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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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reid: fire and ice. nikole standup: the extra hurdles making the job so difficult for firefighters. mike: the bitter cold is not leaving yet. the frigid air you' ll face in the morning. and our next winter storm. reid: dozens of skiers stuck on broken-down tram. a tricky rescue on a new hampshire mountin. a rental car rigged to explode. the dangerous discovery at a busy airport. a paralyzed player' s surprise return to the ice. reid: what' s next in her recovery. the temperatures tell the story night, single digits, zero, and below. tonight. good evening i' m reid lamberty. storm team 5' s mike wankum also tracking snow headed our way. we begin tonight in the weather center. this morning. right now, let' s focus on what is happening. boston one of the relative
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one thing we don' t have tonight that we had last night, that' s the wind. wind chill indexes running anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees below zero. overnight tonight, the temperature will drop down to zero in boston and rebound tomorrow. there is warmer air in the forecast. but a new storm system is coming in. initially, it is cold and that is why you are seeing snow in the northern fringes of it. then we get chances of rain. rain that transition, this is the area we are watching, inside of 495, snow that changes into sleep, freezing rain and then into all rain. this goes into effect monday on -- monday 9:00 and all the way to tuesday morning. there. exactly how it will impact the commutes in a few moments.
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fire and ice. in weymouth, a struggle to get water on a raging house fire. in fact ,resources are thin from 3 fires in that south shore town. our nicole estaphan is live in weymouth with the story. nicole. nicole: firefighters have never had to deal with this before. couple it with the cold and it was rough out here. all of this the result of people trying to stay warm. in just a matter of a couple hours sunday, three separate fires in weymouth. the cause in at least two of the cases -- people trying to stay warm. >> fuel from a wood fire store of -- woodfired stove -- use a metal can. nicole: firefighters faced to battles, the fire and the cold >> it' s cold. you keep moving. just keep moving. we'
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nicole: at least a dozen nearby departments were called in to help, too take on a job that weymouth had never been faced with before. then there was the ice. the water pressure. the dangerous temperatures. >> the frozen hydrants, we did well with that tonight. pressure was a couple of issues but we adapted, overcame on that. we pressurized the lines the fire out. nicole: all of the homeowners in this case able to get out of their homes safely. despite these cold temperatures, thankfully, no firefighters were hurt. reid: and there' s breaking news from fall river, a house fire on eastern avenue has turned deadly. the body of a man found on the third floor of a multi-family building. the flames broke out around 6:30 this evening, firefighters struggling with the frigid temperatures. the cause of the fire still under investigation. the mbta is working through the night to make sure your trains
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charlestown preparing replacement rails. several rails broke from the cold today. temporary rails are in, and permanent rails will go in soon. the t says it will keep red and orange line trains underground in tunnels overnight to limit their exposure to the cold. new at 11:00, we' re learning situation at a new hampshire ski resort. rescues needed after a tramway dozens of people trapped for hours on cannon mountain. with more on what happened. todd. todd: the tram suddenly came to a halt. cannon mountain says it was caused by a mechanical issue. it is still not clear what that mechanical issue is or when the tram will reopen. >> just gone. a few seconds passed. we started to head up. it came to a complete stop and we started rocking back and forth. todd: skiers and snowboarders rappelling from the tram. that is not the way they expected to get down from the
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the evacuation happened late sunday afternoon. both cars became stranded 100 feet from the terminals due to a mechanical issue that caused the brakes to deploy and make the trains stuck. this family was on the way up the mountain with an eight-month-old baby on a sightseeing trip. >> everyone was laughing and having fun. it was just a different it would be. todd: the seven passengers in first. bottom car were stranded for nearly three hours. >> minus four outside the cabin. the cabin was slightly warm and, but not more than 20 degrees. we were protected from the wind.
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when they got down. todd: cannon says there were no injuries. skiers and friders -- skiers and ride were given hot foodrs coupons when they got down. reid: right now, boston police are asking your help tonight as they look for a missing man. saturday morning. he was last seen outside the historic bell in hand tavern. our juli mcdonald is live in boston with the latest on the investigation. juli. juli: he was last seen wearing a dark hole over but no jacket. his family began to panic, especially considering this week is dangerously cold temperatures. >> just come that' just come back, please. 22-year-old zachary marwan boston.
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little -- we are all getting a little freaked out. juli: the family nightmare started as a celebration. matt dropped off his son at the middleton train station on friday. >> it is not often that he is able to go into the city and have some fun with his cousins. you know, they were celebrating his birthday. juli: not too long before closing time, he stepped outside to make a phone call. he sent a snap chat photo to his country -- to his cousin that he could not get inside. his cousins kept calling. >> then he tried it again. this was like in a 45 minute span. and it went right into voicemail. either the phone was turned off for the battery went dead. juli: zach' s dad says he is working full-time and going to school. his disappearance is completely out of character. he just wants his son to walk through the door, no questions asked. >> just come home. it' s ok. it'
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juli: a harvard police department are checking surveillance cameras throughout this neighborhood. if you are in the area think you piece of information to small. reid: new trouble could be brewing for new york' s disgraced former governor. eliot spitzer is under choking a woman inside a manhattan hotel room. spitzer and the 25-year-old woman reportedly had a romantic relationship for two years, and s believed they were breaking up before the incident. no charges have been filed. the woman involved is expected to be ok. spitzer quit as governor over a 2008 hooker scandal. right now, the body of late supreme court justice antonin scalia is being flown back to virginia. and the battle to fill his seat is heating up, jeb bush to -- heating up. x there is no way the senate
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barack obama tries to appoint in his last year in office as a lifetime apartment -- lifetime appointment. reporter: jane kelly, confirmed unanimously by the senate as circuit court judge in 2013. srini vossen was confirmed as a circuit judge just three years ago and served in the bush of ministration. a top democrat points out that kennedy was confirmed in 1988, an election year. >> president obama is doing the same thing that president reagan did at the end of his term. reporter: ayotte is siding with mcconnell saying that the next president should make the nomination. but not all is before them. she released a statement saying senator mcconnell is right that the american people should have a voice in the selection of the
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in fact, they did when president obama won the 2012 election by 5 million votes. and it is believed justice scalia suffered a heart attack in his sleep. a texas official tells abc news that he went to his doctor in washington on wednesday and thursday because of an illness. reid: former president george w. bush on the trail tomorrow with his brother in south carolina. the former president won a grueling south carolina primary and he remains popular. the democrats have their eyes on nevada. former secretary of state hillary clinton is there ahead of next weekend' s caucuses. clinton received an endorsement from civil rights icon representative john lewis. clinton has been stressing her ties to the black community with the nevada caucuses and south carolina primary looming. democrat bernie sanders is also in nevada. during an appearance at a baptist church, sanders praised
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he also noted the economic struggles in nevada since the recession, saying great progress has been made, but more needs to be done. former boston mayor ray flynn is resting at his south boston home after surgery to implant a defibrillator. flynn underwent the operation after crashing his car into a neighbor' s house last week. according to a family spokesman, doctors believe that flynn may have suffered a condition known as aborted sudden cardiac arrest before the crash. that irregular heart rhythm may have caused him to pass out behind the wheel. a rental car rigged to explode. the close call at a busy airport. and the search right now for whoever did it. mike: the very latest in our winter storm caning in. reid: a paralyzed hockey player back on the ice. >> i' m going to keep trying hard.
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reid: new at 11:00, an explosive mystery in new mexico, a rental car is returned rigged to explode. a mechanic found an explosive device attached to the car after it was returned to a facility near the albuquerque airport. the bomb squad disarmed the device and nobody was hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out how it got there, and if anyone was targeted. pope francis continues his historic trip to mexico. a mass in one of the most dangerous of rooms of the echo -- of mexico city. 3000 tickets were given out for the mass. the area where the mass is being held is known for murders, kidnappings and extortions by gangs. speaking out against the drug trade is one of the mess -- one of the main messages of the pope'
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20 cases of the zika virus have been reported in eight countries. seven of those cases are in florida. christopher was on a mission to haiti last november when he started to show symptoms. he had a debilitating headache, fever and pain. >> i thought to myself it' s some kind of virus but i wasn' t too worried. but when the rash spread to my entire upper body, then i said it' indolence. -- viral illness. reid: it lasted four days and now he and his students are going to haiti to educate about the virus, especially to pregnant women. the strength of denna laing, an inspiration now for everyone she meets as she battles back from a devastating injury. the hockey player hurt at the winter classic on new year' s eve attended today' s boston pride game in brighton. our juli mcdonald explains how this young woman is moving
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juli: the boston pride took the regular season title this afternoon and therefore-to win against the connecticut wales. was in the stands. number 24 surprised her teammates in the locker room them out on the ice where she belongs. >> i was a little nervous. i wasn' t sure how the wheelchair worked just fine. juli: she is working at least three hours a day to get stronger and better, something this disciplined athlete is used to. >> at the beginning, i was a little stressed because there was an ample time to get ready and i like -- and i don' t like to be late. my coach is to say, you know, five minutes early, you' re still late. juli: she admits she still has her hard days. but she has learned that it' s
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>> when i' m down a little bit, it could be worse to this could be worse and you can' t really control what happens to you. but you can control how you react to it. juli: proceeds from raffle tickets go to the den allaying fund as she continues to amaze in her recovery. >> still quite a ways, but i know i' m going to keep trying hard. i can' t see any other way, to be honest. i' m not going to give up on myself. juli: i spoke with the general manager of the boston pride. they said that she has always been inspirational and positive. the team is proud to share the spirit of dennis with the rest of the world. mike: she has a great positive attitude. when we talk about the weather, try to stay part of, but it is
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last night. this day is going down the different reasons. we set a new record low yesterday, about one minute before midnight. then we set a record low this money. austan, going below zero is not that common. we have only done it 10 times. this money, dropping down 10 degrees below zero, the coldest morning recorded since junior high 15, 1957 when we dropped to 12 degrees below zero. 26 degrees below zero was the coldest temperature in the state. a lot of other places are not that far behind. these morning lows were unbelievable. almost everyone had record low temperatures this morning. even nantucket was at two degrees below zero. no one was above zero last night. today, 12 degrees was the high temperature.
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s day ever. we are supposed to be around 40 degrees. nowhere do the record high. forecast. right now, it is 7. wind out of the west northwest at 10 miles per hour. the windchill makes it feel like it is a degrees below zero. these are not wind chill indexes. these are current temperatures. you look out to worcester for five below. traveling to the south, maybe a degree or two warmer. most of the cape right now is still above the freezing mark. if she is me, above the zero mark. but it will be a cold night as temperatures gimpy -- get close to zero against night. these will not be records. the records, which have stood
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even though it is really cold, we won' t be setting any records. clear and very cold out there. tomorrow, we start with sunshine. my late day, we can see some snow. but check that the temperature. 24 to 30 degrees, almost tropical out there. this is the way the map looks at 8:00 tomorrow night. cold air in place. warm, humid air trying to write over the top of it. eventually, this warm air comes surging up and over runs all the cold air, pushes it out of the way, and we are talking about rain coming in and quite a bit. it' s like maybe an inch of rain. 8:00 tomorrow morning, you are waking up with him richer' s below zero in many spots. 2:00 in the afternoon, still well below the freezing mark. but you see the clouds starting to roll in. then the evening commute, a bit of light snow is breaking out, but we are still cold, well
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then the warm air surges up. around midnight and boston, we are up to 38 degrees. however, there may be some pockets inland that stay cold enough. watch out for that. then we had through tuesday. look what happens to the temperatures. they climb to the 50' s. a big bets of rain coming in here tuesday night and then we clear everything on out of here. this is a fast-moving system. we are talking about snow, which isn' t going to hurt -- going to hang around very much and the totals are not very impressive. we go with the cold temperatures backed by the middle of the week. i say cool, and a cold. after 52 degrees on tuesday, we go back into the 30' s. the next week we go back into the 40' s. the big story this week is the wind-driven rain on tuesday and temperatures in the 50' s. reid: coming up, the british academy awards in london tonight. and on the red carpet, calls for
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reid: diversity took center stage at the british oscars. it was a precursor to the academy awards at the royal opera house in london. the event comes on the hills best on the heels of the recent flareup in criticism about the lack of diversity in hollywood. actors say it is prevalent in history. have all people represented in entertainment. entertainment is something a brings us together. to be a part of that and see yourself within that. m talking about sexuality, personality,, different things you can relate to. reid: was a winner, including best picture.
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announcer: now sportscenter 5. mike: bruins and red wings lit the lamp eleven times this afternoon in detroit. unfortunately, six of those goals were by the home club. bruins lose 6-5. their first loss on this trip but what an historic start to this one. >> score! that is 13 goals in 13 games at eight seconds of the first period. mike: that is the fastest goal ever scored by a boston running in franchise history. the detroit red wings had three in the second period alone. he is out. gustavson comes in and takes the plate -- takes his place. look at this little ball of shape -- little ball of hate. 38 seconds into the third period, he sets up a goal that
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unfortunately, the red wings got it and the bruins could not score again. after two wins to start the road trip, they lose it 6-5. next is performance, ohio on tuesday night. in the all-star game tonight, isaiah thomas, the loan celtic, the first celtic to be in the all-star game since -- kobe bryant his final all-star game, he got a standing ovation. the game that really plays 196-173. 369 total points. meanwhile, trade deadlines coming up this thursday.
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play. i love being around the group of guys we have. we will just keep bugging going to see if we can, you know, find upgrades to our team, whether it is transforming a player or small pieces at a time. >> the least likely thing you would give up? >> i wouldn' t say that. we have some players that are coveted. i don' t want to give up lots of our players either. we have some very good players and very young players who are still getting much better and still haven' t reached their peak. mike: more of the one-on-one interview coming up in sportscenter. we will talk about the celtics and a low bit more and more on the nba all-star game coming up on sportscenter 5 ot. reid: romance with a side of hashbrowns. up next, why valentine' s day is more than just breakfast at
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stay with us.
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reid: love is in the air in an unlikely dining spot. waffle house serving up a special valentine' s day menu tonight. stay, porkchops and chicken also available to we are not sure of any wine list. when i used to go to dump -- two waffle house, i would get the double-double. mike: i just want waffles. we' ve got unusual things coming our way. it will be really cold tonight, really cold tomorrow morning.
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watch out, tomorrow night, tomorrow night into tuesday morning, there could be ice inland. reid: great temperatures this week. mike: yes, not what we just went through. this is unusual. reid: the eyeopener starts at 4:30 a.m.
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announcer: live from wcvb channel 5, this is sports ot. mike: sometimes you need a dramameen to if you are prone to motion sickness this game is not for you back and forth, up and down, matador defense. the prevailed in this one the final from toronto. front row seat to the great bill russell and talking to go be bryant -- kobe bryant him. kate upton along with von miller


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