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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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through. so of you may have run into snow showers. >> harvey is tracking that and the bitter blast of cold air that's on the way. >> no question about both of those. there are still snow showers in the region at this time. you see some behind me but also the visibility over here is reduced some. boston has three mile visibility. four miles to the south. notice the snow showers are on the south shore and also to the west. let's show you how they are moving. >> there you have it, if you're around marshfield, you're experiencing some snow showers at this time. cold in worcester county. out in time, they will dissipate. we look for a few more to pop up. temperatures above freezing along the coast but at freezing
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north and west. teens and low 20's to start the day and tomorrow will be colder than today. many of us won't get out of the 20's. the cold i'm talking about, in two stages. we'll talk about both stages and the weekend especially where it will be quite harsh. that's all coming up in a little while. >> a police officer attacked and a pedestrian struck by a speeding car. police say the same man is behind both crimes. >> and they are looking for him right now. live with the wild surveillance video. tom? >> heather, part of the violent crime spree happened right here in the intersection of main and union streets here, and the building behind me has the cameras that captured the footage you're about to see. take a close look. you can see a white sudan making a quick turn and striking the man in the crosswalk. car. the suspect drives for several hundred yards before stopping. that's when the 65-year-old victim falls off the hood crashing on the ground.
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have identified the delgado. after initially stopping, he and the female passenger took off. delgado drove to the green street neighborhood where he ran. nothing. the pursuit started even before the hit-and-run. police were interviewing delgado about a larceny complaint when he allegedly assaulted an officer and fled. the officer was not injured. as for the 65-year-old victim of the hit-and-run, he was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. the search for that driver continues right now. >> this is new at 4:30. a mystery, after a grisly discovery. >> police say the man was shot several times inside his home. let's get you out to rhondella richardson. >> shocking how neighbors describe what happened inside the home. they add, who would want to hurt a 70-year-old man?
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door neighbor saw the victim just two days ago outside, duct taping his mailbox after a plow hit it. police say they have been here since yesterday. police say john williams lived alone and they were here doing a wellness check when they found him inside house unresponsive and bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. he wanted the extra money for his passion of flying airplanes. he was part of the flying group at the airport. police are calling this a suspicious investigation. they are involved with the district attorney's office and awaiting word from the medical examine tore figure out exactly what happened. we're live, rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> right now there are questions surrounding a deadly fire. >> we're also learning more about the first responders who kept it from being much worse. jack harper is live at the scene. >> the fire on the second floor of the building right behind us, these flames had a huge head start.
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town, kevin here. he wasn't even in his uniform. officer. they have located a man. they got him out. he came to on the stretcher and told them two of his sisters were in there. all were in the 60's. one lived, the other did not. fire investigators say they have an idea where it started. we'll have later on. one killed here in this fire. back to you, ed, and heather. to our 2016 coverage, bernie sanders sitting down this morning. >> talking about digging americans out of poverty and higher taxes for the rich. >> what i believe, you know, i believe when we have 47 million people living in poverty, when you've got the highest rate of childhood poverty in america, when you have major corporations making billions of dollars, paying zero in federal income
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yeah, i do think the wealthiest people in this country and the largest corporations should be asked to pay their fair share of taxes. >> before his interview, sanders had a meeting with the reverend al sharpton. senator beat hillary clinton by 20 points in the new hampshire primary. >> south carolina, jeb bush is holding a town hall there right now. bush coming in fourth in new hampshire. getting 11% of the vote. the next states to watch are nevada and south carolina. nevada's democrats will caucus on february 20. that's the same day that south carolina will hold its republican primary. the next date from that is february 23, for nevada republicans, and february 27th for south carolina democrats, then it's on to super tuesday. that's march 1. 13 states including massachusetts, will vote on that day, and it is often the last stop for all top tier candidates. >> the massachusetts primary right around the corner on march 1. today is the last day to
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>> the deadline for new voters are those who have moved, changed their registration, until 8:00 to register. a little over three hours. still time for you to do that. a driver has been charged in this crash. injured three people on interstate 90. some type of metal container fell off the tractor-trailer. the container then hit the suv behind it. 48-year-old anthony donaldson has been charged in this case. >> two boston men are dead after an early morning crash. this happened on route 28 in quincey. state police say the car went off the road and it hit a tree before sliding back on to the street. at this point they are not sure why it happened. a portion of route 28 was closed for hours. a third man in the car is being treated at brigham and young women's hospital. >> tonight, the driver is talking about why he tried to outrun officers. police say a driver trying to
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two utility poles in an abbington. he thought there was a warrant out for him and he didn't want to go to jail for his birthday. he's charged with failure to stop for police. right now a worker is off the job after his body discovered how he was getting rid of piles of snow. >> live with the video thought nationally led to his suspension. >> the putting it on to private property, but then he's accused of when that business owner came up to him, to ask him and inquire about what happened, the driver almost hit him with his plow truck. let's take a look at that video caught on the busy surveillance camera. the front lowered literally comes within inches of hitting this business owner. the driver then backs the plow up, still right
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of him on his property. just moments before this, notice the plow dumping snow on to his lot. that's when he wept outside merely to inquire why the plow driver was doing that. the driver has been suspended. another hearing tomorrow. he could face more disciplinary charges. he could even be charged criminally in this matter. >> right now, man convicted in the assassination of robert kennedy is fighting to get out of prison for the 15th time. he addressed a parole board. new at 5:00 on newscenter 5, why a bystander and a kennedy con di can't, who was injured by a bullet, is convinced that a second gunman actually shot kennedy. >> a former cafeteria worker has pled guilty to rape charges. she was set to go on trial after prosecutors say she had sex
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he was a friend of her son. sentenced to at least two years in state prison. new accusations against a former chaplain, at the center of an abuse scandal. >> police in north carolina are investigating. he worked there as a rector for more than two decades. the woman tells the globe she's terrified of being found by him. they opened now investigation into acts allegedly committed by employees during the 1970s and 1980s. >> a store clerk fights back in manchester, new hampshire. you can see the confrontation with a robbery suspect in the surveillance video. this was at the best market on maple street and the clearing tells police he realized the weapon being used by the suspect was fake and that's when he knew he could fight back. the clerk says in the future he won't risk his life over a few hundred bucks. so far, no arrests. >> right now the search continues for a drowning victim in conway, new hampshire. according to police the man fell through a pies in a pond last night.
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his body but they do say no one could have survived the freezing temperatures this long in that area -- water. pulling a migrant out of the ocean. you can see parts of the sinking boat. the video shows a helicopter swooping in and eventually pulling the man to safety. he was pulled to safety eventually. >> city leaders in ferguson, missouri, signing off on most of the reforms called for by the u.s. justice department. calling for changes in the police department and court. putting an end to discriminatory practices. the council's biggest challenge removes the requirement that police salaries be raised. ferguson has been under scrutiny since the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black 2014. >> more than two months after the mass shooting at san california, investigators are still trying to unlock one of the shooter's phones.
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focused on the investigation. they could potentially shed light on their preparation, motives and links to other terrorists. the director told the senate committee that the phone's encryption is blocking their efforts. >> it's time to flash forward to 5:00 here on newscenter 5. >> a whole new meeting. >> fabric and stichlt just ahead. a way to show two families how much their neighbors care. >> a newscenter 5 exclusive. tonight, one-on-one with robert kraft. the interview at 7:00 and 11:00 on newscenter 5. >> and we've got no showers scattered about the region. we've had them all day. got colder weather coming up in a couple of stages. need to hear about it. coming up, straight ahead. >> we're following breaking news. cnn now reporting that governor chris christie has officially suspended his presidential
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carly fiorina also ending her bid. a judge has freed a man who spent nearly 30 years in prison for the rape of an elderly woman. moments ago 5 investigates was there as he left the court. the
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bridge. it's slowly in both directions. in fact, the traffic leaving town is quicker than the traffic town. let me hit the update button and we'll go around the area. hit it a little faster. don't you hate it when the click doesn't work. the clicker doesn't work, so we'll move on from there but that's what it looks like. >> we'll get back to traffic. boston city counselors may be backing off a plan to exempt elderly residents from shuffling their sidewalks the proposal would have enlisted teenagers to help homeowners but several counselors wondered if there would be enough participants to handle the 1,600 miles of sidewalks. >> ash terrell owens the start of the 40 day period leading up to easter but for those who couldn't make it to a church service, one is
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badges to go. he was over the new trading post. this year easter falls on march 22. >> today was trump day. >> we know the warmer weather is coming. >> it has to. >> i remember last winter, do you know how many times last winter at the end of a weather cast, i weather cast, i said, at least the calendar will be our friend. you were right all the time. >> that's the only thing. >> i'm most concerned about your weekend forecast. >> yeah, of course. i understand. sweetheart's weekend. >> anyway air force lets show you what's happening. we do have snow showers around. on the south shore and in worcester county and middlesex county. earlier today, steady snow fell for a while and actually coated the ground close to boston and gave an
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even up to three. first, some of the snow is coming off the great lakes. the great lakes effect. they often get into the berkshires but not all the time do they penetrate east of the berkshires but they are doing that right now. both in worcester county as well as the south shore. you see the purple, visibility is down a little bit. one saving grace is the temperatures inched above freezing so the roads have warmed a little bit. but of course, if you do get a heavier squall it can then temporarily cover the ground. but it is cold enough out in worcester county and beyond. from worcester up, we have snow showers that are going on. we'll tend to see them continue around the region in scattered form through about 6:00 or 7:00 tonight and then once we lose a little bit of the heating of the day that we had, they will tend to dissipate. also, the disturbance responsible for them moving away. but there is another little disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere. it will come through during the first 2/3 of the day tomorrow. at 7:00, seeing some more break-outs around hartford,
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scattered around the region. doesn't mean they will be precisely where they are depicted here but the idea is in scattered locations, maybe even in boston, a few snow showers or snow squalls tomorrow. that will usher in the first stage of the 1-2 punch of arctic air. these snow showers will be scattered. they will be dissipating during the course of the night. i want to give you an idea of how this will break down in terms of temperature. as you look at boston, where there have been snow showers around, notice the temperature is 34. a little above freezing, with a this time. it's right around freezing to the north and to the west. as you would expect, a little colder in the berkshires. with elevation but by tomorrow morning, as the wind freshens a little bit out of the west temperatures will be back to the teens and low 20's in the region. tomorrow will be a little bit colder in the afternoon than today and windier. it will feel significantly colder. it is the first of the 1-2 punch.
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sue saint marie. minneapolis is only 13. tomorrow night and early friday we'll be very cold and that's not even the coldest. look at early friday. and single digits off to the north and to the west. temperatures friday afternoon will get back into the upper 20's and -- upper to mid 20's. then the second surge of bitter the polar regions will get saturday. snow around southeastern mass late friday night and the rest through saturday morning and then the frigid air comes in. look at the average low temperature. about 5 below. a strong chance boston will be at zero or slightly below and sol of our suburbs could be double digits below. very cold into early monday and
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coincide with the next storm. may change to rain. >> several business leaders including our own fine joined the mayor this morning to volunteer. cbb is proud to present the fifth annual president's day service at the warehouse in brighton. all the winter essentials will be given to local kids in need. >> have you seen our 5 for good series? we want to know your good news so we're asking you to send us your video, your pictures of people making a difference and doing good around the community. share them on the wcvb facebook page. email them to
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lets you handle pyour financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? . >> breaking news out of las vegas. it's just before 2:00. this is a hotel where authorities are investigating a hazmat situation. at this moment it's just breaking so there are few details
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we'll keep you posted. this is in las vegas, a hazmat situation breaking. >> managers meeting to discuss a controversial plan to privatize some agency departments. >> that plan would help maintain fair machines that would help count cash and run marketing retail operations but it comes at a cost. it would eliminate about 250 jobs. outsorting all of those services would vastly improve the system and save millions. no formal proposals have been discussed with specific companies in terms of those services. >> also holding a public session tonight on raising fares across the board. that hearing is happening in rock bury and another in weymouth tomorrow night. a decision is expected following the second meeting and it would take effect in july. >> focusing on the takata air bags. recalling 700,000 models because the bags can explode
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these same air bags made by the japanese manufacturer can be found in millions of vehicles by various automakers. >> boston city council weighing a surcharge on the tax bills of boston homeowners the 1% surcharge would go toward more funding for affordable housing and new green space in dorchester. the measure would cost the average homeowner about $23. it needs approval from the full council and then it would go to city voters. >> espn has cut ties with boston based draft kicks. the two companies had an agreement that espn would advertise the bail fantasy sports on its media platforms and that deal was made last june. ahead of recent controversy surrounding fantasy sports. several states are now banning fantasy sports fantasy sports and calling into question their legality. >> breaking news. the damaged royal caribbean cruise ship anthem of the seas is about to dock in new jersey and you're looking live. the ship carrying more than 4,500 passengers and 1,600 crew
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a seven day cruise to the sunday, in that major winter storm, hit by strong winds and waves as high as 30 feet. really tossed around. >> still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4:30, a skier takes his ride.
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>> look at this one. it's a swiss skier upping his game on the slopes and on his smartphone. he used his eye iphone to shoot this video. it took him two years of the inkering, and ink -- he said no iphones were hurt in the shooting. >> when you look at it, you almost think it's computer-generated, but putting a smartphone on the end of a string. >> news at 5:00 starts right now. >> caught on camera, a suspect's wild getaway taking an innocent man along
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>> it oked like stight out of a movie.
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