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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: heavy, wet snow on the way right now. the eyeopener reporters are out in the elements at this hour, showing you the impact of the weather. we' ll show you what' s happening on the roads. emily: breaking overnight, a violent night in boston. the shooting and stabbing, leaving several people hurt. >> if you have something to say, say it. randy: the democrats debate. the comment, leading to a heated exchange in the presidential race, on the eye. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader.
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this is the weather radar. the white shows where it' s snowing right now. the green, is the rain that will turn to so now soon. that is all expected to make a messy commute for many of us there could be plowable amounts of snow in a number of communities, worcester and boston among them. randy: first, let' s get a closer look at what exactly we' re dealing with today. cindy, danielle, and olessa are tracking it all. cindy: in a word, winter. remember that thing called a winter in the month of february? the transition to snow is happening now. we are getting started with the storm. it is a winter storm warning. along the immediate coast, south of boston to the cape, lesser amounts of snow overall. the snow has an happening for a while in worcester county. the snow is sticking to the
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not necessarily the roads yet. the intensity of the snow will pick up and will become more impactful on the roads and they will become snow covered. plymouth, it is still raining. north of here, seeing snow mixing in. still a few raindrops around beverly. influence off the ocean. over the rest of the area, we have changed to snow. visibility reduced in this area, down to a mile, occasionally going under that. that will be the scene here through the morning. the moisture is listing through the south. we step you through the timeline. through 10:00 this morning, still raining on the mid-and outer cape. the rest of us are seeing the
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of snow where the flakes are going to come at an inch or more an hour. through new and time, accumulating snow on the cape until 4:00 this afternoon. when it is all said and done, a widespread area. heavy, wet snow. many details ahead. randy: what you' re seeing really depends on where you are. for many, the change from rain to snow is still coming. >> it is starting to stick to the ground with the intensity you saw on the radar with cindy. we are getting into one of those bands that develop.
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the air cooler. since the snowflakes cannot melt, they are accumulating on the sidewalk area -- the sidewalk. it is not impassable by any stretch. i saw a school bus heading down the road. school is still on. as we get through the next hour or so, now that we have the intensity, we have the roads and sidewalks start to get worse. we are live in worcester. emily: we have updated information. worcester public schools are closed. they just made that decision. danielle taking a closer'
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where things stand. danielle: if you are west of the maybe not accumulating on the pavement . once we get to 8:00, one to three inches. boston, my neighbor just said it is turning to snow. we are seeing the turnover to snow. once we do, boston and points south, you will pick up the most intense totals. two to four inches likely. we could pick up an additional one to two. on the cape, it will take longer. the transition happening after 8:00 a.m. and then you are getting the snow and it will stay longer for you through the
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to a really tricky morning we' the eyeopener' antonio is checking out conditions. morning. we have made a big loop around the area and we have the about. at this point, it is not sticking to the roads too much. it is sticking to the windshield and the side of the road. we will see more of this is the morning progresses. right now, we are seeing the messy mix now. something to keep in mind. let' s check in with olessa stepanova for the rest of the look of your area. olessa: 93 and somerville, traffic getting by.
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the rest of your ride, we had a spin out on 95 northbound near route one. northbound my columbia road, no hov lane. about 39 minutes from braintree to boston. north of town, 93, and down into wilmington, watching a crash here. traveling south, 93 stop and go to the leverett connector. trains and buses running on schedule. randy: the city of boston has been taking precautions getting ready for what could be a rough morning. emily: the eyeopener' s kelley tuthill is in copley square. kelley, what' s it like there right now? >> right now, it is starting to snow. it is a wet snow.
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the city has had the salting trucks out this morning, trying to make sure it does not turn ties and make a digit -- a dangerous situation. they are trying to keep these roads under control. it is too wet to pile up. the clouds will -- the plows will be ready, including the snowblowers. no snow emergency here. emily: breaking overnight, a gas leak has flames shooting out of a manhole on charles street in boston. boston fire officials say the fire is under control and does not appear to have spread. no power outages due to the fire have been reported. no one was hurt. randy: also breaking at this hour, three people are injured , one stabbed, two others shot in boston. this happened in the fields corner section of dorchester late last night. boston ems says they transported
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life-threatening stab wounds. the extent of the other injuries is unclear. we do not know of arrests at this point. randy: more breaking news, firefighters are investigating this alarm fire in weston. flames broke out just after midnight at the home on bradford road. several surrounding communities helped knock the flames down. firefighters tell us at least one person was taken to the hospital. >> someone needs to find out who did this to my baby. emily: right now a heartbreaking demand for answers, after the mysterious death of a roxbury boy. we' re now several days into the investigation. the boy' s mother still has no idea what happened to her son. the community came together last night for a vigil to remember 3-year-old kenai whyte. he died at the hospital, just days after being taken from his father' s home on alpine street sunday for severe trauma. the family, now waiting for answers. police have not filed any charges in the case.
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emily: the republican getting his endorsement this morning. hillary clinton, accusing bernie sanders of smearing her name. the claim, leading to a testy exchange at their final primary debate. randy: an unusual sight in scotland. the cause of this upside down waterfall, ahead. cindy? cindy: what started as rain is changing to snow in many areas. first take a closer look at the radar. still dealing with the rain elsewhere. r energy supply rates keep going up and down. p
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>> reach out and touch somebody' s hand, make this world a better place if you can. we are learning in and through the arts. good morning, eyeopener. randy says good morning to you. it was great. they are closed today. enjoy that. if you want to record a wake-up call, go to the front page of cindy: it is getting messy out there. why we are wearing red. emily: go red for women.
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randy: there is so much we can do. emily: and it sticks out well and the snow. you will not get lost. cindy: this is a picture we got and where the snow is sticking to the grass. we have a report of an inch or so. the greatest impact will be about 8:00. it is still raining now. lower 40' s.
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the rest of us dealing with the snow, down the 31 degrees in worcester. reduced visibility, under a mile in worcester. down here, all this moisture free -- feeding north. it looks at like -- it looks like a couple of days ago. it has trended weston that is why we are in the snow. see the intense band that moved through the worcester area, it is pivoting up. snow will pick up to more than an inch or so per hour. temperatures holding steady and falling late in the day. the snow is with us all day long. on the timeline, not snowing on the cape. by 10:00, mid and outer cape still raining. it will be noontime before they are in the snow.
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afternoon. it will be 4:00 or 5:00 before the snow starts to let up on cape cod. four to eight inches likely for a good portion. the heavy snow and wind is what we are concerned about. more on that aspect, let' s send it over to danielle. danielle: wind gusts in excess of about 20 miles per hour, as well as in worcester. the wind is starting to ramp up. they will be strong through the day. they ramp up after lunch time. upwards of 40 miles per hour on the cape. 35 mile per hour wind gusts on the south shore. this continues through the afternoon. that, coupled with the heavy, wet snow, because the air temperature is close to 32 degrees, that could create power outages. for
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forecast, here is cindy. cindy says you will want to death it will be more like cement if you wait. high pressure building in. the week in months great with upper 30' s to near 40' s. low 40' s on sunday during the day. an arctic front come then sunday night, brings in colder air for monday. it stats -- it sets the stage for more on tuesday. it appears to be eight coastal area nearby. watching the tuesday timeframe for the potential of more snow. we are watching it come down in many areas. olessa: it is getting slippery. 93, somerville. you can see the delays in full force. the roads do not look too bad here. let' s get to the maps and see what else is going on. 95 northbound, a spin out by route 1.
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the expressway accident, gone by columbia road. the pike does not look too bad now. so far, we are in decent shape he or. 495, 93, towards accident. trains and buses, running on schedule. randy: commitment 2016. to sway new hampshire voters the eyeopener' s erika tarantal is here with the movement in the republican polls and the sparks flying at the democratic debate. erika? erika: the democratic race getting tighter right now. fireworks flying at the final debate before the new hampshire primary. the 2 candidates clashed over health care, wall street, and who is more progressive. bernie sanders suggested hillary clinton was a captive of the political establishment during
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clinton accused sanders of smearing her progressive credentials and fired back. >> i do not think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it. >> of the establishment, having a super pac that raised $15 million from wall street. erika: right now sanders is 31 points ahead of clinton with 61% in the new wmur poll. on the republican side trump is leading in the polls. he nearly doubled the number of stops he was originally scheduled to make yesterday, ending the day in portsmouth making big promises at a rally. ll lure back jobs that have gone overseas. he also won repeated applause for his plans to build a wall says he' for.
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s speech sealed the deal. >> he is not a politician. he is not politically correct. i think he would be great for the economy and save us a lot of money. >> i do not think he has the experience. he might be a good negotiator. not a leader. erika: a new cnn/wmur poll shows a third of likely gop primary voters are still making up their minds. although trump is in the lead, marco rubio is taking second, jumping ahead of ted cruz. emily: massachusetts governor charlie baker is about to announce his endorsement in the race for president. newscenter 5' s janet wu confirms baker will back new jersey governor chris christie at a rally tomorrow. randy: if there is a dress code at a restaurant in california, one patron certainly wasn' t adhering to it. emily: the unique diner at an upscale eatery, in eyepoppers. erika? erika: easy ways to make your resume grab attention. three tech-savvy updates. plus, following up on questions
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were seeing in the sky. five investigates explains low-flying, circling planes. and we continue tracking a winter storm as it moves in.
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cindy: we have seen the rain changed the snow in many areas. it is starting to pile up west of the city. you can see here, what it looks like outside. a low impact on the roads, which are mainly wet. look at westborough, snow is beginning to snit -- is beating to stick. it is still raining on around plymouth. most areas picking up four to eight inches.
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s take a break from the weather. olessa: first up a viral sensation, getting millions of views. take a look a this wind gusts were so strong earlier this week in scotland it turned a waterfall upside down. you can see the 90-mile-per-hour winds sent the stream of water spraying upward and blowing back. check out this little lady nabbing the best seat in the house. this baby sea lion found her way to a fancy restaurant in san diego and took a seat at the prime table. the executive chef at the iconic marine room captured these shots, joking she was a bit early for her reservation. a rescue team from sea world was called in to help remove the pup. randy: she was probably going to order fish. emily: some boston schools dealing with a health concern. the best defense to stay healthy.
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randy: msa morning. >> we are on the roads to show you what conditions look like. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: rain is transitioning to snow this friday morning. the winter storm could leave several inches of snow before it moves out later today. we are following it all. good morning, i' m randy price. emily: and i' m emily riemer. we' re tracking the timeline. the potential snow totals, and the affect on the commute. let' s start with meterologist -- let' s start with cindy. cindy says we are seeing the
6:27 am
a winter storm warning here, areas in pink. the rain has been so heavy. we have seen over an inch of it. north, snowing in taunton. in brewster, visibility running under a mile. a tough situation developing. an intense band of snow. look at this through 10:00. going to be dealing with rain on the mid-and outer cape. between now and 10:00, the snow will fall at a rate of about one inch per hour.
6:28 am
the heavier bands of snow through new and. everything is shifting offshore. about a four to eight inch snowfall. lesser amounts with more rain mixing in. randy: the commute will be a big concern this morning. emily: the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is on the roads watching conditions right now. antoinette: we are on 128 north through milton. traffic has gotten busier as we are starting to see more snow every time you come back to us. it is not sticking to the roads at this point. it is sticking to the side streets and the windshield.
6:29 am
the plows have been making the rounds. something to keep in mind, this messy commute this morning. olessa: you can see heavy delays. let' s get over to the maps sensory what is going on as you travel north of town. 495 southbound by route 38, a car spun out. it is going to be a slow trip to 128. volume starting to pick up. some more delays, 95 north. 30 to 35, braintree into boston. randy: this morning will be another test for the mbta and
6:30 am
emily: quincy center has seen plenty of problems when winter weather hits. the eyeopener' s frank holland is on top of the situation there. frank: it is looking good. seeing the rain turned into snow a short time ago. we are live in quincy center. t officials hope their new $83 million winter resiliency plan will prevent the widespread breakdowns they saw last winter. they have added a new electrified third rail for the red line and new heating equipment for the orange line. snow plows will be added to some of those lines. the t says a new communications and operations desk will allow them to get workers to problems and alert riders more quickly. so far this winter , the tea has seen some
6:31 am
we' ll keep a close eye on the commute and bring you the latest on air, on line, and on our mobile apps. emily: thank you. newscenter5 and the eyeopener have you covered all day. weather and traffic updates on air all morning and on the go with our wcvb mobile app. we' re following breaking news right now, one person was shot and two others stabbed in boston. it happened in the fields corner section of dorchester late last night. boston ems says at least one has life-threatening injuries. randy: also breaking overnight, at least one person is in the hospital after a fire in weston. the flames broke out just after midnight at a home on bradford street. firefighters from several communities helped battle the flames. emily: and right now two new -- breaking out of boston, a gas cad flames shooting out overnight. the flames are under control and
6:32 am
randy: five investigates getting answers for our viewers after questions about mysterious planes flying overhead. re part of a fleet of government surveillance planes that at any moment could be circling above. using a publicly available website, five investigates tracked the government planes the last six months finding them above massachusetts several times a week, often flying circular patterns. and the technology they' re office of the fbi wouldn' discuss. the aclu says the flights need more oversight. the fbi has issued a statement saying its no surprise they have planes following terrorists, spies and serious criminals. other federal agencies including the dea and us marshals have surveillance planes. randy: a contagious virus, making students and staff sick at several boston schools. emily: the easy way to avoid the illness. and two new york city police officers are seriously hurt on the job. the chaos, starting in an
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randy: showing you the changing weather conditions. a little bit of a correction.
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olessa: the roads are wet. around the roads, secondaries and smaller starting to get white coating. be careful and plan accordingly. the changeover is coming. cindy: north and west, a lot of the road surface is just wet. the snow intensity is going to continue to pickup. you have a winter storm warning until 3:00 this afternoon. a full look at the totals ahead. emily: new technology means new ways to promote yourself and your career goals, with a few small tweaks. first, forget that fancy linen most people will read your resume first on a mobile device so make sure you have easy links
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emily: the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. we' ve got complete team coverage of this storm. randy: we' re live in worcester, boston, quincy, showing you the conditions. city crews have been out, treating the streets. emily: mayor marty walsh is on the phone with us. what are you hearing about the roads? they are certainly wet. mayor walsh: we have trucks out
6:40 am
watching the weather , the turnover to snow now. it is going to get messy as it gets on later today. we are encouraging people not to drive and to take public transportation and try and be careful. the snow was going to be heavy. take care of your neighbors and be careful when shoveling. emily: no snow emergency in the city? mayor walsh: no. we came to school early to make sure parents could make arrangements with their kids today. randy: so far, so good this winter. mayor walsh: we have been pretty lucky this winter. this happened last year where we had a good november, december,
6:41 am
i am hoping me trend it does not continue from last year. emily: thank you. randy: thank you for being with us this morning. emily: we want to send it over to cindy. cindy says you just saw the live pictures. they are becoming more covered. the snow is accumulating. you can see heavier bands of snow. right along the pike to boston, still some rain on the shore. heavier bands of snow in the western part of the state. this ability is dropping under one-mile in worcester. it is about a mile in boston. rain with temperatures in the lower 40' s. we dropped to 31 degrees, worcester. the wind is picking up.
6:42 am
the snow line is going to continue to drive southward. all of this works in. i weather advisory on the cape. through 10:00 this morning, we are going to push the rain-snow line to the mid-cape. by noon, within these blue shaded bands, the potential of an inch per hour or more. the roads will become slippery and snow covered. those are with us through early afternoon. we continue to forecast widespread. less from the south coast on the cape. it is a heavy, wet snow. danielle: we picked up an inch now and then inch in bloomberg.
6:43 am
we have a lot of rain, talk about on the cape. the vineyard picking up over an inch of rain. when is the snow going to come in for you folks? it will take a wild to transition. the upper could could see it as early as 11:00. it may take until lunchtime for the cape to see it. the evening commute could be a tough one. for the extended forecast, here is cindy. cindy says we clear out tonight. it sets up for a really nice week. saturday and sunday look dry with sunshine. an arctic front comes in late sunday. colder air for monday. that may set the stage for another storm system on tuesday.
6:44 am
west. another coastal low. we do not have a clear picture of where this will be set up. the intensity is still in question. we are tracking the tuesday time period. randy: the storm is expected to make a difficult ride this morning. emily: we' re on the roads right now. the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is checking out conditions. ants: we are here on 128 north in the -- antoinette: we are here on 120 eight north. the roads are wet, little slushy. so far, nothing sticking to the roads. plows out sanding and pretreating. nothing to plow at this point. it is a messy commute out here. let'
6:45 am
olessa: the same situation as what ants when driving in. -- as what antoinette is driving in. an accident 495 south by route 38. south of there, watching this crash. some delays back to 128. the pike eastbound, building up volume. 495 to 128, a crash cleared on 95 by route 1. slow out of weymouth. a disabled car northbound. green tree to boston, 30 to 35 minutes. -- braintree to boston, 30 to 35 minutes. randy: what you' re seeing really depends on where you are. emily: stormteam 5 meteorologist a.j. burnett is live in worcester
6:46 am
>> we have seen conditions rapidly deteriorate on the sidewalks in the roadways. there is a slushy coating on the sidewalk. it does not look like much, but if you went to bed last night and said it is raining, 40 degrees, you woke up this morning, saw the snow, said not a big deal, conditions are starting to change now, with the intensity of the snow coming down. we will ramp this up. we are expecting about four to eight inches of snow. happy anniversary, 38 years ago today, this is when the blizzard of 1978 formed. >> the snow is falling here. look down boylston street. the roadways are wet. they have been treated since the
6:47 am
a light level of slush starting to accumulate. boston schools are closed. there is no snow emergency declared in the city. emily: we are watching the roads in the state very carefully. randy: nicole, how' s it going? >> it is the hub of communication. it is called. you can see almost everything is moving along smoothly. the concern now, they say the temperatures of the pavement is dropping quickly. if you leave your home and is above 32, do not be full. a have over 700 cameras they can
6:48 am
as of now, everything running along smoothly. they are doing a little bit of salting, making sure the commute continues to run smoothly. emily: more breaking news. three people hurt after a shooting and stabbing in boston. newscenter 5 has learned one person was shot, two others stabbed in the fields corner section of dorchester. boston ems tells us at least one person was taken to the hospital with life-threatening stab wounds. no word on any arrests. randy: also breaking, firefighters are investigating this fire in weston. flames broke out just after midnight at the home on bradford road. several surrounding communities helped knock the flames down. firefighters tell us at least one person was taken to the hospital. erika: in new hampshire, hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparred in their most fierce debate yet ahead of tuesday' s primary.
6:49 am
americans. >> he is the only person that running that exemplifies the establishment. t get results. sanders, who is leading in the script calling clinton a friend on the republican side with polls indicating a third of gop voters are undecided donald trump is leading. followed by marco rubio and then iowa caucus winner ted cruz. emily: right now some boston schools are dealing with a potential norovirus outbreak. three different schools are being closely watched. more than four dozen students and staff are sick. city health inspectors have checked the buildings, and thoroughly cleaned them as a precaution. the best defense -- handwashing. randy: two new york city police officers are seriously hurt after being shot on the job. police say the officers came across two people in a stairwell during their patrol of a public housing complex in the bronx.
6:50 am
fire, striking one officer in the face, the other in the stomach. police chased after the gunman, who was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted shot. emily: some of the roads are wet. the pike. s go to the maps. . 93 southbound, one lane is closed. pike eastbound, 40 minutes. the expressway north, a disabled car blocks the lane. my five minutes braintree into boston. cindy: we are seeing the snow right now. this gives you an idea of the visibility. it is a tough situation.
6:51 am
that is when conditions will be the worst. snowing around noon time. the winter storm warning goes until 3:00. the winter weather advisory on the cape. still seeing rain on the cape. some sleet mixing in. elsewhere, dealing with snow bands coming through and dropping visibility. all of this moisture is still working up the coast. starting to see the snow shift to the cape. it is going to be about 2:00 before the intensity kicks up. in terms of how much snow, widespread, four to eight inches of snow. lesser amounts on the south coast and the cape.
6:52 am
a gets out of here this evening. early next week, a gets colder on monday.
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