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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> this video herehere flooding was a big problem. similar problems reported along the coastal communities. phil: and let's look at the radar. some of us are still getting snow even as we speak. good evening, everyone. jc: stormteam 5 has been tracking the storm in the weather sen tar. let's get -- weather center. >> yc -- jc and phil, the heaviest snow amounts were closest to the storm. that's when they got the biggest amount of snow. they were almost nine inches. brewster eight and sandwich is five and a half inches of snow. it is still snowing through qowt the entire -- throughout the entire area. in someplaces it is pretty light and only very slowly accumulating. in other places it is more significant and steadier and it is accumulating at a slightly greater rate.
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cold. it is helping cape anne and the south shore to get localized snow enhancement. that's why you are seeing the deeper purple colors. this time. that's happening. i do want to point out if you are around gloucester and the cape anne area you say hey you talk about the cape all the time. you are only talking about cape cod. we love you and we know you are getting steady snow. down on the south shore it is inland on the south shore. like pembrook where it is snowing significantly. hanover as well. all the way down to middle burrow around route 18. and 495. carver. the cape is snowing lighter. although there is steadier snow around the canal at this time. so we take you out in time and for most of us this is going to be slow accumulating snow.
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mix as we go through the course of the evening. it is all the way to midnight. and then we will see the steady snow lift. most of us are done and a few flakes in the air. except cape anne and the south shore and plymouth county where there could still be ocean affect snow going on. because of that it is cape anne and the south shore and particularly near the water where there could be as much as eight to 12 inches and there could be a couple towns higher than that with the localized ocean affect snow. the boston area east of 495 and especially 128 anywhere from 5 to 9 inches is what i expect. it is a light, dry, fluffy snow because it is very cold now, around 20 degrees. look at the peak wind gusts that occurred. speaking of wind, let's see what that is doing now and how the tides were and going to be. >> that wind has been ferocious. a lot of people talk about how strong it has been.
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let's show some of the gusts. it is very breezy all the way up to plymouth where a wind gust is just in the last hour. they were very ferocious. the wind is going to slowly die off but it is still a breezy night that we will be dealing with. >> i want to thank everyone for coming in today. a year ago today we were between two of the worst blizzards in boston's history and adding to what has amounted to be an incredible winter. we are able to say nothing is as bad as that. but we will take our weather seriously. that's why we increased our snow budget 22% or $4 million over last year. last year we spent $7 million
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we have to be ready for whatever comes down the road. the national weather service is maintaining a winter storm warning for the city of boston through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is a major atlantic storm and we are lucky. there are bands of snow that have come through the city. the snow is expected to taper off some time around midnight. the storm did not call for a parking ban, but the department of public works has been busy with as many as 500 vehicles clearing and treating the roads. they did a good job here pretreating the roads this morning for the commute in. we also want to make sure that the conditions that we have have held up all day and we are able to stay on top of the storm. currently our focus on maintaining the state road conditions, we ask people to stay off the roads as much as possible so our crews can get work done. we are confident that the boston public schools will be
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we have boston public school contracts. the custodians are clearing the entrances around the school. the bus contractors are working overnight for the morning ride and they will be operating on a normal schedule. boston center for youth and families opened their doors this morning from 7:30 to 6:00 p.m. this evening. that's for kids 7 years old and older. 800 families made use of these facilities and we are on pace to beat that number today. the bo is sten public library system closed as of 5:00 today, but libraries will re-open for normal business hours. we do have on going safety concerns and we would like people to be aware. the high winds resulted in a number of fall entries and tree limbs and we know how dangerous that can be particularly in some of the surrounding towns of boston. there were two tragedies over the weekend and we want people to be careful when you are out clearing your yard.
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clearing the public spaces. ever source has responded to sporadic power outages. housing and building experts are on hand to answer any weather-related questions that may come about. and the city of boston's emergency management office is making sure we are all on the same page. 3-1-1 -- boston 3-1-1 has taken 1400 calls since the storm began. most people looking for information on schools and city information. anyone watching at 3-1-1 that's the new number to connect to city hall. and if you have a smartphone we ask you to download the 3-1-1 app. boston public health commission and out reach teams are checking on the homeless. the emergency shelters are open 24 hours a day. over flow shelters are accessible for a new shelter. i want to thank everyone and their efforts and i want to thank everyone who shoveled the sidewalks and checked on elderly neighbors.
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weather. we ask you to keep in mind the safety of everyone around you. we have cool temperatures this week end. we are monitoring the before i get asked the question of the use of space savers, we are not having space savers for the city of boston. if you put a space saver out and take it. if you have any concerns about questions about anything we invite the residents to call us at 311 or use boston 311 311. if you have questions on safety or concerns and at this questions. >> [inaudible]. phil: that is mayor walsh conference. just briefing everybody on how the city fared, the big news coming out of the briefing is that boston public schools will in fact be open
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i know there are kids at home watching, ew! but you had the day today. jc: yes, get the homework done. phil: many communities across the state have seen several inches of snow. you have seen them with the snow totals. jc: our team coverage starts with newscenter 5's jack harper. he is live where flooding is an issue. jack? reporter: we are, jc, and there is a little lull in the action here as far as the snow is concerned. we have had heavy bands throughout the day, but it let up in the last few minutes or so. what a show we had around noon. when we go back and look at the high tide over the sea walls as much as two hours before the actual high tide. the water was coming over where they usually have this sort of thing happen. it was pretty powerful today because you had all of the rock blowing around as is normally the case. they have receded since and they got the streets back open.
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though things have held together pretty well. >> it is normal for the high tide. you have to expect it. it could be worse. we got lucky this year so far. reporter: i want to show you the big difference between this storm and the others. look at the wires. yes they are bouncing around and yes we had a lot of wind, but last week -- or friday, whenever it was, they looked like fire hoses. that's the difference. none of the snow has stuck to them. there has not been any of the terrible outages. sporadic stuff. nothing like what we had with the heavy, wet snow. we caught a break there. jack harper, back to you. jo cjc thank you -- jc: thank you, jack. nicole is live and what is it like there? it looks snowy and windy. reporter: it looks like the wind are really, really
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we get a lull once in awhile and you think it is over, and then they pick up again. officials were prepared for flooding. they closed down the roads. they are the areas that usually flood. if you look at some video of the high tide that was at 11:00 a.m. and that was a really big concern. it wasn't as bad as in storms past. if you take a look there are a couple of streets with minor flooding. they fare well. if you come back live i can show you the power lines simply whipping around here. that's what people are keeping a close eye on. crews are monitoring this area and throughout the day they will continue to do so. we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as we have them. wcvb newscenter 5. phil: thank you, nicole.
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hit areas and todd kazakiewich is live tonight in sanwich. reporter: you can see behind me and the water is churned up. one of the big concerns was strong winds and coastal flooding caused by the as straw astronomical high tide. they said there was minor flooding in a few locations. the tide is out and flooding is less of a concern. that brings another threat for example dangerous conditions that could bring down power lines. sanwich like other towns have people and equipment in kilo locations. they are stand -- in key locations. they are standing by in case people need help. >> we are waiting around for any downed branches in town.
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the road. reporter: thankfully they are ready to go. there are 900 customers here and ever source says there are only four customers in the dark. most people are riding out the storm at home with the power on. reporting live in sanwich, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: same on the roads, todd. it is slippery all across the state. alyssa is looking at what would be trouble spots, but light traffic is good. >> very light traffic. a lot of folks are heeding the warning. we are not seeing what we normally see. visibility is not the greatest and it is still slick in spots. the main roads look okay. let's get to the maps now. both sides of the pike and then also logan had about 30% of their flights canceled. you still want to call ahead and check with your carriers.
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495 northbound. as far as your travel times much better than usual. only up to 15 minutes. same story 10 minutes boston and braintree and then south of town accident just cleared. the pike doesn't look too bad at this point either. back to you guys. phil: and we want to remind you that you can take the latest forecast and closings with you wherever you go. all you need to do is download the mobile app for iphone and android. jc: commitment 2016 and the final day ahead in the nation's primary. ?iews center 5 has -- newscenter 5 has you covered. let's go to reid lamberty who is live. reid? reporter: excitement going on right now at pin -- pinkerton academy. they are providing a backdrop to the vermont senator when he does speak. there are many here who think it is a fore gone conclusion
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strong front runner here in new hampshire will in fact walk away with the primary victory. sanders held several rallies ahead of tomorrow's vote. that includes the one here that will happen in less than 30 minutes. there are some polls that are closing the gap in new hampshire. keep in mind that gap has a double-digit lead for the vermont senator. we overheard at a town hall that sanders himself said he does not necessarily follow the polls or the numbers. and he believes that tomorrow's primary will be closer than polls suggest. earlier today he did tout his come from behind status. >> in iowa, we started off 40, 50 points behind and we ended up a virtual tie. in new hampshire we started 30 points behind and i think we are going to do just fine
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reporter: one of the unknowns are the undecided. a third of the voters still don't know for whom they will vote. maybe that's why they are zigzagging the state trying to woo those last-minute voters. live in new hampshire, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: hillary clinton is back after spending a few days in flint, michigan. former president bill clinton and their daughter chelsea worked the restaurant crowd in manchester. the former secretary of state has a rally planned in hudson. you will hear more from her one on one interview with janet wu coming up at 6:00. phil: candidates on the gop side are also pounding the pavement and hoping to sway any undecided voters. john atwater is live in nashua, new hampshire. john? reporter: phil, very busy, full day of campaigning in the state of new hampshire.
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here the nashua community college. he came off a tough debate where he was pounded by the other candidates for his campaign. he maintains a strong finish in iowa. here in new hampshire he and ted cruz are fighting for second place in the polls right now. both have been all over the state in their final full day push. >> people say in the priss were do you say the same thing about obama trying to change america? i will say it a million times. conservatives. evangelicals. we also won among reagan democrats and we won among young people. iowa. new hampshire is a very different state. campaigning continues. marco rubio is due about 6:30.
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5. phil: several town hall-style events and he is being joined by two of his sons as he makes state. trump talked about how his opponents are raising money while he is using his own money. trump continues to hold a strong lead over his republican rivals. >> chris christie was in salem and the republican is holding a town hall there. after that he went to hampsted and he was in manchester. it was another busy day on the trail for john kasich. he -- newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage. our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates covered as the results come in. coverage starts tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. and will take you until midnight. you can get results on the
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mobile app. jc: alarming video from a dash cam video on a highway. phil: why it is important to bow to the plow during the snowstorms and harvey will
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phil: look at this video this. is a reminder out of colorado for all of us. if you drive during a snowstorm remember to bow to the plow. that's a phrase they are using. the video shows the car trying to pass the plow truck. they remind drivers that doing that puts you and the plow drivers and anybody else who is around you at risk. best practice is to be patient and let the plows clear the road. at least if you are behind them you can clear the road. harvey: key word is patience. jc: as for this storm, how is
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you are expecting? harvey: for keeps in cape cod, it is what they expect. some areas are saying are we getting what we are supposed to? it is a slow accumulating snow. phil: i would rather have that reaction. harvey: anyway, we still have the blizzard warning for a couple more hours for the areas hit the hardest over southeastern mass and the cape. they had the largest amount of snow and they had the strongest winds. the rest of us in the boston area it is a winter storm warning. you are getting a few inches of snow there as well but it is not as much wind. we have a heavier band of snow that is working back into boston right now. and so the visibility is down. we get the official measurements out of boston every six hours, the official ones. it was a little over two inches of snow at 6:00.
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inches or something at that point. 21 degrees is the temperature in boston. it is cold. it is a light, dry and fluffy snow. it helps it to pile up. the air is not that moist in boston. there is a limit to how much you can get. it is 19 in worcester. nantucket has picked up a good, good five to eight inches of snow depending on who you speak with down there and the measurement is so hard when you have 65 mile per hour wind gusts. speaking of wind gusts 38 in plymouth and 41 in nantucket. the peak wind gust was 65 and that occurred earlier. with the wind and temperature it feels like single digits in boston and worcester. notice we are going to be snowy right on until midnight and we will get another one to three inches more in boston. that.
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snowflakes . we talked about the big amounts getting off cape. new bedford is 4.5. bridgewater is three and a half. those two are probably going up a little bit because they have been in heavier bands. right along the waters of the south shore and parts of the cape and a couple of bands featuring some decent snow. the lower the visibility, the heavier the snow. the heavy band that worked in, the lowest visibility half mile. three quarters of a mile in orange where are you in a steady band of snow. eastern massachusetts, cape anne area, parts of the south shore and southeastern mass, those are the steady bands here as well as a couple out in the western part of the state. so we kind of zoom in right here and you can see the area around newbury to wilmington and snowing steadily now and boston is involved coming down route 3 as you can see. marshfield to plymouth is one of the favorite areas for the
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and the cape has the heaviest snow that has let up a little bit. but there are a few bands near chathum and nantucket. we will have on average slowly accumulating snow until about midnight or so. after that it will lift to the north and then you will be left with flurries tomorrow morning especially around cape anne and the south shore. these are the amounts of snow to expect by about 7:00 tomorrow morning. check out your location, and you can see the amounts that we are anticipating. next seven days go this way. a couple of small disturbances to come through either daylight or nighttime hours tuesday and wednesday into thursday. we could have a few snow showers and maybe a small addition of accumulation. what you can look to see behind me are the temperatures over the weekend. ferociously cold. the coldest weather of the season on the way. we'll talk more about that at 5:30 and 6:00. phil and jc? jc: thank you.
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missing after an earthquake. there are stories of an incredible rescue caught on camera. jc: the billions of dollars that president obama is calling for tonight.
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phil: seven people with ties to isis have been arrested. this happened in russia. they are accused of plotting terrorist attacks on several people in those cities. the group was organizing attacks using improvised explosives, cities included. the targeted cities, moscow and st. petersburg. jc scr -- jc: this video of a child being rescued after a massive earthquake in taiwan. another woman rescued and her body shielded by the body of her husband. six people were killed by the 6.4 magnitude quake.
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on newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: live pictures from sanwich tonight. a short time ago we could see the water crashing in. now all you can see is a foggy lens and some snow. that really tells the story.
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