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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: breaking overnight a deadly fire in fitchburg. emily: sanders and trump win big. what it means going forward. randy: a flight diverted after taking off in boston. the unruly behavior sending the plane off course. it is wednesday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is news center 5 eye opener. emily: the polls predicted this one. bernie sanders came away with a big win in new hampshire last night to top hillary clinton by a wide margin.
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this morning. analysts expected his anti-establishment message to resignation. john kasich's second place finish could put a new spin on the race. randy: much more on the results. first a look at the forecast. cindy: we have a lot of winter. emily: oh, goody. cindy: coldest all winter. lots of teens. getting off of the bus this afternoon. there will be some snow showers around. they are going to be hit or miss. 14 out the door right now. 12 in bedford. wooster 20 degrees. 26 in boston. a lot of change here to south. knorr wood and plymouth down. you are sitting at 19 degrees right now. temperatures do come up. we should be above freezing by noontime. it will stay light. it helps to push in to the mid 30's. look at this this afternoon. some snow showers.
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parts of western connecticut pressing up toward the area. all of this energy kind of rotating on in. the deeper we get in to the morning hours within the activity starts to move eastward. by lunchtime scattered snow showers. these are going to be with us through the evening commute. where we get these is a quick burst of snow that could bring a quick oating to maybe up to an inch of snow. especially when it comes down hard enough. this is a concern later this morning through the evening commute. out to the roads this morning. we've had some trouble already, olessa. olessa: watching a problem. you can see all of the police activity still on scene. emergency vehicles for the vehicle that overturned about an
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southbound side taking up. give yourself extra time. as you travel south by 93, accident has a lane blocked. a little bit better. route 28 open in both directions after an early morning accident. live report in a few minutes. route 18 is closed. the trains and buses are running on schedule. randy: we're following two breaking stories. emory: : first in quincy. kelley is there with what we know right now. kelley? reporter: the scene is cleared now. police have re-opened route 28 here in quincy. good news for commuter. just a horrific crash around 1:30 this morning. that's when troopers responded and found the mercedes engulfed in flames. they discovered that two people were killed inside. a third person has been taken to a boston hospital.
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we also don't know what led up to the accident. state police are invest gating. randy: also breaking overnight a deadly fire in the city of fitchburg. it was a tough battle for the firefighters. emily: let's get to the scene. we are there. reporter: emily, this was a difficult firefighter. the firefighters were able to rescue two people from the two-story home here, we know a third person died in the fire. the flames were shooting in to the air along with the smoke billowing from the home. when the firefighters got here around 1:00 this morning. one person is confirmed dead. they found two people on the second floor. firefighters had to perform cpr on the other victim who was also
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that person was also taken to the hospital. no one else was home when the fire broke out. at this point, investigators are still on the scene. most of the firefighters have left. we are still waiting to learn the exact cause of the fire. that's the latest this morning in fitchburg. randy: this morning it is on to south carolina. these two candidates are headed out. big wins under their belt. there are some other numbers that might be more important. emily: the eye openers with what is next. doug? reporter: emily and randy, the it is clear when you look at the numbers, donald trump was the big winner ha. s it is just as important the man who finished second. ohio governor, john kasich, poured all of his resources in to the state. it did pay off.
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just maybe we're turning the page on a dark part of american politics. because tonight the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. reporter: now as far as the front runner, donald trump, he sounded a positive note. >> new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you. we're going to be back a lot. we're not going to forget you. you started it. remember you started it. reporter: ted cruz, jeb bush now slugging it out for a third place finish. it means a tough call for the rest of the crowded field. we understand that chris christie is heading back to new jersey to consider his options. live in manchester this morning. >> thank you, new hampshire. now it is on to nevada, south carolina, and beyond.
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up the crowd after a big win in new hampshire. one thing is clear about the race for the democratic domination. here with that part of the primary story. reporter: yes. what's clear is the battle between the vermont senator and hillary clinton is not ending in new england. they said his victory sends a message. >> what happened here in new hampshire in terms of an enthusiastic and aroused electorate, people who came out in large numbers, that is what this country. reporter: the democrats feeling so relaxed he got in a little basketball before the victory speech. despite a tough loss that's been kind, hillary clinton is not giving any ground. >> now we take the entire country. we're going to fight for every vote in every state. we're going to fight for real
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make a real difference in people's lives. reporter: he may face a tough fight. sanders got the majority of votes from men and women, independents, and voters under 45. emily: thank you. the election rolls on. the next state to watch is nevada and south carolina. nevada democrats caucus on february 20th, the same day as the south carolina republican primary. the next day february 23 rd forecast nevada republicans. it is on to super tuesday, march 1st. it is often the last stop for all of the top tier candidates. randy: right now a cross country flight is finally at its destination after a disruptive track. the fight from boston to south carolina was diverted by the captain to denver after a passenger become combative.
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hours as the man who was off of the flight in colorado. the airline is calling it a issue. they claim he was disruptive and verbally abusive. other passengers say he made a threat. that's when the captain decided to land at the nearest airport as a precaution. the delay lasting about 45 minutes. passengers went on to san diego, their destination, arriving. no word on whether the passenger is facing charges right now. a former weymouth middle school cafeteria employee is heading to trial today. prosecutors say that janelle foley had sex several times with a 15-year-old boy who was a friend of her son. foley is charged with four counts of rape and abuse as a child. she has pleaded not guilty. the mbta is considering an idea
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emily: it could cost hundreds of jobs. and the difficult decision he's making this morning. randy: the city of boston might be scrapping an idea about the snow cleanup. reporter: two people are dead after a crash in quincy. the road has just be re-opened there. one person has died in a fire on walton street in fitchburg. we are on the scene gathering information. cindy: bitter cold as we head through the weekend. look though. scattered snow showers breaking out on radar right now.
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>> hello. i'm jeff with the american lung
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here with the annual flight presented by boston private. we're here with team i did it my way. they have gone 189 steps today to help fight the mission. randy: good morning to you. great cause and great workout. emily: lots going on. shoot the wakeup call at the front page of the web site. cindy: cold, but it is getting even colder. we ain't seen nothing yet. compared to last winter -- i think you know where i'm going here. especially when you look at the snow. we were wrapping up our third of four major snowstorms. look where we were for snowfall. we've had 77 inches. we've had a little bit of snow over the past week. now for the season. we're close to the average here closing in on two feet. we've got the coldest air of the entire season on route from the
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it is going to pour in here by the time we get to saturday and sunday morning. talking about high temperatures on sunday not getting out of the teens. the lows on sunday morning will be below zero. wind chills are going to be down in the 20's below. that's some dangerous stuff. record territory certainly a possibility. if we go below zero in boston, they will be flirting with the records. if you haven't been below zero in boston or wooster, mid to late february. cold enough on the way. teens and 20's out the door. it is not so bad when you know what is comes. we're told it is 14 in beverly. nice recovery in to the 30's. southwesterly wind around ten miles an hour. scattered snow showers are developing already. you can see them here. getting reports of a couple of flakes flying around. springfield to hartford is lighter and steadier snow. it is all shifting toward the
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as we go deeper in to the morning hours and certainly by lunchtime, we're going to find more numerous showers here breaking out. that continues all afternoon right toward the evening commute. when you get under one of these, it is a quick burst of snow. similar to what we have in the summer time. you get a shower to pop up. when you get down, a coating to maybe up to an inch of snow is possible. it is not a lot. it is enough to make the roads slippery, especially if it comes down hard enough. we will wind down. tonight we're falling back in to the teens and 20's. the cold. tomorrow only around 30 degrees. it will be a windy day. then saturday the temperatures actually fall. we'll start out close to 20 in the morning. they fall all day long. in fact by sunday morning we're talking about the temperatures below zero in a lot of spots. that's only part of the story. the wind is going to be blowing. on valentine's morning look at
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20's to maybe 30 degrees below zero. that's dangerous stuff. they stay below zero all day long. we do turn it around. should be back around 40 for the middle of next week. out to the roads with olessa. olessa: over the scene of the accident. this is route one here. you can see the overturned vehicle on the shoulder. the left lane is squeezing. this is a northbound accident. if you are heading in the direction, give yourself extra travel time. clearing 128 south. it's got a lane closed. the road has re-opened here in quincy. they shut down route 18. you're right on the expressway almost 20 in to boston. trains doing okay. emily: olessa, thank you. we're following the fallout from the new hampshire primary.
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let's start with you, mary ann. three thing that is surprise you had. >> the turnout was great, but they had to reprint ballots in keene. the gap and distance between the front runners, bothing of them winning by 19 already 20, 21 points. the second hillary clinton generational divide with her and younger voters really a big problem going forward. emily: it made a difference. pat, what about you? three things that surprised you last night. >> maryann is right about the turnout. voters waying for a long time just to get it to vote. i think on the republican side the race has been sort of reset and refreshed in this way. we're about to see some very, very tough politics as we get in to nevada and south carolina. i think we're going to start to see some real separate if, in
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forward. it is going to be a very, very difficult fight if they are best way to describe politics, i suppose. talk about briefly john kasich members. what did this mean for him as he moves forward? >> governor kasich has a very, very good night last night. he's headed south which is certainly been some problems. what to do with that? can he transfer that in south carolina? it is going to be tough. i think we're going to see senator cruz and governor bush and marco rubio still in this all packed together. nothing is going to be easy here. it is all going to be ground game and who can raise the money and put it to work. randy: bush is pushing hard in
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any surprises there with the win for kasich? >> cruz is going to be the only really challenger to donald trump. even then he's not going to be able to prevail in many states. the number of consecutive states isn't enough. this is a trump-cruz race going forward. yes, bush has the money to go to south carolina. he got lucky because rubio collapsed. he paid dearly for it. at this point, the bush donors are going to defect. if that had happened, the bottom would have fallen out. he goes on to south carolina. i think this is now pretty much a trump-cruz race. emily: thank you for your insight. get warm and get some coffee. randy: thank you both. the mbta police sergeant is now retiring.
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recovery but not 100% of donahue has had years of rehabilitation after the boston bombing. he and his wife are expecting their second son. emily: mbta officials will meet to discuss a plan to prioritize the agency department. the plan would help and count and run marketing and retail jobs. the city officials say they would vastly improve the system no formal proposals have been discussed. randy: boston city counselors maybe developing a plan. the proposal would have enlisted teenagers to help. several counselors wondering if there would be enough to handle the 1,600 miles of sidewalk in the city. you've comfort dogs. a veterans home in utah has
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emily: the unusual animal residents are snuggling up there. we'll show you ahead. erica: the supreme court blocks a plan pent to protect the environment. the idea getting held up this morning. a store clerk on the attack when a man tries to rob him. the realization that helps make him brave. and following a crash in quincy where two people were killed.
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cindy: 6:25. a few shower and light snow breaking out on the radar right now. things starting to fill in. let me take you closer. reports from live snowflakes here. all the way east and the native weather watches inside a few flakes coming down here. more down along the southeast and even the islands. this is just the beginning. we're going to see scattered snow showers and heavier burst developing midday in to the afternoon. that could produce a quick coating. not a lot but enough to make the
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we manage the mid and upper 30's this afternoon. a few flurries tomorrow. it is windy and turning colder by friday. in the 20's. we may not get out of the teens though this weekend. emily: all right. 6:26. >> we often see dogs as comfort names. they have charlie. charlie the red kangaroo. he's only about a year old. he might have to get bigger and then he won't be able to stay with him. for now they get to enjoy him. and a swiss skier up its game on the slope. he used the iphone and string to shoot the video. it took him two years to get it right. he is going to send a follow up video explains how he did. i would like a video explaining how he skis in the first place. emily: very good. all right.
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>> now on eye opener. randy: breaking overnight, a deadly discovery as they battle flames in fitchburg. >> battle between these two candidates. randy: and a clerk makes the call to stop a robbery. what he saw move. deadly car crash in quincy. after it crashes, it then burns. the video in just this morning. update ahead. at 6:30 we're looking at route one. police have been on the scene of the rollover there. report. good morning, thank you for joining us.
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emily: i'm emily riemer. we have olessa this morning. olessa: snow showers across the wooster area. these are live pictures of the burst of snow coming down in the wooster area right now. you need to be on guard today for a light snow to be breaking out at times. it isn't going to amount to a whole lot. when it comes down like this, the temperatures are cold enough, it can make things slippery. heads up back toward westbrookfield. you can get reports of a few flakes. they made it this morning. down to the south. couple of snowflakes this morning. light and steadier snow across a lot of western connecticut. all of this is associated with energy that's rotating in to the area. as we get toward later this morning and this afternoon i think more numerous snow showers break out across the region. teens and 20's right now. 21 in wooster. 27 in boston. the temperatures will come up in to the mid 30's with the
6:27 am
we're going to watch for the snow showers to fill in here. you see the energy working on eastward. for the afternoon and especially in the evening commute, keep in mind the quick bursts of snow to coat the roads and make things pretty slippery. still a heads up. let's get you out to the roads. >> we're still watching the problem spot. it behind me. this is the northbound side. the vehicle that overturned is upsidedown. lots scene. this is northbound. it is impacting your southbound ride because everyone is topping to see it. only the northbound is getting through. let's go got maps. you want to have some extra travel times. another accident still clearing. eastbound is not too bad. another road closure. this is over by 139. that's closed in both directions. expressway and halfway up to 35 minutes. trains in boston are running
6:28 am
schedule. randy and emily. randy: breaking news in fitchburg. emily: we are on the scene of a deadly fire. >> this is a difficult firefight for the firefighters who arrived on the scene. three people were trapped in the home. the home. another two were rescued from the second story. they were taken to local hospitals. the flames starting tearing through around 1:00 this the flames were shooting out of the second floor. smoke was billowing from the here. that didn't stop firefighters from rushing in and saving those two people. one person was found at the top of the stairs conscious. another person was also found upstairs and needed cpr. both were taken to local hospitals. person here who did not survive.
6:29 am
was found in the home. investigators are still here on scene this morning trying to figure out the cause of the fire. as soon as we learn any new information, we'll bring that to you. that's the latest in fitchburg. >> right now the two men waking up with a lot of political capital. randy: they are hoping big wins will give them a boost. emily: live in manchester with the primary fallout. reporter: the campaigns are all packing up and heading out. for bernie sanders, a resounding win other his rival, hillary clinton. crowds may have made all the difference. >> we won. because we harnessed the energy and the excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november.
6:30 am
saned efforts on his win but sounded hopeful about her change and challenges in the next state south carolina. now on the republican side, donald trump clenched the top spot. no big surprise there. john kasich revived his white house hope with a second place finish. >> there's magic in the air with the campaign. because we don't see it as just another campaign. we see this as an opportunity for all of us. reporter: ted cruz and jeb bush slugged it out for a third place finish. chris christie still don't know there. he's headed home for what he says is just to catch his breath. live in manchester, wcvb. emily: thank you. massachusetts primary around the corner. march 1st. today is the last day to register to vote. the deadline is for new voters or those who have moved or changed their registration. you have until 8:00 p.m. to register.
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after a fiery crash on route 28 in quincy. state police say they found a vehicle engulfed in flames. a third person was injured. randy: also breaking overnight two people are hurt. firefighters say the 26-year-old with serious injuries. 24-year-old man was also hurt here. they are expected to be okay. emily: video after a flight was diverted of the man was drunk forcing the flight from san diego to land in denver. he was taken off of the plane. no one was hurt. 6:36. a major hurdle for fighting climb change. randy: a store clerk goes on the offensive. when he noticed something. the realization that had him throwing punches. emily: breaking news.
6:32 am
is dead after a house fire. two others were taken to the hospital.
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welcome back. still only one lane getting morning accident. crews are on the scene. delays. everyone is stopping to see what's going on. give yourself the extra travel time. emily: indeed. cold out there. cindy: it is cold. we have a little bit of snowfalling. it is light. we're going to find more of the snow showers. the activity is out there this morning. it kind of ramps up. it will be scattered through the afternoon. out of the teens and 20's in to the 30's this afternoon. quick coating up to an inch of snow possible. the cold really is the big story headed through the weekend. we're going below zero here for the first time all winter on sunday morning. emily? emily: all right. thank you. a new hampshire clerk comes face to face with a robber. less are trying to track down the man who held up
6:34 am
convenience store. surveillance video shows the clerk behind the counter. it is a plastic gun. they realize it it and jump in to action. >> he tried to run away. i grab him and start beating him up. he got away. i wish i took him harder. emily: the clerk says in the future he won't risk his life over a few hundred bucks. randy: a deadly fire, tragic crash, and new hampshire primary results.
6:35 am
randy: good morning. 6:44. breaking news in fitchburg and quincy. we have the road out of new hampshire. emily: all of the stories. first with cindy and the forecast. a cold start to the day. we have not seen anything yet. sinty: that's right. it is all relative. the cold air has been locked up in canada. as you go far to the north, this is in the 20's below zero. those aren't wind chills. they are temperatures. we head toward the weekend. we have real cold in coming on in. it
6:36 am
by friday you'll notice it. frigid air moves in. we're talking about temperatures this weekend. stuck in the teen for highs. low temperatures by sunday morning are going to be below zero. there's going to be a lot of wind with this as well. wind chills dangerous stuff in the 20's below zero. we're going to flirt with record cold temperatures on sunday morning. likely below zero in boston. we have not done that since the middle of february last year. it is all relative. it is chilly out the door. teens right now. beverly is cold. 27 in boston. notice the winds are light. they are out of the southwest. despite a lot of clouds, temperatures up in to the 30's. scattered snow showers and light snow right now. it is steadier after a lot of western connecticut. it is starting to pill in along and south. we have light snow along the south coast and on martha's vineyard toward the ply mouth area. things
6:37 am
all of the energy is rotating eastward. we get deeper in to the day. midday notice the snow showers. these will be with us through the evening commute. it will be hit or miss. the potential is there for a quick burst to coat the ground. just be careful. it could get slippery. right around 30 tomorrow. it is a windy day and turning colder with sunshine on friday. out to the roads. a tough situation out there. >> we're still watching the problem there. you can see right here only the left lane is getting through. this is the northbound side. all because of what happened vehicle. it is still there and upsidedown. if you are heading in the direction, here's what the southbound side looks like. let's go over to the maps. the accident is in sawgrass. you'll need the extra couple of minutes. beyond that still blocking the lane. 93 is stop and go. down to the corrector. pike is about four minutes now. as you
6:38 am
watching the closure after an overnight accident. they closed both ways. your trip 30 to 35. trains and the buses on schedule. >> olessa, thank you. now to the breaking news in quincy. randy: kelley is on the scene of a deadly crash there overnight. reporter: route 28 behind me has re-opened after a deadly crash. many people were sleeping last night. the mercedes benz nearly unrecognizable. two of the people were found to be dead. one was taken to a boston hospital. this happened on route 28 between route 93. police are investigating exactly what happened. two are dead and one to the hospital. route 28 has re-opened this morning.
6:39 am
quincy, wvcb news center. emily: we're following more breaking news. one person is dead and two others were rescued from the home and taken to the hospital after a fire broke out overnight at the home here in fitchberg. here's a look at the from overnight. the flames shooting out. the fire broke out about 1:00 this morning at the home on walton street. the home was fully engulfed when firefighters got here. that didn't stop rescuers from going in and saving those two people. one of them found at the top of the stairs and was conscious. the other person needed cpr before being taken to the hospital. as we mentioned, a third person died here at the scene. now that the flames are out, the investigation begins in to what caused the fire. we're live in pittsburgh this morning, wcvb news center 5. >> the republican field moving on and headed to south carolina as the new hampshire primary is
6:40 am
donald trump with a convincing win. john kasich, ted cruz, and jeb bush claimed spots to keep them in the race. >> this campaign is not dead. we're going on to south carolina. reporter: for kasich, second place was a big victory. he has devoted all of the resources here in new hampshire. we have to wait to see who is not moving on. chris christie is headed back to new jersey to consider his options. emily: the fight for the democratic nomination looking more fierce than ever. voters with a win to bernie sanders. he and hillary looking ahead. >> thank you. now it is on to nevada, south carolina, and beyond. >> we're going to fight for every vote in every state. we're going
6:41 am
solutions that make a real difference. emily: for sanders, this is a must-win. the results putting pressure on hillary clinton moving forward. sanders won the majority from men and women, independent, and voters under 45. emily: thank you. bigging deeper. randy: looking down the road. what's changed? >> i'm not sure much has changed. donald trump is in the front. expect some sharp elbows in south carolina. most of the candidates are well funded. they have lots going for them in terms of ground game. this is one thing for sure, south carolina is not the end. this goes on for a long time. expect it to go on well in to tuesday. emily: thank you.
6:42 am
does anything change moving forward? does hillary clinton have to shake things up? >> if you doubted that bernie sanders was a real contender, doubt no more. not only did he beat her by 21 points, he has more money than her. he can go for many months to come. she does have to change her campaign. she added a new staffer. expect to see more of those today. like the republicans, the democratic nomination process is going to go on long after the snow is gone and it is warmer well in to the spring. emily: a lot warmer. we'll be thinking of that. thank you so much. go get warm. we appreciate you being with us this morning. randy: 6:51. a airlines flight out of boston forced to divert after a passenger become combative. the flight crew said he was disruptive. other passengers said he made a threat. that's when the captain decided to land as precaution. the delay lasted about 45 minutes. they went on to san diego
6:43 am
11:00. no word on any charges against the passenger. emily: law enforcement officials from colorado will be in town today to town the impact of legalizing the drugs here. last month a group of state senators traveled to learn more about the benefits and risks. randy: more than two months after the mass shooting, they are still struggling to unlock one of the shooters phones. it could potentially shed light on their preparations and motiveslinged to other terrorists. the fbi director told the senate committee the phone's encryption is blocking their efforts to get more information. on the president's effort, the supreme court put a temporary block on the presidents plan to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. the plan would require states to
6:44 am
emissions standards and reductions standards. many have called the effort unlawful. emily: missouri is signing off reform. the settlement calls for changes in the police department and put practices. the biggest change removes a salaries be waved. ferguson has been under scrutiny since the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teen in 2014. a blowout at garden. bruins fans welcomed back milan lucic. 9-2 the final. the b's head out. celtics put up a good fight against milwaukee. one wrong move may have cost them. they were down by 19 going in to the fourth. they claw their way back and tie it at 111.
6:45 am
bound sending the bucks to the line. they hit the first one here. it is game over half that. is 12-111 . randy: tonight on 7:00 and 11:00, one on one with robert kraft. don't miss the interview tonight at 7:00 and at 11:00. emily: a photo booth turns the table. they say this man stole $75. mask. the machine took his picture as he did this. snap a tamper with it. police now have the image hoping recognizes him. randy: surprise. big problems on the roads this morning. olessa: yes, we have a few issues. hours. the left lane is getting through because of the vehicle overturned. heavy delays in both directions.
6:46 am
the southbound side getting up the extra volume. way, plan accordingly. two lanes closed. another accident cleared by 128. then as you travel north of the town, new accident coming in here. the pike east 20 to 25. 495 to 128. the road closure is still in place. you are right on the expressway about 30 minutes now. they are running on schedule. maybe a little bit of snowfalling in some places. >> you've got it. not in boston. cloudy skies. the temperatures are running in the 20's. it is actually 27 degrees. southwesterly winds are going to push us up over the freezing mark. lots of teens to thnorth and the south. we're coming up in the mid to upper 30's this afternoon. on alert for snow showers. the snow right now across a portion of connecticut and along and south of the pike.
6:47 am
get toward the area, we're looking at light snow right now. we've got a lot of energy that's going to be rotating. these snow showers are going to be hit or miss throughout the day. i think they become more numerous and more intense toward midday right through the afternoon in to the evening commute. the best timeline on these i can give you is 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. i would be on guard for quick bursts that can provide a coating up to an inch and make things slippery. once the sun goes down, things fall apart. temperatures in the teens and 20's. tomorrow is going to be a windier day. maybe a few flurries. look at the cold coming in. friday the sunshine is in the 20's. temperatures fall all day long on saturday. in the morning hours, closer to 20 degrees. by days end, single digits below zero as we get toward saturday night in to sunday morning. we barely recover with sunshine on sunday to 10 degrees. the wind is going to be blowing. dangerous wind chills on sunday morning.
6:48 am
we have not seen this cold in more than a year. emily: it is a good excuse to snuggle with a sweety. randy: something to do. emily: on valentine's day. thank you for joining us. make sure you have the mobile app.
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