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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 7, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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announcer: now on newscenter 5 -- danielle: i' m tracking the next storm. the timeline and how much we can expect. antoinette: a father losing his life after a tree limb snaps. s just our after a little girl suffers the same fate. another loss. nation' s first primary. announcer: you are watching wcvb -- boston plus news leader. good morning. doug: good morning. it is sunday morning. antoinette: this
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ago, but we wanted to show it one more time because this morning' s sunrise was absolutely gorgeous. as they say, the calm before the storm. all good things will be coming to end shortly. danielle: we have a winter storm watch in effect extending north to boston to worcester some of north shore and metrowest. the getting monday morning into tuesday morning, we are watching storm number one down to the south. this is the big one that will give us accumulating snow beginning after 9:00 a.m. in most spots. a mix of sun and clouds today with temperatures in the low 30' s, upper 20' s through the merrimack valley, but we will s and see some sunshine. we will get some melting and
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more clouds will build in through the overnight hours. the latest run not bringing the snow until 8:00 or 9:00. the commute could get by ok but by lunchtime, snow flying all the way to the mass pike. we will talk about how much you can expect where you live. antoinette: a local town is reeling from yet another tragedy -- heavy snow laying down tree limbs now being blamed for two deadly accidents in canton. injuries six-year-old girl. devastating aftermath. so accidental and unexpected. saddened death of a beloved father and coach.
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accurate hockey rink when a branch snapped under the weight of heavy snow and came crashing down. the fire chief said it all happened so fast that he had no time to react. this accident happened just hours after a similar tragedy on the other side of town. a six-year-old was hit and killed by a tree branch. >> it is difficult to understand how and why these things happen. so random and coincidental that it is hard to figure out. reporter: a gofundme page has been set up for the family and has raised $20,000. doug: the school superintendent says grief counselors will be available to speak to families coming to grips with this tragedy and be providing support at the cafeteria this afternoon.
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antoinette: power crews working overtime to get the power back s storm. the heavy and wet snow brought power lines. 20 200 customers without power in eastern mass and more than 1400 national grid customers are waiting for electricity. doug: presidential candidates wrapping up efforts across the granite state. a number of candidates holding town hall meetings today. the gop candidates tackling several issues and targeting each other in last night final debate. >> it is a fine job, i' m glad you run for it, but it does not prepare you for president of the united states. reporter: some of the biggest
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president for the united states . >> you have not been involved in a decision where you have been accountable. >> it' s not just how you dead but how it worked out. they' ve been downgraded nine times in their credit rating. >> leadership -- you learn this by doing it. reporter: the debate turned to illegal immigration with ted cruz offering a solution straight out of donald trump' s playbook. >> we' re going to build a wall, triple the border control and since donald enjoyed that, i ve got somebody in mind to boo it -- to build it. quiet. [doing] reporter: trump repeated his vow to repeal obama care. when the topic turned to terrorism, he made no apologies
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mr. trump: i would bring back waterboarding and i would bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding. reporter: carly fiorina was not invited because of her poor performance in iowa and low percentage here and around the country. >> texas senator ted cruz. antoinette: the debate getting off to an all cordoned rocky start, some confusion as the candidates took the stage. hearing his name called by the moderators. the other candidates pass him by and donald trump also delayed taking to the stage. coming up in the next half hour, a busy weekend for democratic rivals. the event in new hampshire and a quick side trip to new york for senator sanders as he makes a night live.
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complete primary night coverage. our team of reporters and analysts have the candidates covered. coverage begins tuesday at 4:30 and we take you all the way through midnight. you can also watch live on our mobile news app. doug: a violent investigation in lowell right now. two suspects were arrested, one shot by an officer as he confronted police at the door. both suspects are being treated in local hospitals. antoinette: investigators are still trying to determine the cause of a deadly fire in north andover. a man who lives there was able to rescue his parents from the burning building but their tenants did not survive.
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i ran downstairs to my mother. t walk, so i help her out of the house. reporter: he was able to carry his sick mother out of the house followed quickly by her father. >> i ran out to try to help that there was just too much smoke. reporter: firefighters would later find the body of the woman s. >> they did locate a victim who was found in the room of origin and she did consult -- she did succumb to the conditions of the fire. reporter: fire investigators say this was an accident but they are not releasing the official cause at this time. doug: police in bedford and carlisle teaming up to arrest a
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he was taken into custody yesterday morning. sullivan hopped into a truck and drove off with a woman inside. her husband called police and the woman was not hurt. sullivan will be arranged on several charges tomorrow. the death toll rising in taiwan after a devastating earthquake. antoinette: and north korea making a controversial move. they' re nation' s exploration -- explanation for the long-range says it was for. doug: about a dozen cars and up in lake geneva. the driving decision many morning.
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. tin fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security tincreases benefits and cost of living adjustments p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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let' s let these pictures think
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a wild scene in wisconsin where lake geneva swallowed up about a dozen cars using the icy surface as a parking lot doug:. what were they thinking? reporter: this is an annual tradition. there were plenty of people out to watch an ice sculpting competition and they were parking their cars on the ice. but this year, the weather hasn' t in cold enough to support all of those cars. about a dozen cars fell into a barely frozen lake geneva. after the ice broke, one honda getting pulled to shore. she says she regrets parking where she did. >> i think it' s stupid to park on ice now. live and learn. doug: luckily no one was injured . wisconsin has seen a fairly mild winter and many lakes are dealing with poor ice conditions.
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doug: trumping common sense. antoinette: don' t park on the ice. danielle: temperatures today warming up into the low 40' s but we are watching our next big winter storm developing behind us. we have a winter storm watch up for most of the area. wound up, notice a lot of moisture lot of heavy rain. this is going to track up the eastern seaboard and impact us beginning tomorrow morning. here' s what we are thinking in terms of totals. looks like it' s going to wait and start around 8:00. that morning rush hour may get off ok. notice by noon, it is near the
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you are still dry. then the snow will ramp up through the day and the ride home is breaking up and continuing through the overnight hours. by 5:00 tomorrow morning, it is beginning to wind down except for our coastal regions and far north and east. when all is said and done, we are expecting between two and four inches. you get through the inside, we are talking between four to seven inches. down long of the south shore toward plymouth, this is where we could see seven inches plus in some locations. we could be talking 10 inches or upward of a foot if we get that ocean and enhancement to develop.
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strong winds as it ramps up through the day on monday. that could lead to coastal flooding and potential power outages. when gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour could lead to blizzard conditions. if we get three hours or more. with the heavy and wet snow in the forecast, as you are close to 32 degrees, we could see some power outages as tree limbs are taken down. then it is the coastal flood watch we are watching. we could see pockets of minor coastal flooding. this storm system pulls away by tuesday morning and here comes the next one. lingering snow showers for tuesday morning and watch what
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farther off shore and i think it will be cold enough for snow. that' s about it. monday is the main some. some light snow showers and an arctic front that turns much colder for next weekend. antoinette: a check of the stories we are following right now. doug: in a special announcement on state run north korean tv, the announcer said the country has put a satellite into orbit with a successful rocket launch and that technology could target the u.s. bomb last night. begun south korea. survivors are still being pulled from the
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more than two dozen people were killed in the magnitude 6.4 earthquake. doug: chipotle closing all of its chains for a few hours to tomorrow. they will thank their workers were implementing their food safety programs and outline what has made things safer after a nora virus hurt the chain. the restaurants will be closed from 11:00 until 3:00. bob : may be magic is back at the garden. the bruins and celtics have losing records at home and now they won six in a row at home. now they win in overtime. the bruins and sabres for the second time. louis erickson finishes.
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they went into overtime and tied 121. -- tied one to one. >> the penalty shot, he scores. >> nine goals in nine games. the celtics are back in action with demarcus cousins at the garden today at 1:00. that' s a look at sports. doug: have you decided on lunch yet? pizza hut getting ready today with some bling, setting the gold standard for pizza in honor of super bowl 50. they have created a pizza topped with 24 caret gold.
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edible 24 caret gold in honor of the game' s golden anniversary. customers in seven states, including rhode island, can win one of the 50 pies. antoinette: call me simple, but all i want is meat lovers pizza with a dozen wings and blue cheese. no need for the gold. doug: not even sober? now that we are talking food, we do have some stunning numbers for you. antoinette: just how many chicken wings will be gobbled up today? a stomach turning look of what will be got hold up across the country today. and a new twist may complicate a tax scam alert. doug: beautiful blue skies and worcester right now, but danielle says don' t get used to
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danielle: welcome back. i want to say hello to the women' s group at boston latin high school. they were a great group . stories to tell and i told them s what' s going on for the next 12 hours. temperatures warming up into the mid-40' s.
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and east ahead of our storm system. storm number one is what we are focused on. looks like the latest model bringing in slightly later, so by lunchtime, things are starting to ramp up and that ride home will be a snowy one. antoinette: it is super bowl sunday and kickoff is just hours away. doug: for some, the game is just a sideshow. reporter: making an appearance marilyn monroe, christopher walken and scott mayo. those are just a few of the celebs appearing in ads appearing during the game selling everything from candy bars to cars. budweiser enlisted star power. with a message for drunk drivers.
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short sighted human form of pollution. reporter: has jeff goldblum bumping into more famous hoax. taco bell is taking a different tack, using mistry to advertise something new. avocados of mexico has aliens touring a museum. gma went behind the scenes for the making, getting a glimpse of the game day pressure the ad execs face. >> you just wait for 10 seconds to see what twitter says. reporter: in super bowl dollars, just a minute or so of ads is worth about $9 million of airtime. that' s because a 30 second spot
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antoinette: chum change, especially compared to what you are going to spend on food. americans are expected to be a lot during the big game, but how much question mark 1.3 billion chicken wings will be consumed. enough for every man, woman and child in the u.s. to have for each. an estimated 325 million gallons of year will be consumed. antacid sales are expected to rise 20% tomorrow. doug: it has become a big party. they game is secondary. antoinette: bernie sanders taking his turn on saturday live. doug: his cameo appearance and why he says it was huge. and the investigation into the crane collapse on -- in new york city.
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before the incoming storm. one of the areas that interested in is the area of children. rwe intend to be sure that everybody in this room p and every child in this state is somebody. p no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child has a chance rto live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton, and i have always
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 -- danielle: a storm in the timeline behind it. doug: a somber turn to the gop debate -- what the candidates would say to the new hampshire journalists murdered by isis. antoinette: the progress in the investigation of the crane collapse in new york. -- boston' s news leader. eyeopener. antoinette: good morning. a live look from the city can over the harbor this morning. it is 37 degrees and we are warming up today. doug:
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next round of snow. are we going to get whacked with that heavy stuff again? danielle: it all depends on where you live. the farther south and if you go, temperatures are borderline 32 degrees. north and west it' s actually going to be in the 20' s. we have that winter storm watch with the snow coming in tomorrow morning until tuesday morning , boston, worcester, down allowed -- down along the south shore. low pressure down to the south behind it. that one is a weaker one and goes farther off shore. closer to home, a mix of sun and clouds with flurries in northern new england.
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degrees and calm winds. s through the afternoon, so enjoy it because here comes the clouds after midnight. around 8:00 , we will go live. antoinette: s heavy snow weighing down tree limbs being blamed for a second deadly accident in canton. thomas gunning was killed after a branch came crashing down on him friday night. this accident happened on the same day a six-year-old was hit and killed by a tree branch. doug: a violent home invasion under investigation in the bowl right now. investigators arrested two armed suspect injured during a confrontation with police. antoinette: a woman was found dead inside a burning home in
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the victim was a former professor at where mac college. no word yet on the cause. doug: republican presidential candidates taking the debate stage last night, vying for votes in the granite state. there were plenty of fireworks, but things took a somber turn. hampshire journalists james foley. reporter: these candidates were taking plenty of jabs at each other and it was contentious as always. but toward the end of this one, the focus turning to journalist james foley, the new hampshire native viciously executed by isis. what would they say to his mother? another tough question for gop contenders -- should the families of hostages pay a ransom to the hostages? >> putting in a regime that
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the encouragement of that puts a bounty on them. we don' t negotiate with terrorists and we don' ransoms. with terrorists. if you do, you will have many s. reporter: fully possible to has been critical of the shockingly unresponsive u.s. government response to foley' s abduction in syria in 2012. she says she of the federal government will make freeing hostages a bigger priority. antoinette: one candidate landed a major endorsement. charlie baker was in bedford, new hampshire to endorse chris christie. baker says while he and christie do not see iq i on every issue, the new jersey governor has shown a proven ability to work across the political aisle.
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elections is what matters is who shows up and votes. polls are just numbers on a board. what matters is who shows up on election day and votes. so are you all going to show up on election day and vote? he praised christie pasta termination and toughness. it wasn' state. the democratic hopefuls were speaking with potential voters. mr. sanders: if we can bring out a decent vote on tuesday, i' m confident we are going to win. ms. clton: we need to join together to make sure we serve each other and our country. doug: back on the trail today, sanders has an event planned in portsmouth. clinton will travel today before
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a unique perspective for my man who keeps a close watch on the new hampshire primary. >> if more people could see candidates behind the scenes, they would have a much better opinion of their government and the president. doug: catch the executive director of the political library on the record right after the eye-opener. newscenter 5 is your source for primary coverage. we have the candidates covered as the results come in. we will take you all the way up until midnight. antoinette: we have learned the easton man who was seriously injured when they crane crashed onto his car in new york city has been released from the hospital. that accident injured three
10:34 am
their way to work. investigators say it could take weeks to find out what caused the crash. >> it is not the equivalent of a black box. the computer will give us some data. we are not sure the complete amount of data. it will likely give us the angles of the two pieces that were in action at the time. antoinette: the crane was being lowered time of the accident and investigators say the wind was very strong. doug: boston police are investigating after a body was discovered at a construction site in the back bay. to boston firefighters lost their lives battling a night alarm fire next door. the block is being renovated after being damaged during the fire. antoinette: police in new hampshire pulling over this man
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he was clocked going 105 miles an hour. he was arrested and charged with reckless driving. doug: a substantial grant for worcester public schools to reduce suspension rates. the grant is from the health foundation of central massachusetts and will help implement a program addressing the underlying trauma such as poverty related stress that causes some students to act out. the program aims to deescalate issues in the classroom. antoinette: an underground electrical fire blamed for evacuations in charlestown. everyone was able to get out safely. doug: people gathering today to say their final goodbyes to buddy cnc. he is lying in repose at city hall right now. he died late last month at the
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s longest-serving mayor but was felonies. -- funeral service will be held tomorrow. antoinette: what investigators say cause a huge hole in the side of a jetliner. reporter: a new wrinkle in the scam. the change the irs is making that could make it easier for you to get scammed. danielle: sunny today but don' t get too used to it. i' m tracking a series of storms.
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antoinette: the irs is back on track this morning. the agency has resumed processing tax returns following a hardware glitch. it had not some computers out of service. nine out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days after those tax returns are accepted. right now, a new warning to taxpayers -- scammers are trying to steal your money. antoinette: those suspicious
10:38 am
reporter: the irs is warning people about telephone scam where taxpayers are threatened if they don' t pay up right away. someone claiming to be from the irs demand payment of back taxes. everyone is on high alert. the irs generally makes first contact by letter and will never demand immediate payment. but starting next month, it will be a bit harder to tell a call. the irs will have to hire collection agencies to collect taxpayers and they may call tax payers. people are calling, people will be more likely to fall for that scam.
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october, thousands of people have lost three $6 million to telephone scammers. if you have any questions, you can call the irs directly. >> how are things going in new hampshire? >> ok. >> it is pretty, pretty, pretty good. antoinette: who is who here? bernie sanders going prime time, taking a break from campaigning night live" yesterday. doug: sanders for training a passenger on board the titanic. should be allowed on the lifeboat. >> we need to unite and work together if we are all going to >> sounds like socialism to me. socialism. >> what the difference?
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right along. sanders is the third presidential candidate to appear season. danielle: dry forecast for today with sunshine and s. snow chances on the way up and continuing into tuesday and wednesday, but does chances go down from storm system number two, which is weaker and more offshore. all eyes focused on this one because it is developing and will track up the east coast. and it' s expected to make its way toward us. here is the latest timeline -- delayed until 9:00. the last one really kept it
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by 11:00 or 12:00, it is in worcester, so that should be ok for most of you. they ride home is a different story as you see the snow is flying everywhere and some bands setting up across the coastline. so we expect some heavier bands continuing into tuesday morning and we begin to wind down at 7:00 or 8:00 in most locations. when all is said and done, inches. then you get farther to the south and from plymouth down along the south coast and parts of the cape could see seven inches or more. we are talking 10 inches to a foot of snow in some locations
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we have very strong winds and that could lead to piling up the water. coastal flooding could be an issue and lead to power outages. we are talking 45 mile-per-hour wind gusts on cape cod. 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts in and around boston. because temperatures are right around freezing, i expect there to be power outages as it will be a heavy and wet snow. north and west, temperatures are cooler. we are watching high tide at 11:00 with a coastal flood watch. then once this winds down on tuesday, another storm system is following close behind. as this one tracks closer to
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that track is farther offshore. system and there coastline. wednesday with an arctic front dropping in on thursday turning up the wind out of the north and west. that arctic for next weekend. doug: thank you very much. when you think of a student council president the first thing that comes to mind is someone who is popular, outgoing. antoinette: but this week' s a+ got the job even though she was shy and felt out of place. reporter: at the podium giving a speech, she exudes poise and
10:44 am
senior said she was pretty shy before joining the student council. >> it has been how i found my friends in high school. reporter: she found her calling in student government. >> when you draw up your forces. reporter: high school was not the easiest transition after a boating crash when she was a child. >> i was in the hospital for four weeks and then went to rehab for another three weeks. reporter: it' s not an easy thing to talk about but overcoming the injuries and trauma made her who she is, a leader to her peers. >> he makes our lives easier and manages to keep us under control even when there' s a lot of stress and duties happening. she' s willing to get the extra work done so that she can learn.
10:45 am
presidency while maintaining a 3.9 gpa. just a few reasons at least go field deserves this a+. reporter: she has already gotten into her dream school and plans to double major and wants to be a museum curator. if you know an exceptional student, submit a nomination right now. doug: i love your pieces because from what i was at that age it is just awesome. reporter: they are great kids shows what a great future our kids have. ahead of the first in the nation primary. doug: the gloves coming off in the debate.
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antoinette: commitment 2016, don' t forget you can download
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antoette: klement 2016 and the final face-off between republican candidates did not disappoint. doug: nikole killion' s live in new hampshire with some of the
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reporter: and there were plenty of them, but the candidates are returning to the campaign trail after taking the gloves off last night in the last debate on abc news before the new hampshire primary. there were tons of fireworks and then it -- a particularly explosive exchange between marco rubio and chris christie. governor christie: that is what washington does -- the drive-by shot at the beginning and in the memorized 25 second speech that is exactly -- >> your state was hit by a massive storm and they had to shame you into going back. >> this notion barack obama is -- doesn' t know what he is doing is reporter: not true. that back-and-forth went on for a while. it was wide ranging as the -- as
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doug: somali officials confirming it was a bomb that blew a hole in a jetliner forced to make an emergency landing on tuesday. the transport minister announcing investigators suspect a suicide bomber was tied to al-shabaab extremists and may have been setting off the explosives. six people have been arrested in connection with a blast. antoinette: heavy snow weighing down tree limbs now being blamed for a second deadly accident in canton. a man was killed after a branch snapped and came crashing down on him. doug: a woman was found dead inside a burning home and north andover. the victim is a professor of merrimack college. no word yet on a cause. antoinette: a violent home invasion under investigation in
10:50 am
two armed suspects were arrested. both of them were injured during the confrontation with police. doug: munson police issued an rat. [laughter] antoinette: that guy. here' s the wanted poster. they say they were pumped by punxsutawney phil and issued a warrant. the road in predicting an early spring this year but it doesn' t seem to be the case. we had the storm on friday and then more to come. danielle: we are watching that winter storm watch in effect for pretty much all of the east coast and massachusetts. in that area, you see anywhere from four to seven inches of snow. you could see
10:51 am
enhancement. this is continuing basically through thursday morning winding commute. they monday ride home from work will be a snowy one. are talking about the potential for power outages. antoinette: here we go. doug: we are ready.
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