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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. emily: good afternoon, everyone. erika: here' right now. emily: the last of four armed occupiers at a national wildlife refuge in oregon say they are getting ready to turn them else them. erika: a second person has died
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emily: m.i.t. scientists among a collaborative that has announced gravitational waves. ago. >> the snow showers are popping up. we take a live look at the skyline. some of the coldest weather of the season is about to get us. >> we are looking at temperatures below zero. cindy fitzgibbon is tracking at all from the weather center. cindy: i am indeed. we take a live look at the skyline. yesterday, we are above freezing. temperatures won' t get out of the teens on saturday. by sunday morning, we will likely be below zero. we have single digits off to the west. that air is working on him with a westerly wind that has picked up.
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this front is producing some snow showers. we have seen a few bursts of snow this morning. we have a few light snow showers. there are a few more toward nashua. these will continue to be scattered about. these will work eastward in time for the evening commute. even though these will be hit or miss, this could produce a coating. that may make the roads a little slippery. pouring in. it is below boston. breaking the armed standoff at a wildlife
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the last armed occupiers said they would turn themselves in today. they also yelled at officers to back off and prayed with supporters over an open phone line. all of this started over with frustration -- started with frustration over federal you and -- land use policies. emily: a second person has now died after a house fire in fitchburg. 58-year-old janice oikelmus passed away last night. the flames broke out early wednesday morning at the home on walton street. three people were in the home, a brother and two sisters. the other sister was pronounced dead at the scene. three are facing charges accused of robbing a dorchester convenience store. police found them hold up in one of the suspect' s apartment. frank is live with the story. frank: we are learning a lot of new information about this story this afternoon. first off, police tell us these suspects were holed up in an
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lives with his mom. they also attract these men down using the gps monitors each of the men were wearing. all three are facing armed robbery and weapons charges. their attorneys requested they did not have to stand out in open court. jose morales and two other men rob a convenience store in dorchester wearing masks. we spoke to the man working the register. he said the officer -- they got physical and used colorful language. they thrust a handgun in his face and stole cartons of cigarettes and a few hundred dollars. >> the one guy is checking my pockets. the two guys found the cigarettes and got the money. frank: police tracked the suspects to a multifamily home
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it is the home of morales' mother. the three suspects were arrested after everyone else was escorted from the home last night. police recovered a handgun and the cash. they are also investigating whether these men are responsible for a series of armed robberies in this area in recent days. >> thank you. woburn police are continuing a search for a hit-and-run suspect. fred p ieka suffered a broken foot. the driver, tyson delgado, was trying to get away after trying to escape an officer. >> the car was done center on me by the time i saw it. >> how could you have no conscience whatsoever?
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charges -- delgado is now facing federal charges. >> this tractor-trailer slammed into an overpass and rolled over. the driver is suffering life-threatening injuries and he was unconscious when pulled from the wreck. families of the people murdered by james whitey bulger have been offered a financial settlement. one family member says they have been offered a split and proceeds from the auctions of a killers -- the killers belonging. in exchange, they would agree to not sue the government. >> a standoff in north dakota that led to the shooting of a police officer is over. officer jason moszer was rushed to the hospital, where the police chief says his family is saying goodbye, as he is not expected to survive. it started with a domestic violence call in fargo. a man exchanged gunfire with
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that man was found dead. in ferguson, missouri, the city is facing a lawsuit from the federal government. abc' latest. bazi: a new battle in ferguson. the justice department is suing residents' civil rights. >> the ferguson police department cost violations -- department' s violations were expansive and specific. these violations were not only agree just, they were routine. they were driven, at least in part, by racial bias. 58-year-old janice oikelmus the lawsuit comes -- bazi: the lawsuit comes after a settlement. >> i think the things that we
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bazi: city leaders want to amend the agreement, which they say the city cannot afford to implement. is not buying that argument. and agreement that was fair and cost-effective. bazi: she said city leaders leave for no other choice, forcing litigation to protect the rights of residents, who she says are treated driven court system. justice. bazi: this case now goes to trial unless the city and justice department are able to settle first. loretta lynch did not indicate much hope for that. >> commitment 2016.
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days after the new hampshire primary, democratic candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton returned to the debate stage. they will meet at the university of wisconsin, no walkie. sanders is coming off a lopsided victory in the granite state. clinton is looking to bounce back. the next contest is the nevada caucus for the democrats. primary, democraticgop front runner donald trump it the ground running in south carolina, the next big state on the primary map. he shoved the campaign trail with a man who came in second, ohio governor john kasich. >> winter sports daredevils continue their eye-popping stunts at fenway park, grabbing big air at the home of the green monster. the ballpark with the left with fans set to see this unique event up close. todd is live at fenway with much more. a, as you know, fenway has hosted a lot of events. now , something totally different. a ski and snowboard big air
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it is an awesome site -- snowboarders getting big air and showing off cool tricks in fenway park. the event has attracted athletes from around the world and across the country. >> the ramps are massive. it is a great backdrop. it is a view that has not really been seen before. >> today, it is way colder, it is snowing a bit. it is a little more sketchy, but the jump is feeling good. show. todd: the jump was built with snow blown right here at fenway. there is an elevator. it is 14 stories tall -- higher than the light towers at fenway. behind it.
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todd: isn' t that quite a contrast? to see the snowboarders performing tricks against the competing tonight. the skiers will be competing tomorrow night. reporting live from now fenway, wcvb. a celebration -- >> a celebration at m.i.t. over a major scientific breakthrough. these are known as einstein' s waves that were discovered. they were first predicted a century ago by the legendary scientist. the discovery of these waves created by violent collisions in the universe because it opens doors to a new way of observing the cosmos. some scientists liken the breakthrough to a moment galileo took up a telescope to look at the planets. >> the state considering a
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cost you to cross the street. >> a battered cruiseship returns what passengers are saying about into a storm. >> the coldest air of the winter season arrives by the weekend. the dangerous wind chill' s that
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>> a new proposal in massachusetts could make you think twice about how you cross the street. they want to increase the fines for jaywalking. most of us have probably done it. it is already against the law but the fine is only one dollar in much of the state. the senate majority leader wants to change that. she says one person is hit every 7-8 and it in massachusetts -- hit every 7-8 massachusetts. >> i don' stick approach. not going to do it again. >> she is proposing a $25 fine for the first offense and $50 and $75 for subsequent violations.
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a royal caribbean cruise ship that was seriously tossed around is now back at port in new jersey. some passengers say it was the scare of their lives. >> pure relief. >> happy to be alive. >> and anger today. 4500 passengers on royal caribbean' s cruiseship back on ship cruising right into a storm on sunday, pounded by 30 foot 100 miles per hour. started going crazy. rocking. the ship was on its side. water coming in. it was very scary. captain' storm warnings were in the
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royal caribbean refunding the passengers, giving them half off a future crews and an apology. what happened. guidance, more oversight. >> a maritime lawyer says that passengers looking for anything chance. >> their cases are too difficult and probably will not be successful. >> abc news, new york. >> we turn now to the weather. we are talking about just how cold it is going to get. cindy: the colors are pretty, but that means bad things. it is rare for us to get below zero in boston. you remember how cold it was last year. the farther north that you get, we are looking at temperatures getting down below zero. that is the cold air that is
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it is coming in stages. the first stage is coming in tonight with a front moving through. it is friday night that this arctic frontal boundary comes through. that is going to send the temperatures tumbling. by sunday, we are forecasting the high temperature to be only near 10 degrees. the last time boston has not got up over 10 degrees is 2004. by sunday morning, the low temperatures are going to be below zero. it comes with some wind. the wind chills are more than -20. t want the kids to be outside for too long. you need to take some precautions. this is where we think we are going to be on sunday morning. flirting with that record low of -3 in boston. we think we are going to be close to these values. real cold coming on in.
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berkshires. we are still just 26 degrees in boston. look at the sky over boston. we just had this snow squall come in. you can see this light snow. there are these areas of snow showers moving through the area. look at the wind. it is out of the west. 13 miles per hour, gusting over 20. gusty winds across the entire state. that is associated with the frontal boundary. it already feels like 15 in town. this is just the beginning. those wind chills are going below zero tonight. first batch of cold air. bit. north of town, scattered snow showers on the north shore up into the merrimack valley. these are not amounting to a
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color. this is indicating these snow bursts may have a little bit more punch to them as you get into the afternoon. there may be a burst of snow within the that is powerful enough to slip can up the roads -- slicken up the roads. the skies clear out tonight. look at these low temperatures by tomorrow morning. even south of town. as well. these are your wind chills. they are going to be below zero. the wind sold in the single-digit sand teens. here is the arctic front approaching through the day. friday night into early saturday morning, there could be a little
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southeastern most massachusetts. we start with sunshine and s tomorrow. evening, especially south of out. the possibility of a few inches. that frigid air. on saturday. zero. that wind is howling. these are the dangerous wind for. stay below zero all day long. it is intense. around 40 degrees and the next mix and go over to rain. lots of dramatic changes over the next several days. cuddled. [laughter]
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is expanding the menu -- when dogs at the menu.
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hot dogs in all of its restaurants. they will serve classic grilled and chilly cheese dogs later this month. >> if you ever want to see what happened when you mix a pig and a sheep, this is what it would look like. he breeds them for their meat. i never wonder that. until now. >> now your burning questions have been answered. thank you so much for joining us today. have a great afternoon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5. >> nearly 112 million people watched super bowl 50, a spectacle starring past mvps and the broncos team that won with hard-hitting and physical intimidation. the nfl is riding high , right? three more players, including quarterback ken stabler, were
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the nfl says the number of player concussions rose by 54% during the 2015 regular-season. when pressed about player safety, commissioner roger goodell defended the league, pointing to an updated concussion protocol and rule changes. goodell also said that if he had a son, which he doesn' t, he would love him to play the game of football. former pro players have greatly increased levels of als and develop alzheimer' s four times higher than the general population. one study claims that concussions may triple the rate of suicide. a staggering statistic that nfl players share with military veterans. football will continue as our national pastime, but his is extremely reasonable to limit kids to flag football until their brains of grown enough to
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commissioner goodell should promote changes in youth football in addition to stricter rules and more severe punishment for the obvious intentional hits designed to injure opponents. the league has the ability to institute change. as the movie "concussion" put it, the nfl owns a day of the week and with such popularity comes the responsibility to america' s youth and their
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