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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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beautifully, they died very well, with great couge. pam:aw emotion from the frontman of the eagles of death metal. his message months after the terror attacks in paris. announcer: from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb new center five at six. reid: breaking news at 6:00 pm unite states in court justice antonin scalia has died. the supreme -- the 79-year-old was found at a resort in west texas beat he was the longest-serving justice and one of the high courts most conservative voices. he was appointed by president ronald reagan in 1986. chief justice ronald -- chief justice john roberts releasing this statement, saying -- his passing is a great loss to the court and the country. we will have much more information as soon as becomes available. pam: an arctic blast sends massachusetts into a deep freeze. temperatures plunging right now, below zero overnight. it' s the kind of cold that' s truly dangerous.
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most of the state at this hour. let' s get right to stormteam five' s mike wankum in the weather center. mike: it is not just us. it goes all the way down to north carolina. it is not just a cold, it is the wind with it as well. windchill warnings out for everyone. windchill goes 25 to 35 degrees below zero. then things will settle down. temperatures are just a couple degrees warmer. check out these temperatures. zero in worchester. beverly is at double digits. most places have already dropped into the single digits. indexes. this is what it feels like when you are stepping outside. feels like 25 below.
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that is the air temperature. some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in a decade. some of those are going to be staying through tomorrow morning. there is some rapid relief in our forecast. temperatures flirting with 50. reid: taking a live look at the boston skyline. there are some cold realities to deal with right now. our nicole estaphan is live in copley square where everyone is doing their best to stay warm. nickel: i can tell you to bundle up, wear layers, but the best advice is to stay inside. you bet it' s cold and those tempertaures are about to take a nosedive. >> just trying to stay inside stay warm .
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saturday, as prepared as one can be, expected wind chills will have the air feeling like 25-35 below zero. for a new englander that' s cold imagine this couple from texas >> its 8 degrees and humid just keep moving in and out of buildings . nicole: in just 10 minutes, exposed skin is in danger of frostbite. our expert says stay inside and if you do go out know the signs of hypothermia. >> grogginess, tiredness, and you would experience a coldness and stiffness. the reason is it is dangerous because sometimes you are not aware it is happening. nicole: and don' t forget your pets inside here' s an idea that might help some pet owners. they should all be and. here is an idea that might help some pet owners. an indoor dog park in woborn . owner amber dagata opened up the doors here about a month ago.
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>> its important they get hypothermia just like all of us . nicole: you want to make sure those smoke alarms, fire alarms, and cover monoxide detectors are working. pam: right now we' ve learned new information about the health of former boston mayor ray flynn. he has been fitted with a defibrillator in an operation at mass general hospital. the surgery coming after flynn was involved in a car accident near his south boston home on thursday. according to a family spokesman, doctors believe that flynn may have suffered a condition known as aborted sudden cardiac arrest before the crash. that irregular heart rhythm may have led to a drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness. we are told flynn is resting comfortably now. reid: this is happening in lawrence. fire to permit have
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no injuries were reported. pam: lowell police continue to search for a hit and run driver that struck a teen on a bicycle. an incident that police believe was no accident. pam: the victim remains in the hospital as the investigation continues. our juli mcdonald is live in lowell with the latest. juli: police do have that truck. it is an older model white chevy alvarado. police have a good idea of who was driving it as well as the passengers. to recover at the hospital tonight after he was thrown from his bike in what lowell police believe was an intentional hit & run. witnesses on lawrence street told police what they saw moments before, sot capt. >> some of the witness who came forward said there was some type of argument or discussion between the occupants of the truck and this young man. juli: lowell detectives went to a liquor store at lawrence and rogers street to take a look at their surveillance cameras. they saw this white truck had
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the store. the department then sought the public' s help, sending out a code red message to neighbors. >> the vehicle left with part of the bike under the truck. if you see a damaged bike in your area, please call the lowell police department. juli: police found parts of the bike had been dragged almost a mile away to bolt street. at the other end, they found the abandoned truck parked behind a landscaping business. the 15-year-old suffered serious injuries but is in stable condition. he was first flown to beth israel and then had to be transferred to children' s hospital. five. pam: tonight emergency inspections of the manhole covers on i-93 are complete. massdot says the inspections found no threat to public safety. caitlin clavette was killed yesterday after a loose manhole cover smashed through the windshield of her car. inspections began immediately following the accident and continued throughout the night and in to the morning.
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during that time. reid: commitment 2016, and the six remaining republicans in the presidential race will debate in south carolina tonight. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia sure to be one of the topics tonight. reporter lana zak with more. lana: from the rally stage. to the debate stage. jeb bush and john kasich warming up for tonight' s face off by courting voters in south carolina. >> give me a chance to take this message to america. give me the votes you have and call three people and get them to vote. lana: the six or meaning republican candidates, and some contenders are expected -- >> they get personal, they get ugly. lana: donald trump has largely
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taking aim at senator ted cruz, t sue him for not being a natural born citizen. >> trump uses power for personal imagine the damage he could do as president. >> and tonight is a chance to redeem himself after the last debate. and bernie sanders are facing off on the campaign trails in the next battleground state, nevada. iowa, we surprised them in new hampshire, nevada. na: sanders is working to keep the momentum after new hampshire. >> im not new to this fight.
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>> just one week left ahead of their caucuses. >> the pope in mexico. how crowds are greeting him in a nation torn by poverty and drug violence. also ahead >> its intense for everybody. that is what it is supposed to be. i don' t want to let anyone down. pam: an emotional interview in the aftermath of the paris terror attacks. how the american band that saw the horrors first-hand is paying tribute. mike: here are the wind gusts. and the wind chill is down to a dangerous level. we will start talking about warmth back in the forecast. reid: and we continue to follow
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ie except -- aixa: the u.s. marshal service in washington has confirmed his death at a private residence in southwest texas. the chief justice john roberts has issued a statement. calling scalia an extraordinary individual. robert says his passing is a great loss to the court and the country he so loyally served. justice was appointed to the court by president reagan in 1986, and years he served on the bench. reid: pope francis had a busy first day in mexico today. he began the day with a ride through the capital' s historic center. the pope was greeted by a crowd of 10,000 some lucky enough to receive blessings. the pope was then treated to a welcome ceremony at the national palace. during his 5 day trip the pontiff will meet mexican officials and foreign ambassadors. he'
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poorest areas and meet victims of drug violence and human pam: we' re getting powerful new insights into the terror attacks the american band that witnessed tour in sweden tonight. before that show, the frontman an emotional appearance on >> i don' t want to let anyone down. >> the pain of what happened on that terrible night in paris is etched on the face of jesse hughes. in a riveting interview on swedish tv, he spoke emotionally about the violence and chaos at the bataclan last november. >> i' m sorry. there' s a lot going into this that million tents for everybody, and that' s kind of what it is supposed to be. >> 130 died that night. in the aftermath of the attacks eagles of death metal have taken the stage with rock superstars u2. hughes says the band takes their return to touring with both strength and humility. he recalls how the attack began. a very last note of the song,
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synchronicity . and, and, and i knew exactly what was going on. i think i might have been the only one in the whole theatre who knew instantly. >> for lack of a better way to describe it, my friends died very beautifully. they died very well, with great courage, you know. you have to stay light. you have to keep your love -- keep your heart light. if you have heaviness you have to let it out. pam: jesse hughes obviously still dealing with pain. he told the swedish interviewer he' s trying not to wake up to the memories every day. reid: mike wankum just ahead. record-breaking cold. the estimate of forecast. pam: -- and coming up next and, as we go to break, a check on conditions at new england ski
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raising money for special olympics. about 70 people jumped in the water. several hundred more cheered them on, while bundled up. a party was held afterwards. reid: give them a lot of credit. pam: and a lot of hot tea. >> the waters probably warmer than the air temperatures. >> the cold air has really plunged in here and it is going to keep funneling over the top of us. even though we have the skies clearing out of the way it did not just warm up. notice what happened with that ocean water. you start to get snow showers developing. might even see white snow out in the cape. wind is out of the west at 20, giving us a wind chill index 10
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wurster is at one below. it is six below out in pittsfield. the wind chills are going to be dropping to the 35 degree and below range. looks like tonight will be setting record temperatures. these will be the coldest temperatures since january 2004. it has been a long time. what happens in bedford, we have temperatures around zero. i think what is going to be happening is we see temperatures continue to plunge as we head through the overnight hours. that will be the bottom of everything. tomorrow it is not going to be terribly mild. you are heading about six degrees below zero with 3:00 in the morning. it is relatively mild but only by a couple of degrees. still brutally cold. low temperatures will drop off
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there will be some pockets, 20 degrees below zero. in boston we have only dropped below 09 times since 2000. three of those times were last winter. that is what is surprising about this year. we are going to get hit tonight. the coldest is january 2004. hero those high temperatures tomorrow. some spots maybe not even getting to that. s 70 degrees for high temperature. monday 27, tuesday, 40 degrees. we start adding moisture to the product, and that means we could start up some snow and ice before a changeover to rain. let' s start about that start talking about what is going to be happening down the road. they diminish as they head toward the afternoon.
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then the system coming in monday night. initially it starts to snow in most areas. there is also going to be some ice and rain buckles its way up. overnight we could see some ice and snow inland. be careful, it looks like as we there could be some slippery spots in length. tomorrow is flat out cold, a little less wind in the afternoon. some nice snow moves into the forecast. look at that, 48 degrees for a high temperature. we cool down for thursday and friday. next week and, temperatures warming up to 40 degrees. a couple of opportunities and seeing some snow. the bigger story is
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] reid: if you are looking for an indoor activity this weekend, how about checking out some boats? the new england boat show is now underway at the boston convention center. 400 exhibitors will be showing off boats, boating gear and fishing gear, just to get you thinking about warmer weather. announcer: now sports under five with bob how it' s. bob: claude julien became just the 23rd nhl head coach to reach 500 wins and he was among the last to know julien unaware he was sitting on 499 led the bruins to a 4-2 win over the wild in minnesota. no patrice bergeron for this one , injured during his fight on thursday. brad marchand in front of the marchand' s 27th. minnesota evens it up in the second period a little confusion behind the bruins net kevin miller turns it over and tomas vanek buries it behind jonas gustavson. it was a tie game for 35 seconds
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now it' s not called a goal , initially. knocked the net off it' but after a review the refs correctly determined the puck came loose that' krejci' s 13th. third period now ryan spooner poking the puck to center ice , loui eriksson is the first one to it he speeds in and scores his 200th career goal bruins up 3-1. they' d go on win, 4-2 zdeno chara with a bulls-eye from 170 feet completes the scoring bruins in detroit to face the red wings tomorrow afternoon. as mentioned julien with 500 career wins only 381 of those with the bruins and that puts him just 6 wins behind art ross for most all-time with the bruins. the celtics playing well but probably not well enough to contend for a title but maybe all they need is a whole lotta love. and reportedly danny ainge is trying to find love the cavaliers kevin love. reports are there is a proposed 3-team deal being discussed in which the celtics get love and his 19 points per game for some draft picks and the cavaliers end up with carmelo anthony but the hitch in the deal is that anthony has a no trade clause
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m not going anywhere. so, these trade discussions might not go anywhere either, but ainge will continue talking right up until thursday' s deadline. while red sox players trickle in to fort myers for the opening of spring training next week skiers and snowboarders spent the last two nights sliding into home plate and last night' s big air winners are -- >> lisa zimmerman can do it right here. choosing to drop in. that is going to score well. >> a 92.6. >> coming in. what in the world you go home about that one. bob: i think my favorite was the switch 720. so, it' s lisa zimmerman and fenway' s free-ski. now bill belichick isn' t big into social media, calling it my-face, insta-face, or snap-face but there' s his face
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linda holliday she posted it with the sentiment, stay warm and cozy on valentine' s weekend go johns hopkins lacrosse. note to self, warm yourself into his good graces. he seems to love it. pam: coming up, we are going to look back on the life of u.s.
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pam: i have been watching the armistead drop little by little. mike: look at the wind chill index, 20 degrees below zero. that is how we will feel the air temperature. the wind kind of dies off a little bit. that will push the windchill index back up a little bit. thwindchill index feels like
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tuesday, degrees and rain. we could see some snow or ice, and then gradually changing over in tuesday. >> thank you so much for joining us. abc'
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switch to fios. welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. the longest-serving justice on the nation's high court, a towering conservative figure known for his blistering dissents, his strict interpretation of the constitution. the court and the conservative movement suffering a huge loss. team coverage tonight. and good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we do begin with that breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. justice scalia was the longest-serving justice on the high court. appointed by president ronald reagan back in 1986.


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