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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: a school bus crashes with student on board. why police say the driver should not have been behind the wheel. emily: democrats debate for the first time since the new hampshire primary. the claims they' re both denying this morning. randy: a dog found abandoned and weak. the tip that may have saved its life on the eye for this friday morning. >> you' re watching wcvb, boston' s news leader.
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s eyeopener. emily: it is cold. bitterly cold air already in place. good morning. cindy: hard to imagine it is going to get worse than this. you can get frostbite in about 10 minutes. make sure you are bundled up and the kids and the pets are inside. 6:45, the sunrise. it feels like eight below right now in boston. that is the wind chill out the door right now. this is not the worst of it. the wind chill will be running between 20 and 30 below zero this weekend.
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the north. you will feel. a big change 1 right now in worcester. 5 right now in beverly. high pressure will give us a good amount of sunshine. we will see increasing clouds before the sun goes down. 20' s this afternoon. wind chills will be below zero through 9:00 a.m. the coldest is yet to come. wind chill warning those into effect starting 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. olessa: once you get going it is a slow ride. this is the expressway by the gas tank. there is a disabled car blocking a road on columbia northbound. a crash 93 south by government center.
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delays back to 128. no issues out of methuen. as you go south of town, route three stop and go to the braintree split. some lion building on the expressway. about 20 minutes braintree into boston. emily: breaking overnight, a fire is now out at a home in norton. this happened around 11:15 last night on perry street. a mother and her two adult sons made it out safely. that home is considered a total loss. right now a school bus driver is getting ready to face a judge, accused of being drunk behind the wheel and causing a serious crash. all of this unfolding with students on board. s frank the charges and the mess left behind. frank: take a look. everything is cleaned up with this utility pole knocked down. power knocked out.
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thankful no one was hurt. police say 42-year-old scott poirier missed a bus stop on hayden pond road, so he backed up right into that power pole. that left live wires draped over the school bus. after the crash, they say he failed a field sobriety test and was arrested. 11 students were on the bus at the time. >> shocked, really shocked. i never would have expected it. the kids said he was fun. frank: the bus company, first student out of charlton, says the driver has been suspended as they investigate the incident. in the meantime, poirier is due in court this morning on drunk driving and child endangerment charges. live in dudley frank holland, , newscenter 5. emily: thanks. this morning, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are headed back to the campaign trail after their first showdown since new hampshire. and this race is getting more
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s erika tarantal is here with the fiery moments. erika: at their post-primary debate last night, sanders blasted his rival for saying he wants to get rid of obamacare. mr. sanders: i have fought my entire life to make sure that health care is a right for all people. we' re not going to dismantle anything. erika: both candidates got fired up about campaign donations from wall street. clinton taking issue with claims that' s she' s beholden to big investors. mrs. clinton: lets not in any way imply here that either president obama or myself would in any way not stand up to do what is best for the american people. erika: hillary clinton heads to south carolina today, site of the next critical primary. bernie sanders will attend a forum on race and economics in minnesota. emily? emily: thank you. this morning we have the final turnout numbers from the new hampshire primary. and it was record-breaking. the secretary of state says more than 538,000 people voted this year. that' s 8,000 more than voted in
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back in 2008. the republicans are busy on the presidential campaign trail. most of them in south carolina, except for front-runner donald he' ll hold a rally in florida today, after making an appearance in louisiana yesterday. rival ted cruz focusing on the next early-voting state. he addressed supporters in south carolina yesterday. john kasich, marco rubio, and jeb bush will all hold events there today. and former president george w. bush will make his first s campaign trail. he' ll join younger brother jeb at a rally in south carolina on monday. randy: right now the driver in this hit-and-run is preparing to face a judge, again. police call the suspect a dangerous career felon. the man he' s accused of hitting calls him a coward. the eye' s kelley tuthill is live outside the courthouse in woburn with the charges he' s now facing. kelley: that hit-and-run was
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s also facing larceny charges, and assault and battery on a police officer. police tracked down tyson delgado in dorchester more than 24 hours after they say he struck fred pica in woburn. police say delgado was trying to get away after assaulting a police officer, who was investigating a theft. that' s when he allegedly took pica on a wild ride. >> why didn' t he just stopped and let me off the car? doesn' t have any kind of conscious? event somebody in the person is going to beg for his life? kelley: pica suffered a couple of broken bones, but is expected to recover. boston police transferred delgado to the woburn police station last night, ahead of today' s arraignment. randy: thank you. former boston mayor ray flynn is undergoing medical tests after crashing into a home in south boston. in a statement released to "the herald," flynn says he passed out behind the wheel yesterday, while driving home from the gym. the 76-year-old suffered a concussion.
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no charges have been filed. emily: right now two women are facing charges after this dog barely tell it' s a dog at all. police in new hampshire are calling it the worst case of animal cruelty they' ve ever this dog was found in an abandoned apartment in londonderry. police say they were working on a tip from a landlord. this dog was neglected for so long, it was blind, deaf, and could barely walk. dog' s paw was t walk on its paws. emily: the dog is recovering, family. jada demas and jennifer moscardini turned turned themselves in yesterday, expected in court this morning. randy: new developments out of syria this morning. secretary of state john kerry says there is agreement on a temporary truce. within a week.
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secure a full-fledged cease-fire but they fell short of that goal . the agreement does not apply to any terrorist fighting in that area. they obviously don' t follow diplomatic rules. diplomats also agree to expand the delivery of humanitarian aid right away. nearly 12 million people have been displaced because of the conflict. emily: ride-share service uber shelling out millions to dissatisfied customers. randy: state troopers expect to face danger, but not like this. the near-death moment for this trooper, ahead this morning. emily: dentists enlisted to help the training they' re getting, to curb the overdose epidemic. cindy? now. the dangerous wind chills on the tonight. take a look at the temperatures. it is near zero in worcester. it doesn'
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>> wake me up before you go-go i am not planning on going solo wake me up before you go-go >> good morning, channel 5. >> all right, let' s go. >> back to the dancing. [indiscernible] randy: thank you so much. awesome job by the talented students in the television club at brockton high. >> fantastic. we love it. caught on camera. we would love to see your
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>> it is smart. you are staying warm. you are good to go. >> outside, yikes. cindy: look at the temperatures out the door right now. these are the wind chill values. below zero all the way down to nantucket. 15 below zero in worcester. it is going to get worse. they get most extreme saturday evening to the first half of your sunday, 30 below zero. you can get frostbite in 10 minutes when it is that cold. you want to stay inside and bring the pets inside. the core of the cold is up around hudson bay. it is going to come in with some
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by sunday morning, the record is three below zero. worcester, the record is 11 below. that is the strength of this cold. we have a wind chill morning starting at 4:00 on saturday afternoon. these are the temperatures, single digits. 7 below in orange. we recover up to about 20, 2 5 this afternoon with a good amount of sunshine. the wind chill are holding below zero until 9:00 this morning, no higher than the teens this afternoon. we are watching a disturbance that is racing toward the coast line. there could be a couple of scattered snow showers this evening.
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the island. close to boston but it is focused on south easton massachusetts through 6:00 tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, a passing snow first as the arctic first comes on through. a passing snow shower early and the skies will brighten up. 2-4 inches potentially in nantucket. it is the cold this weekend that is going to take center stage. temperatures mostly in the teens. locality temperatures drop in the afternoon. overnight saturday night, the extreme cold. sunday morning, the wind is going to be howling at 15, 20, 25 miles per hour.
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higher than subzero. wind chills all day long on sunday. temperatures will moderate early next week. rain up to about 40 degrees. some pretty wild changes. at least we will have sunshine s day. olessa: so far it is a little bit busy on friday. there is the expressway by the gas tank. you can see some pretty heavy delays. let' s get to the maps. northbound on the expressway, a columbia. almost 25 minutes from braintree into boston. delay. west the pike looks good out to 128.
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95, no problems. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. randy: take a look at this video, and keep your eye on the oklahoma state trooper walking on the left of the screen. an out-of-control suv comes straight at him. police censored the actual moment of impact. but they' re releasing the video, to point out the dangers out there. the trooper is recovering. police say the suv driver hit a patch of ice. this happened last month. the trooper is now in rehab for head and leg injuries. emily: your economy headlines this friday. asian markets slip today, after japan' s main stock index took a dive. right now, stock futures on wall street are higher. yesterday, the dow plummeted at the close, dropping 254 points to 15,660. ride-share service uber will pay $28.5 million to settle two safety ad lawsuits. the class-action suits claimed uber misled customers about safety procedures and fees.
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trip for what they called "industry-leading background checks." but customers claimed it was a lie. the settlement impacts about 25 million riders. a judge must still approve the deal. randy: training to deal with the opioid crisis is now expanding to dental schools in massachusetts. governor charlie baker says the state' s three dental medicine schools will introduce training for abuse, prevention, and management into their curriculums. it' s similar to a program being launched in the state' s medical schools. one expert estimates 80% of prescriptions that are abused are written by doctors or dentists. emily: a music video shot in zero gravity. randy: the high-flying choreography, in eyepoppers. erika? erika: then new at 5:30, keeping the kids busy on winter break, for just 20 bucks. indoor and outdoor options, that is ahead. concerned parents pack a meeting on gang recruitment in boston. the areas of most concern, according to police. and new information on this wild knife fight inside a fall river
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>> 6:22 on your friday morning as we look live over was there. cindy: it is cold. 1 degree right now in worcester. temperature is just 8 in boston. wind chills below zero although down to nantucket. it feels like 15 below zero in worcester. wind chills will be subzero through 8:00, 9:00 morning. the coldest temperatures this weekend. wind chills as cold as 20 to 30 below zero. dangerous stuff this weekend. sunshine and a few snow showers early on saturday. record cold temperatures expected on sunday. randy: thank you. 6:23. we have some ipod versus this morning. olessa: if you get sick on planes, don' t try this.
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go sees the music stars flipping and floating on a plane above russia. the entire video was shot in zero gravity. it looks pretty cool. but it wasn' t easy. the lead singer actually blacked out on camera at one point. the rest of the band -- threw up a few times. and a moment of joy caught on camera. this california man just stopped in for a scratcher. the store surveillance camera captured the moment when the pizza-delivery driver realized , yes he' d hit it big. , he won about $1.2 million. i thought the scratch tickets only go up to 5 bucks. randy: the probably thought the same thing. olessa: pizza free for everybody. emily: 5 investigates discovers the mbta is paying some drivers to stay home. others get overtime to fill those shifts. kathy curran looks into the waste. and meryl streep getting criticized for her response to a
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sensitivity. her comment getting backlash. >> this is an editorial. >> nearly 112 million people watched super bowl 50. a spectacle starring bruno mars and a broncos team that won with intimidation. so the nfl is riding high, right? we also learned that three more players were diagnosed with cte. the nfl says the number of concussions rose by 54%. when pressed about players' safety, the commissioner defends the league. he points to an updated concussion protocol and rule changes which outlawed helmet to helmet hits. he said if he had a son, which he doesn' t, he would love them
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former pro players have alzheimer' s four times higher than the general population. more alarming, one study claims concussions may triple the rate of suicides, a staggering statistic. football will continue as our national pastime. it is reasonable to limit kid s to something like flag football. the commissioner should reverse field and use the substantial cloud of the nfl to promote changes in youth football and more severe punishments for the obvious intentional hits design to injure opponents. the league has the ability to institute change. as the movie "concussion" put it, right now the nfl owns a day of the week. with such popularity comes the responsibility to america' s youth and their players, past,
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: breaking overnight, flames rip through a home in norton. the quick escapes and the one thing that made this fight even harder. randy: a school bus driver charged with making a dangerous choice behind the wheel. >> shocked, really shocked. randy: the mess he left behind and the charges he' ll face today. emily: three teenagers killed. the changes at this high school to stop a dangerous trend. and keeping the kids busy on winter break for just twenty bucks. how you can make it happen. on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: it is 6:30 on this friday
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it is nice to look at , but it probably does not feel so nice as you head out the door. good morning, i' m emily riemer. randy: and i' m randy price alongside cindy and olessa. do not fall in that water. cindy: it is warmer than in the air. emily: a great piece of advice from randy this morning. cindy: another great piece of advice -- bundle up. it is feeling like a below zero in boston and 15 below in worcester. obviously the kids need to be all bundled up. temperatures coming up into the 20' s today, but the worst of the cold actually comes in this weekend. saturday night into early sunday the wind chill values could reach 20 to 30 degrees below zero. the core of the cold is sitting to the north and that will start
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-- morning. notice the temperatures coming up by lunchtime into the upper s. the windchill will be subzero throughout the afternoon. 4:00 saturday through noontime on sunday, that is dangerous stuff with wind chills that closed -- that cold. olessa: a live look outside at the expressway. extra delays because there was a disabled car taking out a lane at columbia road. it' s get to the maps and check out the rest of your ride. north of town watching an accident by mondale, 93 south. eastbound on the pike, 15 minutes for 95 21 28.
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trains and buses doing ok. emily: breaking news overnight, a fast-moving fire is under investigation in norton. the fire chief says the flames were already strong when they arrived on perry street. a mother and her two adult sons were able to escape unhurt. this school bus driver is due in court today accused of being drunk with students on board. police say scott poirier missed a bus stop on hayden pond road in dudley yesterday and backed up taking down a utility pole. , no one was hurt. right now, former boston mayor ray flynn says he' s being treated for a concussion and undergoing other tests. flynn tells the herald he passed out behind the wheel after going to the gym yesterday crashing his car into a house on flint place in south boston. randy: 6:33 and right now, boston police and city leaders are planning changes after three teenagers are killed just months apart. the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is at east boston high
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antoinette: the message for increasingly recruiting these children at the high school, and the consequences of saying no can be deadly. more than 100 parents attended a community meeting at east boston high school last night. it comes not long after a federal sweep of the gang ms-13 revealed a recruitment push inside the school. last night, authorities also told parents that five killings have been connected to that game including the killings of three , teenagers two just , fifteen-years-old. parents we talked to said listening is key. >> that is what you have to do, get them in a group and let them talk. antoinette: boston police commissioner bill evans told parents he believes most of the recruitment is actually going on on the sports fields and playgrounds.
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meanwhile, the d.a. dan conley says in east boston 5200 kids are on the fence about joining one of these gangs, so they will be reaching out to these at risk youth, and are asking parents to report suspicious activity. 5. emily: 5 investigates discovers the mbta is throwing hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars down the drain each year paying some employees to stay home. it' s the result of scheduling and manpower limitations involving a safety rule requiring drivers to have ten hours of rest before they start their shifts. 5 investigates found cases where some drivers would get paid to stay home because their schedules don' t give them the required amount of rest. then the t pays other drivers overtime to cover those shifts. >> it just does not make any
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>> i recognize that and it is the result of our scheduling system. if we were able to use an electronic scheduling or roster inc. schedule we could build a schedule where this did not exist. emily: mbta management blames part of the problem on the antiquated paper system drivers use to pick their shifts. the union would agree to a trial period of using electronic roster ring, which would fix the scheduling issues but only if the t would consider a 4-day work week. breaking news right now, an investigation under way after a van hit and damaged a jetblue airplane at logan airport. this is footage from a witness who was on board at the time. the flight was getting ready to depart for tampa wn this happened. you might be able to see some damage to the wing. it. it is unclear how this happened. the plane was taken off.
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for only 20 bucks. randy: the cheap outings that could save your sanity this winter break. plus, tolls are going up in rhode island, but not everyone will have to pay the price. the drivers who will have to pay up. emily: and an abc news exclusive. the mother of one of the columbine shooters is breaking her silence. what brought her to tears, 17
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olessa: good morning, welcome back to the eyeopener. problems right now. we are watching one crash on 93 and that is causing some delays. unbelievable. cindy: the windchill in boston is eight below, it feels like 15 below in worcester, and that is not the worst of it. temperatures come up into the 20' s this afternoon, but the wind chills below zero to about 9:00 this morning. saturday afternoon, the temperatures drop, record low temperatures sunday morning with wind chills as cold as 20 to 30 below zero. emily: new this morning, we' re focused on your economy and keeping your kids busy over
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a ton of money. this morning, we have the activities to keep them occupied. these are all for less than 20 bucks. the institute of contemporary art tops our list from boston-based blogger and author, christine koh. she runs the site boston >> we' re standing right here at the ica in boston. every thursday they have free admission from 4:00 to 9:00, it is pretty awesome. emily: and this february, a local artist will create a life size comic book for the kids to explore. next stop, cambridge. koh recommends the harvard museum of natural history. a lot to see and during certain hours on sundays and wednesdays, admission is free with proof of massachusetts residency. want to get outside? try gore place in waltham. a little off the beaten path but good value. you don' t have them and rentals are 5 bucks for kids and 8 for adults. emily: to warm up, try the margaret c. ferguson greenhouses at wellesley college. sixteen interconnected greenhouses ranging from tropical to arid.
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and finally, check out the public open nights at boston university' s observatory also free. we have this list posted on our website,, so head there for details on all of these inexpensive family friendly activities. randy: great ideas, love the greenhouse. a school bus driver accused of putting kids in danger. the crash that might have been preventable. and aiding the survivors of domestic violence. the tool that could help them
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cindy: it is 6:44 on your friday. randy: we need to build a fire here. emily: it is cold. cindy: it is going to get colder . the cold air is to the north and temperatures will drop after lunchtime on saturday, and reach their coldest levels on sunday. these are the wind chills out the door at the moment, 15 below zero and worcester and eight below zero in boston. the wind chill values are going to be at their most extreme saturday evening through early on sunday, where they could be around 30 below zero. you can get frostbite on exposed skin and about 10 minutes, so you do not want to have exposed
6:44 am
you want to make sure the pets are inside as well. a windchill warning starting 4:00 on saturday through noontime on sunday. temperatures this morning are in the single digits, sunshine through lunchtime, and lunchtime s. this evening, if you have plans, there might be a couple of scattered snow showers but it is this area along the coast and cape that might see steady snow into the overnight hours, and tomorrow morning we will watch a burst of snow come through. we are talking about potential accumulation of adjusting to a couple inches, and on the cape in nantucket it could be as much as two to four inches of snow. falling to below zero sunday morning, and we only recover to
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on sunday morning, records are likely across the area. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: as far as volume goes, we are doing ok on route one in saugus. let' s go to the maps and see the rest of your trip. north of town, just cleared an accident montvale avenue, and that volume picks up. in good shape on 495 and 93. eastbound side of the pike, 15 minutes. 495 to 128. the expressway is heavy. randy: thank you. breaking news coming in from logan airport. emily: an accident at logan airport. >> and airport -- a van hit and
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a witness tells us the flight was getting ready to depart for tampa when this happened. if you look closely, you might be able to season damage to the wing. the passenger tells us the plane shook when it hit. >> i thought something maybe with the gate had disconnected. it was hard to figure out. that is when i looked out the window and i saw a gentleman on the ground, and other people chasing the van. >> it is unclear how this happened. no one was hurt. randy: breaking overnight, a fire is now knocked down at a home in norton. this happened around last night 11:15 on perry street. a mother and her two adult sons made it out safely. but the home is considered a total loss. 6:48. a school bus driver facing a judge today. emily: he' s accused of driving drunk with a bus full of kids. the eye'
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crashed. frank: take a look behind me things have been repaired and , cleaned up now. but this utility pole was knocked down in this crash and the power was knocked out. this morning a lot of parents , grateful the 11 kids on board the bus are ok. police say 42-year-old scott porier missed a bus stop and try to back up when he hit this power pole that left live wires draped all over the school bus. after the crash, police say porier failed a field sobriety test. the bus company, first student out of charlton, says the driver has been suspended while they investigate. porier is facing drunk driving and child endangerment charges. he is due in court later on this morning. live in dudley, frank holland. kelly: a hit and run driver is due in court later on this morning. he struck a man and woburn who
6:48 am
elgato faces assault and battery charges for allegedly assaulting a police officer investigating the facts. he is expected to be arraigned later on this morning. emily: for the first time in nearly 17 years we are hearing from the mother of one of the school shooting suspects that changed the country. the mother of dylan hockley bold now talking about that massacre. randy: in an exclusive interview with diane sawyer, an emotional klebold opens up about the impact and the lessons learned. >> i just remember sitting there and reading about them. all these kids and the teacher , and i kept thinking, constantly
6:49 am
was the other way around and one of their children had shot my. i would feel exactly the way they did, i know i would. randy: you can watch diane sawyer' s full interview on a special edition of "20/20" tonight at 10:00 right here on channel 5. followed by newscenter 5 at 11:00. emily: a new york city police officer is off the job, convicted of manslaughter in the 2014 shooting death of an unarmed man. peter liang was dismissed from the force following yesterday' s verdict. he was convicted of fatally shooting akai gurley in the stairwell of a public housing building. liang says he fired by accident, after being startled. randy: a deal for a temporary truce in syria is on the table. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says the hope is to end hostilities within a week. the agreement does not apply to any terrorist organization they -- terrorist organization. they obviously don' t follow diplomatic rules. diplomats also agree to expand the delivery of humanitarian aid right away. nearly 12 million people have been displaced because of the conflict.
6:50 am
assaulting a 4-year-old autistic boy who lives at a shelter. rafael abreu-prado was charged with hitting the boy and dragging him across the floor. it allegedly happened saturday night. the shelter says abreu-prado is no longer working there. randy: new developments right now after this wild robbery that turned into an all-out fight at a convenience store. as a sanchez was arraigned on thursday and ordered held on $50,000 bail. as you can see, the clerk was not backing down. he drove the suspect out the door. the suspect pleaded not guilty. the new hampshire house has killed a bill that would have legalized recreational use of marijuana. the proposal sought to legalize, regulate, and tax the drug for anyone over the age of 21. supporters want to stop criminalizing users. but opponents cite a growing drug epidemic in the state. emily: tolls are going up in rhode island but only for some the state' s governor signed a bill that imposes tolls on
6:51 am
18-wheelers could be charged up to $20 to cross the state along i-95. supporters say it targets out-of-state truckers who cause the most damage to roads. opponents of the plan call it a business-killer. randy: the middlesex district attorney is using forfeited cell phones to benefit victims of domestic violence. so far over a hundred phones have been donated to the voices against violence. the phones are priced and recycled for parts. the organization uses the money to buy pre-paid calling cards for victims and survivors. >> we are from africa originally. we are all africans, really. randy: meryl streep' s response to a question about an all-white jury panel at a film festival. it has her facing backlash this morning. when asked about understanding films from north africa and the
6:52 am
t know much about that region, but that she " played a lot of different people from a lot of different cultures." some say her comments were taken out of context. randy: the bruins recover from emily: the bruins recover from an embarrassing loss this week taking it out on the winnipeg jets. the jets were still in the game last night in the third period, when the bs cranked up the heat. they scored three unanswered goals one an empty netter from jimmy hayes. bs win 6-2. olessa: we have one disabled car, so you want to give yourself the time to warm up the car. north of east milton square is where we have a disabled bus taking out one lane, and pretty heavy delays because of it. also route three slowing down from weymouth into braintree.
6:53 am
from the sioux and through don gaskin road. it is going to be a stop and go trip to the connector but so far the trains and buses are ok. cindy: you can see the temperature is just one degree and worcester, eight in boston right now, but look at the sky over the city. there is this pink glow that looks nice from the inside. wind out of the west at 14, giving you wind chills below zero. and lawrence it feels like 15 below zero. the wind chills will hover near or below zero through 9:00 or 10:00, and recover into the teens. actual temperatures, up into the 20' s, but clouds are increasing. if you have evening plans, there might be a few scattered snow showers around the cape.
6:54 am
going to watch the arctic front come in with perhaps a brief passing snow burst behind that. the temperatures really start to drop during the day on saturday. outer cape in nantucket could see two to four inches of snow. it is all about the cold. the windchill warning goes into effect 4:00 tomorrow afternoon through noon on sunday. temperatures fall to near zero by the evening hours, and subzero readings expected on sunday morning. the wind will be blowing as well on sunday. look at the windchill for valentine' s day morning, 20' s and 30' s below zero. we recover into the teens below zero for the afternoon. we moderate next week back around 40.
6:55 am
emily: i am getting whiplash. cindy: if it is too cold for pets. emily: sky 5 is above the incident at logan airport, a van crashing into an airplane. antoinette is heading to the
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good morning, america. bitter blast. record-breaking cold this valentine's day weekend. wind chills as low as 30 below. the threat of frostbite and hypothermia. 65 million people being warned to stay inside. fighting back. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going toe to toe overnight. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> clinton trying to get back on track. but sanders not giving any ground. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> and donald trump goes positive, already talking re-election. >> maybe i get an extra four years. >> as his opponents try to derail his surging campaign. jeb bush joins us live.
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