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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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less widespread which i think will be the tre but also, coming down route 3 and 93, we have some snow showers falling. even getting close to boston. temperatures are at or just above freezing in boston but in worcester county it's at or below, so from auburn west-southwestward, you can see along the pike we do also have some snow showers. it's all gone within the next hours. tomorrow. develop some in connecticut but also some could be coming out of vermont and new hampshire. even coming to boston with colder temperatures and winds picking up as even chillier air moves in. the first of a 1-2 punch of arctic air. i'll let you know when the real cold air will get here. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> we continue to follow breaking news a man who spent 30 years in prison for rape is headed home. 5 investigates has been following george's case for months helping to expose flawed evidence and karen anderson is live outside the court. karen?
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he walked out of court. he said the air smells good and he's looking forward to spending time with his mother, who has stood by his side after all of these years. >> free. >> he walked out of court with his mother and legal team, set free on personal recognizance after -- it was ruled that should be released. he had been locked up for 30 years. he always denied raping an elderly woman in springfield and today the judge said from the record it was clear he did not commit the crime. the judge didn't discuss the f.b.i. testimony of an analystspringfield and on hair that was found at the scene, which was found to be flawed. instead, he repeatedly pointed to the victim's own words that the man was not her attacker. >> yeah, i just want to thank the judge and thank my legal team and my supporters. >> did you ever lose hope after all of those years? >> absolutely. of course, i've been in 30 years
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of course i lost hope. >> for people who may not have know? >> don't give up. that's for sure, don't give up. judge that the man has a home, he has a job, and he has a lot of organizations that are working to help him now as he makes this difficult adjustment back to life outside of prison. no word on the d.a.'s office yet, whether they will appeal or case. live in new bedford, karen anderson, 5 investigates. >> caught on camera. a pedestrian being hit by a driver flipped right on to the car's hood as it drives down the street. right now police are hoping you can help them track down the man responsible. newscenter 5's todd is live. >> the man ran from them twice today. on two separate occasions. tonight he's wanted for hit-and-run, for assault on a
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>> when he was on top of the hood of the car -- >> it was a startling and frightening site. a 65-year-old man hit by a white sudan and carried on the hood for several hundred yards. it happened around 9:30 this morning as the -- >> it was suspect, 29-year-old tyson delgado of winthrop, was turning from main street. the image was captured from the surveillance camera of a business at the intersection. >> the guy stopped. the old man on top of the car, he sailed. >> take another look. you can see a police officer just feet away from the suspect's car. that officer was working detail. he ran to help along with witnesses. >> there was a girl in the car and a guy in the car and the girl even had said, are you alive? are you still there? the police told him to stay in the vehicle. he was on the floor making sure the guy was okay and they ran off. >> delgado drove to the green street area where he abandoned the car and ran away.
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search but found nothing. >> we hope he's fine because he was complaining a lot last night, my leg and my foot. >> the search continues, the victim of a hit-and-run covers. the man was rushed to leahy hospital with serious injuries. now, as for the suspect, police are warning the public that the man has no regard for the safety of others. todd, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> new at 6:00, a four-month investigation by multiple police departments has led to a massive bus. assisted by boston and revere police, recovered nearly five pounds of heroin and a handgun. it led to the arrest of two trafficking. the men were arrested after selling more than 200 grams of heroin to an undercover state trooper. they are each being held on $50,000 bail. >> suspended and accused of nearly running over a businessman
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confrontation it was caught on video. >> the initial problem happened and sidewalk and unloading it. right on to private property. quickly was dangerous when the business owner stepped outside. >> i just walked outside to see what was happening. >> what he thought would be a simple conversation ended up when. >> when i looked at him i realized he was serious. >> the man owns this auto business. he saw this town employee dumping loads of snow in front of the service doors at his shop. >> his surveillance video caught the front loader scoop up snow from the street and sidewalk. also caught the driver, nearly run over the man when he wept outside to con front him. >> i don't doubt for a second that this particular employee sought to take matters into his own hands and it's unacceptable. >> he said the man has been warned by both town and state for years about pushing snow from his property on to the
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acknowledges the town employee was mistakeingly administering frontier justice. >> that's the reason why there are protocols in this situation. you don't want an individual to act in this manner and to administer their own justice. >> he denies ever pushing snow into the street. the he's the one who takes care of his lot. >> from this lot to my property right there on the left side. >> so, as you see, there is no need for me to go on the street. >> certainly no need for this and what could have turned out to be far worse. >> i would never imagine that i would see something like that happening on my lot. >> he's been suspended. tomorrow there will be a meeting teen police department, that employee could face more disciplinary action, could face criminal charges as well. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> three people were injured when a large piece of metal object fell off of a tractor-trailer on to mass pike. take a look at the damage to the
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the driver of the car and his two passengers were taken to the hospital. treated for minor injuries, thankfully. leaving the scene of that crash. >> and then there were six. republicans fiorina and christie dropping out of the race for president one day after the new hampshire primary. three others immediately headed to south carolina for the next big battleground. >> two democrats had very different days. >> he took his campaign to new york city looking for an endorsement from al sharpton who will also meet with clinton before making a decision. this was his city to the african-american community in south carolina where hillary clinton enjoys an enormous advantage, he's fighting for their vote. clinton spent the day reassessing her strategy but one of her surrogates today accused sanders of being absent from the black community. he charmed the woman on the talk
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taking his first taste of the ice cream named for him and he warned bloomberg not to enter the race as an independent. >> i would hope bloomberg would give some thought. >> the big one last night, donald trimp also in new york for interviews before heading to south carolina for a 7:00 p.m. rally at clemson university. he predicted he'll win south carolina big. beating him there was a man considered the third winner last night, john kasich, who made three appearance before sundown. en route to south carolina, he told reporters, he expected the strong showing in new hampshire. >> i'm gratified by it for sure. i think it's fantastic. but i wouldn't say i was shocked by it. >> his big challenger here will be jeb bush who had three events. his fourth place showing in new hampshire makes south carolina a do or die state especially with the endorsement of formal presidential candidate and a state senior senator lindsey graham. >> i'm from miami, florida. i just happened to be in new
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and i'm happy to be in south carolina, i can promise you that. >> so what did sharpton and sanders talk about in flint, michigan? they had a very interesting conversation about another endorsement that sanders covets. we'll have that story at 7:00. >> new at 6:00, the expensive item of clothing that's being stolen from students at b.u. plus -- >> i just -- everyone's heart was breaking for them. >> coming together to grieve. two lives lost too soon. the sweet show of support. temperatures eased this afternoon but colder air on our doorstep. and then the coldest of the winter so far. that's on the way, too. i've got the timeline. >> hi, everybody, down at the garden. paul pierce is in the house signing autographs in the corner as we speak.
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>> thieves targeting pricey jackets at boston university. the trendy jackets are being swiped from students especially at the fitness center. they are known for their round arm patches and fur hoods. the coats sell for $900 to $1,300 at upscale stores. >> the men were able to rescue a man in his 60's who told him his sisters were still inside that building. one of the women was rescued but her sister on the second floor did not survive. he was reluctant to take any credit for the rescue. mainly heat and smoke. we had a lot of fire on the second floor. visibility was near zero with high heat and smoke conditions so the guys did a good job of getting through the house quickly and locating all of the victims. >> investigators believe they know how and where this fire started.
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been released. >> it's one of those days. it snowed all day. barely anything to show for it. >> a little dusting today. >> and tomorrow, too. >> harvey is tracking a big cool-down. they say cats have nine lives.
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>> a sweet little kindergarten. both killed. pam cross shows us how the community is coming together to support those grieving families. >> the work of volunteers, determined to acknowledge the loss of two residents during last friday's fierce storm. >> people everywhere want to help the families, whether they knew them or not. >> the events in the middle of the storm were random but horrifying. 6-year-old kaylie was killed by a falling tree limb while in her yard a
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48-year-old thomas gunning, father of three, was hit by a tree limb and later died. >> to lose a daughter or to lose a husband and a father at such a young age, we can all relate, whether or not you know them so it breaks our hearts. >> as word spread, so did the bows. so did the people >> the overwhelming sadness that we all felt, not knowing what can we do to help? you just don't know what you can do but you want to show some support and it's a small way for people to be able to show their support. >> the church where her funeral was held is decorated. >> people are hurting for these families, as if it were theirs. >> this small tribute has grown fast. something organizers say should show two hurting families they are not alone in. canton, i'm pam cross. wcvb, newscenter 5.
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>> teamwork pays off for another dog in trouble. >> take a look. this is a german shepherd that got loose and was running around on 495 in lauren. how dangerous is that? police along with workers were able to take the dog into custody. i guess you could say. the pup was turned over to animal droll. it eventually was reunited with his family. looks happy. >> 6:16 in the evening. we'll go live back to fenway park. they are practicing for the big air. that thing is 140 feet up in the air. the green monster is 37 feet. is there a skier up there? >> yes. quite a few getting ready. >> so harvey, it's chilly. we'll let the skier come down. perfect conditions, right? >> absolutely. it's great. it's not bitter cold tonight. that's coming for sure. but right now, it's great. you have got the snow and temperatures are in the 30's, at this time. but, i am following snow showers off to the west.
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from worcester county on toward middlesex county now, just about to get to townsend. fitchburg and princeton all involved in this line of snow showers. we also have a couple around oxford. also one around douglas. most of these are light but for very brief moments it can come down harder and we've also been following this one, newberry down a little snow and rain mixed in. here's the wider view. aerial coverage is diminishing for the most part. a lot of times it get stuck in the berkshires. that could happen. the cold we're talking about is two stages. the first one moves in tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and into friday. you'll notice the difference. you can see it's down to 12 in minneapolis. seven in sault sainte marie. the second part of this, though, that's locked up to the north. further, but not locked. it's ready to be unleashed to the south and that subzero air
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for at least a fair part of this upcoming weekend. so as we check out the temperatures to expect, look at saturday afternoon around 1:00. 20 in boston. point it just goes straight down we check out the down to about eight in boston and zero in worcester, at 7:00 at night on saturday. probably dropping to zero or even below in boston for early sunday morning. double digit below zero is not out of the question in our northern and western suburbs with a tough slow recovery during the day on sunday because the air mass is just so cold. it will be very cold into early monday. then temperature moderation will start to take place. wind chills will be really tough as well. you see 25 to 35 below wind chills as late as saturday night into early on sunday. will this be record breaking? i'm not sure. we'll have to see how it plays out but as far as the last time it been cold like this, last
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breaking and boston was 3 below on the 16th. two below on valentine's morning. seven below in worcester and that should match what it was during february last year on the 24th. that's the last time. close to records. maybe breaking it in places. we have to watch some additional snow squalls that could come in tomorrow. another disturbance at high levels. wind picks up tomorrow and it will be a colderer day day than what we've experienced right now. >> temperatures, mainly in the 20's with a good deal of wind to deal with tomorrow, as we check out the next seven days. harsh, cold air coming in. we also have to watch overnight, first thing saturday, maybe a dusting of an inch or two. the rest of cues see a few squalls saturday morning as the bitter cold gets ushered in. tuesday next week, mild enough for snow or rain. big change is coming. i'll see you again at 7:00.
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>> welcome back to the garden. here. the return not only of doc rivers but paul pierce for the first time in the uniform of the los angeles clippers. the two of them along with kevin garnett, along with ray allen and company brought a lot of pleasure to a lot of people in the building for great number of years. this is the scene moments ago. paul pierce, worked his way through the crowd, in a clippers t-shirt. he came out, signed a lot of autographs, posted pictures. sat on the bench. renewed some acquaintances, he also went out on the floor and took a number of shots. one of the greats of all time. played 15 seasons in a celtics uniform. one of only three players to score more than 20,000 points, in a celtics uniform. look at the big numbers for paul pierce. mvp of the 2008 nba finals, celtics won that championship. won seven games with the lakers in 2010. a 10 time all-star and he's the number two scorer in celtics history, only behind
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behind john and, larry bird is number three. meanwhile, his coach, to go rivers, always has a smile on his face when he comes into the building. one moment in particular stand out. 2012, game six against the miami heat. the celtics lost that game. the series was tied at three games a piece. doc and the crowd knew it might be the final time they would see him as head coach of the green. >> i remember game six, where 99.#% of the fans would have left the arena. and our fans stood and cheered. thinking this may be the end of that team. that was an extremely special moment. >> when i come back here, obviously, the basketball park, you remember, but honestly, i remember all the friends that i made. in nine years you make a lot of friends. you have a lot of favorite places you go to.
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to go to all the place, but i tried. that's nice. >> celtics and clippers tim off at 7:30. the cities separated by 1,500 miles and some 38 degrees. but both cities have hope in common. >> loaded up and moving out. >> this is the groundhog day. >> yes. and the red sox truck did not see its shadow. winter is officially over. >> it's the first time sign of spring, seeing the red sox, you know, equipment truck get ready for spring training. and we're ready for spring even though it's snowing outside right now. >> in boston, they are still throwing now balls but in fort myers, baseballs. >> i enjoy being in florida. the weather is good. can't beat this right now. >> almost sounds like rain in fort myers. where the red sox will train to rain and expectations are high
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>> looking for a good season. >> just to get to the playoffs, that's not enough. you want to set your goals high. that's what this organization always does. that's good. >> these are the sights of winter leaving. and these are the sounds of spring arriving. >> bob, wcvb, sports center 5. >> catchers report a week from tomorrow. their first workout is a week from friday and we'll be in fort myers next weekend to bring you coverage of spring training 2016. tonight it's the celtics and clippers at 7:30. highlights for you tonight at 11:00. >> as we look at harvey's forecast, doesn't that sound so good. >> it's no offense, but we could have looked --. >> and listened. >> right. >> a look ahead, news at 7:00 and 11:00. >> hello. new tonight on newscenter 5, at 7:00. an exclusive with bob kraft. we talked about those tom brady boos and superstitions before the game.
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newscenter 5 at 11:00, you're not using the crosswalk. guess what? you could be stepping into a
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>> giving back to the community. dozens of business leaders join that woman this morning, volunteering. among the helpers, our own
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bill fine. >> proud to present the fifth annual -- all of these volunteers working very hard. they were sorting and packing donations. a coat and hat and gloves and everything that kids in need will need. they will need it soon, harvey. >> they really, will with very cold air coming in. i even colder friday afternoon.
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