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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> it oked like stight out of a movie. >> the favorite acting fire chief who kennedy it from being much worse. >> flurries and squalls scattered about. brutal cold on the way. >> getting some air at the ball park. >> giving whole new meaning to sliding into home here at fenway. fenway. >> snow showers continue to pop up at this hour. evening commuters, of course, dealing with these conditions. taking a life look at the boston skyline. afternoon. all of this, just before some of coldest weather of the winter moves in. good evening, i'm jason monahan. >> many of us will take showers -- bitter cold. >> harvey all. >> you guys are right, in terms mostly this is in the air, at this hour, as opposed to accumulating on the ground. visibility down a little bit to three miles.
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berkshires, no surprise there. they are getting heavier snow skwaulgs. 3/4 of a mile visibility. shows up on radar. an area on the south shore. an area around the north and west of 495. everything moving east. enough aerial coverage that one of us will be getting some flurries and a few could be briefly heavier and when the temperature drops down it could make things slippery briefly. fairly light and the temperatures just above freezing. ground warmed a little from the bright midday and afternoon. marshfield at this hour, you see them from worcester, and you can see that they are all going to be moving eastward. want we get to 7:00 or 8:00 they will dis sipate. another disturbance tomorrow may cause this to happen again. that will usher in the first of the two surges of bitter told air. much more in a little while.
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three decades in prison for rape is now free on bail. the judge man is innocent. karen? karen: a stunning moment in this courthouse here, as george, who has been locked up for more than 30 years, was set free by judge kane today. as he walked outside he said the air felt good and it was great to be free. he walked out of court today a free man with his mother and his legal team by his side. now, inside the courthouse, judge kane said that based on all of the evidence, that he looked at, in connection with the case, he believes he did not rape an elderly woman 30 years ago in springfield. george has always denied that he did it. he's tried over the years to be set free. today,
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court justice, robert kane, set george free. we'll hear more from him coming up at 6:00. karen anderson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> thanks. right now a hit-and-run caught on camera. the victim stuck on the hood of that car as the driver, the man on the right of your screen, took off. he's also a suspect, by the way, in an assault on a police officer, but he hasn't been found. todd is live with more. todd? reporter: it was a violent crime spree and part of it happened right here at main and union streets around 9:30 this morning as surveillance cameras on the building behind me were rolling. take a look. it's startling to see. you see a white sudan make a quick turn striking a man in the crosswalk. he lands on the hood. the suspect keeps driving for several hundred yards before stopping, when the 65-year-old victim falls off the hood. police have identified that driver as 29-year-old tyson delgado of winthrop. just a few moments ago, they
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of him to us. now, after initially stopping at the scene, delgado and a female passenger took off after police had arrived. police say delgado drove to the green street neighborhood where he ditched the car and ran. a search turned up nothing. the pursuit start before that hit-and-run. police were interviewing delgado at a local business about a larceny complaint. that's when he assaulted the police officer and took off. the police officer was not injured. as for the 65-year-old victim of the hit-and-run that happened right here, he's in the hospital with serious injuries. reporting live, todd, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> right now, a middle school foley together. prosecutors say she had sex a friend of her son. she was sentenced to at least two years in state prison. foley changed her plea as the court was preparing to select a jury.
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after a crash on route 28 in quincey. it happened about 1:30. state police say the car went off the road, hit a tree, before sliding back on to the road. you see the end results here at this point. they are happened. a portion of 28 had to be closed investigated a third man. this crash that injured three mass pike. some type of metal container fell off a tractor-trailer around 6:30 this morning traveling the eastbound. that container hit an icient -- an suv a fatal fire. the death happening despite heroic rescue efforts. jack harper is live with story. >> j.c., police chief in town he was here in a real big hurry
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already roaring. >> black smoke and then more flames. it was bad. >> it looked like straight out of a move. >> fire chief kevin roy lives right around the corner. he was the first one in. >> we immediately found three victims on the second floor. two were immediately removed. >> a sister and brother in their 60's made it but a second sister did one not. the man rescued, able to tell firefighters about the other two still inside. investigators say it started in one room. they have an idea on the cause. >> the chief is reluctant to take credit for the rescue. he knows the victims. he says the fire had one big head start. mainly the heavy heat and smoke. we had a fire that was burning pretty good and on arrival, we had a lot of fire on the second floor. visibility was near zero with high heat and smoke conditions. the guys did a good job of getting through house quickly and locating all of the victims.
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the survivors, brother and sister, both in their 60's, are in serious condition. jack harper, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> commitment 2016. field of republican presidential contenders, after the new hampshire primary. bowing out. here's more on the post shake-up. >> for three of the remaining g.o.p. contenders, it was off to south carolina. [indistinguishable voices] >> fiorina suspended her campaign. she told women not to allow others to tell them who to vote for, a slam against hillary clinton. she was back home in new york reassessing her strategy.
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home state but making big bold statements. he met with al sharpton. this was an introductory signal to south carolina black voters. clinton now has a nearly 40-point advantage over sanders among african-americans. on a talk show, the view, sanders was even more specific talking about the water crisis. an issue clinton has owned up to now. >> if that was an affluent white community i suspect the government would have responded somewhat differently. >> meanwhile, new jersey governor chris christie also suspended his campaign. back in new jersey with his family as the republican establishment wondered if he'll endorse any of his competitors. ohio governor john kasich considered the third winner headed immediately to south carolina, who told south carolinians, his brother, former president, will campaign with him and he's no donald trump. >> unless i'm caught with a camera that i didn't see, i won't use profanity in the public. >> arriving tonight for a 7:00 p.m. rally at clemson university, the big winner, donald trump who, on the morning talk shows, revealed a slightly
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slightly more statesman like demeanor. >> new hampshire is about momentum but it's also about money. the sanders campaign announced in the first 18 hours, since the new hampshire polls closed, they took in $5.2 million, raising their average donation to $34 per person. the clinton campaign said sandtors ers outspent them 3-1. >> the mass primary is right around the corner on march 1. today is the last day to register to vote. the deadline is for new voters and those who have moved to change their registration. you have until 8:00 tonight to register. >> a new hampshire clerk comes face-to-face with a robber and then takes him on. right now police are trying to track down the man who held up a convenience store in manchester. his weapon prompting the clerk to attack. surveillance video shows the clerk behind the counter on maple street, when the hooded unanimous demands money but that's plastic gun in his
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the clerk realized it and jumped into action. >> trying to run away. grabbed him and i started boating him up and unfortunately he got away. i wish i took him a little heard. >> the clerk says in the future he'll not risk his life over a few hundred dollars. >> it is a scene we all long snow begins to pile up. truck day at fenway park. the equipment truck was packed with bats, gloves and other long trip down to fort myers, florida. it will arrive on saturday. for winter weary fans it's a sight for sore eyes. >> we're ready for spring even though it's snowing right now. >> last year wasn't the greatest season in the world. we made some good offseason moves so we can only go up from here. >> how perfect was that it it was actually flurrying. the next sure sign of spring a week from tomorrow when pitchers and catchers report to spring training. >> music to my ears.
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bridge. fine. southbound. spotty delays with 29 minutes. mass ab to route 3, northbound, looking also at half an hour. pretty typical. 15 minutes. it does look slow on the southbound side. further on the pike not bad. just north of the pike on 495. otherwise, northbound is traveling just fine. >> there are new concerns from athletes tonight over the spread of the zika virus. >> soccer star now questioning whether she should compete in the summer games in rios. >> a stunning surgery in the state. the mother of a newborn, how the wrong baby ended up in the operating room. >> at 5:30, a battered cruise ship returns to new jersey. what passengers are saying about the captain's decision to leave port in a storm. >> and then we'll take you back out to fenway where daredevils
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>> more than two months after the mass shooting in san bernardino investigators are still struggling to unlock one of the shooter's phones. both suspects cell phones are the main focus of the investigation. they could potentially shed light on their preparations, motives and links to other terrorists. the f.b.i. director told the senate committee yesterday the cell phone's encryption is blocking their efforts. >> passengers on a cross country flight from boston are finally at their destination after a
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plane to change course the flight from boston to san diego was diverted to denver after a passenger became, what is being described as, combat active. overnight. the man was allegedly drunk at the time, was escorted after that alaska airlines flight. it happened in colorado. the airline claimed he was very disruptive and verbally abusive. other passengers say he made a a threat and that's when the precaution. >> a tennessee hospital is under surgery on the wrong baby. jennifer took her newborn son nate to the university medical center's pediatric unit for what she thought was a routine check up but a doctor mistakeingly chipped the baby's tongue. range of motion. different baby. she learned this when she picked up her son. >> essentially, they took our
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nursing well, no issues at all, and just took him out of the nursery and cut his mouth. >> there is no excuse for operating on the wrong baby. none. >> the doctor has apologized, no comment from the hospital and it's unclear if the parents will file a lawsuit. >> on to the zika virus and the olympics. world class athletes like u.s. women's soccer goaltender considering skipping the summer games in rio. here in the us, now there are 66 confirmed cases in 19 states including d.c. heather is here with more on that. >> for female athletes this is a dilemma that's ease toy understand. they compete in the games and potentially risk birth defects believed to be carried by infected mosquitoes. >> the real olympics begins seven months from now. instead of worrying about fitness levels some are worried about the zika virus. the
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usa to world cup victory in 20 # 15, but because of the risk of zika, she told "sports illustrated" she would skip the olympics if forced to make the choice. i would never take the risk of having an unhealthy child. i reserve healthy baby. it's spread by mosquitoes and defect that causes babies to have abnormally small heads. the virus could stay in the system for about a week but once it's left the body the cdc does not believe it affects future pregnancies. still, she says no athlete competing in rio should be faced with this dilemma. some say solo will not be the last to reconsider going to brazil. >> women are now 40% to 45%, closing in on 50% of the entire olympic games. and almost all of them are of child bearing age. >> for now the u.s. olympic committee tells a.b.c. news it's closely monitoring the situation through the cdc and it's passing on its recommendations to
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concerned about the rio games is that by august, mosquito population will be decreased significantly, by colder temperatures. the summer games are being held during what is winter in brazil. >> other nations also ready to make some hard decisions. kenya says zika reaches epidemic levels in the area near the games it will pull its athletes out. >> mexico taking precautions to protect the pope from the zika virus. the country is sprays in the areas he will visit. most of the cases have been in a city which is on the list of scheduled visits by the pope. francis is due to arrive in mexico friday night and he'll be in the country for five days. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with chief meteorologist harvey leonard. >> there has been a lot of snow in the air. not too much on the ground east of worcester but worcester west
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a few spots got three inches. most of that was in the first 2/3 of the day. leftover snow showers starting to slid off the coast. also in northern middlesex county between 128 and 495 and up around orange but i'm starting to see the aerial coverage shrink as well as the intensity tending to wane. i expect that trend will continue. we'll slide the snow showers offshore from marshfield and it will eventually bring an end to the snow showers up around this area. visibility is not reduced that much. three miles in boston. where it was low it's actually come up a little bit. so there you go. dissipating snow showers through the evening and then the rest of be quiet. we have another one disturbances in the higher levels of the atmosphere so it will probably cause another little round of snow showers to develop. possibly a few around hartford. early tomorrow but you can expect that they will be scattered through the region and coming through. the wind will be picking up and
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of the 1-2 punch of arctic air with. reason for the scattered snow flurries and squalls that we'll see tomorrow. tore night and around friday, first punch of the arctic air. right now the temperatures have actually eased a little bit. boston is up to 35 degrees. with a light south-southwesterly breeze at this particular hour. it's right around freezing, just under worcester, 1,000 feet up, freezing. the temperatures have eased over the last six hours. but by late tomorrow and early tomorrow they will be back to the teens and low 20's across the area. tomorrow, we may not see the 30's widespread. south shore and cape might get up to around 30 or 32. boston, north and west, in the 20's. look at worcester, only in the low 20's. remember, it will be accompanied by gusty winds. wind chills drop into the single digits tomorrow in worcester but the actual temperature on
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and west. it out. if the second punch is even colder that will bake it really -- make saturday. 20's in the afternoon hours. first chunk of cold is on its way and the second is not that and that's going to be emptied down in here for us for much of the upcoming weekend. night just past midnight. brush the cape. it's possible, a coating or an inch or you two could occur. the northern edge of a storm to the south. mostly too far east to do too much to us but we still have the arctic front to come through saturday morning. a couple of squalls with that and then the wind and the serious cold gets set to move. in all reflected here so if we look out and check it out, for example, late be like -- what it will be like, it falls in the afternoon and at
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a little below in boston. well below off to the north and west. this is going to be accompanied by wind so the wind chills will be quite low, as you can see there. starting out on sunday morning. i do expect there will be wind chill advisories and warnings across the region that will be issued as we get closer to that late saturday, saturday night, and sunday time period. temperature moderation will begin monday afternoon and much more on tuesday. it's very important how much. because our next storm looks like it could be later monday night and tuesday. we'll see now little while. >> as always, thank you. an important milestone for the future of self-driving cars. the national highway traffic safety administration today agreed with google on a central point. computers that control the cars can be considered the driver. the redefinition of driver is an important step for google, but there is still a long journey ahead for cars without steering wheels or pedals arrive in significant numbers. >> it's certainly the time of year where many people are
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coming up next, reason some say you need to ask some hard questions before signing up with a weight-loss center. >> at 5:30, controversy, decades after the murder of robert f. kennedy. the man who was there now saying police got the wrong shooter. >> and then coming up at 6:00, opioid crisis, police score big.
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i just really wanted to give it a shot. m not feeling it today. or pharmacist today help prevent shingles. >> your health tonight. at this time of years, weight-loss centers often see a boost in business but when it comes to heart health a new study is questioning some industry practices. >> losing weight is be difficult. many americans turn to popular weight-loss clinics to help them. some on the advice of their doctors. but now a new study questions whether some of these clinics
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to help people safely lose weight. >> researchers at johns hopkins looked at nearly 200 weight-loss clinics in the greater washington, d.c. metro area. finding in most cases, the websites of these clinics did not include important guidelines from top medical groups involved in obesity management. when the researchers contacted these centers directly by phone only one in five indicated they were in compliance with these guidelines. more research is needed to determine whether these findings are reflective of clinics across the country but given how common obesity is, if this is a representative picture it's bad news so if you're looking to a weight-loss clinic for help with obesity, do your homework. it may make or break your success. >> coming up next 59:30, a suspicious death is under investigation. what police found inside a local home that has them asking some pretty serious questions tonight. >> health concerns for an actress.
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>> we begin with breaking news 59:30.
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