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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the quiet weather will ttle in this weekend. lets you get past the storm today, we have the potential for another storm monday into tuesday. more on that in the timeline for today at the eye-opener. >> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- randy: snow on the way. the reporters are out in the elements, showing you the impact of the weather. we will be showing you what is happening on the road. emily: a violent night in boston. the shooting and stabbing leaving several people hurt. >> you' ve got something to say. say it. randy: the democrat debate. the comment leading to a heated exchange in the presidential race this friday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s newsletter. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: this is the weather radar that shows us where is snowing. the green is the rain that could
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all of that expected to make its way in. for many of us it could be plowing in a number of communities. randy: first, let' s get a closer look at what we are dealing with. cindy, danielle, and olessa are tracking it. cindy: it' s not so much right now, but the next few hours as people get on the road. bad timing here as we watch the rain changeover. take a closer look at the winter storm warning, because it is out till 3:00 this afternoon. just getting started with this storm, carrying into the afternoon. s. north shore through boston out to the cape, over the interior. we are watching that changeover occur. southwest new hampshire as well, and the line is collapsing all the way to 128. we' re seeing the changeover. that' s the trend.
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to boston, and we may have a few snowflakes, but in the next hour we will see it flip over. the sotrm -- the storm will be polling in as the colder air works in, a combination that will slicken things up. by 6:00, snow makes its way into boston. it' s beginning to shut it down to the south shore, that line collapsing toward the canal by 10:00 this morning. by midmorning, it' s snowing in will be coming down heavily. potential of snowfall rates of an inch per hour, reducing visibility. the snow keeps going through lunchtime, and by noon, snow on until early afternoon before this all winds down. the potential is there for a widespread swath of 4-8 inches of snow.
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il you get down in his lesser amounts of snow. randy: we' re seeing -- it depends on where you are. the change from rain to snow. emily: a.j. burnett is an worcester right now with the conditions. we can see it is snowing. a.j.: it is. it changed over a few hours ago. we were on our way out here from the station this morning, and started the o change over. follow me out for the road. the problem with this snow is it' reason is that the past two days, the high temperature has been 54 degrees. s warmed up the ground. roads right now are not a problem. sidewalks, nonproblem. if you look further out across
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tree -- you can see a ring of snow starting to accumulate. that' s the first place, to grass your garden, those are where snow will accumulate. today, you may get lulled into a falsehoods of security where there is no snow. once the intensity takes up and the snow will fall faster, we' ll get it to accumulate very quickly later on this morning. randy: a.j., thank you. the changeover will happen, but it is all timing. emily: danielle vollmar is taking a closer look at where things stand. danielle: good morning. obviously, it is snowing in worcester, and north and west are expecting it to fall, beginning, and once it does, you will get the bulk of the snow between now and 11:00 a.m.
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you will only pick up maybe a coating of one inch after 11:00. right now, the changeover is occurring, and that will continue depending on how far south you go. it will take a little bit longer, so between that change over, you could see 1-2 inches. between 8:00 and 11:00, we are expecting the bulk of the snow to fall for boston in south shore. as you get toward the cape cod canal, things will take a little bit longer are you. you' re all rain right now, but you should be transitioning by 11:00 a.m., and picking up your bulk until 2:00 p.m. emily: thank you. all of this is adding up to a tricky morning commute. we are on the roads right now. antoinette antonio is checking out those conditions. and 20
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olessa: olessa: no major issues,, but that will be changing. maybe get to your destinations while you can. let' s go over to the that and check out the rest of the ride. so problems right now getting into boston, traction. south of town, we aren' 9. north of town is also quiet. 93 will not have an hov lane open, which could impact your commute. for now, trains and buses are on schedule. we will keep you posted on any changes. randy: the city of boston has been taking precautions and getting ready for what could be a rough morning. emily: and we' re in copley square -- what is it like? reporter: well, a nice, cold, steady rain. a beautiful way to start a morning.
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can tell you, just a few seconds ago, these trucks came by. missy city said they would start salting the streets and indeed they have started. 40,000 tons of sand on hand, trying to get the streets ready for the snow. we' re also told the mayor has his new snowblowers mounted on the trucks, ready to go in case we do gets of heavy snow. as we' ve been reporting, this city of boston made a preemptive strike to close school early yesterday. there are community centers open for parents who need daycare, that the city of boston has no school today and has not yet declared a snow emergency, but we will let you know how the city cokes. -- the city copes. emily: breaking overnight, a gas leak has flames shooting out of the manhole. clearly, this is not the rape
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fire officials say it is under control. it does not appear to have spread. no power outages due to the fire have been reported, and no one was hurt. randy: also breaking, three people injured -- one stabbed and to others shot. this happened in dorchester late last night. ems says they transported one man to the hospital. that man has life-threatening stab wounds. the extent of the other injuries is unclear, and we don' t know of any arrests. firefighters are investigating this fire in reston. it broke out just after midnight on bradford road. the surrounding fire departments did help fight the fire. firefighters tell us that at the hospital. >> someone took him -- emily: right now, a heartbreaking demand for answers
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we several days it' s the investigation and the mother still has no idea what happened to her son. the community came together last night for a vigil to remember the three-year-old. he died at the hospital days after being taken from his father' s home sunday for severe trauma. the family is now waiting for answers. police have not filed any charges. randy: nine minutes after 5:00. charlie baker is naming his choice for the presidency. emily: the republican getting his endorsement this morning. and hillary clinton accusing bernie sanders of smearing her name. the claim leading to a testy exchange as their final primary debate. randy: an unusual site in scotland. the cause of this upside down waterfall. olessa: and if it is raining where you are, that is not going to last. that transition to snow is happening right now in some areas. the timing on when it happens in your area.
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randy: all right. good morning to you. a wonderful wake-up call for all of our friends in worcester. emily: and they do not have school today. they canceled school short time ago. the kids are pretty excited. can we just explain -- cindy: it' s very important.
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association is raising awareness of heart disease, the number one killer of women and men. the snow is in progress this morning, rain changing to snow right now. a winter storm warning for areas in pink until 3:00 this afternoon. southbound along the coast, the cape is where we will see less know, because it will take longer --. wet roadways, starting to see that changeover, but it is not sticking. bigger impacts coming between :00 this morning and 10:00 this morning, when we will see the intensity of the snow peeking in a a lot of areas, still with us until noon time. it' s turning wintry. still dealing with rain along the coast line, but we are dropping near freezing to the west and seeing that change over. colder air to the north, draining down.
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20 hours ago it looked like it would be over here and would only affect area south of boston. now with this transition, we are talking about the impact encompassing a bigger portion of the area. you can see how far back it goes, close to the berkshires, with lighter snow. you can see the rain/snow line trying very hard to get into boston. raindrops are lingering around the city, and look at this around brockton. the radar is picking up on sleet in that transition process. we' re still getting reports of the airport with rain. it' s punching him in the numbers are slowly dropping, each and every hour. we step you through the timeline. by 6:00, you are changed over to snow in boston, and it is pushing down toward plymouth. by 10:00 this morning, it won' t get onto cape cod. it is hanging back toward the canal. you are still dealing with the
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of us are dealing with snow. hard. snowfall rates are over one inch per hour, and it will cover the roads, reduce visibility, making for some poor driving conditions and slick roads. by noontime, once you get beyond 495, the intensity of that boston. still snowing hard on the cape 5:00. all said and done, 4-8 inches of snow, lesser amounts down on the cape and islands. a little bit of wind with this one, and the temperatures making for a challenging, challenging cleanup today. danielle has more. danielle: that' s right. those winds are beginning to pick up. in the last half-hour, 10-50 miles per hour, even 20 near the coast line. they will continue to be pretty strong through the afternoon. not as strong as we have seen in the past, but i do is to talk
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in boston, notice those winds are sustained at 20 miles per hour, but gusts could be 30-40 miles per hour at times. factor that in with this now, the air temp -- with this snow, it' s not powdery and light. it is heavy and wet, making roads slick. the other thing we are concerned of with that heavy snow, the area you see an orange could see tree limbs that come down in the potential for some power outages. of course that is the greatest concern. for more on that extended forecast, let' s go back to cindy. cindy: was the storm gets out of here, skies will clear up and it will get cold. we' ve got a really nice weekend coming, high-pressure settling into your seven-day. lots of sunshine to start the weekend, temperatures in the upper 30' s to near already. warmer on sunday. a front comes in to bring in the cold. it'
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tuesday, and we are still watching the potential for a storm system to organize. energy is going to feed in and develop a coastal storm. what' s uncertain is the exact track and how strong is going to be, but still, all eyes focus on monday into tuesday for the potential of another storm. we' ve got together this one first. the process is changing now, and let' s get the impact. olessa: good morning. we are starting to see a couple problems coming in. first, a live look outside. let' s go to the map and see what' s going on. as you head south of town, a crash on the expressway at columbia road. one lane is closed, and age of the laser shot down, so you want be a will to access that. a crash and spin out on 95 northbound. one lane is shut down, so there is an indication of how slick the roads are already getting. route 9 so far, no major issues.
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because the snow will blanket the roadways shortly and you will need it. trains and buses on schedule. randy: commitment 2016. four days left before the candidates' s way new hampshire voters for the presidential primary. eric a terran tell is here, with sparks flying at the democratic debate. reporter: they were flying, randy. the race getting tighter, fireworks flying before the new hampshire primary. t the candidates clashed over health care, wall street, into is more progressive. bernie sanders suggested hillary clinton was a captain of the political establishment during her time as secretary of state. clinton accused sanders of smearing her and fired back. >> i really don' t think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you, and enough is enough. if you' ve got something to say, say it, directly. >> being part of the
5:19 am
quarter, having a super pack that raised $15 million from wall street. reporter: right now, sanders is 31 points ahead of clinton with 61% in the new wn you are pull. -- the new wmur paul. trump doubled the number of stops he was going to make yesterday, making big promises at a rally, saying he will lower back jobes. he also won repeated applause for his plans to build a wall along the border, a project he says he will get mexico to pay for. for some undecided voters, it sealed the deal. >> he' s not a politician. he' s not politically correct. i think he be great with the economy. i think you' d save us a lot of money. >> i don' t think he has the experience. you might be a good negotiator, but not as a leader to lead the country.
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shows one third of likely voters are still making up their mind, although trump is in the lead. marco rubio is taking second, jumping ahead. emily: thank you. massachusetts governor charlie baker is about to announce his endorsement in the race for president. janet lynn confirms it is for chris christie. the republicans take the debate stage saturday night. only one candidate is missing -- carly fiorina. based on her latest polls, she missed the cut. you can watch the abc news starting at 8:00. randy: if there is a dress code it. at an upscale eatery. then easy ways to make your resume grab attention. three tech savvy update. sky.
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the intensity picks up and the road will become snow-covered and slippery. we are starting to see accumulation through the worcester area. this is a picture just in from kevin. you can see a light coating of snow. that rain/snow line is collapsing right now, getting closer into boston, with reports of snowflakes. lots of rain in southeastern massachusetts, but that transition will occur with the widespread 4-8 inches. emily: thank you. 5:25. olessa is back with eye poppers. olessa: first up, a viral sensation getting millions of views. take a look. wind gusts were so strong earlier this week in scotland, it turned a waterfall upside down. 90 mile an hour wind sent the stream of water up pwards and backwards. emily: i did know that could happen. olessa: i didn' t either.
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nabbing the best seat in the house. she found her way to a fancy restaurant in san diego and took a seat at the prime table. the executive chef captured these photos, and said she was a bit early for the high tide breakfast reservation. a rescue team was called in to help her. but she has expensive taste, apparently. randy: some boston schools are dealing with a health concern. the viruses affecting students and staff. two new york city police officers shot on the job. the dramatic moments before they were attacked. d our camera is looking at the turnpike in boston. traffic is moving along, but
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>> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter fives eyeopener. randy: rain transitioning into snow for this friday morning. the wet stuff will accumulate the orient moves out later today. thanks for joining us. emily: we are tracking the timeline for you, and the potential snow totals. we do want to start with meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon. cindy: good morning. we' re just getting started with disgusting rain, but the transition to snow will continue to happen. the snow will pile up. winter storm warning until 3:00 this afternoon. let' s look at this changeover. winter weather advisory in effect. the snow was starting to stick out of worcester county, just in from david. look at that -- it is starting to stick, very minor coatings
5:27 am
you can see we are snowing north and west of boston right now, 31 in worcester. that' s a pretty good band of snow. still some heavier rain in southeastern massachusetts. you can see the rain/snow line punching south and east, and this yellow is showing up toward brockton. that may be where some sleet is mixing in, but we flipped over to snow. we are seeing some mixing with the raindrops in the providence. this line will continue to collapse southward. the main low is well to the south, so all this moisture will be lifting in. we will watch through six at rock, band -- through 6:00, and snowing on the upper cap closer to the canal but still raining eastward. by noontime, we will flip over to snow. still snowing heavily at lunchtime, and it tapers off around 3:00 or 4:00.
5:28 am
widespread 4-8 inch snowfall. lesser amounts toward the cape. lots more details in just a moment. randy: thank you. the kb it will be a big concern this morning. emily: antoinette antonio is on the road watching conditions right now. how is it? reporter: good morning. it' s a pretty messy morning on the roads right now. we' re on 128, just passing the pike heading southbound, getting toward the need an area. toward the top of your screen, an ever so slight amount of snow is starting to stick to the windshields, but so far the roads are pretty much just wet right now. as you heard, this is all really going to depend on where you are, where you are coming from, what time you are heading into work. no matter what, you are probably
5:29 am
roads, if not snow, later on this morning. again, we are seeing that transition over right now. we will check in with olessa to see how the rest of your commute is looking. olessa: good morning. it is starting to look messy. this is the eastbound front heading to the bottom of the screen. let' s go to the map and see what else is going on. we are already seeing a few problem spots. there is no hov lane on the expressway this morning, and we are watching a crash on columbia road. beyond that, it is already slow going out of brockton. then we are watching an accident involving a spin out on 95 north. there' s your indication of how slick the roads are. the pike is so far not too bad. no accidents reported at this time, no construction to deal with. trains and buses are starting on schedule, but if there are any changes we will keep you posted. randy: another test for the mbta
5:30 am
emily: it encountered plenty of plans, and frank is on top of the situation. reporter: they hope their new $83 million winter resiliency plan will help prevent some of the widespread problems caused by winter last year. changes include a new electrified rail and new heating for the orange line. snowplows will be added to some trains as well. the red and orange lines had the most issues last year. they also purchased new equipment to clear and thaw tracks, which will allow them to get workers to problems and alert writers more quickly. so far, problems have included a derailed commuter line train and also a break on the redline track. it was to the tune of the $7 billion repair backlog. we will bring you the latest on air, online, and on the mobile app.
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-- thanks. we have you covered all day. weather and traffic updates all morning, and on the go with our mobile app. we are following breaking news. one person was shot in two others stabbed in boston. that happened late last night. ems says at least one person has life-threatening injuries. randy: also breaking, one person in the hospital after this fire . it broke out just after midnight on bradford street. firefighters from several community fire departments helped the embattled flames. emily: two new york police officers are wounded after being shot at a public housing project. the mayor says the officers were alert and able to talk to doctors. the suspect later killed himself. randy: answers for our viewers, asking questions about mysterious planes flying overhead.
5:32 am
of government surveillance planes that could at any moment be circling above, using a publicly available website. they found them above massachusetts several times a week, often flying circular patterns. of the planes are following in the technology they are using are all questions the fbi would not discuss. the aclu says the flights need more oversight. the fbi has issued a statement saying it is no surprise they have planes following terrorist,s spies, in serious criminals. other agencies like the dea and marshals also have surveillance planes. randy: a contagious virus making students and staff sick. emily: the easy way to avoid the illness. and to new york city police officers seriously hit on the job. the chaos starting in the stairwell. randy: and are live camera in worcester. snow coming down. we'
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5:36 am
this have your band, just west of worcester, visibility reduced close to a mile, and that will be the trend. it' s with us to the early afternoon but it gets out of here are a nice weekend. the totals incomplete timelines ahead. emily: sounds good. new technology means new ways to promote yourself and your career goals. first, forget that fancy linen paper.most people will read your resume first on a mobile device to make sure you have easy links to past projects. first, make your technical competence clear. it may not be the core of your job, but make sure you show you are up-to-date. finally, make sure every site your resume has includes the most up-to-date information. randy: coverage continuing, next on the eye-opener. went to expect the worst of the snow and the outlook for the rest of the weekend.
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emily: 5:43. we are ready with your news to go. team coverage of this winter storm. randy: the entire team is out there, worcester in boston and quincy. we are giving you the report in
5:39 am
emily: we go first of the forecast. the changeover seems to be the word of the morning. cindy: it is in the process of changing over. you can look out your window and see it raining, snowflakes mixing in. typically at this point -- we have had some good practice, but this is timing out with the morning commute and it will be a tough situation. some pictures and, and we appreciate this. this is military. the snow is sticking. you can see it is a driveway with some pretty good snow covering it. it' s starting to stick, and you can see on the radar it is mostly north and west of boston, the changeover to snow. some pretty good bands setting up. this is down to southbridge, more intensive snowfall reducing visibility. it will start to coat the road. we are seeing the mixing happening around boston. the actual rain/snow line is right around the brockton area.
5:40 am
om e sleet mixing in. we are still dealing with the continues to shift in. it will change over to snow and early afternoon. we can step you through the rain/snow line shifting into southeastern massachusetts. by 10:00, it is right around the canal. you were still -- you will still be raining here on the cape, and elsewhere we are talking about snow coming down at a pretty good rate. the roads will become snow-covered, and at times the visibility will drop. tough driving conditions. continue. , to :00 this afternoon it starts to taper off. still snowing by 4:00 or 5:00 for shifting out. a widespread 4-8 inch snowfall,
5:41 am
pasty snow. randy: cindy mentioned the storm is expected to make a difficult ride for a lot of us. emily: we are on the roads right now. antoinette antonio is checking out the conditions. reporter: right now, we are on 128 in the westwood area, heading south. i don' t know if you can see it, but we have got that change over. the snow was coming down, and it is sticking to the roads ever so slightly. as far as the drive goes, it really feels like a west commute. once again, this is changing over. by the time you get out the door and head out on the roads, this will probably start sticking. you want to be careful as you head out. that is the latest. we want to check in with olessa for the rest of your commute. olessa: good morning. let' s start things off with a live look out side. the road doesn' t look too bad.
5:42 am
let' out what else is going on. as you make your way south of town, there is a spin out. an indication of the slick place. 30 minutes from braintree into boston, we are watching an accident that is clearing on the expressway. there is also no hov lane. as you travel the pike, we are ok, no major concerns or accident. north of town, a little bit of volume starting to pick up, down into andover. so far so good as you make your way toward the leverett connector. randy: what you are seeing really depends on where you are. emily: a.j. burnett is live in worcester, where clearly it is already snowing. a.j.: it has been snowing since 4:00 this morning. and probably before that, because we hit the rain/snow line halfway along the pike, out
5:43 am
right now, you can see the roads aren' t snow-covered. sidewalks, though -- my observation here in the last hour is that while we still don' t have any snow on the sidewalks, the flakes are taking longer to melt. so that' s kind of interesting. in the next hour or so, now that the intensity has picked up, we will start to accumulate that snow. don' t get lulled into a false sense of security. if you look out the door and the the roads will be fine, -- and see the roads will be fine, once the intensity starts to pick up, the ground has a chance to cool off, it will build up several inches of snow. the worst is yet to come, probably between 9:00 and new oon today. the mbta' s new $83 million resiliency plan aims to prevent all the problems you
5:44 am
we are lies, ve, very windy and rainy and shelley, but nothing compares to the blizzards we saw last february in response to all those severe weather problems. there is new heating equipment for the orange line, which give the most problems last year. we also have a lot of equipment and communications at operations desks will allow them to get workers to problems much more quickly and alert riders were quickly. there will be a lot more people here. coming up, the commute intensifies, and we will keep a close eye on the commute and update you all morning long. reporter: and the changeover has begun here in boston. what was once rain has turned into sleet. the consistency is changing. the city is preparing for the situation to get words.
5:45 am
they are getting plows on standby, as we expect several inches to fall in the city where the schools are closed, community centers are open. we will keep you posted. randy: stories breaking in the overnight. united nations panel says wikileaks founder julian assange should be freed. to compensation. he had been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london since 2012. he is facing extradition from britain to sweden, accused in sweden of sexually assaulting two women. earlier this week, he said he would surrender if the panel ruled against him. emily: also breaking, a gas leak has been shooting out of a manhole in boston. fire officials say the fire is under control and does not appear to have power
5:46 am
no one was hurt. three people are hurt after a shooting and stabbing in boston. we have learned that one person was shot and two others stabbed in dorchester. ems tells us at least one person life-threatening stab wounds. no word on any arrest. randy: firefighters are investigating this fire in reston. the flames broke out after midnight on bradford road. several surrounding fire departments did help with the fire. firefighters tell us at least one person was taken to the hospital. emily: in new hampshire, hillary clinton in bernie sanders started their most fierce debate yet. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the
5:47 am
emily: clinton painted sanders as an idealist who won' t get results. sanders cap to his script, calling clinton a friend of wall street. on the republican side, pulls are indicating 1/3 of gop voters are still undecided. emily: thanks. right now, some boston schools are dealing with a potential virus outbreak. three different schools are being closely watched. more than four dozen students and staff are sick. health inspectors have checked the buildings and diligently cleaned them. the best defense, though, is old-fashioned handwashing. randy: two new york city police officers seriously hurt after being shot on the job. the officers came across to people in a stairwell during their patrol of a public housing complex in the bronx. officers say one man opened fire, striking one officer in the face and the other in the stomach. police then chased after the
5:48 am
apparent self-inflicted shot. the second suspect was arrested. emily: our other big story, cindy tracking the storm. cindy: we have showing your pictures out of worcester county. look where this one is from -- mansfield, south of boston, snow sticking to the ground. we are going to continue to see that change over. the biggest impact on the roads will be from 8:00 this morning through late morning, as the intensity picks up we will see the roads go from wet to snow-covered. you can see it is still raining right now, around march field and play if and down through the cape. we are seeing the changeover to snow. temperatures dropping to 30 in worcester, 36 in boston, but snowflakes mixing and. there is some banding going on, and it is reducing visibility. the intensity will continue to ramp up as the storm center is still way down here.
5:49 am
north, really just getting into the storm. the rain/snow line will continue to collapse. notice that it is with us right into the afternoon, with temperatures holding steady or dropping into the 30' s. by 8:00, it is still raining on cape cod. look at this -- by 10:00 a.m., it is on the upper cape. the mid and outer cape will still be dealing with the rain, but by lunchtime, the rest of us are still seeing that intensity. in the early afternoon it starts to let up, but still snowing hard through 4:00 this afternoon, all exiting offshore. a widespread 4-8 inch snowfall. change over. less snowfall overall, but it is the snow and the wind that could lead to some localized power outages. but the timing is different for everyone. with more on that, let' s send it
5:50 am
danielle: this morning around boston and the metro area, obviously the impacts will be very high as we head towards 7:00 to 10:00, when the heaviest snow will fall. as we go further south, it will take a little longer for the snow and rain to transition, but it really does ramp up from 7:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon, and then things start to wind down. south of boston in the later half of the afternoon, where is the snow? it will be raining until 10:00 or so. we will see that transition over to some snow. it will become heavy and wet from 10:00 to 4:00. it lingers longer, so the ride home from work could be impacted. for more on the extended forecast coming here is cindy. cindy: the storm is out of here tonight with clear skies. it' s a colder start to tomorrow morning, but as the high-pressure noses in, the
5:51 am
upper 30' s tomorrow, lower 40' s on sunday. enjoy your weekend. colder air coming in, setting the stage for another potential storm on tuesday. energy will be diving toward the coast line, forming a coastal low. there is still some question as to how close to the coast i t will get. we will iron out the details as they work in. behind that system on tuesday, temperatures are a little colder. through the middle of next week, . below average temperatures quite a change considering up until this morning we have been in the 50' s every day this month. let' s get you back out to the roads. wet. olessa: this camera shows us the wet roadways. not seeing any snow just yet,, but once again it is a changeover process. eventually you will see a cutting the roadways. . let' s check the rest of your ride south of town
5:52 am
this is 95 north, an indication of the slippery ride. also clearing an accident as you travel northbound, the crash just about gone. 30 minutes from braintree into boston, there is the accident picking up. it should be out of there in a couple seconds. much of it is tricky for the weather conditions, but no issues to report. 93 southbound doing ok, all the way down to the leverett connector. trains and buses on schedule. randy: our coverage continues at the top of the hour. emily: we are live where the rain has already turned into snow, next. and a heartbreaking plea from
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