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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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the judge also made it clear he believes george did not commit the crime that sent him to prison for life. george: freedom, it' s free. karen: george perrot' s first taste of freedom in decades. walking out of court with his mother and legal team, after spending almost all of the past 30 years in prison for the 1985 rape of an elderly springfield woman. george: air smells good, i know that. karen: released on personal robert kane. judge kane didn' t discuss the flawed fbi testimony about a hair found at the scene, but he credited the now deceased victim for refusing to go along with prosecutors, who said perrot was her attacker. judge kane: should you be in her debt for ever more. karen: prosecutors had argued he should be kept locked up while they decide whether to retry his case, citing his disciplinary record in prison and prior attempted escape. judge kane: i know out of experience that people we call
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reasons. karen: perrot' s bid for freedom came with the the support from his mother, who has stood by her son all these years. >> i can' t believe it, truthfully. i wanted to believe it for a long time, but i never thought it would come. karen: perrot' s attorney' s say he has a strong support network to help with this difficult transition. is grounded by his supporting, including a former prison volunteer who has championed him for years. >> i want to thank my legal team and supporters. >> did you ever lose hope? years. >> what do you want people to know? sure. karen: his mother says their there' s no word on whether the county district attorney plans to retry that case. karen anderson, five investigates. maryland at this hour, two
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after a man opened fire inside a narrow restaurant, -- panera restaurant about 20 miles northeast of baltimore. one deputy was shot in the restaurant, right at the height of the lunch rush. the other was killed outside in a shootout with the suspect. that suspect, a 67-year-old man, was also killed. if police know why he did it , they are not saying tonight. maria: stormteam 5' s harvey leonard still tracking some snow balls. bitter cold on the way. harvey: it is. and a couple of stages. but it won' t last forever. we have a few snow showers still i had this evening. one right around my straight -- westford. most of these have come to an end, from worcester went -- shrink. story. lots of snow showers across the the leading edge of the first
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we quiet down tonight, and start up again tomorrow morning. through the day, we are going to see more of these popping up in central and eastern new england. it may not get everyone, but when it passes through, can lower visibility and make things slippery. that process will and tomorrow night, and then it will be about -- about the cold. stage one on the way, and stage two over the weekend, we will talk about in a while. back to you. maria: right now, police are searching for the driver who hit car' s hood as it drives down the street. s todd kazakiewich is live in woburn. todd: the suspect was already a wanted man by the time he here. just prior to this, police had been interviewing him about a larceny when he allegedly assaulted an officer, and took off. while he was on the run, the hit and run happened. mariana almeida: when we saw he
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s painful to watch -- a 65-year-old man in the crosswalk hit by a car and carried on the hood for several hundred yards. mariana almeida: the guy stopped, the old man who was on top of the car, he fell. todd: police say the driver was winthrop, who was running from another run-in with the law. video shows him turning from main street onto union street around 9:30am in woburn, then hitting the man in the crosswalk. a police officer working a detail rushed to help. delgado eventually stopped and got out, along with a female passenger. mariana almeida: the girl, she step out of the car and she was shaking the guy, "are you ok?" i said, "don' of his neck and his back." todd after initially stopping, : delgado took off, according to police. he abandoned the car in the police brought in k9s to search for him, but found nothing. >> the police had told both of them to stay in the vehicle, t even cross my mind
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running off after something like that. todd: the victim was rushed to lahey hospital with serious injuries. tonight, police are warning the public that the suspect, tyson delgato, is desperate and dangerous. reporting live in woburn, tk, -- todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: other stories, a man found dead in his home and police are calling a suspicious. they did a wellness check at john williams home and found he had been shot several times. he lived there alone. neighbors on glenn charlie wrote saying they last saw him outside on monday. police are waiting for the autopsy results. fitchburg' s fire chief and a police officer running right into a burning house this morning. the men were able to rescue a man in his 60' s, who told them his sisters were still inside the building on walton street. one of the women was rescued. but her sister on the second floor did not survive. three people are hurt after this large metal object fell off a tractor-trailer on the mass pike in millbury. and now take a look at the car it landed on.
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two passengers went to the hospital with minor injuries. the truck driver is now facing charges. maria: commitment 2016. the republican race for president is a little less crowded tonight. new jersey governor chris christie former technology firm , exec carly fiorina, both suspending their campaigns, after disappointing finishes in the new hampshire primary. a different story for bernie sanders, who comes out of new hampshire with a pretty decisive victory. he started it is a meeting with civil rights activist al sharpton, hoping that pays off with an endorsement. but new at seven -- 7:00 janet , wu reports on their conversation about another endorsement that is equally intriguing. reporter: bernie sanders arrived at sylvia' s in harlem the same barack obama in 2008. sharpton said they talked about flint michigan, police brutality ll make an endorsement after a sit down with clinton in a couple of weeks. but they also had a curious woman, someone who'
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sanders clearly covets. >> she' s in a tough place. i can' t see, i think at the right time she' ll come on board, s enormous pressure, enormous pressure. reporter: no name is picked up by the national pool camera, but the conversation winnows down the possibilities. >> she could be a real asset. she is incredibly smart, she forwards and backwards yeah. and the issues that we care about. >> yeah, yeah. and she' s gutsy, she' s got guts. reporter: we contacted sanders campaign several times today to ask if massachusetts senator being discussed. the campaign did not return our calls. but sanders goes on to say there is alot of pressure from the establishment not to endorse him, calling the other side quote tough folks. i asked hillary clinton earlier this week about warren. why has she not endorsed you, why has she been mia in this campaign so far? >> i have the greatest respect
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on since the 90' s. i don' t have any insight into her position on this. reporter: tomorrow, sanders and clinton come face-to-face in another debate this time in , wisconsin. that' s when we' ll find out if clinton intends to keep moving left to court that progressive vote, which senator warren leads. ed: very interesting. your economy now. an early rally on the stock market was mostly gone by the closing bell. a mixed finish, after being up most of the day. the dow lost more than 99 points, to close at 15,914. but the nasdaq climbed nearly 15 points. the s&p 500 slipped a fraction of a point. the most active local stocks all up today. akamai technologies posting a more than 8-point gain. charles river laboratorie up nearly four points. and boston properties up over two points. maria: new at 7:00. my exclusive with patriots owner bob kraft. we got charity, tom brady' s boos.
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>> you' re watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 7:00. maria: he is just back from superbowl l, and patriots owner bob kraft wasted no time jumping right back on the charity bandwagon. i caught up with him as he was heading to a celebration, honoring the boys and girls club with his son, josh. i asked him about that, and about the booing of his star quarterback and little roger goodell. so you are on your way to an event that really means a lot to you and your family. bob kraft: i' m on my way to the boys and girls club' s annual dinner. i' m proud of my son, josh, who has been running that organization. they take care of 15,000 kids every day in the city. if these kids did not have this place to go to, god knows what would happen. maria: you are just back from the super bowl. did you catch up with roger goodell?
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address to the media on friday, fame luncheon. they had more mongers of the hall of fame come to this location. i saw the commissioner briefly, at the owner' s dinner on thursday night. what was said? bob kraft: don' eventful. bowl. tom brady came out, and he gets that reception. he is one of the most successful quarterbacks in nfl history, and they booed him? bob kraft: task, we did not hear it. we heard loud noise. we just heard cheering. i found out with social media chatter. i think there were a lot of denver fans, and oakland raider fans in the audience, since it was so close.
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t know. i think they see us as a big rival. but he is such a classy, wonderful guy. he went there representing our team, our coaches, our fans. maria: last year he goes into the super bowl with some controversy. peyton manning dozen with controversy. a lot of people are saying, why wasn' t there uproar over peyton? but there was so much uproar over tom brady. bob kraft: i will let you and all the media experts opine on that. i haven' t to see rg there -- i happened to seearch archie there. he has two sons who have won two sons you have one to super bowl. we had one son. maria: do you have any superstitions? bob kraft: sure. maria: we need to know what they are.
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usually shave -- i usually shave with an electric razor. but dan the game, i use a straight edge. -- the day of the name, i use a straight edge. that' s the only one i will share. maria: that' s what he shared with me. ed: what are yours? maria: i have a picture of my dad. he is at some of the stadium -- sullivan stadium, with his buddies. ed: which one is your dad? that you love this at home? maria: i look at the picture and i touch it three times. what is yours? ed: when my father passed away, my mother gave me his wedding ring and it' s on my keychain, i put my finger through it every day when i go to work. maria: that' s nice.
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i asked him as a distraction -- without the distractions about whether tom brady will retire as a patriot. harvey: let' s talk about local weather. one little lonely snow shower, not that heavy. all of them seem like they are this is not going to be a big night. in boston, it has not been we are still a little bit above freezing at 35. a little below freezing to the west, and the temperatures will drop below freezing tonight.tomorrow will be somewhat colder today. -- then today. the wind will be picking up. another day with snow squalls. we have a lot around the great lakes as. , sets the stage. tomorrow, any of these squalls could briefly be heavy, lower visibility, accumulate, and make
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they will be scattered around the region off and on during the course of the day, ending tomorrow evening. then we get much colder. saturday afternoon and sunday night, sunday and early monday, the coldest weather of the season coming from up north will be ours. tomorrow, colder and colder feeling. .they will be gusty, anywhere from 20-30 miles or our -- per hour. the wind was not a factor today. the arctic front comes through late friday night, first thing saturday. that storm may get a coating or injured to advocate. the rest of us get snow squalls, and then the frigid air comes saturday afternoon through early monday. in terms of temperature, as far as saturday' s concerned, we might see temperatures into the
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at that point, from then on, they go right down to zero or below later saturday night and early sunday, with wind. when we talk about wind chill, it will be very significant. 25 or 35 below, late saturday night and early sunday. wind chill advisories will be around. windchill stays around all day. we come out of this early next week. on one track, we could get snow out of it. it is also possible in spite of how cold we are that the track of the storm maybe to the west of us. if that happens, we actually would have snow changing terrain -- changing into rain. i' m not sure this far out. the next seven days, the big factor is the cold settling in into and through the weekend. and then, temperatures will
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towards the middle of next week. lots of change to get through. of course, i will check all the updates and check back with you at 11:00. ed: cold wintry weather. it is perfect for this. it takes a lot to make the green accomplished by this 14-story ski and snowboarding ramp. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live at fenway, where organizers hope the big air event hits a home run. sera: indeed. it is so much fun to be here at fenway, and the middle of february. it has come alive. instead of fly balls, we have skiers and snowboarders launching into centerfield. it is really amazing. athletes from 25 countries are taking part in this game, over the next two days. 140 foot high ramp, taller than the ballparks light towers, built with scaffolding on the field. >> i' m really excited to stand
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the fans and do a trick, and slide into home plate. it will be sick. sera: they are having so much fun. a lot of them, this is pretty serious. they' re trying to qualify for the olympics. this would be an official sport in 2018. we have been watching the free skiers come down. the snowboarders were earlier. i have to tell you, they are amazing. my heart gets in my throat every time i see them come down. to them, it looks natural. they are talented. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: did you see how it dwarfed the green monster? you' re up in the heavens. maria: you probably get tons of texts and e-mails everyday. ed: but it is nice to get a
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maria: the ninth five for good middle schoolers. ed: along with big brothers and big sisters send cards to the quincy police department, showing their appreciation and thanking the officers. quincy police posted this
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thank you. i see a lot of thank you there. bright and bold. maria: i love a handwritten card. ed: you could not read my chicken scratch. maria: a look at the stories we' ll be following for you all night when we come back. ed: and remember, we want to know your good news. send us your video and pictures of people making a difference and doing good in your community. share them on the wcvb facebook page, or email them to ulocal at, and we' ll share them here each night. if we do use a story you send
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ed: time to flash forward to what' s ahead at newscenter 5 at 11:00. we' re hearing from the victim in this hit and run in woburn. what went through his mind -- as he was carried hundreds of yards. and his message to the suspect tonight. maria: can you imagine? and we have more on my one-on-one with bob kraft. how long will be brady-belichick the patriots owner talks to me about the team' s future tonight. are you not using a crosswalk? you could be stepping into a bigger fine for jaywalking. a local lawmaker' s reason behind the new push. often on today. tomorrow. be aware of that.
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much colder to the west. incredible cold to the north. that comes over the weekend. of the weekend. ed: dangerous wind chills? into sunday, for sure. maria: for valentine' s day, you have to he got up a little bit. harvey: sweethearts are going to have to cuddle. we have to check. maria: "chronicle," is next.
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