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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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a.m., 12 below. those are the projections. we have to add on the wind. it will be down 20-25 below zero. lower during the night, about as cold as it ever gets and feels around here. starting to see a little bit of snow, storm is going to skirt the cave and the islands. -- cave and the islands. anchor: a 15-year-old on a bike was hit and badly hurt by a driver who took off. it happened around 2:30 this afternoon. officials are on the scene. the teen was rushed to the hospital. anchor: we are learning about the elementary school art
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cover weighing more than 200 pounds went crashing through her windshield as she drove on i-93 in boston this morning. right now emergency inspections of 500 manhole covers and utility panels is underway as we speak. team coverage begins with jack harper live in boston. reporter: the crews are out there now, they will be out all night. they are looking for issues, trying to fix them and make sure this does not happen again. caitlin clavette was 35. active in athletics in arlington she was an art teacher at the glover elementary school in milton. quite she was nice. i liked how she would work. she had how we would do in her class. every time we get good it would does she would give us a sticker.
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reporter: she was heading there this morning when her honda was hit by this 200 pound plus manhole cover. the windshield on the driver' s side was blown apart she never had a chance. her car continued on 93 south for a short distance before veering into the wall on the high speed lane and stopping initially police had no idea the manhole cover was involved. the department of transportation says the cover was inspected in 2014 no issues now they look again for any flaws or concerns. why after hundreds of thousands if cars did the drain cover break loose and how was flipped into the air. was it coincidence that this happened on the coldest morning of the winter. or did freezing water push the cover up all part of the investigation. reporter: that sign will be displayed on the night long through the weekend. they won' t tell us what they have found so far. they will compile the information and then perhaps
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phil: five investigates. more about how the crash may have unfolded. reporter: police and inspectors are looking at video from highly cameras, taking a close look of a manhole and so far there is no indication of obvious problems with the cover. a tragic accident. that' s how sources describe the chain of events that killed the art teacher driving this car on i-93. 5 investigates learning that video from highway cameras shows an suv changing lanes. not much more can be seen, but they believe that vehicle passed over the manhole cover, dislodging it, sending it through the air and into the windshield of the honda. >> the big issue for everybody is our hearts and thoughts go out to a family that through an incredibly bizarre event lost somebody.
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action, sending crews to inspect 500 manhole covers, grates and panels on highways in boston. we watched from the.command center as the work got underway making sure all of the hardware was secure. so far, no major issues reported from the inspections. the state says it checks manholes on highways every two years. >> do you think there should be more inspections and will you look into whether more should be done? >> i believe standard procedure is they need to be inspected within a two year period and this was inspected in june 2014. reporter: the massachusetts inspection schedule in line with a federal recommendation issued last year. sources tell 5 investigates they' ve found no problems, like cracking or evidence of freezing, on the manhole and cover in the i-93 crash. the only other identical incident they' ve uncovered this one in june 2014 in new york state. a truck driver from springfield,
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the cross bronx expressway. a truck in front of him kicked up a manhole cover, sending it through his windshield. in new york, they were never able to determine exactly why that manhole cover came loose when the truck went over it. investigators here are still at work, hoping they can find answers. karen anderson, 5 investigates. phil: ed: nearly nine months after they voted to send him to his marathon bombing case has been released. the 7 women and 5 men came from communities ranging from cape ann to cape cod. only one of them is from boston. dzhokhar tsarnaev is being held in colorado while he appeals his death sentence. anchor: a violent morning in and two others recovering from gunshot wounds. police say they shot and killed a man after he pointed a gun at them. the injured, however, were not shot by police. investigators believe the two
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devon street. another man was helping his friend, shot in the leg, flee from that scene when officers confronted him, asked him several times to drop his gun, before shooting. the motive is not clear. nobody likes to take a life but if you are going to point a gun at one of our officers we are going to protect ourselves. reporter: the motives unclear. ed: this suspect in a woburn hit and run is being held on $15,000 bail tonight. police say tyson delgado was on the run after assaulting an officer when he hit a 65-year-old man with his car. the victim is recovering after being flipped onto the hood and driven down the street before falling off. ed: a dudley school bus driver is back home tonight after being charged with driving drunk and crashing with kids on board his bus. 42-year-old scott poirier was ordered to wear a gps tracking system. police claim he had been drinking thursday when he backed up his school bus with 11
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down a utility pole. no one was hurt, the driver claiming he had been taking cold medication. he' s back in court next month. maria: your economy stocks ending a down week. on an up note finishing sharply higher on the strength of energy and financial shares. the dow rose 313 points to close at 15,973. the nasdaq was up 70. the s&p 500 was up 35. maria: the most active local stocks, emc, down less than a point. boston scientific and staples, both up less than a point. anchor: another skimming device found at a local gas station. quincy police say this was found at the shell gas station at 315 hancock street. if you bought gas there recently you should pay close attention to bank statements and look for any unknown transactions, regardless of how small they might be. anchor: back to the big story of
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weather is here for the weekend. anchor: new at 7: newscenter 5' s pam cross is live at the blue hills ski area in canton with 5 things to know about what you shouldn' t leave in your car when the cold is this extreme. reporter: the key thing is so obvious. children. don' t leave them or your pets in the car even if it is running. knowing well the cold drain your battery but it can affect your hard drive. when it warms up condensation can affect the works. be careful with food. the same goes for eggs. freezing can make them inedible. medication shouldn' car. don'
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don' t leave carbonated beverages in your car. they can explode. the battery can lose capacity and the fluid may thicken up. allow enough time to thicken up. reporter: it is good advice. we will take it. a frigid weekend on tap. ed: harvey, we coould see some record lows. harvey: there will be some records established. that is coming up. maria: saving big money and the planet at the same time a somerville company' s cutting edge technology that' s making a difference around the world. ed: it' s not every day a teacher gets his hair cut in school. by a student. it' s tonight'
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ed: a jetblue plane packed with passengers gets hit by a runaway van at logan. state police say an airport delivery driver got out of his van while it was still in drive that van kept going right toward
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the van driver was actually knocked to the ground trying to stop it. no one on board was hurt, and employees were able to stop the van before it hit anything else. the passengers were moved to another plane and continued on to tampa. >> we all try to be a little more conscious about our carbon footprint these days. >> new at 7:00: mike wankum introduces us to a young company that has jumped on a system to make buildings more efficient and save millions of dollars world wide. >> energy inefficiency, cleaner environment. saving money, all things we want, . and here in somerville kgs buildings is doing something about it. >> we help facility manager and owners run the facilities in a smarter way. reporter: and they do it in real time, not just yearly or monthly reports, but right now. >> me he' s looking inside a building that not anywhere near >> correct. i believe this is a site up in canada but he could be looking
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or an office building in norway. reporter: there are thousands of sensor in any building. kgs taps into this unseen network. from here they monitor over 70,000 pieces of equipment in 14 different countries. so this place has a leaking cooling valve right here. and in a months time this is going to cost them 5,000 euros? wow. and you can spot it just like that. >> yes. reporter: nick guyeski is ceo. he and a few friend started the company in 2007 at mit. their original office was the school cafeteria, mit was so impressed, they hired them and saved $286,000 in heating cost in one year. what we do is i can tell you a building half way around the world in australia, there' s an air handler on the 5th floor that needs a new valve. and replacing that valve is going to save you &10,000 a year. >> it' employing 22 people each with there own personalized avitar. >> what' s with the coffee cups.
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. reporter: and their looking for a few more faces to put on a coffee mugs. but not too many they want to stay small, nimble and in somerville. >> there' of tech start ups here. that make it an exciting place to work. reporter: it' they' ve teamed with some larger business and continue to grow, not just in somerville but around the world. phil: it makes perfect sense. we could monitor your weather. we don' t want it to be 20 below. we want to be 45. harvey: controlling is another thing. let' s show you what' s going on in boston. the breeze is out of the south. let' s see less cold wind direction. right now the wind isn'
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clouds have moved in. they' re all those light southerly winds. i' m not sure of it' s going to reach the ground in this area. i am following this area, it may brush the cape in the islands. that is the best chance of getting steady snow before it pushes offshore. could there be some accumulation? wind yesterday afternoon. everything has quieted down. there it is. lots of bitter cold air is going to move in our direction. nine times has boston dropped
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it happened three times last winter. it would break the record for sunday which is minus three. we might be that cold by midnight saturday night. we may break one or two records and not even get to 10. it is going to be a struggle. minus five, we are using this as a negative chart. that would break the record of -11. wind chill goes in the fact sunday afternoon. let' s try to break this down how temperatures ago. the sharp drop is going to start when we get into the afternoon hours of sunday. wind chill is a big deal.
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saturday night, 18 to 24, look at 1:00 a.m. we stay in the negative column all day sunday. quick changes following this. as the air mass moderates we will see a storm, the coast. if it takes a track to the west, that will turn over to rain. i' m not convinced it will work that way because it is possible only eastern and southeastern mass will warm. then it will be snow changing to ice. lots to follow with this. sometimes the dense, heavy cold is hard to remove over inland areas. that could complicate the forecast.
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is the bitter cold. it begins with the wind and continues into sunday. >> sportscenter 5 one minute drill. anchor: unless the sport is fighting there should be no fighting and sports. it is time to take it out of hockey. if you think it belongs in hog-tie convince me. the fact that you like finding is not a convincing argument. you are not fighting. the only people who like fighting are spectators and winners of the fight. the rest of something wrong with punching someone in the face to settle a dispute. let' s see basketball players fight. football players can drop
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of course, women should fight. it is about intimidation, inspiration and preventing 30 penalties. women all need that as much as any nhl player. i heard you sing basketball players fight. it is policed out of those sports. when we see it we are appalled. anchor: kurt rambus. what do you mean they don' t fight? >> it is a year-long suspension. >> i' m just saying they fight. let' s go. >> you learn a lot of things in grade school. reading, writing.
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waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. maria: five for good. boston college with a big message for the little boy from rhode island behind hashtag d-strong. >> they donated two people battling cancer. they donated hair .
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cutting off the locks of their friends and their teachers, some grow their hair out two years ahead of this event. >> that is a good one. >> it is for the best reason. a beautiful gesture. look of the stories we will be following all night. >> send us your video, your pictures, doing good in your community. we will share them on the wcvb facebook page. or email them to ulocal at if we use the story you send us on the air we' ll send you a
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>> tonight at 11, the tragic accident, sympathy and loving memories of the beloved teacher who was killed in this freak accident. >> five investigates how a next con who admitted to lewd behavior managed to land a new state job. did he get special treatment? >> new danger died -- tied to the zika virus. could it be connected to
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>> a small key relation of snow in cape cod overnight brady rodgers drop. that is the cold stretch. >> monday it gets better and then we hit the 40' s. >> we have to go through snow monday night. >> we will be watching. bundle up out there.
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>> this is chronicle. >> start the day with a bang. grab a quick bite. force it down to a different kind of dinner. whatever your pleasure, it' s on our menu tonight. vegan friendly. >> meals that start conversations. >> what is cooking? chronicle.


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