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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> we begin with breaking news. the driver in this hit and run is under arrest at this hour. he was caught hiding under a bed in a relative' s home. he assaulted an officer during a traffic stop then hit a 65-year-old man as he sped away. the man has serious injuries. heather: ray flynn taken to the hospital after this crash. his home , you can see the damage to the car. he is not seriously hurt. first at 5:30: the bay state bracing for yet another bitter blast of arctic cold air. more than we have seen so far. >> this can be dangerous. harvey: it can. the weekend portion of that, we will get to that. i don' t want underscore a better
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s check it out. we are down to 22 in boston. one of the reasons is elevation. we have a call in new hampshire, it is down to eight degrees. also, with elevation. this is a cold air mass. watertown, new york. up. when is gusting to 30 miles per hour. windchill is below zero. single digits in boston. the air temperature starting out will not be as windy as it is now. it will be quite cold. single digit full show up and we will struggle to get to the upper teens tomorrow afternoon but the cold i am talking about is still to come. the really harsh cold is on its way beginning saturday afternoon with strong wind.
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been issued saturday afternoon. we talk more about this, some snow for some of us coming up tomorrow night in a little. jc: now to 5 on the opioid crisis. lawmakers in washington calling for hundreds of millions of dollars to combat the heroin crisis. that includes democratic senators from both massachusetts, new hampshire and new york. but as newscenter 5' s janet wu tells us it will be an uphill battle. janet: the senate judiciary committee released an addiction bill today but included no money. isn' t over. >> the terrorists call that families are now afraid to get is not from overseas, it' s the call to tell them another member of their family has been hit by this heroin opioid epidemic in america. joined by other senators whose states also have been devastated by the opioid epidemic, markey and new hampshire senator jeanne shaheen will fight to get $600 million for addiction treatment and prevention added to the bill
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debate in a few weeks. this is a health emergency, is a pandemic, it' s not just an epidemic. and we need a federal response to address it. >> in the city of brockton massachusetts in january in a span of 48 hours, 40 people overdosed on opioids. reporter: markey said their ask is small compared to president obama' s request for $1.8 billion to battle zika. in 2013 we appropriated $5 billion for the ebola epidemic and we lost just 1 person to ebola in the united states the united states is less than 5% of the population of the world. but we consume 80% of the world' s opioid pain killers. that must end. reporter: they are holding up the confirmation of president
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he wants to force the fda to get expert medical opinions before making future decisions to prevent another crisis. phil: new at 5:30, a nashua man is facing charges after he was accused of trying to solicit sex from two 12-year-old girls. 32-year-old ernest hardy used facebook to contact the girls and asked for nude pictures. he also asked both girls to engage in sexual conduct and attempted to meet them twice. the mother of one of the victims was in court today saying she had to see hardy for herself. she asked that we not use her last name or show her face. >> i wanted to see his face, for her. i can' t explain it. phil: he is charged with several felonies and did back in court later this month. jc: also new, a rhode island stripper arrested after police say she robbed a bank. shannon sampson is charged with robbing a santander bank in
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police say they arrested her in an attleboro motel room where she was found with cash possibly linked to the holdup. sampson listed her occupation in court documents as a dancer at providence strip club. jc: a federal jury says no to forcing a cigarette maker to pay for lung cancer screenings. the jury rejected the claims by a group of massachusetts smokers who filed a class-action lawsuit against phillip mossis usa. the group wanted phillip morris to pay for a medical-monitoring program that can detect early lung cancer signs. the jury said the lawsuit did not prove that marlboro cigarettes were defectively designed. phil: filling up is costing you less as you know but lower fuel costs could affect your investments. there are two reasons. the price of energy shares is down. european banks are severely stressed after lending money to energy companies. they may see a bank failure causing stress.
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>> that is good for our economy and filling up your home heating oil tank. in the long run we get to spend that money on other things. our homes, our vacations, things we like to spend money on. phil: other big businesses are enjoying lower fuel costs. heather: you are looking live -- j.c.: you can see it is a slow go coming out of the city. let' s go to the map to find out how things are. it is highlighted in red. 26 minutes headed northbound. it is almost 20 minutes to newton corner. an increase of 10 minutes of time.
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traffic. sees finally back in the u.s.. phil: panicked passengers thought they would not make it back alive. j.c.: texas tracking down on -- cracking down on distracted driving. phil: and one-on-one with actress kerry washington. everything you want to know
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>> a nightmare now over for hundreds of cruiseship passengers.
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>> the good news is no one was seriously hurt but you saw that video. some say it was the scare of their lives. >> relief. >> happy to be alive. reporter: and anger today. 4500 passengers on the anthem of the sea' s back on solid ground after this cruise ship went straight into a storm, pounded by waves and wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour. >> the ship started going crazy. the ship was on its side. the ocean was coming in. water coming in. there he scary. >> some questioning the captain ' s judgment.
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passengers, giving them half off a future crews and an apology. >> we couldn' t be sorrier. we are going to make some changes to provide more guidance , more oversight. >> despite this nightmare passengers looking for anything more probably don' t have a case. >> their cases are too difficult and will not be successful. anchor: thank you. are you planning to fly? you may want to buy your tickets now. >> it' s amazing how airfare has dropped. >> in stranded on the eyes. what ice fisherman had to do when a blizzard blew in. >> over the next 5-7 days the changes are going to be extraordinary.
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between federal and state officials at morgan stanley. the bank will pay $3 billion over bank practices that contributed to the financial crisis. morgan stanley admits it accepted risk levels for mortgage loans golden sold to investors. phil: airfare is low. the transportation department says ticket prices fell by more than six% in the third quarter of last year. the average price is now about 372 dollars. experts cite the expansion of low-cost airlines and plunging jet fuel costs.
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new way to crack down on distracted driving by riding the bus. it' s a new idea that officials say is already working they issued forty tickets for texting and driving in just two and a half hours. the vantage point on a bus allows officers to look down into the cars below to catch the drivers who are on their phones. and it seems to be working. jc: blizzard conditions on a lake in canada nearly cost some ice fishermen their lives. the two men ventured out on sunday without checking the weather forecast first. powerful winds soon trapped them driving out wasn' t an option either, their pick-up truck kept getting stuck in snow drifts. all they could do, was ride it out. >> we waited. usually a storm will go bad and it never slowed down. at night and
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heather: -- j.c.: after 26-hours, a tow truck was able to get the they say they' ll always check the forecast from now on. s 18 degrees. we have the good fortune to show everybody what it looks like. look how beautiful. heather: a gorgeous sunrise. we are getting it on both sides. harvey: we have had many nice sunrises and sunsets. there have been a lot of them. we have to talk about the cold. i keep telling you it is in two stages. stage two, you can see by these readings when that comes down, that is going to be harsh. this will be the coolest weather of the winter season.
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here we are, teens, gusty wind and wind chills in the single digits above and below zero. i want to give you an idea of boston. the wind which is significant will ease off some but that is going to create windchill below zero. for our actual temperatures, six in worcester will moderate to the upper 20' s. in the wind will be last tomorrow in the afternoon. that will be more. we have to watch a wave of low pressure. now it' s went to take a track that is pretty far out. the northern edge could clip the
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accumulation during tomorrow night. the rest of us will deal with this arctic front which may give a few snow squalls. saturday afternoon, it will draw the cold air into our region and it is going to be frigid. as far as the storm is concerned the energy does develop a big ocean storm. the risk is for steady light snow. that could produce anywhere from a coding to an inch or two of snow. from nantucket, potential for a couple of inches. we have the windchill watch in effect. we have an average low temperature of five below sunday morning. some places will be double digits below zero. the high of 10 on sunday might not even make it out of the
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tuesday, dramatic warm-up , next-door means snow will almost for sure change to rain and set -- unless something changes between now and then. phil: at south shore hospital technologies helping parents connect with their newborns. jc: a video feed, running 24 hours a day, is a comfort, according to new mom, monica straffin. >> to be able to look at them 24 hours a day no matter where you are, from where you have internet, it is a huge comfort. reporter: we' re the first. reporter: they are the first to have this technology. >> we started with five cameras. we had a huge positive effect on
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we were able to get the remaining 25. reporter: funding comes from a nursing student killed in a drunk driving accident in 2013. >> i have called a couple of times. >> parents that deliver go back to work. while the baby is growing they can look at the baby multiple times during the day. quite she has been here for two weeks and two days. the only thing we are still working on is her feeding. hopefully not much longer. she is doing much better. j.c.: on chronicle, innovation. two local men gear up for a trip to mars. and, another leap for mankind, homemade pizza, perfected by a
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next gen, tonight on chronicle. phil: as we have been telling you, we still have the one-on-one with kerry washington. j.c.: i got to sit down with the scandal star as she revealed revelations for tonight spring season. reporter: and the irish nanny cleared in the death of a cambridge baby is now facing a new court case. why she' s now being sued. reporter: scientists at mit help prove one of einstein' s predictions. new at 6 why it' s one of the most significant findings in years. plus, getting tangled up can be really frustrating. who rushed in to help this stuck buck it' s all new on newscenter
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phil: the boss is back but not onstage. bruce springsteen announced today that he will publish an autobiography. the autobiography will be titled after his career-defining album born to run. the memoir is already expected to be a huge seller. it' s set to hit stores on september 27. phil: star wars production company is charged in connection with the accident that broke harrison ford' s leg. britain' s health and safety executive announced it is prosecuting foodles production over 4 breaches of health and safety law. ford was injured when a heavy hydraulic door hit him on the set of the 7th star wars installment. >> i can' t believe we' re in season five. it' s crazy. jc: the hit drama scandal returns to channel 5 tonight.
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first african-american female lead on a network show in more than 40 years. a fact not lost on the star or creator shonda rhymes. washington was recently in boston and revealed to me what goes on behind the scenes. >> kerry washington plays the fixer a v up hope, a character she knew she wanted to play. >> half of people want to be her , and half of people hate her. she is a complicated person. i love that. she makes people angry and inspires people in the same episode. reporter: gladiators will see a brighter olivia pope this season. >> it was written into the script she wears brighter colors. we met for a fitting. we don' t know what to do. this is not the olivia pope we know. >> i like that it is going with
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>> it is never fashion for fashion sake. reporter: shonda rimes is known for site -- showing diversity. quite she is not writing to teach or to preach or change the world. she is just writing reality as she knows it area it is easy when you are not part of a disenfranchised community people unlike you exist in the world but as a woman and a person of color she is aware of our differences and she values them. she knows that is what makes us special. reporter: something critics say is lacking in film. >> the issue is not the oscars. the oscars is a symptom of a larger problem. people of color and women having access and opportunity to create work, that includes them. the people in charge of the movie business are producers,
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and the people who are in charge are the riders, whose focus is on telling stories. the writing on television is very courageous and groundbreaking and transformative and inspiring. reporter: she is thankful fans have allow the show and the actors to grow. as for her hope for olivia poe. >> i want her to be happy. if she is really completely happy, that is the end of the show though. >> all of your favorite shows return from their winter break tonight grey' s anatomy is all new at eight, then kerry washington in scandal at nine. that' s followed by an all new how to get away with murder and newscenter 5 at 11. phil: did you lean over and say just whisper, does she stay with the president? j.c.: no secrets. phil: she seems nice. j.c.: super nice, supernormal. phil: families of whitey bulger' s victims now offered a
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>> the man accused in this wild ride caught. his unusual hiding spot and the charges he is facing now. anchor: ray flynn in a serious car crash. what happened near his home and how he is doing tonight. >> bitter cold settling in. dangerous cold on the way. reporter: we' re at m.i.t. where geeks will explain while they are so ask bided -- so excited about gravitational waves. ed: we begin with breaking news former boston mayor ray flynn involved in this crash. he vehicle smashing a hole into a home in south boston. we' re told he was not seriously hurt. anchor: newscenter 5' s mary saladna is live at the scene. reporter: he lives on a private way. he crashed into a home. he did take down a brick wall
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according to marty walsh he was not injured in the accident. hospital and checked out as a precaution. she is relieved to hear he is ok. >> he is a great guy. everybody likes him. he is friendly and nice. neighbor. reporter: another neighbor he was conscious and alert as he was loaded into an ambulance , checked out as a precaution. we are waiting for an update but the word from the mayor' s office is ray flynn is not seriously hurt. we are waiting to see if he comes back to south boston. he is ok after having crashed his suv into a brick wall. heather: more breaking news the suspect in a wild hit and run in woburn is under arrest tonight. newscenter 5' s john atwater just spoke with the victim.
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s live in woburn. john: the victim is still in a lot of pain tonight but when we delivered the news the suspect had been caught he praised the police effort. >> i' m glad they caught him. reporter: fred pica is relieved the man accused of running him down is now behind bars a day after the painful, and near-fatal encounter. >> why didn' t he just stop and let me out of the car? don' t you have a conscience a person has to beg for his life. reporter: 29-year-old tyson delgado was brought to the woburn police station after officers found him in boston hiding in a relative' s home under a bed. >> this was a very disturbing incident who showed reckless disregard for the safety of those around him. reporter: police say delgado returned to his former employer yesterday after illegally charging thousands of dollars to a company gas card they say he


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