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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: coastal areas bracing for the brunt of this storm. the concerns going beyond high tide. emily: keeping the power on. the work already in place to keep wires up when the wind bears down. randy: scrambling before a key vote. the last-minute moves to sway voters in the new hampshire primary. on the eye for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: here's the storm that'll be building over the course of the morning. this time strong winds and coastal flooding are the main concerns. and it's just the start of an active pattern for the start of the week.
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randy: and i'm randy price. we're tracking every angle of the storm. we're out there this morning as things start to happen. our reporters, videographers, and meterologists are covering every angle. first to the timing of things cindy is leading our coverage. cindy: good morning to you both. we have not just snow with this particular storm but also very strong winds prompting coastal flooding concerns and also power outage concerns. so a lot to watch with this system. already the winds are gusting over 40 miles per hour along the coastline. it is those strong winds combined with the heavy, wet snow that has prompted blizzard warnings until 7:00 tonight south of boston. elsewhere, winter storm warnings for the heavy snow and also winds sustained close to 30 miles per hour. the storm is still very far away from us. in fact about 500 miles away. typically a storm would not be impacting us. this one very large. you can see already the outer bands of snow all the way up to the cape cod canal and slowly but surely this morning, that snow iis going to continue to back on in. through 8:00 this morning greater boston area maybe just
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however, look what happens after 8:00 a.m. conditions deteriorate rapidly so from late this morning up until about midday or so, the snow is going to start to come down hard. we may see bands of snow setting up with snowfall rates 1-2 inches per hour. roads are going to become snow covered very slippery with reduced visibility. travel not recommended. as we take you farther in time through the evening commute, the snow is still going. it doesn't shut off completely until the overnight hours. we're talking about a widespread 6- to 10-inch snowfall. worcester area. the bands setting up cape ann through parts of the south shore and the upper cape. there may be locally some spots over 10 inches of snow. we'll break this down for you just ahead. randy and emily. randy: the coast expected to take a serious beating from this storm. many communities dealing with not just one concern but three this morning. emily: the eyeopener's frank holland is live in sandwich with frank: ? emily. we're starting to see the first
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be a snowy, slushy and icy start to this week. behind me you see the water-- actually-- it's low tide right now. later on this morning we're expecting an astronomically high tide. there are flooding concerns but we don't think any sea walls will be in jeopardy. you're seeing what we've been seeing all morning long, an example of the fast-moving winds. look at the trees right there. they show you just how intense things are. the preparations for these storms have been going on for hours. last night we had a crew in scituate. there they had their plow trucks gassed up and ready to go. they say friday's snow starm actually took a big bite out of their salt supply. but they will be ready for today's storm. monahan/duxbury fire dept: our concern now for the storm is certainly the tide cycles and with the trees that are already weakened from the previous storm. frank: we're under a coastal flood warnings but the tides are not expected to threaten sea walls. communities are expecting and preparing for downed power lines just like what we saw from the
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again right now the first flakes are hitting cape. we'll keep a close eye on conditions all morning long. live here in sandwich, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: and coastal concerns aren't just for the cape. stormteam 5's danielle vollmar is breaking down that threat. danielle: all up and down the east coast we do have coast flood advisories to coastal flood warnings depending on where you live. we have that very strong wind coming out of the northeast. two hours before and after the high tide from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. to the north. boston and points north. we're looking for minor splashover. that's really about it. of course, these tides are astronomically high. farther to the south we have even stronger wind gusts we're expecting moderate flooding. that's why there's a warning in effect. road closures could be possible. flooded basements. we're watching these high tides. if you look at where you live, this is your time of high tide today. also along points north, your high tide in boston coming at 10:44 this morning.
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piling up that water is because we have very strong winds. they're going to be sustained all day long at about 35 to 40 miles an hour in chatham. and gusting 50 to 60 miles an hour. so it is going to be a very windy day. and the snow is beginning to fly. for more on how it's affecting stepanova. olessa: thank you. good morning, everyone. shape. a live look outside at route 1 in saugus. that's southbound moving to the top of the screen. you can see traffic getting by without any concerns but let's go to the maps and see the rest of your ride as we head south of town. that volume a little bit on the expressway. right now that portion of your ride 25 minutes from braintree to boston. the pike still looks good this morning. when police activity cleared away 128 approaching highland avenue on ramp. as you travel 93 south we did have a disabled car by 125 in wilmington. that's gone. your ride is wide open for now. 93 south all the way down to the leverett connector. trains and buses so far no problem. randy?
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dorchester. this is the best of the morning. mayor walsh has had 500 public works trucks out since early morning hours pretreating the roads. same stories on the highways. mass-dot de-icing and salting the roads as well. governor baker overnight tweeted that the storm will present some hazardous driving conditions. he's asking people to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary. live from dorchester, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: right now non-emergency state workers are being told to stay home in several counties. executive branch employees who live or work in barnstable, bristol, dukes, essex, middlesex, nantucket, norfolk, plymouth and suffolk counties should not report to work. state offices in those counties will be closed today. emily: right now power crews are mobilizing trying to stay ahead of outages as another storm moves in. the eyeopener's doug meehan is live in brocktonwhere there are definitely concerns this morning. doug? doug: sure are, emily. good morning.
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plenty of wind though. d.p.w. crews are on the standby, sanding and salting. the problem here is brockton, some parts of the city just getting the power back on from the last storm. and now they're on alert and ready for storm number two. crews from as far away as quebec blanketed this area of the state clearing fallen trees and trying to get the lights back on for thousands of people. here in brockton, they're definitely concerned that could happen again. schools are closed. and the mayor says they're only just recovering from friday's storm. >> we certainly have a lot of tree limbs coming down and taking wires with them. we have to worry about the falling limbs. we also have to worry about live wires now. doug: many utility crews were supposed to go home last night. instead, they got the call to stay put, ready for the next storm. again, the best advice is if you don't have to travel today, just stay off the roads and let crews do their work. we'll keep an eye on things for
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we're live in brockton, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. all day long as this storm intensifies. including extended weather cut-ins during "good morning america," updates every half hour, and a special edition of newscenter 5 starting at 4:00 p.m. and don't forget to download our wcvb mobile news app to watch us on the goor if your power goes out. randy: right now an investigation is underway after a umass amherst student falls to his death. a school spokesman says james tilley of windham, new hampshire, fell from the fourth floor of a lab building early friday morning. the death is not considered suspicious. tilley was a senior studying physics and mathematics. right now a teenager is in the hospital after high levels of carbon monoxide filled a hamilton home. investigators say something was wrong with the fireplace in the bridge street home. a 15-year-old was taken to beverly hospital as a precaution. emily: they're still partying in denver this morning. peyton manning is now the first quarterback to win super bowl rings with two different teams. but it was the broncos' von
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title. he was all over the panthers' cam newton from start to finish. final score, by the way, 24-10. randy: commitment 2016 with a push before the new hampshire primary. emily: one of the last messages hillary clinton and bernie sanders are leaving for voters. republicans trying to stand out. the candidate getting targeted by chris christie, and one contender's stance on a female draft. randy: plus one strange super bowl ad, courtesy of mountain dew. the creature that has people talking this morning. cindy? cindy: blizzard-like conditions are possible on the cape and parts of plymouth county later this morning. timing when the worst of the snow and wind will be with us and the cold that's going to be moving in by the weekend. that's all ahead. first take a closer look at the radar with me. you can see we do have snow right now up toward the canal but that snow is slowly backing in to the greater boston area.
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>> this is the first grade class from the wood end elementary school in reading, massachusetts. we are having an awesome school year. >> good morning, "eyeopener." randy: good morning, wood end!
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super bowl, but these kids were showing off their patriot pride when we visited a few weeks ago. looking good, guys! emily: soon we'll take you back to wood end to learn more about their new way of keeping students healthy. it's interesting. we're going to share that with you. also get your friends, your coworkers or your classmates, and record your own eyeopener wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. commitment 2016. olessa: they're celebrating at home today. randy: making snowmen. cindy: that's the thing about friday's snow, heavy and wet. today's snow will not be as sticky and wet. it will be fluffier but the winds will be whipping around. already a lot of tree limbs vulnerable from friday's storm. now you add more snow and a lot of wind. a lot of concerns with this storm particularly along the coastline. coastal flooding concerns. danielle is talking more about that with you here throughout the morning. we have this blizzard warning up. when you hear blizzard, don't think about the amount of snow.
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combination reducing the visibility creating near whiteout conditions. we think that is a distinct possibility here south of boston later this morning. this blizzard warning up on the cape and the islands until 7:00 this evening. as that combination of the winds gusting to 65 miles per hour and heavy, wet snow really going to make traveling pretty much impossible. outside of that, most of us under a winter storm warning until tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. for heavy snow. those stronger winds. not as much snow. not as much wind in southern new hampshire west of worcester. still a winter weather advisory for you. we think the winds are strongest along the coastline and strongest especially here southeastern massachusetts where we could see those gusts over 60. already the winds are whipping up gusting over 40 miles per hour along the coastline. and you combine know with temperatures in the 20's to around the freezing mark and it is tough out there. wind chills this morning are down in the teens. they're going to be dropping into the single digits here by early this afternoon. this is all due to a storm that is still about 500 miles away
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typically a storm in this position wouldn't be impacting us the way this one is doing. this is a very large storm. so already we're seeing this outer bands of snow right now make it back toward the cape and slowly you can see how the action is just reaching closer to boston. i think through about 8:00 this morning, the bulk of the activity will stay here in southeastern massachusetts but after 8:00 a.m. notice how we're filling in the snow really rapidly. look at these darker blue colors here showing up by midday. you can see them focused right around the boston area. within these bands we're talking about snowfall rates of one to two inches per hour. snow-covered slipper erodes and reduced visibility. that will be with us late morning, midday, even up into the afternoon. in fact for the evening commute we're still talking about steady snow across a good portion of the area. it really doesn't taper off until we get into the overnight hours past midnight tonight. when it's all said and done, it is a widespread area of 6-10 inches of snow. a little bit less once you get west of the worcester area but
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from cape ann down through plymouth county that we may see locally more than 10 inches of snow. let's talk about the winds, the coastal impacts, and power outages. a pretty big concern, danielle. danielle: that is right, cindy. the reason why is because the winds are just so strong today. already having wind gusts near 60 miles an hour this morning. it will continue to be that strong through the afternoon. here is the projected wind gusts anywhere from 50-60 miles an hour on cape cod, the islands shore. even through the interior, you can see wind gusts from 30 to about 40 miles an hour. so far this morning, already getting some reports of some damage. trees and wires down on. this picture is hard to see because it's still dark. thank you for tweeting me this picture. the other concern is is this. although the snow should be light and powdery in most locations at the onset of this, there could be heavy, wet snow in that area you see in orange. because those strong winds, that could lead to potential power outages. the reason why is because temperatures are actually borderline freezing.
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degrees. 35 on nantucket. but as we go through the next 12 hours, those temperatures drop dramatically back into the 20's so even if it starts off as heavy, wet snow, it will be turning to a powdery, light snow by afternoon. forecast, here's cindy. cindy: danielle, yeah, we talked about that snow ramping down slowly overnight. notice tomorrow still light snow and flurries in the forecast as we have going to see the winds continue out of the north-northeast. so ocean-effect snow showers a distinct possibility throughout the day on tuesday but i'm not expecting much additional accumulation tomorrow. wednesday we're keeping an eye on another system that will be tracking by to our south. it may interact with upper-level energy to deliver a steadier, lighter snow. not heavy from this one. but light snow in the forecast wednesday. so this is going to be our snowiest week of the entire winter so far. and then here comes the cold air as we get towards saturday and sunday. coldest air of the entire season, high temperatures by the weekend in the teens.
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sunday morning are going to be near or even below zero, something we have not done this entire winter so far. was. of. olessa: no, i wasn't. cindy: i think a lot of people were. olessa: i was content skipping right over. much that's going to change. if you're heading out the door, this is the time to do it. this is allston/brighton eastbound move to go the top of start to go fill in. let's go to the maps and check the rest of your ride. so far construction-free and accident-fry this morning so that's good news. 24 looks good. no issues on 95 this morning. route 3 also quiet. your ride on the expressway about 20 from braintree to boston. as you travel the pike, you're about 15 minutes 495 to 128. there was police activity on the ramp from 128 to highland avenue. that picked up. as you travel 93 south, that disabled car that had a lane blocked on 93 south at 125 also cleared away. and so far you're in good shape all the which down to the leverett connector.
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morning on schedule. emily: commitment 2016. the clock is ticking for candidates in new hampshire ahead of tomorrow's first-in-the-nation primary. randy: the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here following both sides of the race. erika: we start with the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will make a last-minute push today in the granite state. clinton returned to manchester last night after a campaign detour in michigan where she called on flint's mayor to end the water crisis. meantime sanders, who holds a strong lead in the new hampshire polls, held an event in portsmouth. both candidates sticking to their message, making a final plea to voters. clinton: i'm asking people to really consider this as a job interview. who is ready to do the job on day one? sanders: to bring about the changes that the american people want. we need a political revolution. erika: new hampshire is a same-day registration state, giving candidates up until the last minute to get people to vote. on the republican side, candidates try to build momentum following their final debate before the primary.
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his debate takedown of marco chris christie: the race is so unsettled now. you can't trt senator rubio to be the nominee of this party. policy in new hampshire yesterday, coming out against forcing women to enter the draft. front-runner donald trump talked poll numbers and stuck by some of his most controversial stances. trump: waterboarding immediately is okay. and if we can get much worse than waterboarding, that's okay too. erika: polls show trump ahead in new hampshire but a four-way battle for second between rubio, cruz, john kasich, and jeb bush. randy: newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage. our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates covered as results come in. our coverage begins tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. and we'll take you all the way until midnight. you can also watch live on the
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stealing the show at the super bowl. randy: the half-time performance that might have the headliner feeling a little overshadowed. it's ahead in eyepoppers. erika? erika: then new at 6:30, burning fat faster by making easy changes. some healthy ways to boost your metabolism. and this explosion caused a panic in london, but it's not what it seems. the warning many people missed. taking another look at the satellite rader as a storm moves in this morning. cindy says the worst will pass by this afternoon. but there's more snow in the forecast.
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cindy: it is 6:24 here on your monday morning. here we go again. tracking another snowstorm. right now you can see that snow beginning to pivot up from cape cod toward the boston area. but the leading edge pretty much stuck right now down along the south coast and the cape. visibility has dropped. that snow is coming down hard. that snow is going to be lifting up into boston after 8:00 this morning. conditions deteriorate rapidly. lunchtime right through the afternoon. we're talking about steady snow through the evening commute. and at times that snow is going to be falling at a rate of one to maybe even two inches per hour.
6:23 am
around 30 degrees this morning. down through the 20's as we get into the afternoon. and those winds already picking up. it will be blowing all this snow around. expecting a widespread 6-10isms of snow tomorrow morning with enhanced bands cape ann down to the south shore. some spots with more than 10 inches. emily: chipotle is closing all of its chains for a few hours today to talk about food safety. the chain says they will thank employees for their efforts so far and talk about more changes to improve food safety. the company put into place new steps after an e-coli outbreak in 14 states. here in massachusetts the chain had a separate norovirus outbreak that sickened more than 100 people at the cleveland circle location. randy: 6:25. time for your monday eyepoppers. and olessa, just some super offerings today. olessa: no surprise that the halftime show is all the buzz on social media. check it out.
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bowl vets beyonce and bruno mars. definite star-power there. i think it really helps when the rest of the crew steps up. and that outfit, of course, didn't hurt either. randy: it was great. olessa: and of course there are the ads. this one might be one of the strangest. mountain dew trying to create buzz for its new "kickstart" drink with something called a "puppy monkey baby." as weird as it sounds. cute or creepy? you decide! (laughing) i don't know. i think it's cute. it's very catchy. randy: as if mountain dew needs more caffeine? olessa: are they saying if you drink it, that will happen? then maybe i'll pass. emily: weirded out by the whole thing. still ahead, carolina quarterback cam newton disappointing some fans with his post-game attitude. his behavior at a press conference that has some calling him a sore loser. and an update this morning on last week's deadly crane collapse in new york city. the local man making a recovery
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prevent future tragedies. we are live this morning at the d.p.w. in brockton. crews there are up. they are getting ready for the snow that is headed our way. we'll have a live report just
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we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place v and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. t an america where after a lifetime of labor, t there is time for rest and grandchildren. r a nation that defends our people and our values, r but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. v i know we can create that america p if we listen to our conscience and our hearts r and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: another storm moving in at this hour. the timeline for snow, whipping winds, and coastal concerns.
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conditions on the roads-- doug: --to the plans in place to keep the power on. emily: the eyeopener team covering all the angles of this powerful winter blast. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: 6:30 on this monday morning. the storm moving in at this hour. it's going to bring blizzard conditions to cape cod and strong winds across the area. our first chance of snow this week. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer. cindy, olessa stepanova, danielle vollmar all here keeping an eye on what this means for you and your community. the cape and the coast really the concern today. cindy: plymouth county down toward the cape is where we have that blizzard warning in effect. you need wind to get a blizzard. you need reduced visibility. this is a multifaceted storm. a lot more wind involved with this one than what we saw on friday. that has us concerned along the coastline as well for the high
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this morning. look at the winds already. we're already gusting over 40 coastline. so it is that wind that has prompted this blizzard warning here south of boston all the way down through the cape and the islands. this is through 7:00 this evening. outside of that, most of us under a winter storm warning. that goes through early tomorrow morning. stronger winds. in fact, the same winds close to 30 miles per hour blowing some of that heavier snow around. you can see the storm is a here. it's almost 500 miles away. typically a storm this far away would not be having such an impact on us. this is a very large storm so already we're seeing the outer bands of snow here creeping up here along the south coast. in the greater boston area points north ward you have a little bit of time here. i think the snow will continue to lift on in after 8:00 this morning conditions really start to deteriorate rapidly. by late morning we're not just snowing. the snow will be coming down hard. it's pretty intense. you can see these dark blue bands setting up right through midday or so. within some of these bands just
6:30 am
will fall at a rate of one to two inches per hour. the roads quickly become snow covered, very slippery with reduced visibility as well. this is 1:00 this afternoon. notice by 5:00 this afternoon, we are still in the steady snow. it really doesn't taper off until we get into the overnight hours. in terms of how much snow, it's a widespread six to ten inches of snow for most of us. ocean-enhanced bands cape ann down through plymouth county to the upper cape could be talking about locally more than 10 inches of snow from this one. it's not just the snow. we're also talking about those strong winds. randy-emily. emily: thank you, cindy. right now the coast is a big concern as this storm ramps up. emily: the eyeopener's frank holland is monitoring conditions in sandwich right now. frank: it just started snowing a short time ago here at town neck beach in sandwich. you can see these flakes whipping by my face. this is still nothing compared to the wet, heavy snow that is on the way. now speaking of whipping, take a look behind me at these trees and this grass. the wind is definitely blowing very hard here.
6:31 am
it's blowing at about 40 miles per hour with gusts even faster. varied winds in this area. the sun just starting to come up. background. low tide right now. but later on today at about astronomically high tide. there could be some flooding. however, we do not any those tides will be high enough to damage any sea walls. put that altogether. threat. we'll monitor conditions on the cape all morning long. live in sandwich, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: it's not just the cape in the line of fire today. randy: danielle vollmar is breaking down the concerns up and down the coast. danielle: coastal flood advisories and warning in effect. all the light greens and deeper greens, we're watching that high tide coming at 11:00 a.m. this morning. up north it's a coastal flood advisory. just looking for minor splashover during high tide. but as we go farther to the south where frank is at in sandwich, they're under coastal
6:32 am
expecting moderate flooding. that could lead to road closures as well as some flooded basements. remember, that high tide is astronomically high at this point. i do want to talk about that wind that is piling up the water. it is sustained anywhere from 20 to 30-plus miles an hour. that's going to be the case throughout the entire day. those gusts are up to 50 to 60 miles an hour by the coastline. in fact, getting reports in this just in from millis that a tree was actually pulled down on to a car. again already causing some tree limbs to come down. expecting power outages too later today. and as that snow continues to commute. for more on that here's olessa stepanova. olessa: speaking of those downed tree limbs secondary roadways they do have some of that going on already this morning. as far as the major roads we're doing fine here at the pike by allston/brighton eastbound move to go the top of the screen. let's go to the maps and see what else is going on. so far we're in good shape south of town. no problems on the expressway. boston. you're looking good on the pike this morning.
6:33 am
and 93 southbound looking good from methuen down through wilmington to 128 and spot pond and then you're in good shape all the way down to the leverett connector. trains and buses also starting the morning on schedule. for a closer look at the roads, kelley tuthill is live for us there. how is it looking where you are? kelley: good morning, olessa. we're in south boston as you look towards broadway here. you can see it's been pretreated. the crews out early this morning getting those roadways ready. the same story on mass highways. the icers and the the salters trying to keep the road clear. the governor thinks the storm will create bad driving conditions. he's asking people to avoid driving if at all possible. live in south boston, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily, to you. and we have you covered all day including extended weather cut-ins during "good morning hour, and a special edition of newscenter 5 starting at 4:00 p.m.
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wcvb mobile news update to watch us on the goor if your power goes out. other stories we're following right now. the entire republican field is fanning out around new hampshire in the final full day of campaigning. all of the g.o.p. candidates making stops all over the granite state today. randy: democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders also making a final sprint before the voting begins tomorrow. bill and chelsea clinton will also be on the campaign trail in new hampshire today. emily: and they're probably still partying right now in denver. peyton manning and the broncos are the new super bowl champs. linebacker von miller was the m.v.p. thanks to the relentless pressure he put on the panthers' cam newton. still ahead this morning, lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. randy: three tricks to help you burn more calories. and an explosion causes panic-- then anger. the reason why some london residents were so annoyed. emily: cindy and danielle say this morning's storm will stick with us through the late afternoon and bring intermittent
6:35 am
olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside at the expressway. here it is near morrisey boulevard. northbound side moving away. just a few brake lights out there. 20 minutes braintree to boston. so far, so far the roads are in good condition but, cindy, that situation will be changing. cindy: yeah. we've got the snow right now down on cape cod. 30 degrees in boston. not snowing yet. look at the winds. sustained near 30 miles per hour. that snow isen route. you can see it is is just slowly creeping up here from the cape toward the greater boston area. conditions will deteriorate rapidly after 8:00 this morning. snow, wind in the forecast today with that blizzard warning south of boston. and still additional light snow and flurries here through the middle of the week before the coldest air of the entire winter moves in for the weekend. emily. emily: cindy, thank you. your health this morning. when it comes to burning fat, metabolism is half the battle. but there are some healthy tricks to try to speed it up and
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like don't go too low cal. if you suddenly cut 1,000 calories out of your diet, your metabolic rate will automatically slow down because your body thinks you're starving. but do pile on the protein. research shows that can boost your metabolism and burn an extra 150 to 200 calories a day. and finally, go for the good carbs. just make sure they're high fiber like veggies and whole grains. they have less of an impact on insulin levels. randy: we're live on the cape and the roads this morning as the snow and wind move in. the latest conditions and the steps in place to keep homes from losing power. and looking ahead to tuesday, download the wcvb app now for complete new hampshire primary results including live streaming coverage and results as they come in. it's available now in your app
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randy: good morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go, following the winter storm across the state. emily: we're live along cape cod, in boston, and brockton. but first cindy is tracking the timeline on the storm and who sees the worst of it. it really is for a lot of us some are going to get hit hard. cindy: we are. we're dealing with strong winds at the coastline. danielle vollmar will tell us more about that. the winds are gusting over 40 miles per hour out there. immediately out the door this morning even if it's not snowing yet where you are, you're feeling those wind chills and
6:38 am
notice these are sustained winds over the next 12 hours. they're going to be up over 20 miles per hour all day long. pretty incredible considering our storm is still a good distance away from us. in fact, it is close to 500 miles away. already we're feeling the winds. we're starting to see those outer snow bands move on in. blizzard warning up until 7:00 tonight here. plymouth county, the cape, the islands. wind gusts 65 miles per hour. combined with the heavy, wet snow near whiteout conditions. elsewhere tindz not as strong storm warnings with the heavy snow. that's the difference between friday's storm and this one. there's a lot more wind this go-round. the visibility is is down under a mile. hyannis a mile-and-a-half on nantucket. that's where we have the snow right now. these bands of snow are intense but they're moving very slowly. you can see how it's creeping slowly toward the boston area. so for the next couple of hours, we're okay but after 8:00 this morning, conditions really deteriorate rapidly. you can see by late morning 11:00 a.m. it's not just snowing. some of these bands right here
6:39 am
rate of maybe an inch or more per hour. roads are going to become snow covered. very slippery quickly. the visibility is going to be reduced as well. from late morning right through the evening commute, you can see this is 2:00 this afternoon. still some of those heavier snow bands through 5:00 p.m. the snow is going to be with us. so big impacts here for the evening commute. and 10:00 or 11:00 tonight the intensity of the snow has come down quite a bit but the snow doesn't really taper off until after midnight so that's why we're talking about a widespread 6- to 10-inch snowfall across most of the area. less once you get west of the worcester yeah up into southern new hampshire but those ocean-effect bands, cape ann down through plymouth county into the upper cape, that is where we could see locally more than 10 inches of snow. so it's the snow and the winds. that's the big concern s with this one, danielle. danielle: that's right, cindy. those winds are gusting, as you said, upwards of 50 to low to 60 miles an hour this morning. that's going to continue pretty much all day long through the afternoon. youyou can see these wind gusts upwards of 57 miles an hour on
6:40 am
that has taken down some tree limbs across spots. there's also going to be potential for power outages earlier today because we could have heavy, wet snow to start in southeastern mass. but temperatures will drop dramatically through the afternoon. and then everybody sees a powder, light, fluffy snow because it will be in the 20's. as cindy mentioned those wind chills in the single digits by the end of the day. also watch those coastal conditions. we are watching a high tide at 11:00 a.m. you notice that deeper green down there on the south shore and the cape. that is a coastal flood warning. expecting pockets of moderate flooding for those folks. two hours before, two hours after. we're going to watch that coastline very carefully for you as tides are astronomically high. for more on the extended forecast here's cindy. cindy: the snow will taper off gradually overnight. we're not done. this is likely going to be the snowiest week we've had so far this entire winter. tomorrow morning, the steady snow is to our north. but winds come inning off the ocean. a lot of clouds. scattered snow showers favoring the coastline.
6:41 am
not expecting much accumulation with them on tuesday but they still will be flying in the air. on wednesday another system that is very ak tifl pattern cutting by to our south interacting with upper-level energy off to the west. this will likely produce additional light snow, steadiest south of boston. there could be some minor accumulation on wednesday. but today certainly the snowiest day of the week. the snow showers an arctic front on thursday. look at that bringing the coldest air of the entire winter season here by the weekend. high temperatures only in the teens despite sunshine and low temperatures near or below zero by sunday morning. all right. let's get you back out to the roads right now. olessa stepanova, we're waiting for the snow. olessa: we're doing okay. a live look at route 1 in saugus. no problems in both directions. as you head into town we are watching one issue here accident eastbound on the pike just clearing by the pru. and north of that accident scene you're in good shape on 93 south and out of methuen all the way down to 128. the pike is is only about 15 minutes 495 to 1278. we don't have a lot of volume
6:42 am
and also no accidents to report. that's good news. as you travel 95, 24, route 3, you're good to go. and the expressway is about 20 braintree to boston. so far the trains and the buses are also running on schedule. randy: thank you. you, the coast is expected to get hit hard during this storm. emily: the eye's frank holland is live in sandwich with the conditions there right now. frank? frank: the snow is falling loitly but the winds are blowing hard. look at these trees behind me. they really show you how intense things are. these winds are blowing at 40 miles per hour. they're gusting even faster. back here it's low tide right now. not much to see back here but high tide is coming up in about four hours. we're expecting some coastal flooding in this area. however, high tide is not expected to be so high that it will threaten sea walls. now back to the snow that you see whipping by. just a few flakes right now. this is nothing compared to the wet, heavy snow that we're expecting later on today. and of course we'll keep a close eye on conditions and bring you the latest on air, online, and on our mobile app.
6:43 am
holland, wcvb newscenter 5. kelley: good morning from boston's beautiful north end. we're driving down andover street which you can see has been pretreated ahead of this storm. so has just about every other street in the city of boston. the same thing on boston's highways and throughout massachusetts. mass-dot having those crews out early de-icing and salting the roadways. however, governor baker has tweeted that he believes this storm is is going to createous driving conditions. he's urging people to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary. live in boston's north end, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: well, no snow here in brockton, but the wind has kicked up. and sanding and salting beginning already in here in falmouth. this is only part of the story. schools are closed for today. there's an effort to keep the lights on for residents. electric crews from as far away as canada helping to restore power lost in the last storm, they've been told to stay put just in case they're needed again.
6:44 am
he's issued a snow emergency for brockton. that started at 5:00 a.m. a command center to keep an eye on the storm is expected to open at 8:00 a.m. because of that snow emergency here in town, there is no parking on city streets. we're live in brockton, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: right now non-emergency state workers are being told to stay home in several counties. executive branch employees who live or work in barnstable, bristol, dukes, essex, middlesex, nantucket, norfolk, plymouth, and suffolk counties should not report to work. state offices in those counties will be closed today. the governor is up and running today. he's on the phone with us. emily: bright and early. good morning, governor baker, thanks for being with us. you just tweeted you want people to stay home today. governor: there are so many school cancellations that in some respects i think a lot of people are going to have to manage the logistics of that. to the extent that folks can
6:45 am
live sort of south of the turnpike and east of worcester, given the blizzard conditions that they're going to be dealing with, heavy, heavy snow for the next four or five hours and in many cases winds that will get north of 50-60 miles an hour, we just like to be able to have as much clearing on the roads as we possibly can so that we can get out there and do the stuff we need to do to make sure that the roads are cleared for those who really need to get through. randy: governor, any potential problems along the coast? governor: we have a bunch of foacts who are doing what i would describe as watchful waiting. in addition to that, we've got a bunch of folks-- d.c.r. has closed down virtually all of its coastal roadways. there are parking bans in place along all those. we have extra troopers out patrolling the roads especially those along the shore and on some of the major freeways. and we've got about 900 pieces of equipment out at this point in time.
6:46 am
the south shore and along the coast. emily: governor baker, thank you for your time this morning. we know you'll be keeping a close eye on this. so will we. stay with newscenter 5 for storm coverage all day. governor: take care. erika: in new hampshire a packed campaign trail with nearly 40 events planned on this day before the primary. for the democrats, bernie sanders leads but hillary clinton is inching up. sanders: we need a political revolution. bill clinton: for her this is not about grand theories of revolution. this is about whether we can improve people's lives. erika: bill clinton stumping for his wife as she spent the day in michigan, speaking out against the water crisis in flint. the republicans are building on the momentum of saturday's debate with the exception of marco rubio who's trying to rebound from searing critiques of being overly scripted. donald trump holds a double-digit lead so right now tomorrow seems to be a four-way battle for second between rubio,
6:47 am
bush. emily: an easton man injured in a deadly crane collapse in new york city is now out of the hospital. the 73-year-old was one of three people hurt when the crane came down on friday. a funeral was held yesterday for harvard grad david wichs who was crushed by the crane. new york's mayor is now putting new safety requirements in place. fines will be doubled if crews fail to safeguard equipment. randy: anger over this movie stunt explosion in london. the blast on an iconic double-decker bus so realistic, many thought the worst. the stunt on a quiet sunday morning was for a new jackie chan film. the production team did send out a flyer warning the public. but many say the city should have given an additional heads-up. cam newton: they just played better than us. i don't know what else to say. emily: panthers quarterback cam newton walking out of a press conference after the game. he appeared very upset after the loss to the broncos.
6:48 am
game to deal with denver's tough defense. randy: on the roads, easy so far. olessa: so far we're in good shape. a live look outside. there's the zakim bridge behind me. you can see traffic getting by without any problems. the good news. looks like everyone is heeding the warnings and staying off the roads today and avoiding any potential problems which we will encounter later on. if you're traveling in boston this morning, good to go. accident cleared on the pike. at the pru eastboundate 93 south looks good as well all the way out of the methuen down to the leverett connector. about a 15-minute ride 495 to 128. and then as you make your way south you're good to go as well. expressway trips only about 15 to 20 minutes braintree to boston. and the trains and buses are also doing okay but cindy all of that is going to change. cindy: it sure is. look at these temperatures. you can see 20's over the interior. near the freezing mark at the coast. 30 in boston right now. when the snow comes in, it will be a lot more of a fluffier snow than what we dealt with on friday. however, look at the wind gusts. over 40 miles an hour near the
6:49 am
wind chills will be falling throughout the day. they're in the teens right now dropping into the single digits here by early this afternoon. and that snow beginning to creep off cape right now. getting reports that it is just start to go snow in the plymouth area. after 8:00 this morning, conditions deteriorate rapidly around the boston area and then look how that snow spreads north into southern new hampshire by lunchtime. bands of heavy snow. ocean-enhanced here. cape ann especially areas south of boston. the snow is with us into the evening commute. once we get past 5:00 or 6:00 the intensity wanes a little bit but the snow does not taper off unl we get into the overnight hours. that's why we're talking about a widespread six- to ten ten-inch snowfall across the area. there you see the ocean enhanced bands. cape ann down through parts of plymouth county. this is where we have the blizzard warning in effect right through the cape and the islands for the intense bands of snow and those wind gusts potentially to 65 miles per hour. it's not just the snow this go-round. it's the wind.
6:50 am
through midweek before we dry out but turn very cold, the coldest air of the entire season on the way by next weekend. so far winter had been going pretty good. olessa: and here we are. cindy: the snowiest week of the winter season and the coldest air too. emily: we knew it was bound to happen eventually. thank you so much.
6:51 am
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