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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:37am-1:06am EST

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sage cc1 test message test text1 >> jimmy: we're back with bill maher. [ cheers and applause ]
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las vegas at the mirage hotel. you know, i grew up in las vegas. you like playing vegas? >> i love vegas. you know, i first played there. it's going to make me sound old, but [ bleep ], i am. [ laughter ] in 1982. >> jimmy: wow. >> i was 26, and i opened for diana ross. and that was -- yeah. >> jimmy: was that at caesars palace? >> caesars palace. it's what i called the dead ball era in vegas. it's like after the rat pack but before it got reinvented as something hip and cool. so it was tough. you know, and i was a young comedian. no one you knew who i was or wanted to see me. they wanted to see diana ross. now it's great. it's hip. hip people come out and see it. it's the only place in the world i can play on christmas week. everywhere else you don't play christmas if you're a personal appearance act. people are spending their money on christmas. vegas could give a [ bleep ] about christmas. they don't want to know christmas exists because then people will feel guilty about
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>> jimmy: hey, by the way, happy birthday. i know you had a big birthday. [ applause ] i know you had a big birthday party. do you say how old or do you keep it quiet? >> yes, i say how old. i shout td out. 60. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i like to have a party when you don't worry about it. some people get bummed out by this stuff. >> first of all, you can't hide anymore. what aim going to say? i'm 48. [ laughter ] so i made it into an event on my show and i used it as a reason to get obama to appear on my show, because it's been a sore point. i mean, apparently our invitation to him has been lost in the mail for seven years. he's done every show. he's done your show, right? >> jimmy: it's crazy. >> see what i mean? every show. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: first of all, how dare you? and secondly, you gave his super pac a million dollars. >> yes. and he treats me like i owe him money. [ laughter ] i didn't even mention that because that shouldn't be the
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>> jimmy: you'd think he'd know that already, though. >> they have a thing at the white house that if you get a petition that is signed by 100,000 people they have to respond to it. so we had a petition out there. our beautiful fans within 38 hours, we had the 100,000 signatures. and it just says do our show or tell me why. just tell me why. and i'm sure that there are people in the white house who say never do that show. bill maher, he's a comedian, atheist, pot smoker who never got married. [ laughter ] by the way, all decisions i'm really good with. [ applause ] >> jimmy: have you considered -- i know he's coming out here next week for fund-raisers. tell him you're having a fund-raiser at the address where you shoot the show and maybe he'll show up. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's what the president does, jimmy. he just shows up. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's what he did here. he just appeared like santa claus. it was a miracle. >> yeah. well, we'll see. we'll see what they say.
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to see you. [ applause ] you know what? i told you this a million times, but when i was in college i saw you do stand-up and i think people forget that you're one of the great stand-up comics and if you want to go see bill march 12th and 13th in las vegas at the mirage hotel -- >> las vegas! why didn't we talk about las vegas? >> jimmy: bill maher, everybody. we'll be right back with alicia vikander.
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underline test text1 italics test text1 plain we're back. still to come, music from "nothing but thieves." our next guest has had a productive week. she won the critic's choice award, the s.a.g. award. on sunday she was named mvp of the super bowl. nominated for best supporting actress for her role in "the danish girl." please say hello to alicia vikander. [ cheers and applause ] i know i screwed up your name. i said it a million times to myself before. alicia vikander, right? >> yeah, that was right.
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say it like that before. at the oscars like if john travolta has to introduce your category, god help him. it's going to be a disaster. [ laughter ] well, hopefully one of the good things about being nominated for -- one of the many good things is people hear your name over and over again and you have maybe a little less of that. >> yeah. and then i'm going to give him the swedish version and then -- >> jimmy: whais the swedish version of your name? >> alicia vikander. >> jimmy: yeah, forget that. [ laughter ] is the oscars a big thing in sweden? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it is? >> it is. i remember when my mom -- i came finally to the age when she would allow me to kind of set the alarm clock and go up at 2:00 a.m. and sit by the tv and then later on i even had like sleepovers with my friends and we kind of stayed up and were wearing pajamas and ate popcorn and watched the oscars and talked about all the dresses. >> jimmy: so your family must have been very, very excited when you got nominated. >> and the thing was they were actually out here for the golden
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for the first time in l.a. and visiting me. and they came with me to set. i was filming in vegas. so we got the news when i was there. >> jimmy: wow. >> and it was great because it was like -- we were all in track suits, and it was 9:00 a.m. in the morning and we could just pop the champagne and that was totally normal. >> jimmy: that's right. it's las vegas. you can do that anytime. but why were you all wearing track suits? [ laughter ] >> i'd just woken up. and it's also on film shoots. i'm actually just wearing the same thing every day. i do have several options. so it's not like i don't wash them. but you go to work, you just change. so i even remember on some shoots you've been together with your colleagues for like three months and then you end up having like a night when at the wrap party it's the first time you actually -- look at you. jeans and a t-shirt. you look so well. >> jimmy: yeah, that is a funny thing because when people come
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thrones" or "downton abbey" or something i'm always shocked to see them in normal human being clothes. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and with you it's kind of the opposite. >> yeah. >> jimmy: will you bring your family to the oscars with you? >> i am. >> jimmy: you are. oh. you have to get them tickets or how does that work? >> yeah. i just -- i got them tickets the other -- >> jimmy: will they embarrass you by talking to famous people? >> i hope so. >> jimmy: you hope so. you're okay with that? >> yeah. my dad has a bit of a crush on kate winslet. so i kind of prepped her. my dad's coming. please be kind. and she was. cute. >> jimmy: wow. that's funny. but i guess your dad, your dad's about it. that's a little bit weird. your dad -- but yeah, your dad, that he would have a crush on -- winslet. >> jimmy: do you know all the women who are nominated with you in your category? >> when i actually finally got
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we've been sitting at many of these events, and i mean, i've looked up to her and admired her as an actress for a long time. we've been waving across the room. and finally when we did this we had the oscar luncheon. we were put next to each other for the class. >> jimmy: does anyone eat lunch at the luncheon? it seems like nobody's eating. >> it's the first proper event where they actually eat. normally at the golden globes i was sitting there with a plate in front of me and everyone else but the food never came. isn't that weird? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's called the hollywood diet. >> yeah. i was like is this every year? this is not a miss, this is actually -- >> jimmy: yeah, it's a very traditional l.a. thing. you just eat the air. [ laughter ] >> yeah. and then you drink. and then it all goes -- >> jimmy: in sweden does everybody speak english? >> yeah. everyone speaks very good english in sweden. we learn it in school from about 9, 10.
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when you actually start to speak it, you know. >> jimmy: and you realize that there are different ways people all over the country speak. >> you mean accents? >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] >> yeah, we do have them -- we have them in sweden too. >> jimmy: you have them in sweden? >> yeah. >> jimmy: isn't that funny? because really our knowledge of sweden and swedish accents comes from a muppet who cooks. [ laughter ] >> yode, yode, yode. >> jimmy: so you know him. >> but to me he sounds more norwegian. >> jimmy: oh, he does? [ laughter ] wow, more more norwegian. that's a scandal to hit sesame street. [ laughter ] so are you excited about the oscars? if should be a fun night. i think you have a good chance of winning. do you gamble on yourself? you know you can. you're working in las vegas. >> i did go and -- i learned how to play the craps. >> jimmy: yeah. the craps?
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how did you do? you were making that movie with that stupid matt damon, weren't you, in las vegas? >> yeah. i'm so happy that you actually see him -- you're telling his true colors. i know everyone tells everyone that he's the sweetest dude. >> jimmy: but he's not. he's a nightmare. >> yeah. finally someone confirms this for me. [ applause ] >> we still have one week to go. >> jimmy: number one, we learned that the swedish chef is a fraud. and number two, we learned -- well, something i knew for a long time. matt damon is evil incarnate. [ laughter ] congratulations. we'll see you at the academy awards, the oscars, which are on sunday february 28th, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. and of course your movie, which was great. "the danish girl" comes out on dvd and blu-ray march 1st. we'll be right back with nothing but thieves. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is
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bill maher, alicia vikander and apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time. "nightline" is next. but first with their self-titled album here with the song "trip switch" nothing but thieves! [ cheers and applause ] sharing secrets with another world rubbing shoulders with some unknown lovers making waves through the universe starting wars with anonymous brothers trip switch trip switch count to three press the button and we'll both be happy sending signals is a dirty trick i get my love in a digital packet trip trip switch switch trip trip switch switch what we do when the power's out
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down down down down down down down when the lights go down [ cheers and applause ] this is "nightline." >> tonight, the big decision out of new hampshire. a political earthquake. the once outsiders now projected winners. >> this is something very special. >> billionaire businessman donald trump claims his first win. and bernie sanders notches a victory in his own back yard and celebrates in style. but what does this all mean for the next showdowns in nevada and south carolina? and reality star teresa giudice opening up about life behind bars. >> i cried when i couldn't talk to my children. >> once living a life of luxury on "the real housewives of new jersey" but shocked with a very
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>> i got paid 12 cents an hour. >> tonight, shou how she's working to get her life back on track. but first it's the "nightline" 5.
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sage cc1 test message test tex good evening. new hampshire voters weighing in loud can and clear tonight in the first in the nation primary,
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of candidates once again. here, the latest results out of new hampshire on the republican side. a decisive, projected victory for donald trump, coming out on top. followed by john kasich. the ohio governor had been trailing in the polls coming into tonight. and third place, still too close to project. an intense fight between cruz, bush, and rubio. exit polls coming in from new hampshire with 2/3 of republican voters saying they support trump's call to temporarily ban muslims from entering the united states. and on the democratic side after a razor-thin loss in iowa vermont senator bernie sanders pulling off a solid victory tonight. exit polling showing among voters under the age of 30 sanders beat clinton by a colossal margin. we have team coverage, of course, on this pivotal night, and we start with abc's tom llamas, who's at trump headquarters. tom? >> reporter: juju, good evening. a wild scene here in manchester. donald trump took the stage at
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