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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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reid: frigid air continues its grip on new england. how much longer it sticks around and our next winter stomping. cracked rails causing problems on the t. >> what is next after the death of support in court justice antonin scalia. the strong words from a massachusetts lawmaker. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. mike: take a look at temperatures across the area. we are heading down to zero in overnight. >> this brutal cold will last through the night.
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mike: brutally cold or deny is only going to be 02 10 below -- only going to be zero to 10 below zero. i will give you a brief example of what it was. boston dropped down to nine below. worcester, down to 16 below, it was a record. some places got to double digits. here are the current readings out of boston, 11 degrees. this may go down as the coldest valentine' s day we have ever had. in the south, a lot of double digits. here are the windchill indexes which are not that bad because the wind has settled down. tonight will be cold but it will not be as bad as last night. temperatures, they are headed down towards zero in boston. outside the city, 10 below seems likely. we need to talk about the system here. it looks like it is going to curve enough that it will go in land, which means warm air.
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a winter weather advisory goes into effect tamari -- tomorrow. we could pickup snow. rain. accumulation-wise not much for snow but it is that transition could cause problems. the arrival of this coming up in a few minutes. reid: the cold causing a lot of issues for people. rhondella richardson joining us live in boston with more on how people are coping. rhondella: extreme cold and trying to deal with the aaa reports they tripled the number of calls for sunday, dead batteries. if you did not go outside today and start your car, and your battery is more than four years old, you should start it. >> it' s recommended to stay indoors. >> it burns your face.
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and people are wearing all sorts of get ups like this face mask. everyone is scrabbling to get indoors but imagine your home is freezing cold, too. a for rozen piipe [[- -- pipe forced the evacuation of three apartments. >> they got it fixed pretty quickly. rhondella: residents share this video of boiling hot water as hot steam filthy apartmen -- fills the apartment. travel is high on my agenda for many but jetblue had delays this morning. extreme cold impacting the fueling operation and had some fuming. the fluids in the planes were frozen. they did not have enough room to get other planes in. >> it was unavoidable because it was so cold.
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the airplanes going. some trouble with gasing them up, with water lines freezing. i felt like they took good care of us. rhondella: frozen pipes such a concern there is an advisory out to tell people to keep the pipes open. keep the thermostat up higher than it usual. keep it up overnight and that will help. antoinette: the mbta dealing with track problems. nicole as to fun -- estefan is live with steps being taken. nicole: th e cold calling an unprecedented amount of breaks in the rail throughout the t system. nine breaks and 12 hours. we caught up with crews hard at work where they spent the day preparing replacement rails.
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early this morning inspecting for issues. the department had anticipated breaks but not as many as they found. temporary rails are in place in some areas. permanent rails are set to go in throughout the day and night. the bottom line -- this is the good news for all of you watching -- because it is a sunday and there has not been high traffic on these rails, they have been able to get to work. they do not anticipate any major delays because of the brakes going into the work week. reid: a warning right now about what not to do if your piipes -- pipes freeze. a homeowner try to melt a frozen pipe with the heat gun. the gun started a fire. they were able to put it out quickly with very little damage. antoinette: the body of late supreme court justice antonin scalia is as a texas funeral
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into the body is returned to virginia later on this week. flags are flying at half staff in his honor. lawmakers are already arguing who should replace scalia and when. elizabeth herr repurchase it is shaking up the presidential race. elizabeth: the battle for the bench has started. >> barack obama will ram down our throats a liberal justice. reporter: from fighting words in the gop debate to challenges issued this morning. to filibuster anyone president obama nominates? this should be a decision for the people. somebody but the divisions are let' s wait for an election. reporter: the sudden death of divide to this election year. >> it is the job of the president of the united states to appoint, nominate members to
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mrs. clinton : barack obama is president of united states until january 20, 20 17. that is a fact, my friends, whether the republicans like it or not. reporter: scalia served on the high court for three decades. he died in his sleep saturday at a texas ranch during a hunting trip. so, what happens now? president obama has pledged action. president obama: i plan to fulfill my responsibilities to nominate a successor. reporter: republicans threatened to block his candidates. the shortlist includes circuit court judge -- largely considered a front runner and someone republicans like. in the meantime, the court will continue to deliberate and duel with 8 justices. >> 18 months of 1 - 4-4 decisions is on president -- is unprecedented. reporter: the tie decision would mean any lower court ruling
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antoinette: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is supporting the nomination from president obama care she said both just like senate democrats. abandoning those duties with our democracy. republican talk about loving the constitution is just that - -empty talk. home tonight. he had surgery after crashing his car into a house on thursday. doctors believe that flynn may have suffered a condition known as aborted sudden cardiac arrest. antoinette: a teacher killed after a loose manhole covers smashed in her car will be remembered tomorrow. services for caitlin -- will be held in winchester. before her funeral on tuesday.
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milton p she was killed friday when she was driving to work. after her death, mass dot get emergency inspections of 900 structures on the highway. workers say they found no threat to public safety. reid: we are finally hearing from deena lange, the hockey player who was paralyzed at the winter classic. she was in a boston pride game in brighton today were julie macdonald is joining us. you spoke with lange. julie: what an inspiration this young woman is. inside this harvard rink that is packed with lange' s spirit. it has been declared deena day. connecticut was a point about boston in the league standings at the pride are fighting for more than first place. they are looking for a win for their friend and teammate who surprise them at the game today even a she continues her
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she spoke with us about the overwhelming outpouring of support she has received from her teammate, family and friends, even strangers. >> it' s good to see everyone with hats on. and i never imagine something like this would happen. the response has been incredible. i could not be more grateful. julie: spectators and fans could make cards at the door and buy bracelets. you want to hear more from dena about her recovery and how she stay smiling every day. antoinette: thank you. and one of the most dangerous cities in mexico. people in the streets. the message she is sending. -- he is sending. >> out of nowhere i felt a strong headache.
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. antoinette: today pope francis is holding the biggest event of his trip to mexico, and outdoor mass and one of the most dangerous suburbs. 300,000 tickets were given out. and millions more people lined
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the area where the mass is being held is known for murders, kidnapping and a store should buy gangs. speaking out against the drug trade is one of the messages of the pope' s five-day trip. reid: we are hearing from a florida student infected by the zika virus. 20 cases have been reported in eight countries, seven cases in florida. christopher was on a medical mission to haiti when he started to show symptoms. he complained of a headache, fever, weakness and pain. >> i thought to myself it is some kind of virus, but i wasn' t too worried. when the rash spread to my entire upper body, i said not your typical viral illness. reid: that virus lasted for four days. that medical student and his classmates are going back on another mission trip to haiti to help educate about the virus to
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antoinette: nine people are homeless after this fire in san francisco. the flames started in a row house. people living in the area were warned to close their windows and turn on their fans because of the widespread smoke. there are no reported injuries. a cliff crumbling from the power of an earthquake in new zealand. the magnitude 2.5 earthquake struck near christchurch today. today, there were no service injuries. reid: a high school swim team has set the record for the longest winning streak of any sport. the carmel girls swimming and diving team won their 30th consecutive state championship. they tookn nine of 12 offensive and -- nine of 12 events. >> we are always learning to get better. the girls here -- it' s 30 for the program, every year there is
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you to do it. no one wants to be the team that loses. reid: the team had tied the longest winning streak with a school in hawaii that had one 29 straight but once again, the girls broke that record today. antoinette: i know they are swimming in doors but i cannot think of swimming right now with these temperatures. reid: this is a rebound from this morning. you were up early this morning. antoinette: at 5:00 a.m. i thought about walking the dog. mike: we had all kinds of records. let me share with you a couple. boston dropped 10 times below zero since 2000. three times last winter. in boston, we dropped to nine degrees below zero this morning. the coldest temperature we have had since 1957. where was the coldest spot? 26 degrees below zero in the berkshires. we had a lot of temperatures
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lowell at 12 below. plymouth 11 below. these were incredible temperatures. that is why this is quite a dramatic rebound. you know what? record because it is never state this cold on this day. 11 degrees right now. the wind is continuing down. the windchill index is well below zero but not 20 and 30 morning. up. we are going to go below zero again tonight. maybe in the city we may stay at zero or 1 degree above zero. everyone else is going below zero. the wind will not be rocking away as it was last night. overnight lows -- austin down to 0. these will not be record lows -- boston down to 0. 14 to
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the record we are not going to challenge those records. clear and cold, zero to 14 below. tomorrow morning, we start with some sunshine. clouds come rolling and in the afternoon. late day we will see some snow. 24-30 degrees. it is going to feel really warm compared to what we have been through today. this storm system is coming out of the gulf of mexico. it has got a lot of warm air coming with it. so, it is going to drag this warm air over top of us. it is so cold out there that this is going to start as snow. this is the way the map looks at 8:00 tomorrow night. snow. then this warm air pushes its way in. and overnight we switch over to all rain. there may be a few pockets north and west that could stay as a bit of cie before the warm air surges out of here -- it could state a bit of ice. a wet day and w3a3rm -- warm day on tuesday.
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tomorrow morning, sunshine 8:00. as we head towards the afternoon, a lot of clouds. then we start to go towards the evening commute. there is some snow. that is mixed with rain behind it. this will buckle its way up. by 1:00 in the morning, rain, pockets of ice and snow. even more rain coming through on tuesday. the four it is over with on tuesday, we could pickup an inch of rain. -- before it is over on tuesday. we would be talking about feet of snow. without the rain. pretty heavy rain going on. accumulations not much. quickly changing terrain. as you look into 495, on e to two inches of snow. do be cautious as we talk about tomorrow night' s forecast. accumulations towards the berkshires should be to-four. the next seven days. check out this temperature tuesday.
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wind driven rain -- 52 degrees. cool down on wednesday. the cold front could give us a light snow or rain shower. it is cooler on thursday and friday with highs in the upper 30' s. perhaps next weekend, saturday, we might see a light mix. the big story, the high impact today will be tuesday with that wind driven rain. watch out as we talk about tomorrow night, there could be a little bit of that mix. antoinette: thank you. our celebration of black history months continues next with the story of perseverance.
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antoinette: we celebrate black history months with a story of hero is him on the big screen. reid: you may know the story of the 54th massachusetts regiment. as frank holland show says, the all black infantry had a major influence on the struggle for equality in america. frank: the movie is called "glory," but the soldiers fought for much more during the civil war. >> they were fighting to prove they were citizens, that they could be people who would defend america and who were worth including in the body politic. frank: the movie shows how the unit was assembled after the emancipation proclamation. free blacks and former slaves
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her cox richardson is a >> history >> professor at boston college. they could be sold into slavery if they were captured but that meant they would be killed. frank: the climax of the movie is an assault on the confederate fort. in real life, the 54th received recognition and made an important statement. >> it isn' t very important step because wh americans look toit the facte that black americans have been fighting for the same -- at the same time. it started to look like. maybe black american should be part of america frank: there is a memorial on the boston common but the regiment still exists. in 2008 it was reacting it -- it was reactivated for the massachusetts national guard. for black history months, frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: still ahead at 5:30, getting answers about the el f
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reid: the new actions they are planning to take. antoinette: the cutting edge of startups created -- in the mit cafeteria. mike: brutal cold will give way to 50'
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>> this is an editorial by wcvb '
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>> super bowl 50, spectacle starring beyonce, bruno mars and a broncos team that won. the nfl is writing high, right? we learned that three more players were diagnosed with cte. the number of concussions rose by 54% in the 2015 regular-season. when pressed about player safety, roger goodell defends the league, pointing to an updated protocol and rule changes that limit contact in process and outlaw helmet to helmet hits. roger goodell says if he had a son he would love him to play the game of football. former pro players have greater decreased -- increased amounts of als and alzheimer' s. one study claims that concussions may triple the rate
5:29 pm
national pastime but it is extremely -- reasonable to limit kids to flag football enough to cope with tackle football. commissioner goodell should reverse field and use the nfl' s clout to promote changes in youth football, in addition to stricter enforcement of rules and more severe punishment for the obvious intentional hits. the league has the ability to institute change even if the current commissioner lacks the backbone. as the movie put it, right now the nfl wants --owns a day of the week. they have a responsibility to their players past, present and future. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5: 30. antoinette: right now, the frigid air is once again gripping the boston area.
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mike: they reached the double digits below zero. the high temperature in boston today was 12. check out thesew winds. they are not that bad. it is not like the wind gusts we had last night. let me show you what the now. degrees. as you look in land, look at some of these readings. not even in the double digits. jeffrey at at six degrees. on the cape, selma that nine degrees and nantucket surrounded by water which is almost 40 degrees is only 13 degrees. -- falmouth nine degrees. this is where we see the improvement from this morning. this morning' s wind chill indexes were 25, 35 degrees below zero. now they are just slightly below zero.
5:31 pm
you see the snow ahead of it? it is going to head for the coast and curve and landed to drag this warm air in here. we will start with a bit of snow and transition. the national weather service has issued this winter weather advisory to areas outside of 495. i think we will see an inch around boston and change to rain. as you look in men, an inch the suite changing to freezing rain. much. we start throwing that rain over this cold ground and you can get some icy spots. we will talk more about the timeline and what your commutes are going to look like. reid: a new political battle and the aftermath of a supreme court justice scalia' s death. president obama says he will nominate a replacement. republicans say it is not the place for an outgoing commander in chief. reporter: in the wake of supreme courjustice antonin scalia' s death. the
5:32 pm
on the senate blasted any notion of delaying a vote on the next nominee until after the presidential election. >> it would be a sheer dereliction of duty for the senate not to have a hearing, not to have a vote. reporter: mitch mcconnell wants a nomination to be put on hold, saying "the american people should have a voice in this election." at the heart of the dispute, some republicans claim there is an informal history of not voting in the months preceding an election. here is marco rubio. >> the next president should have a chance to fill that void. reporter: for senator leahy and other democrats, the gop is confusing the facts. reminding them that ronald reagan' s nominee justice anthony kennedy was confirmed by the senate in february 1988. >> present obama is doing the same thing the president reagan did at the end of his term. reporter: scalia' s vacancy will
5:33 pm
expected to take on abortion, an d obama' s actions on immigration. antoinette: the coast guard will hold a public hearing on the loss of the el faro this week. the first session of the investigation will focus on the condition of the ship before it sank. this is separate from the ntsb investigation. two people from massachusetts were among the 33 who died when the ship sank. reid: this week we will learn more about general electric' s move to boston. the company announced just last months it will move its headquarters to the seaport district. there will be a public briefing on thursday when the company will reveal more details about the transition. we know there will be several major changes for the city, including $100 million to reopen the old north avenue bridge. antoinette: there is a warning right now to watch out for seal pups at the beach and make sure you stay away. gray seals give birth off the coast of new england in the winter.
5:34 pm
those pups alone, other mother' s is off feeding. they say the crying noise that many pups make is not a sign of distress. 5 investigates how a next cop who admits to good behavior on the job somehow managed to land a new job. reid: did he get special
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antoinette: breaking news. a tricky rescue is happening right now on a new hampshire - 48 people are trapped on a tram. reid: two cars are stuck on canon mountain. they are receiving hot food inside the terminal and will be taken back down the mountain by a snow cat. it is not believed cold weather was a factor. 5 investigates raising questions about whether a police officer accused of sexual misconduct is he to special treatment. antoinette: he was not charged with a crime even after coming clean for what he did. reporter: this is video the city did not want the public to see. it shows the police sergeant under interrogation for sexual misconduct insisting he did nothing wrong. >> you did not commit any sexual
5:38 pm
>> absolutely not. reporter: it is part of the internal investigation the city was ordered to turn over. >> the going to charge you. reporter: the records revealed days after the interview, he backed out of the light detector test. he later agreed only after promise h would not be charged and proceeded to fail the test. >> isn' t there a i had my belt -- it' s embarrassing but i had my belt undone. >> i' ve undone my pants before, usually on long drives and i had a big breakfast. i wasn' t looking to show anybody anything. reporter: jason' s trouble started in 2013 one of woman reported a man pulled over in his truck next to the atm and was masturbating while she use
5:39 pm
the woman says he saw she looked at him to see only got part of his license plate. days later, th e woman returned to the police station surprised to see that truck outside. she asked, did you get him? soon after, he changed his license plate. the police investigation noted there is enough circumstantial evidence to move forward with a criminal complaint. the department recommended he be terminated. but he was never charged, never fired. he was allowed to reside. why did the city fight so hard to keep this information secret? >> i don' t think we fought hard to keep it secret. we were following advice of counsel. reporter: did the sergeant get special treatment because he is a police officer? but ther' e e' s no criminal
5:40 pm
t have the evidence. reporter: the records includes a detailed interview with the alleged victim who was described as credible but she would not testify in court. what do you say to the public is sees this and say, why wasn' t he charged? >> i can charge of it does not mean you will win court. reporter: the mayor defends giving the sergeant immunity, officer who is found to be a liar which is what came through in this case is useless to the department. reporter: chasen is not useless to the commonwealth. he landed a top job with the state at the department of public health as director of compliance and investigations at the medical use of marijuana program. newberryport police tell us he was never called -- they were
5:41 pm
longer is a police officer and i hope he gets help. reporter: his attorney says he did not believe his client received special treatment. chasen is now on administrative leave. antoinette: mike wankum is tracking this cold weather and the next winter storm. reid: isaiah thomas moore present the celtics at tonight' s all-star game. were any i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here?
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antoinette: the frigid temperatures creating a cool phenomenon on the ocean. you are looking at sea smokie in swampscott. that is what happens when the arctic air blows over warmer o cean waters. look at that sunset right now. really some great sites out there as long as you are inside looking out. mike: it' s 9 degrees in needham. you look outside and it is beautiful all day with that sunshine. but the temperature never want up. it only hit 12 degrees. in boston, nine degrees below zero that breaks a record. keep this in mind. we are supposed to be close to
5:45 pm
the forecast, that is not that far off normal. this is what was off normal -- the coldest temperatures we have in 50 years. boston was nine below but look at many places just 12-14, 16 degrees below zero. it was a record in worcester are the temperatures dropped to 16 degrees below zero. everywhere was below zero. i found no temperatures that even stayed at zero. even nantucket surrounded by warm ocean waters is still too below zero. right now it is 11 degrees in boston. a windchill index of six degrees below zero. 25-35 degrees below zero. right now. we will see a lot of places dropping below zero. boston may hold on to zero. but what about records? we smashed records this morning impressive.
5:46 pm
worcester at 19 degrees below zero. boston 14 degrees below zero at i do not think we will get to those levels but it still will be cold. the wind won' t be as strong as it was this more and high temperatures tomorrow -- around 30 degrees. these are still cold but a lot better than what they have been. worcester 25 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. the good tuesday -- up around 50 degrees. even when it cools down on wednesday, getting back to normal. when do this you may have only been the last couple of days because that is when the real cold has been settling over the top of us. high temperatures over the cape tomorrow will be in the 30' s. they will transition to rain. there is a land will hang onto some snow. tomorrow night 8:00. there is the snow. but the transition is not nice and smooth. it is going to be kind of messy. that is why a land we could see some icing conditions. let me break it down for you. tomorrow you start off plenty of
5:47 pm
then as the afternoon goes on, here' s the clouds around 2:00 in the afternoon. then we have the evening commute, light snow breaks out. this rain to the southwest it come surging in. we are warming things up. by 1:00 in the morning, it is raining in boston. here are those pockets. a lot of that to the west. some of the ground is extreme the cold. it changes to sleep, those snowflakes bounce and it changes over to rain. it could be freezing rain because the ground is so cold. the rain stays with us on tuesday and tuesday night, heavy downpours. we could see rainwise an inch of liquid. first off, before it changes over, we have some snow. quickly changing to rain. 1-2 inches from 493 west. the heaviest snow will be through the berkshires at 2-4 inches. it is that transition you want to be careful about as we talk about monday night. tuesday' s high into the 50'
5:48 pm
we cold on wednesday. a cold front comes through. not looking for much out of that. cooler weather -- upper 30' s with plenty of sunshine. we do have a chance at seeing a little something, right now it does not look like much -- on saturday. rain or snow, mix going on. it will pass through but notice the temperatures -- in the 40' s. not like what we have been looking at the last 24 hours. we are warming up. a lot of rain on tuesday. watch out for tomorrow night. that could be on a slippery side. lynch. s day. days. this afternoon they are in mo town. the team that has the puck last is probably going to win. wet wings -- the redw in ings lead
5:49 pm
-- lead the bruins right now. bruins had a 3-1 lead in the first. right now, 10 and a half minutes ago and the bruins trailed the red wings by 6-5. evening in toronto. isaiah thomas. been a while since the celtics competition. here is isaiah thomas going mano a mano wit karl-anthony towns. hwherever scores the three at the end wins the contest. like those little things they had between periods when the have some of the youth players coming up. the kept firing away. towns will hit his first. meanwhile, here is bob halloran with danny ainge. bob: do you know who your team is and what needs to be done?
5:50 pm
year and good last year at the end of the season. i think we have a good feel for where we are. i do not think there is any, oh, wow, we have 112-15, we are way better. we understand who are team is. we understand the makeup and the chemistry and the development of each of the players on our team. and how they fit in with how we want to play. bob: do you think you are potentially one all-star play away from being a temperature team this year? danny: obviously that depends on who the all-star is. an all-star to our team -- sometimes that does not even work. sometimes it makes you go backwards. i think a transcendent player would be nice, but there is not that many of those. >> boston college hosting syracuse. at one point, boston college led by two points. too much syracuse.
5:51 pm
with a run of 21-3. things are looking dismal at the height. boston college has lost 12 in a row. 7-18. final score syracuse 75, bc 51 . the voice of the celtics sean grande is in. will the celtics make a move by the trading deadline? danny ainge goes one-on-one with bob halloran and more from the nba all-star game. more at 11:35. reid: saving big money and the planet at the same time.
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5:54 pm
antoinette: a lot of people are trying to be more conscious about our carbon footprint. reid: we introduce you to a young company that has jumped on the system to make buildings more efficient. reporter: energy efficiency -- cleaner environment, saving money. all things we want and here in somerville, kgs buildings is doing something about it. >> we help facility managers run their facility in a smarter way. reporter: they do in real time, not yearly or monthly reports but right now. he' s looking inside of a building that is not even near us.
5:55 pm
but he can be looking at an airport in australia or a university campus in california. reporter: there are thousands of sensors in any building couldkgs taps into this network at from here, they monitor 70,000 pieces of equipment in 14 countries. this place has a leaking cooling valve. this is going to cost them 5000 euros. you can spot it just like that. nick is ceo. he and a few friends started the company in 2007 at mit. the original office was the cafeteria getmit . mit hired them and saved $286,000 in heating costs every year. >> one of the cool things we do, i can tell you a building in australia, there is an air handler on the fifth floor that needs a new valve. reporter: it is a private company employing 22 people, each with their own personalized
5:56 pm
coffee cups. >> just about everybody in the company has coffee cups. reporter: they are looking for a few more faces but not too many. they want to stay small, nimble and in somerville. >> there is a growing community of startups here that make it an exciting place to work. reporter: the company is focused on health care and universities in corporate real estate. they hope to branch out into hotel and retail buildings. pretty amazing. reid: all started in a cafeteria. did you get your own coffee mug? mike: for right now, i will keep doing the weather. lots of stuff to talk about in the weather. this morning, how cold it was and look at the high temperature tuesday. 52 degrees. when you transition like that, there could be a problem. monday night into tuesday, we could see a mix or snow before it changes over to all rain.
5:57 pm
riser. you may run into problems monday night into tuesday. jurors in the 30' s and 40' s. not what we just went through. antoinette: from way below to way above to write there. -- right there. reid: still much more to come. skiing takes an unexpected and unwelcome turn in new hampshire. antoinette: dozens of people trapped in a tram.
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i' m tracking how long it sticks around and our next winter storm. reid: thousands of skiers trapped on a tram. the rescue mission happening right now. antoinette: a lc ocal hockey player paralyzed returns to the rink.
6:00 pm
>> this is wcvb nenter 5 at 6:00. antoinette: tricky rescue mission is happening right now on a new hampshire mountain. 48 people are trapped on a tram. reid: two cars are stuck at canon mountain. they are being repelled down and receiving blankets and hot food inside the terminal and multi-taken back down by the snow cat. >> we are protected from the wind and it was still pretty cold. >> people play the videogame, told stories. i talked to a man who told me about his cat. it was killing time until something happened. reid: the brake issue is to blame. antoinette: subzero conditions on that new hampshire mountain and it is not much warmer.


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