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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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randy: good morning. it's tuesday, february 16. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer. now. a hotel evacuated in newton. the flooding concerns that forced dozens of people out. randy: n in place. that has a revere neighborhood emily: warning to homeowners about pipes. and why today's warm-up means more issues. ahead. this is new video in overnight. snow, rain, freezing rain across much of the state overnight. it is not over yet. randy: cindy, what are we looking forward to this morning. cindy: well, it is icy out there.
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few hours here north and west of boss top. that's why we have this winter weather advisory through 9:00 this morning. that icy glaze from freezing rain literally making travel hazardous this morning. there is a huge difference in temperature depending on where you are. look south of boston. it is in the 40's to near 50 degrees. from the city of boston on north and west we are at or below the freezing mark and that is a problem. we have seen things dry out a little bit so we're not seeing much additional precipitation right now until we get out into northern worcester county, southern new hampshire with patchy light freezing rain. with temperatures below freezing it is very icy out there right now. you can see the radar is beginning to quiet down but there is more moisture down to the south. there's also warmer air. as we go through the day, the temperatures will come up. in fact upper 40's to near 50 by noontime. and in the 50's this afternoon looking for a high of about 55 in boston. even 50's up into southern new hampshire but this morning it is very icy. we transition though during the afternoon to a period of heavy
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i think that rain is going to be heaviest between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. the icing will ease after 9:00 a.m. but damaging winds a possibility as this line of downpours comes through right during the evening commute so we have all sorts of weather concerns for you today. much more just ahead. let's get you out to those slipper erodes right now, olessa. it is a tough ride this morning. olessa: absolutely. two hands on the wheel. the exit and entrance ramps are tricky. the crews are doing their job. here's a live look outside for you. this is a check of the pike at allston/brighton. that shiny road surface indicating possible tricky driving conditions. no accidents to report at this time. no construction. north of town you're in good shape. same story as you make your way south as well as the pike and route 9. be careful and budget in the extra travel time. so far we're expecting the trains and the buss to start the morning on schedule. doug meehan is on the roads keeping an eye on temperature for us. good morning, doug. doug: good morning. a tale of two cities. we're headed north on 128.
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the roads aren't too, too bad. they're damp but in pretty good shape. it's north of the mass pike where you're really starting to run into some really tough road conditions. icy, sloppy mess mixed with the snow from overnight. so depending on where your commute leads you this morning that will really affect the speeds as you get out there. speaking of which, watch out for the parking lots. watch out for the side roads. watch out out for your stoops. they could be completely covered in ice as newscenter 5's parking lot is just an ice skating rink. take it easy out there. live on 128 this morning. doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. back to you, guys. randy, i know how it was for you. randy: tough coming in this morning. in addition to the roadwork and the parking lot, there's an
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that forced a popular newton hotel to evacuate. about 250 people removed from the crowne plaza for fear they might get stranded. emily: eyeopener's sera congi is live in newton with what started all of this. sera: emily and randy, you can see behind me behind the crowne plaza, the sign is on, the garage is all lit up. in the distance you may not be able to see but the building is in complete darkness. firefighters say that a pipe burst in an electrical room last dumping four feet of water onto the floor. they had to cut power to the entire hotel last night and evacuate 12 floors. people were initially taken to a ballroom, then transported to other hotels. >> no word about the basement, getting into the electrical and causing some fire problem. >> it was very frustrating because we've been here since 4:30 in the morning from chicago. we just want to get rest and get some work done.
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was repaired last night. no word on what time the crowne plaza will reopen. live in newton, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: on top of all of that, plumbers are working around the clock answering calls about burst pipes. the eye's erika tarantal is here. and erika, this is expected to get worse? erika: that's right. plumbers say with temperatures on the rise into the 50's today, they're expecting even more pipe trouble. freezing pipes have left homeowners without water and heat. the pipes most susceptible are those without insulation and close to cold exterior walls. when those pipes freeze, they expand and split but you wouldn't know it until they thaw. plumbers say there are some steps you can take to protect your home. >> first thing you should know is where the water main shut-off is. always know where that is so you can shut it off in an emergency. you see the water flowing, run
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shut off your heat and call the plumber. erika: lovett says if you have frozen pipes and have to leave the house, shut the water main off. that way, you can help prevent serious damage. emily? emily: erika, thank you. right now a big mess in a revere neighborhood. there's a thick sheet of ice surrounding arcadia street. the problem-- a tide gate installed several years ago. it's supposed to keep the ocean water out at high tide, but the sub-zero temperatures over the weekend caused the floodgate to freeze open. people woke up sunday to their street encased in ice and cars frozen in place. for some, it means no access to their crawl space and everything inside. some even have ice underneath their homes. the extent of the damage is unclear. today's weather will be tricky. you can take the latest storm team 5 forecasts with you wherever go. just download the free wcvb mobile app for iphone and android. randy: it's 4:36. other stories we're following right now. three teenagers and a firefighter are recovering after an ice rescue in barrington, rhode island. the teens were skating on brickyard pond yesterday when
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trying to save them. all four were taken to the hospital to be evaluated for hypothermia. emily: a massachusetts man is dead after a skiing accident in vermont. shirinian varter of watertown slammed into a tree yesterday afternoon on burke mountain. he was skiing with his family. state police say the 58-year-old lost control and went into the woods. he was not wearing a helmet. randy: it's crunch time on the campaign trail. emily: where the candidates are today. and the big-name help for one republican. a casino project in everett slapped with another lawsuit. the environmental concerns just across the border. cindy: from an icy mess out there this morning to 50's this afternoon, we've got big weather changes in store today. my timeline on the rain ahead. that dramatic warm-up, and when we cool back down again.
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emily: commitment 2016. republican candidates are locked in a a southern brawl right now ahead of south carolina's
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his poll numbers with a big name supporter. older brother george w. bush and his wife laura helped out on the campaign trail yesterday. never mentioning him by name, the former president took jabs at donald trump saying the country needs a president with "humility." the frontrunner was not impressed. trump: there seems to be a lot of name calling going on, but i want to remind you what our good dad told me one time. labels are for soup cans. trump: the worst attack ever in this country. it was during his presidency. emily: trump also making a couple of threats first about suing ted cruz because he was born in canada. then again hinting at a run as an independent, unhappy about being booed at this weekend's debate. randy: rump, cruz, and bush, as well as marco rubio, will all hold events in south carolina today ahead of the republican primary there this weekend. john kasich continues his campaign in michigan today. the democrats prepare for their next early-voting state.
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weekend. hillary clinton campaigned there yesterday. she'll be in south carolina today. bernie sanders will also hold a town hall in south carolina today. he spent yesterday campaigning in michigan. the democrat primary there is three weeks from today. a local delicacy could be getting cheaper. emily: why the price of lobster is expected to drop. a flight to new york diverted to new hampshire. but the problem wasn't on board. the issue forcing an unscheduled
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emily: they seem to get there earlier and earlier each year. and why not? much of the sox squad has arrived in fort meyers for spring training. pitchers and catchers officially report there on thursday. and the forecast? in the high 70's early next week. randy: i'd get there early too. cindy: il go. randy: when we look at the parking lots and the roads this morning, you understand why they're heading out. cindy: we had a little snow which quickly changed over to sleet/freezing rain. it's just this ice skating rink
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need to be careful. i want to show you what it looks like out in worcester this morning. that's the camera. that's the camera looking out toward worcester. completely iced over this morning. you know what else probably look like that? your car windshield, your driveway, your sidewalk and many side roads that have not been treated so please be careful out there. cannot stress it enough. that's why we have the winter weather advisory up until 9:00 this morning. for that icy glaze creating hazardous travel. look where it is. north and west of boston. once you get south of the city it's warm. degrees. fog around the worcester area up toward beverly. visibility is under a mile. tough conditions to get out the door this morning. look at plymouth at 49 right now. we're in the mid 40 nantucket as well but it is from boston to beverly at 32 on north and westward that we are hovering near or below the freezing mark. fortunately we have the radar overlaid with the temperatures. you see just a little bit of pink showing up around nashua. that's a pocket of very light
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some freezing drizzle within here but the steadier precipitation, steady freezing rain is lifting north right now so we are in the process of drying it out. however, the damage is done. until these temperatures warm up , icing will be a concern. we've got another wave of what will be some heavy rain coming later today as this area of low pressure travels to our west. southerly winds are going to bring up much warmer air. you can see it's in the 50's right now to our south. even new york city close to 50 degrees. that warmth will spread in as the winds pick up from the south-southeast throughout the day. by late morning winds are up around 20 miles per hour. and they'll be over 20 sustained gusting much higher here through the afternoon and evening. so that is going to alauer our temperatures to soar into the 50's this afternoon. but again icing is a concern this morning. there are at through at least 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. nothing more than patches of drizzle. we're going to see that here through noontime. once we get beyond noontime we're watching for heavy rain to come in between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. and damaging wind potential
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what we're watching is this line here off to the west. notice by 4:00 it's closing in on the worcester area and then talk about bad timing. look at this moving through through about 7:00 this evening. so the evening commute will feature torrential downpours. can't rule out a rumble of thunder. all the while the winds will be picking up along this line of downpours. by 9:00 this evening though it is shifting off shore. we're drying it out overnight expecting total rainfall between about an inch and an inch-and-a-half in many areas. so there will be some concerns with ponding. there are high wind warnings up for eastern most massachusetts and a wind advisory to the north and west. we're talking about wind gust potential 50-60 miles per hour. highest here in southeastern massachusetts. tonight we'll fall back to near 30 degrees. you know what tomorrow will be a really nice day. a little break in the action behind this system before a cold front comes in and brings in colder weather here coming up on thursday. so once we get into tomorrow things are quiet. one thing to watch on thursday. we go from the 40's to near 30 degrees.
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as that colder air drives down a northerly wind over the ocean waters, it may create ocean-effect snow showers. could be a few of those along the cape. otherwise it's quiet friday night to early saturday when we could get a few flurries or snow showers. all eyes this morning on the roads. it's deceiving because you don't really know how icy it is until you walk out there. olessa: parking lots if you're walking, cars if you're driving. very dangerous out there. thank you, cindy. a live look outside for you. you can see the moisture on the roadways. this area here doesn't look too bad. as you make your way in, you're going to find problems across the roads especially on the secondary roadways, entrance and exit ramps and things like that. let's check the rest of your ride. as you travel north of town 93 southbound so far you're in pretty decent shape here by north of there, you're going to find tricky driving conditions. it's going to be slippery, ice he. two hands on the wheel kind of day. you really want to be careful. as you make your way south 24 looks okay. route 3 as well. traveling 95 we're not seeing any major problems.
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pike as well as route 9. so far most of the major roadways are once again just wet. be careful. we're expecting the trains and the buses to start the morning on schedule. emily: right now flight passengers bound for new york are spending the night in manchester, new hampshire, after an unscheduled stop. the delta plane was headed from the dominican republic to j.f.k. last night. it was diverted to manchester-boston regional because of weather. passengers had to wait for hours before leaving the airport for hotels because customs officials had to be brought in from portland, maine. they'll be put on another flight this morning. randy: somerville is suing over the proposed resort casino planned for neighboring everett. the city's mayor claims the steve wynn project ignored somerville's environmental and health concerns. namely the congestion and exhaust caused by thousands of additional cars. a wynn spokesman called the lawsuit a purely political move adding traffic concerns are
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this tuesday. u.s. markets are back open today after taking a break for presidents' day. right now, stock futures are higher. with no guidance from wall street being closed, asian markets rallied for a second day today. lobster products could soon become more affordable. the lobster industry is sending less of its catch to be processed in canada as the processing industry grows here in new england. more plants in maine allow fishermen to sell lobsters locally rather than exporting. that could ultimately save you money. randy: trending right now-- the grammy awards! and a big win for a local woman. nantucket's meghan trainor took home best new artist. the "all about that bass" singer was visibly excited, crying tears of joy. she joked with the audience, saying she was a mess. powerhouse taylor swift won album of the year again. swift beat out kendrick lamar, chris stapleton, the alabama shakes, and the weekend. this is her second grammy award
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first woman to win it twice for her own albums. emily: a series of tributes to artists who passed this year. stevie wonder and acapella group pentatonix, honoring earth, wind & fire's maurice white who died earlier this month. and another special tribute is getting a lot of attention this morning. emily: lady gaga honors the late david bowie. in sound and style to the legendary musician. and that got rave reviews. randy: i know the eagles were there as well performing in year as well. good night. a marriage proposal broadway style. randy: the celebrity help for the man who popped the question. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. investing wisely is one way to
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emily: it is 4:55 this morning. time for your early "news to go." randy: a popular hotel in newton is evacuated after a burst pipe flooded an electrical room. about 250 people were forced out of the crowne plaza last night after four feet of water flooded the room. 12 floors were evacuated, and the power was cut. people were transported to other hotels. firefighters say the leak was repaired last night. they're now trying to clean up the flooding. emily: a funeral will be held today for the young teacher killed in a freak crash on i-93 last week. hundreds waited in line in winchester last night during a wake for caitlin clavette.
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driving to her job in milton on friday when a manhole cover flipped up and crashed through her windshield. randy: lawyers for bill cosby are expected back in a boston courtroom tomorrow. they're looking to set a trial date for the lawsuit over potential financial compensation to the women suing the comedian over rape claims. that trial could happen next february. cosby's insurance company issued him a policy in 2014 that protects against personal injury from defamation, libel, or slander. emily: a series of deadly airstrikes on two hospitals and a school in syria are now being blamed on russia. at least 50 people were killed and dozens more wounded in yesterday's attack north of aleppo. the raids come just days after russia and other world powers agreed on a ceasefire to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid. a planned parenthood clinic in colorado has reopened nearly three months after a deadly shooting attack. robert lewis dear is charged with murder after three people were killed and nine others
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yesterday, part of the building was opened to the public. repairs are still underway in the remainder of the building. randy: pope francis continues his five-day trip in mexico. today, he'll head into the heart of the drug-trafficking industry to meet with young people on the drug-trade and gang violence. yesterday, the pontiff celebrated mass in three native languages. while there, he invited a child bound to a wheelchair up onto the platform and blessed the boy. looking to keep valentine's day how about this 400-karat it was found in the african country of angola, and experts the company that found it says the diamond is transparent, making it very rare. it is the 27th largest ever recorded and is valued at $14-million.
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[ cheers and applause ] emily: an extra sepcial valentine's day for this pair. the newly-engaged couple celebrating this unforgettable moment on broadway. wayne brady and the cast of "kinky boots" invited this couple onstage for a surprise and totally emotional proposal after the curtain call. of course she said yes. they'll remember that forever. a great story. cindy, we have a dicey morning. cindy: we had an inch, an inch-and-a-half of snow. what happened after the snow stopped is it changed on over to sleet, freezing rain. it's an icy mess out there this morning. we did get 1.3 inches of snow in boston. for the season now, we are up over the two-foot mark, close to a typical winter at this point. nowhere near last year. last year at this point we had 95 inches of snow. so justin credible. we are concerned with those slipper erodes here until about 9:00 this morning. it's that icy glaze that is out there this morning making travel pretty tough north and west of boston. to the south it has jumped to 50
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from boston up to beverly you can see it's at the freezing mark, worcester at the airport a thousand feet up has just climbed to 37. closer to ground level it is much colder than that. we have 20's through the merrimack valley. the concern is that we go through the next few hours, those temperatures hover near the freezing mark. look what happens at by the afternoon. we are up into the 50's. we'll watch this system bring in another slug of very heavy rain as we get into the afternoon and evening. this afternoon and evening, we we have a concern for icing but it's heavy rain, gusty winds that are a high threat. also the potential for thunder and some pockets of flooding due to poor drainage areas as that rain comes down. you can see it approaching worcester around 4:00 this afternoon and then shifting through greater boston during the evening commute. i think it is off shore by about 9:00 this evening. in addition to the heavy rain we've got stronger winds coming in as well. the winds could gust 50-60 miles per hour but it all winds down tomorrow. it's a dry day.
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getting cold. upper 20's to near 30 on thursday. we do look dry here friday heading into the weekend. we'll break down the timeline right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: flooding forces hotel guests out into the cold. and the cause of that mess could hit homes and businesses across the commonwealth. randy: passengers trapped in an airport for hours after weather diverts their flight. the hold-up that had nothing to do with snow and rain. this is ground control to major tom emily: tributes and trophies for music's brightest stars. the big winners at the grammy awards on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: roads, parking lots, sidewalk, they are slick and danger out there in many spots
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