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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  WCVB  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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two to three incs nor of route two into southern new hampshire and southern maine. mere is -- here is the time line. accumulating snows 8, 8:30 tonight. the mixed line starts flying northward and by 10:00 it is up to boston and the pike. the temperatures are cold at ground level and away from the coast. that's why you are going to have freezing rain and sleet for awhile and even the early part of the morning commute could still be a little dicey in northern mass and southern new hampshire before the temperatures finally start to moderate. heather and ed? ed: fire and ice. the bitter cold temperatures making it a tough job for firefighters. this is this afternoon in newbury. heather:our partners at wicked local say the fires were caused by a malfunctioning wood stove. ed: leaky pipes are forcing evacuations. 10 to 12 pipes were leaking sending water everywhere. some patients had to be transported to other local
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>> they always malfunctioned. i was trying to get this across the city for many years. heather:a gate didn't work properly and as a result it flooded. the tide gate keeps the ocean water out of a nearby canal at high tide. they trapped their cars and others had thick ice covering the crawlspaces beneath their homes as well. what a mess. newscenter 5 continues our team coverage and he is live in roxbury where the weather has inspectional services fielding lots of calls. jorge? reporter: boston inspectional services say with the temperatures predicted they were ready for a flood of calls and they got them. like the one from this home on dennison street. >> go down and check the furnace. reporter: this housing inspector this frigid weekend she alone responded to 30
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the house on dennison was typical. below zero and the pipes were frozen or burst. heat. >> what i found was the temperature in the unit was 59.9. that was in the living room. the bedroom was 57.7. reporter: tenant lisa jones frustrating. >> i moved in here last february and it was cold when we moved in. as you can see we are here again and nothing is done. reporter: housing inspectors received more than 70 calls for no heat and frozen pipes since friday. the commissioner on site for this inspection. >> we have a 24-hour violation. reporter: they were appalled. many had frozen pipes and no heat and broken smoke detectors and other issues in the apartment upstairs, no relation to the no heat call. a small number of landlords causing the biggest headaches. >> they made it impossible to get into the basement to check the electrical situation. it was an elderly woman and we
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couple of days. again totally unacceptable. land lords have to be responsible. reporter: they are going after them and giving 24 hours response. if not he will face a criminal complaint in the housing court. wcvb newscenter 5. >> let's look over the city. it is just past 6:00 in the evening. danielle is tracking some heavy rain moving in tomorrow? >> that's right, ed. as the temperatures bump up we are talking about rain. the best chance for rain coming in in the afternoon and really it is that ride home from work where it turns very high. it is not just the rain and the thunderstorms. it is also the wind to talk about. that's why up and down the east coast of massachusetts that does include the south shore area too. we have a high wind watch beginning on tuesday afternoon and into the evening. wind gusts are going to be in excess of 50 to maybe even 60 miles an hour. the timing on this looks to be from tuesday morning to
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see the strongest winds and the southerly winds are also going to do something else. they will warm up the temperatures. through the afternoon in boston we could see as high as the mid50s. i'm meteorologist danielle vomar jie. i had just come from the gym and i was working for a couple hours at the gym and i thought i was in great health. heather:former boston mayor ray flynn talking about his recent health scare and crash. he passed out and slammed his suv into his neighbor's home. pam is live where flip is recovering at home. pam? reporter: and his wife was surprised to find him on the doorstep. his first concern is worry about others. >> thank god no children or people were in the area. no one else got hurt. >> he is on the mend. that's his car after he blacked out and crashed into his neighbor's foundation. doctors determined it was a cardiac issue.
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defibrilator. every day. gym. i was working out for a couple hours at the gym. i had been working out for the longest period of time. >> we walked five miles. we walked from our house to broadway station and back. we do a lot of walking. >> he says he has always admired the work of boston's first responders, but this time on his own street he got to see their care and compassion firsthand. >> from shootings to fires to whatever kind of accidents. this is the first time i was on the receiving end. >> they heard from a hundred friends including buddies with whom he ran past marathons. >> they said your number is on the way. the number for me to run in the marathon again. my heart belongs to boston, but it is the fire and the police and the emt's that
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boston working every day and every night. reporter: flynn who is 76 coaches special needs youth in baseball and soccer and says he can't wait to get back to work. reporting live in south boston, w scr -- wcvb newscenter 5. ed: tonight remembering a teacher killed in a freak accident. she was killed on friday by the manhole cover that flew through her windshield. john atwater is live right now where, john, a wake is being held. reporter: it is, ed. this was such a bizarre crash that shocked so many people. hundreds of people are here inside this church remembering the teacher's life. earlier this afternoon hundreds were waiting outside until they were moved into the basement of the parish to stay warm. she was a dedicated art teacher and an incredible athlete. the crash stunned everyone who few her.
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her funeral will beheld in the morning. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. heather:facing a 6th dui charge. police were looking for the truck that the 41-year-old was driving after a report of a truck rear ending another car and then taking off. he was pulled over and when being questioned the police officers say he was heavily intoxicated. ed: a family desperate for answers after leaving a boston bar. the clues they hope will lead to his safe discovery. plus -- >> i could feel his head. i pushed one more time and he was there. heather: this baby boy making a surprise debut at home. why his mom didn't even have time to wake his dad up for the delivery. harvey: we will run the gamut from snowo ice to rain and maybe even a thunderstorm.
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ed: this should warm your eyes. that is spring training. do you recognize them? rete sox play earlier todays
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: right now police are using surveillance images in the hopes of tracking down a harvard man last seen this weekend outside a bar in boston. heather:julie mcdonald is live whr the family spent much of the day searching for him. julie? reporter: i spoke with the manager who shared the surveillance video with police. in the video they can see he came out and made some small talk with other people out front. he did not try to re-enter the bar and didn't seem disoriented as he walked away. >> relove him so much and nobody is angry. we just want him home. reporter: they are hoping and
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something after he walked away from the bell in hand. the young man from harvard, mass stepped out to make a phone call. then he sent a message to his cousins inside and said he wasn't allowed back in and when they came out he was gone. the bell in hand extended their thoughts and prayers to the family. they also shared the police. the video shows zachary did not try to re-enter the bell in hand. he would not have been denied access. >> i just want him home and safe. reporter: today his cousins and friends have been walking through boston neighborhoods posting these fliers everywhere, by the sea, inside taxis and in homeless shelters. >> we hope nothing bad happened. no questions asked, we just want him home. we'll pick him up from anywhere and we'll do anything. reporter: the manager said in the video they can see that other patrons did leave the
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time that zach was standing out front or across the street. still the family is hoping those fliers spread out across the city will help someone remember where they saw him later that night or since. live in boston, julie mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: how do you explain the contrast? it was so far below zero not long ago. heather:wait a couple days. ed: harvey is talking about rain and thunderstorms for tomorrow. heather:and they knew he was coming, but didn't know how quickly. mom gives birth at home so fast that she didn't even have
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ed: gas prices are down for the 10th week in a row. triple-a northeast is reporting a 4 cent drop to an average of $1.73 a gallon. a year ago at this time the average price for gas is 48 cents higher at $2.21 a gallon.
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of their cable service tv was knocked out. it was unclear and the company says they fixed the problem in most places. heather: new at 6:00, oh baby. an unexpected home birth for a rhode island family. as sera congi shows us, the baby was born before his police officer dad even woke up. reporter: little cameron has two big brothers looking out for him. >> i was feeling little ill. reporter: around 3:00 this morning mom tried to get comfortable on the living room recliner at their home in rhode island. but cameron, who wasn't due for another 10 days, had other plans. >> i had one feeling that felt like a normal contraction. at the second push i was holding my son. >> the second push? >> the second push. the only thing i could think of is i hope he can be okay.
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cried and i put him in my chest and wrapped him in my sweatshirt and he snuggled in. >> i heard her screaming and yelling he is here. reporter: dad was asleep upstairs. >> it was surreal. i wasn't expecting it. reporter: being a police officer he called 9-1-1. mom and baby were rushed to saint vincent's hospital. cameron was already breastfeeding on the ride to the hospital. >> the majority of time when a woman is in labor she has a warning symptom other than oh my gosh it is time to push. reporter: his quick and spontaneous entrance into the livering room. >> he will always have a special story. reporter: wcvb newscenter 5. heather:the big brother touching his face is so sweet. ed: can you imagine being upstairs, he's here! he's here! heather:who's here?
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everything turned out. look at boston. visibility is pretty good. nothing serious in the way of snow. that's going to change. some accumulation will happen in the next couple hours. it is still cold. it is only 22 degrees. that's pretty amazing to have a southeast wind off the water and be 22 degrees. that's because we still have what is left of the wicked cold air mass. it takes awhile to scour out the cold. the cold air is heavier than warm air. it likes to hang in the bottom of the atmosphere. how about the visibility. notice how it gets real white down here, that's where the steady snow is. so i want to show you how we had the first batch of snow that was very light. that is moving off. the second batch is catching up to the first batch and that is what we are starting to see. we have a winter weather advisory in affect for our region. if you look at the deepest purples around new york and parts of long island although
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flipped to rain. there is also an area that is starting to move on to southeastern mass and the cape. so this is your opportunity to pick up some snow there before the temperatures start to warm. i think we are talking a coating to an inch of snow on the cape. nantucket up to 34. so it may be hard to accumulate snow there. a half an inch to two inches, somewhere in that range, is what i am expecting in the boston area. north of route two where the cold air hangs on a little longer the potential is there before sleet and freezing rain takes over. about 8:30 is when the assisteddest snow is in our -- steadiest snow is in our area. it will start to mix things by or before 10:00 along the pike and into southern new hampshire by midnight. along the coast, southeastern mass and the cape it will turn to rain near the water's edge. inland areas, the cold is tough to remove and therefore a period of freezing rain and ice secretion and even when the temperature starts to
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morning it still may be acting like freezing rain or drizzle because it is so cold from the cold outbreak. i would be concerned in northern mass along route two and southern new hampshire and southern maine for the start of the morning commute. later in the morning it should warm up there. it should have done that from boston south even by early tomorrow morning. then we have to watch for downpours that may contain a thunderstorm marching from west to east across the state midto late afternoon tomorrow and into the eng early evening. the early evening. for that hour or so and we could have localized street flooding. and some strong if not damaging winds could be happening by wednesday morning. a high wind watch in affect for tuesday afternoon and into the evening. that's because of the line of storms with the strong south lee winds. 30 to 40 over inland areas. here is a look at the projected gusts. do you see how strong it is tomorrow afternoon?
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that's when the strongest are possible. sometimes the computer model over does it a little. now we are talking temperatures tomorrow. look at this soaring into the 50s even though the same places like worcester we are in the teens below zero. p what a dramatic change. can't get more dramatic than that. after that the things will quiet down some. no big storms are on tap after we get rid of this one. at least it does not appear so through the week and weekend. that's the story, but i will update it for new an hour as things are changing very quickly. i'm meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now, sports center 5 with mike lynch. >> hi, everybody. spring training arrives at the proper time every february. just when the pawns freeze over you are tired of the chattering teeth and numb extremities and baseball takes us away. we head down to fort meyers
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not until this thursday, but most of the pitchers and catchers have been there some time. they listened to harvey and got out of dodge before the temperatures plummeted. one guy down there among the regulars is the short stop zhan deer -- zander bogart. >> we played together and we know each other and know what to do and we know how to blend with each other. it will be a fun and exciting year. pitching was a priority for office. they went out and made some trades and signed some guys. definitely looking good. this year. >> try to stay healthy. you can't do much if you are on the bench. try to keep your body in good shape. >> remember a couple years ago bo em a -- bogart said the numbers are needed there. he wasn't sure which position was his.
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and look at the remarkable improvement. he hit 320 last year. the slugging percentage of 421. it is really a benchmark for greatness and he had 81 runs batted in. there is a crowd behind the dish. christian vasquez was hurt all last year and ryan hannah began most of -- ryan hannigan most of last year. they hit 274 with five homers and 31 r.b.i's. >> very excited. it is a good time and the a little bit. just getting out here with the guys. they just go out and make an impression and do my thing and then stay within myself. >> he has proven what he can do. he comes in the locker room and talking to everybody from what i have heard he is a great teammate. what he brings to the team and adding more depth it will be a great year.
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will be reporting live from fort meyers. what a lucky guy. he will be reporting beginning on sunday night and will be week. bruins are off until tomorrow night when they play the blue jackets. he was named the national hockey league's third star of the weekend. why not? it was the fastest in bruins history. 13 goals in the last 13 games. 28 goals this year as well. finally from tom brady's facebook page, that is tom brady, we believe. and he is about to go down. the trail map says double black diamonds. i looked at the trail map. if you actually go up and over the other side there is a green trail. i don't think he is going down there. every time i see an athlete in
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won the super bowl and won 27 games total the next four years. and he is one heck of a dentist and father. if you are lining, jim -- listening, jim and rosemary. >> it is safer than cliff diving. you can do a lot of damage. >> the minute i wrote that i said jim lonbord. it is time to flash forward to the newscenter 5 at 7:00. >> it is not your ordinary table. the special design made in mass and how it is helping scientists. >> highway horror in florida. a garbage truck flies off the highway. the investigation into how that happened. we'll see you then. first, abc's "world news tonight" with david muir. >> breaking news, a deadly mix on the highways. more than 2,000 crashes. as you know the snow and freezing rain, and we are tracking it all.
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york. jamaica, but still have choices to make. snorkeling, chicken by the beach? maybe a mountain top bobsled ride.
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>> first we have to do some snow accumulation and it is entering the region, a half to the north. and then look at the low temperatures. >> that will be a welcome change. although the wind, not so much. >> we have the high wind watch and downpours later. the evening commute will be challenging for different
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breaking news tonight. the travel chaos at this hour. a deadly mix of snow, ice and rain. more than 2,000 accidents. major travel delays. and at least six tornadoes reported, as this major system moves through, winter alerts from georgia, all the way up to maine. trump's tirade, taking aim late today at jeb bush and his brother, the former president, who was out on the trail for the first time. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. >> and what donald trump is now threatening to do. and epic battle under way over the supreme court. the death of justice antonin scalia, and now, the fight over his successor. the scare in the air. the passenger jet headed to new york, 252 people onboard.


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