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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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are far that boston will drop below zero into the night lasting into tomorrow morning. the danger of frost will be so high in a short period of time. minus five will be a record for boston. it looks like the coldest in over a decade in boston. high temperatures might fail to make 10 degrees in boston on sunday. i will let you know when it modifies, the storm that will follow it, and which areas tonight will get snow. >> take the latest stormteam 5 forecast with you wherever you go. download it for iphone or android. heather: sky 5 over breaking news in lowell, a hit and run involving 15-year-old. the teen was riding his bike on lawrence street when he was hit late this afternoon.
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going. vehicle. injuries. anyone with information is asked to call police. more about the victim of this deadly crash. a loose manhole cover smashed caitlin clavette' s car on 93 south this morning. the crash forcing massdot crews out to perform emergency inspections of boston' s newscenter five' s jack harper is live with more on the teacher killed. >> right now those investigators and inspectors are moving on two fronts, inspecting to see it doesn' t happen again, investigating to see what went wrong. this is the car, a small honda. here is the manhole cover. weighing more than 200 pounds, the metal cover had been over a strom drain. the driver, 35-year-old caitlin clavette, was killed. she was heading to work at the
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milton. from the school' s facebook page miss clavette was loved by her , many students and she inspired a love of art in our children. she will be greatly missed in our community. somehow the manhole cover became loose and then flipped into the air landing on the driver' s side , windshield of the car. investigators are reviewing video from tunnel cameras trying -- cameras trying to learn more , about the accident. in similar accidents, vehicles have clipped the rim of the dislodged covers, sending them into the air. in boston, i' m jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: sources telling 5 investigates tonight that this appears to be a tragic accident. karen anderson joins us now. karen: sources are telling me there is no indication of any problem with the manhole or the cover, no cracks, moisture or freezing that could have pushed it above the road. we' re told video was captured from highway cameras. it' s difficult to see but
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went flying when another vehicle drove over the manhole. inside the dot operations center, all eyes on highway cameras as inspectors go to work covers, storm grates and other roadway panels are secure. the quick action just a few hours after a manhole cover went s windshield. >> we decided to send high way crews to inspect every since opening of any kind, whether it is a grate, a manhole cover, or electronic great or whatever it is -- grate or whatever it is. the crews carrying welders in case any work has to be done. the state says inspections on manhole covers are done every two years. this one was up to date set to , be checked again in june. the last widespread emergency inspections came in july 2007 -- 2007. a storm grate smashed through the windshield of this car in a construction zone on route 128 in westwood.
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driver, pawel swierczynski of an investigation found the storm grate wasn' t properly anchored and wasn' t designed to be used on busy highways. investigates this is a sad day as the tragic incident revives difficult memories. our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased. similar sentiments today from governor baker. >> the big issue i think for everybody is that our thoughts family that has been through an incredibly bizarre event and lost someone. >> a source tell me there' s only one other accident they could find nationwide that happened in a similar place in this one. it took place in new york. we will look at that tonight at 7:00. karen anderson, 5 investigates. >>
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investigating a deadly officer involved shooting. the suspect killed after police say he pulled a gun on officers. repor ter: boston' s police commissioner tells us these officers had no choice but to shoot after a man pointed a gun at them. it' s a call that no officer wants to make, wants to hear. >> all of us were holding our breath. reporter: the commissioner says just before 10:30, police noticed a man carrying another who was shot in the leg. >> the officers confronted him. everyone could hear three commands. drop your gun, job your gun, drop your gun, show me your hands. at that point there was an exchange of gunfire. reporter: the suspect shot and killed by the officers. [no audio] but it wasn' t over.
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on scene, there was another -- [no audio] there are two investigations ongoing tonight, the first that officer involved shooting. we are live in dorchester, wcvb newscenter 5. >> the suspect accused in a murder is now being held without bail. prosecutors made a shocking revelation. sera congi is live in wareham. reporter: we learned today that the motive was jealousy. >> their suffering a tremendous loss. reporter: a grieving family in court today.
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john williams of wareham, prosecutors allege this man 70-year-old john witty of berkley shot and killed the victim after learning he and witty' s longtime girlfriend had an affair. court papers show witty told investigators i believe they , were more than just friends after finding a letter. williams was found dead in the entryway of his wareham home tuesday, the medical examiner determined he suffered 10 gunshots to the head and back. as well as defensive stab wounds in the hands. >> when you are taken down in your own home, murdered in a vicious fashion, no excuse for that, we' re going to make sure he' s accountable. reporter: police have not recovered the murder weapon but they do have shell casings and blood evidence. they also have the gps in the suspect' s vehicle which puts him right near the crime scene. live in where ham, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5.
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>> jetblue passengers at logan rocked by a bizarre accident.
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>> a hit and run involving a 15-year-old in lowell. you can see the bike is still there. police say the driver kept on going. there is no description of the vehicle just yet.
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to call police. heather: a plane full of passengers hit by a runaway van at logan airport. no one was hurt, but passengers say there were tense moments on board as they tried to figure ed: newscenter five' s juli more reaction from the passengers. juli: one passenger admitted she feared for a split second this was terror-related but as soon window they saw the van that' d hit them was barreling toward another plane. >> we were boarding the plane. at the front of the plane. all the sudden it just jumped. it was a big jolt. juli: a jetblue plane headed to tampa from logan this morning hadn' t even left the ground yet it was a big bang. windows, they couldn' t believe what they saw. >> i saw a gentleman on the ground and other people chasing the van, heading toward the other plane. juli: state police say an airport delivery driver had stepped out of his van, thinking it was in park, but it kept
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damaging the plane near gate c11. fortunately no one on board was hurt, and the flight crew appeared calm as they told passengers what was going on. >> luckily they got it stopped before it hit another airplane. we do have aircraft damage so we are going to deplane. the aircraft isn' t going anywhere for a while. juli: passengers were moved to another plane and arrived in considering what had happened, most seemed in good spirits. >> i' m so glad the trip wasn' t cancelled. i was so worried i wasn' t going to get out today. they stole us a plane and got us all rerouted. they did a great job. juli: that van driver was injured, knocked to the ground as he tried to stop the vehicle. massport said they' re still investigating exactly how this happened. live at logan, julie mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: training to deal with the opioid crisis is now expanding to dental schools in massachusetts. governor charlie baker says the state' s three dental medicine schools will introduce training for abuse prevention and management into their curriculums. it'
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s medical schools. one expert estimates 80% of prescriptions that are abused are written by doctors or dentists. heather: haverhill schools will soon have more of the overdose-reversing drug narcan. narcan was put in haverhill schools in november. each school has one container and school leaders are now upping that to two containers. ed: dangerously cold weather on the way for the weekend. heather: it probably means your making plans to stay inside. but your home could be at risk from the weather too. next at 6:00, what you need to know to make sure you don' t get forced out of the house by the
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>> pam cross is live in canton with more on how you can protect your home. pam: now we are worried about frozen pipes. let' s start outside faucet. >> i have a water tap outside. that' s good, right? >> shut off of that variety is probably in the neighborhood of 50 years old. you not only need to remove the hose from the exterior, but shut it off inside. close this valve by turning clockwise. it cap' s the remaining water from this point outwards. reporter: there are things to do upstairs and inside the house. and if you' re away, check the the thermostat.
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the temperature where it is located. my recommendation is you do not let the thermostat fall below 60 degrees. you could enter a burst pipe. reporter: if you are on an extend a winter vacation, shut off the water. one last is of advice from our expert, if you use space heaters, don' t leave them unattended. cap -- pam cross, wcvb newscenter 5. >> can i say one other thing that is obvious? do not use the stove to heat the house. >> take a lesson from pam. she was bundled up nicely. you are going to need all the weapons you got. might help inside, but certainly outside there are no two ways about it. frostbite can occur in minutes. it'
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it was 21 below last hour. that is where our air is coming from, it' s truly better and kind of a direct shot as we will ever get of that cold air coming down here. that will be the smallest amount it can be modified. we are further south. the arctic front comes through tomorrow morning. we are only talking about a high in boston of nine or 10 degrees. let me give you an idea of how this is going to play out. we take you to saturday 1:00 in the afternoon. now we take you to 7:00 at night or it is windy at this time, too. four in boston, 3 below in worcester.
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could be off by a little bit. the idea is 5 or 6 below in boston. it stays just as cold into sunday. then the temperature rise is slow and sluggish. in spite of bright, ineffective sunshine on sunday. it starts off very cold on monday. then temperature moderation can finally start to take lay' s. -- place. boston jobs below zero, yet he could be certainly tomorrow night before midnight as well as lasting into sunday. that will count for two days right there. now we have windchill. look at this, 7:00 tomorrow night. 24 below in worcester, 18 below and boston. peaks at 30 below in boston and 38 below in worcester.
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you get the idea on the cold, we have windchill warnings in effect. right now in boston it is 22. we are still kind of the first batch of arctic air. right now the winds are light, but they won' t be like tomorrow afternoon. later tonight and little bit of a storm. it might give a quick coding to a couple of inches. tomorrow afternoon the temperature false starts. 1 to 3 possible for the cable or the islands. we will have clear skies, most of us sunday. the outer cape could have squalls early. then on monday we will see increasing clouds. as early as monday night, steady snow can move into the region. we will have a big temperature change, especially over
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tuesday. that could transition to an situation late monday night and tuesday. follow. first business is first, and that is the better cold. >> now, sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: strange things happen when the bruins go on the road first -- first off they win with far more regularity. they also give up the fewest goals in the league on the road in the league at home. but not as strange as seeing patrice bergeron drop the gloves and former teammate blake wheeler did some first did some synchronized skating and some time before being called for delay of game they took a few wild swings at each other that'
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season fight of his 12-year career. the hot hand of brad marchand hasn' t chilled at all. he adds a pair of assists and his team-leading 26 goal. the bruins are now 12 games over. marsh & mclennan goals in 11 games and 14 points over his last 12. bergeron has six goals and nine points in those same 12 games. during those 12 games, the team is 8, 3, and 1. you have the rising stars challenge game with celtic guard marcus smart, and the d league all-star game with maine red claw jordan mickey. here is video of smart getting in some practice with the usa rising star teammates. they will take on rising stars
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game is tonight. mentally prepare yourself for highlights coming up at 11:00. you have 46 points per game coming from the celtic small ball guys. they were shredding' the gnar a big air fenway last night. there were in the nose bones, slob air and stale eggs, which the snowboarders totally stopped. but julia marino and max parent where the crunchy asked, which i believe means -- max par rot where the crunchy asked, which i believe means they won. >> that' s parrot. bob: great stuff, and more tonight. wondering why college can be so
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maybe it is the expenses. michigan head coach jim harbaugh took his staff on a recruiting trip and spent $136,000 in 12 days. more than $11,000 per day. the trip included a private jet and absolutely no continental breakfasts. i am thinking if they flew coach or took a minivan to michigan might be less than $43,000 a year. >> i' m surprised it' s not more than that. is that the all in? >> by books. way. hello, maria. maria: new tonight -- the company working to make to save millions of dollars. 5 investigates how a former police officer admitted to lewd
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>> let me quote from bob halloran. shreddin' the gnar. >> that is when you drag your foot behind you and you flip.
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will be pretty darn cold around here. >> look at those numbers. those actual temperatures potentially early on sunday morning, that is outrageous. >> even diehard skiers are not skiing next weekend. >> is just very, very cold. >> is that the windchill? >> overnight saturday night into sunday morning. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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breaking news tonight. what donald trump just threatened to do. trump tonight saying he might sue ted cruz over being born in canada. and on the other side, bernie sanders is asked, is he standing in the way of history? the first woman president. how he answers. and a horrific machete attack at an american accident. and, temperatures not seen in almost 100 years.


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