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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 11, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EST

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straight for new yo. he met we the reverend al sharpton in harlem ep hoping to lure black and hispanic voters everywhere hillary clinton. he has extra cash in his coffers raising more than $5 million in just 24 hours. clinton is leading sanders in the polls in south carolina and nevada and her campaign is on the attack questioning his record on issues affecting minorities. they're also taking aim at his record on gun control and criminal justice. clinton is fighting back to win women voters. a majority of whom sided with sanders in new hampshire. >> extreme winter weather being blamed for several serious accidents along an ohio interstate. dozens of cars, trucks and semis were involved in yesterday's series of clain reaction crashes northeast of cleveland. nearly 20 people were injured, three critically. interstate 90 has reopen this had morning. it was closed for hours while
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more snow made for slick driving conditions across that region. more of the same is expected. accuweather is tracking the winter storm system and record warmth in the west. here's meteorologist justin povick. good morning. >> reporter: kendis, reena, as we go throughout this thursday, we are looking at some major warmth, 80s and 90s around l.a. records will be challenged and the concern is for above normal fire danger also freezing are -- around salt lake city. on the other side of the spectrum, major cold continues in the northeast. gusty winds, snow flurries and showers from boston to d.c. accumulating snows coming off the great lakes. record low temperatures in jeopardy this weekend. look at the lows saturday night. below the zero to right around zero. again, these will be challenged and temperatures on average 20 to even be.3degrees below normal. reena, kendis, back to you.
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he mention southern california. >> there's a modest house in manhattan beach that's been covered with pictures of the family that's owned the structure since 1945. gary sweeney is selling is the house that his mother purchased in 1945 for just $5400. >> sweeney calls it a final tribute to what he feels was a six pler life by the beach. a developer purchased the home. the plan is knock it down and rebuild on the site. like a lot of good family memories. >> is that cool or creepy? >> i like it. it gives me a good feeling. look at the inflatable pool by the beach. >> just to get knocked down by a bulldozer. all those family members. >> they'll post it on instagram. it will be there forever. coming up, actress lena dunnham opening up about a painful medical condition. her message to other women. >> google's self-driving cars getting a green light from the federal government.
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come soon enough. >> the passionate couple who got in trouble aboard the las vegas high roller were they looking for love florida all the wrong plays? if you're looking for love in great falls, it's a good day for it. >> why? >> 55. >> there's love at 55 degrees? >> "world news now" weather brought to you by mucinex sinus max. p yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinext too late, we're about tot r these dissolve fast. rthey're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. to unleash max strength r r t let's end this. v (ugh.)
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try lysol automatic toilet bowl cleaner. well, in las vegas, a couple is facing some legal trouble for getting frisky on a ferris wheel. security spotted the loveable couple just undressing and told them to knock it off. they stopped but then kept at it. and security cameras on the high roller weren't the only lenses that captured them. the passengers in the neighboring pod also recorded the activity. they were charged with committing a sex act in public because they were, you know, up there. >> in public. >> in public. >> they were gambling that
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>> but the security folks told them don't do it. we see what you're doing. didn't deter them. >> when in vegas, you know, you have sex in public. an indiana man is behind bars for an entirely different reason. talk about jared johnson allegedly forced his way into a house. police say once inside, he fainted. johnson says he woke up with police surrounding the house. he's facing a charge of burglary armed with a deadly weapon. >> another mystery over the serial podcast that sparked a sensation across the country. >> essentially forcing a do-over by the legal system, a judge is now considering a new trial in the case of a man convicted of murder. i guess it was 17 years ago now. abc's amy robach has the story. >> this is a prepaid call from. >> adnan syed. >> his story has captivated millions since the 2014 launch
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listeners into arm chair detectives. the series recounts a then 17-year-old say yed's arrest and conviction for the 1999 murder of his high school ex-girlfriend hey man lee. he was sentenced to life behind bars but has always maintained his innocence. his initial attempts to appeal the verdict unsuccessful. >> it is what it is. if you believe me or not, i have no control over it. >> the now 34-year-old is getting another chance. this week in a post conviction relief hear, his attorney argued his lawyer at the time of the conviction had been ineffective arguing she made so many mistakes his conviction should be overturned. >> to never find out if her story helps or hurts your case makes no sense whatsoever. that is not a strategy. >> one of those alleged mistakes highlighted by serial host sarah
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a key alibi witness asia mcclain. >> great, you know. >> but i think asia you might be that technicality. >> after hearing herg in the podcast, say yed's defense team called mcclain to testify during the new hearing. mcclain maintaining she was with say yed at the time prosecutors contend he killed lee. >> i was sitting in the library bored to tears, and someone walked in that i knew. i asked him about his breakup with haley. she was dating someone else but that he just wanted her to be happy. he didn't seem to be disturbed or angry with her. >> she is speaking out exclusively to abc news. >> the biggest thing to us was setting a good xwampl for our children. leaving a legacy of integrity. >> but prosecutors say justice was served 16 years ago. mcclain admits she does not have the all the answers.
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honestly i couldn't tell you. by coming forward, i hope that i was able to provide enough information to the judge for him to be able to make a rational decision. whatever that might be is in his hands. >> reporter: as for say yed, after spending nearly half his life in prison, his attorney says he is thankful for his day in court. amy robach, abc news, new york. >> there's a five-day hearing and the judge didn't rule at the end of the hearing. we don't know when he'll make a decision. >> that hearing went two days longer than they expected it to go. so who knows when that ruling will come down. coming up, actress lena dunnham opening up about her health challenge. >> shedding new light on a painful condition that's afflicting millions of women.
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surprised fans when she called off her entire media tour for her hit show. >> she's opening up about her painful medical condition that's at least temporarily putting her career on pause. abc's deborah roberts has her story. >> lena dunham's one of the busiest women in hollywood. directing, writing, starring in her hbo hit "girls." i worked very, very hard to overcome the challenges of my nontraditional body type. >> just two weeks before the season five premiere, she made a surprise announcement saying she would no o not be able to promote the new season due to endometriosis writing on facebook, i'm going through a rough patch with the illness. it's time to announce. >> she didn't have tonounce it but people love her because she shares her truth and has done it in her personal life and also on screen. >> reporter: the love on social media came quickly for the
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her own experience. writing i'm level four. thank you for being oh honest and open about this. bravery. private. >> she doesn't just say like there is what's going on with me. she goes a step further and tries to help educate. >> she first shared her battle with the condition on her blog called the sickest girl posting these photos after a surgery positively diagnosed her with the disease. >> she's learned a lot from the experience and saying you know what, i'm going to take time off. when somebody says that and they're honest about it, you can't do anything but respect their decision. >> reporter: deborah roberts, abc news, new york. such a big difference when women of hollywood, on television come forward with whatever they're battling. more than 6 million women are facing this in the u.s. to have a big face like lena come forward is really remarkable. >> the whole condition it's when
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is found oustds out tside the uterus usually in the abdomen or ovaries. good to see she's on the mend hopefully. >> you sound like a true medical doctor. do you have an md? >> yes. (ugh.) v does your carpet everr feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it,t resolve it. p our formula with a special r conditioning ingredient, softens your carpett with every use. t it's resolve, so you knowr it cleans and freshens. r but it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and to clean pet messes, try resolve pet expert. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance
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cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. well, the federal government has taken a step towards mainstreaming artificial intelligence redefining what it means to be a driver by green lighting google's self-driving cars. >> this morning we're meeting passenger one, a blind man who is the first person to give the car a test ride. here's kgo's jonathan bloom. >> for steve, traveling across town requires planning. he lives two miles from the
2:56 am
when his family is at work he relies on the vta's transnight i have to make arrangements for those rides a day before. >> that's why a ride he took three years ago was so plaj cal. for the first time since he became blind, he sat in the driver's seat and that's about all he did. >> the car was the driver. >> california rules say autonomous cars still need a licensed driver. he can't get a driver's license. >> if it is required to have a licensed human driver in the car, it means i could not go any place in that vehicle without someone accompanying me. >> reporter: and it would throw on the brakes for google's next project. >> isn't that cute? >> cars without regular controls. >> there's no steering sfwheel in a letter to google, federal regulators made a clarification where the law refers to a driver, that driver doesn't have to be human. >> is this a green light for autonomous vehicles? >> i think it's the absence of a yellow light.
2:57 am
other legal requirements. the cars still have to have mirrors. >> the rear view mirror was unnecessary. the side mirrors were unnecessary for me. >> reporter: but if california follows the federal government's lead, people like steve could have more independent. >> i love this snee doesn't miss the pedals or steering wheel one bit. >> it's like riding with a fabulous driver. >> anybody who spends five minutes in the traffic will realize the danger of the humans. i can't wait for the robots to start driving. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc news. >> it's one of the hardest things i have to say about parenting i didn't realize is driving the kids to different places. >> just because you're a bad driver? >> no, there is that. but it just takes up so much time, ballet, picking them up from school. you know what? i forget that you are free during the day. you could do it for us. >> this is not driving miss daisy. >> driving my crazy kids around. >> exactly.
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this morning on "world news now," political momentum. >> after new hampshire victories, donald trump draws crowds in south carolina last night. while bernie sanders heads to new york. the new battlegrounds for the democrats and republicans. legal fight, the police tension in ferguson, missouri. and why the u.s. attorney general filed a federal lawsuit. the swift decision. and what led up to it. >> and breaking overnight, the search for a fishing boat crew in the middle of the pacific ocean. the rush to save dozens of people ho abandoned ship. and later, celebrating valentine's day with an easy yet impressive dinner and and i dull gent dessert. this was one at the present timing beverage.
2:59 am
officer is here with his usual good taste. it's thursday, february 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we say good thursday morning to you. >> i'm reena ninan. >> yeah. so let's start with the battle for the white house because it's really, really heating up now. and it is shifting to the south after the outsiders crushed the competition in new hampshire. >> and riding high from his astounding victory donald trump headed to klemm on university in south carolina last night supporters. but rivals are gearing up to fight to the bitter end. >> it's your voice, your vote. abc's elizabeth hur is covering the race. >> here's your next president, donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump fresh off his huge win in in new hampshire stressing a win in south carolina is paramount. >> if we win here after winning so big in new hampshire, all of these characters are going to give it up. we're going to run the table. and we will make america great again.
3:00 am
>> reporter: the challengers not backing down. iowa winner senator ted cruz already running attack ads. >> i got the trump action figuring. > no way. it's huge. >> what does he do. >> he pretends to be a republican. >> reporter: and john kasich, the second big surprise putting his rivals on notice. >> don't mess with me, okay? so i'm not going to be a pin cushion or a marshmallow. >> reporter: meanwhile on the democratic side -- following his big win in new hampshire, bernie sanders feeling the love on "the view" telling the ladies he's all in. >> the message that we're bringing forth that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness. and we're not seeing that right now. >> sanders stopping in harlem for coffee with al sharpton earlier. hillary clinton also in new york after reassuring her supporters in new hampshire she is a fighter. >> and we've learned it's not
3:01 am
that matters. it's whether you get back up. >> reporter: and according to the latest polls, clinton and trump are heading into south carolina as the front-runners with double digit leads. reena and kendis. >> but there's plenty of time left. thank you. the republican field is a little small they are morning now down to six candidates. new jersey governor chris christie dropped out of the race after a poor showing in new hampshire. christie posted on facebook that it is without an ounce of regret. also calling it quits, carly peern, the former hewitt pack card ceo took on donald trump in earlier debates but she struggled to build support. both fiorina and christie needed a strong showing to try to qualify for next republican debate. >> a small community near baltimore is shaken had morning after two sheriff's deputies were gunned down.
3:02 am
abbing done where one deputy was killed. the suspect whom police described as a vague grant ras then killed by deputies. the two victims were targeted because they were wearing a police uniform. >> the justice department slapped ferguson, missouri with a civil rights lawsuit a day after the city rejected an agreement to overhaul its police department and court system. ferguson came under scrutiny when the fatal police shooting of michael brown sparked angry protests. the suit accuses the city of a pattern of misconduct that includes routinely violating the rights of residence. attorney general lynch says they had no choice but to sue. >> they violated the fourth amendment by stopping people without reasonable suspicion. by arresting them without cause, and by using unreasonable force. >> the city council wanted to amend the settlement because it would have cost ferguson millions of dollars to implement. now to the latest on the growing zika virus outbreak. one of the government's top
3:03 am
vaccine likely will be able by the summer of 2017. his office is already getting calls from big drug companies willing to produce a vaccine if a safe and effective version is developed. and the u.s. olympic committee will higher two infectious disease specialists to advise potential olympians worried about the zika outbreak inning brazil after high profile athletes expressed concern about the vice. here's abc's gio benitez. >> alarming news out of brazil. the cdc saying two now born babies tested positive for the virus. the cdc calling it the strongest evidence yet that the virus caused the birth we do tect that prevents the brain from developing. > our goal is to protect pregnant woman. >> the u.s. women's soccer team has been briefed on the virus. the qualification tournament is
3:04 am
the olympics are just months away in rio. >> we're sensitive to the fact that has become a global issue. >> legendary u.s. soccer star hope solo, now saying if she had to make the choice today, she would skip the olympics. hoping to start a family one day. saying she would never take the risk. >> and health experts believe the zika virus causes birth defects but only if you're pregnant already. it's enough to give people pause because so little is known about the virus. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> high drama playing out on the high seas right now about 1800 miles south of hawaii. where the 42-person crew of the american eagle had to abandon ship because of a fire. the coast guard sent a plane to the area to assess the situation there. the american eagle's cell evacuated on to six small boats toe await rescue. we're told there are no injuries there. and on east coast, thousands
3:05 am
disembarked from that royal caribbean cruise ship tossed around in the raging atlantic storm. the anthem of the seas arrived in new jersey last night. one passenger said the ship's for steering into the storm. royal caribbean says it is making changes to its storm avoidance systems and the ship's next krus is still scheduled to begin on saturday. pope francis leaves the vatican tomorrow for a high profile visit to mexico. yesterday the pope took part in ash wednesday services meantent to usher in the lenten season of prayer and surprise. he said this was a good time to train ourselves to be more sensitive and mercy full to others. in texas, hundreds of faithful took advantage of a drive through ash ceremony. it was meant for those who didn't have the time to on the holy day. come on now. really? >> hey, we're busy? >> you don't have -- more than
3:06 am
and get your ash? >> you can get busy. >> i'm not blaming anyone. not pointing fingers. just saying. >> i understand. here's all the proof you need that true love never dies. this was a scene in australia when 93-year-old norwood thomas was reunited with 88-year-old joyce durant after 72 years. >> oh. >> these little cuties they dated in england in 1944 lock before but nor w50d was sent to france. they never forget each other. >> they reconnected thanks to the internet and their sons. they talked via skype a couple times. now thomas is in australia for a couple weeks visiting. he said the reunion was the greatest thing that could have happened to him. >> i love this story. isn't that sweet? >> it is kind of sweet. >> after all these years they still had this little flame for each other.
3:07 am
realized there are a lot of offerings on tinder. >> he did not swipe to the left or the right. >> swipe to the right. >> he kept swiping to the right. >> did you see the hug? i thought he was going to carry her away somewhere. that's love. >> 72 years. >> that's love before the age of tinder. >> coming up "in the mix" the wild fox that went epa over an ordinary bed sheet? the safety alert over common batteries that can explode. the latest test by the faa and what it means for airline passengers. >> tim laird america's chief entertaining officer here. we've got everything you need to plan a great valentine's day celebration. an easy dinner, decadent dessert and super sweet cocktails. we'll help you do valentine's day right. you're watching "world news now." p everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel.
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a day on the mississippi river nearly turned deadly for two boaters. they were lifted to safety by the coast guard as their 13-foot aluminum boat started sinking. the pair sent out a distress signal. once their small boat began taking on water, the chopper safely took them to dry land. >> more automakers are recalling vehicles with defective air bags, volkswagen, audi and bmw now recalling 1.7 millionian vehicles that have the takata air bags that can represent tour and send shrapnel at people in the car. so far 20 million vehicles in
3:12 am
due to these air bags linked to 11 deaths worldwide. high in the sky meantime, there's a new alarm being sounded over what's being called a ticking time bomb. aboard both cargo and passenger jetliners. >> we're learning more about the faa's safety alert to the airlines about lithium ion batteries and the potential to spark fires. abc's david kerley covers aviation for us. >> reporter: this is the faa's own test of what can happen if a shipment of lithium ion batteries spontaneously ignites. these batteries can lead to "catastrophic aircraft loss," the faa is warning, and current fire suppression systems "cannot effectively control a lithium battery fire." they power our computers and tablets. and can overheat and ignite. think about the house fires and the hoverboard fires suspected of being started by batteries that we've seen recently. what if it happens in a cargo hold? and it apparently has.
3:13 am
the packages of batteries they carried suspected of contributing. that's why the national transportation safety board is also out with a recommendation, that if batteries are carried, flammable materials, and the restricted. airline pilots want even more -- that the batteries be listed as hazardous. >> we cannot continue to lose these airplanes due to fires that are uncontained and will quickly bring an airplane down. >> reporter: major u.s. carriers don't allow the shipments of lithium batteries, but that's not true for all airlines, which is why the faa is calling on those carriers to study the risks of carrying this potentially dangerous cargo. >> david kerley at reagan you national airport. >> it only takes eight lithium batteries to bring down an aircraft. >> okay. my question about this, a, what's taken them so long to come to this point to finally say we need to make some changes
3:14 am
au going to get fixed. why they're so dangerous, the faa tests over the past year show when they short circuit, they can emit hydrogen and other gases that can build up all of this in the cargo hold of many planes. >> i wish had i taken an extra semester in chemistry has class. the big headline is ban the batteries our panel said that last month. ban the batteries. >> coming up, the game show gaffe that's going viral. >> how one family answered the question tell me another way people say mother. here was an outrageous answer harvey. >> but first, countdown to valentine as day. some absolutely scrumptious ideas for revving up the romance.
3:15 am
>> thursday morning. $to goes farther. >> financial issues.t1 italics
3:16 am
so it happened again, valentine's day snuck up on you and you forgot to get a reservation. there's nothing more romantic than a especially planned evening in. here to help us out is america's chief entertaining officer, our favorite, tim laird. >> valentine's day is around the corner. i've got great ideas. it doesn't have to be a romantic occasion for two. it could be a great fun way to entertain family and friends. and what better way than to do maybe a dinner and a movie night. but tie your food into what the movies are. i'll show you some ideas. first i want to start out with a great cocktail, what i call the ruby valentino. it starts out with a glass. i'm going to put in about four ounces of korbel sweet row say.
3:17 am
a beautiful pink color. the ruby comes in when i put in about ounces of pomegranate juice a couple candy hearst for gar flish. there you go. the ruby valentin know. the alcohol free version is lemon lime soda and pomegranate juice. dinner and a movie. the godfather big night. even lady and the tramp". all these talk about pasta. why not set out a big dish of pasta. my secret to this pasta recipe and all the res fees on your facebook starts out i render two pieces of bacon in a pan. take it out then put in some garlic, a little bit of shallots. and then your tomato sauce. stir that up, add herbs and you get this beautiful pasta with a little bit of cream in there too at the end. it's just delicious. it bes a lot of people.
3:18 am
>> i'm drooling. >> how about movie with a chocolate. it is valentine's day. you could watch willy wonka and the chocolate factor or chocolate would be another movie into it looks like black pepper but it's chocolate. >> i bought kettle corn. microwave that. you bought it in the bag. sprinkle a little cocoa over it. your movie. also chocolate, here's a fun idea. this chocolate decadence. it's beak a flourless chocolate cake with a little bit of raspberry sauce garnished with fresh raspberry ies. see what you think of that. is that rich and delicious? very easy to do. here's a fun idea. red wine in a chocolate rimmed glass. beak take some chocolate chips, melt them in the microwave and dip the rim of the glass in there and it sets up right away and pour in a merlot, cabernet. it's just delicious.
3:19 am
get the chocolate and red wine. >> it's genius. i love it. theme. this is ratatouille, famous french movie. i'm serving this with a little bit of macaroons and of course, my strawberries. there is a little chambord in with the chipped cream. you can dip the strawberries in the whipped cream. will. also chocolate cups i filled with chocolate mousse. you can fill them up with the chambord or other things. maybe whipped cream. it all comes together. >> you can find the cups at a lot of party stores. they're a lot of fun. i love experimenting, and like they say in the candy man, you can even eat the dishes. >> you would there of it all. happy valentine's day to you. this is a great spread. i wish you could come over and launch it all for us. >> try the recipes. page.
3:20 am
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move free ultra. get your move on. and now try move free night. the first and only 2-in-1 joint and sleep supplement. and now it's time for "the mix." so a new mom, well not a new mom. she had a son that is 12 weeks hungry. she's at the zoo and decides to breastfeed the son. a curious orangutan happens to show up here at the zoo. wondering what mom's doing. had his hands over his head and watching mom breastfeed little eli there. mom elizabeth hunt barrett, they were trying to celebrate their daughter's birthday and then she thinks that the orangish had reddish hair of her son kind of attracted the orangutan. >> the orangutan kind of stay
3:24 am
>> with his hands on his head wondering uh-oh. there weren't many negative comments when this was posted that the mom was breastfeeding in public. the orangutan appeared to be up comfortable or curious. >> it's a very cool shot. i'm sure she attracted more attention after that. good job there. so you know, people have some weird animals as pets. there's this one guy who happens to have a fox as a pet. >> okay. >> and this fox has become sodo messticated, it's not really used to the outside world but in its nature it knows what snow looks like. it knows know is might about you at home he kind of takes. >> that's his bed. he kind of thinks the white sheets are a bed of snow instead. so he just kind of like trying to -- his nature, trying to like pull it apart.
3:25 am
fox inside your house because the fox might think that the bed is snow. this sounds like a children's book, doesn't it? >> it kind of does. the only fox that should be in your house is the sman that will fox cd. >> fenway, the green monster of fenway park was sort of outshined by this 14 foot ramp. >> white monster. >> yeah, the green monster out shined betty white monster, which was part of a competition for snow boarders. >> yeah. >> you get $150,000 grand prize at this. the u.s. grand prix tour. >> that thing is huge. >> several sef olympic medalists participated in the snow board event. >> look how tall that is compared to the rest of the park. >> i would love to slip and slide down it. the event is taking place today and tomorrow. >> up there in boston. do we have time for this video?
3:26 am
this magician who seemingly
3:27 am
this morning on "world news now," scary vacation. infuriated passengers aboard a cruise ship that sailed into hurricane force winds finally arriving home. why some people on board thought they would not return. >> extreme weather from record-breaking heat in the west to heavy snowstorms and dangerous cold in the east. the unusual conditions from accuweather. >> and new this half hour, a valentine's day gift from a wife to her husband like no other. >> he needs a kidney transplant and she is the donor. why this couple and this organ match is just so rare. >> and later in "the skinny," the new sexy swimsuit issue of "sports illustrated." the bigger, glossier pictures
3:28 am
getting even more exposure. it is thursday, february 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to you on this thursday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. i was just telling you i think having that out there, more women will be comfortable in a bikini despite what your shape is. >> or what about your age? can you be too old to wear a bikini? >> i don't think age is the thing. i think there are some people who in their lifetime have never been able to wear a bikini. there's nothing wrong with that. >> a bikini is an important thing. "sports illustrated" kind of answers that question in this new swimsuit edition with a 56-year-old model. >> i love that. that i love. because i look forward to aging. i think that we have a culture of looking against women who age. i think we need to embrace that more.
3:29 am
>> tribes everywhere around the world embrace the elders. i always say that. you've got to look for your elders. >> in bikinis. >> we're going to start with the end of what plenty of passengers on that royal caribbean cruise ship would call a nightmare. >> the anthem of the seas is now docked safely in new jersey at the port there. it arrived last night. wabc's josh einiger was there. >> reporter: they cheered as the anthem of the seas" glided into the aptly named port liberty. thousands of passengers now live -- liberated to tell their terrifying story. >> i've been through hell. >> i at one point thought i wasn't going to see my family again. >> reporter: last sunday was the day a peaceful dream vacation became the stuff of nightmares when the world's largest cruz ship with more than 6,000 people on board steered directly into a storm with 125-mile-per-hour winds. >> we were on the third deck. so we kept on going underwater and there was water coming on
3:30 am
and it was pretty scary. >> not only would the boat go up and then come smashing down violently that when you were in bed you fell out of bed, but at one point i looked at my wife and i said it's over. we held hands because we thought it was over. >> reporter: royal caribbean apologized for in its words exposing guests to such extreme weather. a storm the company says was much stronger than forecast. >> if we end up with a situation like this something went wrong. either we didn't interpret the forecast correctly or there's something. we're going to do a complete review of the situation. >> reporter: the company says it's already made changes to storm avoidance policies and it's standing behind the ship's captain though not a lot of love for him among his passengers. jail right now. thrown in jail. >> reporter: royal caribbean says more than 6,000 people were aboard the ship when it sailed into the storm but there were only four minor injuries. still four too many for the cruise line which has promised
3:31 am
the ntsb on hand when the ship steamed into port. some lawmakers calling for a federal investigation into this terror on the high seas. josh einiger, bayonne, new jersey. >> royal caribbean offering them a discount on their next cruise. think that guy's going? i don't think so. high drama playing out 1800 miles south of hawaii where the 42-person crew of the american eagle had to abandon ship because of a fire. the coast guard sent a plane to the area to assess the situation. the american eagle's crew evacuated on to six small boats to await rescue. no injuries reported. >> extreme winter weather is being blamed for several serious incidents along an ohio interstate. dozens of cars, trucks and semis were involved in yesterday's series of chain reaction crashes. nearly 20 people were injured. three of them critically. interstate 90 was closed in both directions northeast of cleveland for hours. it has now reopened. more snow expected in the
3:32 am
it made for slick driving conditions across that region yesterday. more of the same is expected. lake-effect snow likely for the next couple of days. the first day of spring, by the way, folks is march 20th. >> well, california has jumped from winter to straight into the summer. the weather headline out west, record breaking heat. >> in southern california, temperatures will again be in the 80s. a perfect day to get to the beach. justin povick has today's weather extremes. morning, justin. >> reena, and kendis, good morning to you, as well. while it's cold in the east, we have record-challenging warmth on the way in the southwest. potentially some high fire danger, as well into the mountains just outside of los angeles. meanwhile, to the northeast, heavy snow squalls, snow showers, lighter amounts of snow. a coating or so toward the i-95 corridor cities. but it's going to be on the windy side, as well.
3:33 am
>> the five-week stand off at an oregon wildlife refuge may be coming to an end. federal agents have surrounded the four remaining militia members who are still holed up. the four apparently agreed to turn themselves in at 8:00 a.m. providing certain conditions are met. thousands of people have been listening to the ongoing negotiations through an open phone line being streamed online. >> turning to politics and the spotlight on ohio governor john kasich after his stride second-place finish in the new hampshire primary. today he is expected to sign a bill to strip government money from planned parenthood. the legislation targets funds that go to the organization through ohio's health department. the move may help kasich with conservatives leading some to question the timing of the bill. donald trump rallying supporters in south carolina after his big win in new hampshire. 4,000 people gathered at clemson university last night to celebrate with trump and cheer him on. he took a few jabs at jeb bush
3:34 am
sleep. but trump said, when you have victory, you don't need sleep. >> so that's the key. the democrats are on the move after bernie sanders's smashing victory. they're each taking steps to win over minority voters. it's your voice, your vote. and abc's cecilia vega covering the democrats. >> reporter: in harlem, a hero's welcome for bernie sanders. hugs from the reverend al sharpton, breakfast at the iconic soul food restaurant sylvia's. sanders reaching out for african-american support, hoping to build on the momentum from his big win. sanders now vowing to take his political revolution forward. >> nice to see you again. >> reporter: but when i asked, this stark admission. if the election were tomorrow, do you think you could win south carolina and nevada? >> no. fortunately for us, the election is not tomorrow. >> reporter: he faces an uphill climb in those states, where a large portion of the democratic vote is black and latino. it explains his visit to harlem
3:35 am
clinton's strong support in those communities. hillary clinton now fighting hard for those voters. >> you have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. >> in new hampshire, hillary clinton putting on a brave face in defeat. her team trying to figure out how she managed to lose women voters 44-55%. and young people 16% to 83%. clinton already trying to woo them. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people, but i will repeat again what i have said this week, even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. sanders paying hillary clinton a compliment during a little game of campaign word association. >> donald trump? >> what can i say? >> one nice thing. come on, bernie. one nice thing. >> he has nice ties?
3:36 am
>> humble. >> hillary clinton? >> intelligent. >> cecilia vega, abc news, new york. is improving but it's still and wall street is not happy the social media service reported earnings for the end of 2015 and while profits in advertising are ticking up, growth has stalled. the company is promising to make changes to improve the service including adding more streaming video. >> time to mark your calendars, folks. are you ready? hot dogs are coming to burger king. not veggie dogs though. >> the chain says its national rollout of 100% beef flame grilled dogs will be the 23rd of this month. >> yes. >> that's less than two weeks away. in case you want to know. >> this is a new way to feel the burn. the new item easily makes burger king the biggest restaurant
3:37 am
country. the classic will cost you $1.99, a chili cheese dog, $2.29. apparently the burger king north american president says this was like the biggest test. they test these things. it did really, really well. they're as excited as they were when they launched the whopper they think it's going to be that great. >> by feel the burn, you mean heartburn. >> that's exactly what i mean. >> coming up, the famous hollywood actor playing donald trump. wait till you see him. >> also ahead, the "family feud" game show contestant getting attention. and it's not because she won. it's her blunder and her explanation. >> speaking of mistakes, the surgery that was done on the wrong baby in the hospital even sent a bill to the baby's parents. what an outrage. you're watching "world news now." your heart loves omega-3s.
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cc1 test message test text1 underline test text1 it really did. i was nervous to get excited. because i -- it's like winning the lottery. >> i didn't know this, but it's incredibly rare for a spouse to be a match. the chance is less than 1%.
3:42 am
in two weeks. it will happen near the couple's wedding anniversary which they'll be celebrating 15 years together. >> and how ironic they're both nurses, as well. very rare all around there. >> well, from a medical miracle to a medical nightmare for the patients of a tennessee newborn. >> the new mom says she thought her son was taken to another room for just a routine checkup. instead he was taken to surgery by mistake. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> hi there, buddy! >> reporter: doctors call what happened to this newborn baby in tennessee a "never event," something that should never happen. but this past december, after jennifer melton gave birth to her healthy son, she says the staff at university medical center in lebanon, tennessee, took baby nate away for what was supposed to be a physical. >> at that point, the nurse started to mention the procedure that had been performed on him. >> reporter: when they brought the baby back, the parents say they learned there was a terrible mistake. a doctor had performed a surgical procedure meant for a different child.
3:43 am
hysterically. essentially, they took our child, who was 100% healthy, and just took him out of the nursery and cut his mouth. >> reporter: the family gave us these medical records that show it was a frenulectomy, where they cut underneath the tongue so it moves better for children having trouble nursing. >> there is no excuse for operating on the wrong baby. none. >> reporter: in a statement, the hospital says it can't comment on the case, because of privacy laws, but says they "take seriously any concerns brought to our attention." the family's lawyer tells us the doctor did apologize, but says the hospital still billed them for the procedure. steve osunsami, abc news. atlanta. >> coming up, the full-figured beach babes who will grace the pages of this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue. >> and johnny depp does donald trump. "the skinny" up next. johnny depp does donald
3:44 am
skinny, so skinny skinny, so skinny >> well, time now for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, major curves ahead. >> we call this segment "the skinny." "sports illustrated" annual swimsuit issue hitting newstands next week. it's packing a little something extra this year.
3:45 am
specializes in plus size swimwear has splurged on an ad this year that's three times the size as last year and even more diverse. >> the ad features model ashley graham who posed for the company's ad last year as well filomena quayle. breaking both the size and age barrier. 56-year-old nicola griffith. >> the companies' ads have become an annual must see. a single full page ad in "sports illustrated's" swimsuit issue can cost around $350,000 and up. >> i love the 56-year-old woman. i love this whole thing. i got to say, i'm going to buy "sports illustrated" just because i love the concept. thank you, "sports illustrated" for that. long time come. > i'm going to read the articles. next another must see. johnny depp like you've never seen him before. >> the comedians at funny or die have released a shockumentary based on trump's book "the art of the deal" it's set in the
3:46 am
evers trying to buy the taj mahal casino in atlantic city from merv griffin. >> donald has me working all day at the casino. >> she's talking about the most elegant sensational trump castle in atlantic city. >> oh, yes, i, -- >> taj mahal is still the ultimate dream. >> it is a building more beautiful than anything. or anyone. >> that is correct. >> yes, i know. >> he make me dress up as the taj mahal sometimes. it's very heavy. i broke my clavicle once. >> obviously, ivana's jealous because she won't be buried in the taj mahal since she's not my third wife. the funny or die website. >> lots of people are going to see that one. next to a couple of new released albums. >> kanye west has finally finally again settled on a name for his new album which he will premiere tonight before a sellout crowd at new york's
3:47 am
he announced on twitter it's called "tlop". previous names included "so help me god," "swish," "waves." no word on to pablo is. but west has in the past compared himself to pablo picasso picasso. >> gwen stefani releasing her first album in a decade on march 18th. she'll promote it by filming a live music video during a commercial break at the grammy awards which is by the way, monday night. >> aired live all over the country. another highly anticipated release across the pond. >> millions of harry potter fans are disappointed to hear the sequel to the seven-part series was going to be a play. rather than a book. but now she's announced the script of that play will be released as a two-part book. >> "harry potter and the cursed child" is set to debut july 30th in london on harry's birthday. the script will be released the next day. >> the story is set 19 years in
3:48 am
harry is an overworked employee, husband, father of three and struggling with the weight of a family legacy that he never wanted. this is going to be good. >> it will be interesting. see harry older with a little gut and all. >> beer gut? i don't think potter's going to have a beer gut. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock for people on a fixed income who want affordable life insurance that's simple to get. coverage options for just $9.95 a month, less than 35 cents a day. act now and your rate will be
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prevent spots and film, t t so all that's left is the shine. t for better results, use finish jet-dry. >> empire state building. all lights. there's been yet another performance flub that involves steve harvey. but this time it's not really his fault. >> it happened during the taping of "family feud." one family's response to a question pretty outrageous that it's now going viral. here's abc's byron pitts.
3:52 am
>> mommy. >> mommy. >> reporter: it's the "family feud" fumble gone viral. >> folks, you've got two strikes. >> reporter: mom, mommy, mama already taken, contestant sheila comes up with this. >> what about mommee. >> you want mommee. not mommy. >> reporter: steve harvey might have had fun with the answer. >> mommee. >> reporter: but only got the patterson family a big red x. sheilah will explain her response on "good morning america" america"". >> beak, my nerves got the best of me trying to come up with something else. >> watch this here. momee? >> when it comes to game show gaffes, they're in good company. for every good feeling like this one on "wheel of fortune," i've got a good feeling about this. >> that's right. >> there are plenty of not so hot moments. >> pointed desert.
3:53 am
>> i still have time? i'd like to solve. >> say it. >> the pointed desert. >> it's not the pointed desert no matter how many times you say it. >> this guy on jeopardy hazarded a guess. >> who is this is handsome gentleman? >> but not the right one. >> good for you, aere. >> the patterson's full "family feud" episode airs february 23rd. y'all crazy. >> reporter: here's hoping they had better luck with the other questions. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> reena is wondering why did it go viral. i guess it's more of like more steve's reaction to it i guess. like mommee. >> was it your reaction with -- >> oh, 20 bucks? we couldn't splurge? we couldn't splurge a little bit? >> no. the $20 answer was the most you got. >> that's it for me saying daddee. >> don't miss our updates on facebook daddee.
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