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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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phil: and that coverage is coming. harvey: it is cold enough for snow. low 20s boston and teens north and west. it has jumped to 32 on nantucket. they won't get much in the way of accumulation down there. this is enough to create a dusting of light snow in worcester and on down as you can see toward plymouth. once you get down to bridgeport, connecticut that's a half mile in moderate snow. this shows up on radar. the area over us is pretty light. once you get toward southern connecticut that is the heavier band of snow. that's what is heading our way and that's what is giving us a couple hours of snow tonight to give us accumulation. so by the time we get to 8:00 tonight all of us are going to be in the snow. but by midnight many of us will have flipped. half an inch to two inches of snow, that's the range i expect in and around the boston area. north of route two to southern new hampshire could be two to three inches before sleet and freezing rine takes over. there is your steady snow, but by 10:00 tonight a mixed lineup to boston.
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southern new hampshire and that pink is freezing rain and freezing drizzle for the first part of the commute. then things will improve with respect to that. other aspects of the storm to cover, and here is danielle. >> that's right, harvey. do you want to talk about the storm component? it is all rain. what we are looking at for the impact is heavy rain and gusty winds on the high side. they are there because of the snow melt and the rain starts to come down. let's show you on the future cast. a couple of showers are out there and the heavy rain doesn't really ramp up until 4:00 p.m. and notice it will come across the state just in time for that evening commute. we could see in some of these downpours a half an inch to an inch in rainfall totals. this continues to move toward the cape by 8:00 and then quickly move out of here. now the other thing with the downpours there is also going to be a chance for strong winds. these are the wind speeds for
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they are sustained upwards of 30 miles an hour and gusts could be from 50 to 60 miles an hour. jc? jc:danielle, thank you. two big house fires breaking out. it started in the attic of the home and no one was hurt. phil: and thick smoke poured from this fire. flames could be seen shooting through the roof. you can see them there. there are no words yet on any injuries. to revere where a malfunctioning gate turned one neighborhood into a frozen mess. reid lamberty is is there to show us exactly what happened and how people are coping with it. reid? reporter: thankfully most of the ice has been removed on the street. here is what happened. there is a tide gate in the body of water and it malfunctioned during high tide yesterday morning allowing ocean water to rush down the canal with no where to go it flowed up and over and on to the street.
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rest. >> it sounds loik it could be a fantasy, but the reality is -- >> it is a disaster. reporter: she woke up to a frozen world. her property and her street encased in ice. >> it flowed all the way up the street. the drain is clogged and there is no wherefore the high tide to go so it comes up. reporter: sub zero temperatures froze the water nearly trapping cars when ice reach the rim. residents say the problem has to do with this tide gate installed several years ago with the price tag of a million dollars. it is supposed to keep the ocean water out at high tide. it is still not working properly . it is up to the -- >> it is up to the city to address it. keep it functioning adequately. reporter: it appears that tidegate got jammed and freezing it in the open position.
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with ice surrounding her home, and she is not sure how much damage will be revealed when it thaws. >> at the moment i have no running water because the water has no where to drain because everything is frozen underneath. reporter: a frozen tundra of misery for sherry and a blessing for her son. >> a big ice skating rink. the driveway and everywhere. he had a blast out here. glad someone enjoyed it. reporter: you have to make the best of a bad situation. it is frustrating for homeowners. they complained of floodwaters as high as four feet in this area. working on a long-term solution is something they and the city are hoping to find. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: right now a family -- a woman remembered. john atwater is live in winchester. john? reporter: jc, so many people came here tonight that they had to move the long line into
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of the church so people could stay warm. they came to remember this teacher. caitlin taught art and students say her passion for art made her one of their favorite teachers. she was also a tri-athlete who was involved in running groups. the crash that took her life was so bizarre. a 200-pound manhole cover on i-93 flipped up and crashed through her windshield as she was driving to school. people were remembering her life are in absolute shock as they try to comfort her family. in the morning. live in winchester, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: john, thanks. cluess in the case of a missing man near harvard. julie mcdonald is live near boston. julie, the tavern says the surveillance video provides some answers. >> that's right they released a statement saying thisy have shared their surveillance video with the police and with the family.
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didn't try to come back into the bar. others exited and ren tared the bar. still his family is hoping that someone saw something. >> he is responsible. this is not like him. >> a heart broken, but hopeful family is scouring the city today for any trace of zachary. the young man from harvard was last seen around 1:45 on saturday morning outside. he was celebrating his 22nd birthday. >> none of us know boston. we are all out from central massachusetts. we are not here all the time. anything could have happened. reporter: he left the bar to make a phone call and wasn't able to go back in as it was closing. when his cousins got outside he was gone. now reel tifls are handing -- now relatives are handing out fliers to tabsy drivers and
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drivers and homeless and anyone who may have seen him. the family says he has had his struggles, but he is working full time. he just got promoted and he is also working hard in school. >> so many people were gracious in sharing his story. we really appreciate it. we miss him. we want him home. reporter: and when he was last seen he was wearing jeans and jacket. as his family walked through the neighborhoods today bundled up, but still cold is something they can't get off their mind. >> and it is a difficult sight for firefighters as well. firefighters were called out to battle three different fires overnight. >> it was like a bonfire from hell. reporter: flames bursting from the windows and the roof from this home on preston street. it ripped through this triple decker.
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the flames were catastrophic. >> the three people who lived here lost their home. this was one of three fires in worcester overnight. the first starting here about 6:00 on sunday night and ford was getting his pipes fixed when suddenly the fire sparked. >> the smoke came out of the thermostat and then it looked like a fire in the bathroom and then i got out. >> the second fire here on henry street. five people lost their home in a fire that broke out around 10:00 last night. for more than 12 hours worcester fire battling flames and two major factors, fatigue and sub zero conditions. >> we had a lot of difficulty with the frozen apparatus and the equipment. >> three firefighters suffered slip and falls and were treated for minor injuries. it is set to be demolished and the cause of the fire is under investigation. the fire officials say none seems suspicious. here in worcester, wcvb
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>> there is new fire in the battle over the supreme court today. justice scalia died unexpectedly over the weekend creating a huge vacancy on the high court. newscenter 5's maria steph -- stefanos is here on the clash. this will not be solved anytime soon. >> no, phil. in fact it is taking center stable in the race for president. it is the number one topic of conversation from the capitol to the campaign trail. >> we also have a big, big deal issue in this campaign now because of the passing of justice scalia. >> we are one justice away from a radical five justice majority. reporter: out on the campaign trail the death of scalia almost immediately became a campaign issue. >> scalia dies in one second after he is dead and they are fighting about politics. >> life, mairnl -- reporter: and ted cruz is first with a political ad. >> we are one supreme court
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reporter: he goes on to attack trump saying he would appoint a pro-life judge. although trump hinted at a third party run if he doesn't win the nomination. >> i signed the pledge, but it is a double-edged pledge. as far as i'm concerned three in default of their pledge. reporter: protesters braving the winter storm with signs reading, quote, fill this vacancy. >> there is a certain irony in this political debate. justice scalia was known for his strict interpretation of the constitution which allows the president to fume nate a jus -- nominate a justice regardless of it being an election year. phil: and now a look outside at the traffic. it looks okay in both directions and jc i like how it is a little lighter out there than it has been. let's see where we are with drive times. 20 minutes from mass ave to
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a lot of people have the day off. 11 minutes from upper deck to 128 is an easy drive. 9 minutes i-93 to newton corner looks okay. just 15 minutes on the western tolls of 495 and once we get on 495 the stretch between the mass pike and 290 looks okay in both directions. if only every day would be like that. jc: it is a holiday. new arrests linked to a crime spree targeting jewelry stores. phil: the fbi calling the woman caught on camera smashing into stores one part of the conspiracy. jc: and cameras pointing into a cockpit forcing a transatlantic flight back to the ground. phil: and trapped on a tram in new hampshire. hear from passengers who had to be rescued. jc: reward or penalty. the best motivations that can
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you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. phil: the united states air force plans to send six fighter jets to finland for military exercises this spring. a hundred members of the national guard will accompany the f-16's overseas. the jets will fly training forces. the u.s. initiated it in to reassure nato allies after russia's military intervention in ukraine. jc: a london flight bound for new york turned back after a laser was beamed into the cockpit. virgin atlantic said the crew returned as a precaution rather than make the transatlantic flight. british police were contacted about the laser and so far month arrests have been made.
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the spring of german attacks on new year's eve are refugees. prosecutors say 73 suspects have been identified so far and the attacks were mostly robberies and sexual assaults in berlin. more than 1,000 criminal complaints were filed that same night including nearly 500sex crimes. phil: there are new crime spree. the young woman accused of swiping millions of dollars in jewelry may have actually had some crime training. erika has that story. reporter: it is the high stakes crime spree that earned this aspiring model fame if not fortune. newly released court documents say according to fbi investigators the woman allegedly seen in these surveillance images ransacking the jewelry cabinets is one of four bl nie g ban -- bling bandits swiping stones from six stores across five
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>> they were tied up and i went to them and actually started removing the ties. reporter: the alleged mastermind behind the heist, brothers larry and michael gilmore arrested and hauled into court on friday. officials accusing the duo along with lewis jones the third of recruiting and training their young female protege. the male accomplices had layouts of the targeted stores and taught her the proper way to manipulate a handgun and secure the employees with zip ties. even clueing her in on code words. the alleged strategy once at the store split into pairs with the gilmore brothers acting as her lookout outside. the document claiming in this case cell phone pings are the dead give aways. >> in today's technology law enforcement has the ability to go back and look at what phones were pinging in the
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>> wcvb newscenter 5. >> both pled not guilty and all four suspects face up to 20 years in jail. jc: we are hearing from an ohio couple who survived the machete attack inside a restaurant. they are in the same hospital room recovering from cuts to their hands and arms. they were sitting in the booth closest to the door in columbus last thursday night when mohamed berrie started attacking with a machete. >> he walked directly at me and raised the machete up and tried to hit me from above directly on my head. >> it brought the attention away from jerry and it got the chance to push him out of the way. jc: they are looking at the attack as a lone wolf incident. flying is safest it has been in the last five years. a group that analyzes the
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were four accidental airline crashes last year that killed 136 people. that is a sharp drop from 2014 when more than 600 people died in airline accidents. 68 compared with 77 the year before. phil: heavy snow in virginia. people were asked to stay off the roads if they could. the state had 2500 trucks out there trying to clear away the sleet and snow. meantime i took a ton of pictures of the temperature gauge in my car. it is 2 degrees, 1 degree, zero. it was incredible. we had some. cold this morning and there was a difference. harvey: at least the wind was absent. look at the readings this morning. it was 16 below this morning in orange. so two incredibly cold mornings and incredibly cold air mass. and it is what is left over from the air mass. that's why we are able to start as snow with this storm.
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high as you can see in boston. look at the wind. it is off the water. it is just light off the water, but it has picked up around nantucket and their temperatures already jumped to 32 degrees. if i show you the readings you will notice the farther north is. it is only in the teens to around 20. as you make your way to nantucket you are above the freezing mark. that's why we have a very time. the visibilities are still fairly high. it suggests it is only enough for a very, very slight accumulation, a little dusting and enough to make it slippery in spots. notice the visibility reduction. three-quarters around bridgeport and lower in new york city and long island. the first patch of snow around us is quite light. this is the heavier band. it doesn't have a big window of opportunity, but it does have a couple of hours as it builds northeast before the warm air comes in at higher
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levels as well. here is the snow, but the rain is south of long island. let's give you an idea of how this will timeout. this is an area of significant snow as it moves in. i think it will be enough to give a half an inch to two inches. on the cape anywhere from a coating to an inch and maybe not even that on nantucket. just a dusting there. once you are north of route 2 you could get two to three inches before you get sleet and freezing rain on top of it. that's before it could get enough for plain rain. this is the time period around 7:30 to 10:00, that's the best accumulating snow around boston. then sleet will take over and rain will take over. but it will still be a little cold at the lowest levels of the atmosphere over the interior and on into the early part of tomorrow morning's commute in northern mass and southern new hampshire and southern maine. it still may be slip ruey and also the -- slippery. the ground is so cold that even with a temperature above freezing it can still be
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icy. and then later tomorrow morning the entire area should warm up even up to the north. then we follow downpours at the end of the day tomorrow. notice them work their way through western mass. there could even be a thunderstorm or two with this and strong, gusty winds along with it. maybe even some damage. we will have to follow that, because it looks like it is the evening commute when it comes to our area. and then the cape around 7 and sliding offshore later and then improving weather will follow. i do want to let you know that the impacts and the heavy rain late tomorrow especially high. gusty winds same time period, high. flooding temporarily during the heavy downpours a moderate chance. high wind watch in affect for tomorrow afternoon and all along the coast. the strongest winds are likely to be felt around the cape and the island. the coast could gust 40 or 50 and even the inland areas could be 30 or for 40 and then look at the highs. can you believe it?
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we are to be living in new england. there is your change. dramatic changes over the next 24 to 30 hours. and then the weather will quiet down some. a pleasant day wednesday in the 40s. thursday is a little colder with maybe a few flurries along the coast. so that is how things are shaping up and we'll stay on top of it for you. see you in a little while. phil and jc? phil: thanks. we are celebrating black history month as newschannel 5. jc: a look at the oldest black church in the u.s. and a historic spot offering a unique opportunity to experience the past. phil: and huge crowds are continuing to greet pope francis in mexico. his focus is on a group who he said is excluded from society. jc: and a dad waking up to a big surprise. his wife giving birth at home
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jc: tonight we are celebrating tblak history month -- black
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the past. reporter: the oldest black more. >> it was a church and a school and a community center. reporter: it opened in 1806 and it is now a national landmark on beacon hill. >> it is a unique spot in america. reporter: she is the executive director of the museum of african-american history jie. this is the center of the black community in boston. reporter: the african meeting house has been restored to exactly what it looked like in the mid1800's. >> these people wanted a place of beauty. they understood beauty and they created it. reporter: from this podium great issues discussed and great ideas born. >> this is the unique place where the movement began and grew. reporter: today it is a museum and a reminder. america is better when we work together. it emphasized to students about the abolishment of slavery jie. the idea is the black people and white people
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reporter: for more on tours of the museum and exhibits at the african-american history go to for black history month, frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: thank you, frank. still ahead, an update on the tram rescue we were telling you about in new hampshire. jc: dozens of people dangling above the ground in the cold. hearing from the people inside. phil: and how about motivation to get moving? certain threats could help you get to the gym. jc: wait until you hear this story. and meet the man who took up a new athletic goal at the age
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from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: right now at 5:30, firefighters are on the scene of this house fire. flames can be seen shooting through the roof of the home. crews from several surrounding towns have had to come in to help out. >> there were at least 300 calls about burst pipes. phil: be careful on the roads. sanders and crews will be out there.
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the kitchen sink. jc: andarvey, you hav the time line of it. harvey: different locations and different times the conditions will be different. let's show you what is taking place as we get started. the visibility is running about four to nine miles in light or very light snow. but the ground is very cold. it is enough to coat everything quickly. the visibilities are lower from hartford south and west. most is light to very light and somewhat heavier and it is moving in our direction. that's where we will get our accumulation from. notice you don't have to go too far south in long island where you run into the mix and the rain. there is going to be a change over. it is not a long period of time it can snow here. it is just a few hours. that will give anywhere from half an inch to two inches of snow before the change. a coating to an inch around the cape and two inches possible along and north of route two.


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