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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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there is a line ofvy downurs. moving along places like 495, and it is all moving very swiftly. 495 really getting heavy downpours notice the line approaching the vineyard. there has been a couple of thunderstorms with this. the rest of the cape will be getting involved shortly. closer to the boston area itself, down to norwich, it is all of the place going for the self to southwest. westborough, marlborough being
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even close to boston, right along this area. let' s move it along. it is still right in the heart of the boston area. by eight :00 p.m., it is ready to exit, and that it is a much done deal. that is the story on the rain. jc: there' s breaking news involving a flight that' s been trying to get to new york city since yesterday. the delta flight from punta cana was supposed to land at jfk airport last night. but they were diverted to manchester, new hampshire because of the weather. passengers stayed in a hotel there overnight and tried to fly to new york this morning. the plane took off two hours late and strong winds forced it to turn back to boston after a couple of hours in the air. it' s now scheduled to take off from logan any minute. those dangerous winds are having an impact here. stormteam 5 coverage continues with danielle vollmar. >> that is right. we do have a high wind warning in effect for the east coast of
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the wind will be gusting upwards of 55 miles an hour at times. the other thing to talk about is a wind advisory. this is until 7:00 p.m. tonight. we have had strong wind gusts out there. we want you to be aware of that. it is 60 miles an hour now , it has led to trees down, and power lines down in that location. we are talking about the potential for very strong wind, and the other thing that is going to come with that is the potential for trees down and power lines down as we go to the next couple of hours. the wind will be strong through upwards of 60 miles per hour, and then they back down overnight. j.c.: worcester one of the first spots to see the rain this evening. newscenter five' s juli mcdonald is live there with more on the
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>> we have been seeing that hour now. it rolled into the area around 3:40 p.m. this afternoon. ve watched it affects traffic a little bit me that is prone to flooding. that is the only traffic impact we have seen so far. not noticing significantly strong wind here in the cambridge street area. other than the occasional guest. you know that is not the case everywhere. we are hearing some reports of damage in other areas, and the trees down that sources are working to repair. they are working to get the lines repaired. we are seeing some huddling in this area. no flooding yet. it was one of the first areas to see the strong, heavy rain, such a difference over the past few days.
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area about this whether whiplash. he will hear from them at 6:00 p.m. phil: thank you. there was a growing mystery in malden after the discovery of a woman' s body inside a large apartment complex. let' s get to newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan with an update on the investigation. >> more questions than answers, what we do know is a woman' s body was found inside this apartment complex late monday, and police investigating are being tight-lipped about the details. a woman' s body found inside this malden apartment complex late monday. several hours after police initiated an investigation word , began to reach shocked residents. >> it is scary. you don' t think of something like that happening, especially happening so far after the fact . >> the middlesex district attorney' s office tells us they responded to cliffside commons around 9pm for a well-being check. when they arrived they found a woman'
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they are not releasing her identity, but police did say that her death was not the result of a random act. >> that' s of little comfort to those who live here. >> that is so scary. you never know what is going on. >> the complex is large, so big, that many were unaware that an investigation into the woman' s death was ongoing. >> i didn' t hear anything out of the ordinary, didn' t see anything. but it is a quiet neighborhood. >> the woman' s identity is not being released pending the , notification of family members. in malden, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter five. jc: right now in lowell an arrest in a hit and run that sent a 15-year-old on a bicycle to the hospital. police believe that teen was struck intentionally by a pickup truck on friday. 21-year-old calvin sousa is facing several charges, including armed assault with intent to murder. phil: a dramatic rescue in boston harbor. three men pulled to safety after a tugboat sinks in frigid water.
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the story from east boston. >> he is the man. we wouldn' t be here for him if it weren' t for him. >> and emotional moment after a hearing on on the water when the tugboat tank. >> it is very fast, but this guy saved me. >> just before sunrise, joe maloney hurt his friends call for help. >> they got on the radio, and said joe bring it. >> on their pilot boat, they raced full throttle to a tugboat that was sinking fast, about two miles off to the shore. three men were in the water. >> we could see them visually the whole time. we do not take our eyes off of them. >> only one man got to go into
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the other two, with flotation jacket. >> it is meant to give the torso out of the water. your lower extremities are in there. >> we were right on top of it as soon as we went. we got them on as quickly as possible. >> he went out into this water to pull the man out, with adrenaline pumping. >> they were all there, floating. >> i didn' t feel it. i was in the water, saying get in here. >> them in headed back to shore, thankful to the pilot who responded so quickly. >> just another day in paradise. >> they are calling the crew heroic. if not for their actions, the men on that tugboat may have lost their lives. phil: thank you. 5:00 new at 5, a man suspected in several armed robberies in malden and revere is under arrest tonight.
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belliveau today after a robbery at the 7-eleven in linden square. he was spotted running from the store in a mask and jumping over fences before driving away in a car. police eventually caught up to him after a brief chase that damaged both vehicles. jc: commitment 2016 coverage now, the gop field could be smaller next week, after saturday' s republican primary in south carolina. newscenter five' s maria stephanos is here with the latest from the campaign trail. >> yesterday the candidates were all talking about filling antonin scalia' s seat. today from both parties they were reaching loyalists with a message. they took swipes at each other. >> we have come along way here in south carolina. i think we are going to surprise people here on election day. [applause] >> it was back to their bases for republicans and democrats on the campaign trail. >> the top 1/10th of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. >> democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton were talking
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. >> the work that each and every one of your organizations do is in furtherance of civil rights and economic justice and social justice and political participation. >> while the republicans were focusing on the military. >> as president you can talk a listened to. but if you don' t have a military to back it up it is dangerous . >> lobbing rhetorical grenades at one other. . >> i have people ask me often, you are a lot alike, what is the difference? i will not reduce spending. trump. >> it was less than encouraging during the debate when mr. trump did not know what the nuclear triad was. >> and donald trump taking on everyone. >> these politicians are dishonest people. they are really dishonest
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>> some political observers are saying that the biggest bond dropped may have been from donald trump, fanning the flames of chatter that supreme court justice antonin scalia may have been the victim of foul play. j.c.: denying accusations of an assault investigation. phil: what first responders are telling us tonight. j.c.: the calls for change. what doctors are being told to do. phil: we will introduce you to our a+ student of the week. he is using football to help him with a crisis at home. j.c.: and we will take you inside for a look at first solar traffic. the mass pike strips through
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city. out west on the from i-93 to newton corner. 31 minutes and building. little ok.
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keep going up and down. p at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. t it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price p of the energy we buy for you has changed. p so we're working with partners across the region t to increase our natural gas supply p and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. r we're leading the way toward the solution... p because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. r ever new england. eversource. >> you watching newscenter 5 at 5:00 p.m. j.c.: heavy rain moving in.
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some changes behind this. take it slow out there. the radar. they will back with a look at the forecast. phil: in the mind meantime an , attorney for former new york governor eliot spitzer is vehemently denying claims he hotel. the woman has since recanted previous allegations but police despite former new york governor eliot spitzer denying any wrong doing, new york papers are having a field day with this story. >> use non-lethal force whenever possible. phil: after police say this woman, who, new york papers identify as 25-year-old svetlana travis, called 911 saturday night after allegedly getting into an argument with spitzer inside new york city' s famed plaza hotel. travis telling police at one point, the former governor choked her, but she later recanted that statement. >> be advised she is in room 1541 in the plaza hotel. she' s having a nervous
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phil: according to police, the two had been in some sort of romantic relationship for about two years. spitzer' s lawyer telling abc news, there was no criminal activity of any nature on the part of mr. spitzer. saying spitzer had agreed to meet travis at a room previously booked for her at the plaza hotel, where she threatened to harm herself. travis was later taken to a psychiatric hospital for an evaluation. for spitzer, this isn' t the first time he' s come under scrutiny. >> i have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard i expected of myself. phil: the married father of 3 was serving as governor of new york when he resigned in 2008 following a sex scandal, with escort ashley dupre. the governor was known then to investigators as client 9. spitzer is now divorced from his wife, we' re told svetlana is back in russia and is not cooperating with the investigation. jc: major damage in south florida today after yesterday' s suspected tornadoes tore several homes to the ground. fierce winds tore through the area ripping trees from their roots and taking down power
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no confirmation yet on whether or not a tornado actually touched down. about 23,000 people in and around miami are without power today. thankfully no one was hurt. they will go back and look at the damage pattern to make sure whether it was a tornado or not. harvey: in boston, it is sideways rain. here' s another look at the city can. look at those raindrops. that is the incredible wind driving those raindrops. i want to emphasize that this is not only about rain, but about when. more of the damages being called -- caused by the wind than anything else. we have a high wind warning along the coast, it may come down earlier than that. and when advisory until seven. these are some of the gusts we have had reported into us.
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53 in fairhaven. widespread strong winds, look at the many gusts over 40 miles per hour eating reported now. 47 implement -- in plymouth. where you see it looks like broken limbs, those are damage reports. down to tree limbs or downed trees. we may see more over time, because this area is the line that has very strong wind. that is what we are following. you are very heavy rain that was all the way along route 93: curtain into moving right into boston, and that all down the south shore, and to the cape the island is being affected with
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this is a line of storms approaching to nantucket at this time. this is moving right along steadily. most of the action is going to be confined to cape cod. that is the end of it, the skies will clear after that. this is amazing. i' m stepping out of the picture for the moment, because you have to take this end. orange massachusetts, 7:00 a.m. yesterday, 60 degrees below zero. a 70 degree turnaround in 32 hours. i have not seen something that dramatic here in boston. many locations reporting very similar changes. that is as big a flip-flop as you could have from cold arctic
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to tropical air and 24 hours. that is what we have the snow, the ice, the rain, and then we have the wind as i change comes through. they are behind this front -- the air behind this front is nothing like the air we had. as the secondary front comes through in tomorrow night and thursday, it will be colder when a mega mouth has taken place today. you might see a little bit of water freezing early tomorrow morning. be aware of that. let' s check out the next seven days. a very light mix of rain on friday night. saturday, can see a shower or flurry
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it will not be around that long, but you have to have a lot of caution in the next couple of hours. phil: making sure kids who might have autism get the help they need. jc: coming up a new call to get more pediatricians involved in the diagnosis. phil: the new keys to calm. five ways you can actually reduce stress. jc: carjacking crash. new at 6:00, hear from the woman who says she and her baby were the ones forced from the car,
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jc: it' s a condition thought to affect one in 68 children. parents are on the lookout and now there' s a push to make doctors screen for autism. communication? social integration? milestones for any developing toddler? and the very milestones that parents concerned about autism spectrum disorders anxiously
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but should doctors be looking as well? a top advisory group, today issued a new guideline saying there is not enough evidence to support routine screenings for autism in apparently healthy toddlers. autism affects behavior and communication. its causes are still up for debate, and recognizing it is often a challenge. the clues sometimes so subtle even doctors can miss them. the u.s. preventive services task force, the group of medical experts assigned with making recommendations for america' s doctors, looked at existing research on autism in children ages 18 to 30 months. what they found, is that there is not enough research for the against screening all healthy toddlers for autism. whether all physicians will heed the advice has yet to be determined. but for concerned parents, a reminder to learn the early signs of autism, and talk to your pediatrician should any questions about your child' s development arise. phil: ben and jerry' s is famous for its indulgent ice cream.
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is trying something new. non dairy desserts for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. the new treats will come in four flavors. two are spins on iconic favorites, chunky monkey and chocolate fudge brownie. but the other two are brand new and only available as non-dairy, coffee caramel fudge and p.b. and cookies. the base is almond milk with coconut oil mixed in instead of cream. the company says this new venture is all about the customer. >> is really good. as good as i was expecting. i came up here doesn' t for this, because i' m trying to get it everywhere in the country. phil: you should be able to find the new pints in your local store in two to four weeks. j.c.: have you been there in vermont? you get to taste whatever new flavor they are coming up with
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because i was a everything was coming up at 5:30, this week' s a plus student. jc: hear from the teen who used his love of football to help him hold on to his future, after his mother suffered a major health crisis. phil: no more benjamins. one former treasury secretary is calling for the u.s. to ditch the $100 bill to help fight jc: plus, permission granted for a $21 million jewelry set to go it' s former owner. phil: rain is making it tough for the commute in some spots.
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>> this is newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m. phil: heavy rain and strong wind moving through the area right now. this is a 128 north around the area. the wet weather is making for a rough evening commute. it is quickly moving eastward, the cape cod is getting some of storm team 5' here tracking it. it is moving with strong wind and big changes. harvey: and the line through boston has intensifies.
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damage going on with a very powerful line of downpours and thunderstorms. let' s show you what is going on. boston has had the very worst of it. it is still went and nasty and windy. as we go to our doppler radar, this is what is going on in terms of the entire situation. that line to the south shore, and right through the cape cod canal getting onto the western part of the cape, that is really where the most serious weather is in terms of strong wind capable of additional wind damage. it has had a history of wind damage as it moves across southern rhode island. that is where the most significant action is at this time. we go from gloucester all the way down through the south shore. we take this all the way to plymouth, and there is that line right throug h there. we have even seen that there is strongly associated with this line. it is going right through falmouth.
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t want to show you, you take the regular elements off for a minute, you can see there actually is indeed a lightning with this. ve had a little lightning well. 6:00, that' to be. i 7:00 p.m., most of the action is on the cape. the next couple hours. get cause. that is the story for now. let' s go to jc and fell. . >> we just had a report 20 minutes ago from. in a 60 mile per hour wind gusts going across the area. anywhere from 35 to 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts are occurring at this point. i want to talk about some things that are happening. we have storm damage reports out there and they are coming in as we had through the evening


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