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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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his weapon. the suspect was killed. phil: months after delivering guilty verdicts in the marathon bombing trial, the names of the jurors in the trial have been the 7 women and 5 men came from communities ranging from cape ann to cape cod. the panel voted in favor of the death penalty for dzhokhar tsarnaev. phil: we continue to track the extreme bitter cold moving in. jc: subzero temperatures. when you add that to the wicked windchills, it will be dangerous today. reporter: wind-chills 35 below zero. frostbite can happen in minutes. anybody who is outside -- if you don' t have to be, we suggest you don' t. it' s called, upper teens, low 20' s, but there isn' t too much
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earlier today, not that bad for the moment. then you get to minneapolis, it is 10. look what is doing north of the border, subzero air. that is the air on the way. the idea in all of this is that we are going to wind up with below zero air in boston probably before midnight tomorrow night, lasting well into sunday morning. only three times last winter were we below zero. right now forecasting at five below in boston but with enough wind to create windshore of 30 below -- below. we will let you know about a storm for early next week coming up. phil: sky 5 over the mbta' s commuter rail trains as they prepare for this weekend' s bitter cold. they plan to run the rail trains all weekend, even overnight. by continuously running the trains they hope they are less likely to have mechanical issues or delays. jc: right now, this school bus driver is out of jail after allegedly driving drunk and
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newscenter 5' s jorge quiroga with his defense tonight. jorge: bus driver says he was under the influence of cold medication. police here claim he was drinking. and drinking a lot. but not before he was forced to test that the gps device on his ankle was working. driven away. police claim poirier had been drinking when his school bus with 11 kids on board suddenly backed up and, knocked down a utility pole thursday. >> he denied he had any alcohol. he said that he had drunk nyquil and dayquil earlier during the day. >> i believe he had some difficulty coming out of the bus at the time. jorge: so unsteady poirier fell down the steps of the bus. then blowing a .157 on a breath test. that' s' nearly 4 times the legal limit for a driver with a
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bill frowein lives right at the accident scene. >> wow. that' s incredible that he can still drive. jorge: no one was injured. but power to homes in the area was knocked out until well after midnight. tracey donais' s daughter was on that bus. >> i am astonished. >> that' s a lot? >> yeah and i don' t know how to explain that to my kids. jorge: the stay at home dad was released on personal recognizance. ordered to stay away from kids and booze. jc: former boston mayor ray flynn is recovering from a concussion, after crashing into a home in south boston. in a statement released to the herald, flynn says he passed out behind the wheel yesterday, while driving home from the gym. the 76-year-old suffered a concussion. nobody else was hurt. no charges have been filed. phil: new at 5:30, two women are facing charges after this dog
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s a dog at all. police in new hampshire are animal cruelty they' ve ever seen. abandoned apartment in londonderry. police say they were working on a tip from a landlord. the dog was neglected for so long, it was blind, deaf, and could barely walk. >> the fur on the dog' s feet was lifted up and pulled into its claws and wrapped around. it was walking basically on its bones. phil: the dog is recovering, now staying with a foster family. two women had rented the apartment but its not clear if they were living there. they turned themselves in to police. jc: also new, a new hampshire man is under arrest, accused of stealing a car from a massachusetts park and ride and using it to rob a bank. police say richard burns stole the car, held up the bank of new england in methuen with a gun, then returned the vehicle and got into his truck before he was arrested. burns faces several charges
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folks in central maine rattled by a minor earthquake today. the 2.1 magnitude quake struck at 8:37 this morning in sangerville which is about 34 it' s the 4th small earthquake in central or northern maine just this week. southeast expressway. everything is moving along. this is a friday before many vacation. a lot of folks are trying to get out of town. we are looking at the typical 25 minute to -- minute drive. the pike is jammed both directions. newton corner, slow traveling around 128 and the mass pike area. barely an improvement from the last hour at 39 minutes. on 495 north, it is a
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the final four armed occupiers in oregon facing a judge after surrendering. phil: the charges they face and why this case is still far from over tonight. jc: a virginia mill engulfed in flames. the team effort to douse the fire and what may have sparked it. phil: history in cuba. the pope touches down for a first-of-its kind meeting with the head of the russian orthodox
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jc: dramatic video from virginia. a closed manufacturing plant goes up in flames.
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process of being torn down when the fire broke out. it burned well into the evening -- a few hot spots even flared up again today. no word yet on a cause. the final four holdouts at that federal wildlife refuge in oregon facing a judge today. phil: they finally surrendered yesterday, ending a more than month-long standoff with federal authorities. but tonight this case is still far from over. reporter today the 4-final : occupiers of this this national wildlife refuge in oregon preparing to face a judge on felony charges after tense showdown. the men finally surrendered peacefully, ending a more than 40-day standoff the tense negotiations with federal agents played out over a live stream phone call. the militia was demanding the federal government turn over public lands to local control. last month the standoff' s leaders were arrested during a traffic stop and the group spokesman was shot and killed
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police chase. at least 20 people are now indicted on federal charges linked to the occupation. the wildlife refuge still closed to the public but now free of armed occupiers for the first time in more than a month. >> we' ve said since day one, our goal has been to end this illegal occupation peacefully and we' re grateful we were able to do so. phil: today fbi bomb teams are at the refuge making sure no explosives were left behind. next, teams will move in to search for evidence. federal officials say it could be weeks before the refuge reopens. an american airlines flight forced to divert after smoke breaks out on board. jc: tonight, why experts are calling it a pilot' s worst
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phil: an american airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing after smoke breaks out in mid-flight. it quickly filled the cabin, causing some passengers to panic. newscenter 5' s erika tarantal with the panic on board. erika: a scare in the skies as an american airlines flight is forced to make an emergency landing after a mechanical issue reportedly caused the cabin to
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flight 564 taking off from san jose around headed for phoenix 9:50 a.m., international airport but shortly after takeoff smoke engulfing the cockpit. >> that made concern for us that more resources to lax at that time. erika: the pilot landing the aircraft safely at lax, fire trucks quickly surrounding the plane as 125 passengers evacuated complaining of , eight respiratory irritation. erika: this video capturing firefighters admistering first aid just moments after the passengers arrived at the terminal. >> there was pandemonium here and people were scattered
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erika: american airlines releasing this statement overnight, our maintenance team is currently evaluating the aircraft. we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. jc: a remarkable story out of canada. a man who vanished three decades ago has been found alive. edgar latulip was reported missing in 1986. he apparently suffered a head injury that severely impacted his memory. recently he began having flashbacks. he shared his concerns with a social worker who determined he had been the subject of a long-standing missing persons investigation. tonight, latulip is en route to meet his family for the first time in 30 years. two religious world leaders meeting today for the first time in hundreds of years. pope francis met with patriarch kirill, the head of the russian orthodox church in cuba, this afternoon. the two shared a hug and an hours-long conversation. leaders of these two religious branches have not met since the
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1504. president obama: somebody call the situation room, because things are about to get hot. phil: president barack obama spicing things up on daytime t.v. in california ahead of a summit with southeast asian leaders, the president stopped by the ellen degeneres show. during the taping for today, ellen gave a heartfelt thanks to the president for all he' s done for the gay community. in a more playful moment, since the president will be away from home on valentine' s day, ellen surprised him with this message. >> roses are red, violets are blue. you are the president, and i am your boo. president obama: michelle, i made a lot of decisions as president. my best decision was choosing you. thanks for putting up with me. phil: the president also talked about his love for his daughters and how hard it will be to see malia go off to college. the u.s. secretary of state hits the entertainment stage next week. john kerry plans to sit down with jimmy kimmel. this will be kerry' s first time on the comedian' s late night
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you can watch the new episode right here on wcvb after newscenter 5 at 11:00. jc: right now, more than 20 states, including massachusetts, are bracing for subzero temperatures and dangerous wind chills. the bitter cold will peak this weekend. and as marci gonzalez reports, it could shatter records. marci: bundled up and bracing for potentially record-breaking cold. >> if you have to go outside, be careful. if you don' t have to go outside, the best thing to do is stay indoors. marci: 19 states under wind chill warnings or advisories, with temperatures expected to drop as cold as -35. frostbite can set in in 10 minutes. this arctic blast forcing the ironic cancellation of an ice
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it is lake-effect snow impacting plunging temps. abc' s ager peterson is there. >> by tomorrow morning it is expected to feel like 30 below. marci: warnings and complaints rolling in from the northeast to north carolina. while in california today, their extreme weather is sparking a different kind of reaction. a heat wave there with s. it is not helpful to think about that, but at least the temperatures in the northeast are expected to get back to normal by early next week. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> we can see on the map behind us that arctic cold being unleashed to the northeast. minneapolis 10 degrees right now.
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we talk about things that will get back to normal relatively speaking in terms of temperature next week. what will happen the last 2/3 of this weekend is not normal. 21 degrees below zero. we take a trip up there. what will happen with all that air is getting ready to take a trip down here. it' s not all that unreasonable winter. that is about the time the arctic front will be coming through and once it does, in spite of the time of day, the direction after that. in one direction after that, and that is that way. by saturday at 1:00, now we have jock into the teens in boston. 10 or so in worcester. estimates, obviously. 7:00, boston is in single
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7:00 at night and the winds could still be gusting to 30 to 40 miles per hour. boston will probably dip below zero before midnight. worcester headed into double digits below zero and boston looks to be significantly below zero. a member struggle for the temperature recovery, in spite of a full sun for most of us on sunday. only going to see it struggle up towards 0. austin may or may not get to 10 degrees on sunday. -- boston may or may not get 10 degrees on sunday. around cape ann and the outer cape, that northwesterly wind might produce a motion effect snow or squalls is the real arctic air discontinue in saturday night into sunday.
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impact. here is your timeline, saturday afternoon, saturday night into sunday morning. could be isolated gusts over 40, combined with low temperatures. that creates the nastiest windchill. frostbite in as little as 10 minutes in weather like that too exposed flesh. here are current temperatures, teens and low 20' s. this little storm may just barely brush the cape later on tonight. then this arctic front, that is what comes through tomorrow morning. then the bitter cold starts to flow in. there is the snow over the cape. a couple of snow squalls in the berkshires. sometimes they make it all the way across that arctic front. this is the amount of snow that could fall, not that much. here we go. you know the story, how cold it
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one more time, i want to reiterate that following that, we will have some type of storm. a lot of the computer models are would drive warmer air up. we would turn to rain on the coast and ice and then rain i' m not 100% sold on this track. because the air mass is so cold, it may affect that storm track and force it further east, which would keep it colder and make it more complex. i do think snow is going to break out monday evening and monday night, but when and where it changes to rain and ice on tuesday morning or late monday night, that has to be played out. a wide variety in temperatures tuesday. we will stay on top of that as well. phil: it' s a big day for a member of the extended newscenter 5 family. jc: susan wornick' s mom, myrna, is turning 101.
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they both look great. susan jokingly told us myrna is the one sitting in the chair. and that she credits her loving family for longevity especially , her 4 granddaughters and wonderful friends. we' re sending myrna our best for another healthy and happy year. >> sweet, wonderful woman. i met her at susan' s going away party. jc: when i met her she was still driving the convertible. nearly a dozen companies frantically trying to develop a vaccine for the zika virus. phil: next at 5:30, how soon test trials could get underway. heather: we have breaking news at 6:00, new information on the teacher killed when a manhole cover when flying on 93 and the emergency inspections to make
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phil: a potential new tool on the horizon in the battle against the zika virus. world health official say possible vaccines are just months from trial.
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organization said 10 companies are working on vaccines. but two in particular are showing promise, one developed here in the u.s., the other in india. the mosquito-transmitted virus is spreading rapidly throughout south america. but several cases have been reported in the u.s. including one here in massachusetts. jc: the number of dementia diagnoses is expected to rise over the next few years. but a new boston university study offers some surprising news about when americans are diagnosed. reporter: dementia, it' s a devastating diagnosis and a fear for many as they cross into retirement age and beyond. dementia hits millions of americans each year and as life expectancy continues to rise in the u.s., researchers worry the number of americans who develop dementia will rise along with it. but a new study is offering unexpected good news. yes, we still expect dementia numbers to rise. but americans in general may be developing it later than they used to. researchers at boston university look at more than 5000 people in
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ve been tracked for nearly four decades. surprising, but the rate of dementia in the 60 and older age group decreased. nearly four out of every 100 people in the late 1970' s got dementia,but this decade, it' s two out of every 100 people. meaning an individual' s chance of hearing that diagnosis is down by about half. of note, only those with at least a high school diploma showed this decreased rate. yet another suggestion is that education may have something to do with risk. they' re not sure why. jc: researchers are cautiously optimistic this information could pave the way for strategies to stave off dementia for as long as possible. >> we have breaking news, a teenager injured in a breaking run -- in a hit-and-run in lowell.
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underway after a manhole killed a driver. >> why boston police say they had no choice to use -- choice but to use deadly force. >> how difficult conditions will be. >> the steps you need to take to protect your home before the deep freeze. >> getting ready for the brutal cold on the way, the mbta running trains all weekend to prevent issues. jc: harvey leonard has the important details. harvey: this has been a one-two punch. the first came with the wind and cold late yesterday. too much wind. s incredibly cold. 21 below.
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are far that boston will drop below zero into the night lasting into tomorrow morning. the danger of frost will be so high in a short period of time. minus five will be a record for boston. it looks like the coldest in over a decade in boston. high temperatures might fail to make 10 degrees in boston on sunday. i will let you know when it modifies, the storm that will follow it, and which areas tonight will get snow. >> take the latest stormteam 5 forecast with you wherever you go. download it for iphone or android. heather: sky 5 over breaking news in lowell, a hit and run involving 15-year-old. the teen was riding his bike on lawrence street when he was hit late this afternoon.


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