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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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friday and especially if upcoming weekend. a few more snow showers around tomorrow. maybe a passing snow showers on thursday. the stage is set. fry pry into saturday for much colder air. on valentine's day the temperatures will be struggling despite sunshine here into the teens as the coldest air of the season works on in of we could have a chance of hitting below zero in boston by sunday morning. we're going to track that for you. the rest of your forecast right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: decision time for new hampshire voters. we're live in the granite state as the candidates fight to win the first-in-the-nation primary. the overnight results already factoring in. erika: cleaning up on the coastline, but the weather isn't letting up yet. the frigid cold on the way, and the snow showers due in spots. a new idea to fight the opioid crisis. the move that could make it more likely for addicts to get help. it's on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb,
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this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." erika: breaking overnight. the first votes counted in the new hampshire primary. and those results could be a foreshadowing of what's to come. good morning. thanks for being here with us. i'm erika tarantal. randy: and i'm randy price. we're live in the granite state this morning as polls open. emily riemer and kelley tuthill are tracking all the developments as the voters make their voices heard. emily has more on the votes already cast. good morning, emily. emily: good morning, randy. yes, this location opens opens in just a little while. it's still anyone's game though right now. three small towns did cast their votes at midnight. let's look at the democratic side. bernie sanders came out on top in two of those three towns. hillary clinton took one.
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two of three towns and ted cruz took the other. these amount to only a handful of votes but it could be the start of some momentum for the candidates so much more is ahead. first i check to check in with cindy and a look at your forecast. cindy: fortunately the weather is quieting down after yesterday's storm. shouldn't be any impact for thoaks trying to get out and do their voting today in new hampshire. boston. we are 20 degrees. winds have settled back down. they're around 10 miles per hour this morning. we're noticing on radar just a couple of snow showers here. across the area. these have been moving through hour. so a couple of flurries left over at worcester but north of there as you head up toward leominster over to pepperell, even down to acton, just a couple of very light snow showers out toward gardner as well. falling apart. look at the at thes. teens right now. 16 in worcester. 19 lawrence to beverly. not a lot is happening on the radar. keep in mind, anything that is
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morning. you want to watch for the slick spots. there could be an additional snow shower or two today. we're going to have a northerly wind. so anything that would happen would likely be ocean effect as we get toward midday into the foofn. otherwise just a lot of cloud cover today. notice the temperatures coming out of the teens and 20 degrees. up to about 30 by midday. we should top out today right around the freezing mark so it's a much quieter day overall. let's get you out to the roads right now watching for the slippery spots this morning. olessa: we've still got a loft those especially on the secondary streets and also even the major streets. you can see the shine on the road surface indicating possibly slick spots. be careful. give yourself a little extra travel time. that's the zakim and the leverett connector. as you can see issue free at this point. no construction to deal with because of the weather. the rest of your ride also very quiet. no trouble spots reported right now. south of town you're good. no problems on 95, 24, route 3. also along the pike and route 9. and as you travel north of town getting by without any concerns at least for now. so far the trains and the bus s
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i'm olessa stepanova. that's a look at your traffic. >> from wcvb channel 5 boston. this is commitment 2016 special coverage. the new hampshire primaries. republican field, today will be a fight to just stay in the and this image may look very different this time tomorrow. the eyeopener's kelley tuthill is live in nashua with the final flourish that you could call offensive. kelley: just call it an exclamation point on what's been one of the most unconventional campaigns this state has ever seen. trump: she said i never expect to hear that from you again. she said (bleep): kelley: the crowd cheered as donald trump took a cue from a woman in the audience to describe what he thought was rival ted cruz's weak response to this weekend's debate question about waterboarding. meantime, with just a few
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is fighting for the number-two spot arguing that he's the better long-term choice. rubio: the democrats do not want to run against me. they know if i'm our nominee, we win. just today another poll comes out and confirms i'm the only republican that beats hillary clinton in new hampshire. kelley: one potential republican voter telling us the sheer number of candidates in this race is making it hard to decide. democrats, it's a one-on-one battle. with just hours before the polls open here. kelley: that's right, emily. this morning, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a bitter fight after that virtual tie in iowa. clinton telling our janet wu, the sanders camp has demonized her. clinton: i do think senator sanders' campaign should do more to rein in some of the
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that unfortunately they're putting out there. kelley: at the same time, clinton accused sanders of taking money from wall street firms through the democratic senate campaign committee. for his part, sanders stayed on message in derry last night not addressing his rival's comments. sanders: together we're going to create an economy that works for working families not just the one percent. kelley: polls do show sanders but we've all seen new hampshire voters turn surveys upsidedown. emily? emily: kelley, absolutely right. if you want to get some clues about which way this thing will go, there are three signs to watch today. our democratic analyst mary ann marsh says, look at the polls. the closer hillary clinton gets to within 5% of bernie sanders, the more likely an upset. second, watch the turnout.
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better the chance for sanders. and finally, look for buses on >> if there are a lot of buses at u.n.h. and all the other colleges, that's good for bernie sanders. same-day registration in new hampshire, college kids love he'll register them, take them to the polls. advantage bernie sanders. emily: there are plenty of signs to look for in that crowded republican field, too. we'll break that down in our next half hour. erika, back to you. erika: emily, thanks so much. newscenter 5's reporters and analysts will have the results as they come in tonight. our coverage begins at 4:30 p.m. all the way to midnight. and download our wcvb news app to get results at your fingertips in real-time. randy: seven after 5:00. right now crews are cleaning up after the storm rocked the coastline. this was high tide in marshfield overnight water pouring over the sea wall and onto the street. cindy, snow is really just part of the issue on the south shore.
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the coastline cleaning up from the mess all the tidal flooding left behind. in brant rock, plows were moving rocks left behind by crashing waves. the surge of water flooding streets all over town. another issue-- white-out conditions for much of the day as the wind kicked snow around throughout the night. >> you know the drifts are crazy. in my backyard, they're up to four feet high. but just snowblowing now, it's probabaly five inches. cindy: a new seawall in marshfield prevented extreme flooding like in the past. cleanup crews will now survey the damage. though the storm is moving out fortunately. a couple snow showers in the forecast the next few days. i'll break down the timeline coming up just a few minutes. erika: it is now 5:08. new this morning. we're tracking new developments in the worsening opioid crisis in massachusetts. the eyeopener's doug meehan is here with the change that could
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departments. doug: many police departments are already at the forefront of this fight. now a new bill would make sure anyone who goes to a police station and asks for help with drug addiction is not charged with a crime. state representative ann margaret ferrante says her plan was inspired by the the angel program in gloucester. police there have started helping addicts get treatment instead of arresting them. ferrante says this would really just be an expansion of the good samaritan law already on the books in massachusetts. erika? erika: the man convicted of raping and killing a university of new hampshire student faces a parole board today. seth mazzaglia will push for a shorter sentence related to witness tampering. his life sentence in the 2014 murder of lizzi marriott will not change. randy: taking to the streets over jobs at logan airports. erika: the cause moving workers to rally. and boston mayor marty walsh is saying no to space savers. the difference this time around that'll get those place-holders tossed. randy: commitment 2016 with a closer look at the independent voter. emily returns with a closer look
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factor. erika: and we do have some breaking overnight results from new hampshire. early voting in some very small towns put senator bernie sanders on top in two of three locations. on the republican side, voters in two of those three towns made ohio governor john kasich their pick. stay with newscenter 5 for complete primary coverage.
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good morning from vernon hill school in worcester massachusetts. rice and shine randy: rise and shine and here we go. what could be better than starting your tuesday morning with a song. a lovely job by the kindergarteners at vernon hill
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rise and shine. erika: we could listen to them sing all day. you can always sing us an eyeopener wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. snoam i like the little girl in the corner with good manners. cindy: so how about yesterday? it's over. olessa: let's forget it. cindy: 24 hours ago we were talking about a blizzard warning. it was officially. it did meet that criteria. those winds gusting to 35 miles per hour, reducing the visibility to a quarter mile or less for three hours in a row. that happened in six spots officially from nantucket and the vineyard all the way up toward the plymouth area for more than three hours here. many spots doing it for four. so it was an official blizzard. officially here being hardest hit down in parts of south eastern most massachusetts and especially the cape is ex-spepghted. the amounts really dropped off the farther west that you went.
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low end of the forecasted range. we did have 10 inches of snow. nantucket almost 10 inches. west yarmouth all come inning with nine. we were close to that 8-9 inch mark around the plymouth area with 8.1. north weymouth close to eight. worcester 5.5. boston officialally logan airport 6.4 inches of snow from this storm. you can see it's moving away right now. still steadier snow parts of northern and eastern maine up through nova scotia. as that storm pulls away there's another one here to our south and more energy hanging back to the west. we aren't really clean behind this storm. it's still unsettled. that will keep a lot of cloud cover in place today. you see one batch of snow showers lifting on through the area but they're falling apart right now. so we have some very light snow around the worcester area. just flurries now auburn up north through holden over to berry. light snow around pepperell towards winchen done. all very light and lifting north ward and dissipating as it does so.
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16 in worcester. lots of 19 frs boston to lawrence to beverly. 20's plymouth on down to the cape. fortunately the winds have died down. with temperatures in the teens to around 20 degrees just keep in mind there may be some slippery spots this morning. anything that is untreated may be slick. you want to watch for those slick spots. an additional snow showers today look pretty minimal. notice as we go from the morning to midday where is the focus here? it's that northerly wind focusing a few ocean-effect snow showers right along the coast and especially the cape. otherwise we're looking at cloud cover over the course of the day. mainly cloudy and dry today. 20's through the worcester hills right around 30 through the merrimack valley. 30's south of the city. tonight we fall back into the teens to around 20 degrees. but the clouds stick around tonight. look at this tomorrow. another system cutting by to our south. that may spread in additional snow showers tomorrow. and all eyes are focused on this front here to the north. that is going to bring in much colder air as we head toward the end of the week and the weekend.
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expect a lot of activity but during the morning commute some showers may be focused to the west. things may fill in a little bit south coast and the cape. the potential is there tomorrow for some of these snow showers to produce minor accumulations of snow. what i mean by that is maybe a coating to an inch in spots. not everyone will see them. but it would be enough to make things slippery. on thursday that front will be dropping an additional snow shower. here comes the cold. look at those temperatures by the weekend. it is valentine's day morning we may wake up to sub zero temperatures. that will be a first for this winter in boston. olessa: it can be cold. just no more snow. cindy: we're turning it down for sure. olessa: it's been a quiet start on the road. you can see a little bit of that shine on the road surface. you do want to be careful and give yourself extra time. this is route 1 in saugus. that's southbound moving to the bottom of the screen. let's go to the maps and see what else is going on. a quiet start. not contending with a whole lot. no construction overnight. that's good news heading into boston you're in good shape and
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no issues on 95 out of sharon. 24 from brockton up to randolph and route 3 out of weymouth also looking good. your ride on the expressway 10-15 braintree to boston t same on the pike from 4 to 128. 93 south looking good right now. the trains and buses are running on schedule. erika. randy? emily: i'll take it from here, olessa. thank you. for months, new hampshire has been at the center of the political universe. a whirlwind of candidates all clamoring for that all-important primary win. and that very different new hampshire voter. and, boy, do they vote. the granite state, traditionally, has one of the highest turnouts in the country. in 2008, a record-breaking 500,000 people cast primary ballots here. some experts predict that will jump to 600,000 this year. a big portion of them-- those much-sought-after independents. >> i think they will matter more than ever. their numbers are growing.
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candidates, really good candidates on both sides, you're seeing that they're really trying to get the independent voters. it's sort of a wild card. emily: a big factor, for sure. and one to watch as the votes come in tonight. the aftermath of monday's storm is causing some concern here. up to eight inches fell along the seacoast overnight. much of the granite state, seeing between 3-5 inches. that's more than enough to make the roads slick and discourage people from heading out. but many voters say they don't take the election lightly. >> this is the "live free or die" state. very, very serious. this little snow, like 4-5 inches, nothing. we can all vote, i hope. emily: crews out are in full force this morning, making sure those roads are clear. we should say, new hampshire voters are often more motivated than most
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snow in the city of boston as well. another winter storm another fight over parking in east boston. the mayor stressing no space savers allowed. but for some, that's a hard habit to break. for decades, residents believed if you shoveled it out, it was yours. but with only a couple inches of snow and the streets cleared, some say the space savers are unnecessary. and that's turning neighbor against neighbor. people are afraid because if you move that, they will come and stab your tires. >> if you shovel it, it's yours for 48 hours, but other than that it's ridiculous. randy: the city says you can report illegal space savers to boston's 3-1-1 number or online. public works crews will toss them on trash day. erika: it is 5:20. your economy headlines this tuesday. asian stocks tumbled overnight after a sell-off triggered by growing jitters about the global economy. right now u.s. stock futures are lower. this follows another down day on wall street.
5:19 am
yesterday. another rally is set for today over wages at logan airport. the union seeking to boost minimum wage for airport workers to $15 an hour will demonstrate at the statehouse before a hearing on the issue. massport released a statement saying they're not opposed to the change but added lawmakers will have to decide. a spokesman also suggested any raise should apply to all workers. randy: spectacular fireworks that few people get to see. erika: the dangerous tradition in eyepoppers. doug? doug: then new at 5:30. a good deed accompanied by an even sweeter message. over the country. plus this. >> i don't even get that. i don't know how-- i don't get it. doug: a mother stunned by the accusations against her son after a stunt at a wendy's. the animal getting him charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
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5:23 am
pushing in to nashua right now. this is all falling apart but notice t temperatures are running in the teens and 20's so watch out for slippery spots out the door this morning. we'll recover as we get toward this afternoon. a mainly cloudy mainly dry day. better chances of snow showers on wednesday. notice that temperature trend falling a little bit on thursday. randy? randy: cindy, thank you. time for a little eyepopping video. and we start, as we often do, with your daily dose of adorable. olessa: what other way is there to start a tuesday, right? bei bei, the panda cub at the national zoo, has been feeling adventurous. he recently tried to climb a tree. but getting down wasn't so easy. never fear! mama bear was right there to help out and get him safely back down. what are you doing? randy: he's going to be punished. olessa: so cute though. look at him. and file this under "maybe not a good idea." these fireworks are so dangerous
5:24 am
in this remote area of china, a blacksmith actually hurls molten iron against the old city wall causing a hail of sparks. villagers claim this has been done for over 500 years to mark the chinese new year. the blacksmith admits he does get scared. it seems like a horrible idea. randy: we often expect they don't have our version of o.s.h.a. sparklers. erika: i'm with you on that one. it is spectacular looking though. coming up, a safe way to sell things online. the city of marlborough's new plan to make buyers and sellers more comfortable when they finally meet. and a leopard on the prowl inside a school. the havoc it wreaked before finally being tranquilized. emily? emily: we're live in manchester, new hampshire, this morning as the first-in-the-nation primary gets underway. up next a closer look at three things to watch in the
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: it all comes down to this. today new hampshire has its say. the final moves. and breaking news on the votes already cast overnight. randy: cleanup underway after high tides create a big mess. plus the chance for more snow on the way. bomb threats. the new clue that may take this investigation overseas. throwing a live alligator into a drive-through window. the prank that is not getting a lot of laughs. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: 5:30. it's primary day in new hampshire. the eye's emily riemer and
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the last minute push for votes. and there are already some winners from early voting. senator bernie sanders and ohio governor john kasich won two very small towns overnight. emily is leading our coverage and will have much more in a minute. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm randy price. erika: and i'm erika tarantal alongside cindy and olessa. it's a different day. thank goodness. cindy: a whole lot quieter than yesterday. it's still below freezing. slick spots here and there. just go easy out the door this morning. you won't have that wind hitting you in the face. the winds have settled down. the radar still picking up on a couple of scattered snow showers. kind of falling apart as they lift north ward through worcester county. but a couple of flurries around the worcester area up toward leominster. very light snow right nowen route to nashua. this is all moving through with very little impact this morning. do notice the temperatures in the teens. worcester is 16. boston 19. we've got upper teens lawrence to beverly up to portsmouth, new hampshire. lower 20's plymouth and upper 20's this morning on the cape.
5:28 am
that in mind even though the snow showers are winding down. slick spots out there. anything untreated likely slippery this morning. there could be a few additional snow showers throughout the day. we step you forward in time here. by midday. notice right ray long the coast here, these ocean-effect snow showers with a northerly wind. they work their way toward the plymouth area and down toward the cape as we get into the afternoon. but the rest of us likely going to be dry today with mainly cloudy skies and temperatures just creeping up through the 20's here. by lunchtime upper 20's to near 30 degrees. looking for high temperatures today with the wind out of the north at about 5-15. and maybe just a touch of melting happening out there today. let's see what's happening on the roads. olessa: so far we're doing okay but as you can see the shine on the roadways here still indicating possible slippery conditions. you do want to be careful. it's go to the maps. that looks okay. so far so does the rest of your ride as you travel into town.
5:29 am
south of town much of the same. routes 3, 24, 9looking good. expressway start to go build a little bit of volume. 10-15 braintree to boston. looking good on the pike this morning. no concerns on route 9. and then as you make your way southbound on 93 you're in good shape. route 3 quiet out of chelmsford. route one through saugus looking good in both directions. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. emily. emily: thank you. the stumping. the swaying. the barbs. it has all come down to today. new hampshire voters are about to go to the polls, and the entire nation is watching. the eyeopener's kelley tuthill is live in nashua with the group all the candidates hope will swing to their side. kelley: we're talking about independents. new hampshire is famous for them. and what they do today could make all the difference. in 2012, independents made up 43% of the general election vote. they can vote in either primary for any candidate, and many know how critical that is.
5:30 am
probably swing the election. and in the nation, so it's a really kelley: and since so many polls have shown a huge chunk of new hampshire voters are undecided, that's just adding more intrigue emily, back to you in manchester. emily: it sure is. as the voting starts, there are three signs to watch that may tell you how this crowded republican fight will end. buckingham says look for anyone who cuts out early leaving the state before the results are in. second, which governor rises to the top. bush, christie, and kasich are all vying to be the chief executive candidate. and finally watch for that unexpected moment. >> who does the howard dean scream or the come-back kid moment. who seizes the moment whether it's bad or good tonight and sends a message that really shapes their candidacy.
5:31 am
this will be one to watch. a reminder, newscenter5 will be with you every step of the way. our coverage starts at 4:30 p.m. and takes you all the way through midnight. you can also get results in real-time on our wcvb mobile news app. going to be an exciting day. erika. erika: emily, thanks so much. right now in germany at least eight people are dead after two passenger trains collided in the bavaria region. about 150 more are hurt. rescue operations still underway at this hour. randy: other stories we're following right now on the eye. storm cleanup is underway on the south shore. in brant rock, plows were moving boulders left behind by crashing waves. erika: state lawmakers are considering a new bill to fight the opioid crisis. it would make sure people who go to a police station for help with drug addiction are not charged with a crime. and right now president obama is right now police are investigating a rash of bomb threats now linked to russia. randy: the eye's sera congi is live in arlington with the latest piece of the puzzle. sera?
5:32 am
and erika, rhode island schools now recenting getting bomb threats similar to the ones that came to several massachusetts schools including here at arlington high school. methuen was one of the seven communities affected by these bomb threats last month. that led authorities to evacuate or close down schools in the eastern part of the state. the threats were delivered via ought moated phone calls. bomb squads conducted sweeps but they never found anything. now last week rhode island schools in newport, middletown and nor wick received similar robo-call-type threats. investigators say that the electronic trails on those robo-calls lead back all the way to st. petersburg, russia. so far they've had some difficulty getting beyond that, getting some cooperation from russia as well. live in arlington, senior a congressy, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: sera, thank you. the time is 5:36. his mom calls it a prank but one
5:33 am
for a stunt at a wendy's drive-thru. randy: the animal police say he hurled at workers. and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg making his first statements on a possible presidential run. his comments on commitment 2016. erika: as voting gets underway in new hampshire, download the wcvb app now for complete primary results including live streaming coverage. it's available now in your app store. from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth
5:34 am
the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." "he's not beholden to wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been genuinely outraged about the treatment of ordinary americans for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders
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welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside at the expressway. here it is is by the gas tank. the northbound side starting to pick up some of the rush-hour delays head to go the left-hand side of your screen. give yourself a couple extra minutes. you can see a little bit of that shine on the road surface. that can indicate that there are still slick spots out there. cindy, it's certainly cold enough. cindy: in the teens and 20's right now. we're not completely dry. you can see there have been a couple of scattered snow showers moving through worcester county up into southern new hampshire. these are falling apart. today. one or two ocean-effect snow showers especially on the cape this afternoon. we should sneak up close to freezing this afternoon. a few more snow showers tomorrow. look at those temperatures by the weekend. highs only in the teens. the coldest air of the winter so erika. erika: cindy, thanks so much. imagine working in a drive-through and seeing an alligator come flying through the window. it's a stunt that has a florida man facing charges this morning. police say he admitted to
5:36 am
alligator into the wendy's window. his mother claims it was a prank that her son knew an employee working that night. >> do you think the people at wendy's think it was a prank? how could you not think something like that was a prank? erika: josh james was charged yesterday with assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the october incident. randy: our new hampshire primary coverage continues next. emily and kelly are in new hampshire this morning. the final campaign moves from the candidates, and the results already factoring into the race. and a leopard gets into a school. the terrifying experience for students, ahead. pretty good going on the southeast expressway. snow removal is complete this morning. traffic is moving along on the
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randy: good morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. emily is leading our coverage in the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. emily is leading our coverage in new hampshire as the primary officially gets underway. we're also following news in arlington and new developments on the opioid crisis. erika: but first cindy has your forecast. cindy: we were gearing up for what turned out to be a blizzard in many spots. nantucket to the vineyard all the way up yesterday. not today. much quieter today. you can see just a couple of snow showers lifting on through this morning. in boston we ended up with 6.4 inches of snow from yesterday's storm.
5:40 am
to what we see at this point in a typical winter. normally at this point in the winter season we've had more than two feet of snow. that. we were nowhere near where we were at this point last year. all that snow that we had last season. you can see the storm from yesterday lifting on out. lingering over the state of maine. although that snow is getting unsettled right now. another storm. this is mainly going to miss us and head on out to sea. some energy hanging back to the west. west. just a lot of cloud cover in place today. we actually a band of snow showers lifting through this morning. these are falling apart right now. i'm tracking just a couple of flurries here from rutland, leominster up to nashua. that's the extent of it. there isn't a lot falling from the sky this morning. the temperatures are in the teens. 19 in boston. 16 in worcester. some 20's plymouth down to the cape. that is cold enough to make some schippery spots this morning. so do watch out for those icy spots. right now 20 degrees most spots by 8:00 this morning.
5:41 am
still near or below freezing by 5:00 with the sun setting at 5:08 today. we're looking at high temperatures either side of freezing. so maybe just a little bit of melting out there today with conditions. better chance of snow showers tomorrow. another system cutting by to our south is going to send some snow showers across parts of especially the south coast, the day tomorrow. we're going to watch this front to north. this is the leading edge of much colder air that will start to get in here by the end of the week. so some snow showers may amount to spotty coating to one-inch amounts on wednesday. temperatures in the mid 30's tomorrow. we're right around 30 degrees on thursday but wait until you see the weekend forecast. certainly much colder by then. let's get you become out to the roads. any issues, olessa. olessa: a dutchal disabled cars starting things off on the the zakim bridge. you can see it here taking out the right lane. there's that shiny road surface. might still be slick out there in parts of the area. let's go to the maps. if you're traveling the zakim bridge, that is what you just saw live northbound side 93 the zakim. a disabled car takes out the right lane.
5:42 am
connector, a disabled truck there. as you travel here eastbound over by the longfellow bridge on storrow, we have a disabled star taking out one lane as well. south of town route 3 starting to build that volume into the braintree split. from there about 15 min its the expressway into boston. the pike so far looks good. no major concern 93 south. a little bit of volume out of methuen into andover. once again approaching the leverett connector. trains and buses still running on schedule. emily, randy. olessa: thank you. 5:47. the first votes are already in. the new hampshire primary is underway. erika: the first wifners reveal overnight. three tiny new hampshire communities cast their votes at midnight including dixville notch, a town about 20 miles from the canadian borders. most of the voters went for sanders. same for another early voting town hart's location. hillary clinton was their winner
5:43 am
kasich took the win in dixville notch. millsfield went with ted cruz. how much can we take from these early results is hard to say. in 2012 john huntsman tied eventual nominee mitt romney in dixville notch. in 2008 edwards and barak obama edged out hillary clinton. we turn to kelley tuthill live in nosh with a with how some voters are reacting to the final campaign move. kelley. kelley: a lot of focus right now on those undecided voters who could make all the difference here today. >> there are so many of them that it's been hard for me to make up my mind. kelley: so many candidates. in 2012 independents made up 43% of the general election vote. they can vote in either primary for either candidate. that's crucial here. a lot of people focusing on them. the polls show there is a huge block of undecided voters' we head into voting this morning. live in nashua, new hampshire,
5:44 am
newscenter 5. erika: for the first time, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is confirming reports that he is considering running for president as a third-party candidate. he tells "the financial times" he's, quote, "looking at all the options." bloomberg was elected mayor three times, running as a republican. newscenter 5's reporters and analysts will have the results are they come in tonight. our coverage begins at 4:30 p.m. all the way to midnight. and download our wcvb news app to get results at your fingertips in real-time. randy: at least eight people are dead after two trains collided in germany. the rescue still underway at this hour. the trains hit each other head on early this morning. this was about 40 miles southeast of munich. about 150 people were hurt. sera: a series of bomb threats at schools including here at arlington high is leading investigators overseas.
5:45 am
communities affected last nont. the threats were delivered via automated phone calls. all of them turned out to be false. just last week three rhode island school districts received similar robo-threats. robo-call threats. investigators there say the electronic trail leads back to saint peters perking, russia. tracking it any further has been challenging. doug: a change may be coming to your local police department when it comes to dealing with the opioid crisis. there is a new bill before state lawmakers that would make sure anyone who goes to a police station and asks for help with drug addiction is not charged with a crime. and state rep ann ferrante says this would really just be an expansion of the good samaritan law already on the books in massachusetts. the plan is inspired by the the "angel" program in gloucester. randy: right now crews are cleaning up after the storm this was high tide in marshfield overnight-- water pouring over street.
5:46 am
but a new seawall prevented extreme flooding like in the past. cleanup crews will now survey the damage. erika: the man convicted of raping and killing a university of new hampshire student faces a parole board today. seth mazzaglia will push for a shorter sentence related to witness tampering. his life sentence in the 2014 murder of lizzi marriott will not change. randy: a group of teenagers is facing charges, accused of trashing three hand-carved ice sculptures in salem. these are images of the sculptures before they were vandalized. two 18-year-olds and three other juveniles were arrested yesterday. police say they recorded their vandalism via cellphone along essex street. the sculptures, done by local artists, are featured in an annual festival. erika: police in stoneham are trying to track down this man wanted for robbing a bank. it happened late yesterday morning at a bank of america on branch street. police hope the clear image helps identify the man. anyone with information should
5:47 am
randy: dozens of people are recovering from injuries after a packed bus rolled over on the highway during the storm. it happened along i-95 in madison, connecticut, yesterday afternoon. about 70 people were on their way from new york city to mohegan sun casino. 30 people were taken to the hospital, at least three in critical condition. erika: on the prowl. a leopard was caught on surveillance cameras wandering the halls inside a school in india. three people were attacked near the school's swimming pool. they were taken to a nearby hospital; they are expected to survive. the leopard was eventually tranquilized and will be returned to the jungle. randy: a safe way to buy and sell items online. marlborough is setting up a designated location for residents to make the exchange. the city council has approved a parking space in front of the bolton street police headquarters. the internet exchange zone will be under 24-hour video surveillance by police. erika: boston college comes out on top in the beanpot
5:48 am
university. the game went to overtime last night at the garden. and alex tuch put an end to it, less than two minutes in. 1-0 the final. it's only the fourth ever shutout in a title game in the 64-year history. randy: many say it was a surprising outcome for the super bowl, but less people cared to watch this year. super bowl viewership was down from the last two years. 111.9 million people tuned in for denver's victory over carolina. that's still the third most-watched super bowl game in u.s. television history. erika: mardi gras festivities are underway in new orleans rght now. fat tuesday marks the end to the carnival season. many will indulge for one final day before ash wednesday, observing the start of lent for christians. randy: a simple act of kindness toward one woman in california now going viral. a child returned her lost wallet
5:49 am
explaining why. the 10-year-old boy writing that he wanted to return it, hoping to make her smile. plus it was quote "the honest thing to do." the 22-year-old woman says she wrote him back, sending along $20 and a bag of candy. that's a win-win right there. cindy: $20. candy! very excited there i'll bet. yesterday's snow hit the cape and the islands. the hardest hit 10 inches of snow on nantucket. blizzard conditions. you can see west yarmouth eastbound with brewster. also nine inches. plymouth had over eight. norwaymouth close to it. framingham 6.3. boston 6.4. worcester coming in with 5.5 inches of snow. the snow is moving out. temperatures though are in the teens. at least the winds are light out of the north, close to 10 miles per hour. the storm from yesterday pulling away but snow over parts of northern maine. another storm to our south. more energy hanging back to the
5:50 am
the bulk of this storm to the south will miss us. we'll keep a lot of cloud cover in place today. we've had a few snow showers lifting on through this morning. a few flurries now. not a big deal at all. with the temperatures in the teens to the lower 20's, keep in mind there may be slippery spots this morning. we're 29 hyannis. we've dropped to 18 in orange. 16 out the door right now in worcester. as we go through the day today, we're not going to be looking at much additional snow. the winds coming from the north may allow some ocean-effect snow showers to flirt with the south shore. but i think they likely target the cape more than anywhere else. rest of us are looking at mainly dry conditions with a lot of clouds. temperatures struggle to flirt with the freezing mark today. we may get there in boston, fall a little bit short north and west. tonight we're back down in the teens and 20's. tomorrow a better chance for snow showers. another system is cutting by to our south. we're also watching the cold front to the north. this is going to bring in even older care by the end of the week. as we go through the day on
5:51 am
will be a few snow showers around. heen during the morning commute, some activity on the western part of the state but look to the south. down along the south coast and the cape as we go through the day, some of these snow showers may linger into the afternoon. where we see them, there is the potential for some minor accumulation on the order of a coating to about an inch. not a big amount of snow, but it could have an impact on the roads tomorrow. look at the cold coming in. highs in the teens. low temperatures near or below zero by sunday morning. which is of course valentine's day. let's get you out to the roads. there will be slick spots here and there. olessa: we're getting reports of a couple of disabled cars. be careful. 93 in somerville southbound side move to go the left-hand side of the screen. traffic getting by without any major concerns. ride. a couple problem spots around boston. if you're traveling 93 south right at the leverett connector there's a disabled truck taking out one lane. also storrow eastbound at situation there. one lane is closed. south of town you're doing okay on 24.
5:52 am
route 3 stop-and-go into the braintree split. once you get there it's almost 20 minutes from braintree to boston on the expressway. pike eastbound looks okay but then another disabled car 128 north by route 9 and also southbound by winter street. both of those have a lane closed and then north of town 93 south just delays into andover and wilmington and approaching spot pond. trains and buses still doing okay. randy: our primary coverage continues live from new hampshire. erika: three things to watch in the democratic race. and these fireworks are so dangerous that they're only performed in a remote part of china. the technique making them so
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