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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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here is how it breaks down. temperatures stay in the teens to 20 degrees. through 10:00 a.m. it is livable. after it starts to go down. we will show you how cold it is going to get and where there could be snow coming up. ed: the mbta is taking steps to make sure the commuter rail won' t run into any problems due to the cold. keolis plans to run commuter trains all weekend even overnight. the hope is that by keeping the equipment running there won' t be any mechanical issues. ed: take the latest storm team 5 forecasts with you wherever go just download the free wcvb mobile app for iphone and android. heather: back to the breaking news, a horrifying crash under investigation tonight. a driver killed after a loose manhole cover crashes into her windshield. there are many questions as this
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s get right to newscenter 5' s jack harper live in boston. second. a young woman on her way to work killed. the accident happened near the southern end. the metal cover way to hundred pounds without the driver-side windshield, killing the woman driving instantly. investigators are trying to determine how the cover became loose and what made it flippant in the air. they are going to look for wear and tear on other manholes in the system. that may cause traffic delays. we are told the name of the victim has been released, caitlin clampett is 35 years old, a teacher at the grover
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she had been there for the fat -- past few years. we' ll have more later. back to you. heather: cleanup underway following this crash on route three. a truck landing right on its top. it happened this afternoon in the northbound lanes. we' re told those involved suffered minor injuries. ed: a violent morning in dorchester. tonight, police investigating an officer involved shooting that took a deadly turn. heather: newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan is live with what we know right now. nicole: several hours after shots were fired, this remains a very active crime scene. what we know, is one man is dead tonight, shot by police after they say he pointed a gun at them. two other men are recovering from gunshot wounds. the injured, however, not shot by police. commisoner william evans says they believe the two men were shot inside a home on devon street. it seems that another man was
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leg, flee from that scene when officers confronted him, asked him to drop his gun, before police fired at that suspect. >> the worst decision we make is taking a life. nobody likes to do that. our thoughts go to the family. but if you shoot at an officer you are going to leave us no choice. reporter: what led to the original shooting remains under investigation. next, we have the frantic radio calls made by police and will let you listen to what they said. heather: new at 4:30: we are hearing from passengers on board a plane hit by a van at logan. ed: newscenter 5' s juli mcdonald is live with the trouble they faced, and the latest in the investigation. reporter: if any of those passengers had been dozing off before their flight to tampa
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wake-up call around 6 when the whole plane shook as it was still parked. state police say an airport delivery driver got out of his van while it was still in drive that van kept going right toward a parked jetblue plane. the van driver was actually knocked to the ground trying to stop it, and passengers on the plane could see other employees chasing after it. passengers who weren' t looking out the window had no idea what happened next. >> a big bang, age-old. the van went underneath the back of the plane. it lifted it and came back down. reporter: fortunately no one on board was hurt, and employees were able to stop the van before it hit anything else. the passengers were moved to another plane and continued on toward tampa. hear more from passengers after they landed next at 5. ed and heather? anchor: right now, an arrest in the murder of an elderly man in wareham. heather: the suspect just faced
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live in wareham for us tonight. reporter: we learned today the motive behind what the da calls the viscious killing of a 70-year-old wareham man, prosecutors allege this man 70-year-old john witty of berkley shot and killed the victim after learning that he and witty' s longtime girlfriend had a romantic relationship. the woman died in late january. witty only learned of the affair from a letter when going through her things. the victim john williams suffered $10 gunshot wounds to the head and back. he was found dead in his wareham home tuesday. his family was in the courtroom appearing distraught as they learned the details of what happened. witty is being held without bail. back to you. ed: right now, the suspect in a woburn hit and run and assault on a police officer is being held on $15,000 bail. tyson delgado faced a judge this morning. the 29-year-old is accused of hitting an officer wednesday that was investigating a
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moments later delgado is accused of hitting a 65-year-old man with his car. he' ll be back in court on the 26th. there are a lot of questions right now after two teenage girls were found with fatal gunshot wounds in an arizona high school. the 15-year-olds were found dead in glendale this morning. a gun was found near their bodies. police are not looking for suspects. heather: police in ohio are investigating a possible terror link to a machete attack. it happened last night at a restaurant in columbus. four people were injured one of them critically. the suspect was killed by police. ed: new at 4:30: brockton police are investigating a hoax called into the department someone claiming to have hostages in a house. heather: that person was a swat team was called to a home on frost avenue but no one was investigators are now trying to trace that call. is under investigation in norton. the fire broke out around 11:15 last night on perry street. a mother and her two adult sons
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total loss. heather: commitment 2016: the ted cruz campaign has pulled an ad featuring a porn actress. a spokesman for the campaign says the woman had responded to an open casting call and says the production company did not properly vet her. the woman says she was extremely disappointed the campaign pulled the ad. ed: jeb bush in south carolina today. the republican talking to a crowd of voters in anderson this morning. bush says he is the person that can beat hillary clinton if she wins the nomination. >> you can change this by electing a nominee that can beat hillary clinton. you can change this by supporting a person who is the conservative reformer in this race. jeb bush placed fourth in the new hampshire primary. heather: police make an arrest in a hit and run.
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ed: policeay 28-year-old angel cahuana was speeding with his headlights off early this morning when he struck a man on pleasant street. the victim was not seriously hurt. police tracked the suspect down at his house keys still in his hand. autopsy results show a black man killed by san francisco police was shot more than 20 times. at least six of those shots hit 26-year-old mario woods in the back. his death in december sparked outrage and protest. woods was a suspect in a stabbing his family claiming he was not a threat. the justice department is city' it' s been a deadly week for police officers nationwide. 5 have been killed in the line of duty this week. two officers killed in maryland, the other three deaths in colorado, georgia and north dakota. the deaths bring the total of officers killed in the line of duty this year to eight. heather: congress has sent a bill to president obama aimed at punishing north korea for not ending its nuclear weapons program.
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into space last weekend, and conducted its 4th nuclear test. the white house has said there needs to be tougher sanctions against the north. ed: to the latest on the zika virus, the world health organization saying we are at least 18 months away from large-scale vaccine trials. health leaders say 15 companies and groups are participating in the hunt for vaccines. the zika outbreak is spreading rapidly across latin america. heather: the coast guard says the intense winter storm that battered a cruise ship and shortened its voyage also damaged part of the ship' s propulsion system. the anthem of the seas steered directly into a storm with 125 mile per hour winds and 30 foot waves. the ship returned to its home port in new jersey with mostly cosmetic damages. more than 6,000 people were on board. ed: new at 4:30: this is something that has not happened in more than one-thousand years. pope francis meeting with the head of the russian orthodox
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the last time the two heads met was when christianity split into eastern and western branches. from cuba the pope heads to mexico for a five-day trip. that is a live picture. heather: time now to flash forward to 5:00 on newscenter 5. ed: police say the driver of this school bus was drunk behind the wheel. what happened when he faced a judge today. heather: on newscenter 5 at 6:00: protecting your home when the temperatures turn dangerous. the steps to take right now. ed: and new at 7:00: a cutting-edge way to cut your carbon footprint. the company working to make buildings more efficient and save millions. harvey: temperatures have moderated a little bit. that is not going to last. the timing all coming up. heather: breaking news, massdot taking new action after tragedy on one of the busiest highways in massachusetts. right now, crews are inspecting hardware on highways in boston
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this comes after a woman lost her life this morning near the o'
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at traffic.
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let' s get the update button to see where we are going. you just solve this stretch. going north, it will be a half hour to get out of the city. 16 minutes, be mindful of the tolls. you will slow down a little bit. mass pike is a 70 minute ride. that is just before 5:00. it is going to get worse. heather: a lot worse. 23 degrees. you see gray skies. that is not the troubling part. harvey: through sunday morning that is the time where we are taking this cold. >> you have a chart that points out when it is going to be that? >> you notice where it peaks.
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that is when it is dangerous to extreme. we don' t see that that often but that is where it could freeze. heather: not safe for people or pets. harvey: thank you for reminding. yes. bring your pets inside . no question. especially saturday night. that is going to be the harshest. we' re talking about this cold. he said it is cold earlier this morning. i agree. it was two below. eight in boston. that is cold enough. yet, it will be colder saturday night into sunday. a look at the milky sky. the temperatures , once they are down to single digits, you get to the low 20' s. that is the way it is out there now in boston.
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and the upper teens. with the cloud cover, temperature will only fall back just a little bit more. i' m watching a couple of things. notice this. this is the leading edge of the arctic air. that is why starting tomorrow afternoon we get that went and told temperature combination. this is most of the reason -- region i want to show you that timeline. notice it is snowing over extreme southeastern mass. it is possible it could work up just after. exiting the cape by 6:00 a.m.. in terms of snowfall accumulation not expecting anything in boston. there could be a feather dusting.
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nothing to a coding up to an inch. possibly the vineyard, any -- anywhere from 1-3 inches of fluffy snow is possible. then, here comes part two of the cold that begins to show its effects tomorrow afternoon. i want to take you through the timeline of temperature. teens to low 20' s. at least in eastern massachusetts the temperature could be 20 or above. the arctic front comes through. as we go every three hours we are declining in temperature quickly. follow the timeline and the numbers. the numbers are getting smaller and smaller. already below zero, this is one computer model projecting boston to go to six degrees below. it would be a record for the
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only a slow recovery in temperature. a struggle to maybe get to 10 degrees in boston and not out of the single digits. that is for sunday. check it out on monday. the clouds come in. monday night there will be snow , maybe small accumulations. temperatures change rapidly. most getting rain but some areas may be getting ice. we will be following that. turnaround from subzero cold to mild rain. through. heather: have you seen our 5 for 7? we want to know your good news. send us your video and pictures of people making a difference and doing good in your community. share them on the wcvb facebook page.
4:49 pm and we' ll share them here each night on newscenter 5 at 7. ed: training to deal with the opioid crisis is now expanding to dental schools in massachusetts. governor charlie baker says the state' s three dental medicine schools will introduce training for abuse prevention and management into their curriculums. it' s similar to a program being launched in the state' s medical schools. one expert estimates 80% of prescriptions that are abused are written by doctors or dentists. haverhill schools will soon have more of the overdose-reversing drug narcan. heather: narcan was put in haverhill schools in november. each school has one container and school leaders are now upping that to two containers. ed: the new hampshire house of representatives has killed a bill that would have legalized recreational use of marijuana. the proposal sought to legalize, regulate, and tax the drug for anyone over the age of 21. supporters had wanted to stop criminalizing users. heather: boston college students standing behind the little boy
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ed: their message for dorian murray. uber has plans to settle two major lawsuits focused on passenger safety. the large pay out on the way. heather: before we go to break a look at how wall street closes
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country. 13 people were murdered at columbine high school in april, 1999. sue klebold, the mother of dylan klebold, is now talking about that tragedy. heather: in an abc news exclusive interview with diane sawyer, an emotional klebold opens up about the impact of the massacre. >> i remember sitting there reading about them. all the kids, and the teacher. i kept thinking constantly how i would feel if it was the other way around. i would feel exactly the way they did. i know i would. heather: you can watch diane sawyer' s full interview on a special edition of 20-20 tonight at 10:00 right here on channel
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followed by newscenter 5 at 11. anchor: barry manilow is in the hospital. because of it his final tour shows have been postponed. boston college with a big message for the little boy from rhode island behind hashtag d-strong. heather: take a listen. students and faculty taking part in the video and uploading it to youtube this morning. 8-year-old dorian murray is fighting terminal cancer his wish is to be famous around the world. ed: focusing on your economy, uber plans to pay out $28.5 million to settle two lawsuits over safety. heather: the class-action suits claimed uber misled customers about safety procedures and fees. uber charged up to 2 dollars and
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called industry-leading background checks. but customers claimed it was a lie. the settlement impacts about 25 million riders. the judge must still approve the deal. ed: the wahlbergs are opening up another wahlburgers in their native dorchester. they have signed a lease for a 5,000 square foot space at the south bay town center development. a location at logan airport opens this spring in terminal c. there are six wahlburgers around the country right now. wahlburgers has a plan to open 150 stores in five years. heather: sounds good. ed: still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4:30: he' s not even out of the womb yet and a baby boy is sweeping the internet. heather: the ultra sound gone
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heather: some pretty great video out of south africa. a group of monkeys taking dip in one family' s swimming pool. one of them even does a cannonball. ed: look closely at this ultrasound it' s going viral because the baby punches himself in the face. it happened when mom and dad were at the doctor' s office for a checkup. the specialist told the couple this is the first time in 20 years she'
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like it. dad posted the video online and get it? viral hit. >> newscenter 5 at 5:00 is coming your way. >> bitter cold and brutal cold. how difficult conditions will be and how long the cold will last. >> the precautions you must take before you head outside. >> a driver killed by a flying manhole cover. the inspections now underway on boston' s busiest highways. >> a shootout in the streets. the encounter that forced police to open fire. >> from boston' s news later, this is newscenter 5 at 5:00. phil: first at 5 breaking news. dot crews inspecting all highways in the hub after a manhole cover flips into the air
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this driver. it happened this morning along interstate 93 boston' s busiest highway. jc: team coverage begins with newscenter 5' s jack harper and the investigation underway into how this happened, jack? jack: if you look you will see the sign warning were cruiser in the highway because they are in the process of inspecting all system. this killed a 35-year-old teacher on her way to work. the small honda was hit just before he came out of the o' neill tunnel. the manhole cover was over a storm drain. even though it weighs more than 200 pounds it flipped into the air hit and destroyed the drivers side windshield. the young woman driving had no chance. the car actually continued moving for a short distance on 93 south then hit the outer wall


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