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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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randy: good morning to you. friday, february 5. emily: breaking news. breaking violence in boston. randy: and at least one person is hurt after fire in weston. we have new details overnight. emily: and fiery accusations of the democratic debate. the critical moments in the choice words ahead of the key vote. first, the eye-opener tracking another winter storm moving in. this is the radar at 4:30, and that is in the city of worcester, mostly rain. randy: but that is expected to change over to snow for much of the state.
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the meteorologists are on the story, and we start with cindy fitzgibbon and what we can expect. cindy: good morning. a very changeable morning, at that. winter storm warnings were averages he the pink, a good portion of the area. coastline and back to the western part of the state, where the snow melts will be later, right now. that is the case in boston. but once you get out toward the worcester area, that is where we are seeing that changed us now. right now the airport it iss n snowing, and that rain/snow line will be collapsing through the morning hours. that transition to snow will happen as moisture associated with low pressure continues to lift up. that cold air dreams in.
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rain/snow line i 6:00 a.m., closer to the city of boston. notice how it collapses all the way down to cape cod canal by 10:00. from now through 10:00 a.m. we are changing to snow, and it will be pretty intense. we are talking about the potential to see snowfall rates of one inch per hour. that will make slippery, snow-covered roads and reduce visibility. on the cape, we flipped to snow, and it persists through 2:00 thereafter. in terms of how much snow you can expect, a widespread area of boston and worcester. lesser amounts on the cape. we do want to set things out to worcester, where we are seeing burnett is. good morning. >> randy:
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reporter: -- a very gentle snow. we are on main street here. schools are still -- emily: we want to talk about how the breakdown. it' s snowing in worcester, so north and west, we are already expecting snow as we go further into time. how it breaks out. 1-3 inches likely from now until 8:00 in the morning as we go through 11:00. 1-3 inches, then it tapers off between 11:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon. we do want to show you what is happening for boston. you will be in the transition zone as we go through the next couple hours. 1-2 inches of snow look likely as we go toward 8:00. 8:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m., 2-4 inches.
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it' s a transition battle. for folks on the canal, it will take longer. in :00 to 11:00, the round of snow from 11:00 to 2:00. olessa: so far, the roads are for the most part in decent shape. this is a look at the pike, eastbound to the top of the screen. you can see the moisture -- it will get slick pretty quickly, so you want to budget in extra travel time. the construction to contend with because of the weather. heading into boston, a quiet start. south, no trouble along the pike. roofline looks ok. -- route 9 looks ok. we are expecting buses to start on schedule, but if anything changes, i will let you know. the time, let' s and things out death -- meantime, let some things out and when it. reporter: good morning. we are on 128 right now.
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we are just about in the canton area, right at 95. so far in this area, it' s all rain on the road. this is all going to depend on where you are, where you are coming from, and what time it is. at this point, we are just dealing with the rain, nothing switching over to snow just yet. we will continue to go around 128. we know a lot of people take this area into boston. we will keep an eye on the situation and let you know how everything is going, but so far this area is just rain as you head out the door. that' s the latest. emily: the eye-opener has you covered all morning, weather and traffic updates, on the go with our mobile app. randy: 4:35. one person shot, two others stabbed. this happened in the seals quarter neighborhood in
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at least one person was taken to life-threatening injuries. emily: firefighters are investigating this fire in weston. flames broke out after midnight on the home on bradford road. departments helped out in fighting this one, and one person was taken to the hospital. randy: the democrat race for the white house is getting tighter as the fireworks fly in the final debate before the new hampshire primary. the two candidates clashed over health care, wall street, and who is more progressive. bernie sanders suggested hillary political establishment during her time as secretary of state. clinton accused sanders of smearing her, and fired back. >> i don' t think these kinds of attacks and insinuations are worthy of you. enough is enough. if you have some thing to say, say it, directlyu
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>> being part of the establishment is having a super pack that raise $50 million from wall street. randy: right now, sanders is ahead of clinton in the polls. emily: donald trump is leading in the republican polls in new hampshire. in nearly doubled the number of stops he was originally scheduled to make, ending the day in portsmouth, making big promises at a rally. ' s plan to come as he says, make the country great again starts with lauren back jobs that have gone overseas. >> he' s not a politician. he' s not politically correct. it he' d be great with the economy. >> i just don' t think he has the experience. he might be a good negotiator, but not as a leader to lead the country. emily: according to a new poll, 1/3 of likely be
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a search for answers in the death of a little boy. randy: a show support from the community. a key member of one of the most successful bands of the 1970' s. cindy: temperatures dropping as we speak. right will be changing to snow. the full timeline on when that
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randy: a demand for answers after the mysterious death of a boston boy. we are now several days into this investigation. emily: the mother still has no idea what happened. the community came together last night for a vigil to remember the three-year-old. he died at the hospital days after being taken from his father' s home sunday for severe trauma. police have not filed any charges in this case. president obama is pushing climate change. randy: the impact it would have on oil companies. and the latest barbie unveiled
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cindy: we continue to track that winter storm headed our way. take a look at the radar. mostly rain, but that is going to turn to snow in most places. we'
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alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. r oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. r you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. t well, i've got something to show you. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers it's got every the prius actually
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randy: good morning. 4:44. the city of boston is taking precautions and getting ready for what could be a rough morning. emily: we' re in copley square. what is it like there right now? reporter: still raining here in copley square, as we take a look at the fairly quiet morning. the city of boston is gearing up for some serious note today. they will have 500 trucks salting the streets in these early morning hours, 40,000 tons of salt, and the big thing will snowblowers available. we will get to see those in action. i' m not sure what the mayor wanted to deal with, but he says he' s ready if it really starts flying. of course, as we have been telling you since yesterday, the city of boston decided early on to close schools, because so
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there are community centers open for those folks who need daycare. the city of boston is prepping. as of right now, a cold and steady rain. randy: thank you. emily: we know flakes already started. we can see it headed this way. cindy: and it' s snowing mixed with raindrops here. that rain/snow line is creeping in, and that will be the challenge. snow-covered roads are completely different thing, so that is the challenge. we have a winter storm warning until 3:00 this afternoon. we are just getting started with this, and that is where we see the pink. down on the south coast and the cape, we have a winter weather advisory. we are expecting less snowfall this way, but it is the timing and not the amount. i think high impacts from the snow between 8:00 this morning
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still high impacts around noon. tough driving during the morning. dew heard kelly saying that it is raining and 37 degrees right now, north shore at the upper 30' s, 40' s on the outer cape, but that colder air is working in from the west. there is colder air above that is punching in as well, so it is changing things over. the course the cold air is in canada, slowly draining down as low pressure is lifting north. it tracks further west. yesterday we were telling you it would hit south of boston, but everything has been extending west because the storm is initially thought. the moisture is lifting up from the north, that colder air. that rain/snow line is flirting with the 128 belt. today. it is going to get colder
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so we are going to see that change over between 6:00 this morning at 8:00 this morning. by 6:00 this morning, we will start to see snowflakes pushing into areas south of boston, but still raining on the cape. it' s likely by 10:00, but you see some of these darker blues? that is snowfall rates exceeding one inch per hour, creating snow-covered roads and reduce visibility, really making it challenging to drive. notice by noon, everyone is still dealing with the snow, flooding up in the worcester area. several hours of snow on cape cod, right through midafternoon. in terms of how much snow, it' s a widespread area of or-eight inches. -- of 4-8 inches. this is widespread snow. once you get north and west it will drop off. the consistency of the snow and
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for more on that asqect, we will toss it over to danielle. danielle: we are talking about the wins that right now aren' t so bad. you can see them sustained at about 10 miles per hour. those winds are going to ramp up as the changeover happens. remember, that snow is heavy and wet. these windows will be in excess of 44 miles per hour on nantucket in and boston, even into the afternoon. you couple those wind gusts with that heavy, wet snow -- i want to show you this -- as we all flip over to this heavy snow, the temperature is right at the freezing level. that' s how we get the heavy, wet snow, that can make it very treacherous on the roads. the other thing is going to do is that combination of wet snow and strong wind. that will take down tree limbs
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be aware of that, especially if you live in an area where the heaviest know will fall. -- the heaviest snow will fall. cindy: we will see that storm pulled away overnight. temperatures drop down to the teens and 20' s. we head into the saturday and it is quiet. a really nice start to the weekend overall. even on sunday we will see dry weather. upper 30' s on saturday, lower 40' s on sunday. early next week, we are watching that timeframe for potential stormy weather as we head into tuesday. on monday, a storm cutting by to our south, but it' s trying to energize a coastal storm that could impact us. some of our latest models are suggesting it may not, but we are still watching this time period very closely. the potential is there for more snow. we are watching them very closely for stormy weather, and look at the cold that follows. it' s the incoming cold that will
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olessa: absolutely. for now, we are just watching the wet roadways. you can see traffic getting by without any problems, and so far no white stuff. you want to expect some problems and budget in travel time. let' s get to the maps and check out what else is going on. traction this morning. heading south, no issues on the pike. north, so far ok, and we are expecting trains and buses to start on schedule. if any of that changes i will keep you posted. emily: thank you. president obama is pushing for oil companies to pay a $10 the for every barrel of oil. the proposed oil tax would go toward clean transportation and fighting climate change. it would be phased in over five years to create $20 billion in revenue annually. the president will formalize the proposal tuesday in his budget request. republicans are expected to oppose it.
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investors weigh u.s. jobs numbers. the dow game 79 points to close at 16,000. right now, the stock futures are mixed. randy: eight minutes before 5:00. trending stories this morning -- the music world losing a big star. >> the founder of earth, wind, and fire has died. he was 74 years old. emily: adding one back is now a barbie doll. to tell introduced the doll as part of its heroes line, featuring women of power and influence. this is the first barbie to be modeled after an athlete. she retired this season and led the women' s soccer team to the world cup title in 2015. new controversy over classified government e-mails, but this time it doesn' t involve hillary
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randy: the latest accusations involving republican political leaders. we are bringing you the changing weather conditions. at 5:00, we will have an updated timeline on the turnover from brain to snow. emily: you are taking a live look at the radar. you can see the rain mix, a live look for worcester, snow starting to fall. danielle and cindy and aj are all keeping you up-to-date on
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randy:: 4:55. emily: a united nations panel has made their decision on julian assange. the panel says he should be
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he had been holed up at the ecuadorian embassy in london 2012. he was facing extradition to sweden, accused of sexually assaulting two women. earlier this week, he said he would surrender if that panel ruled against him. randy: also breaking, three people hurt after shooting and stabbing. we have learned that one person was shot and two others were stabbed in dorchester. emergency medical services tell us that at least one person was taken to the hospital with life-threatening stab wounds. no word on any arrest. emily: emily: two new york city police officer serious hurt. people in a stairwell during complex. officers say one man opened fire, hitting one officer in the face, the other in the stomach. police chased after the gunman, was found dead after an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. the second suspect was arrested.
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inspector general says that the former secretary colin powell received classified national security information at his private e-mail address, as did immediate staff members under condoleezza rice, both republicans. they both served under president george w. bush. clinton faces scrutiny from republicans in congress over her use of personal e-mail as secretary of state. emily: an eight-year-old florida boy is in custody after stealing a gun from his mom and trying to rob a convenience store. this a surveillance video from west palm beach. he walks up to the cash register and demands money. an employee managed to wrestle the gun from him and held him until police arrived. he is undergoing an evaluation. randy: dave lira has died. the 31-year-old was found dead of an apparent suicide yesterday in north carolina.
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he rose to fame in the 1990' s as the world' s top bmx athlete. emily: ryan spooner comes up big for the bruins in the second period last night. he knocks one in. he ties it up early in the third, and that would be yet. so we go to a shootout, and it is ryan spooner again, scoring the only goal. they beat buffalo, 3-2. randy: take a look at this. this is pretty unusual. strong wind here is turning a waterfall upside down. the wind is so strong -- this is in scotland -- that the waterfall was being blown upward, nature defying gravity. emily: incredible. cindy, a busy morning for you. we have this rain, snow, and a changeover. cindy: and it' s kind of startling, considering how warm it is. we have been in the 50' s and 60' s, and we'
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snow, just over 10 inches compared to last year. it' s the timing of this note, not so much the amount, that will be most challenging. it will be shifting around this morning from rain to snow, and with it through the early afternoon. a winter storm warning until 3:00. big concerns for the driving as the roads will become snow-covered and slippery. right now, it is still above freezing all the way down the coast. notice inla nd, we are closer to the freezing mark. you can tell by looking at visibility. it' s down to a couple miles, but even where it is snowing, it is on the lighter side. the intensity will ramp up as all of this heavy moisture rides north toward new york city. this is the area that will be shifting in as we get into the afternoon. it' s not just here in boston -- new york ndc are all impacted --
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the quiet weather will ttle in this weekend.
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