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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and looking ahead to maybe a storm next week. ed: right now green line service is suspended because of down branches. power lines are to blame as well. crews are working to remove the debris. shuttle buses are replacing train service. work is expected to last into the evening. ed: -- heather: this was happening all over the place. a lot of crashes and spinouts. newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan continues our live, team coverage from hard-hit worcester. reporter: all of these people are cleaning off their cars. many people are fixing their cars after a rough ride. crash and recovery, the theme of friday' s worcester commute . that is if cars were able to get moving. >> it is awful.
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cars are sliding. it is not good. reporter: several inches of fast falling snow, caused problems for emergency vehicles trying to navigate both the mass and the stranded drivers. >> they were really slick, even with four-wheel-drive i was spending. reporter: the snow crawled in slowly overnight, but by daylight it was falling two inches per hour. >> i hit a fence. reporter: by the time the storm was done covering some areas in a foot of snow. the cleanup was already underway. >> i was surprised to see this much. i figured it would get out early. it is ok. >> definitely a good chance that this could ice over. reporter: that is a concern. you can see this on the ground by they are afraid it will
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they will be out overnight clearing the sidewalks and side streets. ed: branches down everywhere. we are live where one woman had a very close call. >> she certainly did. she was out here shoveling when she heard a big crash. it turns out it was this a good -- a bigotry in the front yard -- big tree in the front yard. it missed her by inches. >> i heard something moving and i just shouted and ran. i didn' t know where it was going. reporter: she ran for her life as the tree came crashing down under the weight of the heavy snow. her son was inside. >> it hit the house very hard.
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daughter. she was walking with a friend. it is frightening. reporter: trees have not held up well at all. this one was down on a house. and a treat smashed -- tree smashed through a windshield of a car that was driving on the road. the man behind the wheel was driving for a ride service. he was able to crawl through and come out without a scrape. the woman here was not hurt either, the tree came down on the house and there' s a lot of cleanup ahead. heather: you may have noticed, it seems like more outages with this storm than the last storm, but there were no high winds, mike. reporter: one inch of snow on a power line, that is equivalent to six having men -- heavy men standing on it.
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we had a blizzard, not that many power lines. but with this, many people have lost power. heather: it is so heavy. reporter: you have a foot of snow, it weighs a lot. 18 pounds. every time you pick up a shovel, it is a month like moving 20 pounds of weight. heather: it was on my jeep, trying to move it off of it -- reporter: and it is very slippery. heather: we will talk more about it, coming up. ed: two commitment to thousands of income of the debate last night was icy. now bernie sanders and hillary clinton are heading down the home stretch to the new hampshire primary. nationally, polls show the race is incredibly close. newscenter 5' s pam cross is live in manchester, new hampshire where sanders still has a
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reporter: a long day in -- ends here with a dinner going on behind me. the primary is in three days and sanders wants to hold on to the lead while clinton looks for a miracle. by the end of this rally, hillary clinton was practically dancing with new hampshire senator jeanne shaheen. new hampshire polls have bernie sanders still in front, but clinton is not conceding anything and neither were the women who shared this manchester stage. >> this is the moment. when people talk about a revolution, the revolution is electing the first woman president of the united states. reporter: she was appealing to young supporters. >> you may not support me now, but i am for you and i will work hard for you. reporter: bernie sanders has had a lead for weeks, repeating his message for the need for
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>> tell me why in 2006 income is so many people -- 2016, so many but working two jobs or three jobs trying to bring together income and health insurance. reporter: hillary clinton made the other night. >> i am so fortunate, we need to turn our attention to what we really need to do, make sure we do not a republican back in the white house. reporter: they are both looking ahead beyond tuesday, two primaries of other states. which includes massachusetts in about a month. heather: on the republican side, the countdown is on to tomorrow' s republican debate. the latest polls show trump in the lead in new hampshire, but marco rubio is gaining momentum. newscenter 5' s juli mcdonald is
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all the candidates were in new hampshire today except donald trump. reporter: not every candidate felt the need for a snow day. marco rubio just getting underway now. looking at the numbers, marco rubio is really tightening the gap. donald trump is leading with 29%, but marco rubio has 19%. he has nearly doubled his points in a month. for donald trump, the day off today could make him an easy target for rivals who are hoping to secure votes in the final days before new hampshire decides. donald trump went home, he said that he could not get here this morning. >> in new hampshire, people are proud of the first in the nation
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of campaigning and donald trump has torn that contract up completely. there are people that resent that. i enjoy spending the night in the courtyard. it is a nice room, i have a good bet. reporter: and chris christie spoke with supporters and undecided voters in new hampshire. he says that this is about more than the future of the u.s., it is about the future of the republican party, which he says cannot afford to lose for a third time. heather: the republicans meet for their final debate before the primary on saturday night, this will be right here on channel 5. our coverage begins at 8. -- 8:00. ed: newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates covered as results come in. our coverage begins tuesday at 4:30 p.m. and we' ll take you all the way until midnight.
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wcvb mobile app. heather: a harvard graduate killed and a man injured when a train -- crane collapses. a man survives. we hear from those who know him. harvey: and the snow is moving out. we have the weekend and more storm possibilities, coming up. reporter: and looking at the super bowl. nfl commissioner roger goodell had his state of the nfl address today.
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heather: we continue to follow breaking news. this is the little girl who was hit by a large tree branch in canton. she was playing in the yard of her family' s home when that huge branch fell from the weight of the snowfall. she was knocked unconscious. a neighbor found her and performed cpr until the ambulance arrives. she is listed in critical
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ed: and a crane collapses in new york city, killing a man who has connections to massachusetts. we have more. reporter: thomas o' brien is expected to be ok. he was trapped in a car underneath the crane. the rescue was captured on video. in what seems like slow motion, the crane eerily falls down. a 38-year-old new york resident who graduated from harvard is killed. the victim was walking on the sidewalk when it went down. in this video, first responders are seen desperately trying to pry open the door of the suv. in the drivers seat, a 73-year-old man from easter. >> he is doing ok.
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city visiting his daughter. he is expected to be ok. >> i do not know the extent of his injuries, but he went to the hospital. he needed stitches. reporter: they have seen video of the collapse and how the edge of the skeleton came so close to his friend. >> i was emotional. we were friends -- we have been friends for a long time. i was home. if he happens to see this, we will be here when you get home. we wish you the best. reporter: thomas o' brien' s wife went to new york city to be by his side. when he does come home, his driveway will be cleared, thanks to friends and neighbors. ed: that is nice.
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been snow free virtually all winter. but we got it today. we are tracking chances for another one. heather: also ahead, how scientists are turning to drugs -- drones. talking about a drone
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heather: scientists are taking to the skies to count seal populations. this is halfway between martha' s vineyard and nantucket. this is the largest gray seal colony in america. drones are a valuable tool to monitor the population which has rebounded. ed: we have a question. are we in a pattern now where we will have snow, snow, snow? harvey: the potential is there, but not all potentials are realized.
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maybe getting hit by a storm, ordinarily missing. -- or narrowly missing. we want to get you numbers from this particular storm. 10.5 inches in drink it. seven in lexington. now some of the numbers, as we go to the south of boston. mansfield had 9.5 inches. milford had a inches. -- 8 inches. boston, we have that coming up in a moment. the boston number was seven inches of snow. these are amounts of snow from big cities. worcester was at 12.5 inches. hartford, 6.6 inches.
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and from the cape, six inches of snow. the last of the heavy snow is going up to province town and will be moving away. the package of it -- back edge of it is going to the east. this is beginning to come up in hyannis, the visibility. it is just about done on the cape. boston, 31 with a westerly wind. 20' s angelo 30' s around the region --20' s and low 30' s around the region right now. we will be in the upper teens later this evening. roads will become icy tonight and tomorrow committee that in mind -- tomorrow, that in mind. high clouds for saturday and saturday afternoon.
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sunday will start with sunshine and then high clouds will come from the south later on sunday. there are two storm possibilities next week. the first one will be far out in the ocean to, but it will be a long storm. it could brush is turned massachusetts -- eastern massachusetts. it is a possibility. but there could be more following that. i will show you the next seven days, to show you that you have better weather coming tomorrow. shoveling, because the risk of tree limbs coming down, we will have the benefit of sunshine over. it will take some of the snow off the trees and reduce stress. sunday. s. monday, we could have a
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and then that first storm moves away, but another could replace it. but it could take a track that only brushes us before moving away. there is a lot in there, but monday and tuesday is the next critical. period. i will have more at 7:00. >> now sportscenter 5. reporter: roger goodell gave his annual pre super bowl news conference and was asked if he' d re-instate tom brady' s suspension if the league wins its appeal next month. goodell could have said yes, no, or maybe. instead he said this. >> we disagree with the district judge' s decision. we are appealing it. i am not focused on it right now and i will not speculate what we will do. we will lead the outcome dictate that.
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reporter: how about releasing data from the spot check this year, so we can see how this will really affect the ball. a very simple question to which goodell gave the old stiff arm. >> the data collected was not data for research, it was collected to see if there was a violation. it was never an accusation of the club. so, we are comfortable with this policy, this role, that it was followed. reporter: they are convinced that the accusation is true that a rick pitino staff member hired strippers and hookers for players and recruits from 2010 to 2014, louisville has banned itself from post-season play this year. pitino, who says he was unaware of the conduct was not involved , in deciding the punishment. >> this was a punishment i thought would never happen this season.
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we will go along with this and we will play the last names of -- games of the season as if they were the last of the game. >> they came in third place, the bruins. it is close in the eastern conference. they are back home from their shoot-out victory in buffalo last night. they are in the middle of a very crowded pack as they play out the final 31 games of the season so, despite still having a losing record at home the bruins remain in position for a high seed in the playoffs if they finish strong. >> our group took a step in the right direction. you do not want to regret, you want to -- regress, you want to build on that. >> we are not in the best spot right now. for the last couple of years, these have been very tough
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the toughest it has ever been. reporter: and as marsh goes, so goes the team. the bruins are five-to-one with his stretch. the celtics are at cleveland. we will have highlight of that later. ed: we take a final look with flashforward. maria: new tonight on newscenter 5 at 7:00, it' s a robot with personality and it was designed right here. what makes this little guy so unique and how he can help your family. and then at 11:00, we investigate uncovering what some , survivors call a painful new chapter in the church sex abuse scandal. the problems getting help how -- help and how they say it is victimizing them all over again. we' ll see you then, but first abc' s world news tonight with david muir.
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trapping people in their cars. new fears about zika.
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heather: it is slippery outside. harvey: it will not get better with falling temperatures. we will have a break tomorrow
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then we will have the possibility of a couple of storms. ed: we have been talking about this, keep this in mind. this is what -- wet snow. it is entrees and branches -- trees and branches. help your neighbors.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place v and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay
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is paid to all. t an america where after a lifetime of labor, t there is time for rest and grandchildren. r a nation that defends our people and our values, r but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. v i know we can create that america p if we listen to our conscience and our hearts r and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, pnwhich is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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