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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, on eyeopener -- emily: a woburn man survives being hit by a speeding car. and police say that' s only half the trouble caused by the driver. randy: breaking right now, armed occupiers in oregon, are expected to surrender today. the tense situation as the fbi closes in. emily: flying high at fenway. the extreme stunts as athletes catch big air. it is on the eye for this thursday morning. boston' s news leader. this is newscenter5 eye-opener. randy: also on the eye this morning, a light show, from space.
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eyepoppers. good morning and thank you for joining us. emily: and i' m emily riemer. cindy: make sure the water' s off on the hose because we have called we have not seen coming in for the weekend. today is deceiving because temperatures are not that bad. around 20 degrees in worcester and boston can .you want to bundle the kids up this morning. temperatures don' t change much of this afternoon. the air today is coming from the west and it is colder there than it is right here. temperatures will have a hard
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showers are round and the wind will get gusty a frontal boundary will apologize and it' s triggering a couple of snow showers west of worcester down through connecticut and eastern long island. some of the snow will shift east toward late morning at midday and into the afternoon. we are talking about scattered snow showers. we could see a quick burst of snow with some of these two maybe one inch of snow and it could made -- make the roads a slippery. it dies down this evening. the windchill is single digits by this afternoon below zero by let' roads. route one in saugus, the southbound has some brake lights starting to show up we are watching an accident in bridgewater on 24 northbound and a crash by 495. there is a backup already to
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some delays in looking good on the public this morning. 93 south has some volume. so far, trains and buses are still on schedule. emily: breaking overnight, the mass pike just reopening all lanes in charlton after a truck crash. this tractor trailer slammed into an overpass there and rolled over. state police say the driver is suffering life-threatening injuries, and was unconscious when he was pulled from the wreck. some fuel did spill after the crash. that woburn man was taken for a wild ride. and right now, the driver has not been found and the hunt is on to track him down. randy: the eyeopener' s frank holland is in woburn this morning with the clues police are following. frank: it all happened right here. and this morning the man on top at this intersection. and this morning the man on top of that car hood is just thankful he' s alive. fred pica suffered a broken foot
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the car yesterday morning. police say the driver, tyson delgado, was trying to get away after assaulting an officer who was investigating a nearby theft. pica says he never saw it coming. the driver eventually stopped, sending pica to the ground. he' s expected to recover. police are now searching for delgado, who faces several charges. >> by the time i saw the car, it was dead center on me. >> how can you be so oblivious to what' s around you? the driver eventually stopped, sending pica to the ground. he' s expected to recover. police are now searching for delgado, who faces several charges. anyone with information, contact while -- woburn police. emily: breaking overnight, the armed standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon may be coming to an end. we are watching this situation very carefully at this hour. the eyeopener' s erika tarantal is tracking information as it
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erika: and this really could be over at any time. right now that refuge is surrounded by the fbi and officers in armored vehicles. the last armed occupiers holed up there said they would turn themselves in today. but they also yelled at officers to back off.and prayed with supporters over an open phoneline, streamed on the internet. at one point, one of the men yelled that the only way they were coming out is dead or without charges. all of this started over frustration with federal land use policies it' s been going on since january second. we' ll bring you new information as soon as we get it. emily? emily: right now, police are searching for a motive after a deadly shooting inside a maryland panera restaurant. it started when police were called to check on 67-year-old david evans after he made customers nervous. witnesses say when an officer sat down next to evans the suspect shot him in the head. police chased evans exchanging gunfire. a second deputy was killed. evans was also killed in the gunfire.
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florida and one in maryland. randy: new this morning, families of the people murdered by james whitey bulger may be getting a financial settlement. one family member tells the herald they' ve been offered a split of $822,000 and proceeds from an auction of the killer' s belongings. that' s about $51,000 a piece. in exchange, they' d agree to not right now this convicted rapist is free after nearly 30 years behind bars. 5 investigates helped expose the flawed evidence that sent him away in the first place. george perrot walked out of a new bedford courthouse yesterday free on bail. he was tied to the 1985 sexual assault of an elderly springfield woman by an fbi analysis of a strand of hair. that method has since been discredited. 30 years, a crime i did not t give up. randy: prosecutors argued perrot
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the case. they cited his disciplinary record in prison and a prior escape attempt. emily: commitment 2016: that crowded republican field for the presidency is a bit thinner this morning. chris christie and carly fiorina both out. gop frontrunner donald trump hit the ground in south carolina the next big state on the primary map. he shared that campaign trail with the man who came in second in new hampshire. ohio governor john kasich saying he' s ready for a fight. >> don' t mess with me. i' m not going to be a pincushion or marshmallow. i' m also not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. emily: on the democratic side, granite state victor bernie sanders reached out for african american support meeting with the reverend al sharpton in new york. hillary clinton stayed off the campaign trail huddling with staffers after that rough primary loss. they' ll debate tonight on pbs. there is concern this morning that thousands of massachusetts voters may be registered with
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secretary of state william galvin says they may have registered with the united independent party thinking that would allow them to vote for any candidate in the upcoming primary. it doesn' t. you can only do that if you' re unenrolled. galvin sent letters to those voters explaining that. evan falchuk, the party' s founder says he' s frustrated by that move saying it may have driven people away from the party. randy: this morning some daring athletes are getting ready to catch big air at fenway park. and it is going to be quite a show. the eyeopener' s todd kazakiewich is on the field with a pretty impressive backdrop. >> good morning and welcome to mount fenway. they have been building it. you can see there is a groomer in the corner.
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every day either, a giant ski jump in center field and skiers and snowboarders will hit the slopes showing off over centerfield. we caught some of the practice round yesterday. polartec big air is a two day event featuring athletes from 25 countries. that ramp is 100-40 feet high taller than the park' s light towers. >> i' m really excited. you step on top and look down to the fans and do a trick and slide into home plate. it will be sick. >> it many of these olympic will be sick. many of these olympic hopefuls are hoping the high profile venue will bring more attention to their sport. big air runs for two days here at fenway. i want to try this thing out but they won' t let me. decide my -- despite my skiing ability, i would probably wind up on the mass pike. randy: you would be sick.
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come on. randy: the t, reconsidering a policy to give discounted rides to some passengers. emily: but there' s a catch. the proposal getting a second look. and a nightmare cruise is finally over. the ride that had some fearing, they wouldn' t make it back. randy: one on one with patriots owner robert kraft. his one regret from this season. erika? erika: breaking right now, the last of the armed occupiers in oregon are expected to surrender today. the stand-off at a wildlife refuge has been going on for about 40 days. it started with frustration over federal land policies. cindy? cindy: snow squalls in spots today, with the start of some very cold air moving in. the frigid temperatures on the
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>> we are respectful and on task and responsible. good morning eyeopener. randy: randy: a very good way to be. great advice great wake up call. emily: tomorrow morning look for some very talented kids from brockton high school. show off your stuff with an eyeopener wake up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. cindy: we have not seen weather like this in about a year it around minneapolis, it' s three degrees and 15 below inside berry, canada. it' s in the 20' s and 30' s below in the far northern reaches of canada.
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we are getting colder tonight at friday and this front that comes frigid weather for the weekend. highs will be in the teens on saturday and below zero by sunday morning and we will have the windchill dropping temperatures 20 below zero. below zero sunday morning would record territory. in boston. the wind 5-15 hour. it is colder out west than it is here. a front will head our way so by this afternoon, we are stuck in the 20' s with temperatures going nowhere and we will see snow showers developing. we are seeing a
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down through eastern parts of connecticut and the eastern tip of long island. by late morning, snow showers will get closer to boston. we are not talking about widespread snow. these will be a burst of snow that could produce one inch of snow. with temperatures colder than yesterday, it can make the roads slippery. the wind is picking up so windchill by 5:00 p.m. is single digits and teams and by tomorrow morning, this is what it will feel like. the windchill will run below zero in actual temperatures will be down in the single digits. not much of a recovery on friday to there is a storm out in the ocean. there could be some snow coming in friday night and first thing saturday morning especially in southeastern massachusetts. the clouds will come in friday evening with scattered snow showers but some snow overnight
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it' s all about the cold. sunday morning on valentine' s day, we' re talking about the temperatures being below zero. the windchill will stay below zero all day long it on moderating trend by the middle of next week. olessa: we are in pretty good shape so far that the expressway near the gas tank is moving and you can see traffic is getting by. we are watching an accident 24 northbound at 495 and bridgewater. the left lane is still closed once you get past the accident, 24 looks good and 95 as well. the expressway is 15-20 braintree to boston.
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128 is ok and more volume for the leverett connector and randy: passengers who endured a serious battering on a storm-tossed cruise ship are back on land this morning. the anthem of the seas is now docked in new jersey. a team of coast guard inspectors will take a look at the damage. the ship sailed into a major winter storm on sunday. powerful winds and high seas tossed people and objects around. four people suffered minor injuries. this morning, newscenter 5' s maria stephanos going one on one with patriots owner robert kraft. talking about his team and his regrets about what was a wild season. kraft tells maria the pats showed tremendous mental toughness hit by injuries and controversies. his one regret, that they didn' t get to play that critical game against the broncos at home. he also says it is his plan to see bill belichick and tom brady retire as patriots. and he has a message to families struggling with concerns about concussions and long-term brain
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injuries. >> my sons and grandsons played and i played and i would recommend to every mother out there who wants her young man to grow up special that they play, too. randy: kraft was on-hand last night as the boys and girls clubs of boston was celebrated. his son josh has lead that organization for 25 years. emily: breaking news in your economy headlines this thursday, dow futures are down more than 3 hundred points right now. -- 250 is now. that follows tough trading overnight in asia fueled by market drops in hong kong and south korea. today wall street will be watching for the weekly snapshot on unemployment. the mbta is revisiting a plan to offer discounted rides for college students. the t would sell discounted passes to boston-area schools for each student. the schools could make-up the cost by raising student tuition or fees. the plan was first proposed in 2014, but colleges didn' t take it. t officials say it would generate revenue for the ailing agency.
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them before. randy: the animal hybrid with an unusual look, in eyepoppers. erika? erika: then new at 6:30: a massachusetts lawmaker wants to raise the fine for jaywalking. why she says it' s a small price to pay, for a much bigger purpose. and new fallout over racial tensions at boston latin school. the change community leaders are
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emily: it is 6:23 a.m. on your thursday morning. cindy: a couple of snow showers to our east and west. some of them will be popping up today with temperatures in the 20' s right now. over the next 12 hours, we stay in the 20' going nowhere today and the wind is picking up. by this evening, the windchill drop into the single digits and they will be below zero by tomorrow morning. we got some coming in here over the next 24 hours and colder on friday with sunshine. the south coast and the cape
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emily: it is time for thursday i olessa: poppers. olessa:take a look at this video. all of those flashes? those are lightning. astronaut tim peake posted this timelapse to his facebook page, to show what a lightning storm looks like from space. the video was captured as the international space station flew over north africa and turkey. and here' s a new friend for you. if you' ve ever wanted to see what happens when you mix a pig with a sheep this is it. the wooly hybrid comes from hungary where one breeder says they' re as tame as dogs. he says they' ll even follow and play with you. of course, he actually breeds them for their meat so maybe they shouldn' t follow so close adlib emily: can he do tracks? randy: if starts barking i will get nervous. randy: a financial advisor will explain what he will do to
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from the organizers of boston' s planned indycar race, the move that have been >> the wcvb president. >> nearly 112 million people watched super bowl 50. the nfl is riding high in the previous week, we also learned that the more players including ken stabler were diagnosed posthumously with a general -- with a degenerative brain disease. the number of players rose by 54% during the regular season. when pressed about player safety, roger goodell defends the league pointing to an updated concussion protocol and rule changes.
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play the game of pop it appropriate have increased levels of als and develop alzheimer' s times higher than the general population. one study claims that concussions make triple the rate of suicides. nfl players share that with military veterans. palm ball continue as our s extremely advisable to limit brains mature. commissioner goodale should his decision and used his decision and uses clout of changes in. football. the league has the ability to institute change even if the current commissioner lacks the background lead. right now, the nfl owns a day of the week and with such popularity comes the
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a bigger boat." "xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday,
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randy: a major mass as a big red slams into the massachusetts turnpike. >> i cannot describe the pain. >> that crime is not the only reason they want to find the driver. randy: it' s the video that stirred serious protests and how it may cost the head of a stage a screw. emily: catching serious air at center field. >> the wild stunt taking over fenway park today in >> you are watching wcvb , boston' s news later. good morning, this is a newscenter5 eyeopener. randy: good morning, it' s about 15 minutes from sunrise.
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randy: it looks nice. emily: but it doesn' t feel so good. it looks nice but maybe want to stay inside. cindy: maybe you want to look at that the next few days. we' re in the days this morning which is not too bad but the temperatures will hold in the tease all day long so the kids will want to be bundled up this morning. it' s about the same temperature when they get off the bus this afternoon. it' s in the teens and single digits to the left in this of the air mass coming in our direction. the wind could be over 20 miles hour this afternoon and that will hold the temperatures steady. and lunchtime and the afternoon, we will see some snow showers as the front gets closer. it will generate more. we see a few west of worcester through southeastern
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these will fill in late morning into lunch hour and the afternoon. for the evening commute, scattered snow showers are possible. not everyone sees them but a quick burst of snow with possibly one inch of snow. the temperatures were warmer so it did not do much to the roads. the windchill will drop by late day into the single digits and teens. the windchill' s tomorrow morning will be below zero. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: expressway in you can see the delays picking up i the gas tank. s go to the maps. south of town, 24 north bound in out the left lane. as you travel north, the expressway is about 25 minutes braintree into boston and the
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we are watching a crash i-93 southbound and 495 southbound where one lane is closed. it will stay heavy down to wilmington. there was a ramp accident on 93 north by 128. some delays to leverett connector but the trains and buses are running on schedule. emily: a man is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after this truck crash on the mass pike that happened after midnight in charlton. the randy: truck and a bridge and rolled over. randy:a tense standoff at oregon wildlife refuge may be ending this morning. fbi agents and armored vehicles have spawned that compound and the four people inside angry over federal land-use policies say they will surrender today. emily: woburn police are searching for this man accused of hitting this man with his car. tyson elgato was trying to get
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calls are grown to fire the headmaster of a prestigious boston school. randy: and when that antonio has more. antoinette: leaders in the black community say the headmaster at boston latin failed to take appropriate action after she became aware of the social media posts which were racist posted by students. this is the woman we are talking about. she is now a central part of the investigation into the handling of this incident that happened more than one year ago. she has declined comment. students have shown signs of solidarity posting raise positive videos on youtube and day. password told to bring their complaints directly to the district office and not to the
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the administration will take another week for the investigation. randy: i' m north andover couple to the abuse of two teenage girls. the 35-year-old admitted abusing his two-step daughters because dominican. he is an alleged rights of them is it -- he is an alleged white prison. the mother pleaded guilty to failing to protect her children. emily: a new proposal massachusetts could make you the street. it aims to increase the fine for jaywalking. most of us have probably done it . it is against the law but the fine is only one dollar. the senate majority leader wants to change that.
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>> i don' t like to use a stick up but that' s the way we will change habits. once you are find once, you are not going to do it again. emily: she is proposing a $25 and more for subsequent violations and is determined to bring the proposal to beacon hill. randy:randy: critics of the indycar race planned for boston are accusing organizers of meeting. a facebook post calling for support and often attend the meeting priority access to the labor day weekend event musical acts. organizers say it was a misunderstanding. a young staffer posted the offer in an attempt to generate excitement. it was taken down and an apology has been issued. making $20 last -- emily: a financial advisor
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most out of your dollar and the city of cleveland is causing more outrage after this point
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the third generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. even better? if you live in massachusetts, you can get a $100 rebate from your energy provider.
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buy today. olessa: welcome
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look outside at the expressway slow. we are watching a couple of accidents across the area and i will have the updates coming up. cindy: the temperatures are: getting colder did we are in the 20' s now and we have snow showers breaking out to the west and south. we will have more today. this is a gorgeous chair and -- picture. morning. we will see the temperatures to ending down by the weekend, the coldest air of the entire winter with wind chill about 20 below on sunday morning. on your economy. we are trying to make the most of our money. we asked a local financial advisor for the best moves to make if all you have to spend is surprise you. >> i will tell you to time.
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s one thing for me tested here and say you will save all that but everyone needs to have some immediate gratification. your goals. >> if you feel you need a new roof on the house in the next car in the neck you' re too, s a short-term goal and that money needs to be in cash and some are safe. another five dollars for the short-term plans and the remaining $10 into your long-term goal. things like buying a house or retiring. if you can do it again, the dollars can add up fast. >> take that out 10 years, you' re looking at the $500 even with no compounding. if you are basic interest, even 4% if you invest conservatively come he will end up met with maybe $6,000. emily: he says saving money must
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you might just scaled back a into savings. tomorrow, we have family-friendly fun for just two dollars. the boston area spots that will keep the kids busy during school vacation without breaking the bank. randy: also ahead in oregon, the action unfolding as the armed occupation comes to an end there , so it appears and a misty and where him - wareham.
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randy: we are ready with your news to go. we are also following breaking news on the standoff in oregon. emily: we have gorgeous sunrises this morning. it' s beautiful right there it the sun is coming up in another two minutes? cindy: yes, that was pressed. -- that was minister. -- that was worcester. snow is incoming and you will feel it in a couple of days. the real cold stuff is north of minneapolis. it' s not going to get that cold here but when you factor in the
6:38 am
you walk out the door this morning and the in worcester and 26 in boston. we actually hold the temperatures in the 80' s all day long. they will be some sun that mixes in but toward midday and this afternoon, just like yesterday, we will find snow showers breaking out. it' s in response to the front which will bring cold air. it will generate more snow showers deeper into the morning. there is activity hugging the coast right now which will bring a couple of snow flurries but then they become more numerous this afternoon. they will be hit or miss but a quick burst of snow can cope the ground and produce one inch of snow. with colder temperatures, the roads could be slippery. it winds down this evening and overnight, temperatures will drop.
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afternoon, it will feel like 11 degrees in boston and tomorrow morning, the windchill will be below zero. high temperatures in the mid 20' s to marwood sunshine and friday into saturday, there could be light snow as we watch another arctic front head our way. there could be some light snow south coast on the cape before the system pulls away. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: we have a few problems spots. 90' s in summer bill southbound has heavy volume. we are watching this flash with the left lane blocked on 24 northbound near bridgewater. not too bad once you get past the bear. route three is heavy from weymouth. but looks good
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southbound i-93 and a ramp accident 93 north at one to 58. trains and buses are doing ok. emily: one man is suffering life-threatening injuries after crashing his tractor-trailer pike. the truck fell on its side trapping the man. he was unconscious when first response pulled them from the reopened. suspect wanted after a hit and run. emily: frank holland is live in woburn this morning. >> it happened right here at this intersection, the innocent veteran was part after being thrown from the of that car. >> by the time i saw the car, it was dead center on me. i just got on the bed and held on for dear life. >> he says he is grateful to be alive. he severed a broken foot and
6:41 am
the man driving was making a get away from officers. the search continues for the nine-year-old tyson elgato. he was being questioned about a nearby theft after assaulting an officer and made an escape. any one with information is asked to contact police. emily: the fbi has surrounded the remaining members of an armed militia at a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. they said they would themselves in this morning but avowed only come out dad or without charges. the fbi says they never wanted to gauge the group of action was required. armored vehicles. are surrounding the group this started more than a month ago on a protest over the use of federal land. the leader of the group and several others arrested. antoinette:
6:42 am
morning for the headmaster of boston latin school step down because of how she handled some racist comments that were students on social media. the leaders in the black community say she failed to take appropriate action more than a year ago and she did not comment. in recent weeks, boston latin students have shown signs of solidarity for stingrays positive videos in youtube and holding an all-black clothing day. the investigation into the racist comments is expected to take another week. >> welcome to fenway park as you have never seen it before get a giant ski jump has been erected in the center field and the snow has been groomed and tonight, the competition begins.
6:43 am
saw some of the practice runs yesterday. this teaches athletes from 25 countries to teach tricks and the raptors 14 stories to the snowboarders compete tonight and skiers tomorrow night. randy: thank you, please contact question this moment in connection with several incidents of bank fraud and identity that investors believe she is part of a group known to break into cars and still is the information. police one anyone with information to give them a call. a suspicious death investigation in wareham after a man was found dead in his home. police found he had been shot multiple times. he lived there alone and neighbors say a saw him outside and monday. police are waiting for autopsy results. emily: the portsmouth, new
6:44 am
off on their first trans-inch -- trend gender student rules. the policy says issues involving locker room accessibility and dress codes will be decided on a case-by-case basis. randy: nine people are finding a new place to live after fire went through their home in laconia, new hampshire. but one man from the second floor at 5:00 last night and another was taken to the hospital with reading problems. the fire does not appear suspicious. emily: the justice department is filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri a day after the city council refused to accept an agreement aimed at improving our police and court street minorities. ferguson has been under scrutiny since a white officer shot and killed the 18-year-old michael brown in 2014. the justice department accuses ferguson of violating the rights of citizens.
6:45 am
once the estate of it over your boy shot and killed by a police ambulance ride. tamir rice was killed after appointing appellate gun at an officer and the officer was not charged in the city is seeking a reimbursement. the mother has filed a lawsuit against the officers involved and the city. emily: it was a thriller at the garden with the celtics. they won the game and sent off for us. there is retirement talks for the 30-year-old. it may have been his final game last night. randy: a homeowner in california pays a tribute to his late father. he placed photograph of it had over the entire house. he grew up in. this house which
6:46 am
the man says he has wowed several visitors. emily: how are we doing on the roads. olessa: we will start on route one in saugus. traffic is slowing down southbound. south of town, there is a crash in bridgewater and the four northbound blocking the left lane. once you get past that, you are in good shape at route three is heavy to the brains -- to the braintree split. it will be 30 minutes from braintree to boston and the pike eastbound is about to five minutes. we' ve got delays and 90 out of methuen with an accident cleared in 495 at 90 but clearing a crash on the ramp from 93 to 128. trains and buses are still on schedule.
6:47 am
picture. it' s spectacular outside but it is cold. 26 in boston and 20 in worcester. the wind will pick up out of the west today and be sustained near 20 miles per hour into the afternoon and the west wind will we are going nowhere today with couple of snow showers west of coastal connecticut. these will fill in as a front boundary up to the west that will generate more snow showers deeper into the morning and by lunchtime into the afternoon. they will be scattered said not everyone sees them. a person of snow cannot be ruled out. it could make the roads slippery the evening commute. these dissipate overnight and temperatures fall into the single digits tonight.
6:48 am
will be below zero. the arctic front is the leading edge of the old coming in for the week in and brings us like snow for friday evening. the whole storm system exits offshore. the story this weekend is the frigid air. temperatures will be stuck in the teens on saturday and the wind will be blowing so by sunday morning, you are waking up at temperatures below zero. on sunday morning, this is part it will feel like. the windchill will not get above zero. we should moderate into the 40' s by next week. randy: it' s olessa' s big day. olessa: i' m 21 again. randy:
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that have is paris. -- that half is hers. emily: what are those chocolate things? olessa: i think it is mocha. emily: coffee and chocolate is the best. thank you so much for joining us. if you' re heading out, have our
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