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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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free after spending 30 yes in prison. the evidence that sent him there under question tonight. george is out on personal recognizance. 5 investigates has been following his case for months helping to expose hair analysis that the f.b.i. now admits was flawed. the judge said he believes the state could not get a conviction if they retried him. no decision on what prosecutors plan to do as of yet. the victim, who died years ago, had even said that he was not the rapist. >> also right now, two more republicans are dropping out of the presidential race. new jersey governor chris christie and former hewlett packard director fiorina are suspending their campaigns. neither has endorsed another candidate. >> looking for the driver behind a violent crime spree. this surveillance video shows delgado hitting a man, carrying him for several hundred yards, before the victim fell off the hood of the car. he had just assaulted an officer while he was being questioned
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>> it is 38 degrees right now. taking a live look at the boston skyline on this wednesday evening. it's hump day. >> out there. these flurries could be with us for a while. >> no big one. harvey leonard joins us with a quick look at a cold forecast. >> it's a cold forecast. we can't get away from that, but the snow shower activity has been diminishing in both intensity and aerial coverage over the last hour or two. quite extensive snow showers, just a few scattered north and west of worcester. a few lined up from 128 to 495, but they are fairly light for part a few have split offshore. there is more coming but again if you look at the aerial coverage you see it shrinking. less and less, a done deal. there is another disturbance to come through tomorrow so we may see snow showers breaking out in the morning and it looks like during the mid to late morning, early to mid afternoon, there do snow
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this time accompanied by gusty winds and falling temperatures. because the first of the one-two punch of arctic air is on the way. we've moderated but we'll be back to the teens and low 20's and many of us will stay in the 20's with wind gusts tomorrow and that's only the beginning of the cold that we'll be talking about. see you again in a few minutes. >> right now, an investigation into a suspicious death. >> the homeowner found after a house check, having been shot multiple times. rhondella richardson is live with the latest on this investigation. reporter: the cause and manner of death will be determined by the medical examiner but the next door neighbor saw the victim outside on monday. no one can imagine what led to his death a day later. this is the victim, 70-year-old john williams, a ham radio operator. police at his home yesterday for a noon time wellness check quickly began a suspicious death investigation. >> police yesterday found williams unresponsive and
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wounds. >> it's troubling that something like this would happen. it seems to be these things happen more and more frequently. >> totally blown away. totally totally. i can't believe it happened. it doesn't make any sense to me. >> he was just a nice guy. >> the neighbor snapped these photos. stunned to see investigators across the street all day yesterday on glen charlie road. >> just a ton of police. a ton of people. >> william lived alone and worked part time at the salvation army where workers and customers are also trying to >> he didn't seem like he ever had any enemies. any. >> as a pilot, he belonged to a flying club at the taunton >> he loved to flight. he was going through some hard times, financial, stuff like that. >> police did say there is no threat to the public and the district attorney's offers is
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live in wear cvb, newscenter 5 s. >> a person killed in a deadly morning crash. state police responded around 4:30. they say the car flipped several times and the victim was thrown from the vehicle. >> knit. 2016. it's the day after for the candidates in the race for president. chris christie and fiorina getting out. others are moving on. our washington correspondent is live in d.c. with the latest on the race. >> today we learned fiorina and christie are out of the race after finishing seventh and sixth. now the candidates who remain in the race are shifting the focus to south carolina. >> the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning and i feel great about it. >> campaigned at a town hall in south carolina after finishing
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>> kasich is not a very flamboyant politician. maybe that appeals to people, but there is a good contrast between him and donald trump. >> the results have shattered the expectations, shattered the predictions. >> ted cruz came in third after winning the iowa caucuses. finishing fourth and fifth, jeb bush and rubio, who both vowed to keep fighting for the nomination. >> i'll run with heart as a candidate. i will not -- >> we've got to execute. execute and we'll figure out ways to do that better. >> following his win over clinton, bernie sanders had breakfast with the reverend al sharpton in harlem. analysts say with south carolina and nevada up ahead the voter demographic changes. >> you have minorities, african-americans, latinos introduced because they don't live in new hampshire and iowa. >> candidates return to the states for more debates this week. the two democrats face off tomorrow night. republicans on saturday night. live in washington, wcvb,
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>> christians around the world began observing lent today, ash wednesday is the start of the 40 day period leading up to easter. for those who couldn't make it to a church service one local reverend is offering up "ashes to go." reverend from st. mark's episcopal church was at the new trading post on central street to distribute the ashes. this year, bit way, easter falls on march 27. >> let's take a look at first alert traffic. >> we'll start with a live picture of the bunker hill bridge. a lot of lights. >> let's take a look at the maps to see if there are any difficult drive times to deal with at this hour. it's about half an hour from mass ab to route 3. north, same thing. 26 minutes from the upper deck to route 128. on the pike, 21 minutes and building. i-93 to newton. looked backed up across the pike. 25 minutes on the western tolls to 495. once you get on 495, it is saying everything is okay but take a look at the southbound south.
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over there. keep that in mind as you head out. >> decades after the murder of robert f. kennedy new questions about the night he died coming up. the story of a man who was also shot that night and why he says sir han sir ran is not the man who killed rfk. >> some pretty amazing video out of india where an elephant went on a rampage, the struggle for everyone to get out of the way.
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robert f. kennedy going before a parole board. >> he won't be freed but there is a controversy as another man wounded in the shooting says he did not kill r.f.k. >> i thank all of you -- >> the ambassador hotel, los angeles, june 5, 1968. >> over a thousand people were there. >> democratic presidential candidate robert f. kennedy wins the california primary. >> it was just a beautiful moment. >> after his speech, kennedy walks with the crowd into the hotel kitchen. >> the television lights went on, kind of blinding. and -- [applause] >> all of a sudden, i felt a shaking, like i was being electrocuted. >> paul is 91. back then he was a union official. a friend of rfk. he was shot in the head, that's him. five others shot and hurt.
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people jumped on sirhan sirhan. >> grabbed him, flattened him out. >> kennedy died. sir han was convicted, sentenced to life in prison. he knows the man shot him but -- >> he couldn't shoot robert kennedy and didn't. he was never in a position. >> he says he has spent the last 40 years investigating his friend's assassination. >> there is strong evidence of a second gunmen. >> he says experts reexamined evidence. >> they could not match the kennedy neck bullet. he got hit in the back and neck. the only bullet they could work with. it did not match. >> now, some of the documents from sir han's trial were actually throne out afterwards and that's kept some hard questions about what happened that night in california unanswered. >> we also want to bring this breaking news to you at 5:30. the department of justice, we're told, is filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri.
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city council refused to accept an agreement aimed at improving how police and courts treat minorities. ferguson, you know, has been under scrutiny since a white officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brownback back in the summer of 2014. he's been accused of routinely violating the rights of citizens. >> health concerns. for one of hollywood's youngest stars. >> coming up, why dunham will not be able to promote the new season hit on the hbo series. >> what people are saying about a captain's controversial decision. >> steady snow especially this morning from worcester west. that's been part of all the snow squalls and flurries moving east. a lot of them starting to
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>> an hour long rampage by an elephant sent people in india running. the elephant crossed roads and river before he got to a town where he smashed homes and cars. police eventually shot it with a tranquilizer gun a crepe was used to lift him into a truck before he was taken to a wildlife preserve. >> battered cruise ship is back in new jersey right now. the captain is facing some pretty tough questions. why the boat was taken into a
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>> a vacation to the bahamas, many passengers are ready to forget. >> the royal caribbean's anthem of the seas is expected to dock back in new jersey after hurricane force winds on sunday, over 100 miles per hour and 30-foot waves forced the ship to turn back. >> you can hear the sheer ferocity of the wind. >> the ship's captain complaining in this video broadcast internally to all 4,500 state rooms that he didn't realize the magnitude of the storm when the ship set out. >> passengers were ordered to stay inside their state rooms for eight hours. >> you never can tell once you get out to sea. things happen and you just have to let the wind come on and survive it and ride it out. >> in a statement royal caribbean tells a.b.c. news weather isn't great so he slowed down his speed to smooth it out but many passengers don't
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ever left port in the first place. >> i resent the fact that he put 6,000 peoples lives at risk. >> what happens? passengers will get a full refund and a certificate for half off a future cruise. >> you think they are going to use that half off a future crews? >> people who love cruises will most likely do it again. i went to one in my life and i was violently ill. >> there are things you can do >> i was taking the pills they gave me but it didn't work. >> the problem was, i was euro supposed to choose them. >> got to read the label. this is for another day. do it. >> let's go on a cruise. sounds good. our wives are coming, don't worry about it. >> everything is moving eastward. we're following some snow
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there is a little bit of flurry. a little bit of a heavier element to some of these. very briefly, the visibility could lower and it may try to cover the ground and create slippery going. now, that's not the only one around. we have a number of them, in general, the aerial coverage is decreasing, but we still have these snow showers and a few are a little bit heavier in little spots. so here you go from hempstead, new hampshire. lowell, on the eastern edge of that one. also, from worcester -- auburn, all the way across the southbridge. on the northwest edge of that. so they are still around. again, as the temperature drops a little bit, a little slippery going briefly in some spots so be careful in. boston today, we did make it up to 35. that's better than we did yesterday. but it's still a below average day. so after an amazingly warm start to this month, after the first four days, we were like 17 and 18 degrees warmer than average. four of the last five have been
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the month is almost seven degrees warmer than average. but that number will go down in the days ahead. particularly this weekend, because of the cold that's coming in. just an estimate of how cold we're going to get overnight saturday night and first thing on sunday. right now i'm estimating about a two below in boston. in worcester. kind of modifying that as our feeling is one way or the other. slightly less cold or more but the idea is certainly correct. >> i want to i am if a -- emphasize, it's coming in, in two stages. friday will still be a cold day but the second surge, which arrives during saturday morning and lasts into monday, that's coming from the northern reaches, the northern latitudes. polar regions. saturday we'll probably be in the teens to around 20 and fall,
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close to zero, even before midnight, in places just north and west of boston. so that's the kind of cold air mass that settles in. with that arctic front coming through saturday morning. what i want to let you know front. is that squalls. your day tomorrow but -- to start out but only in the 20's to around 30 winds. then, after we get that first chunk of cold air, second church cook be preceded by a brief period of snow. in the wee hours other morning and a few snow squalls for the rest of us coming through from west to east saturday morning and then the gates are opened for the bitter cold to move in. here you go over the next seven days. tomorrow, only about 30 degrees. 29 or 30 for a high and wind gusts, which will be picking up during the day, quite gusty. 20 to 25, to 30 miles per hour in the afternoon and evening. so by this time tomorrow, it will be feeling very cold out
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the first of the two parts. saturday, late, saturday night, sunday, sunday night, first thing on monday, bitter cold, but we moderate so the next storm might be snow or rain or snow changing to rain around later monday night and tuesday. i'll see you soon. >> that's cold. >> lena dunham's actress girls is opening up about a serious health challenge. the need forrest is forcing her to call off the press tour for the final season of her show. here's more. >> lena dunham is one of the busiest women in hollywood. directing, writing, and starring in her hbo hit "girl." . >> i worked very, very hard to overcome the challenges of my nontraditional body type. >> just two wee before the season 5 premier, she made a surprise announcement saying she'll not be able to promote the new system due to a chronic health condition called endometriosis. i'm currently going through a rough patch with the illness.
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>> she didn't have to announce it and come clean but people really love her because she not only speaks her mind but she shares her truth and has done it in her personal life and also on the screen. >> for those with the disorder tissue that line the uterus grow on the outside of the uterus. the love came quickly for the actress with women sharing their own en xperiences. thank you for being honest and open. another saying thank you for your bravery. could you have easily kept this private. >> she doesn't just say like, this is what's going on with me. she also goes sustain further and tries to helpe educate. >> her first battle with the condition back november on her blog called the sickest girl, posting these photos after a surgery positive diagnosed her with the disease. >> she's learned a lot from that experience and she's saying, i'm just going to take some time off. when somebody does that and they are fully honest about it, you can't do anything but respect their decision. >> wcvb, newscenter 5. >> good for her.
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>> i think it's great. if you have a taste for extreme winter sports, we have just the ticket for you. >> coming up, take a look. big air at fenway park. some amazing shots of some crazy jumps. stay with us. >> and coming your way new at 6:00, breaking news in a case 5 investigates has been following for months. we're hearing from a man into spent three decades in prison for rape and is free on pail. >> the reason volunteers plan to drape the town. >> and the very pricey clothing item that thieves are targeting
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>> finally, at 5:30, getting some big air at the ball park the gigantic ski ramp at fenway is complete and some pretty daring athletes are already going ahead and practicing. festivities begin tomorrow. high atop a structure that dwarfs the green monster. >> crazy, an amazing sight to see. live inside fenway with an up-close look. >> fenway has turned into a ski resort. take a look at the ramp that was built. it's about 14 stories high. that's amazing. right now some of the skiers are getting in some practice runs before the big event. athletes from around the world are giving new meaning to the idea of sliding into home plate. >> launching like a fly ball. these snowboarders are catching
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field in fenway. >> i'm so stoked. it's beautiful here. >> athletes from 25 countries are taking part in the big air over the next two days. snowboarders and free skiers take on the 140 foot high ramp which is taller than the ball park's light hours. >> i'm excited to stand up on top and look down and see the fans. and then do a trick and slide into home plate. >> i'm fine. >> i'm okay. >> today's practice is giving riders and skiers a chance to get a feel for the job and many are humbled to be in a historic fenway park. >> it's such an amazing feeling. this is a place you see in movies all the time. to be here and actually be able to be on the field, in the dugout. it's so cool. >> the event is just one of the ways the red sox are bringing different events to fenway. >> folks that are trying to qualify for the olympics. it's a serious sporting event and we're very excited because
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>> least oh a lot of athletes are hoping that a high-profile very enyou're will bring moretation to the sports. >> kids that want to be the next snowboarder, skier, whatever, get -- venue will bring more attention to the sports. >> 2018 will be the first time that these big jumps will be officially an olympic sport. live from the ski resort at fenway, sarah, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> my goodness. we have a machine for here where we can see what's going on. they were doing these incredible things. >> go, go. >> it just made my stomach drop. >> a showy snow down. a plow -- snowy showdown. >> after 30 years in prison, 5 investigates help to expose flawed evidence in this wrongful
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>> caught on camera, a suspect's wild getaway, taking along an innocent man for a ride. >> signs of spring. the red sox already hard at work. david price on his fresh start. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> we're tracking snow showers and squalls. >> they have been puffing up all day and they are continuing through this evening's commute and we could see more of the same, it sounds like, tomorrow, harvey. >> right you are, heather. that's exactly what it looks like. right now the most significant little line of snow flurries and squalls running down to barry in worcester county moving eastward. if you're around fitchburg, you can expect to be affected. there are little spots within this line where the snow comes down harder and can reduce the visibility and briefly cover the ground and cause it to be slippery. otherwise, a lot of it is on the light side.
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less widespread which i think
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