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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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enough to avoid the period of snow. most of the snow over us is quite light at this time. the visibilities are lower, three quarters of a mile in bridgeport, connecticut. as you head south and west that's where you get into the steady accumulating snow. as we go through the evening this will quickly over spread our region. by the time we get to 8:00 tonight it is snowing at a pretty good clip around the area. then the warm air comes in first in high levels and that will cause slot and freezing -- sleet and freezing rain to mix in by tonight. by the time we get to midnight we have rain along the coast, but we have freezing rain over the inland areas for the early part of tomorrow morning's commute. there could still be left over freezing drizzle in the interior valleys although it will be milder from boston southward at that particular time. here is what else i want to show you.
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two inches of snow is what to expect around boston. north of route two could be two to three inches and because the milder air will come in more quickly on the cape, anywhere from a coating to an inch before sleet and rain takes over. there are other aspects of the storm that will follow this. danielle is here with that part of the story. reporter: yes, it will warm up pretty quickly. because of that it will furnish over to plain old rain. low chances of showers in the morning hours and then as we head through the afternoon it will become more steady. the heavy downpours once we get to 6:00. that's for your ride home from work. be aware of that. the other thing is the wind. we have a high wind watch in affect tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. we could see gusts in excess of 60 miles an hour. let me take you through the time line of the winds. as we go through the morning hours the winds pick up in excess of45 miles an hour, the south shore and the cape and the islands and by 6:00 wind
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hour on the cape as well as on nantucket. that's the warmer side of the storm. heather, over to you. heather: all you have to do is download the free iphone and android. >> a mess for homeowners in revere. heather:now, the trouble one people in one neighborhood are physicianing. reid? reporter: heather and ed, a frozen tundra of ice that completely blankets every inch of the property in revere. just yesterday the street looked the same way. and let me explain why. a gate that is designed to keep ocean water out at high tide frozen in the open position and allowing it to work down a canal and down to arcadia street. thisy have to chip away from the car tires to move them and some have no running water and others have ice frozen in
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the gate was installed several years ago and it cost the city rough looy a million dollars. -- roughly a million dollars. the residents have complained for years that their streets continually flood. because of the sub zero temperatures overnight, this water that spilled over from the canal to the streets froze. ed and heather? hit -- heather:family and friends are preparing for a final goodbye of a school teacher who was killed in a bizarre accident. she was driving when a flying manhole cover slammed into her windshield. tonight family members are honoring her memory. ed: johnjohn atwater is live in winchester. reporter: and ed, hundreds are gathered to remember this popular teacher. they are here for her wake in winchester. it is difficult for family and friends because of the freak nature of this crash that took her life. caitlin was on her way to teach in milton when a manhole
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windshield on i-93. caitlin taught art classes and her students adored her. they were here at 7:00 and the line was so long that they had to move everyone inside the basement. it is quite cold out here. ed, caitlin's funeral will beheld here tomorrow morning. >> right now loved ones are desperate for answers after a man goes to a boston bar and then is suddenliy missing. heather:julie mcdonald is live in the search for answers. julie? reporter: zachary was last seen about 1:45 in boston. he was celebrating his 22nd birthday with cousins early on saturday morning. he stepped outside to make a phone call. he couldn't get back into the bar because it was closing and now no one has seen hins -- seen him since then.
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overhanging signs and hoping someone will recognize zach. >> we started giving them to the cabdrivers and the uber drivers and the shelters and the food shelters and the homeless people . reporter: the family said the police have received a few calls about leads. the family though says it doesn't make any sense. they became emotional describing the type of person zach is. hear from them next at 5:00. ed? ed: a deadly crash is under investigation. according to police the car hit a utility pole and then flipped over. this happened after midnight. police say the driver was killed and a passenger is suffering life-threatening injuries. they cut power to the area to
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heather:a hospital forced to evacuate patients after pipes burst. they say 10 pipes were damaged causing flooding in the building. the hospital says they are monitoring the situation very closely. ed: a texas judge is talking about her decision not to order a an autopsy on judge scalia. heather:she changed her mind after speaking with scalia's doctor who confirmed he had a history of heart trouble. that medical history and lack of any signs of foul play meant the justice likely died of natural causes and that no autopsy would be necessary. the 79-year-old was found dead in his room at a west texas resort ranch on saturday morning. and to add to the supreme court vacancy mitch mcconnell saidhe next president should nominate someone. tonight we are asking you. should president obama nominate a new supreme court judge or wait for a new president?
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facebook and ed:commitment 201 sick and former -- 2016 and former president bush is making an appearance on the cam prain trail. they are appearing a the a rally for jeb bush in south carolina. it is getting the approval of donald trump who spoke to voters this afternoon. frankly he should have used his family a longtime ago. i told him use the last name. you will do better. it is better than a high fen and better than exclamation points. ed: george bush ran as the president in 2014 and ran uncontested in 04. tonight's rally begins at 6:00. heather:marco rubio was out talking with south carolina voters. the republican held a town hall in rock hill. among the hot topics, use of force against isis if he were to become the president. ed: the new hampshire gop is
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get behind sanders. sanders beat hillary by 22 points in last week's primary election. today they launched an on-line petition calling for the super delegates to listen to their con stitch weapts -- constituents and back sanders. also in michigan republican john kasich marked his 9th event in that state. he is the governor of nearby ohio. the primary in michigan is march 8th. heather:the governor of michigan is looking for more medicaid coverage for people of flint. he is asking the federal government to expand the benefit to cover people under age 21 and pregnant women. snyder said 15,000 residents would benefit. the u.s. surgeon general will talk to the city. tomorrow they will have more on the sinking of the el faro. the first session of the investigation will focus on the condition of that ship before it sank during
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this is separate from the ntsb investigation. three people with massachusetts ties were among the 33 who died when that ship sank in october. ed: elliott spitser is in the -- elliott spitzer is in the news. he is accused of allegedly choking a woman in a manhattan hotel room. they reportedly had a romantic relationship that lasted a couple years, and it is believed they were breaking up before the incident. tonight no charges have been filed and spitzer resigned as governor over a 2008 prostitution scandal. heather:a 6th dui charge. police are looking for the truck that he was driving after a report of a truck rear ending another car and then taking off. he was pulled over and while being questioned, police officers realized he was heavily intoxicated. he did not have a license. ed: doctors say one of their
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turkish border. dozens are wounded and eight staff members are missing. there is no word on who is responsible for the airstrikes. heather:efforts to free four american journalists detained in bahrain. the group was covering the anniversary of the 2011 uprising in that country. the u.s. embassy says they are aware of the arrests. bahrain is home to the u.s. navy's fifth fleet. ed: the white house has given approval to the first factory in cuba in 50 years. they selected the alabama base and it will assemble 2,000 tractors for farmers. cuba has endorsed the project. heather:and pope francis is continuing his tour through mexico. earlier the pontif was greeted by a crowd of thousands for a special mass. he spoke in three indigenous languages.
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newscenter 5. ed: the challenges created for firefighters this morning in worcester. heather:tonight at 6:00, former boston mayor ray flynn sitting down with newscenter 5. ed: and then tables that float on air made in massachusetts? how they are helping scientists and doctors save lives and make life changing discoveries. harvey: wow change over the next 24 hours, snow, ice, rain, warmth, wind, we will have it all.
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>> are you watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: it is a double whammy, vacation week. thank you look at the picture there is bear looy a spec of -- barely a spec of red. to go up mortar it is 11 -- to go up north, we are talking 10 minutes. the toll may slow you a bit, but 15 minutes to 495 and 495 fine. the mass pike is a seven-minute ride and looks great. heather:it is a busy morning for triple-a new england. they got more than a thousand calls for jump starts this morning.
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south what they are dealing with. not doing so well with their winter blast if you want to call it that. these cars were all abandoned on the side of the road in winston, -salem, north carolina. that's where wake forest is. they got two inches of snow. >> how do you know? >> my son is going there next year. ed: did you say two inches of snow crippled them down there? harvey: of course it did. thisy are warming up quickly -- they are warming up quickly. heather:i have not poked my head out the door. >> we need you here. heather:exactly and we are windowless. harvey: perfect weather. but we have daniel. we don't need windows. it is flaking, but lightly around the region. that will change in an hour or two. but for now we do have winter weather advisories in affect.
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for snow, but for some areas there will be an inter -- intermediate area. it is until 4:00 a.m. that we are in the winter weather advisory. when you go farther to the north it is in affect longer. at least until 7:00 tomorrow morning. when you get to northern mass and southern new hampshire it is until 9:00. it will take longer for the low-level cold to be scoured out the farther north and farther inland you go. also keep in mind the ground is very cold from this incredible cold spell we are coming off of. when the temperatures move above freezing in boston late tonight and inland during the course of tomorrow morning, slippery. this is the snow that is around the region, but the bark is worse than the bite. most of this is quite light. some areas have a little dusting, but not much more than that. that's the leading edge of the snow that is accumulating. i want to show you the
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that's how you know the snow is light. 7 to 9 to 10 miles. it does drop to 3 miles in springfield and 4 miles in hartford. moderate bands of snow around new york city and parts of long island. philadelphia is flipping over and that's heading our way for a couple hours. as the leading edge comes through right on its heels will be the mix and the rain as you get warming at high levels and low levels of the atmosphere as well. it is all about this period of snow that is coming in during tonight. i would say 6:00, 7:00 to 10:00 is when the half inch to two inches of snow will occur. a little less on the cape where the low-level warming will come in quickly. once we get north of route two, we will get some sleet and rain on top of that before we can truly warm upstarting later tomorrow morning. when the steadier snow is in
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look how quickly the mix line switches to the north. it is knocking on the door of boston while north of the pike accumulating snow continues. this pink area is freezing rain and drizzle with temperatures near or below freezing on the cold ground. that could be an issue tomorrow morning across northern mass and southern new hampshire and southern maine. then it will warm up after that. now we get to tomorrow afternoon we will start to watch some heavy downpours approaching from the west. look at that at 4:00. around 5:00 it is in metro west. give or take an hour, and then on to the cape. those downpours will contain heavy rain and maybe even lightning and even strong winds. that's why there is a high wind watch in affect. then that will move off and then things will i'm -- improve after that period of time. visibility is not knocked down much yet.
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29 in nantucket and the milder air will slowly be working in. but it is against the teens over the inland areas. then it warms up to the south of there. let's show you the next seven days. we talked about tonight into tomorrow and then things get a lot better by comparison. remember now we have the downpours and the strong winds for tomorrow evening's commute with temperatures in the 50s. can you imagine that? and then we cool down. nothing like what we experienced . the chilliest weather is thursday, thursday night and early friday and then another moderation coming up for the weekend. >> from minus 11 to 52 in 48 hours. heather:we are focusing on your health. a new initiative at mit is talking about preventing suicides on campus. ed: some of the projects include a texting hotline for students to discuss problems with trained volunteers, therapy dogs on campus, an
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they have been proven to help with seasonal depression. it is more effective when students play a role in treating suicide prooy venges among -- prevention among their tears. they awarded thousands in grants dealing with mental health. heather:government officials in columbia say more than 5,000 pregnant women have been infected with the zika virus. the national health institute estimates more than 31,000 people have been linked to the condition where the babies have abnormally small heads at birth. there is no vaccine, but research to find one is getting a strong backing from several companies and governments. heather:a new move from whole foods and it centers around how its stores operate. ed: and krispy kreme is i feel too young to be this old. r
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ed: comcast reports the video service is back to normal after a service outage up and down the east coast. heather: we received tweets from people who could only receive basic channels. comcast chalked it up to a temporary interruption. ed: new accusations against volkswagen tied to that unprecedented emissions scandal. heather:there are reports that a high ranking employee warned managers in may of 2014 that u.s. regulators may examine
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that was more than a year before the car maker admitted to cheating on tests. there are questions how much senior managers knew about the scandal. volkswagen said a small number of employees were to blame and management was not involved. heather:they are taking steps to curb costs. ed: management made decisions on which products to purchase and even how the stores themselves were designed. the company is now shifting those decisions to the texas headquarters. it will also start using software to help with shelves. some say the changes could be risky if the storm moves away from what makes it unique in a particular neighborhood. ed:krispy kreme has its eyes on new hampshire. they will open four shops as a new focus. they opened locations if maine. you say weren't they here before? they were. krispy kreme tried to get into massachusetts a few years ago
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stores have closed. heather:lobster processing in new englands growing. they are sending less of their catch to canada. that's despite a boom in the number of lobster being caught. more processing plants in maine are allowing the fishermen to sell the lobsters locally rather than export. heather:a rare lobster found in all places in iowa. ed: iowa? heather:they discovered a female orange lobster. the orange lobsters are among the rarest in the sea, the most rare in case you were wondering is the white or albino lobster. heather:it looks cooked. ed: still ahead, a rather unique statue in china. heather:and there is even more to this monkey than meets the eye.
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ed: what is it? i know you are reading at the bottom of your screen giant monkey. is that a monkey to you? heather: no. ed: it is made out of plastic bottles. he is solar powered. the sculpture was created by an artist outside the
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night. heather:but can he walk? ed: well from that shot it didn't look like a monkey. heather:who are we to criticize? >> now on newscenter 5. >> snow and then ice for for tomorrow. leaving its mark. >> living on an ice island. >> the equipment failure that neighborhood. >> and fires stretching the community thin. >> it forced a transatlantic flight to turn around. >> from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> and a live look at 24 north and the snow is making the commute a little slippery in some spots. this commute is going just fine as the storm moves through it will be changing from snow to sleet and over to
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phil: and that coverage is coming. harvey: it is cold enough for snow. low 20s boston and teens north and west. it has jumped to 32 on nantucket. they won't get much in the way of accumulation down there. this is enough to create a dusting of light snow in worcester and on down as you can see toward plymouth. once you get down to bridgeport, connecticut that's a half mile in moderate snow. this shows up on radar. the area over us is pretty light. once you get toward southern connecticut that is the heavier band of snow. that's what is heading our way and that's what is giving us a couple hours of snow tonight to give us accumulation. so by the time we get to 8:00 tonight all of us are going to be in the snow. but by midnight many of us will have flipped. half an inch to two inches of snow, that's the range i expect in and around the boston area. north of route two to southern new hampshire could be two to three inches before sleet and freezing rine takes over. there is your steady snow, but by 10:00 tonight a mixed lineup to boston.


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