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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> from boston' s news later, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5: 00. a blizzard warning for parts of massachusetts. good evening. want to hear. the blizzard warning goes into effect at 4:00 in the morning. very quickly. let me give you the latest on what is happening. we start with the advisories and blizzard warning. an advisory from 4:00 a.m. until 7 a.m. on tuesday in the western parts of massachusetts. heavy snow north, northeasterly
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this area. we may have strong enough wins with blowing and drifting snow at the national weather service says we will be put in a blizzard warning. plymouth county, cape and the eyelids, northeasterly winds, gusts up to 55 miles an hour with heavy, wet snow. the biggest concern will be along the coastline. what we talking about timeline? it' s happening tomorrow morning. 5:00 a.m., you start to see some snow lifting northward. we have snow falling across the area in the view. the morning to early afternoon. we start to taper things off a little bit as we had to the day. around boston, six-nine inches. -- six to nine. have much more details on how it will timeline out and the have an a few minutes. reid: there are still people out normal after friday snowfall.
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nicole estefan joins us. nicole: city officials have declared a state of emergency in brockton starting at 5:00 a.m. monday, head of the impending storm. schools will be closed here. as you mention, that is when the heels of them still trying to clean up in the city of brockton. they are three days later trying to fix those outages. outages in brockton. now. they are checking for any damage that is left over from those outages at this point. the mayor tells us they have been meeting all afternoon. they will be back here at headquarters tomorrow morning during the storm. right now they' re asking folks to stay home tomorrow. with monday' s storm, the high snow.
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treatment -- tree limbs coming down, wires coming down. we are anticipating power outages tomorrow through tuesday. reporter: that is certainly not welcome news to the folks who has been a couple of days without power. whenever those high winds -- they tend to have a lot of outages in this area. again, tomorrow, state of emergency declared for the city of brockton. all schools will be closed. we are live in brockton. reid: mike will be watching the forecast all night long. make sure you get started with the eye-opener tomorrow 4:30 a.m. j.c.: the clock is ticking ahead of the new hampshire primaries tuesday. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are looking for a victory after that virtual tie in iowa. julie mcdonnell' s live with more.
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programmer held today, 58 percent of likely democratic voters would be for sanders, 35% for clinton d . >> a call to action from bernie sanders in portsmouth today, two days before the primary, the americans have a chance to bring a political revolution with this disillusioned they might be. senator sanders: they wake up in the morning and say, who pays any attention to my needs? they' re too busy raising money for their super pacs to worry about my life. reporter: center says americans must face a corrupt finance system and a broken criminal justice system head on, saying real change does not come from the top down but the bottom up. in keene, bill clinton campaigned on hillary'
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he pointed to her copper schmitt as secretary of state -- he pointed to her accomplishments as secretary of state. bill clinton: every person she is ever touch, she has made better. you will never have a chance, never to vote for a better change maker. reporter: hillary clinton is in flint, michigan today to show her support for residents during this ongoing water contamination crisis. the situation she calls immoral. you will hear from her at 6:00. reid: on the other side of the aisle candidates working on their last-minute push for votes. rhondella richardson joins us on the campaign trail where the candidates are coming off the final new hampshire debate. rhondella: donald trump tells the crowd the american public is
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mr. trump: i am the only one that is self funding, democratic or republican. everyone else has taken money from the blood suckers. rhondella: donald trump not only declared victory in last night' s debate, he says he refuses to be politically correct any highlighted a favorite moment. mr. trump: waterboarding is ok and we can get much worse than waterboarding, that is ok, too. >> he' s not a politician. >> i can' t put -- vote for someone who takes humanitarian -- humanity out of things. rhondella: rubio face this in new hampshire today -- robots to mock the florida center who chris christie said memorizes his speeches. >> this election is a choice, a referendum on our identity. what kind of country will america be in the 21st century? rhondella: trum p told today' s
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keep your money. most guys are saying, what you contribute? we will take anything you have, give us an undershirt. rhondella: people did start to leave as trump continue to tout his ability to negotiate for america. j.c.: senator ted cruz is rallying against women being made to register for the draft. this is what he is saying in peterborough tonight. senator cruz: political correctness is dangerous, and the idea we would draft our into the military and put them in close combat, i think is wrong. it is immoral, and if i am president we ain' t doing it. rhondella: during last night' s debate, several rivals signaled they would not cinl women. reid: with one day left of
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manchester. thank you for joining us. pat, what has changed for the gop candidates after last night' s debate? pat: i think what we are seeing today for the question of is there still marcome new hampshire. we know the three governors did well last night. we talked about that. but donald trump was able to sort of kind of glide above all of this and continue as the front runner. we will see if he can maintain that through tuesday. reid: he' s got a double-digit lead or in some polls a double-digit lead. for the democrats, hillary clinton was actually in michigan today in flames where the city is enduring a water crisis. bernie sanders campaigning in new hampshire. he has got a big lead. what is each candidate focusing on to win in new hampshire.
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>> they have both taken time off. bernie sanders doing "saturday night live" last night. hillary clinton in flint michigan, where kids are being poisoned by lead water. the super bowl is moments away. you cannot contact voters because you lose votes, not win votes. while the candidates are off the trail, the campaigns are getting ready for that last 24-hour push-up contact, doors, everything you need to get out the vote on tuesday to make sure they get every single point in every delegate. reid: both of you have great analysis. thank you for joining us. newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage. our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates as a result come in. we will take you all the way until midnight. you can watch live on the wcvb mobile app.
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monoxide filled the hamilton home. something was wrong with the fireplace. a 15-year-old was taken to beverly hospital. as a precaution. we learned the name of the two suspects arrested in last night' s home invasion in lowell. one shot by a police officer. christopher kobe and timothy berry are accused of impersonating police officers when they broke into a home. berry was shot by an officer when confronting police at the door. lowell police believe the reid: today was the funeral for the man killed by that falling crane in new york city. david wickss wwa as a harvard graduate or he was born in prague. moved to the u.s. as a teenager. he was walking down the street when he was hit and killed by the falling clane. a man from easton was also hurt and that collapse. he is out of the hospital.
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weeks to learn what caused the crash. they are focusing in on equipment that recorded the crane' s movements before it fell. j.c.: north korea stirring up trouble after a rocket launch. reid: forcing an emergency meeting at the united nations. j.c.: a blizzard warning up for plymouth county, the cape, the islands. mike wankum will be back with what you need to know for the morning commute. reid: looking ahead to tuesday. download the wcvb app now for
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j.c.: a blizzard warning set to go into effect 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for plymouth county, the cape in the islands because of the stormy sea moving towards the mid-atlantic. everyone will see snow tomorrow but the birth -- the worst winds expected in plymouth county, the cape and the islands. mike wankum back with a timeline in a few moments. reid: the united nations called an emergency meeting after north korea' s launch of a long-range rocket. their statement released today strongly condemns north korea' s decision to launch last night. saying it contributes to the ' north' s development of nuclear weapons. j.c.: chipotle is closing all of its chains for a few hours toronto talk about food safety.
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says they will thank employees for their efforts and talk about more changes to improve safety. the company put in place new steps after an e. coli outbreak in 14 states. in massachusetts, the chain had a separate noah outbreak -- norovirus outbreak. reid: we are in our way to the final kick off -- the kickoff of super bowl 50. at home, people are setting up snacks. but in california, the focus is not just football on the field but security outside the stadium. brandy hits at levi stadium with a preview. brandy: super bowl 50 is finally here. excitement building for the ultimate football showdown between the denver broncos and carolina panthers. at 39, peyton manning as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. the super bowl champ on certain if tonight' s game will be his last.
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reporter: they take on the undefeated panthers led by cam newton. >> i plan on this being the marquee win we need as a franchise. reporter: a massive security presence in the ground in any air. >> the fbi is unaware of any threats targeting super bowl 50. reporter: with 189 million americans expected to tune in, those famous super bowl ads are competing for attention. >> are you looking for these? reporter: alongith coldplay and beyonce and bruno mars headlining the halftime show. >> the biggest honor, they put their life and soul into it. reporter: the feeling felt by the players on the field tonight hoping to win super bowl 50. if you cannot be here and join the action in person, you may be one of the 70 million americans going to a super bowl party,
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wings this day alone, according to the national chicken council. j.c.: well, mike wankum, lots to talk about. because this storm, although i remember on friday that harvey was talking about the chance of snow, but we have friday storm. this one is kind of -- mike: it blew up. yesterday i' m thinking 3-6 inches. now we are starting to see a bigger storm. j.c.: you are going to talk about the wind. it comes with a lot of snow, the big issue with something like that is the wind. going down. it technically does not even have to be snowing during a blizzard. because of snow. talking about. s two sisters to watch. one over the great lakes. both will be impacting us -- we have to systems to watch. this one moving in tomorrow. the second one the trailed tuesday. will it give us any more snow?
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this is the big guy. it has a punch to it. this system is tracking well offshore. over 400 miles offshore. that is not typically a very good position for us to get heavy snow. as an unusual situation going on, this thing is so big out there it can throw the moisture back at us. and the wind as well. this is blizzard warning for plymouth, cape, and the islands. gusts 65 miles per hour caret i would not be surprised if we see some of the outer cape. inland, a winter storm warning. heavy snow with the northerly breeze. this will affect us for :00 a.m. monday until 7:00 a.m. tuesday. tomorrow is going to be a mess. let' s break down how much know you can expect. if you' re traveling north and west, the dividing line at 495. boston at 6-9. i really want to concentrate on six inches of snow but because we have these ocean bands of
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could set up over top of us and that is why put the higher level at nine inches. same thing to the south shore. this is the area where we think we will see the heavy snow but we have these bands setting up. it is difficult to forecast those bands. any times we wait until we are in the event and we see them on radar. i put abroad 8-12 inches. i think there may be a little bit of mixing through the outer cape. when this initially starts, it is going to be a very heavy, wet snow. then as the temperatures get colder tomorrow, because more of a -- becomes more of a dry snow. here is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this comes in really fast. once we start talking about the commute, the snow is going to be out there. if you' work -- i am not encouraging it -- you should go very early. on. 8:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the afternoon is when we -- we' the study is snow.
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snow to the afternoon but the damage is done. the evening commute is going to be slow as well. highly. towards tuesday, that second show up again but not nearly as organized. offshore. tonight, cloudy skies, some snow towards dawn. 22-30 degrees. falling. a heavy and wet snow initially and then it goes into a drier, fluffier snow towards afternoon. windsor going to be ferocious cape and the islands. around boston, winds up around 40 miles an hour. afternoon. s way offshore. but it is picking up enough wave action that we are looking for minor pockets of moderate flooding, mainly along the south shore where we have this coastal flood warning. nor -- north shore, do keep an eye on that. high tide at 11:00 tomorrow
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for tomorrow, wind and snow. tuesday, part two of the system. a little bit of light snow. even wednesday, as another frontal boundary comes through, snow showers. a few theories -- a few flurries on thursday. the bulk of it is going to be tomorrow and before 3:00 in the afternoon. after that, by the way, once we get to friday, look at the cold that comes in here. we have been spoiled with a warm temperatures we have had lately. highs into the 20' s and lows in the teens. some places in the single digits as we talk about temperatures later on this week. reid: coming up, five investigates uncovering what some survivors call a painful
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reid: we will all wake up with some snow on the ground tomorrow, but plymouth county, the cape, and the islands are in for a blizzard warning that will begin at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow we are respecting high winds, low visibility and a lot of snow, up to possibly a foot. mike wankum is tracking the development. much more on the morning commute in the totals coming up. j.c.: 5 investigates uncovering a new chapter in a scandal that has spread from boston across the globe. reid: survivors of the clergy sex abuse scandal say they are being victimized all over again. 5 investigates. >> i was raped. reporter: he is known as john
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this settlement he signed with the roman catholic archbishop of boston. >> it is a process to kill - - peel off that mandate and realize you have been in your plate. reporter: many related by his own priest to abuse them for years. the archdiocese office of past oral started paying for his counseling in the early 2000' s. >> it went well during the first few reporter: years. when his therapist recommended twice weekly counseling, the church told him he would only pay for once a week >> hurt >> they were condescending, belittling. reporter: when he wanted more intensive therapy, the archdiocese said it would cut them off after two rounds a of treatment. tyler fox represents john doe 24 and says the churches acting like an insurance company.
5:22 pm
s 2003 report which criticize the archdiocese for having a conflict of interest and recommended an independent victims assistance board which the church did not follow through on. >> what other kind of victim has to go to their perpetrator to try and get services? that is getting victimized again. reporter: the archdiocese says it remains to committing -- to providing services to survivors for as long as needed. they say the baseline is weekly medication. the church says they declined less than 2% of all requests for treatment because they were not medically supported or were requested in addition to an already intensive level of treatment. >> i' m driving to work, tears would roll down my cheek. i can seem my -- of raping me. reporter: the new england director of snap. >> there is one law covering a priest.
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reporter: he says that "spotlight" is bringing out more survivors. >> we want t he public to understand that when they say they are doing everything they can for survivors, they are not. reporter: an attorney has negotiated hundreds of settlements between the victims in the archdiocese. he has seen a spike in the number of victims calling him over the past two years saying the church will not pay for counseling. >> a lot of these victims are suicidal, they have been an intense pain since age 10, 11, 12. now there are 50 years old. they are finally coming to terms with it. door on their fingers. reporter: why do you think this is happening? >> i think the church is more concerned about the size of its own wallet then the emotional well-being of the victims. reporter: the attorney is our both considering court actions against the archdiocese to get
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the archdiocese tells us it has spent more than $34 million the last 12 years helping more than 1000 survivors of abuse. j.c.: coming up, a robot with personality designed locally. reid: what makes this little guy unique and how he can help your family. i hope you can shovel. down the coast, storm system is headed this way. by the time it gets here, we have got quite a bit of snow to i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow.
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>> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. j.c.: a blizzard warning for parts of massachusetts. reid: mike wankum is here to talk of the new development. mike: that is the map everyone wants to know. they want to see how much know was going to fall. let me show you what we are talking about. the south shore is the biggest area that will see the snow, because we have some ocean enhancement going on. a little mix towards nantucket. boston, focusing on six inches. however, some ocean bands could bump up the total. look through the south shore where we will see the heavy snow. that is how much snow is going to fall. when does it get here? tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. some snow breaking up into the south, even at this point we could see some light snow in the boston area. this lives in very quickly. once again it' s going, the snow will come down heavily. they kind of starts to taper off
5:27 pm
but these hands. that is why it will be difficult to spot exactly when those heavy snows are. the bands are broad right now but it is going to be snowing and hard to travel because the wind will be out there. we had a heavy, wet snow last time. people are wondering what it will be like. in the morning, it will be heavy and wet because the temperatures are close to 32. as the day goes on and the temperatures keep dropping, that snow will become lighter and fluffier. that will add to how we get the snow accumulating across the area. right now we have that blizzard warning to the south. advisors to the west. a watch, a warning for the boston area. this is the blizzard warning. we will talk about that -- the coast and if you' re interested in computer models, i will share a bunch with you coming up in a few moments. j.c.: mike is watching the forecast all night. we will have extended coverage tomorrow, that begins at 4:30 a.m. reid: canton police have put out a warning for people to be outside and on the roads as tomorrow' s storm moves in the town' s dealing with two deaths
5:28 pm
-year-old a 48 was when his backyard when a backyard tree branch came crashing down at him. it happened so fast he had no time to react. this accident happened just hours after a similar, terrible tragedy on the other side of town, 2:00 friday afternoon. a six-year-old was hit and killed by a tree branch. today counselors were available for student' s and. families. she was in the kindergarten at that school j.c.: in commitment 2016, two days until the new hampshire primary and candidates are canvassing the state. we explain where the race stands now after last night' s debate. reporter: less than 24 hours from being on the stage, candidates are back to canvassing the granite state for more supporters. a recent poll of republican primary voters, the winner of the republican iowa caucuses ted cruz placed third. marco rubio bumped up to second place in donald trump came in
5:29 pm
>> i kicked up a lot of delegates in iowa. and in new hampshire, i think i will do very well. i have a great relationship between the vets and all of the people of new hampshire. they just seem to be very positive. reporter: b rubio says he plans to stick with the same approach he used in iowa. >> we want to get as many people to vote for me as possible and we will keep moving forward. reporter: the same poll for democratic primary voters shows senator sanders leading with 58% to compared to 35% for hillary clinton. >> when we began the campaign in new hampshire, we work 30 points down in the polls. reporter: despite the lead, clinton remains optimistic about tuesday. >> i love the new hampshire primary. i love it because the interactions you have with voters in every setting is so rewarding. i do not know what is going to happen. i know i am behind. i' m in good spirits about that because i love the process.
5:30 pm
newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage. our team of reporters will have the candidates covered as result come in. our coverage begins tuesday at 4:30 p.m. and we will take until midnight. reid: the cause of a deadly fire in north andover remains under investigation tonight. firefighters say the fire started in the living room of the second-floor apartment where the victim was living. we are told a woman was a professor at merrimack college. the other man who is living at the building was able to rescue his elderly mother from the flames but says he was not able to get to the second floor. a jetblue flight had to return to logan this morning after striking a bird after takeoff. the flight did land safely. it was headed to richmond, virginia. all passengers were put on another plane. j.c.:a firefighter suits up to save a cold pup today. weston fire rested this dog from a small pond. -- rescured this dog.
5:31 pm
the waters to pull the dog from the thin ic. e. he' s ok. reid: tomorrow will be the funeral for the former providence mayor buddy cianci. outside the office he occupied for 21 years. he died late last month at the age of 74. he was the longest-serving mayor but was forced from office twice because of felonies. a new response from an ivy league university as the fraternity president has been charged with attempted rape. j.c.: a new statement from the suspect. reid: we continue to follow the big news -- we are dealing with a blizzard warning for plymouth county, the cape, and the islands but all of us will beginning some semblance of snow.
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you can save 30% or more. wegmans family pack. r we do it because we're family too. j.c.: there is a blizzard warning set to go into effect at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow for plymouth county, the cape and the islands. this is a storm that has the potential to bring a half foot, a foot of snow in areas blowing and drifting snow, reducing visibility. mike wankum is watching it all and has the snow totals and everything you need to know coming up in a few moments. reid: rescuers continue pull survivors from the ruins of a deadly earthquake and in taiwan. more than 100 people remain missing.
5:33 pm
s magnitude 6.4 earthquake. j.c.: today we are learning more about the fraternity president are cornell accused of attended rape. as antoinette antonio reports, the school' s president is speaking out. antoinette: new details from the night the president of an elite cornell university fraternity was accused of rapingn a o woman on campus. in the complaint, cornell replace report the psi u psilon president brought his victim to his bedroom and shut and locked his room door. according to the document, the woman told investigators she verbally protested sexual advances several times. >> the speed with which they took this case from the university' s purview and brought it into a criminal setting suggests that the prosecution believed they had a strong case. antoinette: in a statement,
5:34 pm
s attorney deny the accusation saying "he is not guilty of the charges filed against them." in a video, bollinger describes his work experiences and his hopes for the future. >> at a young age, i was taught to appreciate the value of self-made work. antoinette: detailing his time at a new york city nightclub owned by his father. >> my first venture was open a bar in new york city. antoinette: the cornell president releasing this statement " sexual violence has no place at cornell. we will be considering what additional steps should be taken to ensure that greek community at cornell is living up to our standard of excellence and o : ." j.c.: parts of massachusetts under a blizzard one. s numbers up in a bit. the celtics and avery bradley
5:35 pm
j.c.: wcvb download theapp for complete primary results
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reid: 48 hours is not enough time for my back to recover from the shoveling i did two days ago. j.c.: i thought friday' s storm is one of the worst. the heavy, wet snow, the power lines. now you'
5:37 pm
mike: this is going to be like that. heavy and wet. eventually we transition to more of a dry, powdery snow. we have a blizzard warning into effect at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow and goes against -- until 7:00 tomorrow night. limit county, the cape and the islands. the biggest threat for blizzard conditions will be right near the shoreline -- in plymouth county, the cape and the islands. dust is high is 65 miles per hour. down towards nantucket. -- gusts as high as 65 miles per hour. it is a winter storm warning we are talking about for the city of austin out to worcester. about an advisor. -- talking about for the city of boston. i will look at all the computer models because many of you like to see these. this is one of the models i like the best. it is the europ model.
5:38 pm
forecasting. a 4-6 inch category. if we look at the u.s. model, again, timing and that same ball park it does want to push it further to the west. here' s where the problem comes in. we have another model -- the nam is good when you get 36 hours away from a storm. this morning, this thing was kicking up 10, 12 inches of snow. since then, the afternoon has backed it down but still has a few 8 inch categories. the trend -- is setting it up. which is a short-term model. over the next 48 hours. you can see what it is doing. for-five in here and tapers to the west. this is what i do all day. i look at these computer models and take knowledge from what would happen with other sources and put it together and this is what i think it' s going to happen. i want you to focus on the lower levels of these but i think what will happen is we may get some ocean enhancement. the ocean is very warm.
5:39 pm
that is why put the nine, the 12, especially as we look in the blizzard warning area towards the cave. boston about 69. west of496, 3-6 inches. -- west of 495. here is where we have the best conditions. reduced visibility, gusting wind. will it last three hours? that is how one may have to last a have an official blizzard. you look towards nantucket, all the way through chatham and p town, some mixing going on. a heavier, whether snow. the relation may be down. tomorrow morning, around 5:00 in the morning, you start to see little bit of mix. some light snow. if you are going to work tomorrow, go very early. here it comes. we start to see bands of snow setting up from the south. into the heavy snow through
5:40 pm
these are those and i am talking about. very hard to forecast. sometimes you to wait until the models are showing it on radar because then we start to see where these bands are. towards the evening commute, a lot of snow on the ground and still snowing but it should be of a liar variety and a fluffier snow. we head for tomorrow night and we start to taper off. there is a second part to this storm system that will slide behind it. and give us another chance of light snow tuesday. right now i do not think it will need much accumulation. wednesday, a few snow showers here at thursday, a few flurries as well. behind it comes some of the coldest air we have seen this month. this month we have had temperatures in the 50' s and 60' s. high temperatures in the 20' s and low temperatures in the teens and perhaps even see some temperatures dropping into the single digits. that is my latest forecast. i am mike wankum. >> now 5 sportscenter with mike lynch. bob: temps are dropping and snow is on the way and the celtics are white-hot.
5:41 pm
28 points on the kings. from the gardens this afternoon, the celtics at 25 from avery bradley. he had a dozen in the first quarter. celtic scored 46 in the first quarter. they had 74 points by halftime. isaiah thomas 22 points and nine assists. rajon r ondo, remember him, he is playing for the sacramento kings. double-double for him. 14 points. celtics had a decent lead but it was cut to a half dozen. avery bradley hits two threes. to put this baby away. they had their track shoes on in the fourth quarter. 33 in the final frame. 128-119, celts win. up to milwaukee on wednesday. >> we don' t share the ball, those are recipes for disaster for us. we have been able to do that pretty consistently over the
5:42 pm
but nobody is in there doing cart wheels. we move on to what is next, play as well as you can and be ready for milwaukee. >> whenever you get a chance to run up and down and move the ball like we did tonight, it is fun. not only that we were making shots. whenever everybody is making shots and everybody is happy. bob: so in those last 10 games, the celtics are averaging over 11 0 points. and only coughing the ball up 13 times. they have held their opponents to 100 points for game, 45 rebounds and 20 assists. stable conditions at mass general after taking a puck in the throat in maine. he has a fractured larynx. he is out indefinitely. last night of the garden, this is in overtime, brad marchand taken down and they call a
5:43 pm
brad marchand with the game on his stick. the penalty shot -- he scores! mike: what a way to win the most exciting playing hockey is the penalty shot. bruins win 2-1. the kings come to the garden tuesday. coming up tonight after the super bowl, we have got the voice of the bruins that talk about the bruins about to head out on a long road trip. and bubble boy b, one of the nicknames would have for bob halloran. he will take us to fenway park. lasted talk about. and we will recap the super bowl at 11:35. j.c.: still ahead, he is a lot more than a robot. reid: he is on the cutting edge of technology. and a member of your family.
5:44 pm
j.c.: if you had ever dreamed of hanging out with r2d2 and c3po. there is a boston come thing might have something that interests you. reid: a real robot that can become your friend. mike wankum show should the technology on the cutting edge. mike: meet jebo. domo arigato, mro . robot. >> he gets smarter about you and because he can tell you apart
5:45 pm
family, he starts to build a report that is different -- a re apport. mike: he learns and does everything with personality. and he there is only a boy version can check and an older parent and remind them a the doctors appointment or just greet you. >> welcome home, eric. >> it is decide to understand you and get to know your family and interact with you. in a social way -- mike: he' s nhot hot. investors are excited about the possibilities. >> we did three rounds of funding. investors have found it worthy of their time and money. mike: the company has presold $4 million worth of jebos through crowdsourcing. >> big smile, dude. mike: if all goes as planned, you should be able to buy this guy in time for holiday shopping later this year. the exact price has not been
5:46 pm
s full of incredible technology but gebo can havd e fun. can you dance? the company has six the five people working for now and expect to double in size in the next year. >> boston is the center for more robotics companies than anywhere else. the resources, the camaraderie is quite high. mike: i played with jebo. it reminded me of a puppy without the mess. i think this is going to be on the cutting edge. you will hear a lot more as we head towards the holiday shopping season. j.c.: mike made a new friend mike: it does not mind when i say it is going to stop it j.c.: nobody is talking to mike right now. mike: we have got snow tomorrow is a wind driven snow. in the plymouth and the cape in
5:47 pm
conditions. this is the second part of this system. on tuesday, we can see additional light snow. temperatures tomorrow warm enough that it will be a heavy, wet snow initially and turning over to her dryers know as the day goes on. starting during the morning commute and starting off as we head towards the evening commute. the heaviest will be over at 3:00. as we look on the road, cold temperatures to finish off the week reid: winter is here. much more to come.
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>> this is newscenter 5 at 6:00. j.c.: a storm are brought to bring another winter blast in massachusetts. the blizzard warning will be going into effect for plymouth county, the cape and the islands. it has been back-and-forth and
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