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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. erika: we begin at noon with coastal concerns. you' re looking at live pictures from sandwich, a blizzard warning is in effect for much of the south shore, cape and islands. emily: now to marshfield, looks at these pictures. high tide has just passed, and the water is splashing over, causing some street flooding. erika: and this video just in to us from boston. the city expecting six to 10 inches of snow. emily: we' ve got live team
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brockton and marshfield. plus, olessa is watching the the roads for you. erika: but first a live look at the radar right now. cindy and danielle are both tracking the storm. >> where we' ve seen the snow pickup first, this is wrapped up out of the ocean. it' s a large storm, the center of it is still 400 miles away from us. it is a powerful storm, and it' s not like friday in the sense that we are just talking about the heavy snow. cindy: strong wind, coastal flooding concerns, and potential for some additional power outages. one thing we have going for us today, even though the wind is strong -- temperatures are much colder than they were on friday. we are running in the teens and 20' s, for the nature of the snow, much more powdery and fluffier than the heavy, wet, pasty snow we had on friday.
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this bright blue color, this band on 495, we have another one on the cape. this banding has been happening this morning, we had a persistent band over the d, that was able to produce more than six inches of snow. all areas coming in with six inches of snow, sandwich up to 5.5 inches. in new bedford, three inches of snow. north and west of there, areas purporting one inches to three inches of snow on the ground right now. the radar continues to fill in the from the north, and as these dark blue colors, within these bands, that' s where the snow comes in with a higher intensity. it tends to pilot a little more. notice what happened zero in the next hour or so, we continue to see the bands. snowfall rates one edge to edge is an hour, snow-covered and slippery roads, reduced visibility. visibility across a good portion of the state is way down. particularly along the coast line.
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steady snowfall after we get past the evening commute, the intensity of the snow tapers a bit. it doesn' t start to push out until after midnight. that is why we are focusing -- forecasting six inches to 10 inches of fluffy snowfall. the bands being enhanced from the ocean moisture, there could be some localized fog over that 10 inch mark. we continue with the blizzard warnings. down to the cape through 7:00 p.m. over 50 mile an hour wind in nantucket, there could be wind coast is taking a beating right now. coast. -- emily: the biggest concerns, at the coast. erika: stormteam 5 meteorlogist a.j. burnett is live in marshfield, a.j. the problems are already starting. a.j.: we have all sorts of problems going on. the coastal flooding aspect, of
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on its way out, but is not going to happen for a while. we have a vicious wind that continue shoving the water right up the coast line. we are going to keep the camera steady, i' m going to step out of the way and keep the camera shot as is. we have a viewfinder problem with the camera earlier. that' s thanks to the storm. you can get engaged for how -- you can get a gauge of how the ocean is right now. a concern for that one as well. the tide will not have a chance to head back out to sea. s now the snow coming down pretty heavy at times. are visibility has gone down while. i' m taking some spray to my back. we are actually going to the safer spot. i will tell you that the snow has been bringing visibility down. we have repeated wind gusts over
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i' m not going to give away how much i weigh, but i will tell you i' m having a hard time standing out here. we will have more updates this hour. back to you. erika: we take you charlie baker speaking about the storm. >> after an 11:00 call, we decided to close the offices, in nine counties most impacted by the storm, asking that nonemergency employees that live or work in these areas norfolk, suffolk, plymouth, and nantucket not report to work today. that was due primarily to our desire to try and the roads as open as possible for a lot of the folks associated with the highway departments would have the opportunity to do their work , and to do it completely throughout the day. i' ve been in the state and 6:00 a.m.
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local officials to monitor the storm. the snow is falling a little later than originally forecasted, but if the storm is expected to have the same impact. it will be slow and steady and all day, and many parts of massachusetts will probably midnight. last until 1:00 this afternoon. s going to keep snowing and accumulating until massachusetts. so far, the car models we have show the heavy circulation is expected to be -- heaviest jubilation is forecast to be across mass. if you are south of the turnpike and east of worcester, you probably are going to get between eight inches and 15 inches, depending on how close
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plymouth county, at this point, appears to be what i would describe as the big winner in the storm, most likely to get somewhere between 12 inches and 18 inches. six inches to 10 inches possible across western massachusetts and parts of rhode island. four inches to eight inches are expected extended across northeast connecticut and central mass. wind speeds will marry -- will vary, but it is bristol, / and plymouth that will see wind in 60 about our range, but there gusts around massachusetts. the mast dot currently has over 1900 pieces of equipment and nearly 550 employees doing cleanup on the roads. almost half of this is currently
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road conditions are deteriorating quickly in the southeastern part of the state. especially in plymouth, plymouth county, and on the cape and on the islands. traffic volume has so far been light. visibility is reported to be poor in many areas, with strong wind, downed wires are possible. the heaviest snowfall in many parts of massachusetts is yet to come. due to the worsening weather conditions, this speed limit has been lowered to 40 miles an hour for moore and westborough. from -- westborough. we appreciate the public is staying off the road. we appreciate if you continue to do that through the rest of the must travel. this is not only a public safety issue, but will allow road crews quickly. the forecast is set to bring
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temperatures once it finishes snowing, which will cause freezing and icing overnight. if you were able to get out of trouble during the day, please do your part by clearing driveways, sidewalks, and fire hydrants in your neighborhood, and if you can, help elderly around you. the national weather service has advised us that strong wind will likely result in widespread moderate coastal flooding along the east coast, south of boston , late this morning. to the north of boston, coastal flooding should be minor. we just passed the 11:00 a.m. high tide, and we continue to through the day. we expect high wind to result in with scattered power outages likely, especially in southeastern mass and around the strong wind and heavy wet snow. think there
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very close attention to this. as the snow gets lighter and fluffier to the northwest, travel will still be dangerous due to the whiteout conditions. the any tam commuter rail' s reported no incidents, the commuter rail is activated snow fighters to clear the tracks as the snow comes down. writers are encouraged -- riders are encouraged to check the website. flights canceled has more to do with the wind than the snow, folks should call the airlines ahead for scheduled flight of the day goes on. they have reported some power outages, and will continue to remain in constant contact with utility companies to ensure that we are doing everything we can to return power to working entities as quickly as possible. we remain in contact with our citizens and musicality is to
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i do know that they would tie governor has talked to about 15 or 20 local officials this morning. obviously, the secretary has been here being badgered by questions and observations and really bad advice from both the county governor and me for most of the morning. with that said, i' m happy to take questions. >> what should commuters expect? erika: governor baker saying stay off the roads, the any ta are only going to worsen throughout the afternoon. emily: reporters are fanned out across the state, we are out because you have to be. s he' s live in sandwich with a check of the conditions there. frank: experiencing bless the -- of wet heavy snow.
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s difficult conditions were walking, or even driving. high tide, you can see the ocean churning, a very serious condition here, with a triple brought this down to a standstill. downtown sandwich shut down, shops and restaurants closed. barely any cars on the roads. >> i think you have to be careful. frank: worried about the road conditions, pam miller decided t that bad. but there is another part t s the it' s the wind, i don' t mind the cold. they are the gusts, if you like your freezing, you have all of these layers on. digging out. but we did find a few at stores stocking up. m going home and m going to stay in. frank: william gill says he' taking his time behind the wheel
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hopefully it' s not going to be as bad as they say. same but still salting the roads still, it' imagine having to spend the day driving and working in the storm. >> it slows you down a little bit. >> the snow makes it a little be more careful. cindy: -- a.j.: --frank: very blustery, it a lot of wet heavy snow we were expecting in addition to icy conditions, i almost lost my step there from the wind. we spoke to cruise earlier today, they say they are doing a good job keeping up with the snow now, but they also have 26 private plows laquon collins action is conditioned on the roads get to bed. live in sandwich, frank holland,
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cindy: this is worcester, you can see snow-covered and the snow will continue for hours. we' ll be back after a quick
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i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t to look for america v to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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cindy: good afternoon. the storm is starting to have an impact on roads. this is route one, the good news -- not too many cars on the road. we are watching a couple of issues popping up. go to the map. keep in mind, the restriction for speed on the pike, 30% of flights have been canceled a logan, so call ahead and check with your carriers. south of town, a few problems on the wrist breast way. freeport street umass. a couple of accidents come expressway north at furnace brook and expressway northbound, a 20 minute trip to boston. the pike doesn' t look too bad, a westbound crashed by the clearing. still stop and go down to the connector. the good news with the trains, those are operating on schedule.
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the heavy wind is raising concerns about power outages. emily: newscenter 5' s doug meehan is live in brockton with the plans to keep the lights on. doug: blowing snow, heavy gusty wind. city officials are meeting at the emergency operation center as we speak. they are watching the storm, it something that we have been keeping an eye on since the very early hours when the city went into a snow emergency at 5:00 a.m. even before the storm, or sun for that matter, made it' s presence in brockton, dpw workers were already prepping for what was to come. >> nice to get an early jump on the storm. >> we have to pretreat the streets. doug: by midmorning the attack of salt and sand continued on city roads. >> we' re worried about power outages. doug: at the city' s emergency operation center brockton mayor bill carpenter assessed their preparedness as the second storm in less than a week blanketed
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>> we know we can remove the snow. we' ve got the equipment to do that. but if those tree branches start coming down again we will experience outages. doug: the mayor says national grid simply didn' t have enough crews in place for the first go' round, but that has changed this time. >> if there' s any benefit to the timing of the two storms, all the additional help national grid brought in so far for the weekend they kept them here for us. they do have quite a bit of resources staged in the area this time around. doug: it' s the heavy wind. t be able to raise those buckets if hour. that could hamper getting a logical power back on to people that may lose it. the snow operation continues their best to stay ahead of the storm. ,
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newscenter 5. erika: the wind is intense, he needs the gear. emily: it is blowing sideways and getting colder. cindy: that' s a big difference from the snow we had on friday. it' s 18 degrees right now in boston, about 3:00 or 4:00 this morning, it was above freezing. temperatures have been dropping, the wind is picking up, and the blizzard warning continues. area south of boston till 7:00 kate it' s that combination of strong wind blowing around the heavy, wet snow. reduce visibility across the area. we are running at about .25 miles beverly down to plymouth, hyannis, nantucket, into the worcester area. now. when you have that visibility at
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that' s blizzard criteria which will likely be met south of boston. the strongest wind in the heaviest snow south of boston, but a winter storm warning in areas shaded in pink is for tomorrow morning. this storm has allow left to go. you can see it spinning, a very large storm off our coast line. it started off this morning a good 500 miles from us, it' s now about 400 miles from boston. as the center of the storm. typically when the storm is this far away, it doesn' t have such an impact on southern new england. this storm is so large, the outer band of both the snow and also the very strong wind has been reaching out into southern new england. you can see the gusts over 50 miles per hour on nantucket, up and down the coast as you have seen, the wind is whipping around. we are getting wind gusts over to 20 to 30 miles an hour in the interior. feels like single digits right now, if you' re thinking to go clean up snow, you' re going to have to bundle up here in windshields hold in the single digits to around 10 degrees
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temperatures themselves -- teens and 20' s. closer to freezing, plymouth out to the cape. in this area, the snow is heavier and wetter, but elsewhere it' s been a fluffy snow and has been piling up. looking at the radar, you can see these bands, pivoting on 495. we' ve additional bands south of boston, another one situated on the outer cape. this is the nature of what' s happening through the afternoon, these bands continue to set up and select up to around the storm off to the north and west. we had a persistent band on the upper cape, produced over six inches of snow and west falmouth, sandwich, 5.5, new bedford along the south coast. the a look at future cast, looking into the afternoon, the snow keeps going. the intense bands will be with us through five got this afternoon. if you get under one of these
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inch of snow in just the area slippery road as well. attempt to go out, it' coast line. through 11:00 tonight, seal dealing with steady snow, although the intensity starts to let up. it will be after midnight until we slowly start to push the snow out of the area. we are talking about widespread six inches to 10 inches of snow across a portion of the area. less as you get north of the worcester area, that more with these bands through plymouth county into the p. where the snow is later. let' s talk about the wind component and the concerns along the coastline with danielle. danielle: the wind has been continues. we just had a peak wind gust and nantucket of 64 miles an hour. afternoon. 61 mile an hour wind was the same in scituate, in the
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the wind has taken down some tree branches in the military as well as in middleborough. it also could lead to power outages, although the good thing heavy, wet snow. it is light and fluffy. those temperatures are dropping. the coastline. up and down, lit up in light green and darker green. we are looking for the potential for coastal flooding, been seeing it, especially in the north shore area into boston. and down along the south shore shore of the coastal flood warning, the high tide just happened at 11:00, but still two hours after a, we have to be concerned with the potential for flooding. we have been seeing it , i just highlighted in marshfield, the esplanade area is frozen over and closed. in nantucket, washington street is also closed. after the northern ethics, main street was also closed due to flooding. that is the latest on the
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cindy: it could set up of being one of the snowiest winter seasons. as the storm wraps up, we have flurries tomorrow, 55 tomorrow morning, there goes the steady still a lot of clouds. more of a persistent north, northeasterly wind tomorrow could keep scattered ocean effect snow showers going into the coastline especially through the day on tuesday. we are also watching wednesday for the pattern right now, with a lot of energy swirling nearby. it may spawn an additional storm that will cut to the south on wednesday. it may come close enough to bring steadier, light snow to first half of wednesday. the amounts look like there could be additional accumulation of light snow on wednesday. before the storm kicks out. we watch an arctic front coming happens to the temperatures by the weekend. highs saturday and sunday only sunshine and morning were temperatures by sunday morning
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the coldest air of the entire window on the way -- the entire winter on the way by the weekend. erika: a live look once again in brockton, you can see crews are working to stay ahead of the snow as it continues to fall. we are back after a quick break. t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. erika: -- emily: live pictures, from sandwich, where the wind is coming up. we check back with him in a little bit. taking a live look at the radar right now. the snow is ramping up and will continue that way for most of the day. emily: roads of been quiet. olessa: we had a couple of spinouts, a speaker station on the pike, 40 mile an hour, and
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