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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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egg room a home -- beaten in a group home. >> and kerry washington on the future of her show and the oscar controversy. >> this is wcvb newscenter five at 5:00. anchor: we begin with breaking news, a driver caught on camera hitting a man before taking off has now been captured in boston. anchor: let' s get to john mack water. >> as you mentioned he was found in boston. he was in a relative' s home found hiding under a bed. they found their man, officers brought him to the police department. now he is behind bars. he is facing several charges. he was being investigated for a theft at a company where he used to work. he assaulted an officer as he tried to get away and then ran
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he ditched his car and police launched a massive search for a man they considered their he dangerous. he has a violent criminal history. >> he is accused of dragging and hitting a four-year-old autistic boy at a shelter. >> police are relieved this man is behind bars. he had a violent history. it took 24-hour to track him down in boston. we spoke with the man he is accused of hitting yesterday. that man landing on the hood of his car. he relieved doug gotto is behind bars. thank you. anchor: more breaking news, ray flynn taken to the hospital following this crash. the vehicle smashing into a house. you can see it left behind a big hole.
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mayor flynn lives on that street. he was not seriously hurt. anchor: another chilly day out there but you have to be prepared. arctic cold is moving in. we have not talked a lot about windchill this winter so far. it is brutal. >> if you look behind me these are the actual temperatures. it has gotten cold. look what happens when we head north. that is the concern for the weekend. let show what we have. what are you talking with the weekend? it is cold out there now. i agree. it is. this is the first of the one-two punch. the second punch is more intensely cold. we are running 10-15 degrees colder. it is a very cold 14 in worcester. low 20' s in boston.
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we haven' t even started the night, windchill is in single digits. 10 below right now. as we take you through the night of potential for boston to fall into the single digits, we recover to the low 20' s or so. then we follow the second phase of cold. some may be getting snow. the talk about that as well. anchor: a morning in northborough. police telling parents to motor -- monitor social media after several children were contacted by a suspicious instagram user. jack harper is live with the details every parent should know. at police two messages to the parents, know what year kids are getting into. keep an eye on them. and the kids, if you don' t who it is, don' t answer. >> we have no idea if they are
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it be a former student. reporter: someone reached out to 56th-graders, kids who answered so inappropriate material. this week. >> the student received a friend request on her instagram on her phone in which she accepted the request and went on that site, there were pornographic images. >> my mom sent me a screenshot. >> i heard -- >> instagram in the play' s working together to get the person behind the messages. >> become a friend of them on these apps, so that they can go
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who they are exchanging files with. >> police working together on the investigation. >> a shelter worker faces charges accused of assaulting a young child. live with the disturbing details. reporter: the disturbing details are spelled out in this police report. the victim is autistic. he was dragged and hit hard enough that police found a welt on his back. rafael he was dragging the boy after striking him. >> from indications from
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>> the responding officer says the boys back had a welt. core paper say that the accident -- core paper say he claims the incident was an accident. he is charged with assault and battery . he was released tuesday on $1500 >> the shelters director but she tomie the worker is no longer employed and they do background checks on all the employees. >> a second person has died following a house fire. flames broke out wednesday
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a brother, two sisters. phil: commitment 2016. for the first time since his landslide victory in new hampshire bernie sanders comes clinton. tonight' s debate takes place in wisconsin as the republican candidates flock to south s presidential primary. for the democratic candidates, the next face-off tonight in milwaukee is critical. >> the stakes have never been she' s coming off a devastating loss in new hampshire. she needs to make the contrasts with bernie sanders. she needs to go on offense. reporter: bernie sanders admits his slam dunk in the new hampshire primary won' t be easy to repeat in next-up contests in south carolina and nevada. >> if the election were tomorrow do you think you could win south carolina and nevada? >> no. fortunately for us the election is not tomorrow. reporter: hillary clinton hopes for a comeback with a boost from african american and latino voters. and she wins a major endorsement today from the congressional black caucus.
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especially african americans, and at the request of the cdc pack, hillary clinton has been there. reporter: the race ahead of south carolina, just as heated for the republicans, especially among those vying to become the consensus candidate for establishment support. >> i' m sensing a lot of support out here reporter: john kasich attracting larger crowds after his second place finish in new hampshire. >> look at the turnout at these things apparently tomorrow we' re going to have a thousand people. reporter: marco rubio now calling out donald trump on his foul-mouth. >> even in our political culture, i teach my kids to be respectful, there are certain words you don' t say. you have a candidate saying profanity from a stage. reporter: as for donald trump, they confirm a change of tactics in south carolina. they are pulling all attack ads and say they will run only positive messages. jc: winter sport dare-devils continue their eye-popping stunts at fenway park grabbing
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monster. the historic park has hosted everything from ballgames to concerts to the winter classic. but as newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich shows us this is completely different. >> an awesome side. snowboarders showing off cool tricks at fenway park. these are practice runs for the competition that begins tonight. the event has attracted athletes from around the world. gold medalists competing here at fenway. >> the ramp is massive. it is a great backdrop. seeing a view, that is awesome.
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>> the ramp is 14 stories, there is an elevator but some athletes choose to hike up the stairs. they took practice runs as a group of spectators cheered on. >> we get change in the locker rooms. >> isn' t a contrast to see them performing against the backdrop of our city skyline? the snowboarders will be competing tonight. reporting live from mount fenway, wcvb news 5. anchor: let' the road. this is the mass pike. let' s take a look at the maps. we started south. 26 minutes, out west on the pikemen 19 minutes and building. 128 does look ok in both directions.
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these dried time now. -- drive time now. that is a look at traffic. jc: the justice department suing ferguson. phil: what it claims the city continued to do even after the death of michael brown. jc: the months-long occupation in oregon over tonight as the final holdouts surrender to police. phil: senators from massachusetts and new hampshire demanding emergency funding to tackle the heroin crisis as the number of drug-related deaths jumps again. jc: and i go one-on-one with scandal star kerry washington ahead of tonight' s spring premiere. her inside scoop on what you can
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phil: right now at least 52 inmates are dead after a prison riot in mexico. a fight broke out between two rival groups including the infamous zetas drug cartel. several explosions were heard followed by flames shooting thru the roof. the riot comes just days before the pope is scheduled to visit another mexican prison. anchor: the just department fighting back against the city of ferguson, missouri. the lawsuit claims the city complains to violate -- continues to violate the rights of minorities after the death of michael brown. reporter: a new battle in ferguson, missouri. the justice department suing the city for violating civil rights. >> the ferguson police dept' s. violations were expansive and deliberate, stopping people without reasonable suspicion, arresting themithout cause, and using unreasonable force.
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these violations were not only egregious they were routine. they were driven at least in part by racial bias. reporter: the lawsuit comes after a surprise move this week by the city council voting to push back against the settlement the city had reached with the justice department after months of negotiations. >> you know the things that we asked for are i think very reasonable. reporter: city leaders want to amend the agreement which they say the city can' t afford to implement. but attorney general loretta lynch isn' t buying that argument. >> the department of justice and ferguson' s own negotiators came to an agreement that was both fair and cost-effective. reporter: lynch says city leaders leave her no other choice, forcing litigation to protect the rights of residents the justice department says are treated unfairly by police and a profit-driven court system. they have waited decades for >> justice. they should not be forced to wait any longer. reporter this case now goes to : trial unless the city and the justice department are able to settle first. attorney general
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for that. phil: the standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon is finally over. the final four armed occupiers surrendered to the fbi today. the fbi had sealed-off the area supported by police in armored vehicles. the surrender followed tense negotiations that were streamed live on the internet. the standoff began in early january over frustrations with federal land use policies. a state legislator from nevada who is running for congress, and franklin graham, the son of the reverend billy graham, helped in the negotiations. the father of one of the protest leaders is in court. clive bundy is in court right now in oregon. today bundy was arrested and charged with six counts related to the 2014 standoff. bundy voluntarily turned himself in posting on his ranch' s facebook page that it was time. bundy came into the national spotlight for his fight with the feds over grazing rights for his cattle. >> now your storm team five
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harvey: nice pictures to share before we talk about the cold. this is from this morning. pretty skies. another picture, look at that sunrise. there he picturesque and beautiful indeed. we have another nice sky condition in boston. right now it feels like it is seven degrees. that is what windchill is all about. degrees with no wind at all. look at the actual air evening. i want emphasize even though we are talking about this dangerous cold, saturday night, sunday, sunday night we are talking bitter cold for tonight, it is not going to be as cold as the weekend.
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i mentioned the strong wind gusts. in terms of temperatures to start out tomorrow morning, to butchers will be in the single digits. only in the teens on the cape, during the day we will get up to a very cold day. overnight it will be cold but not the super intense cold quite get. bad. by late saturday, sharp drop in temperature. this is 4:00 saturday. we are going to drop below zero
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it must be modified a little bit but it is not going to be modified that much. boston. it has a chance of breaking the record of three below for early sunday. worcester will be the record. that could happen. it would take a little bit more. it windchill watch in effect. that is when intense cold starts to pop up. late in the day we are not going to get any direct hit from the storm. an ocean storm will try to develop and may brush the cape with some snow accumulation overnight. a couple of snow squalls, just ahead of the true arctic air.
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come overnight tonight, 2-4 possible. we are at below zero in most areas. a struggle to get to 10 degrees on sunday. some areas may not get out of a single digit for high temperatures. i want to point out, temperature begins to moderate. tuesday, in spite of the weather , it looks like it is going to be a rainstorm. you talk about your dramatic up. >> when you sit there and ask is that with the windchill or without, you are in trouble. >> i am laying it down now. i may not get out of my pajamas. i am in. emergency funding to fight the
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and the possible shortages when it comes to testing people for the virus. phil: passengers of the cruise ship rocked by rough seas back on solid ground. their frightening accounts and why some feared they' d never make it home. jc: tangled and scared, who came to
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phil: the federal government is now shipping zika virus test kits to health departments across the country. the kits will allow testing for pregnant women who have traveled to countries where zika is spreading. the virus, which is carried by mosquitoes, is linked to birth defects. health officials don' t expect wide-spread transmission in the continental u.s. today puerto rico was identified as a vulnerable area. jc: we all know it' s best to
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when we can. now a new report looks at the main reason many people decide not to eat them. from cost, to hassle, to expiration dates, there are a lifetime of excuses for failing to work fruits and veggies into our diets. conventional wisdom suggests cost is the major problem. but a new study suggests that being too busy is the major excuse when it comes to not eating right. researchers looked at 500 adults some of whom could afford healthy food, and some of whom could not. the researchers found that-regardless of wealth-being too busy to prepare healthy food was a significant factor in failing to eat well. so it' s no surprise most americans fall short of the recommened five and a half servings of fruits and vegtables a day. jc: bottom line, the next time a head of lettuce is calling to you in the grocery store, it may be worth your time to grab it and whip up something healthy making that time now could buy
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me but never a head of lettuce. a man under arrest tonight accused of soliciting sex from underage girls. jc: new at 5:30, how police say he was communicating with them. phil: an alleged stripper accused of robbing a bank. the evidence police believe connects her to the crime. jc: gas prices continuing to fall. the impact that' s having on many people'
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>> this is an editorial. >> 112 million people watch super bowl 50. a spectacle . the nfl is riding high. in the previous week we also learned three more players, including ken stabler were diagnosed with the generative brain disease. the nfl says the number of player concussions rose by 54%. when pressed about player safety, the commissioner defends the league. he said if he had a son, he
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former pro players have developed alzheimer' s four times higher than the general population. more alarming, the concussions may triple the rate of suicides, a staggering statistic that nfl players share with military football will continue as our national pastime but it is reasonable to limit kids to flag football until their brains have football. in addition, stricter enforcement of the rules and more severe punishment for the obvious intentional hits designed to injure opponents. the league has the ability to change, even if the current commissioner lacks the backbone to leave. right now the nfl owns a day of the week and with such popularity comes the responsibility to america' s youth and their players, past,
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>> we begin with breaking news. the driver in this hit and run is under arrest at this hour. he was caught hiding under a bed in a relative' s home. he assaulted an officer during a traffic stop then hit a 65-year-old man as he sped away. the man has serious injuries. heather: ray flynn taken to the hospital after this crash. his home , you can see the damage to the car. he is not seriously hurt. first at 5:30: the bay state bracing for yet another bitter blast of arctic cold air. more than we have seen so far. >> this can be dangerous. harvey: it can. the weekend portion of that, we will get to that. i don' t want underscore a better


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