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tv   On the Record  ABC  February 7, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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ed: good morning, it is time to go on the record. a few days to go before the new hampshire primary. the final campaign frenzy and the reason the state is still relevant. plus, new hampshire gets ready to vote and we get productions. and governor baker' s battle to balance the budget as a number of state workers making six figures rises. from wcvb boston, be inside word from washington to beacon hill. today' the record. good morning. thanks for joining us, our guest the rector of enhancer institute of politics at scene and some college.
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0 >> ted cruz and hillary clinton are considered to be the winners coming out of iowa. isn' t the primary on tuesday in new hampshire sort of irrelevant as far as their candidacies are concerned? neil: the wins there will take them down pass to the common -- nomination. they will get to super tuesday at least. new hampshire shakes things up. it is almost a new set of voters and primaries. that' s what we will see tuesday. . janet: does ted cruz have to build on it in order to get momentum? neil: he is in a precarious position. rubio got some momentum out of iowa and of rubio focuses out of there, that will be trouble for ted cruz. janet: and the second in new hampshire for hillary clinton?
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neil: the expectations for bernie sanders are tremendous. there y are almost too high. what they are doing is downplaying the fact that he is from a neighboring state. he is the neighbor, he' s been here so much. of course he' s going to in new hampshire. that' s what the clinton campaign is trying to do. ed: do you expect new hampshire might realign the race? neil: i think so. is different from iowa. this week between iowa and new hampshire, voters make up their minds. we are going to see voters start to do that. i think that new hampshire, being a primary, we tend to vote for people that would he good presidents of all 50 states, not just agricultural subsidies. ed: we have talked about the primaries and caucuses. we have not said donald trump you.
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s ahead of the polls in new does he have to win it has to ? to finish second. i think he will be putting a lot into new hampshire. for two years he has been going out and meeting voters in new hampshire. long. janet: does he have to win big? neil: yes. solid and his supporters are very solidly for him. i think they will go to the polls and if he has a double-digit lead. ed: i am curious. our supporters voters? people are showing up to see the television show donald trump but they are not going to vote? neil: we are going to have huge voter turnouts and something is spurning that. there' s a lot of interest.
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and say i forgot to vote. it is very easy to drive to your town hall and cast a vote on that day. going to an iowa caucus is a different thing. janet: ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, jeff bush, they all have multiple events every day. donald trump, not so. well that hurt him? neil: he has been campaigning straight through and probably met almost every voter that would care. the other candidates, the problem we are seeing is they are splitting a lot of the i am not donald trump vote. that' s a problem for christie, rubio, and john kasich. ed: how does marco rubio have to do to convince the party establishment he is the candidate? neil: i think he needs to come in second to donald trump. ed: can he finished second 15 points behind?
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donald trump has led with a double-digit lead. if rubio comes from nowhere into second, he will be the alternative. as we seek candidates drop out of this race after new hampshire, he will probably garner some support. janet: john kasich and chris christie, jeb bush, are there survivals at stake here? neil: absolutely. it has been a wealth of good candidates. there are only so many votes. they are working so hard, but a lot of them are not link to be able to succeed past new hampshire. the money will dry up and there' s a lot of humiliation. these sitting governors, former governors, they don' t like to lose. two losses in a row would be tough for them. janet: hillary clinton is looking for a win. the you believe she has to keep the gap between her and bernie sanders by how much? neil: i hate to make a prediction like that. i think she needs to beat expectations.
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s running a good campaign. she has great support. she' s on message. she is disciplined. this almost has nothing to do with her. bernie sanders is like a movement. it is something i have not seen a lot of in politics. i think she has been caught up in it. janet: even if she loses by 10 points you don' t think it hurts her going into nevada and south carolina? neil: she wants to win the new hampshire primary and not lose by any amount. any amount she loses by will be scaled against her and be another big race. ed: when you say beat expectations, are the expectations that she' s 22 points behind bernie sanders, are those the expectations? neil: i think that' s what we are looking at. pulling would indicate that. she was down as well and everyone thought she was done in 2008. she had a great weekend and she managed to pull it off. ed: it was at one moment as well. neil: that' s why we call it the
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ed: are you ready for pop quiz? neil: yes. ed: you have met every candidate running from both parties. have you made your mind up get? know i' ve met him more than four times. you get to know them and know them. let' s find out how much it had to do for smalltalk. there are two current presidential candidates that had children born out of wedlock. donald trump is one, who is the other? neil: boy. janet: he doesn' t know, i' m surprised. neil: it is bernie sanders. his only biological son works in boston and is a specialist in social security benefits. but i' ve had levi in the institute of politics. ed: which candidate holds a medical degree from duke university school of medicine? we have to reframe that. neil: rand paul.
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ed: welcome back. question three. which candidate' s family name their puppy manna after food got dracula' s -- god miraculously sent to the israelites. neil: ben carson. ed: marco rubio. janet: maybe a new addition for the next presidential cycle. ed: two of my favorite questions is what is roger clemens real name and what is bill parcells real name here it . what is the real name of this candidate? his name is rafael. his legal first name.
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ed: ted cruz. again. i was go him senator. ed: roger' s name was william and the other was duane. to barbara and george h.w. bush. which is he on birth order? neil: three. younger. janet: popular issues usually dominate the primary but this year the threat of terror has been a big issue. which is more important to voters when they go into that booth? neil: i think both are but the biggest issue is what i would call granite obama malaise. people are fed up with the
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his slogan of make america great again is a perfect response to that. people are fed up. this happened after eight years of almost any president. janet: so trumps pocketbook issues as well as terrorism. neil: there is a low on and limit now so things are different. ed: you met all the candidates and we' ve heard the rhetoric. chris christie saying marco rubio is blowing bubbles. tell us something about this that we don' t know. that we don' t see in the news and soundbites. neil: on both sides, presidential candidates and congressional candidates are very hard-working people. most are living on a most no sleep. they are very patriotic. what they want to do is in the best interest of the citizens. they are trying to do what is right. i think if more people could see
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they would have a much better opinion of their government, of congress, and of the president. ed: it always amazes me that the candidate can be, like little rock arkansas will be new hampshire and back to little rock. ed: and hopefully after they arrive and you have to they don' t say happy to be in little rock. janet: ego does not try their ambition or their political agenda is to ? neil: there' s some of that but they' re trying to do what' s best for the country. and win new hampshire? neil: yes he does. ed: does bernie sanders hold onto that and win? neil: if he does. ed: this hillary clinton close the gap? neil: absolutely. and she goes to south carolina and take the gloves off. ed: marco rubio walking around he won. what happened in new hampshire?
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into momentum. if he can do that he has a good shot of second. janet: thank you for being here. ed: for member, tuesday, and i know you will even if it is
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month...just $249... at your new england ford dealers presidents' day sales event. ed: the 2016 presidential race iowa is history. new hampshire is next. your predictions, please. trump and sanders. >> trump and hillary. win. >> at hillary clinton is going to be at and i hope ted cruz thinks fast.
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>> are you a bernie guy? >> not feeling the bern? >> while vermont, next or. >> see how i follow. >> new hampshire is more libertarian leaning. however i think they are all more open to bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> i hope all americans take a time to really consider who they are voting for and what they stand for. >> do you think you will be ted cruz and hillary clinton? >> yes. >> and who wins? >> clinton. ed: did she say that happily or begrudgingly? time for our political roundtable. our guess is marion marshall and virginia buckingham. thank you. janet: let' s start with local issues. 30,000 massachusetts state workers now make over $100,000.
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budget is now more than $40 billion and governor baker is struggling to balance. is there something that a thriving economy demands this? >> it is hard to say that when the median income is $69,000. for state workers it is $52,000. minimum wages nine dollars an hour. that' s the point charlie baker is trying to make. janet: is she right about that? >> it' s a stunning number and it gets people' s goat. i think anyone that wants to argue charlie baker will let this excess happen on his part has something else coming. ed: the highest-paid state employee is a man' s basketball coach that makes $1.1 million. a football coach makes just under a million dollars. >> with ethically bad records. -- epically bad records. >> the other big salaries of university of massachusetts medical school.
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>> sure, if you look at the details, you can justify some of them. it is the gross that will bother people. janet: it is competing with mass general and other academic health institutions. i will go back to the athletics department, kellogg hasn' t won anything in a long time. has not happened since perry. football team. ed: item two. a possible or placement for suffolk university president. she is one of our legal analysts here. she now says chee is not a candidate that is not clear she will not be content to just be a lawyer and will we see her in another high-profile position? >> she has a number of high-profile clients. janet: and a great gig here. but the dearth of high-profile women in boston and physicians, it'
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>> she is no dummy. not waiting into that disaster. she is a talented woman. we need more in positions of authority in massachusetts. i think would be great. janet: you heard it neil talking about the new hampshire primary. anything you disagree with? >> he said only one of the three governors would survive. i don' t agree with that, i think there' s an extra ticket out of new hampshire. it is such an unusual race with trump sucking so much oxygen. i think you will see at least two governor survive. janet: anything you thought was a cry right? -- quite right? >> i would say sanders as well. a lot of left democrats think obama didn' t go our enough as well. just like the independents are driving obama and trump -- sanders and trump, i think others are driving the others as well.
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question here is where is kelly? she is the senator from new hampshire. she won a senate race. she is a week was campaigning to be vice president. now she' s in the witness protection program and running from every gop candidate. if you are to endorse somebody that would mean something. ed: if sarah palin endorses trump, scott brown endorses tough trump, i am putting them in the same cap because they endorsed him. >> it is an actual legitimate possibility by getting more former elected officials or prominent people in the party to say yes we can be with him. that sends the message. janet: it was interesting. there was information out of the trunk campaign saying he would try to be more presidential and statement mike -- statesmanlike. that he goes on twitter and went after ted cruz for the win in iowa. can
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>> the best line was the trumper tantrum. i think he can' t help himself. buckle up, big boy. if you think that was a dirty trick, wait till you see what they drag you in south carolina. janet: there was a countdown clock of how long trumps iphone was taken away from him and then he reemerged. but the gloves are off. >> there is iowa nice and new hampshire will be a full on brawl . especially between ted cruz. janet: are there any endorsements you think that would make a difference between today and tuesday out of new hampshire that would make a difference on either side? >> barbara brush cannot and campaign for jeb. she' s probably the most popular woman in the republican party in new hampshire. >> i think endorsement are out on the paddock side. -- on the democratic side. ed: ed:
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first, second, and third. republicans. >> trump, rubio, ted cruz. >> i' directions. question. in second. janet: interesting. >> there' s enough for everyone in second and third. janet: democrats, 123. >> i think bernie sanders wins it that but the question is by how much. janet: is she read about that? >> i think bernie sanders wins but if hillary clinton does somehow get a win it will be in an epic upset. janet: will be less than a 10% went for bernie sanders? >> you are hesitating. >> we don' t want to date this.
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ed: i ask you this question during our 7:00 news and osu now. does bernie sanders last beyond new england? >> yes. democrats do their delegates by proportion. whatever percent of vote you get, 25, 35, to get delegates everywhere. he will cherry picked his way all the way down to april. ed: life beyond new england? >> life exists everywhere.
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janet: with a view were political junkies for many decades. -- both of you were political junkies for many decades. are there things that intrigue you that you are looking for on tuesday? >> i want to see if there is a howard dean scream. some other defining moment we can take away that the fines. -- that defines. janet: ed: will hillary clinton be able to close it to single digits and the closer she gets to 5% the more likely there is an upset. if it' s closer to 2008 where she beat obama by three points, the better for clinton, the bigger it goes,. . janet: she has a 23% gap according to the polls. >> i give the new hatcher
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shape. / janet: the fight has joined, it is the best fight going on in politics and we love the primaries. ed: neither of you said give me the best week because i didn' t say the patriots were in the super bowl. >> now you can really focus on the primary. ed: there are certain things in life. the patriots in the super bowl? the new have to primary the first in the nation? every sunday we go on the record. thanks for joining us. don'
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