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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and so beloved by his colleagues. >>e'll hear a t more about it in the weeks ahead. >> tha emily: good morning. it's monday, february 15. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. following breaking news on the eyeopener right now. at 4:30, a raging fire in worcester. the tough battle overnight for firefighters. emily: a rare battle for firefighters in weymouth. how extremely cold weather contributed to an especially busy night. >> just come home. it's okay. it's going to be fine. randy: a father's plea for his son's return. the search now for this man and where he was seen last. emily: only five degrees yesterday, cindy. cindy: many of the suburbs below zero this morning. at least the winds aren't
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they're under 10 miles per hour. that being said, still have a bit of a wind chill to contend with. it does feel like it's below zero in most areas right now. actual temperatures running below zero up on the north shore. beverly one ble. south shore plim ut four below. as cold as 13 below out in orange right now. the temperatures will actually pick up today. we're going to do better than we did yesterday. in fact, by late morning, we are in the teens. we should jump into the 20's this afternoon. look at the sunshine fading behind increasing clouds. looking for late day high temperatures in the upper 20's to around 30 degrees. look at what's happening here. our clear skies this morning will give way to clouds. there's an area of snow to our south and west. this is actually going to be moving in during the evening commute. it will not last long. it's going to change over to some sleet, freezing rain and eventually rain by tomorrow morning but it gets a little messy tonight. because of that winter weather advisory is in effect. we'll step you through the timeline coming up. right now we want to get you out to the roads and the rails. we have trouble on the train
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olessa: plan ahead the freezing temperatures may have an impact on the rails. crews replaced rails yesterday after several broke in the cold. trains were kept in tunnels to limit exposure. you want to plan ahead. we'll keep you posted on any problems. no issues to report. we're in good shape. looking good in both directions on the expressway. let's check out the rest of your trip. overnight construction 93 south at the zakim. routes 3, 24, 95 problem-free start along the pike and route 9 if you're making your way north of town getting by without any issues at this point. the trains and buses are expected to start on schedule. randy: breaking overnight. raging flames tear through an apartment building. this is in the city of worcester. and this was a brutal battle for firefighters. emily: the eyeopener's frank holland is at the scene on preston street right now. frank: the fiery rupted at a triple decker. crews are still here on the
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spots inside of this building. also ensuring the safety of other property in this area. earlier. you can see the flames bursting windows. the worcester telegram reports all three men inside of this triple decker made it out okay. one of them was taken to the hospital while slipping on ice while making that escape from his burning building. firefighters had to deal with temperatures well below freezing. it's still unclear what caused officials tell us they're still here putting out hot spots. they expect to remain on the continue to investigate where this fire started as well as the cause. of course we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. live in worcester, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: other stories we're following right now. one man is dead after a fire at in fall river. the man was found on the top floor of this three-unit building on eastern avenue last night. firefighters say the cold weather made their response more
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injuries after slipping. emily: three fires in the same town are under investigation. the battles making for a rough night for weymouth firefighters. in fact, they say they've never had to fight that many fires at once before. it started with flames ripping through a home on arnold street. a short time later two other fire calls hit the department. investigators say in at least two of the cases, people were trying to stay warm and thaw pipes. >> fuel from a wood fire stove that was left next to a house so again getting rid of embers from your fireplace is very important using a metal can. emily: at least a dozen nearby fire departments were called to help. no one was hurt. >> just come back, buddy. that's it. just come back, please. randy: a father's plea after his son disappears. right now boston police are asking for your help in tracking him down. the eyeopener's doug meehan is live in boston with the last place he was seen. doug? doug: right here at the bell and
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his family says the harvard man disappeared after a night out with family. 22-year-old zachary marr was last seen just before 2:00 on saturday morning near the popular boston bar. he stepped outside to make a call, then messaged his cousins, saying he couldn't get back inside. when the bar emptied, marr was nowhere to be found. a fun night out gone wrong. >> he's able to go into the city and have some fun with his cousins. they were celebrating his birthday. disappearance is completely out of character. he says he just wants his son to return home, no questions asked. live in boston, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: right now the body of late supreme court justice antonin scalia is back home in virginia. but as friends and family mourn, controversy over what happens now is growing.
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is tracking developments. erika: we're getting new information this morning about how scalia died. meantime, the white house appears to be pushing back against calls to put a hold on replacing him on the bench. republicans say the president should not nominate a successor in his final year in office. but abc news reports the president will likely nominate someone who has won the praise of the g.o.p. in the past. merrick garland, the chief judge of the d.c. circuit court of jane kelly, confirmed unanimously by the senate as circuit court judge in 2013. and sri srinivasan, who served under the bush administration. no official autopsy was performed, but it is believed justice scalia died of natural causes possibly a heart attack while he slept at a resort in west texas. he was 79 years old. york's disgraced former eliot spitzer is under investigation for allegedly choking a woman inside a manhattan hotel room. spitzer and the 25-year-old woman reportedly had a romantic
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were believed to be breaking up before the incident. no charges have been filed, and spitzer denies the accusations. he quit as governor over a 2008 hooker scandal. campaigns are heating up ahead of the next presidential caucus and primary. emily: the help one candidate is getting today that we've yet to see on the trail. plus-- >> still got a long ways. not going to give up on myself. emily: fighting back after a serious injury. the strength pushing one hockey player forward. cindy: it is still cold tout there but a quiet start to the day. snow though arriving by the evening commute. my timeline on that plus a dramatic warm-up. randy: we're following breaking news in worcester. firefighters knocking down raging flames in worcester. everyone is believed to have
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only at longhorn steakhouse. r you can' t fake steak. r for lunch, try our steakhouse burger ror any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. randy: commitment 2016. today, we'll see something we haven't see yet this campaign. emily: former president george w. bush will join the campaign trail for his younger brother. bush will appear at a rally with jeb bush today in south carolina.
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bruising south carolina primary on his way to the oval office in 2000. he remains popular there. and this morning, most of the republican candidates are focusing on south carolina. along with jeb bush, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, and ben carson will also be in the state. john kasich, however, will campaign in michigan today. randy: democrat bernie sanders will also be in michigan today. he held an event at a baptist church in nevada yesterday. the state holding the democratic caucuses next weekend. and that's where hillary clinton continues her campaign today, with three events planned. she got some help on the campaign trail yesterday with an endorsement from civil rights icon and georgia congressman john lewis. a kentucky lawmaker takes a stand with a controversial new bill. emily: the impact it would have on men's health. art meets science in australia. why this statue of a monkey is
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randy: it was so frigid this weekend. cindy: bitterly cold.
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cindy: for more than 50 years it hasn't been that cold. nine below zero in boston. that hasn't happened in a long, long time. we set all sorts of records for the historic cold we had over the weekend. coldest since back in 1957. as cold as 26 below zero out in east holy, massachusetts. so real cold stuff over the weekend. now they are transitioning out of the cold into a warmer air mass for tomorrow but during that transition process, actually we might get some snow in here. it will be a burst of snow that comes in this evening. so for that burst of snow changing to some sleet and freezing rain overnight, it will get a little slippery. because of that a winter weather advisory. things are quiet right now. wow, it is still cold out there. one below worcester. one below in beverly. boston is five above. we're below zero down in plymouth this morning as well. notice the wind chill. it does feel like it's a little bit colder. the winds aren't terribly strong but any wind with temperatures like this does not affect the wind chill. let's look at the wind chill over the next 12 hours in boston.
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morning and then it will feel like it's in the teens this afternoon but actual high temperatures will climb up into the 20's making a run toward 30 degrees south of boston but these numbers are going to occur very late in the day as the clouds increase. you can see it's mainly clear out there now. but off to the west down to the south, we've got energy working on it. it's area snow is what will be working in our direction. it will come in as we get toward the evening commute. first we'll start to see the early clouds come in around lunchtime and then the clouds thicken up i think after 2:00 or 3:00. notice by about 7:00 this evening, we're starting to see some snow across the area. it does really fill in by about 11:00 tonight. notice south of boston already changing on over to rain. look what happens though by the midnight. we're changing over to rain in boston but an area here north and west of town, northern worcester county, southern new hampshire where we may see some icing kind of linger for a time through the overnight hours before it lifts out and things morning. so there will be kind of a slippery time period overnight
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rain but not talking about a lot of snow here. i think it's a coating to an inch for a lot of eastern most massachusetts for that changeover. back into worcester county we could see up to two inches of snow before that changeover to sleet and freezing rain. this warm front lifting through overnight. once it goes to our north tomorrow, warmer air will flood on in and the winds will be strong as well. we have a high wind watch up tuesday evening. could see gusts to 50 miles per hour. temperatures. tonight we're starting out near 30 degrees but by tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., we're in the 40's. during the afternoon hours tomorrow, yeah, we are going into the 50's so a huge warm-up coming on in. it does come with that rain. tomorrow morning i don't expect a lot of wet weather for the morning commute. but there will be some showers around through lunchtime. it's once we get toward late day and evening you can see the slug of heavier rain punching on in here through 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening in the boston area. that's off shore. we're drying things out on wednesday. in total we are talking about
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clear it out on wednesday of one to maybe one-and-a-half inches of rain. again we've got a little bit of snow coming in in addition to that. messy weather the next 24 hours and then the second half of the week looks pretty quiet. temperatures going to be running in the 30's to near 40 degrees so that's about average for this time of year. considering where we've been over the weekend i think it will feel much more comfortable here. olessa: balmy. thank you, cindy. so far a quiet start on the roads for you this morning. a live look at the expressway. tank. you can see the headlights. not seeing any delays just yet. the rest of the ride nice and quiet. a can youal construction projects overnight. 93 south at the zakim. that should be gone in the next few minutes. routes 3, 24, 95 not seeing any problems here. as you travel the pike and route 9 also getting by at the speed limb. north of town problem-free start for you. 128 looks good. 9 as well. the trains and the buses starting the morning on schedule. randy
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cancelling late-night service. union officials tell "the boston globe" that late-night shifts were left out of the spring schedule pick for subway drivers. but the "t" has not announced the official cancellation of the service. a control board member claims eliminating the shifts, which start march 19, was a matter of practicality. the proposal comes to a vote february 29. emily: your economy headlines. asian markets were mostly higher today, led by a jump in japanese stocks. wall street is closed today in observance of president's day. that's after u.s. benchmarks ended higher friday. the dow closing at 15,973. whole foods is changing up its management style in an effort to curb costs. until now local managers had made decisions about which products to purchase, even how the stores is designed. that decision will be shifted to its texas headquarters. the company will also start using software to help with scheduling and restocking
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experts say the changes could be risky as the store moves away from what makes it unique. randy: trending now. a kentucky state lawmaker uses a new bill to make a point about women's healthcare. the state adopted a bill last week requiring women to see a doctor before they can have an abortion. a state rep. then filed a new bill that would require men to see a doctor before getting viagra or similar drugs. they would also need a note from their wives. the democrat says men are not subjected to the same government interference as women in their medical decisions. emily: at the box office this weekend, r-rated "deadpool" breaks a box-office record. it garnered an eye-popping $135-million in its first three days in theaters. the film, starring ryan reynolds as a marvel anti-hero, had the biggest r-rated opening ever. randy: colorful sight here. that's a giant red monkey, made out of plastic bottles. but that's not all. he's solar-powered. the sculpture was created by an australian environmental artist
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library. the sun lights solar-panels at the monkey's feet, allowing him to light up at night. honoring the year of the monkey. emily: makes sense now. randy: the road to recovery continues for an injured hockey player. emily: the boost she's getting from her teammates this morning. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. fish can be great for your diet. but there are three things you need to ask before serving it to
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randy: kicking off your news to go. we're following breaking news in worcester. emily: crews are on the scene of a massive fire there overnight. the was the scene on preston street. you can see flames just roaring out of the triple decker.
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people inside did make it out. one was taken to the hospital after slipping on the ice. frank holland will have a live update ahead at 5:00 a.m. one man is dead after a fire at in fall river. the man was found on the top floor of this three-unit building on eastern avenue last night. firefighters say the cold weather made their response more challenging. one firefighter suffered minor injuries after slipping. the cause is under investigation. randy: services will be held today in winchester, for the teacher killed when a manhole cover smashed into her car. caitlin clavette was a beloved art teacher in milton. she was killed friday on i-93 south while driving to work. funeral services are tomorrow. emily: survivors and victims' families are preparing to mark 13 years since the deadly nightclub fire in rhode island. the campaign for a planned memorial to the 100 victims has now raised $1.6 million. it should be completed by october.
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pyrotechnics for the band great white which ignited foam soundproofing in the nightclub. randy: the coast guard will hold a public hearing on the loss of the el faro this week. the first session of the public marine board investigation will focus on the condition of the ship before it sank in hurricane joaquin. this is separate from the ntsb investigation. two people from massachusetts were among the 33 who died when the ship sank in october. dozens of people are back on the ground after getting stuck on a tramway in the bitter cold. a mechanical issue trapped 48 people for hours on new hampshire's cannon mountain less than 100 feet from the terminal. firefighters helped passengers rappel before taking them down the mountain on snow cats. no one was hurt. it's not clear when the tramway will reopen. emily: this man is under arrest, charged with assaulting a medical worker and threatening
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21-year-old saud alonize claims to be a saudi arabian national. police say he was at the hospital because he was hurt in a fight. they also say he was drunk and demanded to talk to the saudi consulate. randy: a rental car found with an explosive device in new mexico. a mechanic noticed the device attached to the car after it was returned to a facility near the albuquerque airport. the bomb squad disarmed the explosive, and nobody was hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out how it got there, and who was targeted. emily: pope francis continues his historic trip to mexico. he will celebrate the country's indigenous population today, presiding over a mass in three native languages. yesterday, the pope held an outdoor mass in one of the most dangerous suburbs of mexico city. the pope has been speaking out about the drug trade during his five-day trip. randy: not what you'd expect in the aftermath of a raging fire. but in philadelphia, this is what was left after the six-alarm at an auto-repair shop. a frozen building. temperatures were so cold, the
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over. police posted these images the next day. emily: a loss on the road for the bruins after an historic start. just eight seconds into yesterday's game, brad marchand scores against the red wings. that's the fastest goal ever scored by a bruin. but the excitement didn't last. tied 5-5 in the third, the red wings score the final goal. b's lose, 6-5. battling back from a devastating injury. the hockey player hurt during the women's winter classic shows her true strength. teammates on the boston pride calling denna laing an inspiration on and off the ice. randy: they took the regular season title yesterday afternoon in brighton with number 24 in the crowd. laing surprised teammates in the locker room before the game. she's facing an uphill battle after a severe spinal injury on new year's eve. but perseverance is something this disciplined athlete is familiar with. >> when i get down a little bit,
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it could be worse. you can't really control what happens to you. but you can control how you react to it. randy: proceeds from raffle tickets and bracelet sales at yesterday's game go to the denna laing fund. you have to admire her outlook. emily: slutdly. cindy, we are dealing with another day of very cold temperatures this morning. cindy: you got it. we have been running below average for about a week now. the weekend so extreme. coldest air mass we've seen in 50 years. still below zero in worcester. as cold as 14 below in orange. six below plymouth. it's six above in boston right now but i don't think we're going to be setting any records this morning. the records for boston and worcester in the teens and below zero. we're not dealing with that this morning but cold nonetheless out the door. look what happens though as we get into the afternoon. we're actually coming into the upper 20's in boston today. we'll be above freezing from new york on south ward. there's also going to be some messier weather moving in.
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right now pushing its way into the south with the snow ahead of it. that's the system that we are watching. >> will spread messy weather here for a good portion of if mid atlantic into the northeast. we have winter weather advisories up here locally starting at 3:00 this afternoon until early tomorrow morning. we're talking about an initial burst of snow changing over to some sleet and freezing rain. you can see the clouds coming in around lunchtime. and then during the evening commute, this is 7:00 p.m., notice how we have lighter snow breaking out. i think the evening commute may get a little bit slippery as that snow moves in between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. but overnight it will turn over to a mix of some sleet/freezing rain and eventually all rain by tomorrow. you can see that here as we get toward 11:00 tonight. snowing boston to worcester on north ward. there's the changeover to rain to the south. that is pushing on in with icing lingering through northern worcester county through about early tomorrow. and then we wake up with just a few showers of rain tomorrow morning but downpours coming late in the day on tuesday with strong winds pushing the temperatures into the 50's tomorrow.
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we're going to break down the full timeline on that rain tomorrow and step you through the rest of the week right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: breaking overnight. huge flames tear through an apartment building in worcester. the challenges for firefighters working in extreme cold. a young man disappears after a night out in boston. his last message to family members before vanishing. randy: washington still reeling from the death of a supreme court justice. who could replace antonin scalia, and the fight it's causing. on the eye for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: also on the eye for this presidents' day. it's impressive at first glance, but there's even more to this monkey statue than meets the eye. the two things making this monkey statue extra special, ahead in eyepoppers. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with


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