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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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april 30th it's one you don't want to mi. adrienne randy: good morning. it's tuesday, february 9. i'm randy price. erika: i'm eri tarantal. thanks for up with us early. following breaking news on the eyeopener. results in overnight for some early primary communities. the small victories for candidates in new hampshire. >> she said he's (bleep). randy: rough words for ted cruz. the bitter attacks ahead of the primary vote. erika: local bomb threats traced overseas. the battle investigators here are now facing. randy: we're still recovering from yesterday's messy weather especially along the coast, cindy. cindy: you've got it. we had another high tide come in around 11:00 last night. fortunate lie the tide is down this morning. temperatures are down too.
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still a little bit of flurry activity across the area and a band of snow lifting out of connecticut right now through the worcester area. so out this way, a few flakes falling right now. not going to amount to much more than a coating here and there but it had make for slippery conditions. you can see the temperatures are running in the teens in most areas to the low to mid 20's as you head from plymouth down to the cape. 29 in hyannis. we'll watch that band of snow pivot through the morning hours and dissipate. one thing to keep in mind this morning is you want to watch for slick spots. anything that is untreated is going to be slippery. any additional snow showers could briefly coat things up a little bit this morning. i think as we go through the day we hang on to a lot of clouds. there could be ocean-effect snow showers near the coastline. other than that, we're looking at dry conditions with a lot of cloud cover today. temperatures come out of the teens this morning into the mid 20's by late morning. we should top out right around 30 degrees. we'll be touching that freezing mark in boston today with lower 30's down on the cape.
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coming up in a few minutes. to the roads. olessa: a live look outside here this this is by allston/brighton. you can see the shine to the roadways. maybe a bit swlik especially on the secondary and the smaller be careful. let's go to the maps. i'm not looking at any overnight construction smtion heading into boston during in good shape as you make your way south and west of town and a prob lem-free start for now as you make your way south out of new hampshire. budge net extra travel time. trains and buses are expected to start the morning on schedule. erika: thank you. breaking news in commitment 2016. the results are in for three small communities in new hampshire in the first-in-the- nation primary. randy: voters hit the polls at midnight. for the democrats, bernie sanders takes the cake in dixville notch and hart's location. hillary clinton claims victory in millsfield. erika: for the republicans, it's john kasich in dixville notch and hart's location, and ted cruz for millsfield.
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open at 6:00 a.m. this morning. for the crowded republican field, today will be a fight to just stay in the game. and this image may look very different this time tomorrow. randy: the eyeopener's doug meehan joins us with the final flourish that you could call offensive. doug? doug: i guess you could just call it an exclamation point on what's been one of the most unconventional campaigns new hampshire has ever seen. trump: she said i never expect to hear that from you again. she said (bleep). doug: the crowd cheered as donald trump took a cue from a woman in the audience to describe what he thought was rival ted cruz's weak response to this weekend's debate question about waterboarding. meantime, with just a few hundred at his rally, marco rubio is fighting for the number-two spot arguing he's the better long-term choice. rubio: the democrats do not want to run against me. they know that if i'm our nominee, we win. just today another poll comes
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republican that beats hillary clinton in new hampshire. randy: one potential republican voter tells us the sheer number of candidates in this race makes it hard to decide. for the democrats, it's a one-on-one battle that's only getting more heated with just hours before polls open. this morning, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a bitter fight after that virtual tie in iowa. clinton telling our janet wu, the sanders camp has demonized her. clinton: i do think that the senator's campaign should do more to try to rein in some of the really mean-spirited, hateful rhetoric that unfortunately they're putting out there. doug: at the same time, clinton accused sanders of taking money from wall street firms through the democratic senate campaign committee. sanders stayed on message in derry last night not addressing the comments. sanders: together we're going to create an economy that works for
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one percent. doug: polls show sanders with a big lead in new hampshire, but we've all seen granite state voters turn surveys upsidedown. erika? erika: doug, thanks so much. for the first time, former new bloomberg confirms reports that he is considering running for president as a third party candidate. he tells the financial times he's, quote, "looking at all the bloomberg was elected mayor three times as a republican. newscenter 5 reporters and analysts will have the results are they come in tonight. our coverage begins at 4:30 p.m. all the way to midnight. you'll also find it on the wcvb mobile app. a complete wrap up with reaction on tomorrow's "eyeopener." randy: it's 4:35. other stories we're following right now. the man convicted of raping and killing a university of new hampshire student faces a parole board today. seth mazzaglia will push for a shorter sentence related to witness tampering. his life sentence in the 2014 murder of lizzi marriott will
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erika: police in stoneham are trying to track down this manwanted for robbing a bank. this happened late yesterday morning at a bank of america on branch street. police hope the clear image helps identify the man. anyone with information should contact stoneham police. randy: right now police are investigating a rash of bomb threats now linked to russia. the eye's sera congi is live in arlington with the latest piece of the puzzle. sera? sera: randy, rhode island schools will see bomb threats similar to the ones that went to several massachusetts schools last month including here at arlington high school. methuen was also one of the seven communities affected by these threats last month. the threats led authorities to evacuate, lock down or close down schools in the eastern part of the state. the threats were delivered via automated phone calls. bomb squads conducted sweeps of all the schools but never found anything. now last week rhode island schools in newport, middletown and warwick received similar
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investigators say the electronic trial leads back to st. petersburg, russia. getting cooperation there with authorities has been challenging. live in arlington, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: thanks so much. right now crews are cleaning up after the storm rocked the coastline. this was high tide in marshfield overnight-- water pouring over the sea wall and onto the street. the biggest issue isn't the snow for people there. it's the street flooding. in brant rock, plows were moving rocks left behind by crashing waves. the surge of water flooding streets all over town. another issue-- white-out conditions for much of the day as the wind kicked snow around throughout the night. >> you know the drifts are crazy. in my backyard they're up to four feet high. this snow blower now, it's probably five inches. erika: a new seawall in marshfield prevented extreme
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in boston. randy: the battle over banned space savers this morning. a new bill to help battle the opioid crisis in massachusetts. the plan to get addicts back on their feet. doug? doug: following breaking news in commitment 2016. we've got results from early voting in the new hampshire primary. we'll be following developments all day. cindy? cindy: and we've got a couple of light snow showers and flurries on the radar this morning. and some additional light snow in the forecast tomorrow. more on that plus when the coldest air of the entire season arrives.
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erika: newscenter 5 on the opioid crisis. a new bill is trying to help addicts recover. it would make sure anyone who goes to a police station and asks for help with drug addiction is not charged with a crime. the plan is inspired by gloucester's "angel program," which helps addicts get treatment instead of arresting them. randy: president obama is asking congress for nearly $2 billion to fight the zika virus. the white house says most of the money would go to research from the department of health and human services to accelerate a vaccine. the request comes as the c.d.c. upgrades their alert status at their operations center.
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bug for inspiration. how a cockroach could help to save lives. an incredibly light show rings in the chinese new year. why these images are rarely seen live. there are those who say we cannot defeat
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and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place v and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. t an america where after a lifetime of labor, t there is time a nation that defends our people and our values, r but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. v i know we can create that america p if we listen to our conscience and our hearts r and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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erika: just about 4:45 concern in new hampshire this just hours after parts of the storm, there's worry that many voters won't make it to the up to eight inches fell along the seacoast overnight. much of the granite state, seeing between 3-5 inches. that's more than enough to make the roads slick and discourage people from heading out. but many voters say they don't take the election lightly. >> this is the "live free or die" state. very, very serious people. this little snow is only 4-5 inches, nothing. erika: crews out are in full force this morning, making sure those roads are clear. little bit. it's not that bad. cindy: no. the road crews have been all all
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i think we're good to go today. the storm itself certainly pulling away. it will be a much quieter day weatherwise. yesterday we were talking there was a blizzard warning up for part of our area. in order to have a blizzard you need the winds gusting to 35 miles per hour reducing the visibility at or below a quarter of a mile so about three-hour time. that's the criteria in order to actually achieve blizzard status. it happened yesterday in six communities from nantucket and the vineyard all the way up to falmouth and plymouth as well. we did reach that blizzard criteria across much of the area yesterday. it was official. certainly southeastern massachusetts getting hit the hardest as we expected. the amounts did drop off the farther west you went. notice our range from the storm. a lot of the spots coming in on the low end of the range. that's why we tell you to look at the range. nantucket did get 10 inches of snow. oak bluffs close to ten. brewster nine. you can see the list goes on as you get off the cape we had around the plymouth area just
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to that in north weymouth. framingham over six. boston 6.4 officially at logan. 5.5 in the worcester area. that storm continues to pull out. the last of the steady snow is up over the state of maine right now. as quickly as that one moves out we have more energy to the west and to the south. this is going to keep us active here over the next couple of days. you can see there's a little band of snow showers pivoting north across the area. very, very light snow and flurry activity right around the worcester area right now. but you can see from holden on over to hudson back to sterling, leominster all the way out to gardner, very light snow falling right now in this band. it's going to continue to lift north ward. with temperatures in the teens, 16 in worcester, 19 boston, 19 beverly, aing slick out there for sure. plymouth you're at 23 degrees in hyannis. the winds are light. that band of light snow showers lifts north ward. kind of falls apart by 6:00 a.m. so there's not going to be a lot happening. you can see there may be some ocean-effect snow showers trying
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but overall this morning, we're just watching for slick spots. anything that is untreated may be a little bit slippery this morning. any additional snow showers will be few and far between today, but they could make things a little bit more slippery. we go from the morning hours to midday. notice the focus really is along the coastline here for a few ocean-effect snow showers. otherwise a lot of clouds. maybe a break or two today. so it's a mainly cloudy, mainly dry day. we're talking about high temperatures coming into only the upper 20's out through the worcester hills. otherwise around 30 in the merrimack valley. freezing in boston. with the lower 30's down on the cape today. now tonight we'll fall back into the teens to around 20 degrees. it's another cold night. but we've got the energy we're watching for tomorrow. a little storm is going to be cutting by to our south and this may throw in a few snow showers during the day on wednesday. then all eyes on this right here. this is an arctic front. it is the leading edge of much colder air that is going to start to work on in gradually as we head toward the weekend. for tomorrow we have snow
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i don't think this is going going to have a big impact. 5:00 in the the morning a couple snow showers out in the western part of the state. those may blossom a little bit. there's this area near long island. this may flirt with the south coast. throughout the day we're going to be on guard for a couple of snow showers. any accumulation could be minor. a coating to an inch. they will be spotty. not everyone will see them. the threat for a few snow showers tomorrow. that arctic may throw in a few snow showers on thursday. we're down in the teens on friday. by saturday it's all about the colder air as we'll watch the winds pick up and bring in that colder air was he we head through the weekend. by saturday teens. sunday valentine's day temperatures could be below zero. something we have not done all winter in boston. olessa: it's about time. thank you, cindy. so far it is a quiet start on the roads this morning. the crews have been working hard all night. there's a live look at the zakim
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any concerns. a little bit of shine on the road surface though. indication that it might be slick especially the smaller ramps. be careful. let's check out the rest of your ride. no problem heading into boston. is gone. same story south of town. nothing to contend with. okay. free. you're in good shape heading sond on 93 out of methuen all connector. we're expecting the trains and the buses to start the morning on schedule. erika: thanks so much. another winter storm, another fight over parking in east boston. the mayor stressing no space savers allowed. but for some, that's a hard habit to break. for decades, residents believed if you shoveled it out, it was yours. but with only a couple inches of snow and the streets cleared, some say the space savers are unnecessary. and that's turning neighbor against neighbor.
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afraid because if you park here, they'll slash your tires. >> if you shovel it, yes, it's yours for 48 hours. other than that, it's ridiculous. erika: the city says you can report illegal space savers to boston's 3-1-1 number or online. public works crews will toss them on trash day. randy: your economy headlines this tuesday. another rally is set for today over wages at logan airport. the union seeking to boost minimum wage for airport workers to $15 an hour will demonstrate at the statehouse before a hearing on the issue. massport released a statement saying they're not opposed to the change but added lawmakers will have to decide. a spokesman also suggested any raise should apply to all workers. not just those who work at the airport. asian stocks tumbled overnight after a sell-off triggered by growing jitters about the global economy. right now u.s. stock futures are lower. this follows another down day on wall street.
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yesterday to close at 16,027. erika: it is now 4:51. trending stories now. super bowl viewership was down this year. 111.9 million people tuned in for denver's victory over carolina. that's less than the past two years. but it's still the third most-watched super bowl game in u.s. television history. randy: researchers take a page from cockroaches to save lives. a team from harvard and the university of california at berkeley created this robot that can mimic the insect's capabilities like cramming into tiny places and holding 900 times its weight. researchers hope to create a swarm of the robots to send into disasters like collapsed buildings and let rescuers know if there are survivors. erika: we all need mom's help from time to time right? well, so does bei bei, the panda cub at the national zoo. he's been feeling adventurous and recently tried to climb a tree.
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never fear! mama bear was right there to help and get him back to safety. really cute. a prank in florida lands one man behind bars. randy: his dangerous stunt with an alligator. and why his mother says it was all a joke. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. we'll be live in new hampshire for the rest of the votes in the first-in-the-nation primary. expert analysis on what to
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alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. r oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. r you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. t well, i've got something to show you.
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the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers between fill ups. it's got every technology there is.
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randy: good morning. it is now 4:55. following breaking news in the new hampshire primary. erika: voters in three communities have already cast their votes and we have the results. democrat bernie sanders claims victory in two communities. the third going to hillary clinton. republican john kasich also landed two early victories. the third now belonging to ted cruz. all candidates are expected in the granite state today. newscenter 5 has got you covered. we'll have live updates, started at 4:30 p.m. all the way through midnight. randy: a federal appeals court will allow the family of a framingham man, mistakenly killed during a 2011 swat raid, to move forward with a civil-rights lawsuit. the family of eurie stamps, jr., filed the suit against the officer who killed the 68-year-old. stamps was face down on the ground when he was shot. the officer claims it was an accident after he tripped and fired his gun. erika: dozens of people are hurt after a packed bus rolls over on a snowy new england highway. it happened on interstate 95 in madison, connecticut, around noon yesterday.
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way from new york city to mohegan sun casino. 30 people were taken to the hospital, at least three in critical condition. randy: a group of teenagers is facing charges, accused of trashing three hand-carved ice sculptures in salem. these are images of the sculptures before they were vandalized. two 18-year-olds and three other juveniles were arrested yesterday. police say they recorded their vandalism via cellphone along essex street. the sculptures, done by local artists, are featured in an annual festival. erika: a so-called prank involving an alligator in florida lands one man behind bars. a man is facing serious charges after admitting he threw that 3.5-foot alligator into the drive-through at a wendy's. his mother claims it was a prank employee working that night in october. december, charged yesterday with assault with a deadly weapon. you can file this under "maybe
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these fireworks are so dangerous only a few people get to see them. in this remote area of china, a blacksmith hurls molten iron against the old city wall causing a hail of sparks. villagers claim it's been done for over 500 years to mark the chinese new year. the blacksmith admits he does get scared. one tough wall. randy: beautiful. dangerous. don't do that at your home. cindy: really is amazing. also i think kind of interesting, maybe not amazing but pretty interesting considering how slowly we started this season for snowfall. typically at this point in a went er in boston we've had just over two feet of snow. look where we are right now after yesterday's storm. only a few inches below normal. nowhere near last year, of course. but this is at 62 inches of snow. we picked up officially yesterday in boston 6.4 inches
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the way is pulling out of nova scotia right now. you can still see steady snow that goes all the back into the state of maine. notice there's energy here with moisture to our south and more snow showers off to the west. things are unsettled right now. we have energy kind of pin wheeling around us. we're going to keep a lot of cloud cover in place today and can't rule out a passing snow showers but low impact overall. the temperatures today come up near the freezing mark. colder across northern new england in the 20's but no bic issues for voters trying to head out to the polls today in new hampshire. you can see to the south philadelphia may get snow showers. rain drops mixed in around 40 degrees. then the rest of the country overall is fairly quiet. all the heat right now is out in the west. a big ridge of high pressure. we've got storminess here in the east sovment it will stay fairly unsettled into tomorrow as well. a little disturbance going by to our south may throw additional snow showers in our direction. this right here is the leading edge of much colder air that is going to build in as we get
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friday and especially if
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