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tv   News Center 5 Coverage of the NH Primary  ABC  February 9, 2016 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> this is commitment 2016. the new hampshire primaries. >> hello, everybody. you' re watching a special what you' re looking at right there, a long line of merrimack. and vote. >> inside people are snaking around the high school gym. they can still stay open until all lines clear out. >> the results are starting to
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ed: we want to check in with karen anderson on the situation in merrimack. she is with the moderators. give us the latest on merrimack. karen: the polls are still open one hour after they were supposed to close. open because of the traffic problems. many angry voters waiting for an hour in line to go a couple miles to get in here. we are joined now by len christianson, the town moderator. she is the woman in charge here right now. we are -- what is the latest year? lynn: w about to close the polls. e-- we are about to close the polls. ed: reporting that donald trump and bernie sanders have won the
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maria: again, already projected trump. ed: these were the ones who had the larger numbers. ap is saying they have both won. we are sorry for interrupting. latest in merrimack. christiansen -- lynn christiansen. one voter called this a traffic apocalypse. lynn: that is about right and we know it and we admit it. we changed the traffic pattern because past years we have had some congestion. not huge but some and we change the pattern to try and make it better. obviously it made it much worse. so we have been trying to tweak it a little bit. we put officers out there to help with directions and moving
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nothing we could do to make this work better this afternoon. karen: they' re wrapping this up, closing down. the polls right here. lessons learned for next time? lynn: absolutely. we will review how we did and how we did it and what we can do to make it work better next time. karen: back to you. ed: the votes will be closing but it is important to note the votes are still important. the ap is saying trump and sanders have one. maria: the ap is calling this race for donald trump and bernie sanders. i am sure people are pretty happy. phil: i do not have to say a thing. you are right. it looks like donald
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win the new hampshire primaries. this place erupted. it is packed. take a look at what we have. all of donald trump' s supporters , you see that make america great signs. they are shoulder to shoulder. three or 400 strong at this hour and they are excited. the minute the announcement was made this place went crazy. donald trump where told is expected here at 9 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. he did not campaign much today. his family and daughter and sons were campaigning for him. this place very excited right now. donald trump was in the lead and had a big lead coming in here. they' re watching the networks right now. anytime anybody mentions donald trump there is a huge cheer in this room as you would imagine. it will be this way until the candidate comes out and speaks. we will be here for it live. back to you in the studio.
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ed: for donald trump it is his first win as a politician. ted cruz got more. donald trump get his first win as a politician in new hampshire. we mentioned it was bernie sanders 21 as well as according to the associated press. reid: cnn also projecting the vermont sanders the winner here. the news went over well to the supporters. waiting to hear from him. bernie sanders has won the new hampshire primary. this is significant momentum as he moves on to the south carolina primary. sanders kept it will -- a relatively quiet schedule with
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voters in concord but we are hearing that we will have a breakfast meeting tomorrow morning with al sharpton in new york at the world famous or very famous restaurant in new york and harlem. getting support from african-american leaders. something his rival has secured. carolina. done votes are what he has done the polls -- the polls are closed. according to the ap and cnn winning the new hampshire primaries. the supporters very happy, jumping around. on the note of bernie sanders
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should mention there is a dj here in the gym playing very funky, young music, if you will. classical school hip hop mixed in with some funky music and everyone is enjoying it and i do think it is a reflection in the landscape of bernie sanders' voting base. young college age eager to make a revolution. live in concord. maria: a huge part of his base. he has mobilized them and that is obviously it. all these cars are waiting in line in merrimack, new hampshire and we are telling everyone that race is called. we have bernie sanders and donald trump. second is still so important. ed: california had not voted yet in a past election.
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s get some analysis of what is going on. it has fallen the way the polls have told us. the winners are sanders and trump. break it down for us. >> we kind of gasped when we heard it was already called. let' s start with you. any surprise here? pat: the big surprise is not only that trump one. we knew he was going to win. these are huge numbers by almost any amount. it looks like donald trump will win this thing a lot. the question is how much air is there between he and the second and third place winners who appear pretty bunched up right now. forward? someone. what are the candidates who will move on be on this? his story is i am the guy who won and i am the only guys who
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race that he can dominate a primary a little differently than we have done it here. door to door, shoe leather, ground game. when he did have a celebrity and donald trump. what happened here? >> we are going to wait to see what the numbers are but the loss is a body blow to hillary clinton and her campaign. they have to reassess how they are going to go forward. they have to be --look back at iowa. they set expectations that they would not win new hampshire but many people thought they would close it at 10 or less. it does not look that way. waiting for the final numbers. what is it we can do to recover in the next 11 days to try to win nevada and try to win south carolina when you' re hearing that bernie sanders is meeting with african-american leaders in
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>> onto the next races. what is new hampshire -- what does new hampshire mean? how symbolic is it? pat: when you run for president you cannot hide who you are and every candidate who comes through here whether you win or lose, one of them becomes the next president. what you learn about them and their character here reflects itself when they are president. that is what you learn in new hampshire. whoever the winners are, sanders and trump may or may not be president, maybe some of the else but what you will learn is what kind of person that person is going to be as president and overall office. >> a big win for donald trump. he came out of iowa not having the best night brady comes out of here sailing. where does he go from here? pat: he will go to south carolina and he will drive the narrative that imd different
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that is an appealing thing to angry voters. down. committee will be nervous. they have to figure it out. vote. ed: that was a smart analysis. the must be a sizable enough loss. to do it this quickly. maria: let' s talk about the reaction at hillary clinton headquarters. i am sure a much different scene that we saw it bernie sanders' , that is for sure. janet: you are talking about traffic problems, you should see the number of people who are trying to get into the election night headquarters and they cannot get in.
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zation reigns. the room is barely half filled and most of it is because they cannot get in. by the time they get on there some -- on their smartphones i am not sure how many will end up in this room. the folks here very glum looking. they know it will not be a good night. basically the confusion that has been taking place for folks just to get here is symptomatic of the campaign here in new hampshire. a special here in the last few final weeks. a lot of disappointed folks here today. there has been a lot of talk in the last couple of days. new hampshire has been good to the clintons. tonight is perhaps their biggest and for -- first major disappointment. you will not hear the clinton catchphrase here. there is none of that tonight. hillary clinton and her husband are expected here expected on the stage sometime after 9 p.m.
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here at the clinton headquarters in southern new hampshire university in hooksett, new hampshire. ed: the client -- the clinton campaign manager has conceded the race. this is it a must has the feeling of a knockout punch. you say mrs. clinton and the president will both be there before this evening is through? janet: that is what we were told but this was 15 or 20 minutes ago. i am not sure if things have changed. i will update you if i do. i find it hard to believe that they would -- at least hillary clinton will not show up. supporters and people that been working here for months came here holding signs but nobody walked in here with a smile on their face or looking very happy tonight. >> it was clear yesterday when i was with the clinton campaign
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they were hoping they could pull things together, that the field organization could do something but it was written, they had this look on their face that no matter what they did it was going to be bad news tonight. marie: will you stand by? we will stand by to see when the clintons come out and address their supporters. ed: that will happen this evening. mrs. clinton will come up and speak in when she does we will present it to you right here on channel 5. now we get into what is going to happen beyond the republican finish, root -- beyond the donald trump when. what happens next? >> a lot of supporters were pretty silent when that news came out but toward the end no one expected that marco rubio would actually win this race in new hampshire but as you mentioned, all eyes are on that
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seeing who comes in second, third, fourth. for this campaign it was a race for the delegates. they want to win as many delegates and try to carry that momentum to south carolina and onto nevada. marco rubio says he is feeling the momentum. we also that debate over the weekend talking to a lot of voters. it raised questions in their mind but his campaign says a number of volunteers came in last night. they came in today trying to get out the vote. they were making phone calls and knocking on doors trying to get out the vote. some of the recent polling shows that john kasich was on his heels and even sometimes surpassing him. the campaign looking closely at these numbers but this could be that middle tier we have been watching for a while here as votes continue to come in. marco rubio hoping for a clear number two to be an alternative to donald trump and ted cruz as they move forward.
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john was talking about numbers. we have -- we are past 8:15 p.m. so there are some numbers to be counted. there is still voting in merrimack as well. even those numbers have to be added to. let' s take a look at the numbers as we have them. just past 8:15 p.m. donald trump with a 24 but as we projected donald trump is the winner in the republican side. this is the numbers were jeb bush. he is at a 5%, these are per luminary numbers. -- preliminary numbers. marie: 1% of the precincts coming in now. this will come in fast and. but the winners came in fast and furious which was a surprise, just that quick. here we go. these are the winners right now. again we have to see what is going to happen and see how these candidates flesh this whole thing out.
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they brought in the heavy hitter, barbara bush into the campaign trail this week so they brought a heavy hitter in. to dd: they brought in arbor bush and we saw the campaign ads with george w. bush, the former president. there were hoping this would create some momentum. you look around here, this is manchester community college. there is a lot of media here but we have some supporters for the front of the room as well. they have gathered here, they are watching their results come in. we expect to hear from governor bush at some point likely after 9 p.m. at this point for candidates like governor bush it is a question of coming in second, coming in third. that is the goal to keep this campaign going forward. we talked earlier with a
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house and what he said is he is confident that no matter how it goes tonight, this campaign will keep going forward and the reasons for that by the fact they have the resources to do so and let' s be honest, governor bush is one of the establishment candidates who was presumed to do well in this race. he is going to continue going on regardless of how things go here tonight. he will be in south carolina tomorrow. he has an event there and he will go to nevada following that. we will keep you posted as we go on tonight but we do expect to hear from governor bush after 9 p.m. tonight. that to you in the studio. he spent a lot of time and a lot of money in new hampshire. ed: we will see of it will produce anything. there is still that question, who does finish second, third, who does what? everyone is moving on. the democrats and republicans are moving on. there are other battlegrounds to
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marie: updated numbers. bernie sanders which the race has been called for him anyway but right now it is 12% of the precincts reporting in. bernie sanders at 56 and hillary clinton 42. ed: donald trump has been declared the winner. a percent. they are not quite up to 12. casey goa 16. jeb bush is right there. ted cruz a lisbon -- 11. we are watching those numbers
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marie: i am sure there wait -- they are waiting for some news. jack: you do these things a few times and you walk and it is like walking into a house. you get a feeling, is this a nice house or not such a nice house and this does not feel very happy right now. this is not what they hoped for our what they expected. the candidate chris christie said a couple of weeks ago as he got his but kicked here to paraphrase, he was going to not go any further. that may not be what happens here. it does not look good. today he said the numbers were unpredictable but he also said internal polling was looking good. that was the debate on saturday night. if you finish his past three or four you have to wonder what the future will be. he was hoping for 2 and made that clear earlier today. it is still early but this does
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marie: unfortunately they have the same sort of feeling with janet wu who is with the clinton campaign. already calling for bernie sanders. they are trying to figure things out there. what is next for hillary clinton? >> i am here with a big supporter of hillary clinton. you were with barack obama in 2008. what went wrong here? >> we knew we had an uphill fight ring against the next-door neighbor, the next-door neighbors always win in new hampshire. that was a hard thing for us. the voters are in a tough mood this year. they are not real happy. they' re going to vote for donald trump and bernie sanders tonight but i think the biggest obstacle was the next-door neighbor difficulties. new hampshire does stand for the people who live nearby.
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she will do a lot of reorganizing with her campaign. she is not happy with the message that came out of here that she should have known ahead of time that the discontented voters should have sharpened her message. that she once again move too late -- did she want to get move too late? >> the one thing hillary clinton did is talk about a lot of issues and bernie sanders stayed razor sharp on one issue, income inequality. there will be a discussion about what the topics will be for discussion as we go on to the next round of states. you cannot talk about too many issues. three or four key issues will be critical. i will not be surprised if gun violence is not one of the big issues. that is where have big differences. janet: especially when you' re going into south carolina. >> bernie sanders' record on gun
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he has voted against the brady bill five times and voted against liability for gun manufacturers. that is not a progressive record on a very big issue. janet: essentially what happened last summer in south carolina and what happened down there, that is still a very big event in the minds of a lot of democratic voters down there. goldman sachs, bernie sanders made a very big point of pointing out that she had received a lot of money from goldman sachs when she was making speeches and she tried to come back at him yesterday. was that too little, too late? >> yeah. i really do think that hillary clinton had her speaking fees but she does have a record and hillary clinton has stood up against abusive financial services activities. if you look at the ads that we are running here in new hampshire, the financial services area, particularly the hedge fund area, the super pack was working hard to defeat her because they were afraid of her. i think the record that she has
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there needs to be more focus on what her record is. janet: is that goldman sachs and the support for a lot of -- thanks to the banking industry which was a big part of her area , her demographic when she was a senator, is that going to haunt her on the trail as she moves south and goes to south carolina and nevada and the west? >> i do not think so. as we head into the next round of states, it is a different type of politics. you have a very large hispanic population, very large african-american population. some issues are going to resonate. much so in those southern states. the gun violence issue is a good example. so i think the campaign may talk a little bit differently about some of those issues but i think that is where the real focus will be. janet: she is expected to speak
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still sort of half empty. a lot of glum faces. what do you want to hear from hillary clinton when she takes the stage and is at that podium? >> i was barack obama' s chairman in 2008 and i know what it is like to lose and pick yourself up and keep the fight going and i think what they want hillary clinton to say tonight, is to congratulate bernie sanders and his supporters. campaign. fighter. she has always been a fighter and the score is one to one. we won iowa and he wins new hampshire. the race goes on. she will pick it up and went -- fight hard to win this commendation. janet: that will be the theme tonight, how she sharpens her message and how hard she will go after bernie sanders as they leave the granite state. back to you. ed: bernie sanders one over young voters and independent voters. marie: which is expected after
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s go to the ted cruz headquarters. jc: i am in hollis, new hampshire at the ted cruz headquarters. it is sparsely filled and more people are coming in at this hour as you have been talking about. trump has been projected the winner but the fight here as you have been hearing is for second, third, fourth place. where will he fall in that lineup? what he does not want to do is be lower than that to come in marginal. playing out that one hit wonder know that he won in iowa but can he carry through question mark you need to strong finish to show he can appeal to a broader base and he is going for that libertarian, unenrolled vote in new hampshire. he had more secular talk and toned down his social message. this is a broader base that he is trying to reach that he could
8:29 pm
carolina. there. ted cruz is expected to go there d.c. for a vote. i talked to some of his staffers -- no one seems to know and a but he seems to be is right now. he only has one campaign stop earlier in manchester at a diner where he met with some of his in new hampshire. he has not been out much today. we have not heard too much from him. staff is not saying too much. right now he is fighting for potentially second, third, perhaps fourth place. we will watch the numbers as they come in and find out where he is going to fall before he heads into south carolina. he wants to build on that momentum coming out of iowa. he does not want to look like it was one time only so he needs a strong finish here to carry into south carolina to show he has a broad appeal.
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bernie sanders is the projected winner on the democratic side and donald trump winning it on the republican side. ed: the numbers for trump are remarkable. the size and the margin are rather large. marie: let' s look at them right now. for donald trump with 10% reporting, he is at 35%. john kasich, number two which a lot of people were predicting and this is an interesting spot. jeb bush at 12 and ted cruz right behind jeb bush at 11%. chris christie at 8. carly fiorina at 5 and ben carson down at the bottom with 2%. ed: case it is number two. mary is live. is there a buzz building in the room?
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there is a lot of optimism. people like what they are saying. john kasich took a lot of time here and held a lot of town hall meetings. showing people that his 18 years in congress, his two terms as a governor have made him qualified to solve the big problems of this nation. he also did very well according to early exit polls among late deciding voters. 21% showing and they told us an early exit polling that they did -- the debates were a critical factor in the decision who they would vote for among those who were undecided. john kasich had a very good showing. he has been putting a lot of time trying to get to know people on a one by one basis. we saw him serving coffee. every night including last night he was at a town meeting.
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wanted was to have a to stay in the race. he has an itinerary set up and he is planning on moving on. his bus is down there. i did find that one interesting fact. the most googled candidate in kasich. people had not made up their minds and were giving him a serious second look. we will see if he can hold onto that lead. there are 10% of the precincts reporting. ed: the contrast is interesting because donald trump did not do any of the typical new hampshire retail politicking and he has a sizable victory apparently tonight but john kasich did and right now he is reaping some rewards from that. mary: agreed. the people that have taken a look at him, really took a look site was not this -- so it was not the blustery appeal. these are real people who took their time and look at the
8:33 pm
kasich and that is the message he will take on the road tomorrow whether he was second or third and he is in one of those coveted spots. people chose him. marie: definitely a lot of energy in that room. let' s take a look at the latest numbers. for bernie sanders with 13% reporting. he is at 56. hillary clinton at 42. he is now in the building. ed: reid lamberty is in the building as well. is it almost like elvis is in the building, is that what it is? reid: he is in the building. he has -- he is arriving in the building according to some police officers working outside. we have not independently verified it ourselves. we are getting this from police outside. if bernie sanders is in here it
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giving his victory acceptance speech hopefully within the next couple of hours. not sure if he will wait till hillary clinton gives some sort of concession speech. so many people so excited. the ap and cnn projecting bernie sanders has won the new hampshire primary. several hundred supporters , sitting in the gymnasium at cochran high school holding up the bernie sanders signs. we got a bank of reporters and light stands. we cannot show you that right now. this is an incredible story. hillary clinton' s campaign has said all along that -- the neighbor from burma
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you got to take this into consideration as bernie sanders points out both in iowa and in new hampshire, he was as many as 40 points behind hillary clinton. and then this groundswell, this movement, especially among young voters started to take action and of course he ended up with a double-digit lead here in new hampshire. what he said last night during a rally in derry, new hampshire voters are telling america that they are ready for what he calls a political revolution. he was also very proud to point out that he has received $3.5 million individual individual contraventions to his campaign. the average donation is $27. he is saying this is truly
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his grassroots effort. he is a seasoned politician. certainly this is nothing new for him. but bernie sanders came in here trailing far behind hillary clinn. he now leads new hampshire going into south carolina with tremendous momentum. as a mentioned earlier he is scheduled to have breakfast or morning at sylvia' s restaurant in harlem with the reverend al sharpton and is hoping to court more african american leadership. hillary clinton in south carolina has four out of five black votes. she is the favorite down there and he -- bernie sanders needs american community. all across the southern states. we are hearing that bernie sanders is here. it will be a very energetic crowd. i did overhear the national press secretary said that they really do want people to
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tonight and the polls are still open in hudson and merrimack and cast their vote so that every vote is heard. we will be back later with more updates. ed: before you go, you have broken it down quite nicely. sanders when' s the women vote, he wins the youth vote, he wins a sizable independent vote in new hampshire, he is a neighboring senator. if he is elected president he will be 75 years old on the day of inauguration. reid: you talk about that, that is -- he appeals to the young vote. we talked about that. he appeals to the college-age vote. last night at derry at the town hall, 90% of his audience , he was speaking to college-age students who love what he has to say. tuition free public college,
8:38 pm
audience and ask them point blank, what is your debt coming out of college question mark one woman said she has $350,000 in debt. she also went to medical school, keep in mind. what he wants to do and this speaks pointedly to these college-age students, he wants to lower that debt from 10% down to 3% interest. so that makes it more affordable. he appeals to undecided voters coming into today. they were 15% of new hampshire voters were undecided. and also appeals to those who are making a last-minute decision. we are seeing that in new hampshire here as well. marie: exit polls were saying that a quarter of democratic voters wanted an outsider. they said we want this kind of an outsider. it is interesting. ed: let' s go to manchester. pat griffin, heather, marianne, you have been breaking down the
8:39 pm
what are you hearing up there? why is what is happening tonight happening? >> let' s start on the democratic side. we did a nice job outlining it. one way to look at this is a generational fight, not a gender fight. across the board everyone that bernie sanders one over was younger. women, independence, youth vote, and all that and the excavation is largely economic. many of these kids in particular grew up during the recession, their formative years were during the recession when their parents or parent lost their jobs, lost their homes. mainly -- may be just getting back to work and getting on their feet. they know they will try to get a job to pay off the debt so that will determine their job and they will put off getting married my having kids, and buying a home because of that debt. for them, the lack of progress in d.c. is not good enough so it is clear by the turnout and the message that is being sent is nobody wants the status quo and
8:40 pm
policies by both democrats is not good enough. that is the message coming out of new hampshire. it is unmistakable and every buddy has done under stand are upset about it. bernie sanders going forward will try to get hillary clinton with african american voters and latino voters on the generational issue. the younger african-american voters and latinos and drive that wage with her. she needs to figure out how she can bridge that divide, the generational divide and show them that she has got better ideas and solutions and can get those things done, not bernie sanders. i think that is what new hampshire says tonight. >> is there a disconnect enough so that voters went for 74-year-old man? >> even though she has worked really hard here she is well-known. every time you run for president you start all over and it is the new context and the new opponent. she needs to find a better way
8:41 pm
sanders has a simple, clear message. you talk in everything else and that is what everyone wants to hear and she needs to make those adjustments. >> donald trump has been projected. the lead that he has over the rest of the field, it is down here. >> i think marianne makes a good point about both sides. we will see what happens in terms of the democratic and republican side taking on these enormous winners. both of these folks are non-washington. they' re not about the status quo and they are not politicians. when you use conventional warfare on something that does not seem to work, going after someone politically, watch what happens when hillary clinton gets south carolina, to nevada. we will see some real tough work
8:42 pm
they are very good at trying to attack bernie sanders. i do not know if that does not backfire. same as trump on the other side. the more you shoot laser guns at them the angrier you make them and the better they do. people are angry on both sides. >> he certainly tapped into that anger and he has found a base in it. >> let' s talk about what comes in number two and what that means for the -- for him. people are looking for bigger numbers. john kasich was looking for a second place finish. >> john gets a pretty good second. he winds up coming in second but the question is who is lumped under him? john kasich' s problem is he is a creature of new hampshire. he is interesting enough to be a moderate -- an interesting candidate. he is a moderate republican. there is not a lot of root for
8:43 pm
it will be very difficult for him to get to super tuesday where he does have some places he can find and get some votes. the problem is, tomorrow he goes to south carolina against someone. trump and someone else. who is the establishment candidate who tries to push him out of the race? i do not inc. he will last long so he savers tonight pretty well. >> does he get any money, will he attract money -- people who will be throwing money at him? >> i think he does. the donor class will try to raise money. you have to turn that around quickly and turn it into organization and television points and it is hard to do that when you have nothing there. he has got nothing there right now so a lot of work to do. >> hillary clinton had a good idea that she was not going to come out and win this race today. but where did she go now, how does she move forward and not lose momentum? >> they were expectations and
8:44 pm
need to see what the final numbers are to see what the gap is. when you -- when you' re campaign puts out a memo expired a lot it is not a good night. she has to reassess everything and look at everything and address the entire campaign including herself. she performed better as a candidate in these last few weeks, we have seen that. when you run for president you have to be hitting on all cylinders to make this work. we have not seen that this far. that is the problem on the republican side. the one thing about donald trump, there is no labels there. sanders, it it is wishful thinking about an establishment candidate no matter which one of the governors comes in tonight, ted cruz is lurking right there. he is still right in their at least in third place probably. he will -- they will have to contend with him. >>
8:45 pm
he is exhausted, isn' t he? >> how can you be exhausted when you have just won the new hampshire primary? >> give their sanders campaign credit. he came from nowhere to everywhere pretty quickly. almost beats -- beats her tonight handily. >> this is in his backyard. >> i will just say this. this campaign is going on for a long time. it will be warmer when we wrap this one up. >> back to you in the studio. ed: they are rocking inside. let' s give you a look into the rundown. we do believe in the next 15 minutes or so we will hear from bernie sanders. right now we will share it with you from bernie sanders. he tweeted this out with a picture, the smiling picture of the former mayor of burlington. when we stand together we went.
8:46 pm
17% of the vote in, bernie -- winner. s look at the 10% still in. donald trump declared a winner. 35%. john kasich there with 16, jeb respectively. marco rubio at 10%, chris christie at 8, carly fiorina at five and ben carson with 2%. let' s head over to p hil who is with the trump camp and they are feeling the same way. they are feeling the same as the bernie sanders campaign. phil: they are blasting news coverage of what is happening. there are several hundred donald trump supporters.
8:47 pm
many people holding up the art of the deal, donald trump' s book. there are a lot of disenfranchised voters. a lot of people who are upset with the way washington was going. donald trump doing very well in new hampshire. he is the projected winner with independents who are not happy with the way washington is running and republicans were not happy with their own party. donald trump came into this primary with a big lead. it looks as if with just the numbers you are talking about he will have a big victory here. he does not care about second, third, fourth, or fifth place. donald trump should be here sometime within the hour. we are told maybe 9:30 p.m., we' re not sure since it happened so quickly after the polls closed. someone on the news networks that they are playing on the stream says donald trump' s name, everyone here goes wild.
8:48 pm
crowd energized, the word angry. anytime anyone on one of the networks talks about angry viewers, people upset with the way washington is working, people looking for an outsider, voters being angry, this place goes wild. there are a lot of people bought -- backing donald trump and want to see him go to south carolina and further on. back to you. ed: after the iowa loss, donald trump seems to -- seemed to go into a shell and now he has come back. you getting any hint as to what the difference might be? phil: you have been following the campaign and i was out in iowa watching donald trump. a lot of people thought when he came in second you would see a defiant donald trump but you saw that speech, he said onto new hampshire. he was -- people said he was kind of presidential in that speech. unlike donald trump and several other speeches.
8:49 pm
very energized donald trump. this crowd has been waiting, chanting his name. secret service at all the doors. he could come out at any minute that donald trump likes nothing more than winning and winning huge in his words and it looks like that is what he did here tonight. i would expect to see the donald trump that you saw before the iowa caucuses. ed: that is winning huuuge. i could not resist. marie: in the next 10 or so minutes we are waiting for bernie sanders to come out. we are hearing that hillary clinton is going to come out and address her supporters as well. we have cameras all over new hampshire. we are up in merrimack, new hampshire where it there was a long -- where there was a long to vote. despite the fact that this race
8:50 pm
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8:51 pm
sanders' camp at 8:51 p.m. on this primary evening and they are waiting for bernie sanders to come out. ed: they got a little disco fever going there. there is not much disco fever going on at the hillary clinton headquarters. they are not winning. they only did not win but cnn is reporting that hillary clinton has called to congratulate bernie sanders for winning so she has conceded. we expect to hear from him in the next 10 minutes or so. marie: 17% of precincts reporting. hillary clinton at 41%. ed: take a look at the numbers we have. on the republican side, 16% reporting, donald trump is that the cleared winner, 35%. he is running two to one. john kasich is second place.
8:52 pm
cruz are right behind him. the rest of the republican field is trying to chase those numbers as well. the question becomes, will the field win? we shall see. what did bernie sanders do tonight when he learned he had won the national primary? his grandson. marie: i love it. no matter who you vote for you have to love that image. ed: take a few jim shouts. he is using the backboard. using the whole court available. there he is with his grandchildren. he still has at eye on on and the sleeves are buttoned up. listen up the sleeves and enjoy. take a shot. marie: he needs to keep it buttoned up just a little bit to address the car -- crowd. we are finding janet wu at hillary clinton headquarters. janet: she is expected sometime
8:53 pm
bill clinton is not expected to be with her. we hear that she has called bernie sanders. i have been following the conversation. i have been talking to some of the clinton staff people. pardon me if i am repeating the information. they are saying that bernie sanders outspend them three to one in new hampshire and they are saying the difference between 2008 and now is that in 2008 in the closing days, a lot of the democratic voters had second thoughts. they felt they did not know the candidate barack obama that well. it is not so much what hillary clinton did but the opponent she was running against. bernie sanders is a very well known figure here having been the senator next door for 70 years. they pointed out that they knew there would be some problems when they saw the huge turnout and durham and hanover which is where the university of new hampshire and dartmouth are.
8:54 pm
now is in 2008 the campuses were shut down because they were still on their christmas break whereas now they are both open and they heard that in hanover, there were 1000, over 1000 same-day registrations. new hampshire has an unusual law. you are allowed to register on the day that you are voting and when they heard that there were over 1000 people in hanover which is where doubt -- dartmouth is have registered that day to vote they knew they were in trouble. hughley -- hillary clinton expected down here. they are cheering. there is a little bit of false gaiety i would have to say at the election night headquarters. back to you. marie: telling it like it is. ed: for hillary clinton, it was barely a win in iowa and by all indications it is a sizable loss here tonight. is she over, is she staggering out of here or there is enough time to right the ship, i know,
8:55 pm
janet: you have to look at the numbers and look at the margins by which she won in iowa which was about that much and how much she will lose here tonight. it will be difficult for the clinton campaign to come back and say it wasn' t even -- it was an even loss. the numbers do not work out that way. marie: how does she reinvent herself? they claim that bernie outspent her 321 but no matter who is spending what they came out for bernie sanders. janet: right and not only that, you cannot say that she did not have the resources. hillary clinton had the resources. why did she allow bernie sanders to outspent her 321? that is one obvious question. how is she going to narrow her message, what is she going to bring to south carolina, what is she going to focus on question mark that did not perhaps work here. i asked whether gun control was going to be a big issue.
8:56 pm
here because he has a few weaknesses in the gun control issue among democrats. down in south carolina, is this is this going to be one of the target issues for her? she sort of hesitated and said gun control is important matter where i go so it will be sharpens her message once she leaves. ed: women, we have bernie sanders one independents women. she did not win women. is there a connection issue? janet: i think there is and when you see her at a lot of these rallies in the last couple of weeks, they are filled almost entirely with hard-core clinton supporters or volunteers are people that work for her. not a lot of shoppers in the crowd, if you know what i mean. unlike especially for the republicans where there were a lot of shoppers. the ones that showed up at the rallies were converse.
8:57 pm
were cordoned off -- gymnasiums, they were cordoned off. only portions of the area that had been eked out for the campaign, the platform was moved up close or so it would not look so empty. she did have trouble bringing crowds in, especially in comparison to bernie sanders. ed: janet wu reporting for us live at hillary clinton headquarters. marie: you can hear them loud and proud. them. >> bernie sanders is a fighter, coming from a very deep deficit months ago not only here in new hampshire but in iowa. coming back to a statistical tie and iowa one week ago and a double-digit lead in tonight' s new hampshire primary. a seasoned politician he is, a
8:58 pm
as you mentioned earlier, bernie sanders was so brady on the other side of the gym here on the other side of the stage on which he is about to make his acceptance speech playing some basketball. his wife, his grandchildren, his aides, sleeves rolled up, tie and done, top button of his shirt undone and he is enjoying himself here, enjoying the night here and they are enjoying it as well, his supporters, hundreds if not more than 1000 here and we have seen a bunch of supporters take the stage here behind me. he always has a backdrop of supporters and they are taking the stage and filling in the stage on the rafters behind him. we see hundreds of supporters and right in front of our cameras and right in front of his states which he will make his acceptance speech. hundreds more supporting. everyone believes in bernie
8:59 pm
say despite his deficit months ago. people wanted to change and they believe he is despite being a seasoned politician, the change they believe he in washington and of course, the political system. they have a sign that says, "we don' t need a no superpac," saying is that big money buys the election, but that the people support the election. he told the crowd last night that he had 3.5 million individual campaign donation and each average donation is twice seven dollars their offense -- is $27.00. bernie
9:00 pm
college-educated, and -- the college-aged people. this raucous crowd is eagerly anticipating to hear bernie sanders wipe off of his brow from a game of basketball and to hear him speak in new hampshire. it has been a tough several months of campaigning here and now it is on to south carolina with tremendous momentum. >> this is obviously paid off and look at that crowd. we are not seeing that at any other campaign we are going to. >> no, no at all. if you are just joining us right now, these are the tweets at that bernie sanders put out. donald sanders one big and -- won big and bernie sanders won big.
9:01 pm
sanders in the not-too-distant future and we expect to hear from bernie sanders as well. >> this is all of the stuff from our era but room full of college students. he is appealing across the lines there. >> that is exactly as he cuts through there. as janet pointed out, his strength in the college towns in new hampshire, you could perhaps say he is a neighboring politician. of course, he is from a nearby vermont, but he did well in iowa. >> it is interesting how the bernie sanders machine, if you will, had been trying to get the vote out. they are encouraging my daughter in massachusetts to register there. they are making this happen and they are making sure that that machine is in overdrive in making a night like this happen, and they want to see a repeat like that happen all over the country. >> what you are watching as they
9:02 pm
setting the backdrop from bernie speech. hillary clinton will make an trump as well. the big question tonight, what will hampton -- what will happen in new hampshire for number two, number three, number four, number five, number six? need this to do that. -- that? will it whittle down? >> there is super tuesday at the beginning of march and massachusetts is a player in that, so we will see how the field is by the time it circles back and heads back in our direction. but they can feel it all over. but i do have it in on good authority that senator sanders was paying -- playing with his grandson and he did make one
9:03 pm
>> did he hit the backboard? >> yes, he used the backboard. we were told just moments before the polls close in you have tonight. -- closed in new hampshire tonight. >> it is overwhelming. >> overwhelming. >> that is really a statement of where we are in the country right now. people are passionate about this and they are excited about this presidential race and it speaks volumes really about where we are right now as a nation, and people want to see this whole process unfold. we have never seen an election like this. this is incredible were you have donald trump as an outsider and bernie sanders as well. they are not the traditional candidates. >> although sanders has been in congress for well over a generation, so he is a player in
9:04 pm
>> he is speaking a message that is an outsider message, and that appears to be resonating. >> the secretary of state of new hampshire was talking about voters who show up and vote in new hampshire. let' s just say for argument sake that that doesn' t appear, but in iowa, the greatest number of voters showed up at the iowa caucuses one week ago, and all of a sudden, two stops along the campaign trail, record numbers of people turning out, which is a great indicator. >> record numbers and put on a polled undecided. last-minute. they are still trying to figure for. it is interesting because in new hampshire, they get up close and like no other state can do. it was a very -- it is a very special, intimate relationship
9:05 pm
>> absolutely, and they will tell you without hesitation that they will not have even met them yet. >> and how does donald trump do it? >> how does he do it? >> i am not sure he ever spend one night in new hampshire. >> most of them were spent in new york, right. >> yet he just dominated, dominated in this primary. >> mary pat and heather, as we watch this down in massachusetts, it was be an enjoyable evening of their -- there? ' >> >> it is what? >> it must be an enjoyable evening up there! >> can you see our breaths? 18 degrees out there on the rooftops. [laughter] >> it is balmy. it is keeping us warm. this is like christmas.
9:06 pm
so what are we looking at now in terms of the numbers? t seen a lot of fluctuation. is one important thing to remember while these numbers are coming in, yes, there is a vote gap between everybody, but this is a delicate game. we could still wait to see the final numbers from the delegates. so while trump and sanders may be running away with it tonight, number may show it a very different number. i expect hillary clinton to come out soon. again, when you call a race this early and your campaign puts out a memo, which is pretty unusual about a race, i expect her to come out soon. >> what is she going to say tonight? >> hillary clinton came to new hampshire knowing that it was
9:07 pm
to stay and fight even though she knew it was really long on' s that she could win -- long odds that she could win this time. this is a tossup state, as is iowa. that is the difference between going home to the white house and going home to your house. this is an important state and it is a important -- it is important to make an impression of people. >> she wanted to be in the 10% range. >> or under. >> this is that 80% right now. -- 18% right now. >> the problem i think in this, but the fact is, hillary clinton
9:08 pm
the first time didn' t work out so good. the second time she has more experience. this is someone who has been the secretary of state. we would like to get three days and college, we would like everything, but we got to fix it and we' ve got to do it right and we' ve got to be able to pay for it. bernie sanders is promising the same kind of stuff on the democratic side that donald trump is on the republican side, and that is that we are going to fix everything, we are going to take care of anything, no fans or lack of plans. we will have to start to look at more detailed policies from some of these guys. some of these voters are going to have a tough time when both of these guys are pressed when they move forward to do that.
9:09 pm
hillary clinton in a situation where she would have to explain that there was a responsible way to do it. the party has changed on both sides and that has been really hard on bernie. i think that is an absolute fair thing to say. >> the reality here is you wanted an establishment republican and the majority of your party is praying that one of these governors and make it, and i think it is more wishful thinking than not. i think the problem there is on the republican side is that donald trump is being much more of a populace in much respects. everyone is set up and you have your choice between trump and sanders. >> who has more to lose the republican ballot tonight? >> i think it is very clear that jeb bush, marco rubio, and ted
9:10 pm
he is a conservative and i think we will still have to wait and see where it comes in. somebody is going to come in third here and claim victory. we don' t know who that is yet. >> we expect hillary clinton to come out momentarily, what in the meantime, the news will continue with our election results and we will send it back. >> patrick, can i ask you, i am interested by this come -- by this, bernie sanders has been in congress and is a sitting united states senator. i know he is a socialist, that he is a politician, a career politician. >> again, i think that is saying something. bernie sanders is a creature of washington. he is a creature of washington. he may be an alternative creature, he is. the fact that you have an octogenarian running for this race and touching the minds of
9:11 pm
people to calm out and vote and came of age where they had seen this economy in this way and pretty much rhetoric worked really well is fascinating. the real problem is, does bernie sanders survive this chance to make this case with real policy? i don' t know if he does or if he can. >> hold on one second here, the one thing you can' t underestimate about bernie sanders is that he has more money than he will need and he outdid more than hillary clinton. that is why he is why he' s going to keep going on matter what. >> time will tell. >> and there is no such thing about the super bowl without the patriots. here comes the clinton family right now. we are going to show the whole clinton family because they were all in new hampshire. there is the secretary and she
9:12 pm
the crowd and she went right to the microphone there. interesting. much. thank you. thank you, my friends. thank you. thank you, all. -- crowd: hillary! hillary! hillary! ms. clinton: thank you all, very much. my goodness. [laughter] ms. clinton: this is a very all of you. i wanted to congratulate senator sanders on his victory tonight, and i want to thank each and
9:13 pm
hampshire [applause] we' re going to do. now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. we are going to fight for real solutions that make a real s lives. when i started this campaign last spri ng, i knew we were facing profound challenges of the country. the way that many things were going just wasn' t right. it isn' t right. the kids i met in flint on sunday were poisoned because their governor wanted to save money. it isn' t right for a grandmother in new hampshire here or anywhere else to have to choose between paying rent and buying medicine because of prescription drug company
9:14 pm
and it is a right the cancer -- right that a cashier that i met is paid less than her son who is also a cashier even though she has been on the job for four more years. people have a right to be angry. but they are also hungry. they are hungry for solutions. what we going to do? [applause] ms. clinton: and country. people' s lives so we can all grow together? who is the best change maker? crwo owd: you are! ms. clinton: here is what i promise -- here is what i promise, i will work harder than anyone to make the changes in that will make your life better.
9:15 pm
a lot about washington and wall street. senator sanders and i both want to get secret, unaccountable money out of politics. let' s remember -- let' s remember -- citizens united, one of the worst supreme court decisions in our country' s history, is actually a case about a right-wing attack on me and my campaign, a right-wing organization to aim at me and ended up damaging our entire democracy. so yes, you are not good to find anybody more committed to a grassroot campaign finance [applause] ms. clinton: we also agree -- we also agree that wall street can never be allowed to once again fight to rein in wall street. and you know what?
9:16 pm
[applause] ms. clinton: so when i tell you, no bank can be too big to fail and no executive to powerful to fail, you can count on it. the real difference in this race is really over how we hate a future of prosperity, opportunity, and security for all of us -- how we create a future of prosperity, opportunity, and security for all of us. we need to create good paying jobs including a national mission to create millions of jobs in clean energy, and your fracturing, and infrastructure. [applause] ms. clinton: and we need to unleash again the innovation of our entrepreneurs and small businesses. we need to close the loopholes in our tax code, crack down on
9:17 pm
system, and stop other countries who take advantage of us with unfair practices. but even that is not enough. we have to break through the barriers of bigotry. african-american parents shouldn' t have to worry that their children will be harassed, humiliated, even shot because of the color of their skin. [applause] ms. clinton: immigrant families shouldn' t have to lie awake at night listening for a knock at the door. lgbt americans shouldn' t be fired from their jobs because of who they are who they love. [applause] ms. clinton: and let' s finally deliver something overdue, equal pay for women in this economy. so here is how i see it. a president has to do all parts of a job for all americans to
9:18 pm
back, not death, not discrimination and not a deck that is always stacked for those of the top. we need to break down these barriers and that has been the cause and work of my life. [applause] ms. clinton: you know, my family and my faith taught me a simple credo, do all the good you can in all of the ways you can for all of the people you can. that is what called me to a life of service, just like millions of teachers and nurses and and members of our armed services who get up every day and do the quiet work, the of us. but when children anywhere in our country go to bed hungry and are denied a quality education,
9:19 pm
abandonment, that diminishes all of us. that is why i did start my career to expose racism in schools. that is why i worked to reform juvenile justice in south carolina, and that is why i went to flint, michigan on sunday. [applause] ms. clinton: when people anywhere in america are held back by injustice, that demands action. that is why i believe so strongly that we have to keep up with every fiber of our being the argument for and the campaign for human rights. human rights and women' s rights and human rights and gay and human rights and workers rights and human rights and rights across the board for
9:20 pm
ms. clinton: now that is who i am, that is what i have always this race. i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people, but i will repeat again what i have said this week , even if they are not supporting me and now, i support them. i know -- [applause] ms. clinton: i know i have had a blessed life, but i also know what it is like to stumble and fall. and so many people across america know that feeling. we know that it is not about whether you get knocked down that matters, it is about whether you get back up! so my friends, please, join me in building on the progress we have made under president obama,
9:21 pm
down those barriers. we' the basic proposition of our country where all americans have the chance to succeed, when each of us have the opportunity to live potential. then and only then can america live up to its own potential as well! [applause] ms. clinton: let me thank all of you, i am very grateful to my wonderful family, knowing that they are by my side, it keeps me [applause] ms. clinton: to the thousands of called neighbors and knock on doors in the new hampshire snow. to everyone who went to to give what you could for the 7000 people who contributed, to the vast
9:22 pm
than $100, i know that doesn' t fit with the narrative, i know there are those who want to deny the passion of the carrion that you have every day for this campaign, what you are the reason that i care and you are the reason we are going to win this nomination and the selection altogether! -- this election altogether! thank you so very much! [applause] maria: hillary clinton went right to the podium and saying "i still of new hampshire and i always will." ed: and you notice the reference is to flint as well. it is very presidential. i couldn' t help but listen the whole time and whatever that in june of 2015, not that very many
9:23 pm
14 points, and another is roughly a 17 point difference win by bernie sanders. you can hear them cheering for bernie sanders. the senator was in the wings, and he was waiting for her to finish. maria: hillary clinton certainly didn' t seem to defeated. it seems that she was moving on. hold on one second. crowd: [cheering] maria: we heard from abc news that john kasich is the second place winner now. a lot of people are thinking is that it was going to be ted cruz or marco rubio behind donald trump, but in the end, it was john kasich.
9:24 pm
ed: all right, bernie sanders, senator sanders, is making an appearance in the room as secretary clinton is walking to s go ahead and listen to bernie sanders in new hampshire.
9:25 pm
[applause] mr. sanders: thank you! crowd: bernie! bernie! mr. sanders: thank you, new hampshire! [applause] mr. sanders: shortly after the polls closed, secretary clinton called and was very gracious in her congratulations. i thank her for her call and i congratulate her in her -- and her supporters for the vigorous
9:26 pm
mr. sanders: and let -- and let me take this opportunity to thank the many, many thousands of volunteers here in the granite state who worked so tirelessly -- [applause] mr. sanders: our volunteers worked night and day, making phone calls and knocking on a heck of a lot of doors. [applause] mr. sanders: and we won because of your energy. thank you all, so much! [applause] mr. sanders: and i want to thank julia and our great campaign staff. together we have sent a message
9:27 pm
street to washington, two main -- from maine to california. government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign [applause] mr. sanders: nine months ago , we hampshire. we had no campaign organization. we had no money. and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america.
9:28 pm
mr. sanders: and tonight, with what appears to be a record-breaking voter turnouts -- [applause] mr. sanders: because of a huge voter turnout -- and i say yuge! [laughter] [applause] mr. sanders: -- wewon because we -- we won because we have the energy and the heart to succeed in november. what happened here in new hampshire in terms of an a
9:29 pm
electorate, people came out in large numbers. that is what will happen all over this country! [applause] mr. sanders: and let us never forget, democrats and progressives win when voter turnout is high. republicans win when people are demoralized and voter turnout is low. tonight we serve notice to the political and economic establishment of this country that the american people will not continue to expect a corrupt campaign finance system that is
9:30 pm
and we will not accept a rigged economy where more americans work longer hours for lower wages while almost all new incoming wealth goes to the top 1%. [applause] mr. sanders: i want to take this opportunity again to congratulate secretary clinton and her organization and supporters in waging a vigorous campaign. i hope that in the days ahead, we can continue to wage a strong , issue-oriented campaign, and bring it in new people into the political process -- and bring in new people into the political process. [applause] mr. sanders: but i also
9:31 pm
that we all remember -- and not just to our opponents, but to those who support me as well -- that we will need to come together in a few months and unite this party, because of the white ring -- the right-wing republicans must not be allowed to . [applause] gain control[applause] -- allowed to gain control. [applause] mr. sanders: and remember, the last time republicans occupied the white house, their trickle-down economic policies drove us into the worst economic downturn since the depression of the 1930' s. n o we will not allow huge tax
9:32 pm
we will not allowed huge cuts to social security , medicare, medicaid, and education! [applause] mr. sanders: no, we will not allow back into the white house a political party that is so beholden to the fossil fuel industry that they cannot even [applause] mr. sanders: the people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment, and by the way,
9:33 pm
crowd: bernie! bernie! bernie! bernie! mr. sanders: what the people here have said is that given the enormous situation in our country, it is just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics and establishment economics. the people want real change! [applause] mr. sanders: what the american people are saying -- and by the way, i hear this not just from progressives, but from
9:34 pm
-- is that we can no longer continue to have a campaign finance system in which wall street and the billionaire class are able to buy elections. [applause] mr. sanders: americans -- americans, no matter what their political view may be, understand that that is not what a democracy is about. that is what all iraqi -- what oligarchy is about, and we will [applause] mr. sanders: i do not have a superpac, and i do not want a
9:35 pm
mr. sanders: i am overwhelmed and i am deeply moved far more than i can express in words by the fact that our campaign' s van initial -- campaign' s financial support comes from more than one million americans who have made more than $3.7 million -- more than 3.7 million contributions. that is more individual contributions than any candidate in the history of the united states up until this point in an election. [applause] mr. sanders: and you know what
9:36 pm
$27.00! [applause] i am going to new york city tonight' s and tomorrow -- tonight and tomorrow, but i am not going to new york city to street. [applause] mr. sanders: instead, i am going to hold a fundraiser right here, right now across america. my request is, please go to bernie and contribute. [applause] mr. sanders: please help us raise the funds that we need to,
9:37 pm
help us raise the money we need to take the fight to nevada, south carolina, and the states on super tuesday! [applause] mr. sanders: so there it is, that is our fundraiser, pretty quick. now what the american people understand is that our great country was based on a simple principle, and a simple principle, and that principle is fairness. let me be very clear. it is not fair when we have more income and wealth inequality today than almost any major country on earth and when the top 1/10 of 1% now owns almost
9:38 pm
90%, that is not fair! it is not fair when the 20 wealthiest people in this country now own more wealth than the bottom half of the american people. [crowd booing] mr. sanders: so are you guys ready for a radical idea? [applause] mr. sanders: together, we are going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just of 1% -- not just the one percent! and when millions of our people are working with starvation wages, yep, we are going to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. and we are going to bring a equity for women!
9:39 pm
mr. sanders: and when we need the test educated workforce in educated workforce and the world, yes, we college education. of horrendous levels of student debt, we are going to substantially ease that burden. in america, people should not be financially distressed for decades for the crime of trying to get a higher education. that is absurd. [applause] mr. sanders:
9:40 pm
say, "you know, bernie, that is a great idea, all of this free stuff, how are you going to pay for it?" i will tell you how we are going to pay for it. we are going to impose a tax on wall street speculation. the greed, the recklessness, and the illegal behavior of wall street drove our economy to its knees. the american people bailed out s time to help the middle class! [applause] mr. sanders: when we talk transforming america, it means ending the country having more people in
9:41 pm
the world, disproportionately african-american and latino. not only are we going to fight to end institutional racism in a broken criminal justice system -- [applause] mr. sanders: -- we are going to provide jobs and education for our young people, not jail and [applause] mr. sanders: and let me say as a member of the energy committee environment will committee, the debate is over, climate change is real.
9:42 pm
and it is already causing devastating problems in this country and around the world. we have a moral responsibility to work with countries to system away from fossil fuels to energy [applause] mr. sanders: now i have been criticized during this campaign for many, many things. every single day. that' s ok, that is all right. they are throwing everything at me, except the kitchen sink, and i have a feeling, that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well! [laughter] crowd: bernie!
9:43 pm
campaign is about, it is about thinking big, not small, and having the courage to reject the status quo. [applause] mr. sanders: it is about saying that there is a time when every major country on earth guarantees health care to all of their people, we should be doing the same in our great country. [applause] mr. sanders: in my view, under president obama' s leadership, the affordable care act has been an important step forward, no question about it. but we can and must do better. [applause] mr. sanders: 29 million
9:44 pm
uninsured and an even greater number should not be underinsured with large deductibles and copayments. we should not be paying by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs at a time, listen to this, when the top three drug companies in this country made $45 billion in profit last year. [crowd booing] mr. sanders: that is an up sanity. -- an obscenity, and let me tell you something. when we make it to the white house -- [applause] mr. sanders: -- when we make it to the white house, the pharmaceutical industry will not continue to rip off the american people.
9:45 pm
mr. sanders: and further, it makes no sense that as a nation, we continue to spend far more per capita than do the people of any other nation, all of whom guarantee health care to all of their people. and that is why i believe in a medicare for all, single-payer program. [applause] mr. sanders: that will not only guarantee health care for all, but will save the average middle-class family thousands of dollars a year in health care costs. [applause] mr. sanders: my friends, we know that we live in a dangerous and as president, i will defend this
9:46 pm
i voted against the war in iraq. [applause] mr. sanders: and that was the right to vote -- right vote. while we must be relentless in combating terrorists who would do us harm, we cannot and should not the the policeman of the world. nor should we bear the burden of fighting terrorists alone. in the middle east, the united states must be part of an international coalition sustained by nations in the region that have the means to protect themselves. together, we must and will destroy isis, but we will do it
9:47 pm
women in the military in perpetual warfare in the middle east. [applause] mr. sanders: fix our broken immigration system that divides families and create a path towards citizenship for hard-working people. we must strengthen and expand social security and increase the benefits that seniors and disabled vets receive so that people can live in dignity in their retirement. [applause] mr. sanders: we must rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and
9:48 pm
millions of decent-paying jobs. we must pursue the fight for women' s writes, for gay rights, s rights, for gay rights, for [applause] mr. sanders: we must protect the right of a woman to control her own body. [applause] mr. sanders: and we must protect the men and women who serve our nation in uniform and protect our veterans who put their lives on the line to defend us. [applause] my
9:49 pm
billionaire class in the 1% responsible, and tell them that they cannot have it all in a income inequality. country we' ll start paying their fair share -- country will start paying their fair share of taxes! [applause] friends, i am the son of a polish immigrant who came to this country speaking no english and having no money. my father worked every day of his life and he never made a whole lot. my mom and dad and my brother and i grew up in a small three
9:50 pm
my mother, who died at a young age, always dreamed of moving out of that apartment, getting a home of her own, but she never realized that dream. the truth is, that neither one of my parents could ever have dreamed that i would be here tonight standing before you as a candidate for the president of the united states. [applause] crowd: bernie! bernie! bernie! mr. sanders: this is the promise of america and this is the promise that we must keep alive for future generations. what we saw last week in iowa
9:51 pm
new hampshire is confirmation of nothing short of a political revolution. [applause] mr. sanders: it is a political revolution that will bring tens of millions of our people together and it will bring together working people who have given up on the political process. it will bring together young people who have never participated in the political [applause] bring latinos and asian americans, native americans -- [applause] mr. sanders: straight and gay,
9:52 pm
born in america and people who immigrated here. we will all come together to say loudly and clearly that the government of our great nation belongs to all of us, not just a few wealthy campaign contributors. [applause] mr. sanders: that is what this campaign is about, that is what this political revolution is you, again. and now it is on to -- [applause]
9:53 pm
and now it is on to nevada, south carolina, and beyond! [applause] maria: more from the crowd from the bernie sanders headquarters there in new hampshire. bernie sanders was thinking new hampshire, calling hillary clinton gracious, saying that nine months ago they had no money, and from tonight, they had record-breaking turnout, and we won new hampshire. ed: a lot of energy, he kept it up strong until the end, we are talking about a half-hour long speech of acceptance and talking about victory and being proud of victory and moving on to nevada, south carolina, and beyond, and if you are just joining us after the senator sanders speech, a week ago, he came in so close tonight in iowa, but he wins decisively tonight in new hampsh at the moment that he is waiting
9:54 pm
this is him shooting baskets in the basketball court with his grandson. of course, he has his own rebound, he' s got all of his grandchildren around, and he wants of the ball and takes one more and the headlines -- maria: as we look at "the boston herald" right there, we are going to see donald trump now. it is his turn to address the crowd. ed: and this is the headline: "don." speaking of don, donald trump is good to be speaking soon. of course as you know, donald trump is financing his campaign himself. [applause] mr. trump: so beautiful. so beautiful.
9:55 pm
[cheering] mr. trump: we are going to make america great again. i want to thank everybody, but i really have to begin by paying homage to my parents, married and friend, they' re up there, they are looking down here saying, this is something very special. they love this country and they are very, very happy right now. so thank you to my parents. i want to thank my sister , a really great sister, another great sister, elizabeth, my fantastic brother, robert, who is watching right now, with
9:56 pm
my brother, my late brother, fred. what a fantastic -- i learned so much from fred. he taught me more about anything. a fantastic guy. so i want to thank fred. he is up there and he is looking down on us. and we can go right down the line, but we have to start with my wife and what she puts up with. she said right from the beginning, you know, if you run, you know you are going to win. and she said that from day one, so thank you, honey. thank you. and don and vanessa, thank you so much, and ivanka was out and made seven stops at the polling areas.
9:57 pm
and jared is a very, very successful real estate entrepreneur in manhattan, but he likes this campaigning more than real estate, i think. and laura and eric were all out today, and it was amazing. and corey, where is he? does he have a ground game or what? where is he? you know, we learned a lot about to tell you that. and the entire staff. nobody takes more phone calls i think in a day, so thank you. thank you to the entire group and the entire staff. incredible job, get over here,
9:58 pm
crowd: usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! mr. trump: so again, we have to think the candidates because they really ran -- we have the very talented people, and to be victorious against some of these people, even if it is for one week, but i believe it is going to be many weeks, ok? they really are terrific, a number of them called, and i just want to thank them, but i wanted to congratulate the other candidates, ok? with, and is always tough. that is the way that it is. we have some real talent in the republican party. the rnc, we want to thank everybody, thank you very much.
9:59 pm
well, i tell you what, what do we really want to thank? we want to thank the people of new hampshire, right? do we love the people of new hampshire? [applause] [laughter] mr. trump: i said at a year ago, that identity really well. it is so beautiful and i love it so much. i love the people, i set i think they like me a lot. getting numbers and and everyone said how come they like trump so much? i have so many friends up here come and they are special, special people. lot, we won' t forget you. you started it. you started it. [applause] [chanting]
10:00 pm
you know when i came out i heard the end of bernie' s a speech. i heard some of the beginning. first of all, congratulations to bernie in all fairness. we have to congratulate him. part of his speech. he wants to give away our country, folks. let it i don' t know where it is going, we wish him a lot of luck we will make america great again. we will do it the old-fashioned way. we' ll will beat china, japan, we will be to mexico and all these countries that are taking so much of our money away from us on a daily basis. it will not happen anymore. we have the greatest business people on the world. they want to be involved, we a
10:01 pm
of dollars. not going to happen anymore. we will use the finest business people in the world. we will do something so good, and so fast, and so strong, and the world is going to respect us again believe me. [applause] mr. trump: we' re going to -- do we love our country? [applause] mr. trump: i think one of the things it really caught on a self funding my campaign. i was it. i see all this money being poured into commercials. on both sides.
10:02 pm
these are special interests, these are lobbyists, people that don' t necessarily love our country. they don' t have the best interests in our country at heart. we will not let it happen. we have to do some thing about it. when you see the kind of deals made in our country, a lot of those deals are made because the politicians aren' t so stupid. they' re making them for their benefit. we have to stop it. we have to stop it. we are now going to make it for your benefit. we' ll make a deal for the american people. that is the way it is. [applause] mr. trump: now, oh i love this, look at you. i love these signs, they are the most imaginative signs. in a nutshell, we will make a great trade deals. we will rebuild our military.
10:03 pm
nobody, believe me. we are going to take care of our vets, where is al? we love al. alright, al? get appear, if you can. we will take care of our vets, they are treated horribly. they are our greatest people. they will be taken care of. you remember that, everybody. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to have strong borders, and people legally. they will come in legally. [applause] mr, trump: we' re going to build a wall, it is going to be built. it is not even, believe it or not, even a difficult thing to do. by the way, for the people of new hampshire.
10:04 pm
wouldn' t even believe it. this place is a beautiful, but you have a tremendous problem. the first thing they always mentioned to me -- please do something about the drugs, the heroin, it is so cheap. there was so much of it. the kids are getting stuck and other people are getting stuck. border. it will be over. we will work, really hard to get those people are so addicted off the habit. we will work like hell to take care of the situation. it is a huge problem in new hampshire, a huge problem all over our country. we will have borders again. we will help you solve that very big problem. we would get it done. [applause] mr,
10:05 pm
[chanting] mr. trump: what a group of people. on top of this group, we have thousands of people outside that can' t even get in. that is what we have. thousands of people. health care, where going to repeal and replace obamacare. it is a total disaster. we are repealing and replacing obamacare. it is gone. we' re getting rid of common core. we will educate our children locally. we educate our children locally. we' re going to preserve our very sacred second amendment. there is not going to be any amendment. if we have protection in california recently, and someone other places, you could even look to paris. harris has the toughest gun laws
10:06 pm
france has the toughest gun laws in the world. these animals go in, they start shooting 1, 2, 3 -- 130 people with many people horribly wounded. right now in the hospital, if there were bullets go in the would' ve been a whole different story. [applause] crowd: trump! trump! mr. trump: i am going to be the greatest jobs president that the god ever created. remember that. [applause] mr. trump: don' t believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9% and 5% unemployment. the number is probably 20% have a 29% as high as 35%. i heard recently 42%. do you think we would have
10:07 pm
-- with 5% unemployment the really think we would have these gatherings? forget about security, forget about isis -- which by the way, we will knock the hel l out of isis, and it will be done the right way. we will take care of the economy and of jobs. we take it all the things that i said -- everything, it is going to be so great. member this about obamacare -- remember this about obamacare. it is going up 45%. 55%, it is totally out of control. probably sinks of its own collision in 2017. unless republicans -- what is going on? the last budget that was approved is an absolute disaster
10:08 pm
we owe $19 trillion as of today. we just cross that mark. it will shortly be a 20 trillion because of the budget. we are going to make our country so strong. we are going to start winning again. we don' t win anymore. we don' t win on trade come we don' t win with the military. we don' t win with anything. we' re going to start winning again. we' re going to win so much you will be so happy. we' re going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. i love you all, thank you new hampshire. thank you new hampshire. we' re going now to south carolina. people win in south carolina. thank you very much.
10:09 pm
maria: is that revolution they are playing? it is, we keep hearing that word. we heard of the sanders camp and the trump camp. let' s look at the man who took number two, john kasich. mr. kasich: how about my family, and my great wife? [applause] mr. kasich: and here in new hampshire i have to tell you. there was no way i would' ve gone forward with this campaign if it wasn' t for johnson new new, the great senator john sununu. [applause] mr. kasich: he is such a great partner. he is so smart, and so disciplined. he is just a great friend of mine. he also want to spend a little bit of time thanking former
10:10 pm
mr. kasich: they were, we were 1% in the national poll and it will like how can you ever win? then we are walking in total obscurity appear. gordon humphrey sends me an e-mail and says this is a hot place to change the world. guys are sleeping on matters in the campaign headquarters. they hold up a hot plate with a eating their food. that is how you win elections. [applause] mr. kasich: the former attorney general, our great friend, one of the best guys i know. [applause] mr. kasich: 17 years ago i came here, and i thought things were going ok. i wasn' t getting a lot of attention.
10:11 pm
talking to this lady and thinking i have myself a town share person here. this lady really likes me. after 50 minute you look at her watch and said when will the [laughter] mr. kasich: the got it stuck we were set -- with me for 17 years, bruce -- where is he? [applause] kasich: come on up here. listen, i want to tell you. there is -- there was no way to say this appropriately. when the media kept sying -- saying how will you do this? i said i have an insurance policy -- it is you. it is all of you.
10:12 pm
for the countless hours, the phone calls, the doorknocking. some of your come from our [applause] mr. kasich: some of come from virginia, maryland, new york, connecticut, and all the way from seattle today. i got from new haven, ok, and the guy flew from london, england to be here. [applause] mr. that is going on. i am not sure anybody can quite understand. there is magic in the air with this campaign. because, we don' t see it as just another campaign. we see this as an opportunity for all of us -- i mean all of us -- do you -- to be involved
10:13 pm
to change america and reshine america and restore the spirit of america and leave no one behind, am i right? [applause] crowd: kasich! kasich! kasich! mr. kasich: something they cap and tonight. let me tell you what it is. we have had tens and tens of millions of dollars spent against us with negative advertising. we have. we have had tens of millions. that is the old politics. we never went negative because than to spend our time being critical of somebody else.
10:14 pm
mr. kasich: maybe, just maybe, at a time and clearly change is in the air -- maybe, just maybe come where turning the page. turning the page in a dark part of american politics. tonight, the light over again the darkness. [applause] mr. kasich: and you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. >> kasich! kasich! kasich! kasich: we are conservatives here. we believe government is a last resort and not a first resort. as i like to talk about the
10:15 pm
home, which is the family, we know that the family is only strong. single day to make sure every american has a job in the united states of america. [applause] mr. kasich: and when i am president of the united states, [applause] mr. kasich: first of all, you know, we' re going to have a battering ram knocked down the wall of the city they don' t want to change. it is what i have done all of my lifetime. we' ll will tell people, i believe, i hope you agree -- we will solve the problems in america not by being extreme, not by being first a republican or democrat, but reminding
10:16 pm
dedicated to shining and fixing our problems. [applause] mr. kasich: this campaign has changed me. the people of new hampshire -- the wonderful people of new hampshire -- have changed me. i want to tell you how it happened. i don' t know, you know, i don' t know if it happened the first 25 town hall to the second 25 for the third 25. as we got closer and closer to that -- those hundred town halls, the 106 he finally finished on, people -- for some reason -- were able to come to these town halls and feel safe. a man came the other
10:17 pm
hall and put his arms around me and said my son has cancer. i feel as though i' d did not warn him -- i said sir, it is sad it is a tragedy. but it is not your fault. he communicated to somebody the -- that of his shoulders. he came from new york. to tell me his story. some of you remember the woman sitting way up in the seat. she told the story of her daughter who had been sick from being a child. she felt all alone. i asked her to come down and i hugged that woman. we all cried a little bit that night. not long ago, in one of the big town halls, a lady sitting in the back asked if we had gone through the mechanics of fighting drugs.
10:18 pm
she talked about her 31-year-old daughter. she is 11 months sober. i looked around the room and said can you imagine how hard it is to be a mom but when the point just held a little baby in her arms to wake up every day and asked the good lord, and the good lord is listening, to have her daughter recover. when you are in settings like that, you begin to learn something. there are too many people in america who don' t feel connected. they have victories that no one else celebrate with them. they have defeats and pain that sometimes that they have to absorb themselves. i tell you what i really think we need it -- we needed economic growth and the job creation. at the heart and soul of the
10:19 pm
america i grew up in, where my father carried a nail and stuck his nose to everybody -- the mail and stuck his nose into everybody' s business. he was able to be on the step and cry with them when they lost somebody they loved. that is the america that i know. where we slow down our lives. we slow down our lives and let' s just leave this all tonight -- i would ask you to reflect on this. you see, we are all made to change the world. we are all made it to be a part of the healing of this world. by the way, feel the divisions within our own family -- heal the divisions within our own families. when you' re in such a hurry to get out of the driveway, or such a hurry to get out of the shopping center, just slow down. look them in the eye and give them a hug.
10:20 pm
t take a government, it takes our hearts. the hearts to change america. in this campaign, i have become convinced even more about what it takes to win a political campaign. and what it takes for somebody to be a leader. it is not just what is up here in the head, it is also what is deep in here in the heart. the people of new hampshire have taught me a lesson. in this day forward i am going to go slower, and spend my time listening and healing and helping and bringing people together. [applause]
10:21 pm
now, thank you. crowd: kasich! kasich! kasich! kasich! mr. kasich: listen, folks, i know that works want to go. bernie talked so long i thought he was going to hit his 77th birthday before he got off the stage. [laughter] hillary, you just needed this much and had to working here. it is not working here. [applause] mr. kasich: it is not going to work year for the next fall because i' m coming back. [applause] mr. kasich: new hampshire, [laughter] mr. kasich: how
10:22 pm
you? to be so happy about life, and family, and the fact that the d d;s -- lord' s bless me. tonight we had to south carolina and will move to south carolina all across this country. we will end up in the midwest. you just wait, let me tell you, there is so much going to happen. if you don' t have a seatbelt, go get one. thank you all very much. [applause] maria: john kasich buckling and firmly to the number two spot right behind donald trump. then you have ted cruz, jeb bush, and marco rubio. ed: not too bad numbers for the ohio governor, 16%. it is virtually half of what donald trump got but a strong number 2.
10:23 pm
before we heard from donald trump, we quickly showed you the front of the new york daily news. we want to show that you best to you a little longer this is tomorrow' s "daily news." "dawn of the brain-dead" that is the front page of the daily news. maria: we talking about new hampshire right now. people who went out to the polls went out strong. they went out proud and have
10:24 pm
ed: let' center ted cruz. mr. cr were told was impossible. together, we have done what the not be done. [applause] mr. cruz: and what the washington establishment desperately hoped would not be done. [cheers] mr. cruz: one week ago, all of media predicted we would lose the state of iowa. >> they were wrong.
10:25 pm
mr. c ethanol mandates taking on [applause] mr. cruz: my opponent attacked to make him a promising even spent millions of dollars in attack ads against our campaign. yet the people of i will put their country first. they put their children first. [applause] mr. cruz: and this week history repeated itself. once again the talking heads were confident that our wave of support would break against the rock the granite state. that a conservative could not do well in the state of new hampshire.
10:26 pm
tonight, the men and women here and all across this great state proved them wrong. [applause] mr. cruz: i want to congratulate donald trump on an impressive win tonight. [booing] mr. cruz: and john kasich at a good night tonight. , the real winner, is the conservative grassroots. [applause] mr. cruz: who propelled us to
10:27 pm
to a fall -- far stronger result in outcome in new hampshire and anyone have predicted. [applause] cruz: now we go on to south [applause] mr. cruz: the palmetto state. you know, washington liberals may find the south carolina far less hospitable. [applause] mr.cruz: it onto nevada and super tuesday, the so-called s.e.c. primary. [applause] mr. cruz: and the voters will have a choice. do we want a campaign conservative, someone a toxic
10:28 pm
walk, or do we want a consistent conservative with a proven record? [applause] mr. cruz: in iowa, and new hampshire, and all across the nation, we' re seeing the old reagan coalition coming together. [applause] thismr. cru -- mr. cruz : conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians, young people, and reagan democrats. especially, especially, reagan democrats. the blue-collar, working-class voters of the democratic party that they have abandoned. if republicans are going to win in november, and we have to win for the sake of our kids and our grandkids, if we will win we
10:29 pm
, unequivocally, against sanders. [applause] mr. cruz: we cannot win by nominating a candidate with the same policy on amnesty as hillary clinton. [applause] mr. cruz: we need to be unequivocally against obamacare. [applause] mr. cruz: we cannot win by nominating a candidate with the same policy on obamacare as bernie sanders. [applause] mr. cruz: and for pete' sake, we don' t need more deals.
10:30 pm
cruz: we don' t need more harry reid and nancy pelosi and barack obama. [applause] mr. cruz: we need a proven, principal leader who stands with the people. crowd: we want ted, we want ted, we want ted. -- we [applause] mr . cruz: defendant life, marriage, and religious liberty.
10:31 pm
mr. cruz: and always defend the and bear arms. [applause] mr. cruz: we need supreme court apply the constitution. and because of tonight, the voters with a clear choice. each and everyone of you. volunteers nationwide. [applause] mr. cruz: we are here today because of over 800,000 contributions -- people nationwide going to t
10:32 pm [applause] mr. cruz: and a correct -- two courageous conservative texting the word donate to 55022. [applause] mr. cruz: we are here because of you. your passion for our nation, your commitment to rebuilding our military. the standing with our soldiers and sailors and airmen him and marines and coast guardsmen. and to honoring our veterans, and keeping this nation safe. [applause] mr. cruz: the most important prepared to be commander-in-chief. crowd: ted! ted! ted!
10:33 pm
ted! mr. cruz: who has -- who was the judgment, the government, t -- temperament, experience, the knowledge, the clarity of vision and the strength of resolve to stand by our friends and allies and defeat our enemies. to defeat radical islamic cleric them. [applause] -- terrorism. [applause] mr. cruz: iowa and new hampshire together of guy long way to answer that question. thank you, new hampshire, for tonight' s result. crowd: thakm nk you. [applause] mr. cruz: your victory tonight
10:34 pm
utterly terrified. [applause] mr.cruz: so now on to south carolina, nevada, super tuesday. [applause] mr. cruz: we put washington on the run. tonight outcome is a victory for we, the people. and this election, this primary, and this general election in for the hard-working men and women who want to believe again the promise of america, against the bipartisan corruption of washington, which mark my words, will end on genera 20th.
10:35 pm
[applause] mr. cruz: thank you, god was the answer, ed: you listening to ted cruz demand one iowa. the margin between he and governor bush was razor thin. maria: let' s look at the numbers in the lower half on the republican side, marco rubio at 11%, chris christie at 8%. his office just release of information saying the governor will go home to new jersey and will see those results and then he will make a decision. you have to wonder if we will see the same from carly fiorina. or dr. carson. ed: let' s go up to our analyst in manchester, heather.
10:36 pm
heather: that is a good question. we were just talking about that. i want to introduce steve to replace maryann eshoo enough to something else. let' s talk about it. when we go from here? chris christie is now saying he will take a deep breath. does that mean he' s out of it? ran a strong race. chris christie had a very good debate the other night. yet incredibly strong events all around the state and good crowds and retail politicking. i think republicans have a great deal of respect for him. at the make some sense at this point, i don' t -- i don' t want to speak for him. it does make sense to go home and take a deep breath and sort through what he will do. he is an incredibly important to got to the republican party. we will see him again. as far as the others, it is much too close to call.
10:37 pm
i think john kasich have a great victory tonight. i don' t see where he goes from here. heather: you said it is a hollow victory. steve: this speech tonight -- i want to explain that, it is a victory. the guy did very well here. my concern is -- i don' t see where you take a john kasich next. south carolina and then those sec primaries and where he hunts along. even if he makes little it will be hard to win there. cruz and jeb bush are locked in a dog fight here. where not sure what is going to happen here. i' ve a feeling probably at least another two kaiser going on -- guys are going on to south carolina. marco rubio, is he capable of going on? what condition is he in? he is opposed at the south carolina tomorrow, there was some talk earlier that he would
10:38 pm
we aren' there. there too many candidates, not enough options. heather: a cycle we are politically than a bernie sanders tonight in their speeches. it seems like hillary was moving onward. she was already talking to voters in south carolina. she was already talking to nevada. steve: she got on that stage and toward the podium and said let' s get this going and get out of here. it was a continuation of a we saw the entire campaign. hillary' s candidacy is about her narrative. a lot was about her background. she talked with her 40 years of advocacy. bernie has the opposite, he never talked about himself. he ducked and economic issues. he hammered the message home. or he wants to get off to new hampshire and go to state probably more friendly to her --
10:39 pm
more nonwhite voters. certainly a lot of those sec states that we talked about a moment ago. heather: does bernie sanders to carry him through super tuesday? steve: we' re getting it when i put donald trump a bernie sanders dominated the new hampshire primary, it is more difficult to say he cannot, never, will not. we are in some new territory. heather: but this was right in his backyard. had to be favorable to them. steve: it is also a state filled with the kind of higher education, largely white voters that he should dominate. south carolina, the test is coming in week from saturday. different electorate, he will a plenty of money. he can raise money in unprecedented ways.
10:40 pm
cruz finishing that high here? steve: this was not supposed to it looks like he did pretty well tonight. small towns are coming in, he is a tightly bunched -- we will at the end of the day, if nothing else, it appears that ted cruz will be able to say got to new hampshire and did better than i thought. south carolina is more friendly territory for him. again, i am not sure this all turns into. at the end of the day we will find this is a muddled results coming out of new hampshire. with donald trump at the top of the ticket on the republican side, and bernie sanders on the other, there are nervous people in both parties. how viable it is canada' s long-term? -- these candidates long-term? trm ump has a lot of money. his biggest expense or jet fuel
10:41 pm
[laughter] steve: bernie can go for a those $27 donations. heather: does hillary have to reinvent herself? steve: i don' t think she can. what you see is what you get. republicans over the last decade have moved to the right. we' re seeing -- is part of the reason hillary got swamped, the democratic base is moving more liberal. in ' 08, barack obama was the liberal arts at it. -- alternative. now it is an liberal enough. bernie sanders represents the liberal left. i believe it was 12% more the exit polls of democratic voters describe themselves as somewhat of very liberal tonight than eight years ago. both parties are heading for the ideological edges.
10:42 pm
steve: as much as this is cold and unpleasant, i would not want to be on the hillary playing tonight. it is not a pleasant thing. you cannot change what she is. she is what she is. it is very difficult to change that. it will try to go back to the shop. a lot of consultants will go -- get moved around. at the end of the day she is still the person that has to sell it. i just don' t see hillary clinton selling it. heather: as she gets out of new hampshire and more mainstream america, does she gain traction? steve: these will be more favorable states. i can' t imagine she will not continue to be favored heavily in south carolina, nevada she should be favored. the labor element will be interesting. hillary. heather: more reaction and numbers coming in.
10:43 pm
the victory was going to go in the direction of trump and in the direction of sanders. now it break down the analysis of that. maria: this is so interesting, this is a look at the numbers from the 2008 primary where hillary clinton 15 counties and one more than 100 cities and towns. now, fast-forward -- at this point, with six he 7% of the precincts and she is 10 counties -- won zero counties. what a difference. ed: steve was just talking with a difference but in the candidate then as now. there are a number of people to share with you. want to show it marco rubio had to say. he came out of i was feeling good and admitted to the faux pas over the weekend cost him. here' s marco rubio. mr. rubio: i congratulated donald trump on a big win for him.
10:44 pm
he worked very hard and earned this victory. i congratulated him on that. i want to thank all of you. i know you worked very hard. our team did a phenomenal job. [applause] mr. rubio: we are still watching these numbers. i can just tell you i know many people who are disappointed, i am disappointed with tonight. i want you to understand something. our disappointment is not on you, it is on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night. listen to this, that will never happen again. [applause] [cheers] mr. rubio: that will never happen again.
10:45 pm
why -- it is not about me. it is not about this campaign. it is about this election. it is about what is at stake and this election. you' ve seen we have a president that has been doing tremendous damage this country. tremendous damage. we have a president who is trying to redefine the relationship between government and our economy. taking over our health care system, every solution to every problem is a tax increase. we have a president undermining the constitution. waging war on the second amendment, undermining religious liberty, a president that is doing damage america' s standing in the world. he views us as an arrogant country who needed to be cut down to size to be got our military. we have to decide if we' re going to keep doing this. we will keep doing this if
10:46 pm
this is what will continue to happen is bernie sanders is elected. all the damage brock obama has done becomes permanent. -- barack obama has done becomes permanent. that is why we must win this election and we will. [applause] [cheers] mr. rubio: we will win this election. we will win this election. we must win this election. thank you. we must win this election. if we don' t win this election, we may lose our country. if we don' t win this election my children and yours will not
10:47 pm
the history of the world woods what our parents and grandparents left for us. tonight, we did not wind up where we wanted to be. it does not change where we will wind up at the end. [cheers] mr. rubio: it is on nights like tonight -- and moment such as these -- that i am reminded that my family has faced great challenges their entire lives. i remember one story in particular when i was young, seven going on eight, and my father lost his job. he was the manager at an apartment building. some new people bought the building and within 48 hours they change the locks and told us we needed to move out. i was a young child, i remember my parents scrambling to get a moving truck and all of our furniture loaded as quickly as possible. on monday we needed to find a
10:48 pm
it was hard, most of his life he had been a bartender here. yet been an apartment manager for about a year and a half than he couldn' t find bartending work on miami beach. my father, in january of 1979 left to las vegas by himself, leaving his children and wife in miami. he had to work for 20 years as a bartender -- when he got to las vegas the only job he could find was as a bus boy. after 20 years, this gentleman already well into his 50' s was carrying buckets of ice and cleaning glasses. it was a very humbling it was hard. he was not 50. t about him, it was about us. -- he was willing to do whatever be better. that is the challenge before our country now.
10:49 pm
great days. we won' t always get what we want. i am confident that not only will we win this campaign but america will be successful as well. i' m confident when this process is done this nation will rediscover and re-embraced the printable' s -- principles that made her great. i' m confident -- [applause] mr. rubio: for over two centuries america ns in the end of always gotten it right. in each generation before us americans have always done what needed to be done. i know with all my heart we will do it needs to be done. and leave the children something good to inherit. the greatest nation on earth, that is what we will do in this election. [applause] mr. rubio:
10:50 pm
crowd" : marco! marco! marco! mr.rubio: new hampshire, i thank you for welcoming us. i thank you for the now, my kids had a great time. i thank you for your votes, i thank you for the hours you give us on the phones, and the doors we knocked on. you will see us again because we' re coming back in november to win the general election. [applause] crowd: marco! marco! marco! mr. rubio: new england, new england, maine, vermont, massachusetts, we will see you in a few weeks.
10:51 pm
mr. rubio: south carolina, we are on the way. thank you, and god bless you. ed: the senator from florida thanking new hampshire for the snow. it doesn' t snow that frequently in florida, so there you go. after insisting at that performance had nothing to do with what would happen tonight, he admitted right at the beginning that it was the whole thing. maria: he knew it and still came back with fire and said we will move on and try to come back and recover from this. quite a night in new hampshire. record turnout with the voters. we had at 08:0 3 donald trump and bernie sanders called. chris christie is going on to think about this. it really is something, let' s head up to them to it heather and our analysts. heather: we are just doing a last check of the numbers.
10:52 pm
bush is still in fourth place. >> barely. rubio' s speech? read between the lines, telephone is happening. >> he has a reason to do that and go there. my sense is probably there is more of a path for him. remember, the result of tonight is everybody is bunched up here. we still have rubio, cruz, bush, all up together here. i think -- heather: you their campaign manager at this point. >> you couldn' t pay me enough. [laughter] >> we talked little bit at the break, the parties have now effectively -- and these first contests -- come up with trump, on the republican side and we' re
10:53 pm
these are two extremes. most voters aren' t like that. general elections get decided by the middle of the country. the vast number who decide the election to not ideological in other -- either one of these ways. the question becomes, michael bloomberg has been floating his name around. i think he is. >> i am more skeptical about that. i do think the parties will incentivize to ba se elections more than committing the middle to come on board. that rewards a sanders message and a trumpet message and a cruz -- trump message and a cruz message. that is a base candidate as well. for bloomberg, it opens the big metal. i wonder if he pulls the trigger.
10:54 pm
retooled his message to say i can show up in a place like new hampshire and do that well. i can conquer all of these voters regardless of how liberal. >> that speech was targeted at south carolina, and these s.e.c. primaries. he will be very comfortable down the post of the problem for ted cruz is this -- my party has not won a national election in a long time. we don' t nominate a candidate that resonate with 51% of the electorate. at some point, being the nominee is not a good enough. hillary clinton is a flawed she has lots of problems from country. she is a real damaged candidate. bernie is bernie, i don' t know
10:55 pm
heather: you have to back it up with policy. >> republicans have to think they can nominate someone electable that they can win the election. but they love a very big family fight and it could get nasty at the election. heather: hillary clinton didn' t win a single county in new hampshire. >> if you look at the totals between now and 08, some of the most blue-collar democratic cities in new hampshire lost by 21 points. this is unfathomable. bernie sanders is not a good match for these communities. he dominated the community' s you would expect to. if you' re hillary, you wipe this one clean -- she did that tonight. you have to say to yourself and take it one state at a time for a while. she cannot afford bernie to get
10:56 pm
heather: issue just to damaged -- is she just too damaged? >> hillary has a relatively low ceiling and a high floor. she will be in it if she' s the nominee to the very end. she is not somebody -- not a party right now where anybody is getting 55% of the national vote. heather: we will send it back to the studio. ed: it is chilly outside in new hampshire. maria: it is indeed. record turnout, in your mac, new hampshire where 8:00 the polls were supposed to be closed and it was a long line of cars -- people want their voices heard especially in new hampshire. ed: talking with the number of record voters, the more people voted in iowa -- and they turned out tonight in new hampshire. they made their voice loud and clear. we heard the voice early, with the winners would be.
10:57 pm
in line? maria: we had john kasich there, right underneath that, then it was anybody' s race. ed: it is one of those nights it is quite special. which brings us to special coverage a newscenter 5 right now. >> from wcvb channel 5 this is commitment 2016 special coverage. the new hampshire primaries. >> she delivers a decision. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> i wanted to congratulate the other candidates. now that i have that out of the way. >> defeat for the once inevitable nominee. >> i still love new hampshire. >> surprise that could shake up the race. tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning.
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