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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  WCVB  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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maria: run down in the street. tonight, the man in this video talking to newscenter 5: >> i just got on the hood and held on for dear life. john: the violent attack the driver was racing away from. ed: out on bail, after 30 years. >> freedom! it's free! reid: the flawed evidence 5 investigates helped expose. ed: robert kraft one on one one. maria: what he told me about this past season, deflate gate and belichick and brady's future. meteorologist: more from race for tomorrow. then it will be about the cold. the brutal cold. i got the timeline. ed: cracking down on jaywalkers. the plan to make you pay up. a woburn man holding on for his life! hit by a driver and taken for a wild ride. tonight he's telling us his story. good evening, i'm ed harding. maria: hi, everybody. i'm maria stephanos. that man is telling us, he's dealing with painful injuries and the driver is still out there. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in woburn.
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john? john: well, maria, he didn't think he would survive, so, yes, he is lucky to walk away a broken foot and ankle. the man who hit him. he is waned for several different crimes. >> the pain, i cannot describe the pain. john: fred is recovering with bruises, cuttings, breaks after this car crashed into him, and carried him down the street. >> by the time i saw the car, the car was on me. and i just, i got on the hood. i held on for dear life. john: fred grabbed what he could. >> if i let go of this hood, i am a dead man. john: knowing any sudden turn could end his life. fred says he pleaded with the driver to top. he finally did sending fred tumbling to the ground. >> so oh blisseas to what is around you and no conscious soever. john: as fred recovers with his wife at the side, police are
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behind the wheel. the 29-year-old suspected in the nearby theft and accuse of assaulting ap investigating an officer before hitting pread in a getaway. s with a desperate move that nearly killed an mnt man. >> thank god, it happened. i just wouldn't be the same without him. i done know if i could go on john: very thankful tonight, that driver ditched his car, took off. he ran. again, police are still looking for him turn. live in woburn, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: looking live on boston. snow flurries are gone, and it's cold out there tonight, but it's nothing compared to the bitter air that's coming. at least according to this lovely gentlemen. meteorologist: well, thank you for that. coming. i can guarantee that you. if you look behind us. it is chilly tonight. it is normally cold. we're talking about intense cold on the way.
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first of all, if you rack at temperatures note it and west. you do see the cold air i am referring to that is going to come in two stages. i want to back up here. with a we're talking about is not just the cold that is on the oops in. we are having a little problem here. anyway, that is the first stage in. and when it is going to come in, it is going to come win a few snow shower or snow squalls tomorrow. then, where we going to see whatp means in terms of tomorrow night. that whens we could get down the single digits in our suburbs, but believe it or not, that is just the beginning. we get to the second half of the weekend. wow. some of the coldest we have experienced in a long time. i got specific numbers and windchills will share that with you in a little while. maee, ed? ed: right now, this convicted rapist is free after nearly 30 years behind bars. 5 investigates helped expose the flawed evidence that sent him away. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in new bedford. reid, what comes next in the case? reid: well, prosecutors could appeal today's decision or retry the case. but even a judge acknowledged
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likely not result in a construction or get a jury. freedom must have a way of manipulating the senses. >> the air smells good, i know that. reporter: george inhaled the afternoon. no longer shackled bay rape conviction that imprisoned him for the past 30 years. i want to thank judge and the legal team and my supporters. reid: tied to 198 rape of elderly springfield woman a of a strand of hair. a method that has been discredited both his mother and girl trend, a former prison volunteer had championed his innocence for years. >> i cannot believe it. truthfully, i wanted to believe it far listening type, buy never thought it would come. >> abc lit. >> in 30 years. of course i lost hope. reid: prosecutors argue he should remain behind bars. they cited the disciplinary
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attempt. >> bring out expectation for a variety of reasons. reporter: he plans to live and work girlfriend and have to relay on a strong network for the difficult transition. before leaving, he offered simple words of encouragement to others who have been wrongly imprisoned. don't give up. don't give up. that is for sure. don't give up. reid: back now live, the innocence project, as for george, he said a steak dinner is on the menu. live new bedford tonight, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a suspicious death investigation is underway in wareham after a man is found dead in his home. police did a wellness check at john williams' home and found he had been shot multiple times. williams lived there alone. neighbors tell us they saw him outside on monday. police are now waiting for maee. a commitment 2016.
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are out after disappointing showings. in new hampshire, now the candidates still in. they are ready to battle for south carolina. jorge quiroga is here with what the republican frontrunner was doing tonight. jorge? jorge f. well, on the republican side, the stakes even high forethose left heading south. the elbows getting a lot sharper. donald trump holding a rally tint south carolina. >> we did a good thing. new hampshire, with a great place. [cheering and applauding] what a great place! [cheering and applauding] and we won it big! jorge. in the disputed front unarer under's take. the closest rival, ted cruz releasing political ad. >> i got to come back. >> what did he do? >> he friends to be a republican. jorge. lins south carolina today, last night's surprise second-place winner. ohio governor john kasich running ah upbeat campaign but he is ready far fight.
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ok if so i will not be a pin cushion oar marshmallow. but i am also not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. jorge f. on the democratic side, after steam rolling hillary clinton by 22 points, bernie sanders in harlem, knocke. >> we love you. jorge: a warm welcome from al sharpton. saners reaching out for african-americanport. trailing hillary clinton 40%. saners hoping to build momentum. >> we have got a lot of work in front of us. but we have already closed the gap within the opportunity and the african-american communities. jorge: hillary clinton not campaigning today huddling with advisors conceding he has a lot of work to did ap even women. ed: a police officer shot in a busy panera restaurant. he's one of two maryland deputies killed by that gunman today. newscenter 5's phil lipof is here. phil, there are still plenty of questions about what happened. phil: you are bright that, ed. it was seemingly unprovoked if.
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this was near battle pore. it began with a man pulling a gun, without notice, shooting a sheriff's dep in the head. it was before noon on the pa fer are a northwest of baltimore. >> sheriff's deputy was called though restaurant checking on man. the police was packed. was lunch time. the deputy came in, sat down next to the man, and asked how he was doing. >> right after that. he took out the gun and shot him in the head. right after the officer shot him how was the dead. phil: ten feet away in a booth having lunch with her mother. >> i was freaking out. everybody was running to one side of the store. and families were hud ling and huddling together. phil: the suspect reason out the back doo door. nearby businesses went into longdown. they chased the suspect eventually exchanging gunfire. shot and killed. so is the suspect. i would like to pint out led toed han gup was recovered from the inside of the suspect from the inside hoo in inside the vehicle with him.
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out why, sophia is trying to process, understand the horror shethwithed today. >> you see this stuff in movies, on-line and everything. then, on like tv, when it actually happen, you about you never think you will gol to lunch some day with your. and it going to happen. phil: so the gunman has been identified as 67-year-old david breyian evans. he did have outp staking war raint florida. one there in hartford county as well. at this hour, tonight, no official we're on why opened fire today. maria? maria: awful, phil. maria: the cause of this deadly fitchburg fire is under investigation tonight. a brother and sister were pulled from the fire another sister did not survive. the fire tore through the home just after midnight. fire chief kevin roy lives nearby. the chief and a police officer ran into the burning walton st home. out and he told them about the women still inside. you might want to make sure you use a crosswalk. the next time you are trying to
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ed: that's because jaywalking could be more expensive if you're caught. mary saladna is live in boston with the push to boost fines. mar? mary: yeah, ed. you know, the senate major ty leader who is behind this push be a affect jaywalkers statewide. jaywalking, practically everybody has done it. i means crossing the road unlawfully including at mid streed or when the crossing indicators say not to. it is against the law but the fine in most parts hef states only $1. hard lay deterrent or a reason to enforce it. >> one person is struck every seven or eight minutes in massachusetts. mary: senator majority leader wants to change that. >> i got involved bass i rep isn't in my district, a high-rise senior housing project, and people were being hit. they were being hurt as they walked across the street.
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happened outside of a crosswalk. there is growing concern about traffic set of whan drivers are doing behind the wheel but can railroad says its time to hold pedestrians accountable, too. >> people have seen people going crossing the road and texting. mary. chan railroad is proposing a $25 find for the first offense. $50 and $7 a for subsequent violations. >> it is normally being that the people putting themselves in danger. mary: it is too many people are. it is time to make people think twice. >> that's the only way we change. once you are fined once, you will not do it again. >> senator chandler went before the state today and determined to bring it to a vet on beak on hill. in boston tonight, mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5. ed: the anthem of the seas now docked in new jersey.
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take a k willing at the damage. the ship sail food a major winter storm on sunday. powerful wind, high seas. four people suffered minor injuries. next on wcvb newscenter 5: maree: one-on-one with robert kraft craft talking about tom brady's future. >> surgery mix up, the doctor who paint operated on the wrong baby. meteorologist: from cold to just how about it the weekend is
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into your life. not the other way around. >> thursday on the eye making $20 go a lot farther. >> a financial advisor w ed: as it tennessee hospital under fire for formerring a delicate surgery on the wrong baby that was supposed to be a routine checkup, but instead, a doctor mistakingly clipped the baby's tongue.
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make it easier for the baby easier to feed. >> eventually, they took our child, who was 100% healthy, nursing well, and no issues at all, and just took him out of the nursery, and cut his mouth. >> there is no excuse for operating on the wrong baby. none. ed: the doctor has apologized. there is no comment from the hospital tonight. it is unclear if the parent will file a lawsuit. maria: patriots owner robert kraft on hand as the boys and girls clubs of boston was celebrated tonight. his son josh has lead the boys and girls club for 25 years. the organization works with the cities kids to inspire and teach life skills to help them make a real difference in the world. right before that event, i had a chance to talk with bob kraft about the patriots past and the future. >> we had the first round draft
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know you don't want to go there, but what impact did that have on the team? what impact did that have on you? >> you know, if you are running businesses, anywhere in the world, the people who really do well are r the people who have mental toughness, and people talk about it. but we have had, this team, had a lot of distractions, a lot of physical, a lot of physical injuries, and that whole next man up, and mental toughness was amazing. you know, i think, if i have any regret, it is that, that championship game was not played here in our hometown. we won seven division titles ape row, so i am pretty proud that, in my opinion, we have the greatest coach, and the quarterback of all time. and having that chemistry of them together, and the leadership they bring.
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you hope if >> i sure hope so. yeah. that is my plan. i have learned to take one year at a time, and rat for the best. but you know, we had the consistency of having bill and tom for 16 years. i was thinking about it. we finished 22 seasons, and i have had two quarterbacks in 22 years start this season, you know? dry and tom. you just lack at the teams in our division and see how many quarterbacks they have had. so we are pretty lucky. part of our philosophy is to have stability and consistency. >> if your sons were younger, and i know you have grandkids who play football. go given what we know now with the cte stuff, would you, what age would you have them start? >> i am very pleased with what
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equipment, what we are doing with medical attention, the pretow calls with we have, it has never been safer. and my sons and grandsons played. i played. and i would recommend to every mother out this, who wants her young man to grow up special, that they play, too. maee: we were both here at 7:00. if you didn't, you saw bob kraft talk about booing some brady the super bull and talked about the superstitions before a game. you can watch that on the web site wcvb. ed: you know, with all do respect to you and robert krt right. was perfect spot far fifth one. it should have been in. it should have been. you know what? there is always next year. hopefully it can happen then. meteorologist: all right.
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get set set for more topsy turvy weather. the first four days of the month were so warm, like 18 above normal. the last four to five have been below. we are still almost seven above normal. that is not 2. by the time the weekend west over. we may be close to normal because it so coldable the in suing days. earlier today. it is snow. then in western mass and western connecticut, piled up a little bit. hartford not over two inches. springfield at two. sprung fiel, one. there are more flurries and squalls to the west and the leading edge of the first of the one-two punch of arctic air which approaches which could lead to more flurries tomorrow. mate not be in all locations, but if you do get one, it could briefly cover the ground a few spots and low the visibility and cae slippery going because is colder tomorrow. here is a little projections at 7:00 a.m. notice one area that is targeted that could be north of boston. so any one of these as i mentioned could cause accumulation t. they are going to be scattered around to the afternoon then it will wayne
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night. so just keep an eye to the sky scales. could there be accumulation. vus one computer model showing lawrence. maybe getting a couple of inches. a little bit. other areas no acoom lation or just a dusting. this is the wait will go. now boston, test, right at 32 greece. also want to let you know a little melting occurred today and get a little freezing and refreeze at night. could be a little bit of black ice around overnight and early tomorrow. temperatures, 20's and low 30's. first chunk of cold air on the way. chicago and detroit, toronto, throws our readings for later on tomorrow night. meantime, tomorrow will start hit to teens and 20's but not tomorrow. s abouton will hang out then start falling toward the evening. look at how cold it is going to be early friday. about 10 in boston. single digits north and west. then we make it to the low 20's on were i day. colder.
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because look at the bitter cold sub-zero air that is going to be heading down in our direction for the weekend. and preceding it. late friday into friday might. clouds will thicken in. there could be a period of snow over southeastern mass on the kip and the rest of us could get a few snow squalls for or during saturday morning. then the gates are open for the abouter cold to flood in. look at the next seven days. we tacked about tomorrow and friday. so as far as saturday and sunday are concerned, saturday in terms of temperature, teens to near 20 will be the highs late morning and noontime. after that, straight down like a rock. to at least 0 if not below in boston overnight early sunday, 10 degrees below 0 or more unareas to the north and west. we have to factor the winds because there will be winds saturdaynating and early sunday. windchills could be like 25 to 35 degrees degrees below 0 overnight saturday night into sunday morning. now we do want to let you know, temperatures will start to moderate a bit monday afternoon.
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here on tuesday. right now, the odds favor snow that may change to rain which lets you know we got significant storms with big temperature changes on the way. we'll ta on top of it four. maria, ted? maee. did he sue that 49? you don't believe me? ed: it says 49. maee: that is wednesday. for now, the weather is good for. big air at fenway officially kicking off tomorrow. ed: but we have (group chatter) dude, dude, dude.
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maria: they're finally finished with that the gigantic ski ramp at fenway. ed: today, daring skiers and snowboarders hit the slope catching serious air over
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big air begins tomorrow at fenway park polartec big air kicks off tomorrow. athletes from 25 countries are taking part in the two-day event. snowboarders and free skiers will brave the 140-foot high ramp, which is taller than the park's light towers. are trying to qualify for the olympics. today's practice allowed the olympic hopefuls to get a few runs in ahead of competition. the athletes hope the high-profile venue will bring more attention to their sport. playoff atmosphere in early february at the garden tonight -
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>> playoff atmosphere in early february at the garden tonight - the gritty celtics forced overtime then crawled out of a six point hole to win a thriller 139-134 on a night when boston sent paul pierce on his way with a special embrace. >> from kansas, number 34, paul pierce. >> one of the great celtics of all time and a special moment. paul pierce obliged the crowd. he won by two three pointers. he round up with six on the night. all right. let's go down. threamines to fo. isiah thomas brings him back wan deuce. under a minute play now. he had 36 points then five seconds to go, he ties the game up at 122 a piece. here it is. now go to overtime. then we're down by six. evan turner, 14 points. very end in overtime. 132 all. then, with a minute mall of to two.
11:29 pm
three pont are the old fashion way. good plus one. celtics up by three. l.a. has deficit to one again. they turner with another fallaway. celtics up by three. they win it by five. 139-134 and there it is. the last rodeo for paul pierce in boston? he is 38 years ap could be it. he guess out as one of the great celtics all time. number wo, sell tk score in history by the way. >> all right. temperatures should be in the mid 70 by this time the red soxs' equipment can truck pulse in this weekend. >> reporter: here, we note is harvey, it is going to be colder than the kiss. now today, at fenway park, the 18th year and row they loaded up this thing. look at the people that show up here. this is happening. people are just wanting to see the truck load thumb they want to site take off t. this is sort of the groundhog day. you know, this tells you winter ising if to last one more week.
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>> this is a groundhog day of boston. a better year than lost that. they will go from lost that first again. the first five at spring. seeing the rest, you fo i, equipment truck get ready for spring training. we are ready for bring even though its snowing out now. >> well red sox looked thet forecast. they are in fort myers. including the newest member of the red sox, the $217 million man, david price. >> all exciting time of the year. coming to fort myer, coming to a new teammate. always exciting. >> i enjoy being in florida. this is weather is good. nashville got more snow yesterday. so not too familiar with fort myers but enjoy it already. ed: ok. the outbreak. the outback, the sports page. that is all thing he will be eat down there been the down there
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we accepted the assignment. would. >> did you har the birds chirping? did you har the baseball popping in the glove? immediately. that yeah. about three mons from you no. yeah. exactly.
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