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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news later, this is wcvb5 at noon. emily: right now, voting is underway in the first in new hampshire. thank you for joining us. >> they are putting voters outside the polling locations. now.
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has been. door at this polling location in manchester and a busy stream of people coming in our morning. hard to secure every last vote they can. they are even think off a good governor john kasich arrow in manchester. was in manchester this morning meeting with supporters and hoping to convince undecideds who is the best person for the job. >> the fact is, we don' t need a candidate who has to memorize things. we need a candidate who feels things i open my heart to the people of this state and they have opened their hearts to me. that' s what you have to do in the text to be able to understand folks who work for them. emily: jeb bush and donald trump have been duking it out in a war of words.
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embarrassment to his family and bush insisted that he will not let trump hijacked the grand old party. >> the disparaging of people because of their faith or their gender or because of their just wrong. he cannot hijack our party. out party will not win if we are the reactionary party. emily: the first winners revealed overnight, three tiny new hampshire communities cast their votes at midnight including a town 20 miles from the canadian border. most of the nine voters there went for bernie sanders and the same for another early voting town. mills field made hillary clinton their winter. john kasich as devoted most of his campaign to the state took the win in six hell not. mills field went with ted cruz. state election officials say voter turnout is steady at the
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kkelly is live in nashua. kelly: we heard of some big crowds of places like polling places. the weather has not been an issue today. as a light snow fell, voters in nashua headed to the polls to cast their votes from the nation' s first primary. many did not make up their minds until the last minute. impact on the outcome of this crucial election. i was undecided but the last few days, john kasich he seems the most presidential to me did the politicians and i like him. >> ted cruz, i just guessed. i was going to vote for bernie but then i changed my mind. those are
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i saw ted cruz on tv last night and i said that sounds good. >> the granite state can make or break a candidate that' s not what influences their choices. i decided thing that influence me to last couple of the times is been my kids. >> bernie, i think you might win new hampshire and i' s ok. i vote for what i believe in. kelly: always interesting to influences their decisions. the polls will close tonight at 8:00 p.m.. emily: we just wait and see it for the first time, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is confirming reports that he is considering running for president as a third-party candidate. he tells the financial times he is looking at all the options. he was elected mayor of the times as a republican. chris christie is coming under fire for a campaign ad about
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some say he forgot to mention the marathon tax. we will be live in boston with a reaction from one of his biggest supporters, governor baker. >> as you know, governor charlie baker interest chris christie over the weekend and is that is getting a lot of airtime. he remarks about the paris attacks that took place since 9/11 but he did not acknowledge the boston marathon bombing. >> here' fear, become complacent as a country. >> in the ad which is paid for emphasizes how personal world setting -- the world trade center attacks were because his massachusetts governor charlie baker has a divorced -- has endorsed chris christie. s a very personal issue. i' m not surprised he spent time
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>> did he forget about the boston marathon? >> no, i think it was important for him to point out to voters in new hampshire that terrorism is something he is personally close to. >> the excerpt used in the ad comes from a townhall meeting the governor christie held in bedford, new hampshire. chris christie has lagged in the single digits in the polls in new hampshire. emily: thank you, our analysts will have the reports as they come in tonight and our coverage you' ll also find it on the wcvb mobile app. a complete wrapup with reaction on to more mornings eye-opener. i will be back in a few minutes day.
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we want to check in on the weather. it' s so much quieter today. the storm is long gone but it kicked up the water yesterday. go out. are seeing evidence of coastline. winthrop. that is water on the roadway. minor coastal flooding we have that wave.action and on the esplanade in marshfield. coast, there are 1:00 p.m. wind is not terribly strong and their mostly coming out of the north right now. wind that the too much since early this morning. running 22 in
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hyannis is at 32 degrees. we have been trying to generate over effect of snow showers. with that northerly component of the and, they have had a tough time moving on land but a spot flurry or snow shower is not out of the question but we are doing ok today. a storm brought some inches of snow to the washington, d.c. area but more energy back to the west will reintroduce snow that. this afternoon, clouds and about 30 degrees in the next few hours before the sun sets and we fell back to the 20' s this evening. erika: thank you so much. the 12-year-old boy who fell through thin eyes last month has died. he was a sixth grade student in brockton and he died yesterday from injuries he sustained when he fell through the eyes on a pond behind his school on january 9. he had been trapped under the ice for several minutes before passersby and firefighters
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a nine-year-old boy also fell through the ice did survive. boston public works is collecting face savers and neighborhoods. dropped off. the city got a little more than six inches of snow but that led east boston yesterday. habit to break. for decades, residents believed if you shoveled it out, it was yours. it was only six inches of snow and the streets were pretty savers are unnecessary nats to neighbor against neighbor. >> people you procure and you move that, tires. s yours for 48 hours but other than s ridiculous. erika: the city says you can report illegal space savers 2311 or online. they are only allowed during the
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>> earlier this morning, the crews were on the scene of a truck crash in saugus. and oil truck slid on the eyes and hit a home on austin street this morning and no one was hurt. police in stone them are trying to track down this man wanted for robbing a bank. it happened late yesterday morning at the bank of america on branch street. police hope the image will identify the man and anybody with information should contact stone on police. we continue our coverage of the first in the nation primary live in the granite state. emily will be back in three minutes with the three things that democrats and republican candidates need to look for today. germany and what investigators say may have caused two trains to collide head-on. cindy: i will be tracking light snow for tomorrow and the timeline of the coldest air of the season on the way. it' s expected to arrive for the weekend. >> battling the
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massachusetts in the plan to get alex back on their feet. >> i don' t get it. erika: a mother' s done by accusation against her son after a stunned at a wendy' s got him
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at noon. erika: our coverage of the new hampshire committee continues. s a one-on-one battle that democrats. emily riemer' manchester with some things to watch for today. emily: we checked in with our analyst. our democratic analyst says to keep an eye on the polls. they will be big today. the closer hillary the and and gets 25 temperament bernie sanders, the more likely and upset you also want to watch the outcome of the higher the turnout, the -- the better the look for buses on the road. >> there are a lot of buses from
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same-day registration , college kids love bernie sanders. emily: there are plenty of signs to look for on the republican side as well. our republican analyst says look for anyone cuts out early may be leaving the state before the results are in. second, which governor rises to the top, bush, christie, john kasich, they want to be the chief executive candidate. also watch for the unexpected moment. >> does the howard dean scream or the comeback moment? who will seize the moment? emily: news center5 will be with you all day today uncovered starts at 3:30 p.m. and we will be with you midnight so have our get results there as well. it will be a busy night. >> thank you.
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investigation. at least nine people are dead after two trains collide head-on the early this morning. the two trains were on a curve it seems neater had time to break the crash. 150 people were hurt and at least 50 of them seriously. the black box has been recovered from the train and should are analyzed. released the first images of debris believed to be from a long-range rocket weekend. around 270 articles were recovered from the water and now being looked at. they say the number of pieces indicates the rocket was fitted with a self-destructive device. north korea fired the device despite warnings from a number of countries. emily: president obama will deliver his eighth and final budget proposal today. the $4 trillion fiscal plan includes a $10 a barrel oil tax
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transportation projects along with money for cancer research and opioid abuse programs. republicans have already expressed outrage. another rally is set for today over wages and logan airport. the union wants to boost minimum wage to $15 per hour and will demonstrate at state house in. but added lawmakers will have to decide. the spokesperson suggested and he raised should apply to all employees, not just those who work at the airport. >> a federal appeals court will allow the family of a framingham man mistakenly killed during a 2011 swat raid to move forward with a civil rights lawsuit. the family filed the lawsuit against the officer who killed the 68-year-old. he was face down on the ground when he was shot and the officer claimed it was an accident after he tripped and fired his gun. the man convicted of raping and
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he will push for a shorter sentence related to witness tampering. his life sentence in the 2014 murder will not be changed. newscenter5 crisis, a new bill is aimed at helping addicts recover. it makes any money that -- it police station and asked for help as much art with a crime. it' angel program. erika: today. cindy: s day. it is very warm out west. record high of 88 degrees. the jet stream pattern has changed for much of the winter.
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suddenly, it is called and matt settled in the east. we are playing catch-up with the snow. after yesterday' s storm which brought six by four inches of snow to boston, we are very close to what we typically are in an average winter, almost two feet of snow now for this season so far. on average, we have over two feet. last winter was the anomaly with 62.5 inches of snow by this point. we don' t have the snow flying in boston right now but there were a couple of snow flurries this morning with a lot of clouds. they will be with us into the evening hours. temperatures are stuck it to five degrees thanks to the northerly wind. it is lighter than yesterday but draining out the colder air. as that works over the relatively warmer ocean water, it has been trying to generate these ocean effect snow showers. they are mostly offshore. unless the wind shifts, it will try to bring them offshore.
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s a little unsettled today 32 in hyannis, 24 in beverly and worcester is at 22 degrees. the temperatures may come up a few more degrees but with the clout cover, it should not warm up too much. you can see the clouds and some are thinning. parts of southern new hampshire and a few more in the western part of the state. as i widen the view, there is a storm and it' s a fairly decent sized storm to our south. it brought some snow to the d.c. area. us. back to the west and some of that will work in our direction. to the west as well. we will watch that for tomorrow. we might see one or two ocean effect snow showers this afternoon. it will not amount to anything and this evening and the wind dies down, we will see the
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i' m sorry, the temperatures will be back into the teens tonight. tomorrow, we will see the temperatures bump up into the 30' s. tomorrow, energy will be working to the south and interacting with energy to the north and west. that will ignite a few more snow showers across the area. there is a front to the north which is the leading edge of colder air that will work in your toward the end of the week. tomorrow, mid and upper 30' s but we are going to deal with a lot of clouds. it' s an unsettled they would snow showers. during the morning commute, there could be areas of light snow especially north and west of boston. as the energy works to the south, there could be a few more showers off snow developing. we are not looking at amounts of snow that will be that great, just acting. it could be enough to make the roads -- just a coating. toward thursday, we watch the
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the real cold air comes in this weekend. the arctic front to our north on friday and it comes through and hits the ocean and develops into a large storm. it looks like that will happen foreign of offshore that will not impact us. the front brings the coldest air of the entire season. high temperatures on saturday and sunday are only in the teens. by sunday morning, valentine' s day morning, the low temperature will be around zero and could go below in spots. that would make of the coldest air we have seen all season long. dou g: a group of teenagers facing charges accused of hashing a handcarved ice sculptures in salem. these are the images before they were vandalized. 218-year-olds and three other juveniles were arrested yesterday on police say they recorded their vandalism on a cell phone along essex street. the sculptor is done by a local artist and was featured in an --
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emily: imagine working in a drive through and seeing an alligator come through that window at a florida man is facing charges. he admitted to tossing the 3.5 wendy' s window. his mother claims it was a prank and his son knew a worker who is there that night. >> do you think the people at wendy' s think it was a prank? >> how could you not think something like that was a prank? >> he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in connection with that october incident. doug: some people get it, some people don' t get it. emily: eight company comes up with a good deed. doug: look at this, and incredible light show celebrating the chinese new year.
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doug: a simple act of kindness one woman in california is now going viral. erika: a young boy returned her wallet with a note the
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make her smile for the woman says she wrote him for his honesty and sending along $20 and a bag of candy. doug: these spectacular fireworks are so dangerous that only if you get to see them it' s in a remote area of china. a blacksmith girls molten iron against a wall causing the spartan the villagers claim it' s been done for years. erika: that' s incredible thanks for joining us.
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