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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> breaking news, u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia dead a the age 79. how he is being remembered and his legacy, tonight. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. pam: president obama reacting to the news tonight. his message and what comes next for the nation's highest court. mike: sub zero temperatures right now. brutal cold and the next storm i amtraking. >> i look out for these people. i think everyone does. >> a post and worker's instinct, credited with saving a man's life. how he knew something was wrong. he in flee influenced a generation and profundly shaped the legal landscape. pam: president obama marking the death and honoring the memory of
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reid: he said he will nominate a new justice in this year. good evening, i'm reid lamberty. pam: i'm pam cross. the legacy of justice antonin scalia has left an in delible mark. reporter: he was known as the conservative anchor of the supreme court and his sudden death was marked by republicans and democrats alike. >> he influenced a generation and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> he will go down in the history of the republic. reporter: senate majority mitch mcconnell threatening that republicans will not confirm any nominee. >> there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give the
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reporter: justice antonin scalia was the longest serving justice on the united states supreme court. nominated by president. ron: president reagan in 1986. >> it is the culmination of a dream and i am greatly honored that the president would have such confidence in me. reporter: he was confirmed unanimously and became the first italian american member of the court. justice scalia reportedly died in his sleep of natural causes. he leaves behind a wife and nine children. he was 79 years old. and though he was ever firm in his conservative beliefs he wasn't afraid to reach across the political aisle counting among his closest friends, liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg.
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have a lorne case load large case load. reid: what happens is a largely debated question tonight. julie mcdonald with more on the breaking coverage. reporter: issues argued in front of the preem court that included antonin scalia. i spoke with an expert about what this means long-term. justice antonin scalia is remembered for his decades-long legal legacy that isn't change with the times. >> he thinks that the constitution a beholden to the past rather than a living document. reporter: kent greenfield mo who clerked at the supreme court says scalia will be known as an advocate for the originalist view. he believes the constitution mean hass it meant 200 years ago and he wasn't interested in come
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>> he is an opponent of civil rights advances such as affirmative action or gay rights or same-sex marriage. reporter: as the supreme court focuses on abortion, affirmative action and immigration the action will likely result in more tied decisions and that means the lower court decision will automatically be affirmed. >> the public employee union case is probably going to be 4-4 and that would mean that the unions would win. reporter: appointments is already a topic on the campaign trail. scalia's sudden death highlight hass could be a significant shift in the court's work the next several years. and the death brings the possibility of the change in course out of the abstracted into the concrete making it even more of a key issue in the presidential election.
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reid: among those speculated to replace scalia, deval patrick. he is a friend of president obama and served in the justice department during the clinton administration. pam: chief justice john roberts releasing this statement he was an extraordinary individual and injurist, jurist. reid: and a picture from harvard law. judging a case competition at the prestigious law school in 2013. more on his death tonight and as it comes in tomorrow morning on 5:00 a.m. pam: now to the bitter and dangerous cold that massachusetts. you are looking at sea fog. it happens when arctic air blows in over warmer ocean water. i know that because mike wankum told me so. mike: and the ocean is amazingly form.
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kind of a fog and forms 2-3 feet off the ground. pam: looks nice. mike: really cold stuff. the sea smoke and seeing your breath as you walk outside. windchill warnings and windchill advisories from the canadian border to north carolina tonight. cold stuff hitting the east coast. the warning goes until noon tomorrow. gusts running around 25-35 degrees below zero. and over the cape just because it as couple of degrees warmer only a windchill advisory. either way, if you step outside you know it is cold out there. herer the current temperatures. boston down to 1 below zero and worcester 8 below. jaffrey double digits below zero and now down to 12 12 degrees below zero. taunton and new bedford at 0 as well. the winds to contend with and the windchill index right now, 20,
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and it is going to be that way overnight tonight, boston setting probably a record low on air temperatures. and then add the wind to it and windchill indexes tomorrow morning, 25-35 degrees below zero. big temperature changes coming. we will talk about that and more about the windchills and details coming up in a few minutes. reid? reid: a night to be outside as little as possible. with that said let's go outside to nicole estafan. it is nothing less than bone chilling. nicole? reporter: that sums it up. when the wind blows, and it is blowing, it is intense. >> it is brutal. it is tough. reporter: that is one word for it. another, down right bitterly cold. >> i wanted to see a movie. i am only out here with the necessary at this time get back
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to get back to my car . reporter: he was caught up with how quickly it went from cold to unbearable. >> my girlfriend gets the benefit of me waiting waiting in the theater for me to pull the car out. >> we didn't find a lot of people walking outside in boston but running, that a different story. it so cold out, watch what happens to a hot cup of water. the liquid freezing before it hits the ground. most braving the weather are bundled up. not everyone. >> you don't even have a hat on? >> i know. i won't be staying outside for too long. just going to go in and out real quick. >> experts warn don't underestimate how quickly this frosty air can turn dangerous. just 10 minutes of exposed skin and you could end up with frostbite. >> we spoke with officials at the fire department. three things before you go to
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the space heaters and check that the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working. reid: commitment 2016. a moment of silence before a rauc us republican debate. pausing in memory of justice antonin scalia taking place one week before the gop primary in a crucial conservative state. the stakes could not have been any higher. a rare moment in the gop race. all 60's presidential candidates shared the shame opinion. delaying an appointment of a success to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> i think it is up to mitch mcdonnell and everybody else to stop it. delay, delay. delay. >> over 820 80 years since a lame duck president has appointed a appointed supreme court justice.
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donald trump and jeb bush throwing jabs over foreign policy. >> jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely -- [crowd booing] >> from a guy who gets his foreign policies from the shows. insults his name to the nomination. >> marco rubio tried to regain footing after a fifth place finish says he has made tough choices as senator that prepared him for the oval office. >> it was a difficult decision to make and one we only had a few days to look at. i voted against the plan to use force and it was the right decision. >> ohio governor john kasich says the u.s. has to tell russia what we expect from them. >> an attack on ney tee nato trumped up on any excuse of russian speaking people is going to be an attack on us. >> former president george w. bush will hit the campaign trail for his
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bush will speak pam: hillary clinton spoke to supporters at a rally in henderson, nevada. the state department released more of the democrat's e-mails an issue that plagued her campaign. clinton headed to colorado for the annual democratic dinner in denver. also, at that dinner clinton rival bernie sanders while on the campaign trail today said clinton is becoming unraveled by his progress and spoke to reporters in nevada after hosting two events in reno before he traveled on to colorado. reid: we learned new information about the health of former boston mayor ray flynn. he has benefited benefited with a defib later in an operation at mass general after he was involved in a car accident near his home and thursday.
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suffered an aborted cardiac arrest before the crash which may have led to a drop in blood pressure and a loss of consciousness. he is now resting comfortably. >> firefighters are investigating a multialarm fire. the flames broke out before noon and quickly rose to three aarm. fire departments from neighboring towns provided assistance to lawrence. one firefighter suffered minor injuries after he was hit by falling debris. reid: police searching for the driver of a hit-and-run that hurt a teenager. the teenager was thrown from a bike, recovering tonight at the hospital. police believe they know who was behind the wheel. pam: emergency inspections of the manhole covers on i-93 are compete. the inspections found no threat to public safety. caitlyn clavette was killed after a loose man hole cover
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of her car. inspections began immediately and continued throughout the night and morning. 919 structures were inspected during that time. reid: a postal worker coming to the rescue of a regular. how instinct played a role in saving a man's life. mike: cold enough for snow but how quickly does it change to rain. pam: a fund fundraiser for a hockey player. >> my friends died beautifully and very well
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alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. r oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. r you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. t well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. r it uses extended range electric technology. r the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. pam: the man considered the most provocative member of the supreme court has died.
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79. he died of natural causes at a private residence in texas. president obama said we honor justice scalia for his service to the nation and as a towering legal figure of our time. the president said he will nominate a successor. reid: a fundraiser will be held tomorrow to benefit the women's hockey player injured on the ice. dina lang was paralyzed at the winter classic in gillette. fmc sports plans to donate $1 from every publicked a in s1 to the fund and the ice rink will match any donations made tomorrow. pam: a powerful glimpse into the terror attacks in pair. i .the american band that witnessed the horror is back on stage. they spoke about the chaos at the bataclan theater. the band was playing when the shooting started. on.
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only one in the whole theater who knew instantly. i think it is important that dunn everyone knows what happened to our friends. >> you have to stay light and keep your heart light. i am not going to let the bad guys win, i promise you. pam: they take the stage retouring with both strength and humility. reid: on his route, a postal worker sensed something was wrong. acting on that instinct was exactly the right thing to do. sera: tom takes pride in knowing the people he serves on his mail route. >> i feel like i know everybody out here. sera: when a resident broke his routine he took notice. >> i used to see him once or twice a month but he would always come out on the 10th of the month to get his social security check.
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didn't come up. sera: when the mail started to stack up he called police. >> it didn't seem right. sera: police found the resident on the living room floor. he was there for at least three days. when firefighters found the man he was alive p and conscious and taken to south shore hospital. fire officials credit the postal carrier with saving his life. sera: the man remains at south shore hospital. his neighbors are hopeful for a full recovery and are thankful the mailman was so observt. >> he is a constant in people's lives and noticed that something was wrong and alerted the correct authorities. that is wonderful. reporter: a neighbor had watchman who went above and beyond. >> i look out for these people. i think everybody does. pam: we know it is cold. reid: one way to put it. pam: the question is how low and how long? mike: really just tonight.
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don't accomplish much. then warms up towards tuesday. over 40 miles per hour wind in many locations. the wind had a bite to it. the wind is out of the west northwest and the windchill index is way below zero. atop mount washington they threw boiling water into the air. you get instant snow or more appropriately ice crystal. happens quickly with temperatures like that. show you the temperatures out there right now. here are the peak wind gusts. still, 25-30-mile an hour winds and it has a bite to it. check out the current temperatures. 3 below in saugus and burlington 3 below and pepperell 6 below. and rutland has gone to 10 degrees below zero. took down to the south, not warm. taunton at 0 but brockton only 5 degrees below zero. most of the cape hovering just above the freezing mark but the wind having a bite to it as we speak tonight.
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anywhere between 20-35 degrees below zero. that is why you want to be cautious. you get stuck in this stuff and it is flat out dangerous. in boston, 1 below zero. winds out of the northwest at 18. of 22 degrees below zero. overnight, readings dropping off and these are air temperatures, not windchills. boston, worcester, both establishing records before the night is over with. the record low for boston is 3 below. the record low for worcester is 11 below. i think we will beat those easily overnight. the windchills. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. windchills just as cold as they are right now. as the day goes on the windchill improves some what. by late afternoon, still below zero but it won't be 20-30 below zero. it will be more like 10 below zero and by evening windchills dropping to 2 below zero. clear and windy tonight with the dangerous windchills throughout. tomorrow, sunny and cold. the wind diminishing in the afternoon.
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6-12 degrees tomorrow. cold, cold stuff. jump ahead. a system coming in on tuesday. going to be coming in as a really cold air. when it comes in, it is going to be in the form of snow and in the form of some mix and ice. this is going to be the map at 9:00 monday night. watch what happens. warm air surges up overnight and pushes the ice inland. it will rain at the coast. 3:00 in the morning. if you are an early riser on tuesday morning the morning commute could be icy north and west and inland. otherwise the mild air pushes inland and by the time the day is sew remember over with temperatures in the 50's and a rain event going on. let me break it down the next seven days. tomorrow, flatout cold. it will look great looking out a window but once you step out you know it is cold. 3 32 degrees on monday with the
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look at the high temperature, 50 degrees on tuesday. a big turnaround from what we have going on right now. ooh we drop off on the temperature as we head towards wednesday and thursday. perhaps towards next weekend we may have more mix showing up on saturday as well as temperatures climb back to 42 degrees. pam and reid? reid: thank you. coming up, a tough day for a polar plunge. pam: but that didn't stop a lot
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pam: brave souls. dozens of people taking part in a polar plunge for charity this morn. the event put on by amvet raised money for special olympics. 70 people jump the in the water and several hundred more cheered them on. they were on the sidelines bundled up and held a party
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looking for an indoor activity to brave the cold check out some boats. reid: the new england boat show is under way. 400 exhibitors. test your boating skills as the new boating simulator. the show runs through next sunday with events scheduled daily. just get you in a mindset of warmer weather as well. pam: doesn't necessarily make you warmer but maybe you will think about it. reid: could also go to florida with the red sox. >> take the boat. the pitchers and catchers rereporting next week. mike will be down there as well. nba all-star game skills
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>> now, sportscenter 5 with bob bob halloran. bob: only four times when a 5'9" guy has an advantage over a guy 6'11". the first three are limbo, limbo limbo and the other are the nba skills competition isaiah isaiah thomas loses to carl anthony towne towns of the timberwolves. whoever hits the three win. until -- and it will take a few tries. until finally there it is right there. a great showing from first-time all-star isaiah thomas but he is in second place. the celtics, maybe all they need
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they are not likely to get them. you may have heard reports of kevin love from the cavaliers and the cs give up craft picks and the knicks send carmelo anthony to the cavs. he has a no trade clause and said i am not going anywhere. julian just the third nhl coach to wind 500 wins. the bruins hand the wild the eighth straight loss and the wild hand yeil a pink slip. no patrice bergeron for this one. feeding brad marchand in front of the net. his 27th and scored new hampshire six straight games. minnesota evens it up in the second period. a little confusion behind the bruins net. miller turns it over and vanek buries it. a tie game with 35 seconds. pasternak and crechi is not called a foal initial -- a goal initially. after a review, the refs
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the line before the net came loose. that is a goal. his 13th. third period now. ryan spooner poking the puck to center ice and erickson speeds in and scores. bruins go on to win as chara puts in a bulls eye. bruins face the red wings tomorrow afternoon. >> kentucky coach john calipari proving you can get ejected in less time than this takes to make a three minute egg. he is is tossed like a salad that needed to be restrained. two quick technicals over a noncall loses it. he did not speak to the media after the game which the wildcats won in a blowout over south carolina. >> bill murray still a highlight of the pebble beach pro-am. signs a man's bald head here but
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he now has a bald head with a forgery on it. justin timberlake playing. mark wahlberg the 30 footer for eagle. a lot better than "entourage" the movie. and as for the pros, phil mickelson a four time winner gets his weight on the right side and nails the chip-in. a two stroke lead through 54 holes. a lot happening in the worlds sports. i am done talking about it. reid: thanks. pam: thank you. reid: mark wahlberg a good shot there. pam: watching the thermometer there. mike: it is cold out there and tomorrow morning record lows. we get to 10 in the afterintoen. mostly rain on tuesday and high temperature about 50. monday night into early tuesday morning could be ice inland. something to keep an eye out for. bundle up out there. pam: we will. and thank you for joining us.
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begins at 5:00 a.m. reid: breaking news all night long at have a good night. this is an editorial by bill fine. >> nearly 112 million people watched super bowl 50 request a spectacle starring past mvps and a broncos team that won with hard hitting and physical intimidation. in the previous week we learned that three more players including cornerback ken stabler were diagnosed with cte. the nfl says the number of player concussions rose by 54% in the 2015 regular season. when pressed about player safety the commissioner points to an updated concussion protocol and rule changes that limit contact in practice and outlow helmet to helmet hits. goodell said if he had a son which he doesn't he would love
11:35 pm
former pro players develop alzheimer's four times higher than the general population. the concussions may triple the rate of suicides. a staggering statistic that nfl players share with military veterans. football will continue as the national pastime but it is reasonable to limit kids to something like flag football until their brains matured enough to cope with tackle football. commissioner goodell should use the nfl clout to promote changes in youth football in addition more severe punishments for the obvious severe hits. the league has the ability to institute change even if the current conditioner lacks the backbone to lead. right now the nfl owns a day of the week and with such popularity comes the


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