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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter five at noon. >> following to breaking stories this noon. a manhole cover flies through a car windshield on i-93 killing the driver this morning. >> we start with a police involved shooting in dorchester. at least two people shot. this happening in dorchester on 10:30 this morning. request of one is his live at the scene for us.
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>> a police commissioner expected to be here any minute to give us more information on exactly what happened here. i want you to look at some video. channel 5 catching this video are -- video earlier today around 10:30. we are on stanwood street. it stretches several blocks down to demonstrate circling around. police officers right now going asking any witnesses they saw or heard anything. as you mentioned, at least two suspects shot here. two suspects shot and it -- in an officer involved shooting. we spoke to one witness earlier. scene. the street. i' m looking around, what happened? they got shot.
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>> again, details still unfolding here, what we know, at least two suspects shot in an officer involved shooting. this crime scene extending several blocks. we expect the police commissioner to make an appearance any minute. we will bring you that information as soon as we have it. live in dorchester, and the cost is one -- nicole asked him on, wcvb center five. >> a woman is that as a manhole cover went airborne and slammed into her windshield. live in boston with what investigators are doing right now. >> if you take a look back, you can see 93 south just beyond our car was towed a little while ago, a half hour ago. morning. o' neill tunnel southbound side driving along, all of a sudden, and airborne manhole cover of the car. the left lane of 93 south near the exit of the o'
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is where was located, the metal cover. why it airborne, part of the investigation here as they continue to work on what happened and all of that. the car did continue on a short distance. then hit the inside high-speed lane wall and that is where the vehicle finally stopped. they saw the woman inside. she was dead instantly from the impact of the manhole cover which generally, they weigh 200, 250 pounds at least. that is what came flying through her windshield. underway. you will remember one of these happened on 128 a few years ago. they ended up welding all of the into place. obviously, that wasn' here. we will have more later on. state police know the identity, they are not releasing it at this point for obvious reasons.
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>> as investigators search for how this happened, we reached out to ever source. initial findings -- this is not one of their manuals. >> we turn out for another big story, following a blast of the coldest air we have had in years. cindy, you' re tracking sub-zero temperatures. cindy: that is not something we say that often, at least not in boston. 19 degrees is where we are right now in boston. sunday morning we have the potential to get below zero. take a look. historical perspective for you on how frequently we get below zero in boston. it has only happened to nine times since 2000. three of those happened last winter. on sunday, we are forecasting a low in town of five below zero. that would break the record and be the coldest reading we have had an more than a decade, since january of 2004.
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the leading edge of the front to the north. we are not in the coldest of the air mass just yet. 15 and worcester. enough wind out there out of the west, 10-15 miles per hour, we are mostly in the single digits. it feels like it is below zero and works -- worcester right now. temperatures will hold in the upper teens in our 20' s. once the sun goes down, we don' t follow that much. cloud cover coming on and is clear out there right now. there are actually clouds and a storm organizing to the south. most of this is heading out to sea. we may get clipped by the northern edge of the storm. we will talk more about that and the cold front in the weekend coming up in a bit. erika: back to dorchester. we want to remind you to check tracking this bitter cold temperature. again, in dorchester, we have a police involved shooting where killed.
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it is a very large seen stretching several blocks. again, we have been anticipating more details from police. you can see they are getting ready to address the press at this time. what we heard from witnesses is a number of shots, police cars from all over converged on this area of dorchester. earlier this morning, an hour and a half ago. with at least two suspects being shot in all of this. you can see police commissioner bill evans is making his way to the podium right now. he will be giving us an update on exactly what happened. this morning at around 10:30 at that location in dorchester. converging. then officers going door to door talking to anyone trying to get any information about exactly what led to the violence here. we want to listen into this briefing to give you the very latest.
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superintendent, my deputy, my command staff. have so far. at approximately 10:25 this morning, officers heard a call on the police radio about an demonstrate. our officers were in the area and responded quickly. as they showed up, on the roto street, they observed to individuals, one carrying, assisting another one who appeared to be shot in the leg. the officers confronted him. over the police radio, everyone could hear three commands. drop your gun, drop your gun, dropped her again. show me your hands. at that point, there was an exchange of gunfire.
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street. recovered close by. the individual is deceased. family. if you' re going to point a gun at one of our officers in the way he did, obviously, we are going to protect ourselves and neutralize the threat. what appears right now is -- what played out is in one -- 107 demonstrate, that is where the original shooting took place. we found an individual inside that house suffering for multiple gunshot wounds. it appears that is where these individuals could have possibly been fleeing. there was a shooting before we even came on the scene. right now, we have one person deceased and two people suffering injuries from gunshot
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>> any questions? collects commissioner, the suspect -- >> it was clearly an exchange of gunfire. all of us were holding our breath as we do all the time when we hear over the police gun. any officer came on right away. indicating that there was an officer involved shooting here. again, this whole incident originated in 107 devon street wear something took place where we had several people shot. then it played out, the officers ran into that incident. when the officer repeatedly asked him to drop his gun, there was the exchange of gunfire. again, a gun is found on the location. we are currently processing the scene. the body, unfortunately, is still on scene. we have it covered. we will process this scene as
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>> the house who was more seriously injured, -- again, there are all kinds of speculation that we don' t know. shot in that house. it played right out into our offices who quickly got here and confronted the individual. drop the gun. it left us no choice. the worst decision we ever make is taking a life. t say nobody likes to do that. our thoughts go to the family. if you are going to shoot at an us no choice. >> several people were shot at house? >> we believe so. we believe one was shot in there. i think what we have -- his body was dragging the other fellow to a waiting vehicle when our officers came on-site of this
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believe two people came out of that house shot. again, we don' this time. until we break the bad news to the family, it is the worst part of our job, but we do want to get any names or any identities out until we make sure the family knows that. others who are hurt? two individuals wounded. >> that was done prior to the officers arriving on scene. probably took place, we believe, inside the house at 107 stanwood street. i believe they are leg wounds by both of them. killed outside? >> he was shot after -- >> you have been listening to boston police commissioner bill shooting indoors. we now know that police officer
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now. this all started with a reported shooting on stanwood street. police responding to the shooting. they say they came upon two individuals, one with gunshot wounds, one holding a gun. the commissioner saying officers warned that person to drop the gun. when that didn'
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breaking news in arizona. in the phoenix suburb of that school is on lockdown. teens are badly they are injured. police say there is no more campus. >> closer to home, an arrest in the murder of this hand man. he is accused in the shooting death of seven -- 70-year-old john williams. williams to discover dead tuesday. he will be arraigned later today. emily: an early morning tarmac incident at logan an unmanned delivery van crashes into a jetblue plane parked at a gate. the driver hurt as he tried to stop the truck. newscenter five'
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antonio is live at logan. antoinette, no one on the plane was hurt. internet: all of those passengers are doing ok. they were just trying to get down to florida for that warmer weather. those plans were put on hold after that runaway van hit the airplane. >> all of a sudden, there was a cold -- a collision. antoinette: that collision, an airport delivery van, no one behind the wheel getting a park to jetblue aircraft bound for tampa. passengers watching the drama unfold. >> a gentleman on the ground, i saw other people choosing the van. heading towards the other plane. >> state police say the driver thought he put the van and parked but it was too late. he got knocked to the ground trying to stop the van. after it hit the plane, it was headed straight for another one. >> some of the workers chased
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stopped the van as it drove past the other plane. >> we have aircraft damaged. this airplane is not going anywhere for a while. text the flight -- the flight crew call me letting people happen before moving them to another plane. they say the mood on board was light all things considered. >> at a reasonable hour today, i' m fine. >> they did make it there to tampa. i just talked to a passenger a few minutes ago. they arrived at 10:30 which all in all was only about an hour delayed. as for that was hit, it was taken out of service. live at logan airport, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> a school bus driver faces a judge accused of being trapped behind the wheel and causing a serious crash. all of this unfolding with students on board.
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in dudley. with the charges and the mess left behind. >> he got into the crash with kids on board. arraigned a short time ago. the father who told the judge in court he arrived shortly after putting his own kids on the school bus, prosecutors say he also told officers he drank cold medicine before the crash. >> facing drunk driving and child endangerment charges for this crash yesterday. police say 11 kids are on board when the deadly men backed into a utility pole and a live wires fell on the school bus. >> my daughter was dropped off on school -- from school. we came in sight coming out, we saw the cruiser go through. >> parents we spoke with last night say he is a popular buster ever. yesterday, their kids said something seems different. >> she said he usually jokes around a lot and he seemed to be having a very good time today joking around with everybody. maybe a little more than usual.
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stop and deadly. when he backed up, he knocked down a pole. those kids trapped inside until emergency workers showed up. he was given -- he was given a field sobriety test. police say he fell. the driver was placed under arrest. turns we spoke to last night were simply shot. >> i never would have a spec to the. the kids have always said he is fun, driving for them since the beginning of the school year this year. >> the bus company telling newscenter 5 the driver is suspended while the end -- while they investigate this incident. >> he was released on his honor cognizance. we have a crew outside the courthouse waiting for him right now. he will be placed on house arrest. the judge telling him he can' t have contact with any kid under 16 but his own. he cannot drive and drink alcohol. he returns to court on march 31.
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danielle: >> live pictures where there was an officer involved shooting around 10:30 this morning. it started wh a report of
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officers opened fire when one didn' t drop a gun. cindy: i want to turn to the weather and the bitterly cold temperatures. it is not just the temperatures but the windchill. it is the wind and the cold is the combination windchill around 30 below. you can have frostbite in 10 minutes with exposed skin. don' t have exposed skin. make sure kids are inside. if it is too cold for you, it is too cold for the pets. >> but these temperatures. 10 below. right now, we have covered to 19 in boston. this is not the core of the cold. find that. you can see it right here. a piece of this is breaking off. it searching south. we stopped the clock at 7:00 sunday morning. that is when the core of the cold is going to be right over seven new england. it comes out as during the day on saturday.
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by sunday morning, near record lows, as cold as 15 below is not out of the question. when choked 20 and 35 degrees below zero. this is a blast of cold. because of it, windchill warning goes into effect, 4:00 on saturday, noon time on sunday. dangerous windchill of -- expected for a good portion of the area. we have sunshine right now. the temperature, as mentioned, is 19. wind chill hovering in the single digits, it feels like it is below zero in which -- worcester. if you are out and about the rest of the afternoon and this evening, wind chill in the teens. notice clouds will be increasing. clouds coming in from the west right now. it is the area to the south where you see snow heading into the carolinas. this is a developing area of low pressure heading offshore. overnight as a goes on by, adopting to a few inches of snow -- snow from the south shore. we can play that out for you as we move forward in time.
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there may be a few scattered snow showers breaking out. notice on the south shore of the cape in the islands, once we get around midnight to the wee hours of the morning, a period of snow that' s exiting around six clock a.m. to watch this, the arctic front coming on through. a passing snow shower between -- before noon time is a possibility on saturday. once this ships offshore, that is our front. a door opening up for that arctic cold to pour on in. you will notice wind ramping up. lunchtime on saturday right through lunchtime on sunday. at that time, we are talking about wind gusting 25-35 miles per hour. that is when the core of the cold will be her. records on sunday morning, the record is three below in boston, 11 below and worcester. we are forecasting very close to those numbers on sunday morning. we mentioned during the morning hours, not so bad in the teens. once we get past lunchtime, look out temperatures drop. by the evening, either side of
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temperatures keep falling. by sunday morning, five alone boston, as cold as 30 below and worcester, not out of the question. going as well. morning. 20, 30 degrees below zero. all they want, if you are out, the sun will be out as winchell' s stabilizer all day long. it is an amazing recovery in temperatures early next week. we moderate was sunshine early in the afternoon trade on tuesday, another storm system coming in. this one may start as snow or a mixed but because of the track of the storm, it will go to the west and change to rain. unbelievable considering we may be setting records for the cold on sunday. some dramatic changes coming on in. collects an update after a woman was killed and 93 south after a manhole cover hit her car. this afternoon, crews including welders will be joined by state police to examine all travel lane highway infrastructure on a highway system in boston to make sure the hardware is in there
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covers, great covers for electrical panels. the aware of lane closures if you' re driving that area this afternoon. >> that will do it for newscenter 5 at noon. remember, keep up with breaking news all afternoon on and our mobile apps.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. i have a feeling i may be handing out some very big checks today, because we' ve got some of the smartest young people in the country waiting backstage hoping to get a shot at that $1-million question. get ready. it' s time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] [cheers and applause] hey, everybody. i' m chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play a very special "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, because our returning whiz kid is a 15-year-old musical prodigy who graduated high school two years before he could even get his driver' s license. from black mountain, north carolina, please welcome back ian ridenhour. [cheers and applause] how you doing?


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