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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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karen anderson is inside the high school there. is everyone going to get a chance to go? >> inside. the problem is outside where it has taken people an hour to get to the high school. one woman told me it took 42 minutes to go two miles. there are concerns about how long it took. one woman tried three times today to get here and others are still waiting to try to get in. i just spoke with the town moderator and police chief. there is one polling place in the entire town and their 18,000 registered voters. what they are going to do now is the polls are supposed to close at 7:00. they will put cruisers at the end and they will be marking the
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cruisers following those cars and. the town moderator has been told she' s not allowed to extend the hours so they are marking the line inroads about a quarter to a third of a mile in three different directions away from the high school. people continuing to walk in but no problem here inside. the problem is on the roads and a lot of angry voters in merrimack tonight. maria: we will keep watching the situation as it unfolds for unbelievable. ed: in every direction, the traffic is backed up. maria: let' s get you to the candidates. ed: hillary clinton hoping to prove that the polls are wrong. janet with the campaign tonight. janet: it' s a bit of a backup here in southern new hampshire where clinton will be holding her election night headquarters
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of the traffic, it just has to do with security. supporters are just showing up at this point to get in. hillary clinton is looking for good news tonight after weeks of polls showing a massive gap between her and bernie sanders. she visited a manchester polling place today with an upbeat attitude, but yesterday you could hear the strain in her voice when she accused sanders of allowing his supporters to espouse hateful rhetoric. early polls tonight show honesty and trustworthiness are the most important attributes for democratic voters today and electability is important. that early exit poll also said only a quarter of those taking a ballots today once an outsider candidate in that is good for
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ed: week' s second-place finish in iowa and we will go to reed. >> live from concord, new hampshire at the bernie sanders campaign headquarters. many people anticipate a victory speech. senator sanders had a very comfortable lead in new hampshire heading into today' s primary. over the past several months, the senator has overcome a 40 point deficit. granite state. a big part of that due to the has energized. we both are currently being counted. sanders supporters counting on
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ed: on the republican side, donald trump is hoping to score his first win after last week' s second-place finish in iowa. phil lipof is live with the trump campaign in manchester. >> we are at a banquet hall just outside of manchester airport. behind me come a couple supporters waiting to get in. he was getting into one of his public schedule today. he will be here we are told about 9:30 tonight. low turnout is strong but as trump said his health in a video -- himself in a video face book message today, it doesn' t matter what the polls say, what matters is getting to the polls tonight. some people are having a difficult time but he said he have to get to the polls.
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it is important as he has told all of his import -- supporters. we will see you back live inside in a short time for them -- time. ed: also following the marco rubio campaign. he is really fighting to be an alternative. you can see the supporters pouring in right now. marco rubio really saying he is feeling the momentum in this campaign. earlier today, he was meeting. he was hoping to sustain and build on his iowa momentum in new hampshire. that debate performance over the weekend put some questions in voters minds. the q4 marco rubio tonight is really finishing in the top tier and winning a many delegates as possible and carrying not
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maria: chris christie, jeb bush, and john kasich have made new hampshire a cornerstone of their campaign strategy, practically camping out there. tonight, they' re all hoping to move the needle, fighting for a bump, going into the rest of the primary season, our live coverage continues with newscenter 5' s jack harper who is live in nashua with the christie campaign. jack: there are a lot of people tonight and a lot of candidates who want to probably say we are number two. obviously, many steps today made by chris christie. he has been saying several things today, including he t have any idea how this will turn out and none of the it' s all a to the voters.
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shortly for the -- shortly. >> don' t be surprised at john kasich does well. he has a huge ground game going on and has conducted 106 town hall meetings all over the state and turned in a strong performance in the debate over are saying undecided voters are factor in their decision. most in new hampshire. can he pull off a second or third place finish? he needs a big night to stay in this race.
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>> this is where governor bush and his campaign will be getting together tonight. you can see a crush of media. people are still getting set up. a number of supporters already had the tables and as we come back closer to the stage, some reporters in that area of the room. bush will take the stage. he was greeting voters in bedford today. he said he was feeling confident he got his message across to the voters in new hampshire. he will keep running along the campaign trail and will have some of that' s tomorrow. as for tonight, he is expected
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>> live in hollis, new hampshire at the ted cruz headquarters. we have a couple supporters behind me by the media still outnumbering supporters. ted cruz had one campaign stop today in manchester' s. expectations are low for him. some were saying this is an off primary for him. he doesn' t really have a lot of pressure on him. this is not the evangelical support he had in iowa. he is hoping to get a strong enough showing that it can present to the nation he has a brother support and it' s not just the evangelicals but he can start to bring in the libertarians.
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to rubio, chris christie, jeb bush. he is looking to broaden his base. his wife is already in south carolina . ed: joining us now from manchester are our analysts, mary anne marsh for the democrats and pat griffin for the republicans. let' s talk about what is going on in merrimack right now with all the traffic and people not getting into vote. plenty of time to vote inside but apparently they will be allowed to. >> i think the question you will be confronted with is the law in most places is if you are physically standing in line, you can vote. i have no idea what the law in new hampshire has to say about people' s that in the cars trying
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big question but it does speak to everyone' s credit about the interest and enthusiasm about this election. >> this is a primary. they are willing to sit in line and go through this for a primary. >> the big thing is everyone once to vote and everyone should vote so my advice for anyone out there from any campaign to get down to merrimack and get in line with that traffic jam. i don' t understand why this is only happening in merrimack. it' s a republican-rich town. i don' t quite understand why we haven' t this from similar communities of that size but it' ll be interesting to see what the attorney general does and if they extend the polling. ed: we' ve just been told they have. the polls and merrimack have an extended -- been extended. this large turnout means what for tonight' s results?
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i' m not sure that' s the story because we know both of them will finish high. the question is what happens in number two? who is bunch together on the republican side? does cases take second? what does that mean and what happens to jeb bush and chris christie and ted cruz and marco rubio? on the democratic side, if it' s that big, it' s a real problem for hillary clinton because those are bernie voters turning out. >> on the republican side, a lot of people will have to answer a lot of questions and adult think everybody will be able to move on. on the democratic side, if hillary clinton can' t keep that to under 10 points, she has a lot of questions as to ask about her campaign and how they regroup. we will see where she ends up later tonight.
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newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage, our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates covered as results come in. our coverage goes until midnight. you can also watch live on the wcvb mobile app. maria: stocks extending their three-day losing streak today. the dow falling 12 points . the nasdaq composite lost 15 and the s&p 500 slipped one point. ed: it is seven columbus and you are looking live in merrimack all stop the polls there will stay open as long as the officials deem it necessary so it an open ended question. there are lines everywhere. how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... pthen you make it...
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ed: merrimack saying tonight the poll will stay open as long as the moderator deems necessary and they are no longer going to cut off traffic. it is going to stay open. the cars pour in and the votes continue to count.
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nearly killed in the aftermath of the marathon bombing says he will retire. he steps -- says he is still not 100%. he also says he is not bitter about what happened to him. >> i like to think i look a little better than i did in april 2013. i' m not quite 100% in. you need to be 100% when you are on the street. maria: donahue has had years of rehabilitation and is now teaching criminal justice classes at fisher college and he and his wife are expecting a second son this spring. he looks terrific. ed: great night over the city. harvey: not when, not too bad. 29 in boston. a general northwesterly wind and
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the temperatures fall off a cliff. now down to 16 in orange. the temperatures will be in the 20' s. tomorrow, a few degrees more mild than today. tomorrow, we could edge into the low-to-mid 30' s. there is the break in the clouds. snow flurries and snow squalls. some entering new jersey and others moving across new york state. two chances. not likely to be super widespread but the chances are better you will experience some of these sometime tomorrow. it doesn' t take much to coat the ground and make it slippery. as we go through the day, we see other flurries of squalls. visibility can drop down and a
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that is the kind of day it will be tomorrow. even thursday, there could be some scattered flurries around. we have to talk about the kind of cold we are dealing with. this arise later tomorrow night. there is a chunk of air that is really frigid that will be unleashed in the united states. even in boston, it could drop could be a dangerously cold level. the mention tomorrow of the possibility of some flurries. thursday will be the windier of the days. friday as cold as well, starting out at about 13. i don'
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the gates will be open for frigid air to move in. i' really talking cold stuff. temperatures. they keep going down saturday afternoon and saturday night to possibly below zero and bitterly cold as well on sunday. degrees. we will keep you posted. maria: thank you. politics attracts all sorts. ed: take a look at the picture. this is a 300-pound female pig did put in an appearance at a new hampshire polling place today. no one is sure what it was doing there. perhaps a railing against porkbarrel politics. maria: you didn' t say that. ed: it wandered around but found
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i' m sorry. the pigs owner eventually recaptured the pig. maria: things are happening in new hampshire. when the nicest things can you are having the worst day happen. ,ed: how a stranger helped a woman out of a big jam in tonight'
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maria: a mother posted this picture after her daughter ' s car slid off of 95 during yesterday' s storm. a driver named aaron was driving by and saw what happened and decided to help. a trooper stayed with the woman well aaron drove around, found a rope, and used it to help hold her car out. now to a look at the stories will be following all night long when we come back. ed: and remember, we want to know your good news. send us your video and pictures of people making a difference and doing good in your community. share them on the wcvb facebook page or e-mail them to ulocal at
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maria: one last look at sky 5. those are cars of simply waiting to get into those polls to vote in we can tell you they granted permission for the polls to stay open as long as the moderator deems necessary so they will not cut off that traffic.
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able to get in. the question is what kind of backup will we see and you can stay right here with us because we are not going anywhere. we will be here from 8:00 until midnight. ed: in a word, tonight will be --
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