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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. erika: we begin with breaking news. emily: i' m emily riemer. chris christie is expected to suspend his presidential campaign as early as this afternoon. what we are learning right now is ahead. also, two people are dead after a fiery crash in quincy.
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vehicle engulfed in flames. a third person being treated at a boston hospital. a deadly fire is under investigation right now in fitchburg. three older siblings were inside. one did not make it out. this is a tough battle for firefighters. the chief among the first responders. let' s get right out to antoinette antonio. reporter: we have learned that the three victims in this fire for all members of the same family. two sisters and a brother in their 60' s. one of the sisters did not make it out of the second floor of this home that burned intensely overnight. >> when you pull up and run of people standing on the streets and you have cars in the driveway, you know you probably have a serious situation. reporter: compounded by the flames and thick smoke firefighters knew they had to act asked.
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responders. we were all here very quickly. within a few minutes of the alarm. reporter: the chief and the officer pulled one map in the home. when he came to he told them his two sisters were trapped upstairs. firefighters pulling one sister from the burning home, giving her cpr. the other sister in a back bedroom. she did not survive despite valiant efforts by firefighters. >> we had a lot of fire on the second floor. smoke conditions. the guys city good job getting to the house quickly in making the search to locate all the victims. reporter: the brother and sister who did survivor both taken to umass medical center with serious injuries. the fire chief says they do have a preliminary cause but at this point they are not releasing it just yet. antoinette antonio, wcvb
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emily: new at noon, woburn police are investigating an attack on an officer and a pedestrian hit by the alleged assailant. this happened this morning in the area of garfield avenue. the car has been found but so far no arrest has been made. erika: new at noon, state police say the person killed in a deadly morning crash in saugus was a 39-year-old from that town. state police responded to a rollover on route 1 north around 4:30 this morning. police say the car flipped several times and the victim was thrown from the vehicle. two boston men are dead after an early morning crash on route 28 in quincy. it happened around 1:30 this morning. state police say the car went off the road and hit a tree before sliding back onto the road way. re not sure why. that portion of route 28 between -- was closed for as police hours investigated. a third man in the car is being hospital. emily: new at noon, police make an arrest in a december stabbing at a webster bar. joseph and judith hebert both face charges of assault and battery tied to the stabbing at
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the victim was taken to the hospital following the attack and released. the motive for the attack is still under investigation. two men are hurt, one seriously, after a crash on route 18 in abington. a man crashed into two utility poles and inflict into a side. the driver had serious injuries. he told police he thought there not want to go to jail before his birthday next week. he is now facing a number of charges coming quitting operating after a license for police. this crash that injured three people on i-90 east in millbury. some type of metal container fell off a tractor trailer around 6:40 this morning. that container then hit an suv behind it. charged in the case. we turn to the weather in a live
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struggling to kind of breakthrough. hard all morning long. three miles. bit. more moderate and a little bit morning hours. around boston. showing up. bit out this way. the highest total i' enfield, connecticut where they had three inches accumulating. through parts of worcester county we had one inch to about 1.5 inches. look at the temperatures. despite the snow and the clouds the low -- light southwest wind degrees. we are not done just yet. by 2:00, scattered snow showers. by 4:00, still some scattered
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i think it will linger right to the evening commute. now to about 7:00 p.m. we will find quick bursts of snow. the intensity may pick up a little bit and this could produce a quick coding said to be careful of the roads. it might be slippery into the afternoon. emily: new jersey governor chris christie excited to formally suspend his campaign. that could come as early as this afternoon. hampshire primary. this is a story we will be following. fresh off his win last night in new hampshire, bernie sanders sitting on this morning with a panel on "the view." erika: he spoke on keeping americans out of poverty and higher taxes for the rich. bernie sanders: i believe we have 47 million people living in poverty. when you got the highest rate of childhood poverty in america of almost any major country on earth, when you have major
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paying zero federal income taxes, i do think the wealthiest people in this country and the having to pay their fair share. erika: before his interview, he had a meeting with reverend al sharpton in sylvia' s in harlem. sanders be hillary clinton by 20 points last night and answer. massachusetts' primary is right around the corner, march 1. and today is the last day to register to vote. or those who' ve moved to change their registration. you have until 8:00 p.m. tonight to register. emily: it' s a story we' ve been reporting on for months. the many spent nearly 30 years in prison has to court today hoping he might be freed. george perrot will appear this afternoon and asked the judge to release him on bail. he has been serving a license for the 1985 rape of an elderly springfield woman, convicted with the help with now
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his conviction was overturned last month and his attorneys say let out on bail prosecutors say he is a flight risk. a former weymouth middle-school cafeteria worker heads to trial today, charged with statutory rape. prosecutors say janelle foley had sex several times with a of her son. foley is charged with four counts of rape and abuse of a child. she has pleaded not guilty. erika: new at noon, there may be snow on the ground but they have spring on their minds at fenway park. it is truck day. the team is loading up the gear to head south. newscenter 5' s kelley tuthill is live outside the ballpark with how it' s going. kelley? reporter: the truck just left a few months ago. pending crowded fenway park. you don' t normally expect that in the middle of winter but everybody was a he -- see here. looking at all the gear being
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everything they need to have to get spring training underway. it' s a sure sign of spring. despite the season last year, the santa not be anywhere else. they had to be here for this big day. >> the first time it is spring, seeing the red sox equipment truck it ready for spring training. we are ready for spring even though it is snowing right now. we are diehard red sox fans. >> leicester was not the greatest season in the world. i think we make some good off-season move so we can only go up from here. reporter: the truck driver has been doing this since 1998 and said it never had any more problems than a flat tire. he will get the gear there. it feels pretty exciting for february. erika: thanks so much. tonight at 7:00 and eleven, a newscenter 5 exclusive. maria stephanos goes one-on-one
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kraft. don' t miss the exclusive interview tonight on newscenter 5 at 7:00 and 11:00. emily: the police sergeant nearly killed in the aftermath of the marathon bombing says he is retiring in the force. dic donohue says he is recovering but not 100% and that is key in his decision to step down from the job he loves. he says he is not bitter about the shootout that changed his life. >> i like to think of a little better than i did in april 2013. but i' m definitely come a long way. i' m not quite 100%. and you really need to be wanted to percent when you' re on the streets or working patrol. emily: he is now teaching criminal justice classes and he and his wife are expecting a second son this spring. erika: flight diverted. ahead at noon the trouble on board that prompted this flight from boston to make an early landing. emily: a store clerk in
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he comes face to face with a robber. the one thing he noticed that had him fighting back. erika: it' s been almost one year since it fell below zero. that is what i' m forecasting this weekend. the vitor wind chill -- the bitter wind chill that will go along with it. erika: fears growing over the zika virus. and now concerned athletes are speaking out. why one says she may pull out of this summer'
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>> you are watching wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. erika: passengers or find the other destination after a disruptive passenger forced the plane off route. it was diverted late last night to denver after a passenger became combative. this is video and overnight is the man who was allegedly drunk was escorted off the alaska airlines flight in colorado. the airline claims he was disruptive and verbally abusive. other passengers say he made a threat and as in the captain decided to land at the nearest airport as a precaution. more than two months after the mass shooting at san bernardino, investigators are still struggling to unlock one of the shooter' s phones. both suspects' cell phones are a main focus of the investigation.
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light on their preparations, motives, and links to other terrorists. committee yesterday the phone' s encryption is blocking their efforts. erika: now to new concerns about the zika virus. as athletes prepare for the olympics in brazil, soccer star hope solo is speaking out , concerned that if she had to abc' s stephanie ramos has the story. reporter: the real olympics -- rio bulimics begin seven must now. some athletes are worried about the zika virus. hope solo helped lead team usa to a world cup victory in 2015. she tells sports illustrated because of the risk of zika, she would skip deal of exit forced to make the choice today. "i would never have the risk of having an unhealthy child. i personally reserve my right to have a healthy baby." mosquitoes and causes babies
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for about a week. cdc does not believe that affect future pregnancies. solo says no athlete should be faced with his dilemma, brazil. entire olympic games. almost all of them are childbearing age. reporter: the u.s. olympic committee tells abc news it is closely monitoring the situation through the cdc. it is passing on its recommendation to athletes. the good news for athletes concerned about the games is population will decrease temperatures. the summer games are being held during what is winter in brazil. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. emily: mbta discussing a plan to privatize
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machines, cap cash fares, and effectively run free telemarketing operations. it would eliminate about 250 jobs. they believe outsourcing with save millions. no formal proposals have been companies. after the meeting, the agency will hold a public session on raising fares across the board. s hearing will be in roxbury. another will be held in weymouth tomorrow night. a decision is expected following that meeting and any changes would take effect in july. erika: boston city councilors may be backing off a plan to exempt elderly residents from shoveling their sidewalks. the proposal would have enlisted teenagers to help those homeowners. but several councilors wondered if there would be enough city' s 1600 miles of sidewalk in the city. in cambridge, high schoolers shovel seniors' sidewalks for a fee. last year. we are going to give you a big dose of perspective right now.
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we were in the midst of 1, 2, 3. our third of the blockbuster storms at this point we were gearing up for the big valentine' s day one. nothing like last winter. take a look at where we stand right now for the season. closing in on two feet. last year at this point we had over 77 inches of snow. you remember that. in a typical season we are not too far up the mark, just a few inches behind we typically are. we have seen a little bit of snow. not much accumulation. under one inch across most of massachusetts although the snow has been off and on throughout the day. he gets a worcester county and we have about an inch and a half in a few spots in up to three inches in parts of northern connecticut north of the hartford area. you look across the country and it' s the eastern half of the country, see how this note gives way down. there was a big dip in the jet stream and a big rigell west.
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with that big dip will do is basically open up the door for all of this cold air which is piled up to the north to just of the country. see days. it will come in stages. we get colder at the end of the week in that arctic front comes in friday night. have seen so far this winter. teens. temperatures on sunday will be below zero and will come with wind. windchills may drop into the 20' s below zero on sunday morning. that is some dangerous stuff. that will be flirting with records for the day. we will see how cold it gets this weekend. this is what it looks like out there right now. we have very light snow falling. at times it has been sent enough through it. south and has been very light. we are above the freezing in
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you had a worcester county and we have seen the snow pileup. it has been doing so even with temperatures creeping up close to 30 degrees. we will get a few more degrees thanks of the southwesterly wind, but notice through 6:00 p.m. where the risk of these off and on again lights showers. that' s what we have this study is snow right now around southbridge and spencer. that is shifting eastward as well. as we widen the view i want to see the little spin to the south. that has thunder, lightning offshore with the system. there is a lot of energy with it and as it continues to rotate we are going to see these snow showers at times right in the evening commute. as you get under one of the heavier reversed of snooki can get a quick coding up to two inches. that could make it slippery through the evening. notice the scattered nature of these. right through 4:00 this afternoon until about 6:00 this evening.
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things are quieting down and we will clear out of it overnight. s tonight and we are not s tomorrow. this front will be dropping in a lot of wind. only around 30 degrees. flurries. the rewatch temperatures drop. 20 degrees in the morning. and by sunday morning look at all the minus signs. it' with the wind. re heading out maybe to church, valentines morning, when chills below zero. long. weekend. long time. notice we' re back up to around next week. big changes on the way. community. dozens of business leaders, including our own president and general manager bill fine joined
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this morning to volunteer at cradles to crayons. wcvb is proud to present the 5th annual president day of service at the warehouse in brighton. all the volunteers working hard to sort and pack donations of coats, hats and gloves all the winter essentials that will be given to local kids in need. world begin observing lent today. ash wednesday. the start of a 40 day period leading up to easter. one local referent is offering up ashes to go. edward cardoza from st. mark' s episcopal church was at the new trading post on federal street this one to distribute the ashes. easter sunday falls on march 27. emily: a new hampshire clerk comes face-to-face with a robber and take him on. police are trying to track down the man who held at the convenience store in manchester.
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the hooded man demands money. that is a plastic gun in his hand. the clerk realizes that in jumped and action. >> trying to run away. i grabbed him and i started beating him up. unfortunately he got away. emily: the clerk says in the future he will not risk his life over a few hundred bucks. erika: a skier takes style to a whole new level. emily: the not-so-easy selfie on the slopes you have to see. plus, flying onward and upward to the great white way. when you can expect frozen' s
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emily: broadway is about to get frozen. erika: disney confirms the hit musical with it in broadway in 2018. there will be an out-of-town tryout next summer. no word on where that will be or who could be cast. the oscar-winning songwriter' s are set the pen new songs. erika: a swiss skier ups his game on the slopes and on his smartphone. he used his iphone and a string to shoot this video as he skied down a mountain.
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tinkering to get this right. two years. cindy: the snow is not looking like that outside today. the snow showers will be off and on with us through the evening commute. they can be some heavier bursts of snow. all about the bitter cold coming this weekend. erika: what a change.
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