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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> this is commitment 2016 special coverage. the new hampshire primaries. ed: right now at 5:30, the polls are still open in new hampshire. most polls will they open until 8:00 p.m. tonight. by 8:00 p.m. all the polls will be closed, and you are looking live from sky 5 at the traffic and merrimack high school. this is heading to what may be a record turnout for voters in new hampshire. we are estimating the line to be about two miles long. it is also rush hour, but they are still in line. heather: that is just one of the places. it has meant a spectacular voter turnout can and long lines will be happy at the polling stations as well. julie macdonald has the story from manchester.
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>> secretary of state william garner predicted a record turnout, and poll workers agree it is looking like one for the books. turnouts i have seen. >> voters waiting patiently in line told newscenter 5 it is clear what is drawing so many to show up. they are fed up. country. we are the precipice of going this way or that way. >> we are all looking for a change. frustration with the economy, with other political things going on around the world. >> she has been working the polls for the past 25 years, and this is something she is proud of. >> it all comes down to being an american, and exercising your right to vote. most places don' t have that right and it is exciting to be
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ed: i am just checking over some length data. maryanne marsh and patrick joins us from the polls now. we just show the live shot from merrimack high school. the traffic , showing it live, what does it mean for people who are showing up to vote >> ? the polls might not close at eight? >> whoever is in line can stay in line and vote. the expected 10 to 15,000 people to vote in this specific polling spot that you just showed. that is a republican stronghold. that cap a very good night signal for donald trump. they changed the traffic pattern today, not a good idea. ed: donald trump does win, does that mean the republican
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>> i don' t think so. i don' t -- i think someone is going to come in number two, and there might be two people very close for the second spot. i think this is going to go for a long time. but the delegates to start getting paid. this is a long slog. we will see the field with no and next week or two or three, but i don' t think so. i think it goes on for quite a while. ed: if bernie sanders does win, as large as the polls suggest, does it mean he has national juice? >> he is certainly competitive, and he is showing he will take the fight to hillary clinton. he has the money, he has the resources, as he performs well here tonight, and she does not come in under 10 points, he has made his name known because voters in this country pay
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they go to that in south carolina after that. into the spring. tonight. [laughter] ed: thank you so much. newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage tonight. our team of reporters and analysts will have the come in. our coverage goes until midnight. you can also watch live on the wcvb mobile app. heather: if you have to go outside tonight, let' s see what you are getting into. harvey: i have my eye on a couple of things. little area of snow that is coming through new jersey. if you move that to the east northeast, it may nick the south coast or the cape for a brief time of snow. the other thing i watching his back here. that is an arctic cold front and there are some snow squall. we could have a couple of schools scattered around our
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s take you out in time. they may translate easily. there will be scattered snow squall' s around the region tomorrow afternoon. it can cover the ground quickly, and really lower the visibility. that could happen in some scattered locations. as you check it out overnight, we will pretty much stay in the 20' s. we will have much more coming up for you in a little while. ed: the new hampshire man convicted of killing a student has been denied a reduced parole. at today' s hearing, the victim' s father testified against any parole consideration. >> you are doing crimes that led
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disturbing outcomes, and showed a disdain for other people. ed: even if he was granted for all was stay in jail for life on the murder charge. heather: right now police in stoneham are trying to track down this man wanted for robbing a bank. it happened late yesterday morning at a bank of america on branch street. police hope the clear image helps identify the man. ed: the danger is spreading. heather: the fight against the zika virus.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m.. ed: a train crash in germany is under investigation. investigators say the trains are on a curve, and neither had time to break before the crash. 50 people were seriously hurt. the black boxes have been recovered from the trains and that should provide more answers. heather: there is growing concern about the zika virus. with 50 confirmed cases in the u.s., the white house is asking for $50 million to five it with research. >> today washington dictating nearly $2 billion in emergency funds to fight the mosquito borne zika virus. while the cdc raises its think a response to level one, the highest level of alert.
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>> they have only gone to one level one alert for three other times, for hurricane katrina, for ebola, and for swine flu. >> concerned travelers can fight fights themselves. these three repellents are the most effective. >> the most effective repellents against the zika virus were the ones that contains either 25% seet deet or 25% the keratin. >> for pregnant women it has the problem of microcephaly. >> it is likely that zika can cause other problems. >> while it is new to you
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new to the u.s., the areas where it is elsewhere is not. ed: still to come, new guidelines on treating one of the top depression disorders. heather: dr. group is surely they think is the best course of action. harvey: it seems pretty clear that the coldest weather will be arriving during the course of this weekend. we will see about that and the
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ed: back to our coverage right now. david moore is joining us right now. >> it is like old times. ed: that is true. voter turnout looks large in new hampshire today. that says what? >> i think it says the particularly on the republican well. hillary clinton. this estate has been good for before, but we are in bernie sanders' s backyard. on the republican side, we were
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were once a a republican in the white house, but ones that i like like trump. i think there were a lot of latent deciders. one poll i looked at had 44% of republicans not decided as we went into these final days. ed: and some of these exit polls, nearly half of republicans say they are looking political establishment. that might support the numbers that donald trump has gotten so far. >> he is hoping that the polls are right this time. he showed up at the new hampshire debate over the weekend. as you know, there were a lot of fireworks on that stage. in addition to donald trump, there were the governor' s hoping to establish themselves as the other candidates, chris christie, jeb bush, these
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kasich momentum in new hampshire. but they also said that this could spell the end of they do not do so well here. this plays a great role every four years. ed: marco rubio finish third and walked around like he won it. did he take a hit the other night in the debate? >> we asked him about his record of first-term senator. he gave a couple of things he believed he had a conflict, but chris christie jumped in, and said he could not do as we did with barack obama. marco rubio repeated himself several times during that debate, and what has been most damaging is the 24 hour coverage of the race, and putting those notes of against each other so voters can see that he was repeating himself word for your. he said he will stand by that message. we will see if that helps or hurts the results.
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he will renew world news at 6:30 p.m. right after wcvb. heather: we want to tell you about some programming changes due to primary coverage tonight. jimmy kimmel live and nightline will air immediately following our extended edition of newscenter 5 at 11. tonight' s episodes of fresh off the boat, the muppets, and what would you do will all be shown overnight. what would you do a few had to shovel out more snow? harvey: that is not going to happen immediately. [laughter] it is interesting you mention about snow. check this out, as we go to our graphic. with the snow that fell in boston yesterday and last night, we came out to a little over six inches. for the season we are now at
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week. the second these will be really intense on the course of this weekend, especially saturday afternoon, saturday night, and sunday morning. all day sunday will be intensely cold. it is a little hard to specifically locate or time them, but they will be around southern new england. squalls can, on you suddenly. -- can appear suddenly. the visibility can go way down. that may be around our region. we will be following that during the course of tomorrow, midday, and afternoon. then it will ease for a while tomorrow night. chances are better tomorrow than thursday. friday starts out with sun. very late friday night and early saturday there will be another oceans warm.
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not get its act together, but it opens the gate for better -- bitter cold air to come in. look at the month of february. let' for you. tomorrow especially and for a smaller extent on thursday, it friday. and then the weekend, saturday the temperatures will never get out of the teens. many of us below zero with wind early sunday morning. ed: so many of us have done it. i have done it. shrinking close in the dust clothes in the dryer. for one harvard business school students it was a cashier shred -- cashmere sweater. chronicle' s shayna seymour tells us stolar' s mistake inspired her
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>> the actual heat penetrates the fibers and causes them to break down and crawl back into the natural shape. >> when she entered fellow students were given seed money to create a micro business, she sold them on her idea. >> we became mad scientist s, and we came up with an active ingredient that was safe, and actually worked. and you' re using the whole bottle, but you can entry up to four garments at one time. >> and allows them to be stretched back to their original shape. it works on wool, and for mark cuban. he made them an offer. >> you have passed the shark tank test.
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>> enough to help moving to retail outlets. the product is formulated and bottled here at a specialty store in camden. >> why do you think nobody succeeded in solving this problem before you? >> no one thought it was worth the time to try. and a lot people thought it is a crazy idea. >> crazy, but problem solved. ed: that is what we like. that is tonight on chronicle, dented cars. plus, money back from professionals who clean out attics and basements. problem solvers, at 7:30 p.m. tonight on chronicle. heather: i cannot wait to try that. ed:
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heather: a gymnast at ucla lighting up social media tonight wit her hip-hop themed floor routine. ed: these moves would make beyonce proud. sophina strutted and even managed to nae nae, all while sticking perfect landings and pulling off a triple flip into a split. she scored just shy of a perfect $10. tonight the video has been viewed more than 22 million viewers. heather: look at her go. move. new tonight, treating major depression disorders. treatment. a team with live coverage from new we'
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choice. also, an officer who was hurt in the aftermath of the marathon bombing as he makes a future. ed: a brockton boy who fell through thin ice remembered by
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heather: in health tonight, doctors are issuing new treatment for major depressive orders. antidepressants are one of the most prescribed medications in this country. past statistics suggest more than one in 10 americans take them. now a new treatment comes from the american college of physicians. they suggest a specialized form of talk therapy may be just as good against the type of depression known as major depressive disorder. depression is a common disease. the national institute of mass -- mental health estimates nearly 7% of the population has experienced a major depressive episode in the last year. that makes this potentially debilitating disease one of the most common illnesses treated by physicians. the new guidelines are because of an extensive review of the research conducted over the last 25 years. since this talk therapy does not have the typical side effects, doctors are hopeful they can
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ed: our coverage of new hampshire primary starts right now. heather: newscenter 5 at 6:00 p.m. start right now. >> new hampshire votes. with large crowds at polling places. >> friends remember a little boy who died falling through the eyes, and the desperate attempt to save him. harvey: the next chance to see any snow, and when the coldest weather of the entire season will be arriving. heather: injured in the shootout with the marathon bomber. >> my biggest take away is how such a horrible situation can have so much good come out of it. >> the difficult choice he is announcing tonight. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00 p.m. ed: right now, commitment to thousand 16 coverage of the new hampshire primary. heather: after months of campaigning it all comes down to tonight.
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polls will be open for another two hours. we have live tv coverage tonight. we are following the candidates all day in their final push for support. ed: you' re looking at the breaking news of the hour. the potential turnoff for a -- the potential record turnout. cars are lined up for a couple of miles. the wait to vote right now is about 40 minutes. right now let' s get to j.c. monahan who begins our coverage. j.c.: we are live here at the ted cruz watch party. as you can tell, it has not started yet, the full set to close first, and then things will get going. ted cruz has one campaign stop today as he made his way to manchester to try to encourage people to vote for him in this
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unenrolled the state tha what
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