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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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decision that saved lives. >> this is newscenter 5 at 5:00 p.m. ed: a record turnout expected in new hampshire today for the first in the nation primary. heather: traffic backups reported at many polling sites and once inside voters were met with long lines. but they did wait to cast their vote. ed: the polls are still busy right now. most are open until 7:00 others p.m., closing at 8. most of the candidates in the granite state tonight hoping for a big night. heather: the newscenter 5 team has them all covered for you. let' s kick things off with newscenter 5' s reid lamberty live in concord, new hampshire with the bernie sanders campaign, reid? >> the vermont senator enjoys a very comfortable new hampshire lead. what is expected, to be a record turnout on this primary day. bernie sanders was out here earlier today, where he met and thanks some of his supporters.
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at one time he did trailed points. a victory here tonight says a that they are looking for a political revolution. free college, equal pay, and this has resonated with the young voter base. some polls do indicate that roughly 65% of new hampshire voters know precisely for whom they are going to vote today, with about 18% undecided. that potentially could close the but probably not enough to take to be a primary victory night tonight. now with the clinton campaign. >> thank you. i' m standing outside the
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university field house where heller clinton is going to be holding her election night headquarters. the secret service is now doing a security sweep inside. that is why we are out here. new hampshire has always been good to the clintons. tonight still has the potential to keep that record on track. but she needs to lose to bernie sanders by less than 10 points to claims she' s leaving new hampshire without severe wounds. today, she made final pitches to voters in manchester. >> i know that there are still so many people who are tired of the political machine. i' m going to keep doing what i have been doing, show people they can count on me, and that we are going to make real progress together. >> ending on a positive note is important but a poor showing here tonight will mean that attack machine resumes
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ed: we have covered the two democrats and what they are doing tonight. our focus shifts to the grand old party. heather: newscenter 5' s phil lipof starts us off live in manchester, new hampshire with the trump campaign, phil? >> we have stepped outside now because the secret service is taking control of the banquet hall behind me. they are sleeping all the gear, they are there with their dogs and everything else. this is the fate what outside of the manchester airport. that line right now is trump supporters. this event will be much different from last night' s event. as that he was at the verizon wireless into, 5000 voters. the voting began with more and it goes all through the afternoon. there will be about 400 people in the banquet hall behind me, and half of them will be media. the candidate enjoys a good size
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the rest of the candidates are fine for second, third, fourth, and fifth place. they will win until all the voting is finished, and that he will show up to give his speech no matter what happens. he helps to win by at least one vote. we will have to see how it goes with several undecided here in new hampshire. heather: teamwork. newscenter 5' s jc monahan is live in hollis, new hampshire with the ted cruz campaign jc? j.c.: thank you. we are in hollis, new hampshire at the alpine grown a good hall. we have the media set up here. ted cruz is coming off of his win and i will, and wanting to keep the momentum going. earlier today he was at a diner in manchester. he has become more secular in his talk. he does not have evangelicals
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he is going for the libertarian at unenrolled vote, the ones policy had not dropped out. here second, third, or fourth. the barsky flying back and forth between trump and ted cruz. we will continue to follow this at his watch artie -- watch party. heather: thank you. republican marco rubio shaking hands with people in bedford, new hampshire today. he finished third in the iowa he is hoping to do big things in hampshire tonight. campaign for us tonight. >> as you know, the voting is continuing in the granite state, tiny communities just after midnight. heather:
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canadian border. -- including dixville notch, a canadian border. most of the 9 voters there went for bernie sanders. town, hart' s location. the third millsfield made hillary clinton their winner. ed: on the republican side, john kasich who has devoted most of hart' s location. millsfield went with ted cruz. heather: here is a look at what the new hampshire primary ballot looks like. think. there is a list of candidates on both party ballots. ed: let' s take you to chris christie campaign headquarters. newscenter 5' s jack harper is live in nashua, new hampshire with that coverage, jack? >> he made a few stops at polling places in new hampshire to talk to supporters and reporters. it is kind of like a baseball race.
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a lot of people want to say we situation. christie is one of those, and that here later tonight. we go on to todd who is with the jeb bush campaign. todd: we' re at manchester community college, where jeb bush will be speaking tonight once the results are in. earlier today, bush was greeting voters in bedford. he said he feels good about his campaign. he also took aim at donald trump, saying trump' s disparaging remarks about other people are just wrong and that trump will not hijack the republican party. regardless of the results here in new hampshire, jeb bush says he' ll keep going. he' ll be back on the campaign trail tomorrow in south carolina. as for tonight, though, bush is scheduled to take the stage sometime after 9:00. you can watch that live here on newscenter 5. reporting live in manchester, todd kazakiewich, wcvb
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heather: john kasich campaign that' 5' s mary saladna mary? winner. john kasich did. he also needs to end the day with a strong showing. if he does not have that he may be out of this race. he has spent a lot of time here in new hampshire powering coffee, shaking hands and he is a two-term governor of ohio and an 18 year veteran of congress. he knows a thing or two about campaigning. the question now, did he reach those undecided voters that he needs to pull off a second or third place finish. he would like to flip the entire trump applecart, but we' ll see how he does. he did have a strong debate showing over the weekend. we will see tonight if he has
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ed: since we' ve gone through each of the candidates, and taken into each stock and we want to get you some analysis and patrick griffin and maryanne marsh are joining us here in manchester. patrick is such a hearty granite state or, he has just taken off his gloves. >> the gloves are off. [laughter] ed: let me start with you. we have seen larger turnouts, traffic jams, that means what for which candidate? >> here is where they are. the republican area has had already seen 3500 people vote today. when you look at the college towns, big turnouts there. that is important for bernie sanders, because the bigger turnout is mostly for him.
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and like the secretary of state' s expectations will be met. over 70% turnout. probably good for trout, probably good for sanders. ed: granite stators voting. what is your read on the size of the turnout and the emphasis on voting today? >> i think tonight is a question of how much bernie sanders wins by, not a question of how much dust a question of if he wins. and finally, who comes out number two. bush, and casing are in a very tight five. we will find out what happens to marco rubio on the fallout of the debate performance the other night.
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it will be interesting to see what told that takes. ed: let' s talk about number one. what does it mean for trump and for sanders as they walk out of here with victories tonight? is it just status quo? >> more than anything else, we will see whoever comes in number two, or close to that as an establishment republican, had to south carolina and the contents, and be ready. the others are going to have to make a big decision. trump scares the party. i think we are going to find very different politics in south carolina. that is a very different state the new hampshire. it is tough, mean, and competitive. i do not know donald trump hold up. >> if they do not get double digits, is that it got
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loss? >> the further under 10% she is as good for her. they need to see what they need to better going forward. ed: thank you. newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates covered as results come in. our coverage goes until midnight. you can also watch live on the wcvb mobile app. heather: harvey joins us now . some snow showers possible for some of us? harvey: no showers imply brief duration. this could be tomorrow, and it could be scattered around. right now we are in the 20' s.
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it could briefly drop into the teens. i will show you what i' m watching. out to the west of us, it will barely make the cape early tomorrow. back here, those are snow flurries and snow squalls. as we go forward in time, even as early as tomorrow, we do not see a whole lot. during the course of tomorrow afternoon, there could be some flurries and squall. i have some really incredible cold as part of that forecasts, coming up tonight. ed: coming up tonight, and courageous rushing just a courageous rescue. heather: i don' t forget, download the wcvb app now for complete new hampshire primary results including live streaming coverage and results as they
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s available now in your app
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but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. ed: in taiwan, 3 people have been arrested in connection with into good -- a death that resulted from last week' s earthquake. the arrestees are former executives of the real estate company that built the 17-story tower that collapsed. they are charged with negligence resulting in death. at least 40 people died in the earthquake. more than 100 are still missing. one of the world' s newest and
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the same storm system that hit us yesterday. the royal caribbean anthem of the seas, heading toward the bahamas, hit hurricane-force winds, forcing the captain to confine passengers to their cabins for hours. four passengers were hurt, but the anthem itself took some damage, including several broken windows and a collapsed ceiling. seven people hurt in yesterday' s bus accident in southern connecticut are still in critical condition. they are among 11 people still hospitalized after the accident in i-95. the driver told police he was merging into the right lane when he lost control of the vehicle and slid off the highway. heather: caught on camera, a missouri state trooper saves a check out this dash cam video. you can see the trooper carrying the woman out of the car. a bike rider ran into health. she was rescued and suffered serious injuries. this flight not one you wanted to be on. take a look, strong winds forced this plane to abort its landing
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the alitalia flight was en route from milan. in attempts to make a landing on approach, before abandoning the attempt. landing. good to see you. it is called in canada. harvey: that is just unbelievably cold. i want to let you know it will come in a couple of stages. the first stages late week, and then the second stages during the day on saturday. ed: sundays valentine' s day. harvey: it will still be a sweetheart of a cold day. i cannot put it any other way.
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day a low of 20. the record was set back in 1990 one. with a record low temperature was the coldest temperature boston has ever had. 18 degrees below zero, february 9, 1934. i would like to tell you i remember it well, but i cannot go back that far. let' s give you an idea health -- of how cold it will be. seven degrees below zero. even that would not be a record, which is interesting. boston forecasting about two degrees below zero. that would not be a record either. a very record c old.
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it is going to be a complete by wind. the windchill is going to come dangerous as we get to later saturday night and into sunday. there is the last time we were the cold, about a year ago. remember last winter? emily: the coldest february march, we have ever seen. couple hours in a row the wind has been calm. tonight temperatures will stay in the 20' s, but it' s the f mccloud' s thin and him, if you see a couple of degrees compared to today. tomorrow night we drove back to the 20' s. thursday is the first installment of the one-two punch of arctic air. that will be a windy day and a cold day.
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tomorrow, early in the day there' s a little dusting of snow so that everybody. maybe a coating to an inch or two of snow. but we also have this line back here which can be coming through our area tomorrow afternoon and staters no squalls right ahead of the first surgeon arctic air. it is not showing on all computer models. here we see some snow showers across western half of new england. again, they may be in different locations, but we do have the risk of a brief time of snow in the morning and then if you squalls midday or afternoon. thursday was also the -- we could also see if you squalls. maybe a touch of snow thursday night or friday afternoon. after that, all of which will be the intense that are cold that will follow.
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watched the progression, the slide in temperatures. we do get colder, but the big difference is saturday. we may start out in the teens, never get out of it. start falling in the afternoon. the average temperature could be about five below with wind and degrees. leave it or not, our next significant storm could actually be a snow changing into rain situation. we have a lot of dramatic changes in the future. ed: our celebration of black history month continues tonight on newscenter 5 at 5. heather: next one of courage and perseverance. we take a closer look a the impressive story of the 54th massachusetts regiment. ed: coming up at 6:00, the mbta officer injured in the aftermath of the marathon bombings announcing a big change for his
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>> heather is a history professor at boston college. >> they at the very least could be sold into slavery for their captured. but that meant they could be killed. >> the climax of the movie is an assault on the confederate force. the 54th regiment made an important statement and received recognition for their service. >> they looked at the fact that they had been fighting for the country at the same time that white americans were trying to destroy it. and it seems that black americans should be part of america. >> regiment still exist. in 2008 it was reactivated as a ceremonial unit for the massachusetts national guard. + for black history month,
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heather: voters still heading to the polls tonight. where there are long lines trying to vote. a lot of problems eating their -- getting there.
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