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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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maria: keeping a close eye on the ast tonight. ed: high tide minutes away, the damage from today' s winter storm. maria: and the new concerns as we head into the overnight hours. harvey: snow still falling in some places. when it stops and the cold moving in when its over. maria: a leopard on the loose in a school. the wild confrontation caught on camera. ed: newscenter 5 starts in 60 now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, pnwhich is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush.
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>> a winter storm is still taking aim at massachusetts. live in marshfield, high tide is rolling in and a new round of flooding. ocean water is flashing over the wall in mars field. good evening i' m ed harding. maria: hi everybody i' m maria stephanos. several schools are closed again tommorow, or they' re starting late. storm team 5' s harvey leonard is here with what' s happening right now. harvey: it is still snowing in much of the area. the heaviest snows were on cape
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nantucket, west yarmouth , worcester, nine inches of snow. now, a winter storm warning for southeast new hampshire and maine lasting into the morning. otherwise, the advisory for most of the region until about midnight. visibility still restricted. 1-3 miles. light snow is still falling. by 1:00, most of it will be over. south shore, snow showers lingering into the morning commute. in terms of the final amount, boston, 5-9 inches. 8-12 along the south shore. 3-6 farther to the north and west. temperatures in the teens and low 20' s. coordinating utterly tomorrow morning. wind gusting this morning. leftover wave action, coast of advisory until 2:00. maria: let' s get right out to newscenter 5' s mary saladna.
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re in marshfield mary, and it' s flooding there again. reporter: we are about 15 minutes away from high tide. the waves have crashing for at least the past 90 minutes, sending water into the avenue behind us. folks stealing with flooding, wind, and blowing snow. late evenig, and it was still coming down in marshfield. >> you know the drifts are crazy, in my backyard, they' re up to 4 feet high, but just snowblowing now it' s prob 5 inches. >> pretty much here we' re just chasing drifts on the coast. but inland, they' re probably getting buried. reporter: if you were' nt digging out, you we' re drying out, from the high tide earlier today. the storm surge flooded water front streets all over town. >> a lot higher than usual. it was going over the seawall before high tide. >> pretty standard, it gets
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reporter: ferocious winds and white out conditions were a problem most of the day. in brant rock, the plows were moving rocks left behind by the crashing waves. there were occasional fallen wires but overall, outages weren't an issue. the light, windswept snow not weighing down power lines like in the past. reporter: we are approaching high tide. more street flooding going on along the coast in marshfield. me. every time they pound the ball, the ground reverberates with the power of the atlantic slamming against it. folks think that the worst of the storm has passed. ed: mike wankum what' s happening with that coastal flooding? mike: we had a high tide this morning where we saw most of the action.
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over 400 miles offshore, wave action is close to 40 feet. inland, waves offshore 20-30 feet. with that much energy in the ocean, even with the wind shifting, you can see what is happening, the water is coming over the wall and that is what is going on. northern breeze still gusting. tonight, we see the tide which is astronomically a bit lower but because the ocean is so churned out, the surface still to mike and three feet. 16-18 feet offshore. one. tonight, minor flooding with pockets of war. it is an increase from what we thought earlier today. tomorrow, things should be settling down. ed: take the latest storm team 5 forecasts and closings with you wherever go just download the free wcvb mobile app for iphone and android. maria: commitment 2016 tonight, and to nh where the campaigning is done.
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about to have their say. you are looking at dixville notch right now, as you know, that' s where the first votes of the primary will be cast at midnight. most polls open in the rest of the state at 7am. now to the latest wmur poll. it keeps donald trump on top with 31% and it appears there could be a fight be shaping up for second. marco rubio with 17 ted cruz at 14 and john kasich with 10. newscenter 5' s john atwater is live with the rallies in new hampshire tonight. hi john. reporter: it was a big night for donald trump, drawing the biggest crowd tonight but it is really turned vulgar when he talked about one of his rivals. it was a final, offensive explanation point on one of the most unconventional campaigns ever seen here, as donald trump took a cue from a woman in the audience to describe what he thought was ted cruz'
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response to this weekend' s debate question about waterboarding. >> [expletive] reporter: the crowd of thousands cheered on the frontrunner, who despite repeated attacks on other candidates has maintained a double-digit lead. >> we want to get as many delegates as we can. reporter: marco rubio in a race for number two tomorrow arguing , he is the better long-term choice. >> the dems don' t want me. they know i am nominee, we win. another poll comes out and that beats hillary in nh. [applause] reporter: some voters have been overwhelmed by the incessant attacks in the drawn-out race, >> they just want to throw barbs at each other and still at this reporter: late hour, a force t predict, could have a big impact on the outcome. >> there' s so many of them, it' s been hard for me to make up my
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reporter: still so many undecided voters tonight he will make up their mind at the last-minute when the cold the pool tomorrow. ed: bernie sanders is holding onto his big lead over hillary clinton, 61 to 34% among likely democratic voters. newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is live in derry with the final push in that primary tonight. reporter: as many as one third of new hampshire democrats are undecided. both candidates doing their best trying to convince them. on this primary eve,hillary clinton saved her most pointed barb of bernie sanders,responding to his attacks that she accepted money from wall street, senator sanders took about $200,000 from wall street firms, not directly but through the democratic senate campaign committee. hillary lags far behind in the granite state,trying to convince voters she is a leader on income inequality,she also told newscenter 5' s janet wu the sanders camp has demonized her. >> i do think senator sanders
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in some of the mean spirited, hateful rhetoric that unfortunately they' re putting out there. reporter: at a rally in derry tonight,sanders never addressed clinton' s comments,but did make a impassioned speech that greed has hurt the middle class. >> together we' re going to create an economy that works for working families not just the one%. reporter: recurring themes of equal pay,tuition-free public college,higher minimum wage,resonated with this college-aged audience, just months ago,the vermont senator,reminded supporters,he was 30-points behind clinton in new hampshire,he now maintains a double digit lead, the voters in new hampshire understand that this country needs a political revolution. hillary is gaining ground in some polls in closing the gap between her and bernie sanders, a surprise a win for her would be a huge momentum swing but even a second-place finish or a
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be a big boost for her campaign. ed: for the first time, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is confirming reports that he is considering running for president, as a third party candidate. he' s looking at all the options. bloomberg was elected mayor three times, running as a newscenter 5' s reporters and analysts will have the results are they come in tomorrow. our coverage begins tomorrow at 4:30 p.m.. you' ll also find it on the wcvb mobile app. maria: right now, dozens are hurt several critically. after a bus rolls right over on a snowy new england highway. phil lipof is here with the latest on what happened, pretty scary for those people phil. phil: it must have been terrifying it was during the height of the storm the bus was packed with passengers and the rescue effort was enormous. an horrific sight on i-95 near madison today. just after noon a tour bus carrying roughly 70 people from nyc to mohegan sun casino wound
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with blizzard conditions in the area firefighters had to smash through the windshield to reach the victims. >> mass casualty incident. tour bus rollover. reporter: the charter bus rolling over in low visibility on icy i-95 dozens of emergency vehicles covering the northbound side of the highway. some passengers lucky enough to get out on their own but close to 30 others had to be taken to the hospital >> we had a little extricating to do. we had some guardrails that went through the bus. phil: at least 3 critically injured. 95 northbound was shut down between exits 61 and 62 for hours until the bus could be uprighted and hauled away. nothing official from the dhalia bus company yet but our abc affiliate in hartford uncovered dozens of safety violations over the past two years ranging from speeding to following too closely. phil: and today' s crash happened 13 years to the day after another dahlia bus crashed on new jersey' s garden state parkway killing two people and injuring dozens more. so far no official cause of this
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maria: new clues that could reveal who called in bomb threats to local schools. >> the crew sailing into the storm, the damage on board, passengers trapped. >> the end of this new england subzero cold can move in. >> it is 11:12, this is a concern in marshfield, the
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>> you are watching wcvb at 11:00. ed: the rash of emailed bomb threats targeting local schools appears to have originated in russia. methuen high was among several states that received emailed threats. schools in 3 rhode island cities got similar threats last week. police there say the emails have
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petersburg, russia. the emails were generated by automated robo-calling programs. so far, russian authorities are not cooperating with the investigation. maria: a dream vacation turned into a nightmare for thousands of cruise ship passengers. tonight their royal caribbean ship is slowly headed back to new jersey, after getting caught in some pretty rough weather. it was headed to the bahamas when hurricane force winds and giant waves from the same storm system hitting us damaged the ship, passengers were ordered to stay in their cabins for hours, >> when we looked out the window, there were waves that looked like the height of our balcony. we were on the seventh deck. i don' t know how much of that was the waves were us tipped over. maria nobody was seriously hurt. : everybody gets a full refund. new at 11, call this the storm after the storm in boston. ed: the fight for parking spaces after snow. newscenter 5'
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live in east boston. jorge it' s turning neighbor against neighbor? reporter: in boston tonight, no parking ban and definitely no ' space savers' allowed, but as we found, for some, this long standing habit is hard to break. in east boston, on saratoga street, space savers forcing audie molina to double park, the -- >> the people are afraid because if you move that they will come and stab your tires. reporter: only a couple of inches of snow. the streets cleared still some here claiming a parking space without having to do any work. understands? >> yeah yeah, but right now its not the right way to act. >> before i get asked the issue of space savers we are not of boston. making the city' s rule crystal clear. there. some of the snow you can sweep away without shoveling. reporter: even with little snow its passionate issue, a couple
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was shot over a space saver. >> it bothers me cause they are taking two spots.they put two trsh cans out its incredible. reporter: melisa argueta taking matters into her own hands, removing a couple of space savers next to her house. >> i am totally for it, if you shuttle it its yours for 48 hours, but other than that its ridiculous. reporter: but in some of the city' s most congested neighborhoods, the deep seeded practice has its own logic. >> right now. its nothing. you know what i mean. come 4 o'clock in the morning it might be a different story. reporter: the city says, you can report illegal space savers to boston' s 311 by phone or on line. crews from public works will toss them on trash day. if not, sooner. maria: it looks like that all day long.
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snow and ocean spray and it is kind of a nasty scene. as mike pointed out, known as serious as the high tide that look at that. he would think i' m showing you a storm. look how far away the track was. the western fringe got into the area toward southeastern massachusetts during the first two thirds of the day. there was a blizzard warning for southeastern massachusetts. wind gusting at 35 miles per hour frequently. visibility down to one quarter of a mile. that happened for four hours on nantucket, the vineyard, chat and, hyannis . it will qualify as a blizzard from plymouth all the way
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as for snowfall, some reports as they come in. a little more to go. we have about 5.5 inches in wilmington. lexington, lower amounts. there may be more added to that. sharon, six. kingston, seven. boston' s snowfall is actually reported at 7:00 -- it will probably wind up around six. wind much inches. some reduced visibility from worcester to the south shore. 1-2 mile visibility means light snow accumulating. ,
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south shore, places like norwell and weymouth as well as marshfield, plymouth. ocean snow lasting little longer. otherwise, moving northeast overnight. after 1:00, mostly done. not much in a way to worry about tomorrow. there will be some clouds but no issues in new hampshire. wednesday, another small storm will pass to the south. we might catch the fringe. 1-2 inches possible on wednesday. the bigger story is not just the amount of snow , with 5-9 inches in the boston area, it is the cold on the way. still a visibility restriction in boston. light snow falling. low 20'
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wind would not be a factor tomorrow. temperatures in the 20' s. this is what i was alluding to. and if the week, friday, sunday, some of the coldest weather of this season will be upon us. we are talking about temperatures dropping to below zero, even in boston on sunday morning with wind chill on top of it. gusty northerly wind. that it will start to moderate. [laughter] maria: they are never the last flakes, not here. we will warm it up. ed: this is video you don' t want to miss. maria: that' s no cat. well, it' s a cap. it' s a leopard on the prowl inside a school. what happens next, is a real surprise for some people.
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brie larson, that'
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. tin fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security tincreases benefits and cost of living adjustments p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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ed: president obama, is going to ask congress. for nearly $2 billion to combat the zika virus. as the cdc has put their operations center on a level 1 alert status. the white house says most of the money would go to the department of health and human services for research, and to speed up the development of a vaccine, the mosquito-borne virus is spreading rapidly through latin america, it is suspected of causing devastating birth defects. ed: three people at a school in southern india were attacked by this leopard that found its way into the building over the weekend. surveillance video shows the big cat wandering through the hallways, then attacking people around the school' s swimming pool. i am not sure i would be whatever.
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expected to survive. the leopard was eventually tranquilized and will be returned to the jungle. so it is going to be sent home. [laughter] >> where were you when the lights went out? a lot of people at the garden tonight when the lights went out. hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm p let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] p i've got some real estate here in my bag
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on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. r oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. r you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. t well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. r it uses extended range electric technology. r the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers
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technology there is. the prius actually
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mike 38 years ago during the : blizzard of 78 a couple of hundred people attending the
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in the garden for 3 days. tonight, during the first period the lights went out and people' s inner thoughts were nearly audible oh oh not again. this time it was only a 29 minute inconvenience. it happened mid first period. the scoreboard and hallway lights still worked. it was just the halo of the above. we are told it was a power surge . both teams resumed the game. that brings back memories of the stanley cup from 1988 when the lights went down. the building was evacuated. it was a 3-3 again. edmonton led the series. the bylaw said he have to fly to edmonton tomorrow. he told everybody to get back out of the building. one of the most bizarre things i have ever seen. this game went to overtime and
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>> dan pinnie plays it out. offensive -- >> he scores. just like that . ending the night. mike: 41 saves tonight. tough break. british columbia wins 1-0. santa clara this afternoon there will be a parade and rally tomorrow in downtown denver at noon mountain time. meanwhile, peyton manning went down the coast from santa clara to anaheim and he was the guest of mickey mouse in many massive disneyland. he was one happy guy in the happiest place honors. >> i am glad i get to come to disneyland this time. i cannot get to go nine years ago. i am nervous about missing the parade in indianapolis. i was new to the super bowl experience and so i made a mistake in not coming to
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kids with me -- it actually is writing space mountain right now. tower of terror after this interview. this is part of it, as well. i am glad that we waited to way. mike: you can lose it breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the tower of terror. [laughter] maria: i have! ed: back to marshfield, still kicking up against -- >> we have the wave action they still have this now but as mentioned certainly and just not as serious the situation ed: is the high tide 12 hours ago. ed:but still keep a close eye and tell him to in the morning test of her police and water of the roadways. maybe a little bit of debris on the roadways. if you are driving tomorrow morning, -- >> we are talking high-tech now -- >> [crosstalk]
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maria: how about tomorrow for voting he echoed harvey: no problems , no snow accumulation. the snow is up in northern new hampshire, and an early. maria: excellent. ed: when do he returned to the summer of our winter that we were enjoying? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm t they've all come to look for america v all come to look for america v all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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