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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this driver. it happened this morning along interstate 93 boston' s busiest highway. jc: team coverage begins with newscenter 5' s jack harper and the investigation underway into how this happened, jack? jack: if you look you will see the sign warning were cruiser in the highway because they are in the process of inspecting all system. this killed a 35-year-old teacher on her way to work. the small honda was hit just before he came out of the o' neill tunnel. the manhole cover was over a storm drain. even though it weighs more than 200 pounds it flipped into the air hit and destroyed the drivers side windshield. the young woman driving had no chance. the car actually continued moving for a short distance on 93 south then hit the outer wall
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stopped. in the area of berkeley street. investigators are reviewing video from the tunnel to better understand how the accident happened. the department of transportation has started an immediate inspection of all manhole covers, sewer grates and covers for electrical panels , and those found to be loose will be welded in place. the cover reportedly did not hit any other vehicles though at least one likely hit it after it was dislodged sending it airborne. this, freezing and thawing has played a role that in this case the investigation is just beginning. phil: right now state police and dot crews are inspecting all highway infrastructure across the city to make sure all hardware is secured properly. 5 investigates karen anderson is here with what she'
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karen: one source tells us it may have been dislodged and sent flying in the air one another vehicle drove over it. wasn' t a problem with the cover or did it become unsecured? we looking inside of the command center as inspections began on other manhole covers. also sewer grates and steel panels. 500 pieces of hardware in the travel lanes on highways in boston are being checked. sky 5 was over i-93 not far from the accident scene as crews inspected the covers there. depending on what inspections find they may expand the checks outside of boston. we spoke with governor baker about the immediate action the state is taking. >> we have the highway department conducting a physical eyeball inspection of the greats that are out there. they took a welder with them. if there are any issues with the
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going to shut them. >> hardware is inspected every two years. the one in today' s crash was due to be checked in june. incidents like this are rare but there have been similar crashes before. a closer look at those new at 6. karen anderson, 5 investigates. jc: now, to that dangerously cold air pushing in. bay staters urged to bundle up or stay inside as below-zero temperatures and wicked wind chills head our way. harvey we' re talking about the potential for record low temperatures. harvey: even tomorrow by midnight it is possible we will break a record for saturday. the real key times, through
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that is why there is a windchill warning in effect that lasts until noon. when they talk about below zero in boston what is the deal with that? it has only happened nine times. on the average phil -- it happens three times last winter. right now forecasting a minus five on sunday, that will be the coldest since january of 2004. right now through 10:00 a.m. temperatures don' t drop radically. after that, it keeps going down. we are showing you the sharp drop in temperatures. it falls below zero in boston before midnight tomorrow night on the way to double digits and below zero in boston.
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this is going to last and a storm that will be on the heels of this as early as monday night. >> people are urged to take precautions to protect themselves from the extreme cold. continuing coverage and how quickly they can said then. >> it can happen as fast as waiting for a pot of coffee to brew. you can get frostbite in 10 minutes. the warnings are clear. get ready because it is coming. across the region we haven' t seen cold like that too often. boston has only gone below zero nine times since 2000. they call this the deep freeze. >> the windchill is going to be between 20 and 35 degrees below zero. when it gets to 30 degrees below
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reporter the best way to avoid : the worst, bundle up. >> gloves prevent frostbite, children, it is not a bad idea to have mittens. watch how long they are in the cold. you always have a risk for hypothermia or frost. >> not sure if you have hypothermia? if you are chilled and feel -- >> a grogginess or tiredness, you would experience a coldness and stiffness. the reason it is dangerous, sometimes you are not even aware it is happening. >> as you can see lots of folks here in joining the ski slopes. most look like they are bundled. last piece of advice, if you have been out long enough you are shivering it is time to go
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phil: a frantic scene in dorchester today. one person killed in an officer-related shooting following a separate shooting newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan is live with the connection between the two, nicole? nicole: officers investigators remain on the scene. these officers had no choice but gun at them. >> i got a suspect down we need help, drop the gun, show your hands ! . reporter a chilling call from : officers responding to a shooting on devon street in dorchester friday. >> all of us were holding our breathe as we often do when we hear drop the gun. reporter: commissioner william evans says just before 10:30-police noticed a man carrying another who was shot in the leg, on laredo street, one block away from the original
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>> the officers everyone could hear commands. show me your hands. there was an exchange of gunfire. reporter: the suspect shot and killed by the officers. >> police cars just came down the street vroom vroom vroom . t : over-police say that before they arrived on scene. there was another shooting, inside a nearby home. >> we found an individual inside that house suffering from multiple gunshot wounds that is where, even came on the scene witnesses say they heard a cracking sound, but didn' t think much about it. >> if you have to point a gun at police, and the way he did, we are going to protect ourselves. >> multiple investigations going
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j.c.: sky 5 over logan airport where a plane is hit by a runaway van. juli macdonald is live at logan with reaction from some of those on board, juli? reporter: four joined no one on the plane was her on the van crashed into an early this morning. the driver was injured, knocked to the ground as he was trying to stop it. >> all of a sudden the plane shook. what was that? >> tense moments when a runaway van crashed moments before it was scheduled to take off. a delivery driver thought he would put a van and parked. the van cap going without him. >> i saw a gentleman on the ground. i saw other people chasing. reporter: passengers had no idea what was going on. >> we heard a big bang. >> it was terrifying.
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we didn' t know what it was. it could have been terrorism. you wouldn' t imagine a vehicle would hit an airplane on the ground. reporter: after hitting and damaging the first plane, other swiss port employees were able to stop the van. the jetblue passengers were moved to another plane for their scheduled flight to tampa. >> they took good care of us. they put us on another flight. we' re only an hour late. they did a great job. reporter: the mood on board did seem calm for the most part throughout this whole ordeal; ahead at 6 see how the flight crew kept passengers informed. >> let' s take a look at first alert traffic. it is slow but things are moving. let' s take a look at the maps. sap of the city we are looking at 26 minutes. we see a lot of red.
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backed up in both directions. 495. once you hit 495 the area in both directions. that is a look at first alert. out of the race. phil: plus, for the first time since the massacre at columbine the mother of one of the silence. jc: a man accused of attacking restaurant patrons with a machete. the investigation underway tonight to determine if it was terrorism. phil: then at 5:30 a school bus driver faces a judge accused of driving drunk and causing a crash with students on board. jc: extreme cold putting more than a dozen states on alert. just how low temperatures could drop, shattering records in
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phil: a terrifying scene in arizona today. two 15-year-old girls shot to death at a high school outside phoenix. a gun was found near the bodies and police say the danger is over. they add they are not looking for anyone else tied to the crime. the relationship between the girls and what led up to the shootings is unclear. jc: for the first time on television we' re hearing from the mother of one of two teenagers behind the horrific columbine high school massacre. 13 people were killed on april 20, 1999 when dylan klebold and eric harris opened fire on the colorado school gunning down their peers in cold blood. 17 years later, dylan'
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sue klebold, is talking about the tragedy in an abc news exclusive interview saying she' s lived with guilt every single day since the massacre. sue klebold says she never thought her son would do anything so horrific. >> it is hard to live with the fact that someone has brutally killed people in such a horrific way. it' s hard to live with that. j.c.: she adds she' s haunted every day by thoughts of the children and teacher killed in the attack. you can watch diane sawyer' s full interview on a special edition of 20-20 tonight at 10:00 right here on channel 5. phil: right now a machete attack at on ohio restaurant is being investigated as possible terrorism. four people were hurt when a man walked into this restaurant last night and started attacking people. witnesses say he had been there an hour earlier and had a conversation with an employee
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the man took off in a car only to be shot by police after lunging at officers with a weapon in each hand. the fbi is now investigating if he had any ties to terrorist groups. jc: breaking news on the campaign trail. former virginia governor jim gilmore has dropped out of the gop presidential race. as the republican field continues to narrow, the remaining presidential candidates are courting voters in south carolina as the democrats turn to nevada. aixa diaz is tracking the battle for votes. >> the focus now turns to south carolina and nevada. >> the diverse electorate will
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>> it is very important in south carolina. it is a state that has been hospitable. >> i have said it before. my role model is jesus. i do not believe you put your faith in a locked box when you were in public life. >> you cannot be a nation -- >> there are more people that know me today after new hampshire then new me before. reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be at the same place again tonight giving separate speeches in minnesota. >> a big break to tell you about
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british police have arrested a teenager behind the attacks over the last few months. several officials including cia director john brennan and jeh johnson have had their e-mails hacked. no sensitive material is believed to have been compromised. j.c.: take a look. cars and palm trees covered in ice. a water main broke but the air was so called it caused the water to freeze on contact. it' s unlike anything he has encountered. >> 23 degrees, the cold is coming. heather: the key here is how long it has been since we have been this cold. harvey: it has been a wild. we will be as cold as we have been in 12 years.
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enough for a 23 degrees is the temperature in boston. one saving grace, the wind is down. we the readings around the region are cold. upper teens to low 20' s. it was cold this morning. right now the wind is 10 miles per hour or less. it' s not that big a deal. the skies may actually clear , especially boston westward. the wind will not be strong. that will not be the arctic air yet i am talking about. before we get to that a couple of things to know. look at the snow. there is a storm developing . look at the snow squalls. that is the leading edge of the
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this makes a run at us tonight. it looks like southeastern mass could get brushed with a couple inches of snow from that. the arctic front is going to come through. as this moves on they will join forces into one storm. then by late morning or noon that is when the arctic air starts to come in and then with this storm intensifying, we are going to get a funneling effect. it is going to be very windy night. it could produce anywhere from a coding to an inch above the cape. including the islands, then we come in.
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temperatures for the day. look at the time. it starts up saturday afternoon. the combination of low temperatures, that is causing the windchill warning to be in effect. you are talking frostbite that could at kerr in 10 minutes time. that is the cold we are talking about. here is a look at the seven days. bitter weather at night. when we take a closer look at this, i' m showing you the temperatures. they slide down during the day. down close to zero, even in boston, then below zero and well below to the north and west. we have to confine the wind with that. that is going to be just about
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usually see. wind chill' s 30-34 below zero late saturday night and sunday morning. by sunday afternoon , wind chill will be in the teens below zero. i do want to let you know when this leaves us we are going to be left with possibility of snow moving in and the next precipitation or rain possible on tuesday. the cold is certainly the big story in the future. heather: at&t hoping to make your smartphone faster. phil: the tested is planning and houston the network could be available to you. jc: the number of americans diagnosed with dementia expected to increase. but new at 5:30, the surprising find just unveiled by b.u. researchers. phil: coming up at 6:00, new details coming out in court about the murder of a 70-year-old man. the shocking discovery prosecutors say the suspect was
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jc: a delaware court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit against general motors by its shareholders. the state' s supreme court s ruling from last summer. shareholders were seeking to recoup losses stemming from a recall of faulty ignition switches blamed for multiple deaths and injuries. a judge said the shareholders did not show proof the company' s directors acted in bad faith. phil: at&t is getting ready to launch trials to speed up your smartphone power. the provider says it will be testing 5-g by the end of the year. verizon recently made a similar announcement. the download speeds could be 50 to 100 times faster than the average 4-g connection. but it looks like it won' t be available to customers until 2020. heather: j.c.: -- don' t ask me to get another phone. jc: if you plan on heading to universal studios anytime soon you might want to take some extra cash with you.
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since last year. an one-day adult ticket now costs 105 dollars three dollars more than the previous price. a ticket for your kids? now 100 dollars. if you have a family of four heading to the theme park expect to pay at least 610 dollars before food and souvenirs. phil: police in new hampshire calling this the worst case of animal abuse they' ve seen. jc: new at 5:30 the charges two women face after officers found a severely emaciated dog. phil: a plane packed with passengers forced to make an emergency landing after smoke fills the cabin overpowering some people. jc: the commander-in-chief making a pit-stop at the ellen show to talk politics, his daughters and the surprise for
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>> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: we continue to follow breaking news at 5:30, we' ve learned that the woman killed when a manhole cover struck her car on the southeast expressway this morning, was an art teacher. caitlin clavette taught at the glover elementary school in milton. highway crews now conducting emergency inspections. jc: in dorchester, an active investigation after shootout on a neighborhood street. investigators say a boston police officer opened fire after
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his weapon. the suspect was killed. phil: months after delivering guilty verdicts in the marathon bombing trial, the names of the jurors in the trial have been the 7 women and 5 men came from communities ranging from cape ann to cape cod. the panel voted in favor of the death penalty for dzhokhar tsarnaev. phil: we continue to track the extreme bitter cold moving in. jc: subzero temperatures. when you add that to the wicked windchills, it will be dangerous today. reporter: wind-chills 35 below zero. frostbite can happen in minutes. anybody who is outside -- if you don' t have to be, we suggest you don' t. it' s called, upper teens, low 20' s, but there isn' t too much


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