawmakers? ai no he did not. aixa: no he did not. martin: i plead the fifth. aixa: after about 30 minutes of shkreli was dismissed in the 32-year-old later called the lawmakers imbeciles over twitter. he faces charges of security owned. jc: swedish officials ruling
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the wikileaks founder has been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london since seeking refuge there in 2012. julia assange is fighting extradition -- julian assange is fighting extradition to sweden where he is accused of sexually assaulting two women, something he denies. he says he he may surrender but only if the u.n. rules he was lawfully detain. that decision is expected tomorrow. phil: another recall of vehicle airbags. continental automotive systems says moisture can get inside of its airbags and cause power supplies to corrode and to fail. this could prevent the airbags from deploying correctly. caught on camera, a robber is busted. jc: new tonight, the special training this person used to take down the suspect.
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phil: new york city' s iconic horse drawn carriage ride will continue. city officials announced today they are no longer working on a
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the rides in central park. the bill would have banned the carriages from enhanced read says well as significantly trimming the fleet. the teamsters union said they could not support such a plan. jc: and "playboy " has a reinvention that is complete. the first non-nude issue of the magazine hit stands today. "playboy" has also dropped its signature tagline, "entertainment for men." the brand hopes that its new strategy opens the door to new advertisers and leaves a bit more to the imagination. critics say the move is a mistake and that there is no other direction to take the magazine in. a would-be robber picked the wrong florida convenience store to rob. security video shows the suspect brian a gun on the clerk who happened to be a war veteran. as soon as the gunman looked
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began punching. the robber dropped everything and ran away. police are looking for him. the clerk was not her. harvey: and today, there was severe storm damage to the south because of tornadoes. >> a tornado warning has been issued. mike: for the second day in a row, security cameras showed the exact moment when a tornado crashed through a classroom. luckily, no one was in the school when the tornado hit. houses were left damaged. >> it was mostly cosmetic to the house, shingles and stuff like that, that my shop is completely destroyed. the roof is gone and the doors are gone and everything is pretty much destroyed. >> it was mostly cosmetic to the house, shingles and stuff like despite the obvious destruction, they say there is a silver lining. >> with all of this money, we
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>> abandoned vehicles. >> frightened parents and children couldn' t believe their eyes. the military had to move 50 people to new homes. dozens of vehicles were destroyed and anton saville, north carolina, this man considers himself lucky. >> my mom said that a tornado had come through and the porch was gone in the building was gone but the house was fine. >> what an incredible storm. they have had a very violent spring down there so far. phil: amazing, this is all of these systems hooked together. aj: we -- mike: we could have a trend towards colder weather. this trend is going to change and we have a winter storm
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as you can see, right along the waters of the south shore of cape cod, the winter announcement a be a little bit lower because it may take a little bit longer to flip over, especially around the cape and especially around nantucket. right now it is very mild. mid 50' s in boston, there is some rain, and the rain is moving towards cape cod. that is a lead band but the moisture is farther to the south. i want you to notice that ever so slowly with distance, it does get chillier so it will drop to s and worcester and in s in the berkshires. its way up the coast and as it tracks that way, it will bring its moisture to us, and at the same time, the colder air, that 32 degree air from ottawa, way to snow.
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it will be raining, and after midnight, it will still be above 40 degrees, so it will still be raining. at around 4:00 tomorrow morning, see that drop? that is going to support some hefty, wet snow and the temperatures only drop a little bit more after that. finally as we get into the late morning and the early afternoon, we will have several hours of wet snow on the cape. at the end of the day, we dropped well below freezing for tomorrow night. in terms of what we are expecting for the natural -- the timeline for this, you can see this snow is with us tomorrow morning and then as the storm pulls away, it moves out and high pressure takes over for most of the weekend with sees double temperatures. 10:00 tonight, first raindrops, it hits most of boston. it might take an extra hour or two to get started, but it will belong in places like worcester when the rain flips over to snow, and by about 5:00 in
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rain and snow or some places will have already made the transition. some areas will see heavier snow. for a few hours and then towards the cape, an inch per hour for snowfall rate is possible. in the afternoon from west to east, it will wane and it will eventually stop snowing completely. i am not saying all of this will be on the roads, especially the main roads, especially since the early part of it will be lost to melting on the warm grounds. the it will start to adhere. it will happen on the smaller roads and then the medium roads. a little bit less around the cape. what you get well beyond 495, the amounts will diminish a little bit as well. i mentioned the tranquility, relatively speaking, for saturday, highs will be around ortiz, and then another storm is going to form a late on monday night and into tuesday and that is the one that we are going to
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storm makes its move, there may be enough cold air around for significant snow event. that is a storm we will watch. we don' t know all of the specifics on it yet. if everything comes together the right way, we could have significant snow. obviously, we are watching that especially with the new hampshire primary on tuesday. s' s stone walls are more than 200 years is making a comeback. phil: "hash -- " -- comeback. "chronicle' s " ted reinstein takes us to the stone trust in dumber stunned -- in vermont where amateurs and professionals
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ted: this stone trust puts on workshops for waller' s -- wa llers. >> we' ve got people coming from and people from canada. it is huge and growing fast. ted: the trust is the only place in the u.s. the hosts regular certification test for professional waller. challenges become downright diabolical, recoiling -- diabolical, requiring hip styles. this individual is one of only six people who are certified waller. >> many do not pass every test that they take. it is not a test you can breeze through. ted: meanwhile, peter welch says there is nothing like putting on that last stone.
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i really wonderful. "chronicle." world' s most fa m stonewallo and the woman who lists five tons in a day. us romancing the stone on main streets in the back roads of new england at 7:30 on "chronicle." in the is charming everyone. the little boy mustered up the courage to pop the question to her. >> of course you can be my hospital husband. thank you! phil: her hospital husband. they sealed the deal and then they had a dance party in the
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hallway. he hopes their future together will be full of dance parties, laughter, and of course, legos. all good marriages are built on legos. jc: of course. the pats are not in it, so this for the ads. phil: big, big money as you know is spent on the ads. up next, there is a preview of some of the ads and how much money we are talking about here. heather: coming up next at 6:00, the governor is calling for answers after the death of a three-year-old boy in roxbury. boston' s police commissioner is also weighing in and talking about the investigation now underway. commit to 2016 is the final new hampshire debate -- commitment 2016 and the final new hampshire
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it is just hours away now. we are live is bernie sanders and hillary clinton prepare to face off. and comparing support for donald trump with picking up women.
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again, as today he sent out a fake "rolling stone" cover to his millions of followers. under a picture of a smiling like mustard? we have no idea what that means. we do not know he has -- we do know he has a new album called the month. "rolling stone" responded with a tweet saying, "while we love kanye west, and we have many mustard-related questions for him, this is not the actual cover of ' rolling stone.' " phil: and super bowl sunday is just three days away. abc' s lauren lister explains that for some, the game is just a sideshow. lauren: from having crisper walk
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christopher walken to heather len merrin, the super bowl commercials are employing a number of tactics to get you to watch. taco bell is taking a different tactic, using history to advertise something new. the ad stars agreeing brick and avocados of mexico touring a new culture. "gma" went behind the scenes for the making. >> this is weird sitting there , like you are watching a super bowl spot and you are waiting for 10 seconds to see what twitter says and then you are like, gosh, we' re good. lauren: in super bowl dollars, one ad is worth about $9
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a 32nd spot will cost advertisers up to $4.5 million. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. phil: have you ever purchased anything because of a commercial? jc: no, no. i don' t get it. the answer is definitely no phil: higher -- definitely no. announcer: now on wcvb newscenter 5. >> from 50' s today to accumulating snow tomorrow morning, what to expect where you live. >> the revelation that bothers the governor' s most about the death of a young boy. heather: and local schools are dealing with a health scare. >> girls at the bar, you have to go wallow -- go home with one of them.
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from a boston' s news later, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> right now the rain is about to turn to snow just in time for the morning commute. heather: it is going to be a mess out there. let' s check in with meteorologist harvey leonard. this is a high impact storm, harvey? harvey: that' s right and considering the first two days tomorrow will be impacted significantly, we will have a winter storm warning for most of our area. there will be significant amounts across eastern mass and cape cod. it is going to take a little bit longer for it to flip to snow there. moisture heading north as well as the storm track as the colder air that ever so slowly is going to be working in overtime. even though it is 50 right now in boston, the temperatures will drop slowly but steadily after the precipitation starts which
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